IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2014-10-24

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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: bluez: Added missing tools and fixed python-based ones06:23
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Romsterhmm long split07:04
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mhehi guys07:18
mheanyone using a recently build abiword?07:18
frinnstwas a long time since i used abiword07:18
frinnstbefore they started to depend on all the gnome stuff07:18
mheI wanted to but needed to add libsrvg, goffice, update a few Pkgfiles and now need gtk3 pfff07:18
mhecompiling libreoffice takes me days :P07:18
mheis it the same with gnumeric?07:18
frinnstnever used it07:18
mhewell, I will try further, might be able to get it build after all the gnome stuff it seems to need atm07:18
frinnstmaybe some older version is easier on the deps07:18
frinnstconfigure: error: Error: libgnomeprint-2.2 >= 2.2.0 libgnomeprintui-2.2 >= 2.2.0 required07:18
frinnstmaybe 2.4 will work better07:18
mheI am trying the latest stable (2.8.6) and not the 3.0.007:18
mhewell, gtk3 finished, now goffice seems to build, at least is busy07:18
mhegoffice finished07:18
mhe0.10.17 and now abiword still spews same error :(07:18
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mheI downgraded goffice to 0.8 and installed the archlinux 2.8.6 binary from abiword07:34
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mhegetting gnumeric to work will require some more tinkering then I can at this time07:46
Romstergnome stuff maybe the mate repo can help you07:52
Romsteri haev a ton of i686 crux 3.1 packages now07:53
mhethanks for that07:53
Romsterstill uplaoding and building other stuff but all of core is done.07:54
Romsterfirefox too.07:54
mheI saw it last night that core and xorg was already getting full07:55
Romsterah noticed i was uploading07:55
mheofcourse, I was eager for updated packages07:56
mhedid not know about the mate repo, that might fix a lot07:57
mhehmm, there is no abiword or gnumeric port there neither any direct missing dependency for it07:58
frinnstgod how i hate office36507:59
Romsterno but the other dependency libs are probably are.07:59
Romsteri wont even touch office 36507:59
Romsterand what happens on a leap year :P08:00
mheI just tried prt-get diff and none it more up-to-date in the mate repo, but libgsf I updated myself08:00
Romsterwebkit-gtk2#2.4.6-1.pkg.tar.gz uploading08:03
Romsteri couldn't imagine building this stuff on a old i68608:03
Romsterwould take days08:04
mheI have an atom based system and a pentiumpro 1.6ghz running crux :)08:05
mheand firefox was a long night for my pentiumpro08:10
Romsterouch slow machines.08:19
mheyes a toshiba satellite from the war and a eee-pc08:35
Romsterso why so old love of old machines or too expensive to upgrade?08:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: asterisk: Updated -> - Moved default config files to /etc/asterisk/default - Improved init script - Removed astcannary - Added aelparse08:53
mheI had them around and why let them gather dust if they still run recent software08:58
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Romsteri guess i decided to not run anything older than core 2 duos09:05
Romsterexcept my firewall is a pentium d09:05
Romstergetting rid of that soon09:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: unison: fix build with ocaml 4.0209:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: ocaml: update to 4.02.109:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: dahdi: Updated version -> 2.10.009:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: dahdi-tools: Updated version 2.9.1 -> 2.10.109:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: asterisk-core-sounds-en-ulaw: Updated version 1.4.25 -> 1.4.2609:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: asterisk-core-sounds-en-alaw: Updated version 1.4.25 -> 1.4.2609:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: asterisk-extra-sounds-en-ulaw: Updated version 1.4.14 -> 1.4.1509:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: asterisk-extra-sounds-en-alaw: Updated version 1.4.14 -> 1.4.1509:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: asterisk-espeak: Fixed installation for 64-bit systems09:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: p5-asterisk: Updated footprint for Perl 5.1809:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: ocaml: fix source URL09:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: htmldoc: 1.8.27 -> 1.8.2810:29
Romstersepen... first you moved it it from gtk2 to gtk3 now the md5sum file still has that missing patch.10:47
Romsterthat libunique should of been named libunique310:50
Romsterguess i'mm make a libunique1 port for gtk2 use...10:50
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mhei have made a little progress with abiword11:14
mhetried the patches from archlinux for 2.8.6 and that makes a difference, now another error later in the build11:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: midori: remove unused dependency libunique11:20
Romsterarch gentoo and other distros are helpful in that way11:21
mheindeed they are11:24
Romsteroh and linux from scratch11:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: glibmm: 2.36.2 -> 2.42.011:32
Romsterjaeger, hopefully that is satisfactory ^11:34
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Romsterhi nwe11:48
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nwehow are you Romster ?12:02
Romstergood, hell of a busy week at work but now i can unwind12:05
mhemade it hurther with abiword, now pcre_info error. Used a slackware patch to get there12:24
mhewill be something for saturday12:32
Romsteri hope your making ports collection available12:33
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jaegerRomster: most likely, thanks. Just needed to be newer than 2.36.x I think13:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: dropbear: update to 2014.6614:09
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Romsterone thing i got isn't building but that's in romster repo and isn't critical to my needs.14:40
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hhhhhhhhdoes anyone know of a file sync utility that can be configured to ignore binary files15:17
hhhhhhhhbonus points if it supports storing encrypted data on a machine in the middle so i don't need both my pcs on at once15:17
z3braHi !15:26
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u7knv9hafter compiling the kernel, what changes if i do `cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz` or `cp arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz` ?16:59
u7knv9h(obviously with "64-bit Kernel" enabled)16:59
jaegerthey are the same17:00
jaegerone is a symlink17:00
joacimyou can make install if you like17:00
joacimjsut make sure to uninstall lilo if you're using a different bootloader17:01
u7knv9hokay, thanks!17:02
u7knv9hnope, i use lilo, and i compiled the kernel a lot of times, i just had this curiosity17:02
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_root_hello folks @/17:57
_root_I am trying to syup. but firefox is a pain. is there anyway to tell prt-get sysup to update all the system except firefox?17:58
hhhhhhhhprt-get lock firefox17:59
_root_hhhhhhhh so prt-get sysup lock firefox18:01
jaegersysup and lock are separate commands, check the prt-get man page18:01
_root_jaeger yes; one command at the time.18:02
thetornainbowafternoon/evening everyone18:03
thetornainbowhow's it hanging?18:04
_root_jaeger was it Romster or someone else how publishes its pkgs. firefox among them?18:04
_root_could you give me the link18:05
jaegerI don't recall where it is but it was Romster, yes. you could look for it in the logs in the topic18:05
jaegerthetornainbow: slow day so far, which is fine by me18:05
thetornainbow_root_: it's i believe you're looking for?18:06
thetornainbowjaeger: yeah it's been a slow, wonderfully boring Friday here as well18:06
thetornainbowhas it been a nasty week for anyone else too?18:07
_root_thetornainbow and hello to you too (:18:07
_root_thetornainbow and I downloaded it and now how to install it pkgmk ???18:09
thetornainbowit's already a package, so you just need pkgadd18:09
_root_thetornainbow ok18:09
thetornainbowpkgmk is for building, pkgadd for installing :)18:10
thetornainbowports for getting, git for pushing18:10
thetornainbowrsyslogd for keeping, shred for letting go18:10
thetornainbowthis is fun18:10
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rmullthetornainbow: You should sing folk music.18:48
_root_rmull hello19:06
_root_I did sysup and I got ffmpeg19:06
_root_couldn't build package19:07
jaegeryou'll need to be far more specific than that if you want any help. error messages, for example19:07
u7knv9htry to rebuild them individually and see what errors you get19:07
_root_jaeger u7knv9h that's it. the configure and compile phase will pass without a hitch but at the end it says =======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/PKGS/mpv#0.6.1-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed19:08
_root_for example19:09
jaegerthere's an error in the build process before that part19:09
jaegerthat will be much more useful than the building error at the end19:09
u7knv9hyeah you should see something before, often it's just a footprint/md5sum mismatch19:11
u7knv9hjust look at the build results or the part just before the19:12
u7knv9h=======> ERROR: Building     │ rmull19:12
u7knv9h                       | '/usr/ports/PKGS/mpv#0.6.1-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed19:12
_root_jaeger ^^19:14
jaegerwell, starting at the top, the ffmpeg error is pretty obvious19:15
jaegerx265 is missing19:15
_root_jaeger what is x25619:15
jaegera new dependency19:15
jaegerjust have to install it19:16
_root_xorg mpv and ffmpeg all thses 3 need it? that's the reason?19:16
jaegerffmpeg needs it19:16
u7knv9hthe mpv issue seems related to x256/ffmpeg, i had the same in my old arch install19:17
jaegerxorg-server failed to install because it will overwrite files that some other package owns or that aren't tracked by the package database19:17
_root_jaeger  i am search oogle for x256 and what it does. but I am getting all sort of nonsense19:17
jaegerfirstly, it's x265, not x25619:18
_root_jaeger ok19:18
jaegersecond, you could check what it is with "prt-get info x265"19:18
_root_jaeger and what about xorg problem. any way to solve it?19:19
jaegercheck which package owns the files that xorg-server wants to overwrite, they were listed in the log19:19
jaegerusr/include/xorg/glamor.h for example19:19
_root_jaeger and the aid log be under which dir?19:21
jaegerI don't know what the aid log is19:22
_root_jaeger So what should i do?19:23
_root_it seems there is no way to achive "which package owns the files that xorg-server wants to overwrite"19:23
jaegerWhy do you think there's no way to do that?19:23
jaegercheck the pkginfo manpage19:23
_root_why did it happen? Where did I go wrong?19:26
jaegerdid you upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1 without using the ISO?19:26
jaegerthose files are likely owned by xorg-glamor-egl which has been removed as it was deprecated19:27
jaegeryou might want to focus on one thing at a time, though. fix ffmpeg first, then fix something else19:30
jaegerIt's also likely that once you fix ffmpeg mpv will build19:30
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_root_jaeger as well as you predicted. Now I just need xorg-server to update20:21
_root_jaeger pkginfo -l isn't give me much but a list of files.20:25
_root_I am chasing my tail here?20:26
joacimmaybe there is an option for checking which package owns the file20:27
_root_joacim how? what option?20:29
frinnstprt-get fsearch <file>20:34
frinnstor you could grep the db20:34
joacimi'd read man pkginfo20:35
frinnstor pkginfo -o20:35
_root_it is useless; and there wouldn't be anyway to find way xorg-server would build20:37
frinnstsure it would, just read the error message20:38
jaegeryou should read the log output more closely; xorg-server DID build. It failed to install after building20:41
_root_jaeger yes if i could find out where is the log. and I search the work directory that I set for temp build. it is empty20:42
jaegerthe log in this case is the output to your screen20:43
jaegeralso, if you couldn't find that how did you send it to dpaste?20:43
_root_jaeger I copy it from terminal.20:43
jaegerpkgmk deletes the work directory after a build, you can keep it with pkgmk's -kw option if needed20:43
frinnst.. but that wont help you to figure out why it wont install20:43
_root_I tought you are talking about the specific log file20:43
frinnstin this case20:44
*** Feigrim has quit IRC20:44
jaeger'pkginfo -o' is what I was trying to get you to find earlier20:46
*** Feigrim has joined #crux20:47
_root_yes but do it yourself I get three lines and that's it20:48
jaegerpick one of the files that xorg-server wants to overwrite and run pkginfo -o on that file20:48
joacimmaybe those lines tell you which package owns the file20:48
joacimthe name of the package should be in the first column20:49
_root_they are owned by xorg-server ;BTW it just needed and -f switch20:51
frinnstthey are now, yes20:52
frinnstbut you probably have xorg-glamor-egl installed that used to provide that file20:53
frinnst.. as jaeger said a few hours ago20:53
rmull_root_: If you don't mind me asking, where are you from?20:54
rmullI'm interested in cultural differences and how they relate to problem solving20:58
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC20:58
_root_rmull I don't think we have any cultural differences. at least not that much. but you're the expert and I am just the new user :)21:00
rmullOne of the defining characteristics of most online communities is the relationship between expert and new user21:01
rmullI am not a crux expert. I use it because it satisfies my preference for simplicity.21:01
pidsley_root_ this is an interesting question21:02
pidsleycultural differences may play a part, as well as differnt educational systems21:03
_root_rmull I am coming from gentoo after 7years21:03
pidsleythat's not what he meant21:03
pidsleybut ok if you don't want to answer or are offended by the question21:03
pidsleyi myself am from the US21:04
pidsleyand apparently unusual on this channel ;)21:04
jaegerI am as well, pidsley21:04
rmull_root_: I was a long-time gentoo user as well21:04
joacimi think crux is the distro i've used the longest now21:05
joacimgentoo on second place21:05
_root_and as my background i have an M.A in System design . and I am now watching Doctor Who :)21:05
pidsleyi also used Gentoo, until their forum got completely stupid about systemd21:05
_root_oh; I lost the train of thought; Troy;MI21:06
pidsleyjaeger; interesting. i thought all you devs were finns and swedes ;)21:06
_root_and I ask you one; Do you have plans for BSDCON?21:06
rmull_root_: Who are you asking?21:07
jaegerpidsley: two of us at the cruxcons were American :)21:07
joacimyou and yourself?21:07
_root_rmull Of course you; also i am very easy going guy; I bet there wouldn't be much you could do to OFFEND me ;)21:08
jaegerjoacim: jdolan and me21:08
rmullNo, I have very little to do with any BSD project21:08
rmullNor do I have much to do with crux. I get the feeling you think I'm a crux dev. I'm just a user, like everyone else.21:09
jaeger_root_: for what it's worth I'm not being an asshole by telling you to look at manpages and the like, I'm trying to point you in the right direction to find the answer so you'll understand it better in the future21:10
_root_rmull me too but it is nice to see the developers in person. I have it on good authority most of gentoo team would be there.21:10
pidsleypardon me for saying this, but so what21:10
pidsleyi judge a distro by its merits, not by where its devs show up21:11
pidsleyah, crap, snarky asshole mode again21:11
jaegerIt can be neat to meet the devs of something you use21:11
_root_jaeger :) I should get used to it by now; and I won't have it the other way. because I have very short memory span. If I wouldn't work for the answer i would forget it21:12
_root_pidsley No; that was not what I meant; I meant gentoo people will be there. That is the selling point for me.21:13
_root_to go to BSDCON21:13
*** henesy has quit IRC21:13
pidsley_root_ ok; i would like to ask real gentoo devs what they think of their forum ;)21:14
_root_I was thinking "what if I used crux with Nix package system".21:15
_root_pidsley :)21:15
pidsleyi know crux irc is very helpful and patient21:15
pidsleycrux ports are the best part, for me; i have an LFS system with ctux ports, and a busybox init (buildroot) system also using crux ports21:16
rmull_root_: nix package management does sound pretty interesting21:19
rmullBut I have very little need for it ATM21:20
_root_rmull I was afraid to take it for a spin. as It may install some base packages like bnutils or else which is already installed by crux prt system. What happens then?21:24
_root_any thought on the subject :)21:34
*** henesy has joined #crux21:34
_root_rmull ?21:49
_root_what happens really21:49
rmullHow would I know? I've never used nix in my life...21:52
*** hhhhhhhh_ has quit IRC21:55
*** phant0mas has quit IRC21:57
_root_rmull having two binary in different places with the same name both in $PATH. what happens.21:58
jaegerwell, think about it. you don't have too many options21:58
jaegerthey both work, or one works, or none work21:58
jaegerif the one that doesn't work is the first in the path it'll keep you from using the one that works unless you remove it or specify the path to the working one explicitly21:59
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC22:06
*** lnds has quit IRC22:18
rmullafaik $PATH is searched in order22:19
rmullbut I would have assumed that nix manages that sort of thing somehow22:19
jaegerI'm not familiar with it, myself22:21
pidsley_root_ : don't you have enough problems without adding nix on top? or are you one of these people who thrives on borkage?22:24
pidsleylike mhe building abiword on a 686 system ;)22:25
pidsleyi got gnumeric built on crux, but i don't for a minute think it is maintainable22:25
pidsleythe question is, how fragile do you want your house of cards? ;)22:26
pidsleyjaeger : can i host ports on sourceforge? (i just have a few)22:29
jaegerNo idea about SF, haven't tried. If you can retrieve files via simple http from there without odd paths, probably. I'd use github instead, maybe22:31
pidsleyok -- i have a github account also22:31
pidsleymy ports are not something most people care about anyway, or are easily duplicated22:32
joacimno need to duplicate when you can just grab someone elses =)22:42
*** nullmark has quit IRC22:43
*** heroux has quit IRC22:43
*** heroux_ has joined #crux22:43
*** nullmark has joined #crux22:44
pidsleyi don't think anyone else has ratpoison or mcwm ports, but obviously no one else cares either ;)22:46
joacimI didn't know someone used mine either, until someone emailed me about a version bump22:46
rmullI use dwm without a port, it's just easier that way22:47
rmullPlus it hasn't changed in a long time.22:47
pidsleyrmull -- yes; anyone can use rp or mcwm without a port22:50
pidsleyno updates ;)22:50
_root_pidsley just for test22:52
_root_and i ask this earlier; I have 5 ports and I wanted to do it on bitbucket.22:52
_root_but no one answered22:52
pidsley_root_ cool: that's what i meant; i break shit on purpose just to learn something22:52
_root_pidsley it one way of progress. be the hard one as that but still works22:53
pidsleygood that you are willing to experiment; many people just stick wirth what they know22:54
jaegerI'm not familiar with bitbucket so can't answer that one. Try it and see22:58
_root_jaeger I should copy timcow's settings23:04
pidsleywhere has timcowchip been lately, anayway?23:05
joacimi think bitbucket might be better suited than github23:10
jaegerNo reason you couldn't use either one, I think23:11
joacimthe links from portdb redirects properly.23:11
joacimthe github links just 404 when you click on the ones on portdb23:11
jaegermaybe we need to implement some custom github hook for it or something23:12
jaegerI can see the raw files using a path like
joacimno 404 anymore23:13
joacimthis link downloads a file named master now23:13
joacim"400: Invalid request"23:13
_root_yes it does;23:16
_root_so only the raw links work. yes?23:16
joacim <- all the files links and download commands works just fine. port syncing works too.23:18
joacimwhat doesn't work is the repo url.23:19
_root_joacim we have weechat in official repo don't we?23:42
joacimI don't see any23:43

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