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bluenessi heard a rumor that crux is thinking of using gentoo's hardened-sources00:06
rmullblueness: Where'd you hear that?00:30
bluenesssome random person in irc, so it could be all lies00:30
rmullcrux doesn't really ship sources, you're supposed to grab your own00:32
bluenessrmull, does it ship compiled kernels?00:34
rmullonly what is used to boot the install CD. Compiling your own is part of the installation process00:36
rmullYou can use gentoo's hardened patchset if you choose00:36
bluenessgot it00:37
bluenessmaybe that's what they were talking about00:38
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critters_jaeger: Updated ISO works 😁 Thanks00:52
jaegergood deal00:53
jaegerhello, kori00:53
korihi jaeger00:53
koriI've tested crux before, and I fell in love then, but due to the circumstances, I couldn't keep it00:54
koritoday this has changed, and it's been a wonderful experience00:54
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rmullIs there a hex viewer in any of the primary crux repos?01:39
rmullI usually use xxd01:39
rmullBut maybe there is one I don't know about?01:39
rmullod maybe?01:40
rmullYep, od. Thanks01:41
Faymod inverts things by default01:41
FaymOr at least it did last time I used it.01:41
Faym$ echo -n 'test' | od -x | head -1; echo -n 'test' | xxd01:43
Faym0000000 6574 747301:43
Faym0000000: 7465 7374                                test01:43
rmullJust an endianness thing?01:43
rmullI'm fine with that01:44
rmullTry od -t x101:44
Faym-t x1 is the option to make it display right01:44
rmullHm, why does it print asterisks on some lines?01:45
Romstermhe, webkit-gtk2 hasn't got any 64bit ness in it it should just compile.01:46
rmullhuh, looks like maybe it squashes down rows that are identical01:46
rmullyeah, cool01:46
rmullI like that01:46
Romsteralthough it might be difficult on memory requirments if you don't have PAE enabled and enough memory/swap01:46
Romstermhe, i'm updating my 3.1 i686 chroot and i'll build it and stick it up at
Romsterafk work01:58
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rmullThis is a long shot, but does anyone remember from many years back a website that would allow you to build "robots" by clicking and dragging to define points, and making "muscles" that would connect points?03:20
rmullYou could change the oscillation amplitude and frequency of the muscles03:20
rmullAnd you could make each point fixed or floating03:21
jaegersounds like sodaplay03:21
rmullHoly shit thank you03:21
rmullWow, I haven't looked at this in so long03:22
rmullcould not remember the name03:22
jaegerI played with that a ton years ago. I'm surprised it's still around03:22
rmullHow do I launch these jnlp files on windows?03:25
rmullI mean on linux03:25
jaegerjavaws <file.jnlp>03:25
jaegersorry, should say "javaws file.jnlp" since the redirections could actually be confusing :)03:26
rmullCool, thanks03:26
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avalon_How could I pass CFLAGS and CxXFLAGS to my make from commandline03:27
jaegerCFLAGS="-zomg" LDFLAGS="-wtfbbq" make03:28
jaegeror CXXFLAGS, etc.03:28
rmullexotic system you've got there.03:38
FaymYou can also export them beforehand, or with make specifcally you can do: make CFLAGS="-xxx"03:46
jaegervariety is the spice of life!03:46
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crittersHi,When I prt-get depinst xfce4-mixer,  I got error: checking for unique-1.0 〉=1.1... not found05:27
crittersI have already installed libunique 3.0.2, but error is still there.05:28
crittersAnyone know how to adjust that?05:36
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mhe@jaeger, thanks for the repo05:48
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diverseblueness: what other improvements does the patchset provided?06:05
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crittersEnnn, anyone know it?06:08
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crittersxfce4-notes-plugin also depends unique....06:21
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diversecritters: your best bet is to ask sepen (who maintains the xfce ports), but unfortunately he isn't here. As a temporary workaround is there a --disable-unique flag for both of those?06:29
diversebut then you can email him06:30
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cristtersWill wait for the unique issue06:33
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diversecristters: just email sepen06:33
cristtersdiverse: Is he in irc?06:34
diverseyeah, I have seen him here before, but he is not here. Faster to email him06:34
cristtersWill find his email in crux main page ;)06:35
diversejust look in his Pkgfiles06:35
diverseMaintainer:   Jose V Beneyto, sepen at crux dot nu06:35
cristtersdiverse: ;)06:36
diversehopefully he will address the issue you are having soon06:40
cristtersdiverse: We will see ;)06:40
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Romsterconfigure: error: *** KERNEL header not found07:29
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/eudev#1.10-2.pkg.tar.gz' failed.07:29
Romsterdoesn't say what header07:29
diverseblueness: ^07:35
cristtersRomster: Do you have /lib/modules/'uname -r'/build/ folder?07:42
cristtersI guess this is what kernel header means.07:43
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Romsternah not in this chroot and i get that's what it needs.07:58
cristtersRomster: Maybe rebuild your kernel08:00
Romsternah copy the system kernel kernel to the chroot then make & make modules_install08:00
Romsteri haven't touched this i686 chroot in awhile it was on crux 3.008:01
Romsteri better turn off the x86_64 option before rebuilding though08:03
Romstermake clean08:28
RomsterSegmentation fault08:28
Romsterahhh this will need some more fixing.08:28
cristtersI've tested all the xfce4 modules, issues are here: >
cristtersIf someone know where sepen is, please tell him. Thanks.08:33
cristtersI also will send a mail to him.08:33
Romsterwhat a list...08:33
cristtersRomster: xfce4 modules which failed to build in my laptops08:36
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bluenessRomster, either linux/btrfs.h or mtd/mtd-user.h09:59
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mhe_Is anyone using glibc-2.2010:00
Romstermhe, probably frinnst10:03
Romsterblueness, yeah i got bigger issues atm in that chroot.10:04
Romsternothing i can't fix.10:04
mhe_would be nice, now I am using the nutyx Pkgfile but there are a few caveats :)10:05
frinnstI imagine this being romsters street:
Romsterokay that's new i don't see them in the streets.10:21
Romsteri do see the occasional Korea in the tree here though or down the street10:21
frinnstthey look pretty nasty10:22
frinnstthem legs10:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mpd: 0.19 -> 0.19.110:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: postfix: 2.8.17 -> 2.8.1910:24
Romsteryeah them legs are very powerful...10:24
Romsterdo not ever get near one of those...10:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: lftp: 4.5.5 -> 4.6.010:25
mhe_@frinnst, do you have a Pkgfile for glibc 2.20, I am concerned about vulnarabilities in glibc 2.1910:32
mhe_I am using i686 crux 3.1 as well10:32
frinnstour glibc should be fully patched10:33
frinnstif its not, please let us know10:33
frinnstAnd i just bumped the 2.19 to 2.2010:33
frinnstbe aware some stuff might break10:33
mhe_ok thanks, I was using the Pkgfile from Nutyx, it's very similar and up until now I only had problems with mesa3d, but I used the package I had built before when still using glibc 2.1910:34
mhe_how should one proceed best, to be safe I rebuild zlib,binutils->libgmp->libmpfr->libmpc->gcc->libtool->glibc10:36
mhe_yes the systemd stuff is getting nasty10:36
cristtersHi, how you guys do makeflags?10:37
cristterscore number or core number+1?10:37
teK_- 1 but it does not matter that much I think10:41
cristtersteK_: I want to speed up building packages.10:42
teK_then drop all caches, build firefox & measure time with -j #CORES +/- 1 and compare10:44
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cups: update to 2.0.016:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: samba: update to 4.1.1316:21
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: lilo: update to 24.116:22
mhethose that still use i686, what issues are there when using 3.1 ports? I had to change the python Pkgfile, nss and that's about all (xfce4 system)16:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: jre: add symlink from jcontrol into /usr/bin16:35
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juemhe: you should use jaeger's repo as an overlay ->
juemaybe usefull might be my old one ->
mheI did not know about that, how do I proceed with it, make a httpup file in /etc/ports and add prtdir to prt-get.conf?16:48
mheruby just needed a pkgmk -uf16:49
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jaegermhe: there is a .httpup file in the repo, you can grab it from the github web interface16:52
juemhe: place the crux-i686.httpup file in /etc/ports and add a entry for it in /etc/prt-get.conf above the other prtdir's16:52
mheso, the first prtdir has priority? I was thinking about what would be chosen if 2 repos had the same port16:53
mhethanks for the info, very usefull. I still have some old laptops without 64-bit capabilities16:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: tig: 2.0.2 -> 2.0.317:16
mheif I copy over my ports dir with packages, will they be installed when I do a prt-get depinst pkg or rebuild?17:21
mhewhere can I find frinnst glibc2.20 port? or will it be added to core ports soon17:36
jueif they are older than the Pkgfile pkgmk rebuilds them17:39
jueand no, major toolchain updates will only happen with new CRUX releases17:40
mheah, ok, but CVE patches will be added for rebuilds right?17:42
juesure, if the are relevant for us17:44
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mheusing the overlay i686 I succesfully compiled on my machine with glibc-2.20 :)19:22
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mhenow for my old beast that is still using glibc-2.17 and gcc 4.7.419:23
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mhebtw ns is at 3.17.2 and builds fine without the overlay if you just remove the USE 64 after the make and use -uf (footprint update)19:25
mhenss that is...19:25
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mheexpat source link is incorrect or at least offline19:34
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mheI am test-rebuilding my i686 system, to build xorg I need to rebuild freetype in between, anyway to fix this so it happens automatically? Nutyx uses a 2-pass build for freetype/harfbuzz20:30
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frinnst prt-get -fr update <port1> <port2> <port1>21:34
mhemesa3d still fails on my altered toolchains :(21:49
mhefor now I am using 9.2.5 on my gcc-4.7.4, glibc-2.17 machine and the package I have built on my stock installation on the glibc-2.20 machine21:51
mheyes, it builds on my gcc4.7.4 machine. Needed to downgrade libpthread-stubs to 0.2 because apparantly I need a certian .la file that is gone in 0.322:10
mheis there a way to recompile all that depends on a package, I know I can see what depends on something with prt-get dependent pkg22:11
rmullmhe: prt-get -fr update $(prt-get dependent $package) maybe?22:13
rmullshould work afaik22:14
mheworth a try22:16
rmullHope you've got ccache set up :P22:21
mhenot that I know22:22
mheI never intended to recompile :)22:23
mheI was curious up until where I would be able to build X, DE, ... with my nutyx sekong updated toolchain on a crux 2.8 install I was using (before I found the 3.1 i686 iso)22:24
mheand the problems I faced where so minor I got all the way up to a working X22:26
mhethe command prt-get -fr update22:39
mheit is doing something and I am going to bed :)22:40
rmullgood night22:40
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