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rmullIs netstat really not provided? What do people use to see what network services are listening?01:35
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rmullcool, thanks01:47
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nwegood morning06:09
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Romsterquestionably safe for work07:08
Feigrimnot safe for playground07:12
nwehey Romster how are you ?07:19
Romsterhi nwe i'm good. friday and work week is over so i'm really good.07:31
nweRomster: hehe nice to hear :)07:35
diversewhat are you going to do now?07:49
nrxtxRomster: do you still actively use the roccat ports in your repo? otherwise i could take them over07:55
Romstergirlfreind was is using them. i plan on getting the mouse and i can't get the damn keyboard in australia...08:11
Romsterfeel free to fork and maintain if you like08:12
frinnstyuck, roccat stuff are ugly :)08:19
frinnstget yourself a proper ducky keyboard, romster :)08:19
Feigrimget Model M!08:21
Romsterstfu if i want a roccat keyboard i'll get one.08:26
Romsterso what do you use?08:30
frinnstducky premiere mx blue08:44
frinnstgot two, one at home and one at work08:44
frinnst for the lazy08:45
Feigrimit's my fault, I indoctrinated him into the wonderful world of mechanical keyboards08:45
frinnstyes it is, fuck you!08:45
frinnstthe biggest problem is that its impossible to go back to crappy rubberdomes08:46
diverseor in frinnst's case, get any mechanical keyboard with cherry mx blue switches09:11
nrxtxfrinnst: the roccat one got the same switches09:23
frinnstyes but it looks like a 14year old designed it :p09:24
nrxtxselectable mx switches red/blue/brown/black09:24
frinnstwhat do they cost in sweden?09:25
frinnstK�P K�P K�P09:25
diversehmm, I wonder if I should change from the mx browns to blues?09:35
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frinnstthe clicky noise can be a bit much for people09:47
frinnstI do wish they were a bit more quiet09:48
Romstermx browns will do me.09:58
joacimpan-nordic layout...10:07
joacimwhy don't they ship it with optional norwegian and danish keycaps in a small bag instead10:07
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frinnstpbt is expensive11:09
frinnstbut yeah, its a bit annoying11:09
frinnststupid 0, ae and whatever11:09
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leo-unglaubteK__: i got very close last night :) i found a thread in a forum that described that the initrd thing is not working on my laptop ... and then i started to build my own initramfs cpio ... it nearly works *g* the only problem is not that the initramfs is not finding the init script itself12:46
leo-unglaubropobly a path problem12:46
leo-unglaubRomster: your busybox Pkgfile is outdated: they are on 1.22.1 now with fixes a build problem i had12:49
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Romsterleo-unglaub, i'll bump that shortly13:23
leo-unglaubRomster: i did in my local Pkgfile and it works fine :)13:24
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teK__leo-unglaub: I was inspuired by the ISO's initrd(which works, aparently)13:45
leo-unglaubi have no idea if that blog post was correct or not ...13:46
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dxlr8ris there a way to find out which package a file belongs to? like /usr/man/man5/ftpusers.5.gz14:21
frinnstprt-get fsearch ftpusers.5.gz14:22
dxlr8ryeah, figured it out myself actually. haven't seen it before14:23
dxlr8rwhat should I do? It belongs to core, overwrite or ignore from the package that I am installing?14:24
frinnstwhat package are you installing that tries to overwrite it?14:26
frinnstif its a package you are creating yourself id suggest your remove it in the port (or atleast rename it to something else)14:26
frinnstif you just force an overwrite you will have the same issue the next time man-pages is updated (it happens quite often)14:27
dxlr8r different syntax14:27
dxlr8rcould call it sometyhing else14:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: kexec-tools: 2.0.7 -> 2.0.814:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: iw: 3.15 -> 3.1714:28
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: zsh: 5.0.5 -> 5.0.714:33
dxlr8rfrinnst: mv $PKG/usr/man/man5/ftpusers.5.gz $PKG/usr/man/man5/tnftpd-users.5.gz14:36
dxlr8rin the Pkgfile, looks ok?14:36
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frinnstdxlr8r: yep, that should work15:21
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mksh: R50c -> R50d16:47
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leo-unglaubwho is Fredrik Rinnestam in irc?17:26
leo-unglaubfrinnst: is that you?17:27
leo-unglaubif yes, then i have a question about your Pkgfile:
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joacimfrinnst is fredrik rinnestam17:53
joacimoh ok17:53
frinnstwhat about it?17:54
joacimBought my first brand new game in years. Alien Isolation.17:59
frinnstany good?17:59
frinnstreviews seem quite good18:00
joacimstill downloading18:01
joacimSaw a lot of threads and screenshots about it. Looks really nice.18:01
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Feigrfrinnst: bought julmust today at Konsum. It has begun :O18:12
tilmanwinter is coming?18:13
joacimI found "kakemenn" at the store last week :/18:18
joacimway too early for that stuff I think18:18
dxlr8rI saw christmas decoration on a tree yesterday18:22
joacimwas it your old dead tree from last year?18:23
tilmanspekulatius are already on sale as well :/18:23
dxlr8ron a living tree :)18:23
frinnstFeigr: omg18:25
frinnstIm still rebalancing my btrfs raid1 array. I bet you'll get your disk before its completed :)18:25
frinnstdevid    2 size 2.73TiB used 2.51TiB path /dev/sdd18:25
frinnstdevid    3 size 2.73TiB used 281.00GiB path /dev/sdc18:25
Feigrat this point I doubt I will ever get it18:25
frinnst~2.2TB to go18:26
joacimI'm thinking about just buying a 6TB drive instead of using raid or volume management18:27
frinnstyeah, that wont hurt when it dies18:30
frinnstI lost a 3tb drive yesterday18:30
frinnstraid1 luckily18:30
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joacimall the data is backed up on torrent sites18:31
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dxlr8rOnly wimps use tape backup: real men just upload their important stuff on ftp, and let the rest of the world mirror it ;)18:43
dxlr8rLinus Thorvalds :)18:43
joacimI'm thinking 2x 6TB drives are about as expensive as 4x 3TB drives18:45
dxlr8rzfs dude :)18:48
joacimI just use plain old ext418:51
dxlr8rnot so old, I still remember ext3 as the new kid on the block :)18:55
joacimThat must've been before my time18:56
joacimext3 was in widespread use when I started using gnu+linux 10 years ago18:57
joacimI remember people actually used reiserfs too18:57
dxlr8ryeah, me 2 :)18:57
jaegerI remember when ext3 was born too... I feel old18:57
dxlr8rbut people stopped with the joke "don't use reiser, reiser kills"18:58
joacimI thought you were 22 or something18:58
jaegerme? heh, not so much. 36 now18:58
joacimI'll be 30 next year18:58
jaegerwhich in itself isn't so old but I feel old when we have conversations like that :D18:58
frinnsti think ext3 was pretty standard when i started to use linux for real stuff other than to play around18:59
frinnstyeah, ~10 years ago or something18:59
joacimI feel old when my niece use words I don't even know the meaning of19:01
dxlr8rbeen on linux for 13 years I think19:02
joacimI think it is exactly 10 years for me19:02
jaeger18ish here19:02
frinnstIm not sure when I built my home server. Might have been as early as 200219:03
frinnstbut probably 2003-200419:03
joacimIt would've been earlier if the linux guys I knew werent autistic.19:03
joacimthey'd send me to every time I asked about linux =)19:03
dxlr8rhehe :P only been using linux for servers. never liked the desktop enviroments that it has to offer, have tried MANY times19:04
dxlr8rjoacim: know the type :) "man bash, rtfm!"19:04
frinnstJust use a window manager. its much nicer19:04
dxlr8rtried that to, tried about every single one :P19:04
dxlr8rthroughout the years19:04
jaegerlinux does have a horrific community at times19:05
dxlr8rbut use alot of cli applications, chatting on f-irc (ncurses)19:05
joacimI like the terminal applications and window manager, but I can't stand the desktop applications19:06
frinnsthaha tilman19:06
dxlr8rhehe tilman. english is not my mother tongue.19:08
dxlr8rnorwegian is and we concat everything19:08
tilmanthe good thing about that site is it doesn't only educate people, it also makes people laugh ;p19:09
jaegerone of my favorite things, I use it now and then19:09
tilmani just wondered how an alot of cli apps might look like19:09
dxlr8rhehe, true. I don't take it personal19:10
dxlr8rprobably all covered in characters for one19:10
joacimA 3D rendered cyber demon from a 90s movie19:10
dxlr8rand ctrl-z would make it go to another dimension19:11
joacimwith shebang and if/then lines printed all over its body19:11
joacimpleace nitpick. =)19:14
dxlr8rgoing to pet my alot a lot19:14
tilmanjoacim: sounds like you were thinking of shell scripts rather than cli apps in general ;p19:17
joacimI was19:18
joacimwell. It fits the 90s cyber style19:18
dxlr8rone thing I have wondered about now, without starting an argument I am not smart enough to battle, but is Crux going to replace sysvint any time soon? and if so with what?19:25
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dxlr8rs/now/now for a while19:26
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joacimnever heard about any plan like that19:28
jaegerno plan to at present19:28
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dxlr8rok, most distros are going systemd or one of the others, so I thought something might change with crux to19:31
jaegerI'm of the belief that eventually there will be no other choice. Until then, no plans.19:31
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dxlr8rno ther choice than to go systemd?19:33
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jaegeryes. simply because other software will grow to depend on it19:34
dxlr8rI used to use Debian and Arch Linux but changed recently because of systemd19:34
jaegerxorg as an example19:34
_root_folks; What do we have like bmon?19:34
jaeger_root_: take a look at the portdb; if there isn't one, make one19:35
dxlr8rjaeger: gentoo still makes a stand against systemd, and that is a big distro. so one can hope :)19:37
jaegerI'd be fine with being proven wrong in this case. We shall see over time.19:37
dxlr8ryeah :)19:38
nwehow are you guys?19:42
nwenice to hear...  Im fine thanks, sitting in the couch and  watching tv19:44
dxlr8rtrying to get some work done19:46
nweoh :)19:47
dxlr8rbeing jerking around with setting up the ftp server the way I want to just so that I could scan two pages to ftp instead of using my usb memory stick!19:48
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dxlr8rdoing it the right way and using hours instead of admitting defeat and resort to the quick fix :P19:49
nweI see :P19:52
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joacimfrinnst: they got the atmosphere right20:40
joacimthey did a good job optimising too. runs well and looks good.20:40
leo-unglaubteK__: i am close *g* now the init script is loaded ... but cryptsetup is not found ...20:55
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frinnstleo-unglaub: what was it you wanted to ask about firefox?21:06
frinnstask away or send me an email, im going to bed21:09
leo-unglaubfrinnst: i wanted to ask why you compile it by default without multipe profiles21:09
leo-unglaubi wanted to know if there is any speciffic reason for that21:09
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leo-unglaubteK__: i got it !!!!!!!!!!!! it works :)22:15
leo-unglaubhell yeah !22:15
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_root_folks could help me about DVFS options in kernel. Should i enable them. is DVFS device specific or works on all kinds of motherboards?22:41
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Romsterleo-unglaub, updated busybox23:38

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