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Wasphi, i am trying to copy the crux.iso over onto usb stick, but my problem is: what filesystem is on the iso?00:01
Waspalready created loop or in fact /dev/md0 (freebsd), but fdisk shows me for the first partition sysid 000:02
Waspso i have no idea what to mount to reach the data00:04
rmullWasp: use dd00:06
rmulldd if=crux.iso of=/dev/sdX00:07
Waspno, i want have the "real" data, not some binary stream00:09
Waspi have already data on the stick .. meaning it is already bootable with gparted and arch00:10
WaspI want to extend the stick now with crux00:10
Wasptherefore I need the files00:10
Waspwas able to mount the partitions with plane msdosfs but only getting efi boot stuff mounted00:11
Waspit's not so "wow", its just linux. Okay in fact i cannot remeber exactly what I had done. Only can remember some hex joining on the mbr, but i believe i dont need to redo this00:17
Waspjust put another dir onto it and extend the already existing grub00:17
Waspbut as long i cannot figure out what "magic" was done on that iso, i cannot copy any data00:19
pidsleywow. magic00:21
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Waspwow, that was helpfull00:22
Wasp/dev/md0p1s2 as well as /dev/md0p2 are seeming to poing to (fdisk) partition 200:23
Waspgot it00:34
Waspjust md000:34
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pidsleywow. magic00:48
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_root_how to install R?00:49
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pidsleywell let's see00:57
pidsleyusing the port search, i get this00:57
pidsleybut that looks like it might be a little out of date00:58
pidsleyso maybe you just go to the source00:58
_root_pidsley I did prt-get search and got the same out-dated result00:58
pidsleyand install it yourself00:58
pidsleyor you could tweak the port yourself00:59
pidsleybut nothing at all says you can only install things that have ports00:59
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Romster_root_, pkgrm xorg-glamor-egl ; prt-get update mesa3d -fr02:38
Romsterand xorg-server02:39
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nwegood morning06:39
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mhehi guys, I had a tough friday night10:57
mheI was reading the logs and saw pidsley got gnumeric to work10:57
mhestill did not manage to get abiword build, will try more patches but at least I have the archlinux binary running :)10:58
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: util-linux: update to 2.25.214:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: dovecot: update to 2.2.1514:54
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thetornainbowafternoon all16:48
mheearly evening here16:49
thetornainbowwell happy early evening to you! :)16:49
mhe:), not so heappy, feeling sickness coming up after thinking it was finially ever, those bad throat-akes16:50
thetornainbowso question: i've added pkgmk as a user with it's own home dir., and chown'd all the build dirs for pkgmk. but sometimes i have trouble with running -uf or -um with packages when that fail to install when running sysup.16:51
thetornainbowis -uf and -um not handled by pkgmk?16:52
mheprobably inside the pre-install or post-install16:52
mhewould not know since I mainly use sudo16:52
thetornainbowthat's the strange thing. when i run sudo prt-get -uf update <program>, it still says file is unwriteable16:53
mhe-uf updates footprint so if you can edit the file, it would not spew an error16:53
mhe-um for md5sum idem ditto16:53
thetornainbowand after ports -u, and then prt-get sysup, some pkgs fail with footprint mismatch16:54
thetornainbowso prt-get -uf update, even with elevated privileges, fails, i'm scratching my head16:54
mhewhen u do ports -u, the md5sums and footprints get changed to the ones in the ports httpup16:54
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mheeven if you lock that package, as far as I experienced16:55
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thetornainbowhuh, okay, it looks like the .footprint and md5sum are owned by root:root, while the rest isn't17:09
thetornainbowsudo pkgmk -uf in the src dir updates footprint fine, but sudo prt-get -uf update doesn't have read/write permissions. i'm guessing it's because prt-get runs with elevated privileges, while passing the argument -uf to pkgmk, which doesn't have elevated privileges17:10
thetornainbowand i think i just ran into my first sysup that didn't do automatic dep upgrades too17:11
thetornainbowdon't worry guys, this is still the best distro!17:12
thetornainbowlooks like x265 crept into ffmpeg17:12
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mheyes x265 now is a dependency for ffmpeg17:28
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thetornainbowyeah, it was having trouble upgrading, remembered sysup doesn't do automatic dep. resolution17:50
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thetornainbowhaving a barbeque this afternoon. 40 lbs. of wild boar + beer + cabbage and potatoes17:51
DarkLinkXXXXWhen following installation directions from the handbook, do I need to worry about my wireless internet at all? I mean, will I need internet in order to install it?17:53
thetornainboweverything should be on the .iso if i remember correctly17:54
jaegerYou don't need internet access for an install, no. You'll need it to update ports later.17:54
_root_guys I downloaded afew ebooks and now when i open them I get there is no page in the document.18:08
_root_the file is 25MB for example and I downloaded right.18:09
_root_So is there a way to fix problematic pdf files?18:09
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jaeger_root_: you should probably ask google on that one22:01
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