IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2014-10-07

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rmulljue: Are you juef with the graphicsmagick port?01:40
rmullIf so, let's chat01:41
rmullIf the Pkgfile downloads a tarball from bzr/git/whatever and the tarball is named simply with the revision number and no file extension, pkgmk doesn't know how to extract it02:07
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rmullIs the owner of the 'kris' repository here?02:37
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rmullHoly shit, I can reliably trigger a segfault in sudo03:05
rmullIt doesn't happen on debian, though sudo is the same version03:10
rmullmaybe filesystem related - I am using btrfs03:10
rmullcan anyone test?03:11
rmullAs user, mkdir test; cd test; sudo -i; cd /path/to/dir/test ... from another terminal, rm test. Back to sudo terminal-> exit, then run sudo -i again03:15
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rmullLinux 3.16.0, sudo built from core03:23
rmullNot FS related, I asked in #btrfs and they had no segfault03:23
rmullgdb doesn't like running sudo the second time03:25
rmullstrace sudo -i says "effective uid is not 0, is /usr/bin/sudo on a file system with the 'nosuid' option set or an NFS file system without root privileges?" and then exits03:27
rmullno segfault03:27
tilmanrmull: i can reproduce the segfault04:54
tilmanrmull: the first sudo run isn't even needed. just start sudo once from a directory that has been removed05:00
tilmanmkdir /tmp/test ; cd /tmp/test ; rmdir /tmp/test ; sudo -i05:01
tilmanrmull: are you reporting it upstream?05:02
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rmulltilman: No, I haven't spent any time debugging yet. Maybe it's got something to do with the crux patch or configuration.05:18
rmullWhatever it is is specific to crux so far05:19
rmullfun stuff05:19
rmullIf you want to poke at it go right ahead, I'm busy updating my ports05:20
tilmandon't have the time right now05:28
tilmanmaybe tonight05:29
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_root_hello @/08:12
_root_does crux supports  tmpfs devtmpfs ?08:13
_root_should I mount /sys /proc /dev inside fstan?08:13
_root_what about /dev/pts?08:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: skype: ->, new dependency apulse-3208:34
RomsterteK__, I wrapped apulse-32 in /usr/bin/skype considering we don't have a pulseaudio-32 port. And I was avoiding the skype bump due to that pulseaudio, cheers for that apulse-32 port.08:34
Romsterwe have tmpfs08:39
Romsteri only have devpts and shm for specal mounts in /etc/fstab08:40
Romster/sys /proc /dev is not required now in crux 3.108:40
Romster_root_, ^08:41
Romsterdevpts                 /dev/pts  devpts    noexec,nosuid,gid=tty,mode=0620   0      008:41
Romstershm/dev/shm  tmpfs     defaults               0      008:41
Romsterand then shm is only needed for some programs.08:41
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_root_romaster thanks; could you paste your /dev/pts again?10:01
frinnst10:41 <Romster> devpts                 /dev/pts  devpts    noexec,nosuid,gid=tty,mode=0620   0      010:02
frinnst10:41 <Romster> shmIII/dev/shm  tmpfs     defaults               0      010:02
_root_frinnst: still get it grabled . dpaste./10:03 plz10:03
_root_if you would10:03
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Romsteri pasted it in here frinnst re-pasted it10:24
Romsterseriously though, sudo prt-get update filesystem, sudo rejmerge, see the changes in fstab fix it up.10:24
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_root_/usr/share/kbd/keymaps has only two folder in it: i386 include11:30
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frinnstyes, so=11:33
_root_frinnst: because, handbook says you have pass a keymap to KEYMAP argument in the rc.conf11:35
_root_but ?11:35
_root_Shall I pass i386 for example? it is not right. it is not keymap11:36
teK__ls -R /usr/share/kbd/keymaps might give you an idea11:36
teK__utf8 is a charset, not a keyboard layout11:36
teK__ifyou use a us keyboard, just set it to us11:37
_root_teK__: I can see that. qwerty us.11:38
_root_teK__: what are the FONT choices for the console. do we have something nice there.11:39
teK__I just had to check that we even have an option for this ;-)11:39
teK__sure, I looked it up in rc.conf. I tried to say that I didn't even bother to change it11:42
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_root_SYSLOG=sysklogd; do I have other options?12:09
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teK__syslog-ng for example12:09
teK__just do not forget to install it ;-)12:09
_root_teK__: yes install and then put the name there. I was looking for syslog-ng :-[12:10
teK__it's in contrib12:11
teK__I happen to be its maintainer :P12:11
_root_oh; So a thank you is in order12:15
_root_teK__: Ynx12:15
teK__welcome ;-)12:16
_root_why therer are different port with different maintainers for the same package?12:27
_root_are they building same package with different set of options?12:27
teK__because some things are a matter of taste and this does not hold for our official repos.12:27
teK__sure, check it out yourself12:27
_root_teK__: So I am right? they build the same package but with different optiond?12:28
teK__use our portdb to find out12:28
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: wxgtk: 3.0.1 -> 3.0.212:47
Romsterbecause they are different in some way or they collect all the ports for there dependent port. so they are in the one tree12:50
Romstermay different reasons.12:50
_root_Romster: ok; thanks; but it got complicated. I guess it is a trade of13:14
_root_if you don't use a system like USE flag (gentoo) you will end up with different ports of the same software13:15
_root_SERVICES= lo net crond. What else goes there?13:16
teK__what you need?13:18
teK__pick from /etc/rc.d13:18
teK__alsa comes to mind, if you use audio13:19
_root_yes; I am looking there. good notice; alsa.13:19
Romsterwell the majority of use accept the sane defaults.13:30
Romsteralsa one just saves your volume presets and if they are muted or not.13:31
Romsterelse everything is 0 volume and muted on every boot.13:31
_root_Romster: what about dbus?13:41
Romsterthat is a special one it has the daemon and then the user session you start with X13:44
Romsterservices= dbus13:44
Romsterand ~/.xinitrc add dbus-launch --auto-syntax --exit-with-session <your windows manager>13:45
Romsterall i bever do is log in and then type startx. too lazy with a graphical login.13:46
_root_Romster: use lightdm13:47
rmulltilman: Get anywhere with the sudo issue?13:50
_root_Romster: about local. i have a couple of question. first is it the keyboard that shows ( eng french ....) or that is keypam.13:51
_root_Or locale is related to changing the language of OS13:51
_root_for example crux in russian?13:51
Romsteri'm using pekwm13:51
Romsterlocale is the font map afaik.... but that's not my expert area13:52
_root_Romster: pekwm is WM; I suggested lightdm for your startx situation13:52
jaegerlightdm doesn't work without PAM13:53
jaegerat least it didn't last time I looked13:53
_root_Romster: what should i do if I want to have multiple keyboard and switch between them with Alt+Shift?13:53
rmull_root_: In X, you use setxkbmap for changing the keyboard layout13:53
rmullon the console, you use loadkeys13:53
Romsterdepends if it's in console or X13:53
_root_jaeger: Still doesn't; you're saying crux doesn't provide pam?13:53
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jaegernot by default. you can certainly add it if you like13:54
_root_Romster: X; in an standalone Wm13:54
_root_jaeger: you mean rwrite port for it?13:54
rmull_root_: There is already a linux-pam port13:54
_root_Seeing there is slim there;13:59
_root_Is slim still messing $PATH?14:02
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_root_how could I pass mmx sse sse2 sse3 ssse3 sse4_1 sse4 these set of instructions? system wide?14:16
_root_also -j314:16
teK__you don't pass CPU instruction sets14:21
teK__I use (in pkgmk.conf): export MAKEFLAGS=" -j7 "14:22
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rmullYou could use -march=X in your CFLAGS to enable/disable certain CPU features14:48
rmullI use -march=native14:49
rmullGentoo has decent documentation on CFLAGS14:49
_root_rmull: where to set it; I doubt CRUX has make.conf file?15:03
pitillo_root_: as joacim and teK__ told you, directly in pkgmk.conf file (you can take a look to CRUX handbook where it's explained too )15:06
_root_TNX folks15:08
_root_localedef -i en_US -f UFT-8 en_US.UTF-8 says not such directory.15:09
teK__UFT != UTF..15:09
_root_teK__:  too many RedBull and 36hrs stright would do that !15:14
rmulltilman: I opened a bug upstream
rmulltilman: I built it with the --disable-shadow option to remove the need for the crux sudo-shadow.diff patch and the segfault still persisted15:15
_root_bash: _update_ps1: command not found; this is happening in chroot15:24
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tilmanrmull: great, thanks15:38
rmulltilman: You are retired from the crux core team, right?15:38
tilmanbut i mostly didn't investigate yet because i was at work15:39
rmullIt was an unrelated query15:40
tilmanok =)15:40
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rmullcruxcon 2015 anyone?15:52
rmullteK__'s house15:53
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teK__hint: awesome15:54
teK__hint: I think Germany has the highest Maintainer count (2) :>15:54
teK__and we have the best beer15:54
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rmullI live not too far from where the first cruxcon was held16:35
_root_I sit possible to use "axel -av -n 3 " for downloading packages instead of wget ?16:37
teK__not out of the box, sadly16:38
teK__you will have to edit pkgmk16:38
_root_teK__: how exactly?16:38
_root_i mean what should I do?16:38
teK__replace the three wget references and adjust $PKGMK_WGET_OPTS16:39
_root_$PKGMK_WGET_OPTS= axel -av -n 3 ?16:39
teK__replace wge by your _command_16:39
teK__without params16:39
teK__also adjust DOWNLOAD_OPTS and / or PKGMK_WGET_OPTS16:40
_root_and where shall i set the params?16:40
teK__at the beginning of download_file() {16:40
teK__i.e. line 10716:41
teK__do not forget to remove the ones only wget understands16:41
tilmandownload accelerators are so 199816:41
_root_teK__: line 107 of /etc/pkgmk.conf?16:42
tilman /usr/bin/pkgmk ...16:43
teK__and makle a backup first ;)16:44
_root_Yes sure;16:44
_root_is prt-get or its backends command color supported or just B/W?16:45
teK__just B/W16:46
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_root_how could I switch from glibc to uclibc System-Wide?16:49
teK__not easily16:49
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teK__that's for sure16:49
_root_teK__: I am not looking for easy16:50
tilmanwhy not musl?16:50
teK__does uclibc have some "prefixing" binary like dietlibc?16:50
tilmanisn't that all the rage when it comes to alternative libcs?16:50
_root_I am looking for instructions16:50
teK__i.e. you do diet gcc ... instead of gcc and you will end up with (statically) linked objects16:50
_root_yes but less memory footprint; cleaner binaries and thus cleaner system16:51
tilmanteK__: why is it called diet when it produces fat binaries? ;OOO16:51
teK__you are probably going to have to adjust pkgmk.conf and pkmkg itself for this16:51
teK__tilman: why is its author not on diet :16:51
teK__he also wrote a library called libowfat, linking with -lowfat :o16:51
_root_tilman: why you suggest musl?16:52
joacimtilman: it is the cake and candy diet16:52
tilmanah, i almost forgot16:52
teK__btw anybody going to 31C3 this year?16:52
tilmanjoacim: happy birthday!16:52
teK__cheers ;)16:52
joacimthanks =)16:52
_root_joacim: oh; HBD; I want a piece of cake too :P16:53
joacimno cake. i just have some banans16:54
tilmanthere's this recipe for a cake with bananas and green jelly on top16:55
tilmana kid's cake, but so what16:55
_root_joacim: that will do; the bananas I mean16:55
_root_tilman: cake is a cake; you eat it;16:56
joacimkids cakes are the best ones.16:56
joacimpensioners can keep their mille-feuille!16:56
tilmanis it bad if i've never heard that word?16:57
joacimi think we call it napoleon cake in norway16:57
tilmaniv' never heard of the german word for that16:58
tilmanso i'm good i think16:58
joacimwikipedia says it is called tompouce in germany =)16:58
joacimanyways. my mom makes a wicked banana cake. Never had one with green jelly on top tho17:00
joacimlooks amazing17:02
_root_Now I am hungry17:07
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_root_how you folks deal with orphan packages in your systems?17:31
thetornainbowadopt them17:33
_root_how nice of you17:33
_root_I mean mass removal17:33
thetornainbowyeah... kind of expensive17:33
thetornainbowbut it's worth it. you can watch them grow up and become the dependents you always knew they were17:34
_root_that's one way to look at it I guess o.O17:34
thetornainbowhaha, did you mean how do you find orphans on your system?17:34
thetornainbowor what do you do with them once found?17:35
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_root_thetornainbow: both finding and removing them but only and if only nothing is depend on them!17:35
tilmanremember that reaping children is only okay if they are zombies17:35
thetornainbowtilman: very true17:36
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_root_blah :-S17:36
thetornainbow_root_: listorphans is a command-line argument for prt-get17:36
tilmansee prtorphan17:36
tilmanor that.17:36
tilmantry reading some docs some time17:37
thetornainbow_root_: ^^17:37
_root_tilman: what do you think That I am doing right know.17:37
thetornainbowi typed "man prt-get" then "/orph" and it went right to it17:37
_root_a piece of information is there; the rest is some where else17:37
_root_I am reading you wiki and anline prt-get17:38
tilmananyway, check out the prt-utils package17:38
_root_man page17:38
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teK__thetornainbow: jfyi.. % man prt-get | less -p 'orphan'17:53
thetornainbowprt-get remove shame18:08
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_root_if I want a source code to be patched at the build time. automatically I prefer.18:33
teK__you have to roll your own copy of the port (with a customized Pkgfile)18:33
teK__frinnst: finnished leftovers s01 today. Hmm stupid cliff hangers..18:41
joacimI kinda gave up on new shows. tired of cliffhangers18:59
teK__frinnst fixed me up :}19:03
jaegerthat sounds dirty19:03
_root_folk; plz consider working a bit more on chroot env. for example adding env binary and a descent PS1.19:04
_root_and env update.19:04
jaegerenv is part of coreutils. if you're not installing that in a chroot you're probably missing other things19:05
_root_jaeger: I mean out of the box after a frsh install and all that19:05
jaegercoreutils is in core and selected by default, too19:06
jaegerso if you don't have env you removed it, I'd guess19:06
_root_so why so bare chroot19:06
jaegerIf you're talking about the setup-chroot portion of the install, it's only so bare as what you picked during setup19:06
_root_jaeger: I mean install from live media reboot and go to a good livecd or another linux and tthen chroot to your crux and do the rest of the work19:07
_root_do crux use Clang?19:08
jaegerI guess I don't understand you because in that case it seems to me that coreutils should be installed19:08
jaegerwhich includes env19:08
_root_yes in /usr/bin/env . I was looking for it in a wrong place. /bin/env19:09
_root_well I must check my netflix qeue;19:10
_root_I think we should have some new documentry or two there to watch19:10
teK___root_: which(1) :p19:11
_root_teK__: alien ; COSMOS19:12
_root_does crux follow FreeBSD paradigm to install 3rd party and user installed packaes in /usr/ directory?19:16
_root_clang or gcc? what is crux using?19:23
jaegergcc by default19:24
jaegerpackages from ports generally go into /usr19:25
_root_oh; ok then19:25
hhhhhhhhhow come prt-get search implicitly adds wildcards around its argument, but listinst doesn't19:26
teK__it's all in the codez ;)19:33
teK__i.e. it was programmed that way19:33
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_root_folks; the crux that i installed has the full video driver installed with xorg. it is normal. but i want to use nvidia binary so i don't need anyone them. how could i remove them all and tell xorg driver package not to install those drivers. or at least ask me which driver I want installed. for example only nouveau20:30
frinnstif all video drivers are installed its because you installed them during the setup20:31
frinnstremove the drivers you dont want and install nvidia20:31
_root_remove them how? I don't know what packages should I removed exactly?20:32
joacimthe only video driver that is pulled in as a dependency by xorg is xorg-xf86-video-vesa20:32
joacimremove any xorg-xf86-video-* package that you don't want20:33
joacimman prt-get probably mentions something about a remove option =)20:33
_root_joacim: do i need vesa driver?20:34
joacimprobably not, but I like to keep it around20:34
jaegernot if you use something else like nvidia20:35
joacimit is nice to have something to use when the nvidia driver is broken again20:35
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teK__never broke on me20:37
teK__for years no20:37
joacimI haven't used xorg in years.20:38
joacimI guess that last breakage was the final straw20:38
_root_anyway; what is
_root_is it a new document?20:38
jaegerit's quite old now. The date at the bottom should give it away20:39
jaegerthere are probably a few pages like that which need to be removed or at least archived20:39
_root_ouch; I was looking at the top;20:41
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tilmanjoacim: you don't use x?20:45
joacimnot since my main LCD died20:46
joacimhaven't bothered with installing it again20:46
leo-unglaubbbteK__: hey20:46
leo-unglaubbbdid you look into the cryptsetup thing?20:47
teK__the ISO is broken, for sure20:47
teK__I did not dive in why  etc.20:48
teK__this would require more time20:48
leo-unglaubbbi see20:48
joacimI want to get rid of my mac, so I'm thinking about installing xorg again.20:48
teK__what did not work when you tried another distro and chrooted into crux after boting/dmcrypting?20:48
teK__I went that route myself successfully :)20:49
leo-unglaubbbmaybe the debian live disc was broken there ... but i could not chroot into crux20:49
jaegerdid you perhaps use a 32-bit live disc?20:49
leo-unglaubbbyes .... the first time *g* hat to do it again with the amd64 *g*20:50
leo-unglaubbbafter you chrootet into it20:50
leo-unglaubbb, you compiled the kernel and did the lilo update right?20:51
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leo-unglaubbbjaeger: but i should try another distro besides debian ... debian is currently totally fucked up with there systemD wars20:53
jaegerI haven't tried it myself20:53
teK__here's what you roughlywant to do:20:54
teK__boot the live cd, set up your partitions + cryptsetup containers20:55
teK__mount the CRUX iso and the partitions/containers appropriately, precoeed20:55
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teK__use my dmcrypt-initrd stuff if you want to use whole disk encryption20:55
leo-unglaubbbdo i need your dmcrypt-initrd even if i leave /boot unencrypted?20:57
teK__you have to leave /boot unencrypted in either case20:58
teK__you have to start somehwere ;-)20:58
jaegeror boot from a usb drive or floppy or something20:58
teK__if you have an encrypted /, you will need an initrd decrypting it for you (+ some more magic)20:58
teK__yeah but that's lame20:58
teK__floppy :D20:58
jaeger(I don't even own a floppy drive anymore)20:59
teK__i have not had a drive for these since 2000 or so :)20:59
teK__stop pretending20:59
leo-unglaubbbfloppy would be awesome oldschool :)20:59
teK__good look fitting a decent kernel on it20:59
jaegerThey bought a machine with a floppy drive and an old-ass nforce chipset here last year for something, though20:59
teK__(i.e. forget it)20:59
joacimI have one, but it is broken, or all my floppies are broken20:59
teK__jaeger: the reseller had to get rid of old stock I guess20:59
teK__joacim: or both..21:00
joacimtook a long time before I got a working boot floppy for windows 9821:00
jaegeramusingly the floppy drive in that machine has never been used, it probably still works. The blu-ray drive died months ago21:00
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leo-unglaubbbjaeger: both propobly build by the same asian person *g*21:01
joacim"old-ass nforce chipset"21:01
*** dougl has joined #crux21:01
joacimI kinda feel that those are still fairly new21:01
jaegerin terms of computer hardware nforce3 is pretty old21:02
_root_runscripts no should i activate this on prt-get21:04
_root_#runscripts no   >>  runscripts yes  ?21:05
teK__makes your and our live easier21:08
_root_teK__:  after that what should I do for that to take effects.21:09
joacimthose supported the first few 64-bit CPUs from AMD?21:09
_root_on the other note what excatly it does for the system (also your lives)21:10
joacimthink it'd still be useful today, but I guess you're out of luck with windows21:10
teK___root_: just use prt-get to install/update your packages and you will be fine21:10
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jaegeryou can still install at least windows 7 on it, that's what it's running here21:10
_root_teK__: What does it do?21:11
joacimany cheap low end computer would be better today I guess21:11
jaegerit won't support AHCI or TRIM and that particular motherboard won't even boot with an SSD in it21:11
teK___root_: take qemu for example21:11
teK__if you install it, there's a script:21:11
teK__getent group kvm || /usr/sbin/groupadd kvm21:11
_root_okie dokie21:11
teK__i.e. it will check if your system has a kvm group and if not, will add it for you21:11
teK__this works with the port bvecause it creates /dev/kvm with root:kvm as owners so you can run qemu as non-root user (but kvm member)21:12
teK__23:08 < teK__> makes your and our live easier21:12
_root_did crux have heartbleed problem?21:14
teK__everybody did21:14
_root_should I be worry now?21:14
teK__same with shellshock :)21:14
teK__% pinfo openssl | grep Version21:15
teK__Version:      1.0.1i21:15
_root_some guys over at gentoo suggested use libressl instead.21:15
teK__afaics heartbleed was mostly a server problem21:15
teK__there's no port21:16
_root_but It seems to be like french cheese.21:16
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux21:17
*** nimbius has joined #crux21:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wireshark: 1.12.0 -> 1.12.121:18
*** nimbius has quit IRC21:19
*** nimbius has joined #crux21:20
nimbiusfrinnst: new install on a laptop21:20
*** vlnx has quit IRC21:24
*** vlnx has joined #crux21:30
_root_firefox-pgo ? is it any good? does it build 32 version?21:32
_root_I mean firefox 32 not 32bit21:32
teK__I dont get the question21:40
_root_I saw a port named firefox-pgo? first does it have visible difference from the normal firefox port? second: what version of firefox this port is building now?21:46
rmullThere should be a tool like sepen's 'portdbc' that allows one to install a port from any repo without syncing the whole repo21:46
teK__use prt-get info firefox-pgo to find out youreslf21:46
teK__I have no idea21:46
teK__rmull: you are right21:47
teK__I hope to be able to change that rather soonish21:47
teK__give me some more time :)21:47
rmulloh really? Neat21:47
rmullNo rush21:47
_root_how long does firefox takes to build? do we have a binary port of the same version?21:47
teK__Romster builds these at
teK__it takes quite some time.21:48
leo-unglaubteK__: wish me luck, i have now another live iso running and encrypted the partiotions and mounted them21:49
teK__go for it :)21:49
leo-unglaubnow i am unpacking all core packages over the mounted partitions21:49
_root_teK__: is it 64 bit?21:50
teK__I guess there's a way to just use our setup script, too21:50
teK___root_: for 3.1 everything with -32$ in it's name is 64 bit21:50
teK__D($ meaing end of name)21:50
leo-unglaubteK__: the benefil from using the install tools is only that the package database will be updated21:53
leo-unglaubbut if i install everything from core i can just reinstall it after it works21:53
teK__you can specify an alternate root path for pkgmk21:55
teK__pkgadd I meant21:55
leo-unglaubchroot /mnt /bin/bash21:56
leo-unglaubFATAL: kernel to old21:56
teK__use grml21:56
teK__from grml.org21:56
teK__it's awesome :)21:56
teK__and current21:56
leo-unglaubhmm, but the live disc is 3.221:57
leo-unglaubwitch is relativly new for debian ... and even long term21:57
teK__too old for glibc 2.19? :)21:58
leo-unglaubbut okay, i am going to try grml.org21:58
leo-unglaubgrml-small should be enought right?21:58
leo-unglaubif this doesn't work i switch to Windows Vista with bitlocker and powershell *g*22:00
teK__wait for windows 10 so you will have at least copy and paste for you shell22:02
leo-unglaubwindows 10 is not as bad as people think ...22:02
leo-unglaubi used it to play battlefield once *g*22:02
leo-unglaubway better than the gnome shell *g*22:02
teK__wat. :22:02
joacimpeople think Windows 10 is bad?22:07
_root_not bad; just evil22:07
leo-unglaubwell, using SystemD with Gnome Shell or Windows 10 ... thats actually a win for MS there *g*22:08
_root_windoes using what now systemd?22:09
frinnstor rather, sarcasm22:09
joacimtime prt-get depinst firefox22:10
joacimlet's see how long this'll take22:10
joacimI remember it took two hours on my old CPU22:10
leo-unglaubteK__: grml is awesome22:13
leo-unglaubzsh needs some getting used to, but it's an awesome live iso22:13
leo-unglaubthanks for that tip22:13
teK__hint: our zsh port has autocompletion for prt-get :)22:14
teK__while I really make use of it I wonder if there are other zsh users proftting from it22:15
jaegerteK__: how does grml compare to systemrescuecd? I haven't used it before22:15
leo-unglaubdo you prefer zsh oder bash for your every day use?22:15
jaegerI use a few tools like that on a PXE server here at work so I wonder if grml would be better22:15
teK__leo-unglaub: zsh. zsh for everything.22:16
teK__jaeger: I don't know systemrescuecd sorry22:16
teK__I'd be surprised if the full ISO would provide less tools than ssrescuecd22:17
joacimindeed. zsh for everything.22:17
leo-unglaubteK__: do you know where grml puts the encrypted partitions? they are not in /dev/mapper22:18
jaegerteK__: ok22:18
teK__leo-unglaub: try running partprobe22:18
leo-unglaubah, /dev/dm-022:19
leo-unglaubgrml simply increments the dm number22:19
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC22:21
leo-unglaubyeah teK__, with grml i can finally chroot into it!22:29
leo-unglaubi am downloading 3.17 now22:31
rmullSo I'm running openbazaar... anyone else on crux running it?22:31
_root_leo-unglaub: chroot into what?22:31
jaegernot I, I've done nothing bitcoin-related22:32
leo-unglaub_root_: encrypted root partition22:32
*** rocx has quit IRC22:32
jaegerI am running crux on my new linode VPS, though, that was easy to set up22:32
*** Workster has joined #crux22:35
thetornainbowjaeger: nice. i've never tried linode22:36
jaegerI've used them for a few years now, very good for me22:37
thetornainbowi've got a DO VPS. just got $100 credit for DO but they won't allow a second promo code to be applied to an instance that's already had one applied22:37
jaegershame, that would be nice22:38
thetornainbowi know22:38
thetornainbowi can't figure out what i would even do with a second VPS22:38
joacimthey have an image for crux?22:38
jaegerI have 3 now.22:38
jaegerno image but it's easy to install a custom distro22:39
thetornainbownope. but i think they allow custom .isos22:39
jaegernot ISOs specifically but you can boot a rescue livecd and copy in a filesystem via ssh22:39
thetornainbowyeah, i couldn't remember what it was exactly22:39
joacimprt-get depinst firefox  4233.28s user 179.46s system 260% cpu 28:10.93 total22:39
thetornainbowjaeger: what do you do with your three?22:40
_root_thetornainbow: give it to someone else :) (who needs it)22:40
joacimnot too bad, considering I had to install some deps first22:40
jaegerthetornainbow: 1 is, we moved it from a physical server to a VPS recently22:40
jaegerthetornainbow: the other 2 are for me to play with and learn or test things from outside locations. The latest one is to host a new vanity domain22:40
jaegerone of them is secondary DNS for the other 222:41
jaegerjoacim: real24m30.786s22:41
jaegernice formatting there22:41
_root_does it make sanse to use a binay pkg of firefox-png that is compile on another machine? or firefox-pgo should be build on the system you want to run on to be of any use?22:42
jaegerno idea there, I've never used the PGO version22:43
_root_pgo is profile-guided optimization, it means that you compile firefox twice, second time you use some profiling ("benchmark") data to make slightly more efficient decisions when optimizing the code.22:43
jaegerI know what it is but haven't used it22:44
jaegerI very much doubt the benefit is worth the time22:44
_root_jaeger: the normal firefox doesn't worth the time let alone ...22:44
joacimjaeger: you're using an ssd?22:45
joacimI noticed my system spent a lot of time waiting for the hdd.22:46
jaegerbuilt that in RAM for what that's worth22:46
jaegerProbably could have done it slightly faster without -pipe but I forgot it was there, heh22:47
joacimnot sure if I have enough RAM for that22:47
jaegerIt isn't worth doing unless there's lots of RAM lying around. In this case I grabbed some old server RAM for my workstation, got 32GB in there22:48
jaegerIt was going to be tossed so I figured why not22:48
*** dxlr8r has quit IRC22:48
joacimI have only 8GB22:49
joacimI'm starting to run out of RAM now. Notice some swapping when I watch a movie while I have my browser with lots of tabs open22:50
*** dougl has quit IRC22:50
teK__done wrestling with windows. good night folks22:52
_root_teK__: good night22:52
frinnstjoacim: firefox build: 25m22.228s22:53
_root_frinnst: 25min?22:54
frinnstthats what it says, yes22:54
*** nimbius has quit IRC23:03
*** dougl has joined #crux23:03
*** hotaronohanako has joined #crux23:18
jaegerjoacim: browsers do seem to be the RAM-eating champions23:25
_root_Is it possible to have more than one version of python installed.23:25
_root_how to switch between them sys-wide23:25
_root_jaeger: which ones?23:25
jaegerall of them23:26
_root_jaeger: try dwb vimb uzbl23:27
_root_vimb doesn't each much23:27
_root_could you give me a full manual on how o use other people collections. URL to handbook or wiki plz!23:30
leo-unglaubteK__: are you still around?23:58

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