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frinnstfirefox ships pretty much all the libs it needs with the source. if you run into problems needing newer libs that you have installed you could just disable the --with-system-<lib> flag00:15
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rmulluhhh my crux machine is hung on the starting services: portion of the init. What are my options?00:52
jaegernuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.00:52
rmullthere's no interactive startup, right?00:52
frinnstyou could boot with init 100:52
jaegeron which service is it hanging? start there.00:53
rmullit prints sysklogd, not sure if that means that's the one its stuck on or if that was the one that completed00:53
jaegersyslog is started before services are for what that's worth00:54
frinnstyeah and rc.single will start syslog too, unless you comment it out before booting init 100:54
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rmullI can't seem to interact with my Lilo00:56
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jaegertry holding shift when lilo starts00:57
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rmullGot single mode, now I have to type my root password with a keyboard labeled for dvorak -_-01:00
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rmullWhenever stuff like this happens it's usually when I don't have time to deal with it01:03
rmullI am using the crux 3.1 cd to reset my root password, but when I chroot into my install and run passwd, it seems to think it's getting a password even though I didn't type anything01:07
rmullalso I ran man passwd twice - first time I ran it the pager exited instantly, second time it exited with status 1 and some garbage about iconv01:07
jaegervery odd01:08
rmullthe KEYMAP directive in /etc/rc.conf doesn't kick in for single-user mode, runlevel 1 - should I add a call to loadkeys into /etc/rc.single?01:15
rmullRunning all of the usual mounts (/dev, /tmp, proc, sysfs) fixed the passwd issue01:16
_root_how could i find out what are my Home and End keys? META1-<  META2-F  META1-e ....?01:17
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pidsley-afknuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.01:17
rmullfixed all issues actually01:17
pidsley-afki love this01:17
pidsley-afki will make this my sig on other forums01:17
rmulljaeger: I installed syslog-ng while in the chroot and set SYSLOG=syslog-ng, and rebooted, and now it works01:22
rmullIf I try to start sysklogd from the commandline, it hangs01:23
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jaegerrmull: any error output or errors in /var/log when you start it manually?01:23
rmulllooks like the klogd call is the one that hangs01:24
rmullAm looking into it, one sec01:24
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rmullklogd -d has no output, just a hang01:28
rmullstrace says it hangs after restart_syscall01:28
rmullIs this only my problem? Others can restart their sysklogd just fine?01:28
rmullI didn't modify it in any way01:28
jaegerI've seen no problems with it so far01:28
rmullInteresting - when I pass it the -x option, it runs01:30
rmullI don't have a file - never did01:31
rmull-x says it doesn't read the file01:31
rmullSo I suppose it did before01:31
rmulljaeger: Do you have
jaegerI name mine$(uname -r) but I don't think it's required to have one01:32
rmullIt supposedly checks /boot, /, and /usr/src/linux for System.map01:32
rmullI think I turned symbol table generation off in my kernel01:33
rmullWell, I do have one in /usr/src/linux01:34
rmullblah, wtf01:34
rmulland now my make menucnofig can't find ncurses01:34
rmullwhat a night01:34
rmullworks if I run it under sudo01:35
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jaegercan't read some header file or something, maybe01:40
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Romstermhe, what is wrong with system nss/nspr for firefox?05:25
Romsterrmull, there is that setup chroot helpter script for them mounts off the iso05:25
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diversewhy does libva rely on wayland?06:42
diverseis the wayland master race starting?06:44
diversethey should really make more WMs for wayland, no way I'm going to install weston06:45
Romsterdon't think i can get western to go without pam...06:51
diverseweston needs systemd too...06:52
Romsterit bloody better not06:52
diverseit does...06:52
diverseRomster: but why the wayland dep on libva, I looked at arch's pkgbuild and they don't list it as a dependency?06:54
Romsterhow many fucking times do i have to explain....06:57
Romsterlibva wont build without it --disable-wayland wont work06:57
Romsterpatching it every release is a bitch06:57
Romstereveryone is moving to wayland so why the hell are we behind.06:57
Romsterand to top it off libva-intel can't be bumped without newer libva06:58
Romsterand it seems it wont work until mesa3d and xorg-server is sone and there is no other compsitors than western? that what needs pam and possibly systemd?06:58
Romsterits been out how long now?06:59
diversewell as much as wayland is more modern, the primary problems are, there is limited WM selection and there is no offical driver support from nvidia (and maybe amd?) unless you can live with the regular drivers.07:00
diverseunless my info is outdated, then I guess why the hell not indeed :)07:02
diverseI guess arch is using wayland by default?07:03
Romsterit seems everything is against me. not the users but the packages/programming.07:03
Romsteror lack there of.07:03
diverseRomster: it's not you, most people feel this way. When not enough support is given to newer software and technology. Without the support and focus, new stuff like wayland just drags its ass on the floor while we still have to use older stuff.07:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: Revert "[notify] libva: 1.3.1 -> 1.4.0 new dependency wayland"07:14
diverseRomster: not to mention I really do need the support because the current nvidia "longest stable" version 340.46 doesn't support my gtx 980. I need to upgrade to the "shortest lived stable" version which lists support for it.07:15
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: wayland: removed07:16
Romsteryeah and nvidia is not supporting anything older than the 500 series now07:20
diverseoh really?07:21
diversedang that's a bit too fast to cut off support and I'm just upgrading from a gtx 66007:21
diverseand a bit too much to cut off07:22
Romsterthis is depressing07:23
Romstersorry 40007:24
diverseoh, that's a bit better07:24
diverseRomster: I was thinking below 300 would be more reasonable, but this is better than below 500 ;)07:26
diverseRomster: this should make you feel better:
Romstergood news07:33
diverseyeah and they have been cracking at this for a while now07:33
diversenot to mention other support like KMS07:34
Romsterbut now we need more compositors and i want my pekwm to work on wayland.07:34
Romsteri'm starting to think we should probably move away from shadow and use pam?07:34
diverseit would be nice if most X11 WMs could be easily ported to wayland07:34
diversewasn't pam planned for Crux 3.2?07:35
Romsterthink it's on the todo test07:35
diverseand I thought frinnst was the one working on it too07:35
dxtrI really like my new thinkpad09:12
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frinnstno, jaeger was playing with it10:23
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leo-unglaubgood morning12:06
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crittersjaeger: hi,I tried your updated ISO uploaded on 17/10. It doesn't boot...13:55
crittersjaeger: After I dd and sync, then change BIOS and try to boot from usb, it ignores my USB.....13:57
jaegerdo you mean 7/10? I'll test it here14:06
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jaegeryeah, looks like it's broken. I'll upload the one I built yesterday if it works14:15
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crittersjaeger: should we use initramfs? I never generat that stuff after kernel compilation 😁14:25
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critters_jaeger: please tell me whether your new iso works.14:29
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jaegercritters_: it's usually not required for a live system, depends on whether or not you use a complicated root setup14:30
critters_jaeger: :D14:33
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critters_Anyone know some good irc client for Android?14:44
jaegerok, it works for me. Uploading now. ETA 4.5min14:45
jaegerI use andchat, it's not bad14:45
critters_I am using qirc, it seems after several mins, it will lose connection14:47
critters_jaeger: Thanks. Waiting for download 😁14:48
jaegerupload is done now.14:49
critters_jaeger: thanks.14:50
nrxtxcritters_: that also can be the power save functionality of android, if you use wlan and want it connected always you have to disable wlan powerdown afetr x minutes14:50
critters_nrxtx: Thanks, will do it14:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: sysstat: updated to 11.0.220:26
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mheanyone still running i686?20:39
mheI am trying to build webkit-gtk220:40
mheI managed to get firefox running on my crux 2.8 install using a binary on the i686 3.1 crux cd21:01
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mheso to build nss on i686 I removed USE_64=1 in the Pkgfile22:51
jaegermhe: there's a (not exhaustive) repo of i686 3.1 ports here:
jaegerIf you prefer to stick to 2.8, though, that won't help much23:00
jaegerexcept to point out where differences are needed, I suppose23:03
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