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diverselets see, I think I'm reaching 9 years of being a Linux user, but you guys are much more of a veteran than I am ;)01:15
diverseand ext3 seemed pretty much standard to me back then01:17
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jaeger_root_: what is DVFS?02:43
_root_jaeger: a kernel option02:44
jaegerclearly. more specific?02:45
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frinnstgyfcat has done this for a while now10:16
frinnstah, you linked to a smart comment, not the announcement10:18
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Romsterya incumbent formats13:14
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_root_gcc: error: unrecognized command line option '-fstack-protector-strong'13:55
_root_Kbuild:35: recipe for target 'kernel/bounds.s' failed13:55
_root_I am guessing the gcc version is not up to date13:56
frinnstgcc in 3.1 does not support that flag, no13:57
_root_frinnst: any way to up the gcc version?13:57
_root_to =>413:58
joacimyou want to downgrade? gcc (CRUX) 4.8.314:02
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leo-unglaubi have set my locales to localedef -i de_AT -f UTF-8 de_AT.UTF-814:16
leo-unglaubbut locale still shows only "POSIX"14:16
teK__leo-unglaub: send a diff if you like14:16
teK__you generated the locales. You did not set them (via ENV vars in your shell)14:16
leo-unglaubteK__: a diff?14:16
leo-unglaubfor what?14:17
teK__hte initrd-script14:18
leo-unglaubteK__: ah, yes, will do as soon as i have x running :)14:19
teK__btw tilman are you going to 31c3?14:19
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leo-unglaubha, it works now ... i always forgett the xkeyboard-config package ... maybe that should be a dependency of xorg itself14:43
leo-unglaubbecause you cannot start x without it14:43
tilmanteK__: probably not14:44
leo-unglaubteK__: tilman: i am propobly there ... if i can get enought money for the train ticket14:49
_root_Is it possible to instruct prt-get to install a package from an specific reop? like Romster? :) I saw that in documentation but I can't find it now.14:50
leo-unglaub_root_: no, as far as i remember you can only do that by changing the order of the ports directories in /etc/prt-get.conf14:54
_root_no; It is possible.14:56
_root_mybe possible ! :-)14:57
_root_installing a package from specified repo. anyone?14:57
joacimcd to package dir15:07
joacimand us pkgmk15:07
_root_joacim: would it update the existing package this way?15:09
joacimpkgmk can update, yes15:09
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_root_Why we don't have /etc/defaukt/grub?16:28
jaegerbecause it's optional. Feel free to create one to your liking16:38
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_root_jaeger: could you give me an /etc/rc.modules sample file?16:53
jaegerthere's one installed by default16:54
jaegerjust add modprobe lines to it as you like16:54
_root_jaeger: that's the problem I have 14 modules from kernel make && make modules_install16:55
_root_I don't know how to put them in that file.16:55
_root_what syntax do i use16:55
jaegershell commands. such as "/sbin/modprobe module"16:56
jaegerMost of the time you don't need to load modules yourself16:56
jaegeronly if the kernel/udev don't do it for you16:56
_root_jaeger: so each line one module?16:57
jaegertry it and see. :)16:57
_root_jaeger: or I could set them all in one modeprobe?16:57
jaegerread the modprobe manpage to see its syntax16:59
tilmanat work somebody brought an yggdrasil CD set from home16:59
frinnstI have a "slackware essentials" book, 1st edition17:03
frinnstnothing older im afraid :(17:04
tilmandon't think 2000+ stuff gets you any credit right now ;)17:04
frinnsti know :(17:05
tilmansome days ago another coworker asked for some linux hints17:05
frinnstim still a noob17:05
tilman"so i opened a terminal, and i immediately recognized the stuff... i knew almost all the commands from DOS"17:05
jaegerI've got a slackware '96 CD set in a box somewhere17:05
tilmani stayed polite and just smiled17:05
tilmani guess he meant 'cd'17:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: irssi: 0.8.16 -> 0.8.1718:52
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_root_hello again folks @/19:47
nweoops sorry caps :P19:48
_root_I have a nasty situation. I installed the nvidia driver and i did nvidia-xconfig but I get FATAL ERROR NVIDIA module isn't found19:48
_root_nwe: hello; a friendly voice is always welcomed.19:49
teK__lsmod | grep -q nvidia && echo yay || echo load/install the kernel module19:49
_root_teK__: what?19:51
teK__run iqt19:52
_root_teK__: module Nvidia.ko not found19:52
jaegertry depmod -a19:53
_root_jaeger: returns nothing19:54
jaegerit should. try modprobe nvidia after that19:54
teK__it even tells you what to do..19:55
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_root_yes depmod -a returned nothing but then I issued modeprobe nvidia again and this time I didn't get any error and I am able to startx now19:56
_root_What was wrong?19:57
teK__you have to run depmod -a once..19:57
_root_teK__: every time i reboot?19:57
teK__once once19:58
_root_ok brb19:58
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_root_first time inside crux and running blackbox20:03
_root_happy birthday CRUX20:03
_root_do we have udisk20:04
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_root_what is wrong with this linux20:06
_root_we I run firefox it kills my X20:06
_root_and I drop into console20:07
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joacimno idea. maybe the logs say something20:12
nwegood evening!20:14
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joacimevening =)20:20
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_root_sorry very sorry20:21
_root_but I keep getting resource not available and killX20:21
_root_firefox and nvidia-settings is doing that20:22
joacim22:12     joacim | no idea. maybe the logs say something20:22
teK__you are supposed to read the provided README files!20:22
teK__it's not our job to do that for you20:22
_root_I don't know why. I was trying to set opengl and opencl20:22
_root_teK__:  which readme?20:22
teK__this happens because FF tries to use your GL acceleration and it fails20:22
teK__nvidia ........20:23
nwe_root_: runn gl-select status (as root)20:23
teK__sudo gl-select use xorg ; sudo gl-select use nvidia and you should be fine20:23
teK__prt-get tells you about ports with READMEs so pay attention to that20:23
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_root_hello again23:10
_root_my sound card is 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 7 Series/C210 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 04)23:14
_root_02:00.1 Audio device: NVIDIA Corporation GF108 High Definition Audio Controller (rev a1)23:15
_root_but alsamixer say "his sound device does not have any controls. "23:15
_root_Card: HDA Intel PCH23:15
nwestart alsamixer23:18
nwepush s23:18
nwechange to right soundcard23:18
_root_SND_HDA_INTEL [=y]23:19
_root_nwe: i just have HDA Intel PCH and HDA Nvidia23:20
_root_nwe: the nvidia is my graphic card, so that's out of thequestion.23:20
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