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rmull_root_: Go to the user's repo on Click on the rsync or httpup file ("Get sync file"), place this in /etc/ports00:09
rmullAdd a line to /etc/prt-get.conf with a prtdir directive that points to where you plan on storing them00:09
teK__unfortunately yes00:10
teK__had to gather working hours for the monthly bill.00:10
teK__leo-unglaub: quick or I will disappear :p00:10
teK__aaand I'm gone. *poof* *poof*00:12
leo-unglaubteK__: i have a newroot problem00:12
leo-unglaubthe scripts jumps directly to exec /bin/switch_root /newroot /sbin/init00:13
leo-unglaubinstead of asking for a passphrase first00:13
leo-unglaubbut we can do this another time as well *g*00:15
leo-unglaubif you have to work in the morning00:15
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_root_hello back06:04
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_root_I could have swear fvwm was in the ports last night. where did it go?07:28
nwegood morning07:43
_root_nwe: top of the morning to you too07:49
_root_Add a line to /etc/prt-get.conf with a prtdir directive that points to where you plan on storing them?07:52
_root_rmull: ^^ could you explain? what exactly should I put down?07:52
nwe_root_: download port-file from and the add a line like prtdir /usr/ports/nwe07:53
frinnstyes, its all in the docs, _root_. Please read them07:57
nwefrinnst: do you know why gconf is dropped from contrib?07:58
nwefrinnst: okey07:58
frinnstis there something in contrib that still depends on it?08:05
nwenope, but my spotify port :P but I have make my own port for it now :P08:11
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_root_nwe: the paste is gone though08:47
nwe_root_: it was just stored in 10 minutes08:48
_root_nwe: give it on please08:48
_root_nwe: thanks, by the way pastebin was good and nice and all around 2008 and such; now it sucks the life out of its users. too many ads and restrictions09:02
_root_doesn't worth it09:02
_root_fvwm folk; I saw it in the ports; now it is not09:09
_root_last night was there09:10
Romster_root_, its in romster collection
teK__I think your repo is  not in the portdb atm09:14
Romsteryeah not sure why....09:15
Romsterguess it was unreachable at the cron job09:15
teK__I have a speculation ;)09:15
Romsterno biggie should be back on next run09:15
teK__I tried to tweak that part of portdb but I so so so dislike PHP09:15
Romsteror is my host down..09:16
teK__looks like it09:17
Romstergod damn it09:17
Romsternot impressed09:19
teK__is this a server at your place?09:20
Romsterin a datacenter09:22
Romstermy home server is more reliable.. but slower speeds.09:23
_root_Romster: hello m8; I though I saw that. I wasn't tripping :)09:39
Romsterwelp i have a copy at home at
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: libpcre-32: 8.35 -> 8.3609:51
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_root_What happens if I have two netwrok interface to set. First my Lan and the second my Wireless card?10:36
_root_both use DHCP and wifi uses wpa_supplicant10:36
_root_I amk asking becasue I see only one DEV line in /etc/rc.d/net10:36
_root_and I got confused more by
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Romster blood moon eclipse live11:07
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joacimI think they should unlock that computer11:11
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frinnstits getting pretty dark now :)11:25
_root_frinnst: any idea on my NICs issue?11:26
_root_two netwrok interface and how to set them?11:26
FeigrimRomster: a red moon rises, blood has been spilled tonight11:34
Feigrimit's actually red sun in LotR but whatever11:34
_root_? :(11:35
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frinnstif you want to use two interfaces at the same time you need to set up a routing table11:39
frinnstbut why would you want to? use wicd or whatever11:40
_root_frinnst: So if i want to set i can only set one. so i go with wifi. what should i do? just change the ENV line to wlp5s0?11:41
_root_and done?11:41
_root_or use that link
_root_frinnst: is it old?11:41
frinnstit should pretty much work, you'll need to tweak it to fit with the new udev naming scheme11:42
_root_wlp5s0 you mean?11:42
frinnsti guess, if thats the name on your system11:42
_root_tnx again11:42
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frinnstProLiant MicroServer Gen814:05
frinnstIntel E3-1220LV2 8GB14:05
frinnst+ a stackable L2 switch14:06
frinnstsexy as fuck14:06
jaegerwhy the sad face, then?14:06
frinnstbecause expensive14:07
frinnstand i have no self control when it comes to resisting buying new cool shit14:07
jaegerah :)14:07
frinnstHP PS1810-8G14:07
frinnstthats the switch14:07
jaegerlooks pretty decent14:08
jaegerI've no experience with HP switches, though14:08
joacimI rather build my own at this point14:13
frinnstbuild your own switch? or server?14:14
jaegerwhitebox switches are becoming more common14:14
jaegercumulus linux ,etc.14:14
joacimi guess it wont be cheaper than buying a microserver gen8, but i like building.14:15
frinnstme too, generally14:15
frinnstbut it would be impossible to do a custom build with the same specs and the same size14:15
joacimlian-li has some suitable cases, but I guess they can be expensive14:17
frinnstyeah and if you want ecc etc your choices soon become a lot more limited14:18
joacimtrue, but i dont think i need that14:19
jaegerI wonder if you could build something mitx now for a reasonable price or if that's still more expensive than mATX14:21
joacim <- there is this one, but it is the most expensive mini-ITX board on that site.14:21
joacimand it only has 4 sata ports14:21
frinnstbut one pcie port. you could fit a massive sas-card on that thing :)14:22
joacimI'd go with this one I think14:23
joacimbonus points for being Ultra Durable™14:24
joacimnot as good as MSI's Military Grade™ tho.14:24
jaeger <-- maybe a decent small start for a box like the microserver14:25
jaegerI don't know how they actually compare in size but that one's interesting from a specs standpoint14:25
frinnstuh, look like a mac14:26
frinnstOS - Windows 814:26
jaegercan fit 5 3.5" drives or 9 2.5" drives according to specs14:26
joacimthese are interesting to me14:30
FeigrimI have a Bitfenix Phenom as PC at home, looks much nicer than the Prodigy imo14:30
frinnstthe biggest problem with lian-li's are the rattle that usually develops after a while14:31
joacim <- this one too14:31
frinnsti've had sound issues with all my lian li chassis during the years14:31
joacimyeah i think they can have some pretty flimsy cases14:31
frinnstthin alu is pretty sensitive to vibrations14:31
rmullI have a silverstone sugo mini-itx case14:32
joacimmy PC7-SCAND is horrible like that. it rattles a lot, but my PC6077 is pretty decent14:32
Feigrimjust seal all the parts together with silicone, ultra quiet! :P14:33
joacimI wouldn't mind if coolermaster resurrected their ATCS series =)14:33
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r004hello back15:31
r004guys I am looking for X86_64 livecd for system Rescu?15:31
r004any idea?15:31
r004any names15:31
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rmullr004: systemrescuecd15:49
tilmanrmull: got a link to that sudo bug you filed? can't find it in my history15:54
tilmanrmull: nvm15:55
tilmannice, fixed version released already15:55
rmullYep, rapid turnaround15:55
rmullLooks like there were a number of other changes batched in15:59
r004rmull: it is not 64bit it is i58616:01
rmullr004: Both are available on the same CD16:03
rmullI believe you choose at boot time16:03
r004rmull: what about trinity rescue kit?16:03
rmullr004: I don't know, man. I've used sysresccd in the past and it was fine. You asked for a suggestion, so I suggested. I don't know anything about trinity.16:04
r004rmull: ok; I just tell you the name. I am also only familiar with sysrescuCD]16:06
rmullYou could check the list of software supplied on each CD and see if it fits your needs I guess16:07
r004rmull: if you are right systemrescueCD is enough16:07
rmullgood luck with your recovery16:08
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jaegeryou could also try grml. I haven't used it myself but it was recommended in here recently16:25
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: sudo: updated to 1.8.11p119:07
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_root_hello @/22:40
_root_I am back22:40
_root_Could anyone confirm this is the CK-linux kernel page22:40
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_root_guys does pf-kernel patches includes ck-kernel patches inside itself?23:56

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