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rmullhuh. my firefox doesn't display images when viewed directly in the browser (opening a .jpg file, for example)04:10
rmullBut if I right click and View Page Info, the image will then become visable04:10
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frinnstrmull: try a clean profile?08:00
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joacimwhat happened?12:07
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: sysklogd: added patch for CVE-2014-363412:42
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: [notify] bash: update to 4.3.3012:42
leo-unglaubteK__: hey, did you have time to check on the cryptsetup issue?12:45
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: make: updated to 4.0.012:50
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: gcc: updated to 4.8.212:50
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: rc: removed btrfs-scan from rc. handle it with a udev rule instead12:50
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libarchive: updated to 3.1.212:50
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: Merge branch '3.0' into 3.112:50
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_root_hello folks @/14:33
_root_missed me?14:34
_root_could anyone confirm that dd is the way to go for crux live USB?14:34
_root_joacim: what **bs**  would be?14:36
joacimdd if=crux-3.1.iso /dev/usbdrive14:36
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joacimi used bs=1m14:36
joacimanything will work, it'll just be faster with higher bs14:37
joacimI think default is 512 or something like that14:37
_root_can I download gentoo kernel's and build that?14:43
_root_I love their patches14:43
joacimI guess you can use any patches you want14:43
joacimit is up to the user to decide how to configure and patch the kernel14:44
_root_joacim: where could I get the patches list; I don't know what patches are out there?14:44
joacimI think you'd have to look at the gentoo ebuild for that14:44
joacimI don't know where they get their patches. I just use the plain vanilla kernel from kernel.org14:45
joacimwithout any patches14:45
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leo-unglaubi am really starting to like the new nftables16:33
leo-unglaubit is much easier than iptables16:33
diverseuse the best tool for the job16:36
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_root_dd if=crux-3.1.iso of=/dev/sdc1 bs=1024dd: error writing ‘/dev/sdc1’: Input/output error18:14
_root_40181+0 records in18:14
_root_40180+0 records out18:14
_root_41144320 bytes (41 MB) copied, 21.7954 s, 1.9 MB/s18:14
_root_why dd error18:14
rmull_root_: dd it to the device, not the partition, and make sure there is enough room18:20
_root_rmull: dd suppose to nuke evrything else is on the usb thumb drive. and I did it to sdc and the exact same error18:24
rmullAre there any bad blocks on your USB device?18:31
_root_rmull: no18:32
rmulldo you have another device you can try?18:32
rmullyou could run badblocks against your /dev/sdc and see if it finds any issues18:33
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_root_rmull: I checked no problem and Not at the moment it is this USB thumb driver18:42
joacimhow big is the thumb drive?18:46
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_root_joacim: 1.87GB19:25
_root_Am I doing it wrong? dd if=crux-3.1.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=102419:28
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joacimseems right to me19:32
_root_dd if=crux-3.1.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=1024               dd: error writing ‘/dev/sdc’: Input/output error19:33
_root_5309+0 records in19:33
_root_5308+0 records out19:33
_root_5435392 bytes (5.4 MB) copied, 9.69077 s, 561 kB/s19:33
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joacimWorks when I use my thumb drive. I'm guessing it is either a bad usb port or a bad thumb drive19:37
joacimI have a usb hdd enclosure that drops out sometimes, and I have a thumb drive that can do that too19:38
joacim349175808 bytes (349 MB) copied, 261.291 s, 1.3 MB/s19:42
joacimsame command as you used19:42
_root_let's change the port then19:45
_root_I guess it is usb port19:45
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_root_joacim: do we need to download anything during install?20:14
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joacimeverything you need during install should be contained on the CD20:37
joacimbut you probably want to download an updated kernel source before you start, tho the one on the install media will work fine20:37
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_root_folks; Hello I am going for install !!!!21:22
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joacimgood luck =)21:27
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: apulse-32: initial import21:49
teK__if you want ot run skype without PA just say $ apulse-32 skype21:50
teK__Romster: wrt skype:22:02
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rmull/etc/issue is the only mechanism by which one can identify the OS as CRUX, right? There's no /etc/crux-release or similar?22:49
jaegerthere's /usr/bin/crux also, it's minimal22:53
rmullOkay, thank you22:54
rmullopenbazaar is doing some weird shit with their installer22:54
rmullFor example, looking for /etc/$distro-release files, and invoking the package manager from each distro to attempt to resolve the necessary dependencies22:55
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