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Sleepy_Coderer, wrong channel05:03
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_root_where and how should I declare the package folder and workfolder ( the folder that prt-get uses to compile abd build packages)05:59
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Romster_root_, for one its called a directory, folder is a windows thing. secandary prt-get is a front end to pkgmk pkgrm pkgadd pkgrm pkginfo. thirdly you want to look in /etc/pkgmk.conf07:30
Romsterfor source and package directories07:30
Romsteri use07:30
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frinnstdiverse: depends on what features you want to use09:42
frinnstthe basic filesystem is stable. some features, not so much09:43
Romsterlike file system repairing :P10:01
diverseSigh, if I do regular backups I would be fine right?10:02
Romsteryes most likely.10:02
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XeirrrIs it necessary to seperate a /home partition?11:15
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mheno it is not11:39
mheactually only one / is enough, if you need swapspace you can even create a swapfile11:39
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XeirrrI have a laptop, with 8g ram, should I do a swap?12:08
Xeirrrmhe: 😁12:08
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nilpdo you want to be able to hybernate?12:33
diverseYou would need swap for that12:36
mheyes, easiest is using at least 2 partitions12:37
nilpelse probably not (or are there another reasons?)12:38
nilpis there any advantage in breaking up the filesystem? Like having home on a different partition?12:39
mheyou can hibernate using one partition and setting up your swapfile settings correctly12:39
mheyes, if you ever reinstall, you can keep /home12:40
joacimeasier when I have to reinstall12:40
joacimand it sepparrates system and private files12:40
mhe for info on using swappartition or file12:40
mheon my old laptops I use both a swappartition and a swapfile, because I found out that when I need to compile big things like firefox my 1GB swap and ram are insufficient :)12:42
joacimI use no swap12:42
joacimI have swapd create swap for me when I need it12:42
nilpnice. why not make the partition larger. to much of a hassle?12:43
joacimdealing with partitions is a bit of a hassle. it is easier to create another file12:44
diverseI'm thinking of dedicating swap on a usb drive instead, incase if I do need it12:44
joacimhaving a partition requires a bit of planning, and when you upgrade your ram, you must find room for another partition or a bigger partition12:44
nilpthey don't need to be the same size do they?12:45
mheor do not upgrade ram12:46
diverseIt's recommended for hibernation to have ram size = swap size12:46
mheI use double the size unless ram is >4GB12:46
mhemy laptops have either 512mb or 2gb12:47
mheof ram12:47
diverseWhich is why joacim's is more flexible12:48
diverse*joacim's method12:49
nilpslower though, but probably not noticable.12:49
mhemy laptops are noticably slow :)12:50
joacimit'll be slow when swap is needed anyways12:50
nilptrue. how often do you end up actually using swap?12:50
joacimI need it when I compile Firefox =)12:51
joacimwell I used to when I had only 2GB RAM12:51
joacimnot sure if I need it now that I have 4GB. But this machine is my server, so I don't need to compile graphical applications that often12:52
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nilpalways convinient. what do you use your server for?12:53
joacimmostly netatalk12:54
joacimsharing storage over LAN12:54
nilpwhat do you do with netatalk?12:56
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joacimIt is a fileserver12:56
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joacimmostly for os x clients. It has built in support for os x backups, so it is convenient to me.12:57
joacimit works with plain old user accounts too. I don't have to add samba users. =)13:00
_root_PKG_DOWNLOAD   and PKG_IGNORE_NEW. what are those?13:01
nilpon the macs? its for using unixs as hosts for mac stuff aye?13:01
joacimPKG_IGNORE_NEW ignores the new file error in footprints13:02
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joacimprt-get will only stop from footprint mismatches when there are missing files. not when there are new files.13:03
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joacimread man pkgmk.conf =)13:04
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nilpso are you using a swap partition xeirrr13:08
joacimnilp: on the server.13:08
XeirrrYes, in another machine13:08
joacimit is easier for me to just say people in the users group can access their homes13:09
nilphuh? i was asking xeirrr as they were the one that asked the question a while ago. don't know if they saw any of the replies13:09
joacim14:01       nilp | on the macs? its for using unixs as hosts for mac stuff aye?13:09
XeirrrBut for this laptop, I am still thinking about it.13:10
XeirrrI have done for burning a cd, before do a real install, I must do a plan for partitioning.13:11
nilpahh joacim.13:12
nilpsmall vfat boot partition, btrfs root, swap, maybe a home?13:13
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_root_is it ok if I add -fPIC to /etc/pkgmk.conf CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS directives13:15
joacimI made my boot ext2. I think ext3 or 4 would've been just as good13:15
nilpi picked fat so I could use it for efi. didn't get that working though. kernel just hangs when trying to boot.13:16
nilpi have no idea.13:20
joacimI generally don't touch those13:21
nilpgcc man page says it only works on some machines. if it works then i can't see why you shouldn't put it in.13:21
nilpwhy do you want to?13:21
_root_nilp: on one place you need it the most is zathura and zathura-pdf-mupdf. you need -fPIC to build mupdf itself.13:23
_root_so I asked around and some people told me -fPIC is needed for everything. so i thought I would put it in a system-wide config13:24
joacimone should add those within the port then13:24
nilpdo it then, you can always take it out afterwards. or you could pkgmk with -kw and edit the make file or something and pkgmk again.13:25
_root_joacim: reed my second line13:25
joacimI still stand by what I said13:25
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joacimif one of my ports needed some compiler option to compile, I'd fix that in the port. That'd make the port work on all systems and not just mine.13:27
frinnst_root_: dont play around with gcc settings unless you know what they do13:29
_root_What I am saying is; is there any rational to enable -fPIC system-wide. does it add any thing to the system. speed, compatibility or ..... or does it have negative effect such as overhead, more CPU/MEM usage ....13:30
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_root_frinnst: I know what -fPIC does. relocation13:31
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_root_How could I speed up build process by prt-get. to set tmp on ram14:06
diverse_root_: gcc pipes the compilation so you won't see much of a speed increase thru putting it in tmp14:12
diverseNot saying you shouldn't though14:14
jaegerunless you also disable pipes14:16
Romsterthat only saves a few seconds from past experience. removing -pipe when using tmpfs14:17
diverseI guess the question would be, are you better off piping or tmping?14:17
Romsterbut seems logical since tmpfs is in memory already14:18
diverseI guess the latter then14:18
Romstertmpfs itself is faster unless your using a ssd for root or want to save the ssd from massive writes14:18
Romsterbut then if your restrained on ram and need swap that'll be a slow down.14:19
diverseDoesn't piping also save from massive writes too?14:19
Romsterbut only on large compiles like firefox14:19
Romsteryes when not already on tmpfs14:19
Romsterin tempfs it jsut saves writing from one memory location to another saving a few seconds.14:20
tilman-pipe is only about copying assembler code from cc to as14:20
Romsterbut outside of tmpfs it'll be massively slower without -pipe14:20
tilmandoesn't do anything about temporary storage of object code14:20
Romsterdepends on what port.14:21
RomsterUse pipes rather than temporary files for communication between the various stages of compilation.14:21
Romsterrunning both a compiler and an assembler at the same time might have started paging and may have bogged down or made interactive performance terrible.14:22
diverseBased on what tilman said, it's better to have both14:22
Romsterso as tilman says14:22
Romsteron real world tests i never tsted without -pipe outside of tmpfs. but inside tmpfs it saved a few seconds without -pipe14:23
Romsternot really even noticeable14:23
Romsterif you want more speed and don't care for omgoptimisation drop -O2 for -O114:24
Romsteror use ccache but first run will be considerably slower. but runs after that will be considerably faster.14:25
Romsterprovided cache is big enough usualyl 5GB or something is enough i chose 20GB for my ccache14:25
Romstersince i'm insane and build a few different builds of each Pkgfile14:26
diverseWell since -pipe is mostly about c to asm, it sounds like more writes can still happen without tmpfs14:27
Romsterexcept the tmpfs is fast and adding another pipe to memory seems pointless.14:28
Romsterexcept maybe if you hit swap....14:29
RomsterA common flag is -pipe . This flag actually has no effect on the generated code, but it makes the compilation process faster. It tells the compiler to use pipes instead of temporary files during the different stages of compilation, which uses more memory. On systems with low memory, GCC might get killed. In that case, do not use this flag.14:32
Romsterfrom gentoo wiki14:32
diverseAnd yet tmpfs is slightly faster and uses less memory14:35
tilmanasm to obj ;>14:35
Romsterwel ram is fast and using a pipe in ram is no faster... perhaps it saves on a bit or memory?14:35
diverseAh, sorry14:35
Romsterbut i only noticed a few seconds difference.14:35
Romsterwhen compiling in tmpfs without -pipe14:36
Romsterwhat they say ^ is when your not compiling in tmpfs... using -pipe will use more memory.14:36
tilmanusing a pipe means potential blocking if your consumer (as) doesnt read as fast as the producer (cc) wants to write14:36
Romsterand there is that too.14:37
tilmandunno how big of a factor that one is though14:37
Romsterno idea.14:37
Romsterbut that is something to keep in mind.14:37
Romsterprobably pretty low due to how modern SMP processors work.14:38
diverseSo is the blocking for safety reasons?14:41
tilmanpipes have a limited size14:41
tilmanwhen it's full, you cannot write anymore -> you block for the consumer to read data off of it14:41
Romsterbuffer size14:43
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_root_So basically the isn't any noticable difference between putting compile on a directory on HDD or tmpfs on ram. yes?16:23
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_root_and on the same topic; what exactly happens between cc and as without -pipe16:31
_root_and thanks for a reach discussion (:16:31
darfocc and as without -pipe uses disk for buffer16:45
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DarkLinkXXXXIs it reasonable to assume the default kernel configuration has everything I need?17:10
jaegerIt's meant to have everything that's needed to boot most hardware, at least. It's somewhat generic17:16
DarkLinkXXXXSo I should enable other things for graphics, sound, etc?17:25
jaegerProbably, yes. It has some defaults for disk controllers, networking, etc., but you should check if you want to fine-tune anything17:28
DarkLinkXXXXIs there a good guide on this, or should I be fine going on lspci -vv output, google, and the documentation included?17:29
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pidsleyDarkLinkXXXX: I use
_root_for dual core cpu we should use -j3?18:13
_root_and I wanted to ask the difference between dual core and Core i318:13
mheI use the huge slackware kernel config18:35
mhe-jn with n=cores+118:36
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DarkLinkXXXXWhen doing make install, I get the error that /dev/ is a directory. Huh?18:47
jaeger_root_: i3s are dual-core18:47
jaegerDarkLinkXXXX: that error is from lilo, which "make install" invokes18:48
jaegerit's caused by lilo.conf being unconfigured18:48
DarkLinkXXXXLilo? But me gusta grub!18:48
jaegerthen don't use make install :)18:48
DarkLinkXXXXDo I use then? Just copy bzimage (and what else?) to /boot?18:49
DarkLinkXXXX*What do18:49
_root_jaeger:  and dual cores are what?18:49
jaegerI usually copy bzImage to /boot/vmlinuz-$(uname -r) and to /boot/$(uname -r)18:50
DarkLinkXXXXAll right. If there's no initramfs, do I need to copy anything else?18:50
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jaeger_root_: dual core CPUs. as in the CPU has dual cores18:50
jaegerDarkLinkXXXX: that should be enough. isn't even required as far as I know, just bzImage and "make modules_install"18:50
_root_jaeger: I am confuzzzzed18:50
DarkLinkXXXXjaeger, Wait, isn't the different between those two processors that one is dual processor, and the other is dual core?18:53
jaegerbetween which two processors?18:54
DarkLinkXXXXjaeger, The ones _root_ asked you about.18:55
jaegerI may be misunderstanding your question but one processor cannot by definition be dual processor18:55
jaegerdual-core is a description, not the name of a processor18:55
jaegera processor can be dual-core or quad-core, etc.18:55
_root_look; in the past core-dual cpus they had 2 cores. and i3 series have 2 cores also.18:56
_root_so what is the difference between them18:56
jaegerAre you referring specifically to "core 2 duo" processors?18:57
_root_jaeger: Yep18:57
jaeger"core 2 duo" was a name, "dual core" (or "dual-core") is not18:57
DarkLinkXXXXFun fact: core 2 duo is what I'm using.18:57
jaegerThat line of processors was the "core" line18:57
jaegercore 2, specifically. There were "solo", "duo", "quad", etc.18:57
jaegerThey were dual-core. i3s are dual-core. The difference is time18:58
jaegerThe core 2 brand is from 2006.18:58
jaegerThat's a gross oversimplification as the technology has changed a LOT since then but the idea is the same18:59
joacimdon't think they made core 2 processors with only a single core19:00
joacimthey did make a core solo tho19:00
jaegerthey did, the core 2 solo19:00
_root_So basically you say I line and Core2 Duo or dual core are just the brand names?19:01
joacimoh they did. U220019:01
_root_and the differences are lying somewhere else?19:01
jaegeryou're still mixing terms19:01
joacima few others too19:01
jaeger"dual core" is just an adjective19:01
jaegerit means that the CPU has 2 cores19:01
_root_let me search for example or dual core I mean19:02
jaeger"core 2 duo" and "i3" are brand names19:02
_root_G2020 vs i319:02
jaegerin fact i3 is technically "core i3" if you want to nitpick19:02
_root_both have 2 cores19:02
jaegerso they are both dual core19:02
_root_so why they are different? and on different catagories19:03
jaegerThe G2020 is part of the "pentium" brand19:03
jaegerthey have different features19:03
jaegerIf you want to see specifics look at Intel's ARK. vs for example19:04
_root_jaeger: So the difference is not in the number of cores. but their features like hyper threading and turbo boost19:04
jaegercan also be different cache sizes, different maximum memory sizes, one may support onboard video and another doesn't, etc.19:05
_root_jaeger: and what about the number of sockets19:06
jaegerThe number of sockets is not reflected in the processor name or brand19:06
_root_jaeger: i3 that you passted is 1150 yes?19:06
_root_jaeger: but it does related to cpu power?19:07
_root_cpu's power19:07
jaegerno, just the number of CPUs19:07
jaegerif you have a motherboard with 2 sockets you can put 2 identical CPUs on it19:07
jaeger"socket" in this case denotes the physical connector/slot19:07
jaegerIt probably is 1150, I don't have it still open19:08
joacimNever seen a dual socket LGA1150 board before19:11
joacimonly LGA201119:11
jaegerIt's unlikely that there are any. LGA1150 is a consumer socket19:12
joacimi still miss the good old days19:12
jaeger2011 is considered high-end or server space19:12
joacimI guess nobody really needed a dual celeron 300a system back then19:14
jaegerheh, probably weren't many of those19:17
joacimpretty useless when you bought one ofr games. windows 98 didn't support smp19:18
joacimi think people dualbooted. but that makes me wonder what they did in beos or whtever that needed two cpus =)19:19
_root_as I am searching right now I see so many new features X99 being one of them19:21
_root_and good old days indeed.19:21
_root_I guess the LGA1150 motherboards are better than 115519:22
_root_as I can't find any Core i7 with 1155 sockets and i doubt you could put an 1150socket on 1155 motherboard19:22
joacimLGA1150 is the current consumer tier socket19:23
joacimLGA1155 is the old one19:23
_root_joacim: and because of that there is no i7 for them. ok now I got that19:23
_root_I was mixing it up19:23
joacimno there are i7s for the LGA115519:25
joacimhere is one19:25
_root_oh. Yes there is.19:26
_root_joacim: I set me eyes on X99 now. It is something nice. really nice19:26
_root_and overclocking is its default19:27
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_root_So I guess with a right setup I can build firefox under 2min and webkit-gtk3 under 4?19:27
joacimI just use the i5-4690 on an LGA1150 motherboard19:28
joacimh97 motherboard I mean19:28
joacimmy cpu builds firefox in about 20 minutes19:28
_root_joacim: very good. pgo?19:29
joacimjust the ones from opt19:29
_root_or normal firefox?19:29
_root_very nice infact; on my alienware is building about 15 minutes19:30
_root_more or less19:30
_root_alienware 201319:30
jaegerI have an i7-2600k on an 1155 right behind me :) It's just a couple generations old19:31
jaegerif you want to buy a current processor it'll be 115019:31
_root_jaeger: yes I do19:31
jaegerWhat's your main workload? Compiling, games, video editing, virtual machines, etc.?19:32
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_root_jaeger: Compile19:37
_root_and some days VMs19:37
jaegerthen you might have a good use case for a current i719:37
joacimI thought about getting the E3-1230v3 for my system19:38
joacimI figured it'd look cooler in speccy =)19:38
jaegerI have two systems here with E3-1230s (v1), they're great. So I can't imagine the v3 is bad19:38
_root_jaeger: the price is reasonable too19:38
jaeger <-- I'd probably go with something like that for a non-overclocking build19:40
_root_joacim: I find a i7-2600k ; are they the same or the k version is little behind and with less features?19:41
joacimk versions can overclock, but sometimes they lack certain features19:41
jaegerThe K version supports overclocking19:41
jaegerlacks VT-d19:41
jaeger99% of people don't want or need VT-d, though19:41
_root_I see19:42
jaegerSo if you wanted to overclock the i7 build I just linked you'd switch to a 4790K and a Z97 motherboard19:44
jaegerAlso, they change features between generations. The i7-2600K did not support VT-d, the i7-4790K does.19:44
jaegerI went with an i5-4690 for my current main box since it's my gaming machine19:47
_root_I s it hard to do over clock in linux. what does it entailes19:50
jaegeroverclocking isn't done in the OS, it won't matter19:50
jaegerIt's done in the BIOS or UEFI app19:51
joacimuhm. the linux framebuffer has a driver for the voodoo and vooodoo2. this means i can use one without a dedicated 2D card?19:51
jaegerThat's a lot bigger topic, take that one to google :)19:51
joacimI guess nobody here knows19:51
jaegerjoacim: no idea, I haven't had a voodoo/voodoo2 since like 199919:51
joacimI can send you one of mine19:52
jaegerpretty sure even my slowest geforce would stomp it19:52
joacimI have them for glide-games19:52
joacimmy GeForce256 DDR is a lot faster19:53
jaegerYou have a 660ti, right?19:53
jaegerYou could probably use some kind of glide emulator or wrapper and the 660 would still outperform the voodoo219:53
joacimyeah. nglide19:53
jaegerjust a guess, though, I've not tried it19:53
joacimare there any wrappers for EAX and A3D?19:54
joacimsounds decent19:56
jaegerheh, re-volt was a fun game19:57
DarkLinkXXXXI tried running lilo, but it said my kernel is too big?19:59
jaegerdid you use bzImage?20:00
DarkLinkXXXXjaeger, Yeah, I figured that out. No that's no longer an issue.20:04
DarkLinkXXXXHowever, I rebooted after running lilo, and I got grub, with an error.20:05
jaegerwell, first I guess you should decide which you want to use and ignore the other one20:08
DarkLinkXXXXLilo, since that seems more supported here.20:10
jaegermore supported in what way? I use and maintain grub2 for what that's worth20:12
jaegereither one should work, though20:12
jaegerIf you're using MBR rather than GPT disk layout you could try erasing the boot sector and re-running lilo20:14
jaegerdd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1; lilo -M /dev/sda (assuming sda is the disk on which you want to install lilo)20:14
jaegerthe dd command replaces the first 512 bytes of the disk with zeros, then lilo install its own stuff there20:15
jaegerbe very careful with dd, though, as you can erase all your data if you use it incorrectly20:15
jaegerAnother data point, 512 bytes might hit the partition table so you might want to use bs=446 instead20:16
jaeger(it's been a long time since I had to do this so I'd advise researching it before trying it)20:17
joacimI think 512 wipes out the partition table as well =)20:17
jaegeryou're probably right20:17
jaegerdd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=446 count=1 <-- would be better in that case20:17
jaegera quick search online concurs, 446 is correct in this case20:18
jaegerI wonder if anyone still uses grub 0.9x20:18
rmullI used grub-legacy until just recently, when I switched to lilo20:19
joacimI use lilo. It works, so why bother changing =)20:20
joacimI'd probably find something else for my uefi system20:21
jaegerOnly preference. If you prefer lilo, keep using it20:21
teK_joacim: there's elilo ;)20:21
jaegerThere's elilo if you want similar20:21
joacimI have something else in mind20:22
joacimI forgot the name tho20:22
jaegerclover? gummiboot?20:23
jaegernot that it really matters, just curious :)20:23
teK_er hat ein knall-ro-tes Gummiiibooooot20:23
joacimyeah. I think i saw it on the arch wiki20:24
joacimbut i can't reach it atm20:24
jaegerburg or efistub, perhaps20:24
joacimsomething about dumping files in the efi partition20:24
jaegerwell, all of them require something in the ESP20:25
joacimmaybe it was efibootmgr20:26
teK_that's not enough20:26
teK_but you will need that, too20:26
joacimhalf the internet is dead on my end, so i can't find out20:26
teK_to 'install' your efi bootloader first plac20:26
joacimI can visit, but half the links are dead, and the cache doesn't work :/20:27
joacimit isn't important. It'll be a long time until I'll move crux to a efi system20:27
teK_at least IRC is working!20:27
joacimgot all the important bits in place20:27
joacimtorrents and irc20:27
teK_mind me pasting our wiki article? :>20:27 works =)20:27
teK_% w3m -dump | wc 366    1970   1345020:28
joacimI don't really like my ISP. their first line support is better, but the quality of their service has become worse. they downgraded my connection too20:30
joacimin this building, I have to choose between this isp, or an even worse adsl-based isp20:30
FaymNo love for extlinux D:20:52
DarkLinkXXXXIt boots!21:08
DarkLinkXXXXNow where do I find the firmware file for iwlwifi, and where do I put it?21:09
jaegerFaym: at the time the UEFI page was written syslinux/extlinux were unusable for UEFI21:16
jaegermaybe better now, I haven't tried them21:16
*** Feksclaus has quit IRC21:31
*** lnds has quit IRC21:37
_root_jaeger: what is between your I3 and df repo?21:48
jaegerno idea, I'm not familiar with the df one21:57
*** phant0mas has quit IRC22:12
DarkLinkXXXXHow is it that I have iwlwifi loaded, (and there's no errors about missing firmware this time), but lo is the only net device I have?22:13
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux22:21
*** jdolan has joined #crux22:53
jaegerit won't show up in ifconfig's output until it's configured but if you're using ip, something else may be up23:02
DarkLinkXXXXjaeger, ip addr show doesn't have a wlan either.23:05
nrxtxDarkLinkXXXX: is there any output of "dmesg | grep iwlwifi"?23:06
*** kori has joined #crux23:13
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC23:23
DarkLinkXXXXnrxtx, Nope.23:29
mhewhich iwlwifi do you need23:35
mhelook at the iwlwifi 3945 Pkgfile and change it to your specific one23:36
mheor you can install them all23:37
mheeven better to swap your wifi for one that does not use a binary blob23:37
DarkLinkXXXXmhe, I moduled all the ones with “intel” in the name.23:37
DarkLinkXXXXI think I'll just run oldconfig on ubuntu's kernel configuration. That should work, right?23:39
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux23:41
DarkLinkXXXXNow I realize I probably compiled iwlwifi where the kernel wasn't already compiled. Could that change things?23:41
DarkLinkXXXXI agree with you about the binary blobs, but then I'd have to buy something!23:42
mhelspci as root user23:42
mhewhen I lspci | grep net I only see my ethernet23:42
DarkLinkXXXXmhe, I already checked it, it says iwlwifi is loaded.23:42
mheyes but you need the ucode23:43
mheso lspci and look what version of iwlwifi you need23:43
mhethen grab the iwlwifi 3945 Pkgfile and change the names and source so it fits to your need23:43
mhecd to the dir and pkgmk -um -d23:44
jaeger'dmesg | grep fw' should tell if it's missing. If you have the right one then the interface should exist23:44
mhethen pkgmk -uf and pkgadd23:44
mheon my thinkpad T400, where the bios does not boot when you swap the wifi, I need iwlwifi 5000-3 for my iwlwifi 510023:45
DarkLinkXXXXmhe, What's this ucode you speak of?23:45
DarkLinkXXXXAlso, how can I grab that Pkgfile?23:46
jaegermhe: some of those thinkpad BIOSes can be hacked to disable the whitelist23:46
mhecheck the Pkgfile and halfway23:46
*** rocx has joined #crux23:47
mhe@jaeger I did not searched hard enough23:47
jaegerI think the T400 is one23:47
jaegerI looked around a bit when I got my X220 but haven't actually tried anything since the wifi in it is really solid23:47
mhetnx for the link, something to try out next weekend :)23:48
DarkLinkXXXXMaybe it'd help if I had the firmware! ^_^23:48
mheI use linux-libre on my eee and dell-e640023:49
DarkLinkXXXXI incorrectly assumed that if I didn't have the firmware, it'd show up in dmesg, but I don't see anything resembling it in /lib/firmware.23:49
mheyes, check which exact intel wifi card you have and create a package for the fw23:49
jaegertry 'dmesg | grep fw'23:49
jaegerIf the firmware that the kernel driver tries to load doesn't exist, you'll see something there23:50
mheyou can also try alan's repo and install a lot of ucodes
mheI am off to bed, see you guys tomorrow23:54
Wasphi, i have copied crux.iso onto usb (without dd -- build my own boot-stick) .. boots fine into busybox but is unable to mount the usb-stick to /.tmpfs/.media .. in fact mount seems unable to mount anything23:54
Waspalready have a linux on the machine and also cannot mount any other already existing linux partitions23:55
Wasp-> invalid argument23:55
Waspwhat do i did forget?23:55
jaegercheck dmesg output, see if there are any errors23:55
jaegerare the proper filesystem and disk controller modules loaded?23:55
Wasphmm, never thought of dmesg because there are no propper usb-tools, not even file(1) with busybox23:58
jaegeryeah, it's pretty minimal23:58
jaegerI think dmesg is there, though23:58
Waspext2-fs (sda4): error: could'tmount because of unsupported optioneal features (240)23:59
Waspyes, it is23:59
koriI never understood the difference between sysvinit and rc, can someone explain?23:59
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC23:59
Waspand the usb i think: "FAT-fs (sdb1): codepage cp437 not found"23:59
jaegercrux's e2fsprogs are pretty untouched, that message is common if you made the filesystem with ubuntu or something else that has e2fsprogs patches23:59

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