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_root_I need jbig2dec and openjpeg200:32
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_root_which packages give me those?00:32
rmullThere's contrib/openjpeg but it looks like version 1.5.100:40
rmullRomster: Do you think contrib/openjpeg should be version bumped?00:41
rmullxorg maintainers, would you object to adding xorg-xf86-video-ast to the xorg collection?
rmullIt supports ASpeed chips like the one found on my supermicro board00:57
rmullI have footprint and md5sum files in the rmull repo if you need them00:59
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Romstermhe, ipconfig is obsolete and i've never used reboot use ip and shutdown -r now01:53
Romsteronto it rmull01:57
jaegershutdown and reboot are in the same location for what that's worth01:58
Romsteri've only ever did shutdown -r now and shutdown -h now01:58
rmullRomster: Thank you :D01:58
Romsteror got lazy and ctrl+alt+del for rebooting.01:58
Romsterafter exiting X01:58
joacimI just press my power button01:59
joacimacpid knows what to do01:59
Romsterif thats setup yeah01:59
Romsteropenjpeg hmm02:00
Romsterah ffmpeg uses it too.02:00
Romsteropenjpeg 1.5.2 or the 2.1.0 branch?02:01
Romsteri have to stay on 1.5.2 for ffmpeg.02:02
Romsterif you need openjpeg 2.1.0 it'll have to be openjpeg202:02
Romster_root_, ^02:03
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-video-ast: initial import02:06
Romsterrmull, sorted.02:08
rmullRomster: thanks much02:09
Romsterwas no effort rmull its part of freedesktop anyways02:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: openjpeg: 1.5.1 -> 1.5.202:19
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_root_Romster which port is it then?02:25
_root_the V202:25
_root_Romster what about jbig2dec02:26
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joacimif you can't find one, you probably have to make one yourself02:37
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diverseI wonder how stable btrfs is these days?07:00
Feigrimask frinnst he uses it07:01
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frinnstI just woke up D;07:09
frinnsti'll be in soon, Feigrim07:09
frinnstall week, geez07:09
Feigrimok frinnst :;)07:10
diversefrinnst: morning07:16
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Romsteris Feigrim frinnst boss <<07:38
frinnstwe share the office07:52
frinnstthats what i see if I turn around07:54
Romsterthe moon is shining08:32
Romsterlet me guess you went baled and decided to shave08:32
Feigrimsomething like that08:33
Romsterprobably easier than trying ot get hair transplanted.08:33
Romsterwheres the coffee mug ! IT needs coffee.08:34
Romsterman i've had a busy day08:34
Romsteri have too many job titles.08:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: x265: initial import09:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: ffmpeg: 2.3 -> 2.4.2 new dependency x26509:59
Romsterthen i come home and do this in linux.10:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: x264: 20130201 -> 2014102210:03
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lousersHi, just a stupid question: How to change locale in crux?12:28
lousersdefault is to Posix12:28
jaegercreate the locale you want with localedef and then set LANG to it -
lousersjaeger: set LANG to which file?  /etc/locale.conf?12:31
frinnstyou can put in in ~/.bash_profile or /etc/profile12:32
frinnstor if you use some other shell, in that config12:32
jaegerset it to whatever locale you want. sv_SE.UTF-8 or whatever12:32
lousersfrinnst && jaeger: Thanks.12:33
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frinnstasdf stupid clash of clans maintenance break. I need my fix, damnit!12:52
frinnstRomster: brilliant12:53
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teK_leo-unglaub: pong!13:01
leo-unglaubhi teK_13:02
leo-unglaubdid you get my link?13:02
Romsteryeah it is isn't it frinnst13:02
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leo-unglaubit's kind of funny, my office pc is the only one not running crux .. and i type ports -u all the time and debian does not know it *g*13:13
Romsterwas bad enough typing ls in a dos shell instead of dir13:15
Romsteror cp instead of copy13:15
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leo-unglaubthats your fault for working in a DOs shell *g*13:20
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joacimI just forget to ssh to my server sometimes. so i end up typing ports, prt-get and su in the os x terminal13:32
Feigrimjust make those commands run the ssh command to connect to the server13:37
joacimthat'd be too easy13:37
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XeirrrHi.Let's get back to locale issue. I have generated my locale, zh_CN. Then I put LANG=zh_CN and LC_ALL=zh_CN to /etc/profile. After I restart, some are chinese, the rest are english. Why?13:46
frinnstonly bash reads from /etc/profile (thus commands launched from bash)13:47
frinnstbut are you looking for translation files? We strip those out generally13:48
XeirrrYes, I need them13:48
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frinnstthat would be problematic since we use --disable-nls in all ports that support it. and for those that dont support it we usually do rm -rf $PKG/usr/share/nls13:51
XeirrrOh, that hurts.....13:52
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frinnstyeah :/13:53
XeirrrEnglish is OK.13:54
frinnstgood :)13:55
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rmullfrinnst: I've always wondered - /why/ do we do that?15:10
frinnsti find nls annoying to no end15:31
frinnstits always been like that, strip all the crap15:31
frinnstand i guess per didnt see a need for it when crux got started15:32
Romsteri've asked taht countless times and to just include them all and just use rules in /etc/pkgadd.conf15:32
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jueRomster: it's always a pleasure to hear you moaning ;)17:20
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thetornainbowso if we're moving to 3.17, i noticed on some of the arch linux ml that with 3.17-2 intel microcode updates are no longer automatic18:32
thetornainbowis that peculiar to the default arch kernel?18:32
thetornainbowand if not, what does one do to implement the updates?18:33
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thetornainbowokay, i suppose it's only with the 4th gen. Haswell cpus from Intel18:42
thetornainbowwhich i don't have :)18:43
thetornainbowalthough, i'm fairly new to all of this, so correct me if i'm wrong, but if we're not working with an initial ramdisk, and do not need things like microcode to be loaded into the kernel (because it's built in), it won't affect anything anyhow right?18:52
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rmullthetornainbow: I might be wrong... but microcode updates are never needed19:21
rmullI don't think it's a normal boot-time operation. It would only be if you want to fix a bug or something in your CPU.19:22
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leo-unglaubgood evening :)19:51
diversegood afternoon from here ;)19:55
leo-unglaubi just realized that i don't have sound on my new crux system .. (19:58
diversethen alsa it19:58
diverseleo-unglaub: how is rust working out for you?19:58
leo-unglaubdiverse: i have no idea how sound systems work ... normaly i just installed debian and it worked ... i have to read up on alsa first :)20:01
leo-unglaubrust is ... well not my pair of pants ..20:01
leo-unglaubthey have nice ideas, however the closure syntax makes it sooo hard to read for me20:01
leo-unglaubi guess i stick with c20:01
joacimdon't have to do much. enable support for your sound chip in the kernel20:01
joaciminstall some alsa utilities, and run alsamixer20:02
diverseand of course run the service too ;)20:03
joacimi think output channels might be muted by default, so you'll have to unmute stuff20:03
leo-unglaubnormally i used xfce4-mixer20:04
leo-unglaubi have to search for alsa in my kernel config first20:04
leo-unglaubhmm, xfce4-mixer build failed20:09
diverseleo-unglaub: did you depinst'd it?20:12
leo-unglaubof course, but there is a dependency missing20:12
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leo-unglaubhmm, xfce4 is looking for gstreamer-plugins-base-0.1020:12
leo-unglaubbut gst-plugins-base is installed20:13
leo-unglaubi think thats because crux gst* is on 1.0 and not the old 0.1020:13
diverseright, you need to contact sepen the xfce maintainer about that20:13
leo-unglaubhmm, i am not sure if xfce4-mixer can handle gstreamer1.020:15
leo-unglaubyou don't know how much i hate translations in the git log ...
leo-unglaubgood luck finding anything useful there :/20:18
joacimmaybe you need those gst-*-compat packages20:24
leo-unglaubdamn :(
leo-unglaubwell, no sound for me ... but who needs sound for watching porn anyway? ;) hahahaha20:29
joacimI appreciate the dialog20:30
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mhecould be that you need to unmute your sound20:38
mheamixer sset Master unmute20:38
mhewas the case for me20:38
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leo-unglaubi am actually a little bit confused ... why does the xfce4-mixer even need gstreamer? as far as i understand there code, they have a native interfaces as well20:52
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rmullI always have to add my user to the 'audio' group before sound works21:32
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mheanyone running gcc with --disable-multilib on 64bit and what would I need to get a pure 64bit, I would guess rebuild gcc, glibc and binutils21:51
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jaegeryou'd have to rebuild your toolchain, yes. personally I don't feel it's worth the effort but if you want to do that, go ahead21:53
korioh hello21:54
mheso, rebuild gcc with --disable-multilib and after that glibc and binutils will suffice?21:54
jaegerIt's been a while, I don't remember the exact order. With that said, since you're still building for the native arch that might be sufficient.21:56
jaegerhello, kori21:56
jaegermhe: with that said, what do you hope to gain from doing so?21:56
mhe0,0005 permance increase and something to do :)21:57
jaegerheh, alright21:57
mheI can go without glibc-32 then as well, is there a list with packages that include 32bit21:58
mheso I know what I might need to rebuild21:59
korijaeger: I've looked into and some other port info pages but there's nothing about having ports which clone a git repo, is there a default method for doing so?21:59
jaegernot specifically. You could look in the compat-32 repo or check footprints for /lib32 or /usr/lib3221:59
jaegerkori: no official way, I don't think anything in the official non-contrib repos does that22:00
koriI'm currently using this method
mheallright, something to look forward to, I am off to bed :)22:00
jaegerThat way should be fine. It's idempotent and doesn't change the md5sums22:01
jaegermhe: good luck22:01
koriI see. It does work fine, I've tested the ports before publishing22:01
koriI was just wondering if there was a better way22:01
jaegerPersonally I prefer to generate a tarball for things like that, but that could be annoying if it updates frequently22:01
korisbase and ubase don't have tarballs22:02
kori9base does but I'd rather keep some consistency :D22:02
jaegerwell, you don't have to use upstream tarballs. By generate I meant make your own22:03
jaegerfrom your local copy of the git repo22:03
korithis way is interesting because port building time is reduced since only things that change are recompiled22:04
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