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diverseWoohoo!! Fully booted in my new installation through uefi and efistub!00:11
diverseI beat the system wooo!00:12
diverseSayonara grub2!00:13
diverseAnd it really boots fast00:14
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Romsterkori, joacim pointed out
koriRomster: aye, I scrolled up and saw it01:20
Romstercoreutils is small so not so bad on -j1 but if it was like qt4 or something then you'd have something to complain about.01:20
koriand as has been said, that bug doesn't exist anymore01:20
koriand the pkgfile has been modified accordingly01:20
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Romsterrmull, dos2unix also works01:25
Romsterkori, you could try touching the man pages for help2man stuff01:29
Romsterand remove -j1 and submit a bug/feature report to's flyspray01:29
koriRomster: huh01:30
Romsteras long as the patch isn't as ugly as doing -j101:30
korinonono, -j1 has been removed already01:30
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Romsterwell they must of fixed that race then01:30
koriit was fixed upstream01:30
Romsteri hate when multiple make jobs fail since i'm using -j2401:31
xeirrrRomster: How many cores do you have?01:32
Romsteronly 4 on this pc but i got a few boxens with distcc01:34
Romstergetto compile farm01:34
diverseIf you guys have any big packages you don't want to build, Romster can provide you the packages01:36
koriI personally hate compiling webkit01:37
Romsterproviding it's not a major pain that they all exist in some repo01:37
koriI have an intel i5 3570k and most packages compile real fast01:37
koribut webkit takes 40 mins to compile01:38
koriand even then, all webkit browsers segfault with HTML501:38
Romsterwebkit is pre-compiled for those that take hours or even days01:38
koriand I can't find the reason01:38
Romsterits just C++01:38
Romsterwith boost it seems to take forever to resolve stuff.01:39
xeirrrRomster: That url helps me.01:43
xeirrrThanks. I really hate webkit.01:43
koridoes anyone have problems with webkit-based browsers segfaulting with HTML5?01:43
Romsteri havne't had that, i have had flash segfault midori in the past, but since been fixed.01:48
koriI don't have flash installed :P01:48
Romsteri'd like to nuke flash but i still need it01:53
koriit's something related to gstreamer02:02
koriI got video to play for like 2 seconts02:03
korithen it segfaulted :P02:03
koriafter installing gst-plugins-good, that is02:03
korihow can I remove packages and their dependencies?02:05
koriwithout recursiveness02:05
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_root_hello Folks @/02:11
_root_When would we have gcc 4.9 ?02:11
_root_in ports?02:11
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Romsterkori, there is only pkgrm or prt-get remove02:38
Romstergstreamer shouldn't segfault.02:38
kori┐('~'; )┌02:38
korinot sure what's wrong02:38
rmullUgh, nobody's got a blender port?02:40
jaegerI have one somewhere02:43
jaegerI haven't installed them recently but feel free to give it a try02:44
rmullThank you jaeger02:45
rmullSo what's the deal with python3+crux these days?02:45
jaegerused that to make
rmullPretty sleek02:46
rmullI want to try to mock up a bed frame that I want to build02:46
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rmulljaeger: Do you want these Pkgfiles back with updates if it works out for me?02:52
jaegersure, unless you want to publish them yourself. If not, I'll throw them into my repo02:52
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: pwgen: updated to version 2.0703:08
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rmulljaeger: How are the two other ports (openexr and ilmbase) needed by blender? Are they just optional deps that you wanted?03:10
rmullThey're in contrib these days anyway03:10
rmullYou haven't put them in the dependencies list for either blender or python303:11
Romsterbuild it install and check with finddeps03:11
Romstertry without?03:11
jaegerI don't remember, it's been a year since I made those ports. They may not have been in contrib at the time, or they were newer versions03:11
jaegercould check the logs for last november if you're bored, I think I talked about it in here with Romster03:11
rmullI'll just omit them for now03:12
Romsteri don't remember but if there is any issues03:12
rmullI don't think I need the features offered by either of them, but if it bitches during build I'll add it to depends03:12
Romsteryeah. pretty much what i do03:13
Romsterfor reference
rmullRomster: It looks like you have a pretty well thought out python3 port - any chance you'd be interested in updating it?03:15
Romsteri don't see it in gentoo03:15
Romsteri could but there is dfferences in 3.2 3.3 and 3.403:15
rmulloh goodie03:15
Romsteryeah fun03:15
Romsterhopefully python 3.4.2 will surfice.03:16
rmullsurface, or suffice?03:17
rmull3.4.2 is available now03:17
prologicbetter update my python34 port then03:18
prologicfyi I maintain up-to-date ports of python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 and pypy if anyone needs them :)03:18
Romsterand i was gonna suggest that prologic is more up on python than i am.03:19
rmullah, good to know, thank you folks03:20
prologicnps :)03:20
prologicrmull, also all my python ports are capable of all being installed simultaneously if need by (I do for CI purposes)03:21
rmullI'll check that out03:21
Romsterwhat uses Python 2.6 anymore?03:22
prologicLOTS of stuff :)03:22
prologicit's a hard statistic to measure really03:22
prologicEve Online afaik still uses Python 2.6/2.703:22
Romsterhow does anyone use a module form one version in another version? you don't?03:22
prologicthey can't afford to update to Python3 yet03:22
rmullprologic: What is "CI"03:22
prologicCI == Continuous Integration03:23
prologicRomster, easy just use it03:23
prologicif it's pure python - no problems03:23
Romsterah cool03:23
prologicif it relies on C bindings to Python then it's not so protable03:23
Romsterso as long as it's not some c + python its ok03:23
prologicone reason we (circuits) don't have any parts written in C03:24
prologicit would tie us to a C compiler and break portability somewhat03:24
Romsterjust means you use more than one python runtime version03:24
Romsteryou could rely on clang it's pretty portable.03:24
Romsterthough less targets than gcc.03:25
Romsterso still not ideal03:25
prologicdidn't someone mention that crux's mandir location is by convention /usr/man03:25
prologicand not /usr/share/man03:25
jaegeralways has been03:26
Romsteri mentoned that a long time ago03:26
prologickk good03:26
prologicsorry :)03:26
rmullprologic: Are you from
prologicI am03:27
rmullYour bitcoin donation link needs updation03:27
Romsteri was mesing with gtkdoc in hvl ages ago and info pages, they arn't worth having03:27
rmullStill points to MtGox which went down in flames and stole 700kBTC03:27
prologicrmull, ahh ofc03:28
prologicthanks :)03:28
prologicI'll fix that to point to blockchain instead03:28
Romsterreally need to host ya own bitcoin wallet03:29
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prologicthat's not a valid statement :)03:30
prologica btc wallet is merely a file03:30
prologicone ideally should store it offline03:30
prologicfor security :)03:30
prologicbut I don't own that much BTC anyway03:30
Romsteri meant the whole don't trust any online wallets03:32
prologicI have 0.11BTC03:32
prologicI think is trustworthy :)03:32
Romsterwhats to not say another one will pinch the money and do a runner03:32
prologicnothing :)03:32
Romsterthats what they all thought about MtGox03:32
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rmullcoinbase recently introduced a 2-of-3 multisig hosted wallet that is immune to this problem03:33
rmullcoinbase owns a key, you own a key, and coinbases has a key that is locked with your own private passphrase03:33
rmull2 of 3 keys are needed to move money03:34
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rmullthe locked key is shared03:34
rmullso you can move funds without coinbase involved at all03:34
Romsterany url for how this is done.03:40
Romsterbe keen to increase my security on it and use bitcoins more.03:40
Romsterit's not worth mining but for trade.03:41
rmullYou want info for the multisig stuff, or for coinbase's hosted wallet?03:42
Romsterhmm webulation gives the site 40/10003:43
Romsterfor coinbase.com03:43
rmullHere's the coinbase page
rmullAs far as description of multisig itself, I would just go to google for that03:44
rmullI am not defending coinbase as an exchange, fwiw03:44
rmullI use them to buy BTC with USD and I have had no issue, but other have experienced occasional canceled orders03:45
rmullSometimes their algorithms flag certain transactions as "high-risk"03:45
Romsterhmm i see03:45
Romsteri take reviews with a grain of salt too.03:46
rmullThe algorithms exist in the first place because they need to do their best to comply with Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money-Laundering (KYC/AML) regulations, at least in the USA03:46
rmullIf you ask me, I hear about their algorithms giving false positives a lot more than it should, but I would assume they are refining them as time goes on03:46
Romsteri would hope so03:47
rmullSo that aside, their multi-sig vault is still an example of a really good way to leverage existing bitcoin technology to offer a feature that you can't really get with USD or other fiat currencies03:47
RobinStamerBetter for them audit-wise to have more cautious algorythms03:48
RobinStamerShitty for bussiness and customers though03:48
rmullThe one customer who was complaining about how his transaction was canceled before the price rose 80% is right to bitch aobut it, but there have been plenty of cancellations on a downward trend as well03:48
Romsteryeah i wouldn't want to be stung when its 80% higher03:49
rmullI have conducted somewhere around ~10 transactions with them with a linked bank account and have had no issue. My usual usage is to buy BTC and move them off into a Mycelium wallet on my android phone as soon as coinbase delivers them03:49
Romsterso you can buy stuff from your phone03:50
rmullThe Mycelium app is good - very usable, doesn't recycle addresses, no issue03:51
Romsterneat so what sorts of sites uses bitcoins yet anyways?03:52
Romsteri think i did hear paypal is using bitcoins now.03:53
jaegerthere's a chinese restaurant here that takes them, I always find that a bit amusing03:53
rmullRomster: paypal offers (or will offer, not sure) the ability for vendors to configure bitcoin as a payment option through their payment portals03:54
diverse'a bit' amusing? I see what you did there03:54
Romsterthat'll mean a lot of sties03:55
rmullUsually what happens with the big guys is that they partner with a payment processor such as bitpay or coinbase. The payment processor allows the vendor to accept whatever currency is supported by the payment processor. When the payment is made, the PP simply converts the payment into the currency requested by the vendor03:55
jaegerThat was not intended to be a joke, for what that's worth03:55
rmullSo usually what happens is like if I buy sometihng from newegg with bitcoin, the payment processor simply dumps the BTC on the market for USD and pays newegg with USD03:55
rmullSo it's not great for BTC as a whole for this to happen, because the market then becomes full of BTC sales03:56
Romsterjaeger, i didn't take it as a joke03:56
jaegerdiverse did03:56
rmulljaeger: fwiw the blender port should have listed openimageio in its deps list03:58
rmullit won't configure without it03:58
rmullGonna hit the sack, talk to you all later03:59
Romsterrmull, +1 informative04:02
Romsterg'night rmull04:02
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prologicwho wants to help build a micro paas? uPaaS? :)05:10
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prologicthis is the 4th time I've had to: fakeroot pkgmk -d06:05
prologicon my pypy 2.4.1 port06:06
prologiccompiling from source06:06
prologictakes ~4500s to compile :)06:06
prologicwhat I wouldn't give for builtin "continue" support in pkgmk :)06:06
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diverseprologic: lxterminal needs to be updated to 2.006:39
prologicsure okay :)06:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: lxterminal: 0.1.11 -> 0.2.006:53
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nwegood morning guys09:07
diversenwe: morning10:21
diverseprologic: thanks10:21
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nwehow are you diverse ?11:02
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: coreutils: remove unneeded -j1 option12:23
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: man-pages: remove dependency to man12:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: samhain: update to 3.1.312:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: squid: update to 3.4.912:24
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leo-unglaubhey :)12:43
leo-unglaubi am trying to get my soundcard to work ... but i am not finding anything in the kernelconfig12:44
leo-unglaubany idea how i add support for a NVIDIA Corporation GF100 High Definition Audio Controller ?12:45
leo-unglaubor Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 05) ?12:45
tilmanCONFIG_SND_HDA is y or m already?12:46
tilmanthe hw specific stuff might be only show up if you have ^^^^ this12:46
leo-unglaubtilman: it's y12:49
tilmandunno then12:50
tilmanjust a general idea ;)12:50
leo-unglaubi see :)12:50
leo-unglaubi installed the alsatools12:51
leo-unglauband uses alsamixer to enable the sound12:51
leo-unglaubbut the alsamixer says: This sound device does not have any controlls12:51
leo-unglaubso my guess is that it's missing in the kernel, right?12:51
tilmanif it was missing in the kernel, it wouldnt even show up in alsamixer etc12:52
leo-unglaubi see12:52
leo-unglaubhmm, alsamixer is detecting it ... so the problem must be there?12:52
leo-unglaubhmm, alsamixer shows my sound card .. but aplay -l does not :(13:01
joacimif you have a graphics card, maybe alsamixer tries to use the sound device on your sound card instead of your onboard intel audio13:29
joacimon your graphics card*13:30
leo-unglaubjoacim: in the alsamixer i tryed to switch sound cards13:42
leo-unglaubbut both have the same errror message13:42
leo-unglaubThis sound device does not have any controls.13:42
leo-unglaubah, fuck it ... who needs sound anyway?13:52
joacimI certainly don't =)14:10
joacimI don't even have a pcspeaker hooked up to my computer14:10
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dxlr8raudio is for windows, ubuntu and os x users14:40
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dxlr8rthe only sound i need is /dev/urandom outputing it's data to my pc speaker14:41
dxlr8rI can listen to it for hours!14:41
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dxlr8rfuck spotify etc. all I need is urandom!14:44
diverseah, good to be back on my weechat client :)14:44
diversenwe: sorry for not responding, I feel back asleep afterward. I'm doing fine.14:45
dxlr8rsleep? I quit that in 9814:46
dxlr8rwas taking to much time14:46
diverseyeah, I'm a sleep user, so what? ;)14:46
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diversebtw, anyone else is having problems with using the latest flashplayer on youtube? The videos keep crashing15:09
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joacimgoogle improved html5 support on youtube a lot recently15:18
diverseI'll switch to that in the meantime15:18
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diversedoomicide: pm15:35
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mheyes, I am not using flash for a while now and almost all videos play16:15
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diversemhe: unfortunately, I notice all of the videos that I play with the html5 player only render at 360p for some reason, even though higher res is possible16:37
diverseit won't let me go any higher16:38
mheI have not checked this but I know that I do often chose 480 and more and do see quality improvement16:39
diverseit only gives me 360p as an option16:39
mhelet me check16:40
mheany video is ok?16:40
diverseI'm sure most videos have at least 480p, which I can't select as16:40
mheyes, I see it now16:42
diverseokay, so it's a youtube problem atm16:43
diversethanks for verifying16:44
mheit was not like this a few days/week ago16:44
diverseI gotcha. Youtube is probably running into an issue currently16:45
mheI often use youtubedownloader and select the quality I want16:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: spacefm: Fix crash at start18:39
diversedoomicide: thanks that fixed it18:56
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-video-qxl: updated to 0.1.321:33
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