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cristersHi, after prt-get sysup, I found some thing different: you guys change the style for downloading source tarball,packages downloading progress bar is not at bottom, but right side. Nice!04:55
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nweGood morning guys06:59
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Romstermorning all08:22
nweGood morning08:24
nwehow are you Romster ?08:24
Romsteri'm good08:28
nwenice to hear =) so what are you doing?08:30
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z3braHi guys08:33
Romsterlo z3bra08:34
nwehey z3bra08:39
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frinnstfucking dns and long ttl:s14:04
frinnsti want to do the changes nooooooooooooow14:04
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DarkLinkXXXXTheoretically, there should be nothing wrong with using the latest vanilla kernel, right?17:58
joacimshould be ok18:01
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leo-unglaubgood evening :)19:35
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leo-unglaubfrinnst: tilman: could one of you please add my ports repository to the webdb? that woul be nice19:45
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u7knv9hleo-unglab: you should send a mail to contrib-admin@crux.nu20:32
u7knv9hthey added mine the last week :)20:32
teK_you can ask me, too20:35
leo-unglaubteK_: would you?20:35
teK_URL, Mail, Name?20:35
leo-unglaubi would mail you, but my thunderbird bild is currently broken *g*20:35 | | Leo Unglaub | leo-unglaub20:36
leo-unglaubteK_: ^20:36
teK_% wc -l ~/.zsh/zsh* ~/.zshrc20:36
teK_ 1269 total20:36
teK_is this repo filled?20:38
leo-unglaubi should20:39
teK_but nothing else20:39
leo-unglauboh crap ... my git extract hook failed again ...20:39
leo-unglaublol, the moment i give you the link ...20:39
teK_(I like zsh's TAB completion for rsync :)))20:39
leo-unglaubteK_: please wait with adding it ... i have to fix gitolite first20:40
teK_the DB is updated every day 7am, so you have plenty of time to fix things20:41
leo-unglaubwaaa ... all this preasure ...20:41
leo-unglaubi hear the clock ticking *g*20:42
leo-unglaubteK_: thanks anyway!20:42
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teK_preasure? A mixture of pressure and pleasure? :D20:44
teK_WELCOME! :>20:44
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dedmanwlkiv got ntfs-3g and cifs-utils installed, but 'strace mount -t cifs..' returns "cifs filesystem not supported by the system". i guess im still missing a pkg...?21:03
frinnstno it sounds like you are missing a kernel module21:03
dedmanwlkfrinnst: thank you sir21:03
frinnstits under filesystems -> network filesystems21:04
frinnstor something like that21:04
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dedmanwlkcrux home page is so nice21:10
dedmanwlkminimal. clean. organized.21:10
jaegerdedmanwlk: you can also check /proc/filesystems. if cifs isn't there, the kernel doesn't support it21:11
dedmanwlknot present21:12
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jaegerIf you built it as a module but it's just not loaded, you could check that, too. lsmod | grep cifs, modprobe cifs21:13
frinnstiirc udev will load any filesystem module you try to mount21:13
frinnstnot sure how that magic works though21:13
jaegerI think so, yeah21:13
teK__udev_? wtf? :)21:14
teK_I think it's the kernel doing that21:14
frinnstoh shut it :)21:14
dedmanwlkall set. thanks everyone21:17
jaegerprobably right, I don't remember :)21:19
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Romster now thats a bee hive21:50
jaegerhoney dripping from the ceiling, heh21:52
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_root_hello guys22:26
_root_I have a question about dircolors.sh22:26
_root_or is it dir_colors22:26
_root_it is a file and it should make bash colorful22:27
_root_so i don't know where to put it and exactly how to source it. and also what is the content of the file?22:27
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jaegerIt probably just sets the LS_COLORS env var, try searching google for that22:33
_root_jaeger: confusing22:37
_root_could you give me an actual file22:37
jaegerexport LS_COLORS="di=38;5;108:fi=00:ln=38;5;116:ex=38;5;186" <-- I use this in my .bashrc22:38
jaegerI do not colorize many things, though22:38
jaeger <-- try that22:38
dxlr8rset -x LS_COLORS 'no=00:fi=00:di=01:ln=00:pi=00:so=00:do=00:bd=00:cd=00:or=00;31:ex=04;36:'22:43
dxlr8rbest settings :P22:43
dxlr8rused for over 10 years22:44
teK_(note that I had to use a pastebin :>)22:46
dxlr8romg :P22:46
dxlr8rI like mine KISS :P22:47
dxlr8rto many colours22:49
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teK_KISS? wtf22:56
teK_this is a non-argument. You set that thingy once and be happy with its look forever?22:56
jaegerIt's purely subjective, use what you want :P22:57
teK_kiss implies that having that set is complicated (in daily shell sessions)22:57
dxlr8ryeah :) I just prefer it more obvious22:57
dxlr8rkeep is simple and stupid22:58
teK_it was simply. I did copy and paste :))22:58
dxlr8rwell, I found it confusing. why does pdf have an underline?22:59
dxlr8rand why is tar bold?22:59
dxlr8rjust seems random with no consistancy23:00
dxlr8rand you would have to manually update it a lot with say with .odt, .ods, m4a, etc.23:03
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dxlr8rbut, each to his own I guess :)23:03
teK_off to bed ;)23:08
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leo-unglaubteK_: i fixed my git script hopefully23:28
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