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_root_I am trying to build girara and get01:07
_root_ [CC] settings.c01:07
_root_cc: error: unrecognized command line option '-fdiagnostics-color=always'01:07
_root_Makefile:69: recipe for target 'settings.o' failed01:07
_root_make: *** [settings.o] Error 101:07
rmull_root_: Which Pkgfile are you using, or are you using a custom one?01:08
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_root_rmull I am trying to complie from git01:11
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_root_rmull ?????01:46
rmull_root_: Just comment out the line that appends that in colors.mk02:08
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_root_I need to declare antialias and hint in the run time terminal command with URxvt using XFT fonts. how should I do that?02:17
_root_urxvt -fn "xft:fixed:size=10px:???:???"02:17
rmullIsn't there some archlinux documentation for that sort of stuff somewhere?02:20
rmullAlso, how come you think you need to do that?02:21
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_root_rmull I need to tweak mupdf port to build with CFLAG and CXXFLAG -fPIC.03:08
_root_What exactly should i do03:08
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Worksterexport CFLAGS+=' -fPIC' CXXFLAGS+=' -fPIC'03:17
Worksterin the Pkgfile will do it _root_03:17
Worksterbefore configure03:17
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_root_Workster let me check04:00
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nweGood morning05:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: crypto++: 5.6.0 -> 5.6.208:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: amule: 2.3.1 -> 1084508:57
teK_we do not have an emacs port, don't we?09:12
diverseteK_: not officially, someone here might have one09:15
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pal_bthHi Guys, googled around and saw that somebody created cloud images of crux 3.0, ca 2013.. Last post asked to place them on the links page....I'm looking for an image that would work in openstack.09:56
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: dash: moved to opt13:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: dash: moved from contrib13:21
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mhehi guys13:46
mheI am having this annoying issue with sudo. Some commands are not foundwhen I sudo them like ifconfig, reboot, pm-suspend. My user is in the group wheel and I uncommented the %wheel line in /etc/sudoers13:51
mhemy user is not in the sudo group13:51
joacimyou probably need sbin in your path13:52
leo-unglaubmhe: check your $PATH variable, i am certain it's incomplete13:54
leo-unglaubdamn, joacim was faster *g*13:54
mheyes correct, so I just export my $PATH so it is the same as for my root user?13:57
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mheas it is now, my user only has /bin /usr/bin nd /opt/bin13:58
critterswhere is /sbin/ and /usr/local/bin ?13:59
mhethis was not part of it14:01
mheI will add them14:01
mheI will add them14:01
Romsterwe don't use /usr/local14:02
Romsterunless you add some port that does.14:02
mheso I was just missing /sbin14:02
leo-unglaub -> 4.6.2. Directories14:04
leo-unglaubthis contains a list of all important paths14:04
crittersSo all patch should be done by package 'filesystems'?14:09
leo-unglaubyes, the first layout14:13
leo-unglaubhowever, if a port needs a non existing directory it can use mkdir -p14:13
leo-unglaubthe package filesystem is just a bootstrap thing14:14
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mhethe machine I just checked is an updated crux 2-8 but I have the same issue on 3.1 (all i686 though)14:36
frinnstYes, most/all distributions usually keep sbin out of normal users profile14:37
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hhhhhhhhi'm getting a ofotprint mismatch on libva14:43
hhhhhhhhis that to do w/ the mailing list announcement14:43
mheso, how should I proceed then, make specific symlinks for the command I want to use from /sbin?14:43
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frinnsthhhhhhhh: "NEW:" footprint errors arent really errors at all, it might just mean that you have some library that the port autodetects and links with14:44
hhhhhhhhput /sbin in your path14:44
hhhhhhhhfrinnst: alright14:44
frinnstYou have the option to set PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in pkgmk.conf to calm it down a bit14:45
u7knv9hor you can just use -if14:47
frinnstyes but putting it in your conf might save you a couple of minutes in total :)14:48
frinnst-if will ignore MISSING too, -in will just ignore NEW14:50
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hhhhhhhhit does seem like the pkgmk.conf defaults arent very sensible15:00
leo-unglaubhmm, the postfix port is very outdated15:06
leo-unglaubi have to patch it up locally15:07
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dxlr8ra lot of ports are15:17
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frinnst*please* contact the maintainer and if nothing happens please tell us on irc or on the mailinglist15:26
frinnstregarding postfix - it seems to be up to date for the 2.8 (stable) branch15:27
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leo-unglaubfrinnst: yes, but for my company servers i need a newer version16:16
jaeger2.10 and 2.11 series are considered stable, too16:18
leo-unglaubyes, indeed16:23
leo-unglaubspecially 2.11 has awesome features to reject spamming clients16:23
leo-unglaubbut i will send the maintainer of course my new Pkgfile16:23
leo-unglaubi have to change something on the file layout as well ...16:25
teK_leo-unglaub: I do not run a real postfix setup so I am rather conservative wrt switchingbranches16:52
teK_did you have to do more than just bumping $version?16:53
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leo-unglaubteK_: are you Thomas Penteker?16:55
leo-unglauband therefor the maintainer of the postfix port?16:56
teK_depends on how you define 'being' ;-)16:58
teK_but yes, I sign my ports with the Thomas Penteker maintainer-line16:58
leo-unglaubhehe, okay ... sorry i still mix up your names *g*16:59
leo-unglaubwith postfix, the versions are all very stable and interchangable17:00
teK_in terms of folder and configuration laout?17:00
leo-unglaubit has not changed in at least 10 years *g*17:01
teK_so you just bumped the versionfield?17:01
leo-unglaubbut for my personal builds i use some kind of modified layout17:01
teK_mind posting the diff to eg
leo-unglaubsure, as soon as it is finished17:03
leo-unglaubbut i doubht that the changes are useful for other people as well ... because in my company we have have a different setup because we generate the usermaps directly from our customer database17:03
teK_I am imressed17:04
teK_=======> New files found:17:04
teK_NEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/man/man5/lmdb_table.5.gz17:04
teK_NEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/man/man5/memcache_table.5.gz17:04
teK_NEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/man/man5/socketmap_table.5.gz17:04
teK_=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/postfix#2.11.3-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.17:04
teK_from 2.8.x to 2.11 ;)17:04
leo-unglaubsee, told you so *g*17:05
teK_yeah leo-unglaub, I'm just curious to see  how the changes influence the Pkgfile17:05
leo-unglaubteK_: sure, i send you a patch file17:05
leo-unglaubmaybe you find it usefull17:05
teK_interesting it will be, at least:-)17:06
teK_I use postfix with a mysql-based usermap  and another as a simple forwarder with /etc/aliases17:06
teK_the first one I did not even set up myself17:06
leo-unglaubhehe, we dumped the mysql backend because it was to slow. even with the proxy_maps enabled17:08
leo-unglaubbut we have 250 000 email addresses in the customer db *g*17:08
teK_I think we have < 25 addresses17:09
leo-unglaubi would kill for having only 25 in there *g*17:09
leo-unglaubi hate email customers ... because the iphone mail client still by default tryes to send mails without an smtp auth ...17:10
leo-unglauband i get that question 20 times a day ...17:10
leo-unglaubfucking apple17:10
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teK_how are you asked via telephone?17:11
teK_not by mail I suppose :D17:11
leo-unglaubno no, by mail .... in 90% of all cases there gmail acocunt *g*17:11
leo-unglaubi propobly have a better company email address to private gmail address mapping database than the NSA17:12
teK_but 250k postboxes is quite large17:12
leo-unglaubusualy a gmail address with a microsoft word document containing a screenshot of the error message *g*17:12
leo-unglaubyes *g*17:13
teK_frown is polite for looking down harshly17:13
teK_There even is a tool to automate that17:13
teK_i.e. open a .doc and pull in several screenshots17:13
tilmanhad a customer once who was asked for a screenshot17:14
tilmanhe took his laptop and put it on top of the xerox machine17:14
tilmanthen faxed the "copy"17:14
leo-unglaubteK_: but the 250k are not all mailboxes on our systems ...17:14
leo-unglaubin 90% of all cases we are the "outbound" provider for companies that have MS exchange internally17:15
teK_holy... :>17:15
teK_poor you :D17:15
leo-unglauband needed an relay to filter spam in front of there exchange servers *g*17:15
leo-unglaubso we filter spam and then forward the mail to exchange *g*17:15
teK_but you only do ingress spam filtering, dont you O_o17:15
joacimexchange still have that 2GB mailbox limit?17:15
teK_would have been scary the other way round17:15
leo-unglaubthe funny part ... filtering the spam is the easy part ... forwarding it to excahnge causes more bugs than the millions of spam mails every day *g*17:16
joacimI knew some people who kept getting CD-sized attachments with their emails. they hit that 2GB limit all the time.17:16
teK_joacim: we partially run outlook 200017:17
leo-unglaubjoacim: from my experience those huge files via email are not that common anymore ... because everyone is now using dropbox and that this17:18
teK_saving old stuff to a separate .pst and trim data off ofthe current one to avoid b0rkage -my ass17:18
teK_leo-unglaub: our head of accounting tried to send the last balance sheet (100MB of PDF) by mail just last week17:18
leo-unglaubhas your head of accounting never heared of netcat?17:19
teK_the best part ...17:19
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teK_she splitit in three parts17:20
teK_sending them all at once17:20
teK_showing that she knows but not understands the issues at hand17:20
leo-unglaubsend the log to fefe for his fnord news show *g*17:20
teK_which is even  worse17:20
teK_we don't believe in the Buddha of German Bloggers in here17:21
teK_.. from what I heard ;)17:21
leo-unglaubfefe is a god !!1!17:21
teK_depends on the religion17:22
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leo-unglaubteK_: are you visiting the ccc congress?17:23
teK_probably yes17:23
leo-unglaubcool, maybe i see you there :)17:24
teK_a "colleague" of mine is organizing the trip but I have not  heard back for quite some time :P17:24
tilmanLOL buddha17:24
teK_leo-unglaub: sure17:24
tilmantsk tsk tsk17:24
leo-unglaubi am the one o17:25
leo-unglaubi am the one in the batman shirt ...17:25
teK_I have not yet made up my mind wrt clothing during that time  of the year, sorry17:25
tilmandid you just /notice me?17:26
teK_I did!17:26
tilmanhaven't seen that shit in a decade17:26
teK_well well17:27
teK_about time.17:27
tilmannice one anyway :D17:27
teK_he's krautchan's favourite, I guess17:27
teK_right after Dr. Axel Stoll17:27
tilmanmuss man wissen!17:27
tilmanwhat's krautchan? part of 4chan?17:27
teK_Ich bin promovierter Naturwissenschaftler. Physik. Mathematik. Geologie.17:28
teK_it's the german version of it. Somewhat.17:28
leo-unglaubwell, i always wear a batman shirt ... so for me that is very easy to predict *g*17:28
teK_a friend of mine frequents it's boards regularly so I don't have the meme I just /noticed ;)17:28
teK_oh ok, Bruce.17:28
tilmanleo-unglaub: do you know of axel stoll?17:29
leo-unglaubnever heared of him17:29
leo-unglaubwho is he?17:29
tilmanleo-unglaub: dead nazi retard. kinda entertaining though:
teK_nazi AND ddr retard17:31
tilman"wer weiss es? wieder keiner?"17:31
leo-unglaubis the for real?17:32
teK_there is more17:32
tilmanleo-unglaub: i can promise it's getting worse :D17:32
teK_his biggest Fan is "Marjo" some crazy Chemtrail Lunatic from Berlin17:32
tilmanteK_: the same mario he's talking to in the videos of the NSL meetings? :D17:33
leo-unglaubnazis ...17:33
leo-unglaubmv * /dev/null17:33
teK_zsh: error, argument list too long17:33
leo-unglaubsad but true ...17:34
leo-unglaubi cannot watch this anymore17:36
leo-unglaubhow stupid can a person be?17:36
teK_If I'd have to chose between an intelligent nazi and these guys.. you figure ;)17:37
teK_tilman: do you know Axel's Co-Host Peter Schmidt? :D17:37
teK_talking about how aids can be cured etc.17:37
tilmandon't think so17:37
leo-unglaubspeaking of nazis ... i am going home and have to sit 30 minutes in a bus in vienna ... there you see some of those stupid people as well ...17:38
teK_good luck17:38
leo-unglaubi hope at least this channel is nazi free17:38
leo-unglaubteK_: i send you the patch if i am home17:39
teK_pay attention to his nice brwon suite17:39
teK_make him look like Göring (shape-wise)17:39
teK_leo-unglaub: awesome17:39
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tilmanthat's marjo in the first video that you linked?17:41
teK_he was fined 1800EUR for filing @ Arbeitsagentur, btw17:42
joacimsupposedly there lives a guy with a swastika tatooed on his forehead in my city17:45
joacimi hope to see that guy one day17:45
joacimi hear he is insane17:45
tilmanmaybe he's just an asshole17:45
teK_that's perfectly normal17:45
teK_maybe you cannot meet him because his name is Charles Manson and lockedup for the rest of his life17:45
joacimi don't think he is that charismatic17:46
joacimor intelligent17:46
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leo-unglaubteK_: ping19:30
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hhhhhhhhi am trying to make a package where the source is in a zip file19:53
hhhhhhhhand pkgmk chokes on that19:53
leo-unglaubhhhhhhhh: bsdtar should have no problems with .zip19:58
leo-unglaubare you sure it's installed correctly?19:59
hhhhhhhhi am not19:59
hhhhhhhh7z choking on it too19:59
hhhhhhhhmy bad19:59
leo-unglaubah :)20:00
leo-unglaub7zip should be lzma if i am not mistaken20:01
jaegertry using unzip on it manually, maybe the zip is corrupted20:06
hhhhhhhhit was corrupted20:08
leo-unglaubis it just my impression or is llvm much slower than gcc?20:13
leo-unglaubi am currently compiling the rust language and it takes even longer than compiling firefox20:14
hhhhhhhhthe rust compiler packages its own version of llvm20:15
hhhhhhhhand yea the rust compiler is pretty slow on top of that20:15
leo-unglaubreally? do you know why?20:15
hhhhhhhhand memory hungry. i tried it on 1GB of ram and ^C'd it after 24 hours20:15
hhhhhhhhbecause mozilla are a browser vendor20:16
leo-unglaubhehe, good point *g*20:16
hhhhhhhhi'm sure there's a reason technical reason :p20:16
leo-unglaubi wanted to look at it because of they promize some nice meomory safty ...20:16
hhhhhhhhit's a nice language but you are probably better off using the binary package20:16
leo-unglaubhave you experience with rust?20:17
hhhhhhhhi used it across last year in a university project20:17
hhhhhhhhand i am going to use it again this year20:17
leo-unglaubas far as i understand it they abstract the network layer with some node.js shit20:17
leo-unglaubcan you tell me something about that?20:18
tilmanleo-unglaub: don't let slower compile times stop you from looking at rust ;)20:18
hhhhhhhhthey used to use libuv as their osckets library20:18
hhhhhhhhwhich is like libev/libevent but with broader scope20:18
hhhhhhhhand is what nodejs is built on top of20:18
hhhhhhhhafaik they dropped libuv with this release20:18
hhhhhhhhor they stopped using it in the thread scheduler20:18
leo-unglaubthey dropped it? cool20:19
leo-unglaubtilman: have you used rust as well?20:21
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leo-unglaubdamn, have to reboot20:23
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: nasm: updated to 2.11.0620:26
mheso, I managed to compile firefox without errors on crux2.8, great work on the overlays, thanks21:04
jaegergood deal22:22
diversehhhhhhhh & leo: I have no problems compiling rust on my machine, but of course I use 8 vcores to make the compilation faster. I think the problem is with the staging part of building the compiler, I notice when it comes to compiling rustc to rustc, it only uses one core, while llvm compilation takes all 8 of mine.22:27
hhhhhhhhdiverse: its the 1gb of ram22:28
hhhhhhhhmy netbook spends 99% of its time swapping at that point22:29
diverseah, I see22:29
diversewell, thank goodness they do nightly packages22:31
diverseNone the less, I'm glad to see I'm not the only Rustie here ;)22:33
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