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koriis there any reason why CRUX isn't rolling release?01:58
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prologickori: we’ve been over this over and over again :)02:10
prologicsome of us (me) disagree on what a “rolling release” really means02:10
prologicif you want your install to be rolling by all means update your ports whenever/however you wish :)02:11
prologictypically however the core crux dev team releases an updated iso with updated binaries of core/opt/xorg about once per year02:11
koriit's because I saw how the releases work and the version numbers are mostly marks02:11
prologicwe (the contrib and core maintainers) update ports regularly when we see upstream releases (stable releases usually)02:11
prologicbut it’s generally up to “you” to update your own systems02:11
prologicin general however IHMO02:12
prologiccrux is the most up-to-date distro around02:12
prologicbut it is up to you the end user to ensure that :)02:12
prologicI have systems that are years old and cannot be easily updated anymore02:12
koriI'm not sure how updating works, as I installed crux a couple days ago02:12
prologicit’s simple02:13
prologicports -u02:13
prologicprt-get sysup02:13
prologicthat’s it in most cases02:13
prologicanything else is manual or by you (by hand) etc02:13
koriI actually decided against using prt-get02:13
korifor now, at least02:13
jaegerprt-get is well worth using02:14
koriI don't mind manual dependency solving too much but it seems like prt-get is the only easy way for a global system update02:15
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korialso, I thought crux used a custom init02:16
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diversejaeger: is *always* well worth using ;)02:17
koriI wrote a simple wrapper script to make port management easier02:18
koriI used something similar on FreeBSD, so I just adapted it for crux02:18
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thetornainbowrmull: thanks for the advice. like i said, fairly new still, so i wasn't sure02:29
thetornainbowevening, morning, and afternoon guys!02:29
koriI lost connection, did anyone comment on my script?02:30
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thetornainbowkori: nope :)02:33
korithetornainbow: ah, I see.02:34
korimy connection has been spotty02:34
thetornainbowhaha, yeah mine's been down for about an hour. it seems to have come back now though02:35
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nwegood morning05:28
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cristtersHi, anyone use PyQt4?07:12
cristtersI try to install it via pip, but it seems impossible!07:13
Romsterhow so?07:13
Romsterpastebin if over 3 lines07:13
Romsterqt4 probable has no python support.07:17
Romsteror maybe no egg info file07:18
cristtersOk,I'll use someone's PyQt407:18
Romsterpackage it in a Pkgfile07:18
Romsterrsync -aqz pyqt407:19
Romstergrab that modify top remove kde stuff07:19
cristtersRomster: Thanks07:20
Romsteractually should just work as is07:21
Romsterbut versio=4.11.207:21
Romsterbut version=4.11.207:21
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Romstermhe there is compat packages of gstreamer also you need to be in the audio group.07:43
Romsteri just use amixer07:43
Romsterm to unmute and number keys to jump volume or up and down arrow.07:44
mhemy sound worked after setting it umuted and I control volume through alsamixer, I use i3 altough on another machine I am using xfce4 but did not need sound on that machine yet (porn huh ;))07:45
mhethere seem to be more security fixes for glibc 2.19, I am using 4043, 0475, 5119, 6040 and hardening from
mheI follow macha's security thread at lq slackware07:57
Romsterstill need webkit-gtk2 i68607:58
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Romsterah i see07:58
Romsteri got my chroot 3.1 i686 updated07:58
mhewell, I managed to compile firefox on my crux 2.8 and found out that the package I had built on my crux 3.1 i686 worked on my crux 2.8 as well so did not try any further with webkit :)07:59
mhebut if there is a fix, I am interested08:00
Romsteroh that was the reason to disable system nss/nspr08:00
mhein the end that did not help, it probably had to do with not using the overlay, because after applying that it worked (with nss slightly altered 3.17.2 from core instead of i686 because it was not yet updated at the time on the overlay08:02
mhemesa3d >9.2.5 also did not build before I used the overlay08:02
mhestill does not on glibc-2.20 but no more need for that with extra security patches on glibc-2.1908:03
Romstermesa needs llvm08:04
Romsterunless you disable gallium08:04
mheyes, I did install llvm and tried with disabling gallium, always the same build error08:08
mhebrb coffe at work :)08:08
cristtersIs this page still usable?08:15
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hhhhhhhhcristters: not all of it08:26
hhhhhhhhthe stuff at the bottom is still relevant08:26
hhhhhhhhbut the kernel patch/rc_color are not08:27
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mhewill there be an updated i686 iso?08:36
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frinnstsoo brilliant08:56
frinnstThe Service Processor (SP) contains a memory resource leak affecting the IPMI software, eventually causing the SP to become unresponsive and possibly triggering a watchdog reset of Data ONTAP�. In order to trigger this reset, the SP must be running for approximately five hundred (500) days or longer.08:56
frinnstNetApp02A> uptime 10:54am up 500 days, 19:25 0 NFS ops, 0 CIFS ops, 0 HTTP ops, 0 FCP ops, 0 iSCSI ops08:57
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Romsteri hear a apple lawsuit brewing10:06
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XeirrrAnyone do self-employed job?12:03
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Xeirrrdxlr8r: Feel good?12:09
dxlr8rin some ways yes, in other no12:09
dxlr8rfeels good to decide your own working hours and days12:10
dxlr8rbut the uncertainty of your future is not so promising12:10
XeirrrMy friend just experienced a failure, Don't know how to get him back.....12:12
leo-unglaubgood morning :)12:15
teK_its 14:40 in Vienna12:41
Xeirrr20:42 in china12:42
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dxlr8rXeirrr: hmmm, don't know what to say there. I am a small actor and I grow slow so haven't experienced a failure12:58
leo-unglaubteK_: yes, but our servers got DDOS13:04
leo-unglaublast night13:04
leo-unglaubso i sleppt longer ;)13:05
leo-unglaubXeirrr: you are from china? I could have needed your help last night firewalling of the DDOS ... i hear you people have grat experiences with large firewalls ;)13:09
Xeirrrleo-unglaud: Yeah, I am chinese guy. I hear people from #archlinux-cn, their servers got DDOS, too13:14
leo-unglaubhmm, maybe some kiddies trying a new tool *g*13:14
leo-unglaubnormally i don't care that much ... but the thing that always anoys me is how poorly linux behaves under high load ...13:15
leo-unglaubthe openbsd guys are actually doing a much better job there13:15
Xeirrropenbsd forks always do weird stuff, that's what people say13:20
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: tzdata: update to 2014i13:44
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: usbutils: update to 00813:44
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: psmisc: fix fuser -M flag always-on bug14:10
prologicI think that largely depends on the task scheduler you configure your kernel with and other tweak14:18
frinnstthe replies is pretty f�nny14:47
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rmullfrinnst: The response from FTDI is absurd15:05
rmullI can't imagine that it would actually be good for their company15:06
frinnstThis is definitely not targeting end users - if you're unsure if15:07
frinnstICs are genuine then please don't use the drivers.15:07
frinnstand who the fuck would know that? its not like chinese electronics manufacturers ship with ftdi certificates or whatever15:08
rmullWow, here's another good lkml post15:08
joacimoh. another one about systemd.15:10
joacimif people spent their time maintaining systemd-free systems instead of writing on forums =)15:11
frinnstim so sick of the systemd debate15:12
koriwhere are crux packages registered?15:13
frinnstregistered? not sure i follow15:14
frinnstits all hosted on if thats what you mean15:14
korifrinnst: as in, where does pkginfo -l get its info from?15:14
frinnstah, /var/lib/pkg/db15:15
koricool, thanks15:15
korioh it lists all files installed by packages15:15
rmulljue: Are you actively using ledger?15:16
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thetornainbowi am15:22
rmullI am considering using it. Do you like it?15:23
thetornainbowalthough just for personal budgeting, nothing big15:23
thetornainbowi love it. if you are familiar with double-entry accounting it's much better than a checkbook or spreadsheet for budgeting15:23
thetornainbowand you can add as many accounts as you'd like, generate reports and stores everything in plain text, so it's super easy to script things around it15:24
thetornainbowi've been thinking i need to publish my port of it for Crux15:25
rmullThere's one in jue's repo15:25
thetornainbowah, i didn'15:25
thetornainbowt know that15:25
thetornainbowyou should at least give it a shot :)15:26
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rmullthetornainbow: Thanks15:30
rmullI'm a little worried about the learning curve15:30
rmulljue: Your ledger port fails to download the tarball :(15:31
rmullthetornainbow: What version of ledger do you use?15:36
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juermull: thanks for the report, and yeah, I'm using ledger since 200617:25
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juermull: should work again, but I'll try to update the port to ledger 3.x tomorrow17:27
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rmulljue: Thanks!17:38
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thetornainbowrmull: i use whatever the latest one is. can't check at the moment. it should be the latest one anyhow18:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libpng: updated to 1.6.1418:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cairo: updated to 1.14.018:48
frinnstoops, fucked up the commit a bit18:49
jaegerdamn! We'll have to burn the lab18:50
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rmullgtk3 fails because glib isn't new enough19:54
frinnstoh, i forgot to push that one19:54
frinnst2 secs19:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: glib: updated to 2.42.019:55
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teK_I want -de suffixes for all germans in here :o20:13
teK_have to be careful, if cursing in native language :>20:13
tilman"he knows how to say thank you in german -> he must be german!111"20:14
tilmansolid logic20:14
teK_leck mich :[20:14
tilmanvittu perkele20:15
teK_bassd scho20:15
tilmanbless you20:15
joacimas a grown man, i regret not doing my homework. :-)20:26
joacimwas supposed to learn german, but i never paid attention in class20:26
teK_I do20:28
teK_I almost always paid attention but never did the homework :o20:28
joacimi paid attention in other classes, just not the ones about language20:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: vlc: make it work with ffmpeg 2.4.220:35
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rmullI don't know german, I just said danke because I know there are germans in here and I wanted to fit in21:07
joacimyou fit in well21:12
joacimeveryone thought you were german21:12
rmullI'd like to visit germany some day. All that efficiency...21:15
rmulland cleanliness21:15
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koriis there any info on how I can use folders in source=()?21:24
rmullI've never seen dirs, only files. Can you tar it up first?21:25
korirmull: probably, but i'd like to test building first21:26
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rmullThere is an option to preserve the work dir21:26
koriI'm porting ignite( to CRUX21:26
rmullpkgmk -kw doesn't delete the work if you want to go in and muck about21:26
rmullIs that what you're looking for?21:26
korirmull: what i'm looking for is for a way to install dirs from the port dir easily21:27
korioh, chris2 is here21:28
korithis is going to be a tricky one21:30
joacimi'm confused21:43
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jaegerAnyone know what causes this type of error?
nrxtxjaeger: was there any more output?22:31
jaegernot sure if any of it is useful but I'll paste the whole log, sec22:32
nrxtxdid you mess up your theme directory?22:34
jaegernot as far as I can tell but maybe I'm missing something. gnome theme stuff is a pain22:36
nrxtxthe more interesting part is path != null assertion22:37
nrxtxwhich finally results in the gtk_icon_info_load assertion failing22:38
teK_btw does anybody know if/how to resume the extraction of a .rar archive with unrar/rar/bsdtar?22:40
jaegernrxtx: I've been trying to figure out what path it's looking for without luck so far22:48
jaegerteK_: not I, sorry22:48
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nrxtxcan you try moving away your configuration directory of cinnamon for a fresh start?22:52
jaegerI have, no change22:52
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nrxtxjaeger: maybe start it with: strace cinnamon 2>&1 | grep "^open"22:57
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jaegerI did that as well, couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. No mentions of themes or icons23:00
nrxtxthen my last idea is fire up gdb23:01
jaegermay have to, I guess. :/23:02
jaegerthanks for trying23:02
nrxtxuhm you did follow forks while tracing?23:04
jaegerI'll have to look into it more later, need to go for now. Thanks23:05
teK_my guess is that none of these tools support that :}23:05
teK_but thanks23:05
koriwhat's the name of crux's mascot?23:11
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