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_root_hello folks; I am back :)01:29
_root_how could I delete a local?01:29
korinot sure, sorry01:30
_root_kori:hello m8; np01:31
_root_anyone else?01:32
_root_deleting a locale?01:32
joacimMaybe the man page for localedef has something about that01:34
joacimI don't know tho, as I've never had to do stuff like that01:34
_root_what does your **locale -a** say?01:42
_root_joacim:nb is Norwegian Bokmål. right?01:45
joacimnn would be nynorsk01:45
_root_joacim: oh yes; yes it is01:45
joacimI don't think they have a høgnorsk-option for autistic people tho01:45
_root_is it ok if i dod export LC_ALL="en_US.UTF-8" in /etc/profile. I read that is highly discourage because it overrides other options. So what. I want UTF-8. why shouldn't i do that?01:46
joacimexport CHARSET="UTF-8"01:47
joacimexport LANG="en_US.utf8"01:47
joacimI just have those two lines01:47
_root_ok I would put them in my /etc/profile01:48
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u7knv9hthe kernel in crux is the vanilla one, isn't it?15:03
diverseThe one provided by the ISO is but it also has some good defaults in the .config file15:08
u7knv9hand modules for KVM should be in Virtualization, right?15:09
u7knv9hi have only VHOST_NET in virtualization ;__:15:11
u7knv9hi mean, if i search `KVM` with / i can see it and its location15:13
u7knv9hbut when i go to the location i see nothing15:13
u7knv9h(using menuconfig)15:14
jaegerprobably means it requires something that isn't enabled15:14
jaegerwhich you can also see when you search for it15:14
u7knv9hoh right, i didn't noticed that it depended on HIGH_RES_TIMERS15:16
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koriI asked this question a while ago and it didn't get answered, but why are the coreutils compiled with make -j1?15:29
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tilmanpobably because they fail to build with $j > 115:48
fr0stb1temake -j5 works on this end.15:50
fr0stb1teWIth the latest version from though15:50
diverseSounds like the explicit -j1 is not needed anymore15:53
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joacimkori: I gave you an answer16:08
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Rooseveltgood morning everyone!16:10
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korijoacim: oh sorry I went AFK right after and I didn't read scrollback because of no highlights18:33
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Rooseveltanyone here got awesomewm installed?18:39
koriRoosevelt: not right now but I've used it18:41
RooseveltI'm curious why it's not in ports.18:43
korimaybe because no one has ported it yet :P18:44
korihold on a sec18:44
koriaye, no one has ported it yet18:44
Roosevelthmmm okay..... I guess I have to make a port18:48
RooseveltI found this but it's old version18:48
joacimthere used to be one somewhere. i guess the maintainer grew tired of maintaining it18:49
koriRoosevelt: are you sure you linked the right picture18:52
koriif you are, that's horribly confusing18:52
Rooseveltoh sorry18:52
koriI'd make a port but i'm not too interested in awesome18:54
RooseveltI will use that to start from18:54
joacimI'd just copy the arch pkgbuild18:55
Rooseveltand just work from there?19:01
Rooseveltgood idea!19:02
koriRoosevelt: I did that for a couple programs that weren't ported19:02
korithat I needed a quick port19:02
korithen I cleaned them up later with prtverify19:02
Rooseveltprtverify give suggested fixes19:03
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diverseAny efistub users around?20:23
dxlr8rdon't need more than lilo :)21:02
frinnsti think tek and jaeger both use uefi21:04
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koriI use uefi but w/ legacy boot21:19
korino GPT or anything21:19
koriI actually couldn't get elilo/GPT/anything UEFI working :P21:19
jaegerI use UEFI with grub2 on most of my installs now21:22
mheso, jaeger, what guide do you recommend, my pc's are all BIOS but soon I will need to go uefi21:31
mheI did got an old fedora (guess 16) early uefi fixed with auto options but found a 512mb uefi disk a bit overkill21:32
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rmulluhhh... dumb question time - If I have a script that starts with #!/usr/bin/env python, I should be able to execute it normally by doing ./script, right?21:48
rmullIt's +x and works fire if I do "python script"21:49
rmullWhen I do ./script it says ": No such file or directory"21:49
rmullI don't think the script ever gets called21:50
korirmull: #!/usr/bin/env python and ./script SHOULD work21:51
jaegermhe: for CRUX, read and see what you think21:54
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rmullkori: An interesting line from my strace: execve("/usr/bin/python\r", ["python\r", "./"], [/* 24 vars */]) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)21:59
rmullI don't think that should have failed21:59
rmullIt's something particular to this file. If I create a new file with just a print statement in it, it works22:03
jaegertry opening it in vim and running :set ff=unix, then saving it22:04
rmullThat fixed it22:04
rmullI guess that makes sense. I downloaded the original from the web22:05
jaegerah, yeah22:05
rmullAnd you can see the \r carriage returns in the strace call22:06
jaegeryeah, that's what made me guess it was a dos format file22:06
rmullDidn't realize that it would break stuff, interesting22:06
rmullanyway, thanks jaeger22:06
rmullMaybe I should set my vim to show CRs22:07
hhhhhhhhhow do you lock a file from being changed again :d22:07
hhhhhhhhby prt-get22:07
rmullhhhhhhhh: A file, or a package?22:07
hhhhhhhha file22:07
jaegersee /etc/pkgadd.conf22:08
hhhhhhhhjaeger: thanks22:09
hhhhhhhhdoes anyone know if it's possible to mix gpt and bios22:11
hhhhhhhhi would like to have many many partitions for linux, and also be able to dualboot openbsd which doesn't like uefi22:12
joacimI use GPT for my storage drives22:12
joacimbut never for the OS drive22:12
joacimthis is on a bios system22:12
hhhhhhhhi have a netbook so multiple drives is beyond me22:12
joacimdon't know about gpt support for openbsd, but you can use lvm to contain all your linux partitions.22:14
hhhhhhhhis lvm like bsd's disklabel22:14
hhhhhhhhlike you have 1 primary partition and then the os divides that into lots more22:15
joacimdon't know how disklabel works22:24
joacimso i can't compare22:24
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: chromium-pepperflash: 36.0.1985.143 -> 38.0.2125.10123:15
mhetnx for the uefi link for crux23:27
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frinnstgpt doesnt really have anything to do with uefi23:36
jaegernot specifically, though some UEFI implementations require it23:37
frinnstI run gpt on / without any uefi boot23:37
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