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Workster a fork of the now-discontinued TrueCrypt Project.05:45
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frinnstdo we know why truecrypt just went away?06:28
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jaegerNot officially; it was implied they shut down because there were backdoors, I think06:29
jaegerno idea if that's true06:29
Romsterapparanlt;y the design was insecure.06:59
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teK__then don't bother. There's a series called The Flash08:38
teK__and it's crappy too and because this isnt enough it's first eposidoe is a short cross over with arrow08:38
teK__I couldnt think of any to make it even worse ;P08:38
_root_That's way I only watched documentary09:07
_root_I cn't remeber ever seen a good Tv_show after 200909:08
joacimtoo much drama these days. what happened to ateam and macgyver09:08
teK__True Detective, House of Cards, House of Lies, The Good Wife, Fargo etc.09:09
_root_I recently heared about promising Tv Show called Asset but I hadn't a chance or the time to watch it09:09
teK__you really want to know what happened to MacGyver?09:09
teK__that's what happened.09:10
_root_time is a ...; It really did  a number on him :)09:11
joacimgive kevin sorbo a new tv show09:11
FeigrimteK__: wow that doesn't even look like him09:12
frinnsthah come on, thats not richard dean !09:24
teK__of course not09:24
frinnstit just shipped! \o/09:35
joacimare you getting one for each key?09:41
joacimthis thing just shipped too09:42
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frinnstnah, just one10:02
frinnsthe only made one10:02
leo-unglaubhey guys :)10:03
_root_Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Assume -R? [n]10:22
_root_I am trying to patch my kernel and i get this should I accept it or not?10:22
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frinnst[   75.267761] BTRFS: read error corrected: ino 2846258 off 4096 (dev /dev/sdc sector 234763400)10:31
frinnst[   75.268177] BTRFS: read error corrected: ino 2846258 off 8192 (dev /dev/sdc sector 234763408)10:31
frinnst[   75.268235] BTRFS: read error corrected: ino 2846258 off 12288 (dev /dev/sdc sector 234763416)10:31
frinnsti love btrfs10:31
frinnststupid dying drive10:31
_root_frinnst: what is this? btrfs (schadualing control)?10:32
frinnstwhat is what? btrfs?10:33
frinnstits a filesystem10:33
leo-unglaubfrinnst: btrfs is awesome10:34
_root_frinnst: Yes I am a bit tired here; I was up all night trying to make a kernel. I remeber having a disk controler by CK added to my kernel.10:38
_root_frinnst: oh; now I remeber; Is it good for small scale desktop systems; for / and /boot? or it has to be for large partitions 1TB or larger?10:41
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frinnstit works with most things. but its still under heavy development so you might not want to use it for critical data11:01
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frinnst$ curl ifconfig.me11:12
teK__ wget -S http://icanhazip.com11:15
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_root_nwe: tnx for repo;Nice stuff in there;11:31
_root_hola back11:31
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nwe_root_: np11:41
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teK__does any of you have experience with the windows debugger/kernel driver dev?11:50
teK__by chance :)11:50
_root_installing crux on btrfs. NICE!11:51
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_root_  could someone tell me how much is the size of this file?12:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: chromium-pdf: 36.0.1985.143 -> 37.0.2062.12013:24
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_root_Folks, What is the problem? If I do "" the file size is 146MB but if it do git clone -b pf-3.16 --single-branch  it is about 1.7GB?14:27
FSXProbably because git downloads the history of that branch.14:34
_root_FSX: yes I figured as much; how should I get the repo without the history? something called shallow clone? but I don't know what it is exactly?14:37
FSXI think that's it.14:39
FSX--depth 014:39
FSXSee: man git-clone14:40
_root_What do you think ? :P
tilmanteK__: fefe linking phoronix. the end is nigh15:03
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leo-unglaubtilman: why is it bad to quote phoronix?15:16
tilmanphoronix just takes random mailing lists postings, or blog postings and turns them into "news"15:17
leo-unglaubtilman: lol, you just describes 90% of all media sites/blogs *g*15:17
leo-unglaubdoes fefe know that?15:18
leo-unglauband if he does, maybe he is drunk from debugging openssh *g*15:19
tilmani expected him to warn that the link is to phoronix, like he does with bild :D15:19
leo-unglaubhaha, indeed *g*15:20
leo-unglaubi can tell him the next time i met him at a CCC hackerspace15:21
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teK__tilman: lol15:49
leo-unglaubtilman: if you read fefe, are you from germany?15:49
teK__you are actually meeting him? oh boy :)15:50
leo-unglaubteK__: once or twice a year ...15:50
leo-unglaubbut i don't think he remembers me in person *g*15:50
teK__after all, there are better things to hope for15:51
leo-unglaubindeed, for example getting ***** cryptsetup running after 4 weeks *g*15:51
teK__I like referring to he touched my arm walking by once :>15:51
teK__for example, yes15:51
leo-unglaubi am close to getting it to work ... initrd.gz is already booting ... but for some reason the script does not stop and ask for the passphrase, it tryes to copy to /newroot instead15:52
tilmanleo-unglaub: yes ofc15:52
leo-unglaubtilman: born in berlin ... but currently suffering from work in vienna *g*15:53
tilmani suspect anything below the weisswurst aequator might just be damned to suck15:55
teK__I beg your pardon...15:55
teK__leo-unglaub: make the script run with #!/bin/sh -x15:55
tilmanyes, i meant to include wherever the hell you are ;)15:55
teK__if you can help me with this ndis hooking thingy, I can figure that initrd-problem out for you :>15:55
teK__heaven, tilman, heaven.15:56
leo-unglaubteK__: vancouver then?15:56
tilmanlearn some proper german, peasant ;p15:56
leo-unglaubteK__: -x is not going to help, because i cannot read the output because it's not in the scroll buffer anymore15:57
tilmanteK__: typing furiously? i'm just kidding. somewhat.15:57
teK__not ypting at all15:57
teK__was browsing an image site :>15:57
teK__ehm well15:57
teK__no not Vancouver15:58
_root_I can't find axel in ports !15:58
teK__I speak both bavarian and german15:58
teK__@seen@ axel15:58
tilman!seen axel15:58
teK__leo-unglaub: tried getting some sleep(1)? :)15:58
teK__@seen axel15:58
teK___root_: it's not there, that's right.15:58
tilman_root_: do you mean alex?15:58
_root_axel; the download manager like aria2 but way better15:59
leo-unglaubteK__: yes, it gets ignored ... every stop/break/read input statement gets ignored ... i think there is something wrong with my kernel config of the initrd.gz ...15:59
_root_tilman: ^15:59
leo-unglaubi have to look into it when i get home16:00
leo-unglaubhowever, i have a huge .txt document describing every step that worked ... that could go into the wiki once i have finished it16:00
_root_so crux doesn't have a makefile for axel?16:04
tilman_root_: use
tilmaninstead of asking this question16:04
_root_Not There !16:04
tilmanthen there is probably no crux port for axel. write one yourself.16:05
tilmanexamples are in the crux handbook.16:05
joacimteK__: you held hands with tilman?!16:06
tilmanhe's talking about fefe, not me16:07
leo-unglaubi am going home, see you later :)16:07
tilmanalso: "touch my arm" != "holding hands"16:07
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u7knv9hi'm making some ports, but i don't get what the `release` variable is for, anyone can explain me shortly?16:29
tilmanport revision16:30
tilmanif you change the port without moving to another version of the upstream package, you'd bump $release instead16:30
u7knv9hah, okay16:31
u7knv9hhow do i create the footprint and the md5sum?16:38
teK__right way: man pkgmk16:38
teK__the fast path: pkgmk -uf / pkgmk -um16:38
teK__but the.footprint will be created the first time you built a port16:39
teK__i.e. when no .footprint file is present16:39
u7knv9hyea, i read that in the uh yeah i read that in the output, but they wasn't listed by ls16:41
u7knv9hjust now i realized that they were hidden16:41
_root_What is the newest fastest bad ass kernel compression mode?17:03
u7knv9hdon't know, if you don't have special needs gzip is okay i think17:05
u7knv9hmaking a smpeg2 port, i get this error , but i get all the files generated and placed in the right places17:23
u7knv9hhow do i fix this?17:23
tilmanno, you have them in the wrong place :p17:23
tilmancopy them to $PKG/usr/bin/whatever17:24
u7knv9hyeah, smpeg2-config was in /usr/bin17:24
tilmanu7knv9h: this is why we build ports in fakeroot17:24
tilman-> stuff like this cannot happen17:24
tilmanjust run "fakeroot pkgmk"17:24
u7knv9h=======> ERROR: Directory '/usr/ports/u7knv9h/smpeg2' not writable.17:27
u7knv9husing fakeroot17:27
tilmansee :)17:28
tilmanjust grep /usr/ports/opt/*/Pkgfile for PKG to see some examples17:29
u7knv9hit's pretty similar to other core/xorg/opt Pkgfile(s)17:33
tilmanyeah, except you misspelled DESTDIR17:34
tilman(you put DESTIR)17:34
u7knv9hOH SHIT17:34
u7knv9hthanks for pointing that out17:34
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leo-unglaubhey :)17:50
leo-unglaubtilman: have you seen fefe's systemd update?17:50
tilmandon't care17:51
tilmanhope this systemd thing will blow over17:51
joacimdon't worry. poettering will start a new project soon for everyone to hate on17:52
leo-unglaubtilman: thats exactly what fefe wrote *g*17:53
diversewho's fefe?17:54
leo-unglaubbut i am happy about what happened to debian with systemd ... it brought me to crux :)17:54
diverseleo-unglaub: same with me, but I was from Arch ;)17:54
leo-unglaubbut you actually can have some fun with systemd ... for example you can easily scan for systemd devices in a network and ddos there qr code webserver ...17:55
leo-unglaubthere is no brute force protection on it *g*17:55
leo-unglaubyou can burn CPU power of any systemd host by requesting billions of QR codes *g*17:56
diversesounds like a great way to DDOS17:56
leo-unglaubdiverse: it is *g*17:57
tilmanlol what?17:58
leo-unglaubtilman: didn't you know that?17:59
leo-unglaubsystemd ... the pid1 ... starts a microhttpd server17:59
tilmanjust found a 2 week-old HN posting about it18:00
leo-unglaubso that you can fetch QR codes over the network18:00
diverseeffing systemd starting on pid118:00
tilmansounds like it only generates QR codes when a panic hits though?18:00
_root_anyone knows anything about zcache ( is it deprecated?) and frontswap/cleancache?18:00
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_root_What does Intel P state do? is it lower cpu load and add to system being slow or its sppedup the system and put more stress on cpu?18:29
joacimit is listed under cpu frequency scaling drivers, so I guess it reduces the cpu frequency during low load situations18:53
joacimhas nothing to do with stress on the cpu or anything like that18:54
joacimmost of that stuff is explained in menuconfig, or in the documents refered to by menuconf18:54
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ningunoi love crux20:24
leo-unglaub123teK__: a short question. This newroot stuff ... is this your idea or a common standard?20:28
leo-unglaub123because copying /dev/ seams strange to me20:28
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_root_   ?21:01
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