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_root_rmull: nothing at all00:00
_root_now I issue shutdow -r now and reboot and your command00:01
_root_now I get The connection was reset in firefox00:01
_root_what did I do :(00:01
rmullAre you running openwrt?00:01
rmullwhat did you shutdown?00:02
_root_I just issue the command in telnet00:02
_root_stupid of me !00:02
joacimwhy was that stupid?00:03
_root_still having internet00:03
_root_joacim: becasue I just did it00:03
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_root_no effect other than I get connection was reset now00:03
rmullDid you issue the GET request like jaeger suggested before you did that?00:04
rmullI doubt your router is going to shut down by sending it telnet traffic on port 80...00:04
_root_rmull: yep; nothing returned.00:04
rmullIt probably just closed the connection because the webserver thought you were sending it garbage00:04
rmullHave you tried using another machine to access the webpage at If one is not available, maybe you could just try power cycling your router00:05
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_root_now it is time for the ladder.00:06
_root_it is on th ceiing00:07
_root_any ideas before I break something???00:07
joacimtry the GET request jaeger told you about00:08
rmullIs it plugged in at the ceiling? You could unplug it at the wall and save yourself the ladder trouble...00:13
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_root_rmull: that was a hell of job or a reboot.01:38
_root_how's everything with you folks.01:38
_root_after long time. I have a little peace of mind01:39
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_root_I install w3m but It doesn't show pictures. why?02:01
_root_I use w3m before. it used to show pictures02:02
joacimwhich terminal emulator?02:03
_root_joacim: urxvt xterm02:05
joacimlooks like you have to edit the Pkgfile02:18
joacimjust remove the --disable-image line02:18
joacimand make sure you have imlib2 installed before you install w3m02:18
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_root_anyway to colorize the crux commands?04:06
_root_and other Utils?04:06
_root_also timcow's repo over on bitbucket04:06
_root_how could I build something like it?04:06
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frinnsti needed to generate a password for a customer. this is what i was suggested:07:25
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teK__rmull/frinnst was too tired to push, will do today.07:27
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pitillogood morning, does someone hit this problem when building packages?08:34
pitilloNEW       -rw-r--r--      0/0     usr/lib/libattr.a08:34
Romsterprt-get fsearch libattr.a08:50
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/core/attr:08:50
Romster  /usr/lib/libattr.a08:50
Romsterseems fine08:51
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pitilloyeah Romster, the strange behaviour is uid/gid... 0/008:54
pitilloI think someone else hit this problem (not sure if was teK___ who saw this)08:54
Romster0 is root08:54
pitilloyeah, but why is not using root/root as expected?....08:54
pitillogrep root /etc/group08:55
pitillogrep root /etc/passwd08:56
Romsteris your environment messed up in that terminal?08:56
pitillobuilding packages (under ARM) directly as root...08:56
pitilloI don't think so (it shouldn't at least)08:56
Romsterlook though that.08:56
pitilloenv|grep -i user08:57
Romsternot sure what makes it resolve uid to there user names.08:57
pitilloyeah, that's the point I reach and where I'm stuck currently08:57
Romsternot sure where that gets resolved too.08:57
Romsteryour running as root and not though sudo?08:57
pitilloyes, directly as root08:58
Romsteropen a new fresh terminal su to root retry?08:58
pitillothere isn't sudo in this minimal cross enviroment08:58
pitilloI connect directly as root@08:58
Romsterah k well exit then reconnect and try?08:58
pitilloI havn't tried connecting via serial... but probably it'll be the same... I can give a try08:59
Romsterin case some environment variable is messed up08:59
pitilloI've done, connecting as user@ and su -08:59
pitillodirectly as root@... but I haven't tried directly in tty... let's see if I move the laptop and I give a try...08:59
Romsterpkginfo --footprint $TARGET09:00
Romstertime to look in pkginfo see how it picks up the names09:00
pitillopkginfo --footprint /home/pitillo/devel/core/libmpfr/.footprint09:02
pitillopkginfo: could not open /home/pitillo/devel/core/libmpfr/.footprint: Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character09:02
pitilloummmm... locales09:02
Romsteroh locales might be it09:03
RomsterLANG=C pkgmk09:03
pitillolet's see, but that tip about pkginfo could be very good09:04
Romstersomeoing in pkginfo ishn't resolving the uid gid to there names.09:04
Romstersorry my typing is bad -_-09:04
Romsterbet pkginfo hasn't got unicode support09:05
pitillono way exporting LANG=C... I've generated locales and start rebuilding again...09:08
Romsterdon't have to export LANG09:08
Romsteryou can jsut set it when compiling.09:08
Romsterto see if that is the culprit.09:08
Romsterwhat LANG are you using anyways?09:08
pitilloyeah, I used LANG=C pkgmk .... (no export sorry)09:09
Romstersetlocale(LC_ALL, ""); /* Use system locale instead of default "C" */09:09
Romsteri bet adding that to and compiling would probably solve it.09:09
Romsteror actually setlocale(LC_ALL, "C");09:10
pitillolet's see with LC_ALL=C...09:10
Romsterso it only affects pkginfo and not the actual builds in pkgmk09:10
Romsternot on the command line though09:10
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RomsterLC_ALL is usually unset and it's only ever used in rare cases as a override09:11
pitilloI'll deploy actual RC to another toy (faster) and check its behaviour too... debugging it currently09:11
Romsterwehre it gets made hmm09:14
pitillolet's see09:18
pitilloshould be there something wrong with locales09:18
Romsteruid_t uid = archive_entry_uid(entry);09:18
Romsterits using libarchive to get the uid/gid09:18
pitilloyeah, but seems it doesn't like DEFAULT_BYTES_PER_BLOCK09:19
Romster20 * 51209:20
Romsterwhat is that used for anyways09:20
Romsternot even sure how that bit works09:22
Romstermust be number of header entries or something doubt that's the issue here?09:23
Romster/ Only execute ldconfig if /etc/ exists09:24
Romsterhmm tat's old should be if /etc/ exists09:24
Romsteroh glibc still has that file despite it being obsoleted?09:25
pitillobackwards compatibility?09:28
Romsteri'm not sure exactly how this works but i gather archive_entry_uid/archive_entry_gid returns 0/009:41
Romsterand something else resolves it to the root/root from group/shadow file?09:42
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pitilloit should wok in that way, but here there is something wrong...09:46
pitillothe most strange part is that first port I had build yesterday was libgmp, and there weren't problems09:46
pitillo-rw-r--r--  0 root   root    83079 Oct 15 21:10 usr/include/gmp.h09:46
pitilloIt was built right... after it, there is no way to build them right09:47
Romsterlibgmp is the culprit?09:47
pitilloI think so... it was the first and well built...09:47
pitilloupdated it... and then, that strange behaviour09:48
Romsterprecision arithmetic though i doubt it...09:48
Romsterfinddeps libarchive09:48
Romsterno gmp there.09:48
Romsterattr on the other hand09:49
pitilloyeah, I've started rebuilding toolchain ports, this is why I've done libgmp09:49
Romsterbut attr is extended not basics...09:49
Romsterglibc handles the basics and libarchive wraps it up in a neat function09:50
Romsteri'm not sure here and messing with locales does nothing for me10:00
_root_zathura-pdf-popple; is zathura pdf plugin. In gentoo I had the option of using a lightweight mupdf. I don't kknow if I have the choice here to. to install mu-pdf for zathura.10:01
Romsterepdfview works well10:03
pitillothank you anyway Romster, I'll deep a bit more (it sounds for me that someone else hit this problem, but really I don't remember what he did if it was the same problem, may be not)10:03
Romsteri'm so used to alias xpdf='epdfview'10:03
Romsteri have hit it in a chroot too pitillo10:03
Romsterbut i never set LANG in there.10:03
RomsterLANG i unset10:04
Romsteri'm too burned out from work to think anymore on that pitillo10:06
Romsterbut sometrhing is up with either utf wide chars or locale or something.10:06
pitilloyeah Romster, I think it should be related to locales... I'll try to make some tests and go ahead debugging. Thank you very much for sharing your time and knowledge10:07
Romsterno problem it wasn't much though10:09
pitilloI don't remember right if I did the first build (libgmp) under serial connection, which probably relays in /etc/profile so, I'll deploy it to ~ and verify if it works (this probably is the easier way to confirm and fix all this stuff)10:09
Romstermaybe the passing of env variables10:09
Romsteror lack there of.10:09
Romsterthough your method.10:10
Romsteri'd be retesting and seeing what happens.10:10
pitilloI'm rebuilding libgmp on the rpi to see if I can verify it build with 0/0... (slow builds) and trying to confirm in the cubieboard the same behaviour (without touching ENV vars...) If I see the problem, I'll set profile for virtual ttys and rebuild again (which probably will fix this stuff, or at least, I feel it'll do xD)10:17
_root_Romster, What about Mu-PDF?10:19
Romsternot tried that10:21
Romsterheck been using the pdf reader in firefox lately too10:21
_root_Romster, I was asking if it could be used with zathura.10:23
Romsterno idea10:26
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pitilloif you don't see something ported to CRUX, just take a look to another distros to make your own port (or start them from scratch)10:38
Romsterit isn't to hard to port to crux.10:38
pitillotrue, this is what I've found searching for zathura+mupdf...10:40
pitillolibgmp port builds right on the rpi without doing anything... really strange10:40
_root_pitillo, Romster How could i set a repo in bitbucket lit timcow?10:41
pitillono idea what happens, using /etc/profile doesn't work neither... really strange10:42
pitillono idea _root_... here I'm using httpup/rsync for them10:42
pitilloRomster: no problems on the cubieboard...10:54
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rmull_root_: mupdf is in the opt repository11:04
pitillocrazyness... second port build on the cubieboard gives the same behaviour... xDDD11:05
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nwej osticket11:29
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_root_Yellow :)20:44
_root_I need a crux HD wallpaper. anyone has one?21:01
_root_frinnst, cool21:02
_root_jaeger, of that beautiful blue penguin21:03
_root_jaeger, rendering is nice21:03
jaegersome stuff at too21:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: lsof: 4.87 -> 4.8821:24
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hhhhhhhhhhhhhey, i have installed crux with xfce and it works fine, but in xfce my keyboard layout is us ... on tty1 its correctly set with loadkeys de22:27
hhhhhhhhhhhhany ideas why22:27
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hhhhhhhhhhhhcould this be an x issue22:39
joacimsounds pretty strange. does xfce come with its own utility to change layout?22:41
hhhhhhhhhhhhyes, but that has no effect22:46
hhhhhhhhcool name22:57
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh: haha, indeed ... lucky accident23:00
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hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhey, i fixed the problem :)23:09
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyou have to set the X variable Option "XkbLayout" "de"23:09
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhafter that it works fine in xfce :)23:09
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhi always thought X would use the matching keymap according to the locale ... but thats oviously not the case *g*23:11
joacimnobody gets that stuff right23:18
joacimon windows, some applications are in norwegian because I set the regional stuff to norwegian23:18
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhit is kind of confusing and complex ... yes *g*23:18
joacimall the locale and language related options are set to UK english23:19
joacimlocales are kinda fucked up in some distros too. never got debian to play nice with the locales of the rest of my network23:19
joacimcrux hasn't been a problem for me tho23:19
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhthere are two things that i will propobly never get right on the first try: locales and timezones/UTC ...23:19
joacimI always forget either the filesystem driver or sata driver23:26
joacimredoing the chroot stuff is annoying, but it is easier now that there is a script for it23:27
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