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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: clementine: fix compile error01:48
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DarkLinkXXXXHey, can you give the .config file that comes with crux? I lost mine.04:39
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nilpdoes anybody use openjdk?06:16
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nilpor java at all for that matter?06:23
henesyDarkLinkXXXX, I don't have one on me, but you might be able to download a .iso, mount it somewhere, and then get it out of there...06:23
henesynilp, maybe?06:23
nilphenesy, are you asking me for something or saying that you may or may not use java and the use of such is best to not be mentioned? Or something else entierly.06:26
nilp*admited not mentioned.06:26
henesynilp, just wondering what the problem is that prompts the question, I haven't been on crux in awhile, but I might be of some help06:27
nilpwell i wanted java and there are two ports for it, jdk which needs you to download some version of jdk that I cannot find before building and openjdk on romsters that requires jdk6 to build.06:28
nilpso I kind of just ported alienbobs slackware package of openjdk over, binary though but it works.06:29
henesyahhh okay06:29
henesyprobably not too many people using it06:29
nilpthat's what I was thinking. Why though?06:30
henesyNot that many maintainers I suppose06:33
henesythings get forgotten until someone emails someone or brings it up here06:33
DarkLinkXXXXhenesy, Found it! Booted the cd, copied from /proc/config.gz.06:51
henesyDarkLinkXXXX, grats!06:53
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nwenilp: read the readme file in /usr/ports/opt/jre/ for java07:08
nilphuh, suppose I should learn to look at readme's.07:11
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nilpcool, works.07:33
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Romsternilp, i use java but i haven't tried openjdk08:10
Romsternever could get it to compile and i really don't wanna use another binary other than the jdk08:12
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u7knv9hi cannot get wpa_supplicant to run in backgroud with -B, anyone can help me?13:48
u7knv9hi get13:52
u7knv9hSuccessfully initialized wpa_supplicant13:52
u7knv9hdaemon: No such device13:52
u7knv9hand then (after dhcpcd start)13:53
u7knv9h wlp1s0: CTRL-EVENT-TERMINATING ù13:53
u7knv9hand dhcpcd stays on "dhcpcd[9729]: wlp1s0: waiting for carrier" like forever13:56
u7knv9h"ctrl_interface not defined in /etc/wpa_supplican.conf", but i never had it defined and everything worked, and i didn't update anything13:58
teK_there are different backends, wpa_sup can use, check to use the right one14:03
u7knv9hi'm using (and i've always used) wpa_passphrase and dhcpcd14:04
teK_no the driver backend for your card14:09
teK_iwlwifi etc.14:09
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u7knv9hi'm using ath9k14:12
u7knv9hthe problem is that if i start wpa_supplicant AND in another console dhcpcd everything works, but if i try to wpa_supplicant in background with -B i get errors14:13
u7knv9h(using /etc/rc.d/net)14:14
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u7knv9hi tried to set ctrl_interface in /etc/wpa_supplicant.con but nothing changes14:16
jueu7knv9h: newer versions of dhcpcd have a hook for wpa_supplicant, meaning dhcpcd starts wpa_supplicant for your wireless interfaces14:16
jueit should be sufficient to just start dhcpcd14:17
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u7knv9hwhich version exactly? if i start dhcpcd without starting wpa_supplicant before i get stuck at14:19
u7knv9hdhcpcd[12042]: wlp1s0: waiting for carrier14:19
juehmm, dunno exactly which version, but the hooks are in /lib/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-hooks14:20
u7knv9hyea, i have 10-wpa_supplicant in /lib/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-hooks14:21
jueok, your network is correctly defined in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf?14:22
u7knv9hyes, but only the network (no ctrl_interface or anything)14:24
juewhy not? wpa_cli is very useful sometime14:32
juethe port default is to set it to /var/run/wpa_supplicant14:32
juesorry, have to run now, good luck14:33
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Roosevelt@ u7knv9h14:43
Rooseveltwpa_supplicant -Bw -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -iath0 -Dmadwifi14:43
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u7knv9hi never set ctrl_interface because i never needed wpa_cli :/ maybe i'll set it15:00
u7knv9h@Roosevelt -w unrecognized option15:01
u7knv9hdid you mean -W ?15:01
u7knv9hanyway i get the same error,15:01
u7knv9hdaemon: No such device15:01
u7knv9hbash-4.3# wlp1s0: CTRL-EVENT-TERMINATING15:02
Roosevelt@u7knv9h sorry, -W option is wait for a control interface monitor before starting15:05
u7knv9hwlp1s0: CTRL-EVENT-TERMINATING15:10
Roosevelthave you tried -iwlp1so15:14
u7knv9hyes, i always use it15:16
Rooseveltyou got one of those hidden ssid15:16
u7knv9hi have always worked with "/usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant -B -iwlp1s0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.con"15:17
u7knv9hin /etc/rc.d/net15:17
Rooseveltmine work a while back with ap_scan=2,scan_ssid=1 when using wpa-psk15:18
u7knv9hbut since this morning i got "daemon: no such device wlp1s0: CTRL-EVENT-TERMINATING" using it15:18
u7knv9hbut without -B (to run in background) it works15:18
Rooseveltno such device?15:19
Rooseveltwell is your  device up?15:20
u7knv9hi'm using it right now15:21
Rooseveltyou wlp4s015:21
u7knv9hbut without -B, so i have to keep a terminal open with wpa_supplicant running15:22
u7knv9hyes, wlp1s015:22
Rooseveltso you have wifi now15:22
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Rooseveltyou can use &15:23
Rooseveltat the end so you don't keep a terminal open15:23
u7knv9hyes i can do it, but i don't understand why the script has stopped working without upgrading or changing anything15:24
Rooseveltwhat's in your net15:25
Rooseveltyour net file what you have for DEV15:26
u7knv9hwlp1s0, but it doesn't matter since DEV is used only for static connections, and i'm using DHCP15:27
Rooseveltwell for me i used enp2s0 and that was the only way I got my net file working15:28
u7knv9hyea but DEV is used only in static connections (in my /etc/rc.d/net) so changing it wouldn't solve anything in my case15:31
Rooseveltwell what I mean is have you tried manually get a dhcp address with dhcp interface15:31
Rooseveltdhcpcd "interface"15:31
u7knv9hyes, i'm doing it now and works15:32
u7knv9hand 'ive always did it15:33
u7knv9hthe problem is that15:33
u7knv9hif i add -B to wpa_supplicant in the script15:33
u7knv9hi get only15:33
u7knv9hdaemon: no such device15:33
u7knv9hwlp1s0: CTRL-EVENT-TERMINATING15:33
u7knv9hand dhcpcd doesn't even start15:34
Rooseveltwpa_supplicant-BddW ?15:36
u7knv9hand now, the script works, what the fuck15:39
u7knv9h output of /etc/rc.d/net15:40
u7knv9hno, works without -B and with & at the end15:42
u7knv9hbut without & and with -B doesn't work15:42
Roosevelthave your tried deleting /var/run/wpa_supplicant before running wpa_supplicant15:44
u7knv9hyes, but doesn't work15:46
u7knv9h and i get stuck at the last line15:46
u7knv9h"waiting for carrier"15:47
u7knv9hlol i'm giving up, i'll just keep & at the end of wpa_supp and remove -B15:53
u7knv9hone day i'll read carefully the man pages and fix this15:53
u7knv9hbut not today15:53
Rooseveltyour wpa_supplicant.conf other than your personal info what else you have in there15:56
Rooseveltthere is no /usr/share/doc in crux for wpa supplicant but I found one
u7knv9hthanks! i'll have a look16:29
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thetornainbowRoosevelt: that's a nice link. it took me a month or so of fiddling to get wpa_supplicant to work with my university's peculiar setup17:10
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dedmanwlkis xxd not in ports?17:49
diverseI think it's been recently added to the vim ports, iirc that is17:50
dedmanwlkvim ports?17:50
dedmanwlkgoogle 'crux xxd'17:50
dedmanwlk and i see /ports/2.7/opt/xxd17:50
diverseTalk to jue about it17:51
dedmanwlkokay, thanks anyway diverse17:51
dedmanwlkah shit17:52
dedmanwlkim on 317:52
dedmanwlkmaybe thats why17:52
diverseIf you need it that badly, you can just create your own port, it's really easy17:54
dedmanwlkin the midst17:54
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rmulldedmanwlk: I wondered about that, but then I just started using od instead18:16
rmullod seems nice18:17
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rmullAlthough xxd seems slightly more useful as seen here:
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dedmanwlki will check that out18:20
dedmanwlki use xxd on disk images for forensic work, il let you know if od cuts it18:20
rmullFor that, I expect it will18:21
rmullThere is also hexdump18:22
rmullBut I've never used it18:22
rmullYou get both in the core repo of crux18:23
rmullod and hexdump, that is18:23
deep42thoughtHi, how do I tell ports/prt-get, that exim is now in version 4.84, it tries to update to 4.83, which it can't.18:24
fr0stb1teUsing a tmpfs as a downloads dir is so handy18:25
fr0stb1teNo cleaning it all the time18:25
rmulldeep42thought: Is your Pkgfile up to date? I did a ports -u?18:26
deep42thoughtyeah, I dit it right before "prt-get sysup"18:27
deep42thoughtHmm, maybe I'll just invest some time and update to Crux3.1 ...18:32
rmullThe 3.1 core repo is separate from the 3.0 repo18:36
deep42thoughtyes, and I guess, there's some minor mistake in the 3.0 one, so I'll just keep it as is and when I have some time, switch to 3.1, which I want anyway19:05
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leo-unglaubgood evening19:52
leo-unglaubi hate the crux linux website ... every time i doubleclick something to select and copy it ... it jumps into this fucked up editing mode19:53
koriwhat browser19:54
koriI use firefox w/ vimperator and it works fine here19:54
leo-unglaubit always jumps to ?action=edit19:54
leo-unglauband wants me to login19:54
kori┐('~'; )┌19:54
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pidsleyso just select and copy, don't double click20:01
leo-unglaubpidsley: it's a reflex .. once double click -> select word20:02
leo-unglaubdoubleclick twice -> selcet sencente20:02
leo-unglaub3 doubleclicks -> select paragraph20:02
pidsleyretrain your reflexes? ;)20:03
leo-unglaubhaha, yes ... thats a good idea *g*20:03
pidsleyi didn't even know you could select the way you dp; but i see now that does work, but i get the same result as you20:04
pidsleynow i have to go see if other sites do it too ;)20:05
fr0stb1teRetrain your reflexes for this one site!20:05
pidsley^ exactly20:05
pidsleyCRUX requires retraining at all levels !20:05
leo-unglaubwell, i have an easiert solution ... disabled js ;)20:06
fr0stb1teBut yeah, I also hate when sites do that shit. doubleckick selects a word, don't shove the editing interface into my face20:06
fr0stb1teNoScript ftw :D20:06
fr0stb1teOr just globally disabled js20:06
fr0stb1teAlthough that's inconvenient20:06
leo-unglaubna, only disabled it on crux website ;)20:06
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pidsleyleo-unglaub: i saw you mention openbsd; do you use it?20:11
leo-unglaubonly in a VM to check if my tools are compiling well ... but i am thinking of trying it on a server once ... there network stack is codeporn!20:12
pidsleyi have installed it on one of my machines; i like it but i have a hard time getting used to the differences in coreutils20:12
pidsleylame excuse, i know20:12
pidsleybut of all the bsds, openbsd was the easiest install20:13
leo-unglaubno, i know what you mean ..20:13
pidsleyit has not always been this way20:13
leo-unglaubthose little differences make my life harder as well20:13
pidsleyall my aliases break :(20:13
leo-unglaubi hate there package management .. with all those env variables ... thats so confusing20:13
leo-unglaubi love the crux approach much better20:14
pidsley^ exactly20:14
leo-unglaubcrux with an openbsd kernel would be awesome .. *g*20:15
pidsleyit is easy to install crux packages on another system; i wonder if it could be done on a bsd20:16
leo-unglaubsomeone tryed it20:16
leo-unglaubi found something like that in the docs on the website20:16
leo-unglaubbut it did not try it20:16
pidsleyi installed kfreebsd (debian usetland with a bsd kernel) -- it works20:16
pidsleybut will probably be history once debian adopts systemd full time20:17
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pidsleydid you get your wireless working (or was that someone else with that problem) ?20:20
fr0stb1te heh20:20
pidsleywow that looks way more complicated than necessary20:22
pidsleybut i admit i am wireless noob20:22
pidsleyoh wait; dbus20:23
leo-unglaubhmm, how did you define the core, opt and xorg rsyncd section names?20:23
leo-unglaubi always get this20:23
leo-unglaubWarning: invalid section name in configuration file: "ports/crux/leo-unglaub"20:23
pidsleywhere did you define the names?20:26
leo-unglaubi did [ports/crux/leo-unglaub]20:26
leo-unglauband then listet the path20:26
leo-unglaubi think those / are the problem20:27
leo-unglaubbut you used them as well20:27
leo-unglaubhow did you do that?20:27 for example20:27
fr0stb1teWow wow wow20:30
fr0stb1teI've tried building wicked20:30
fr0stb1tehead -1 configure: #! /bin/sh20:30
fr0stb1teline 3163: set -- ${VERSION//./ }20:30
fr0stb1teVERY FUNNY20:31
leo-unglaubfrinnst: jaeger: tilman: yould one of you maybe pastebin the rsyncd.conf from the crux webserver?20:32
leo-unglaubforgett it ... i found the problem20:41
pidsleyleo-unglaub: so what was the problem?20:49
leo-unglaubports/crux-3.1/core/ is not the identifier ... just ports is ... and the rest is just a subdirectory ...20:49
leo-unglaubsometimes i am just stupid *g*20:50
leo-unglaubmaybe a question to all of you ports maintainers, how do you upload new ports? do you have a seperate section in your rsyncd.conf with upload rights? or do you use git and an extract script?20:51
tilmanthe latter21:04
tilmanpost-update hook i think21:04
leo-unglaubtilman: do you have a script for that?21:14
leo-unglaubcould you send it to me?21:14
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pidsleyanyone else here using busybox init with CRUX?21:42
leo-unglaubpidsley: busybox with initramfs21:43
pidsleycool; i don't use an initramfs, but i use busybox, with a simple init script21:44
leo-unglaubi need initramfs because i use fully encrypted hard drives21:45
pidsleyah yes21:45
pidsleyi go for simple ;)21:45
leo-unglaubit is not that hard once you got it21:46
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pidsleybut if i don't need initramfs, much easier not not use it21:47
leo-unglaubi use a little bit more in it, but i stripped out stuff like the german keyboard layout, ...21:47
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pidsleysweet; i use busybox init everywhere now21:54
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pidsleyi like to throw it at people who claim they are being "forced" to use systemd ;)21:56
leo-unglaubdont start with systemd ...21:57
pidsleyoh no i won't, don't worry21:58
pidsleyi hate that argument/discussion/bullshit21:58
leo-unglaubsystemd sucks ...21:59
leo-unglaubthats how simple it is21:59
pidsleydon't start with systemd ;)21:59
pidsleyi personally think it has its merits, but i don't use it22:00
pidsleyso we just won't go there22:00
pidsleybusybox rules22:00
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leo-unglaubmaybe this is not very crux related, but has anyone of you ever written a GTK theme from scratch?22:09
*** pidsley has joined #crux22:35
pidsleydon't most people start with a good theme, and modify it?22:36
pidsleyyou want to start with nothing?22:36
pidsleyor do i perhaps misunderstand "from scratch" ?22:38
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leo-unglaubpidsley: no, i want to start from blank22:55
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pidsleywell then leo-unglaub : i'd still start from an already working theme, and work from that22:59
pidsleybut i don't do gtk, so probably not the best person to ask23:00
leo-unglaubpidsley: i want to know how much bload is in all those themes and try how small a good theme can be23:00
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leo-unglaubpidsley: what desktop environment do you use?23:01
pidsleyi don't use a DE; i use ratpoison23:03
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pidsleyfor a wm; i guess i do use gtk for firefox; but i don't theme it23:04
pidsleyno gui file manager or such23:05
leo-unglaublooks nice23:05
leo-unglaubi used i3wm for a few month ... but my girlfriend complained always because she had no mouse *g*23:06
pidsleyratpoison scrots are boring ;)23:06
leo-unglaubnow it's xfce4 again *g*23:06
pidsleywhen i used a DE i like LXDE23:06
leo-unglaubi liked lxde before they switched to QT23:07
diverseLook into lxqt if you have the chance23:07
pidsleytoo much work; too much extra crap23:07
pidsleybut that is just my opinion23:07
leo-unglaubi dont like qt, because i cannot write c++23:08
pidsleymy scrots all look like this
leo-unglaubnice ... very nice ...23:10
leo-unglaubis it sad if this screenshot makes me horney?23:10
pidsleyoh i have more like that ;)23:11
leo-unglaubdont show them to me ... i promized my girlfiend i let her sleep tonight *g*23:13
pidsleydon't forget musca, ratpoison's unstable brother
leo-unglaubwaaa, nano???23:15
pidsleyi am a window manager slut; don't get me started23:15
pidsleyI LOVE NANO23:16
pidsleyyou hate nano, you talk to the hand23:16
leo-unglaubi used to need nano to edit my source.list to include vim *g*23:17
pidsleynano is always there, until i install vim ;)23:18
leo-unglaubhehe, no i have no problem with nano ... i just use vim to be cool *g*23:19
leo-unglaubi am also still using arrow keys in vim ... *g*23:19
pidsleyi use noth23:20
pidsleycan't tell you how many times i do :q in nano23:20
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pidsleynice thing about nano (and basic coreutils) is that they are usually there in every distro23:21
leo-unglaubyes, thats the biggest problem with vim23:21
pidsleyso this is why my fingers know nano ;)23:22
leo-unglaubif you have your 500 line .vimrc it's awesome .. but if you are on a guest system ... you cannot use vim at all *g*23:22
pidsley^ this23:22
pidsleyfirst thing i do on a new install is vim and vimrc23:22
pidsleybut mine is nowhere near 500 lines23:23
leo-unglaub500 was an example, mine is 242 lines23:23
leo-unglaubbut a coworker has 800 lines ...23:24
leo-unglaubthats some heavy shit ..23:24
leo-unglaubhe spend 2 years getting all vim macros right ... and now he uses geany *g*23:24
pidsleyi just have a couple of line-number functions and tab-stop crap23:25
pidsleybut then i don't do grml zsh either23:26
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Subsentientpidsley: Can I help you?23:30
*** aqu4 has joined #crux23:30
pidsleygonna throw burritos at me?23:32
*** heroux has joined #crux23:32
pidsleylet's go epoch23:32
*** heroux_ has joined #crux23:34
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