IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2014-10-14

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diverseI'm looking into making my system into a test bench, anyone got any recommendations for test bench cases?04:51
prologicdefine “test bench”?04:53
diversean open air case04:54
prologicahh i see04:56
prologicyeah no sorry no recet experience with such a setup04:56
prologicbut do share your experience with us I’d be interested to see how it turns out :)04:56
rmulldiverse: It's unclear what you're doing... a "test bench" is a really generic thing and doesn't really even indicate a PC running without a case...04:58
rmulloh wait04:59
diversethat's what most people call them online, another word for them is "open-air" cases04:59
rmullI see that you mean a physical case rather than a test case04:59
rmullhaha... ignore me04:59
rmullI thought you were asking people for things to test on your test bench05:00
diversenope, just asking to build an open-air case with ease of access and modularity05:00
diverse*asking for advice how to build05:01
diverseI'm getting sick of the standard cases05:02
nwegood morning!05:14
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diversenwe: sup07:45
nweit?s okey.. sitting and waiting to some stuff will get borken :P when they will start doing some test :P07:48
Romstereh must have a backplate for card support.07:55
Romsterelse the weight is all on the socket and if it leans over...07:56
diverseRomster: referring to the test bench case?08:09
diversethe motherboard would be leaned horizontally, so the weight of the card wouldn't impact the pci socket as much08:14
frinnstCongratulations on your Etsy order for 1 item from DecentKeyboards08:22
diversefrinnst: a GNU key for Esc?08:24
diverseoh I get it now, it's making fun of vim, because emacs doesn't use the esc key08:27
diversefrinnst: sometimes your jokes are hard to follow08:29
frinnstwoah, you really read too much into that :)08:30
frinnstI wont be using it as an ESC key though08:30
diversewhat would you be using it for?08:32
frinnstfor a meta key. My keyboard was delivered with wrong keys for "." and a meta key08:33
frinnsttook me too long to notice, so cant really have them send me the correct keys now08:34
frinnstbut now that i've noticed it i cant think of anything else :)08:34
frinnstI did notice the "." key quite early so i got a replacement for that08:34
diverseis it too much of a hassle to get a keyboard replacement?08:36
diverselike under warranty of something?08:36
frinnstProbably not, but i feel its my own fault for not noticing earlier08:36
frinnstand i've already had them send me a new . key. they must think im eating them or something08:37
diverseheh, let them think what they want, your the customer, you have power over them :)08:41
diversedemand more keys!08:41
diverseand one with a penguin to replace your super key08:42
FeigrimI have a Tux super key in the keycap set that I use, but I don't have it on my keyboard atm08:48
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frinnstdiverse: I bought it from finland08:58
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joacimFeigrim: where did you get that set from?11:54
joacimthinking about getting some new keycaps for mine. my keyboard is a little too gaming looking11:54
Feigrimjoacim: it was a group buy on www.pimpmykeyboard.com11:56
Feigrimit's over now so they are no longer obtainable11:56
Feigrimbut keep an eye on that site for new group buys that you might like11:56
joacimfound one already, but no norwegian layouts?12:01
Feigrimonly some group buys have international layout choices12:05
joacimI could get a custom set from wasdkeyboards I guess12:09
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Feigrimresearch which plastic material and which keycap profile you want12:54
Feigrimthe main ones are DCS, DSA and SA12:54
Feigrimthere are images with comparisons online12:54
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joacimdsa probably13:09
frinnstgroup buys are soooo stupid13:12
frinnstits like the entire mechanical keyboard industry does everything in its power to make sure there are no surplus13:13
frinnst"oooh, its rare"13:13
joacimfully custom from wasdkeyboards with same materials is actually cheaper13:20
joacimfucking hipsters, man13:26
joacimthey make everything i care about expensive.13:26
joacimi've seen them sell 486-based computers for 1500 NOK13:26
frinnstim sitting next to the biggest hipster ever13:27
frinnstwell, you *might* challenge him joacim13:27
frinnstwith your silly voodoo2 :)13:27
frinnstwasd keyboards are abs and i've read the quality is so-so13:28
Feigrimjoacim: you should get yourself a vintage IBM Model M keyboard13:30
joacimtoo mainstream13:31
jaegerget a keyboard with every key made of old nokia cellphones, break your fingers every time you type13:31
Feigrimjoacim: ok then get an IBM 122 key terminal keyboard13:32
Feigrimoriginally used for IBM AS/400 systems13:32
joacimit has the fabulous apple logo on it13:33
rmullI have a pretty hip keyboard
Feigrimohh SSK with APL caps, very nice13:36
rmullIts a SSK that used to have an AT connector, swapped in the PCB from a non-SSK to convert it to PS213:36
rmullAnd now I run it through a PS2->USB connector -_-13:37
FeigrimI have regular 1991 Model M at home13:37
Feigrimalso run converter to USB13:37
dxlr8rjoacim: have several of those but with norwegian layout, a basement full of old apple stuff :)13:38
dxlr8radb for the win! :P13:38
dxlr8rps2 sucks!13:38
rmullI wish there was a mechanical keyboard that had a much slimmer profile. All the cherry switches require so much vertical height.13:39
joacimI don't have a basement :/13:39
Feigrimrmull: carve out a hole in your desk for a lower profile :P13:39
joacimdon't have a keyboard collection either13:39
rmullFeigrim: That's probably a good idea13:40
rmullMy desk sucks13:40
joacimup until recently, I had to swap my keyboard over every time I needed to work on a new computer13:40
dxlr8rit's not a collection, it's just keyboards that was bundled with the machines13:40
dxlr8rI have A/UX on my IIfx. I must get that one on the internet one day13:40
dxlr8rwith a web server with cgi :)13:41
joacimi'd have old computers if i could find any13:42 ?13:42's kjøp/selg forum?13:43
joacimnever seen anything of value here13:43
dxlr8rwhat's of value?13:43
joacimmaybe a cheap power mac once in a while13:43
joacimanything that isn't a dell from 200513:43
dxlr8rhehe :P13:43
dxlr8rI have several old Classics at work13:43
dxlr8rSE's, Performas, LC's13:43
joacimthrift stores have nothing. just some crappy 5:4 LCD from 200113:43
dxlr8rman I hate Performa 5600 :P13:44
dxlr8r5260 I meant13:44
joacimI mostly just want stuff that is useful to me. Looking around for a nice platform for MS-DOS13:44
joacimfor my video games13:44
dxlr8rI have an old pentium 90mhz collecting dust somewhere13:45
joacimI have a bunch of 166 MMXs13:45
rmullI have a couple old mini-itx boards, any interest?13:45
dxlr8rwhat about dosbox?13:45
joacimand one socket 7 motherboard. but i don't have a psu or a case13:45
joacimdosbox works, but not for everything13:46
joacimrmull: lga775?13:46
rmulljoacim: No, both VIA13:46
rmullOne has a PCIE x16 slot though13:46
joacimmm. no =)13:46
rmullk :P13:46
joacima nice lga775 board would be nice, for my server13:47
dxlr8rlooks like I should keep my old machines for some more years and cash in :P13:47
joacimcash in before the hipsters find some other hobby to make popular =)13:48
dxlr8rhehe :P13:48
dxlr8rI have a Power Machintosh 9600 too13:49
dxlr8rput don't have the time to do stuff with old machines anymore :/13:49
dxlr8rlooking for the voodoo 2 for my iMac rev 1 though13:49
dxlr8rwould be kick ass :P13:49
dxlr8rhaven't found those since they where new and I couldn't afford one13:50
joacimthis one?13:50
dxlr8rnope, that's pci :)13:50
dxlr8rfor iMac13:50
dxlr8rfor Mezzanine port13:50
rmullAre there any non-Apple products that have a Thunderbolt port?13:51
dxlr8rthat is some strange hardware!13:51
dxlr8rI have voodoo 5 pci for mac though :)13:51
jaegerthere are some, not many are useful13:51
joacimi saw a lot of motherboards that supported it a few years ago13:51
joacimnot so much anymore13:52
joacimblackmagic has some stuff that supports it, if you're into video13:52
joacimI'm looking for a matching voodoo2 for SLI. I already have a 12MB CT667013:52
dxlr8rI bought an external thunderbolt SSD drive to my dads iMac which didn't have SSD. great speed increase!13:52
dxlr8rhaha :P voodoo 2 sli :P13:53
rmulldxlr8r: Running linux?13:53
dxlr8rwhy not buy a voodoo 3?13:53
dxlr8rrmull: running everything :P13:53
joacimI already have one, but I think my GeForce 256 DDR is better =)13:53
rmullNice. I saw that thunderbolt support was added in 3.17 or something13:53
dxlr8rahhh, thought you meant me. no, his iMac runs OS X13:54
dxlr8rOS X really sucks without SSD13:54
joacimbetter for games from about 99/00. the voodoo2 is mostly for compatibility13:54
joacimI wouldn't mind a 5500 tho =)13:54
joacimmy mini was really slow before I got the ssd.13:55
dxlr8rI used to run a Debian server on my Power Macintosh 9600 though. you had to boot Linux from the Mac OS boot screen :P strange thing :P13:55
joacimI don't mind windows or gnu+linux on my 3.5" drive. They're usually pretty fast and snappy, but os x was way too slow on my 2.5" drives13:56
dxlr8rit was loaded as an "extension" and that extension loaded the linux kernel13:56
dxlr8rjoacim: yeah, how Apple still sells machines without SSD is a scam13:56
dxlr8rOS X NEEDS SSD13:56
joacimapple always does stupid shit like that. like selling macs with 512MB RAM when you need at least 1GB13:58
dxlr8rused to have gentoo on my 233 G3 iMac too :P tried debian, but the hardware support for graphic cards etc. sucked. gentoo worked, but MAN! alot of hassle for a 233 mhz machine to compile all that shit :P13:58
frinnstjoacim: if you want a case and a psu and are traveling on the east coast of sweden: look me up13:59
dxlr8rjoacim: yeah13:59
frinnsti have a bunch of crap i want to get rid of13:59
joacimI had to use my mini with its original 2GB last year. It was a painful two days13:59
joacimfrinnst: I'll come over later today13:59
joacimI'll just ride there on my 10 speed bike14:00
dxlr8rOS X is a great operativ system, but yeah, requires alot of ram and a fast drive14:00
jaegermake sure it has a basket for parts14:00
joacimIt has a rack14:00
jaegerwhew, ok14:00
joacimIt needs a bottle cage tho14:01
joacimfor my microbrews14:01
Feigrimmicrobrews are so last year, I'm into nanobrews now14:02
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rmulldon't spill it on your hipster keyboard14:03
frinnsthipster deathmatch!!14:03
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rmulljoacim already loses because his bike has 10 speeds14:03
jaegerand 2 wheels14:04
rmullso mainstream14:04
dxlr8rreal hipsters don't have speeds14:04
dxlr8ror a maximum of 314:04
Feigrimmy bike has three but I only use 114:07
joacimI saw a guy on a bike converted to a single speed the other day14:07
dxlr8rspoken like a true hipster14:07
joacimhe was freewheeling...14:07
Feigrimatleast it's not fixed gear :P14:08
dxlr8rwell, REAL hipsters have one speed and ONE wheel!14:08
dxlr8rONE larger and ONE small14:08
joacimhe was fake. real men ride a fixie14:08
Feigrimfixies aren't even legal in Sweden14:09
rmullFeigrim: Is that true?14:09
Feigrimconsidered unsage14:09
Feigrimbecause they have no brakes14:09
rmullBut if they have a front brake, it's okay?14:09
joacimchange the gear ratio, then you can outrun the police14:09
Feigrimrmull: maybe I'm not sure14:09
rmullI ride a fixed gear with a front brake :P14:09
rmullMaybe I'll come to sweden some time and see what happens14:10
dxlr8rreal men breaks with the pedals! like I did as a youngling14:10
dxlr8rbreaking with your hands are for sissies14:11
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joacimit hurts just watching14:21
dxlr8rgod damn hipsters!14:35
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mesa3d-32: updated to version 10.2.916:05
orbeajust curious, what init does crux come with ootb?16:38
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thetornainboworbea: it's a bsd-style init16:51
thetornainbowit's very straightforward16:52
thetornainbowwhy do you ask?16:55
orbeajust curious, I have an old crux partition I haven't dont much with, I'm really wanting to fix it up now when I have time since I'm feeling more experienced now :)16:56
orbea*haven't done much with16:56
thetornainbowhaha, i had crux on a partition for months too, every once in a while i'd boot in and use it. most of the time i found i was thinking too hard about it when i had problems16:58
thetornainbowit finally clicked one day, and it's been my main distro for a couple months now16:59
thetornainbowembrace the KISS17:00
orbeai will be there one day, between relearning for slack on the other computer and school, no time...17:01
thetornainbowdefinitely. there's never enough time though :)17:03
orbeagotta prioritize, first school project and slack, then crux and sourcemage, not sure in what order, then bedrock :)17:04
thetornainbowah, there's a flaw in your plan. you won't want to go past crux. haha17:05
rmullcrux is good17:05
orbeai can still use crux with bedrock though ;)17:06
orbeaand slack is good place for my current level of experience17:06
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Digitmy bedrocklinux alpha3 has only crux in it.  ^_^17:15
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r004What package gives me xdg-open?18:25
joacimprt-get fsearch xdg-open18:25
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pidsley1r004: prt-get fsearch xdg-open18:28
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dxlr8rthetornainbow: started using crux about a month ago, no xorg though, and it has been a hazzle free experience. could be better documentation, but all in all very pleased19:20
dxlr8rit's really KISS and you don't feel like there is a black box which the magic happens. if something is fucked up you can actually understand what's wrong and fix it19:21
dxlr8rdon't know if I would use it as a desktop distro though19:21
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hhhhhhhhi installed it on my netbook for funs thinking i would get sick of compiling 2 days later19:25
hhhhhhhhand now i am planning on swapping my desktop over at some point19:25
hhhhhhhhprobably never19:25
dxlr8rI am running crux in virtualbox on windows 8 actually with passthrough harddrives19:27
dxlr8rso I can use my desktop as both a server and for gaming. what I like about crux is that it takes literally NO cpu/ram at all, so I can still use it for gaming19:28
dxlr8rI even recompiled my own kernel for maximum performance with my setup19:28
dxlr8rand too keep it lightweight I have modified/created my own packages which is supereasy :) I don't need dbus and all that crap which serverpackages actually require sometimes. on debian you might need glib etc. for a server thing :P19:29
dxlr8rno more of that blasfemy in crux19:29
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Digitawesome hearing about what other people are doing with crux and what they like about it, n their experiences.  i'm a distro-whore, always looking for "the best", and crux has always held a position at one of the peaks of bestness, and only really started using it about a year or two ago... i've yet to really /live it/ yet though.  still feels too much like "admired from afar".20:34
Digitthe bit about actually knowing, no black box voodoo, yeah, that's immensely encouraging to me.  very high importance.20:35
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thetornainbowdxlr8r: very cool, why not as a desktop distro?20:46
thetornainbowi was getting ready to post my setup on CRUX on /r/unixporn actually20:47
thetornainbowyou'll all be famous20:47
Digitdxlr8r, if you have no objection, i might quote you a couple times in my blog.  :)20:47
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_root_hello back20:56
pidsleyit works better if you identify *before* you enter the channel20:57
pidsleywe have all now seen your ip20:57
_root_I did everything and put all of my perl script in universal directory. but still non of them works20:57
Digiti saw nothing, i have joins and nick changes on silent. ;)20:58
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dxlr8rDigit: ofcourse not :) feel free22:09
dxlr8rthetornainbow: don't use Linux as my main desktop anyway, never found the enviroment for me even though I have tried about everyone22:11
jaegerI use it as my main workstation at work but not at home22:12
dxlr8rbut if I need desktop I don't Crux would be a good companion. might work for some lightweight and easy graphical setup, but for KDE and Gnome etc. I would look to other distroes. Crux strength is KISS, which is the weakness of Gnome and KDE22:13
dxlr8ratleast the way I see it :)22:13
jaegerNothing really keeps you from running those on crux except implementing them. Not many interested so no really well-maintained stuff22:14
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dxlr8rwell, it's linux, ofcourse it's possible. but just look at all the dependencies. Gnome has systemd for one22:15
dxlr8rI don't think neither of those are KISS. but ofcourse it works, Crux has gcc and updated tools for building it22:15
jaegerI run MATE for example, on crux, but I dropped gnome maintenance years ago22:16
jaegerLots of annoyance for little gain22:16
dxlr8rI do like some of the designs in the new Gnome actually. and there are some good applications. but the Linux I love I don't see much of in the graphical department22:17
dxlr8rI was hoping Wayland might be a new beginning, but it looks like nothing has changed22:18
dxlr8rsome of the best software has come out of the open source movement. but there is a reason why Linux has overtaken it's competitors on the serverside, but zero growth in use for desktop computing22:20
dxlr8rmy prefered UI interaction with linux is ncurses :)22:21
joacimlots of sweet text-based applications22:26
joacimbut gui applications can be a pain in the ass. i was never able to get font rendering to look quite right22:27
dxlr8rDigit: AND ofcourse, Crux doesn't use Google Groups etc. I hate it when Linux distros use Google Groups or Google+ for their communication with their community. even though Crus mailing list isn't very popular22:28
dxlr8rjoacim: that to22:28
dxlr8rlet the big distros fix, tweak and hack that mess, and let Crux deal with stuff that's KISS :)22:29
dxlr8rjoacim: the irony is that most developers, sys admins etc. use OS X as their desktop enviroment22:37
dxlr8rsys admins that administer Linux servers etc.22:37
jaegerI'm a fulltime linux sysadmin and I don't dig OSX much22:38
dxlr8rjoacim: norsk?22:38
jaegeranecdata (tm)22:38
dxlr8rahhh, porsgrunn22:38
dxlr8rnice the have country men here :) looks like Crux is a european thing, and especially scandinavia22:39
joacimI know a lot of admin and dev types that use os x as their main desktop22:39
dxlr8rme 222:39
joacimbut in school, there were a lot of people who used windows22:39
joacimsome of them would actually become agressive when they saw a mac22:40
dxlr8rknow some linux desktop users to. but they are usually really hardcore. have this that JUST use a browser at the terminal with emacs22:40
dxlr8rand dvorak :P22:40
dxlr8rjoacim: still? thought that was so 2000 :P22:40
joacimthey wouldn't bite or anything like that. they just couldn't keep their mouth shut. saw a lot of mac users get told all kinds of bullshit =)22:40
joacimthis was back in 2005 or something22:40
dxlr8rahhh, yeah. same here when I went to school22:41
dxlr8rstarted in 200322:41
dxlr8rand ofcourse alot of crap to in barne og ungdomsskole :P22:41
joacimmost were pretty chill about it. most used what they had and didn't bother other people about it22:41
joacimi started college in 200522:42
dxlr8rhad an Amiga fan in my class at university22:42
joacimelementary school in 199222:42
dxlr8rhe thought EVERYTHING except assembler was bloated :P22:42
dxlr8rstarted elementary in 1991. born 198422:42
joacimamiga people can be a bit crazy22:42
dxlr8ryeah :P22:43
joacimi used to talk to this guy with the nickname "amix". He'd say all kinds of bullshit about the amiga.22:43
dxlr8rI have an old mac that support system 6. system 6 has a full desktop enviroment with control panel, colour, etc. etc. and fits on a floppy!22:43
joacimwhen dual core cpus became a thing, he'd start saying amiga already did that. pointing to the fact that the amiga had separate processors for audio, graphics, and a cpu22:44
dxlr8ramiga did everything first dude :P22:44
dxlr8raccording to my pal :P22:44
joacimthey were decent. that didn't prevent them from crashing tho =)22:44
dxlr8rhe hated everything, not just in the computer world, but in the real world to.22:45
dxlr8rhe could tolerate openbsd though22:45
dxlr8rhe was actually really bright, but strange22:45
dxlr8rworking with linux joacim ?22:46
dxlr8rjaeger: sysadmin with crux? :P22:47
joacimheh. no =)22:47
dxlr8rme neither22:47
joacimlast job i had i was moving boxes around in a warehouse22:47
jaegerdxlr8r: yes22:47
dxlr8rwould like to though22:47
dxlr8rjaeger: nice :) that is something you don't see everyday. most serverdudes use redhat, debian, centos or openbsd22:48
joacimI don't like working with my hobby, but now that I'm bored with contemporary computers at home, I figured I could work with computers22:48
jaegerdxlr8r: I'm not running it on all the servers but I use it on my own workstation, laptop, etc.22:48
dxlr8rahhh, ok. I use Crux for my home server, nothing big :)22:49
dxlr8rbut crux looks like a nice server distro. but I guess the packages aren't maintained good enough for security22:50
dxlr8rso would use it in enterprise22:50
jaegerWhy would you say that?22:50
dxlr8rwell, debian has all kinds of patches and trees22:51
dxlr8runstable, testing, stable, etc.22:51
dxlr8rseems like the packages are more tested before they are finally approved for stable use22:51
dxlr8rwould NOT use it in enterprise I meant btw22:51
jaegercrux has a much smaller user base but security isn't ignored22:52
dxlr8rhave never seen a single patch applied22:52
jaegerI've used it in production in the past, just have to be careful and pay attention to updates22:52
joacimI think it is better to support upstream than to roll your own patches in everything22:52
jaegerdo you ever update ports?22:52
dxlr8rand it lacks alot of software to. I make my own pkgs, no problem, but I am no pro. I go the projects website and looks for whatever they marked as "stable"22:53
*** hotaronohanako has joined #crux22:54
dxlr8rI could be wrong. nothing would be better, been looking forward to replace Debian on the servers I have22:56
jaegerIt's more work than something with a bigger community and more testing infrastructure, sure, but I can't tell if you're half-trolling22:56
dxlr8rmore like half noob :)22:57
jaegerwhen we patch something security-related you'll get it as a port update. so if you're updating your ports and installed packages you're getting security fixes.22:57
dxlr8rI do ports -u and prt-get sysupdate yes22:58
dxlr8roften these days with the discovery of big bugs in bash and openssl22:59
joacimhalf-trolling? I've heard about sites that bans all norwegians22:59
joacimnever experienced one myself tho23:00
dxlr8rhehe :P I think we are to straight forward and don't know when to shut up23:00
joacimI think we are just trolling =)23:01
dxlr8rman, the word trolling has been so watered out I barely know what it means anymore23:01
dxlr8rthey use it for everything these days23:01
dxlr8rit used to be someone that said something just to provoke23:02
joacimalways been like that. seen a lot of people get banned from various irc channels for having an opinion the OP didn't like23:02
joacimbanned for trolling23:02
dxlr8ryeah, been that person myself alot in my teens23:03
dxlr8rirc has been become a better place for us norwegians over the years, so been along time since I was banned now23:03
dxlr8rmaybe also a factor might be me changing, turning 30 really soon so might not be so loud as I was23:04
dxlr8rjoacim: you like 8-bits music?23:08
dxlr8ror chip music?23:08
*** ph4n70m4s has quit IRC23:11
joacimfm synth23:15
dxlr8rahhh, nice :)23:19
joacimI don't really listen to music that much. some dad rock now and then23:20
*** quasinoxen has quit IRC23:20
dxlr8rwhen I'm at the computer I always listen, if I don't watch some video that is23:22
dxlr8rchipmusic really gets me in the mood for computer work :)23:22
Digitsometimes i want just atmosphere, rather than music, stuff that wont distract from geeking.  ambient and soundscape stuff.  soffmi muhod, somafm, plait ambient, etc  stuff between music and silence.  ^_^23:23
dxlr8rtrue :)23:24
dxlr8ryou should check out this guy if you like chip music:
dxlr8rreally good :)23:25
dxlr8rkeeps me up all night :P23:25
Digitfor the high energy keeps me going, i've recently taken to nightcore mixes from youtube.  ^_^23:26
Digitbandcamp.  ^_^  soffmi muhod's on there too.23:27
dxlr8rusually it's best to get to bed though :P23:27
Digityep.  tho try tell that to us who have done nothing all day until getting sleepy at night n then spring into action.23:28
dxlr8rok, this you gotta see. there is this page I wanted to sign up on and it says: "Passord må være på minimum 1 tegn." which means "Password must be minimum 1 character long"23:28
*** rocx has joined #crux23:29
dxlr8ron character! that is so 1337 :P23:29
dxlr8rDigit: I know exactly what you mean, I am a nights person to :) my wife is in bed and I have the house to myself :)23:29
DigitXD  i used to do that fora few years on one os... kept doing a huge amount of stuff requiring my password... changed it to the one next to enter key, n didnt change it back until... i found that pendrive again years later. lol23:30
dxlr8rnice :P23:30
dxlr8ryeah :)23:31
dxlr8rn00bstar kicks ass23:31
Digiti love the combination of nostalgia and futurism.   kinda like i got when i watched space station 76.  ^_^23:32
dxlr8rnever seen23:34
dxlr8rlol, 5.0 on imdb23:34
dxlr8rthat's like 1/10 :P23:35
Digitnew movie.   even tho it harked back to the 70s futurism, n me of the 80s/90s, i still got a kick outta it.23:35
Digityeah, dont expect shindlers list or bladerunner or shawshank.  but it's a laugh.23:36
*** rocx_ has joined #crux23:36
dxlr8rhehe :P23:38
dxlr8rnever was a big bladerunner fan. I dig the music, have that in my music player, and LOVE the atmosphere, but never liked the ending23:38
dxlr8rI guess I wanted more23:38
*** rocx has quit IRC23:39
Digityeah, i'm with you there.  tis a big tease.23:39
dxlr8rthey have talked about doing a reboot/remake whatever. I am sure they'll hire JJ Bings or Micheal Bay23:40
dxlr8rso they can fuck it up23:40
Digita lot of coen brothers movies leave me with a similar lack of satasfaction23:40
*** quasinoxen has joined #crux23:40
Digitkids these days, it's like they dont know how to make good sci-fi, because they dont read and imagine it, or something.23:40
dxlr8r kick ass btw23:41
Digiti'll likely make my way through everything on cheap beats23:41
dxlr8rDigit: ain't to bad23:42
dxlr8r as good to I thought23:43
Digitthat was just on bbc tonight.  yeah.  highly recommend.   :)23:43
*** rocx has joined #crux23:44
Digitnot rly a fan of the horror side of sci-fi so much.  and where i do, i get told i have poor taste (hey, what's wrong with event horizon?).23:44
dxlr8rI liked that one23:45
joacimbut the director has made a lot of turds =)23:45
dxlr8rDigit: where from?23:46
Digitthe north sea23:46
dxlr8rhehe :P23:46
*** rocx_ has quit IRC23:46
Digiti heard a rumour j-mike of b5 fame might be making a babylon5 movie or a return series or something...  starved of sci-fi no more.23:48
dxlr8rI can see you. out there hunting whales sitting on an arcane laptop with a satelite connection running irssi23:48
Digiti stay on an island, away from the whales, n satelite connection sounds a shitload better than i have going through my lenovo x60t... not too arcane.  heh23:50
Digitand, erc in emacs, rather than irssi.  irssi would be my middle choice, between erc, and ii.  ;)23:50
dxlr8rhehe :) I am actually going to island in november (island is iceland in norwegian)23:51
dxlr8rhot pools!23:51
Digitmmm, nicer wimminson that island than here i hear.  ^_^23:52
Digitwimmins on*23:52
*** jdolan has quit IRC23:53
*** jdolan has joined #crux23:53
dxlr8rhehe, might be. I am a married man so I am only allowd to look23:53
dxlr8rrule britannia then? :P23:54
Digitso nearly wasnt.  45%23:54
*** rocx_ has joined #crux23:55
dxlr8rahhh, sorry23:56
dxlr8rscotland :P23:56
Digit,_2014 yup.  i'm on one o dem bits at the top. lol23:57
dxlr8ryou should join your norrøne roots :)23:57
Digitbeing one o those islands at the top... some argue, perhaps rightly, that we should be, even ARE part of norway still.  ... i could even bore the logs with a bit of the history about that.23:58
*** rocx has quit IRC23:58

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