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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: docker: 1.3.0 -> 1.3.102:14
rmullInteresting that docker gets a docker-bin port02:25
rmullIt seems to be the only -bin port in contrib02:25
rmullwhy so special?02:26
rmullAlso, how do I search for packages with "-bin" in the name?02:27
prologicprt-get search bin02:29
prologic? :)02:29
prologicAlso I package up the docker-bin (upstream pre-built binary) so you can skip the compilation step and go dependency02:30
prologicI could drop it if you like :)02:30
prologicI don't use it myself :P02:31
rmullI don't care, it just seemed like a special snowflake02:43
rmullConsidering we don't do -bin for firefox, libreoffice, etc except in third party repos02:44
rmullI'll let romster decide :P02:44
prologicsounds like I should remove it anyway :)02:48
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deus_extransmission-gtk client does not like my xfce gtk3 theme, it seems.07:03
deus_exqt client ftw07:03
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deus_exqt4, to be exact, notification area icon does not work with qt5 build.yet.07:06
diverseI was looking into using qterminal with qt5, but something about qt5 is hard to work with unfortunately07:26
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frinnstgtk3 is shiiiit07:36
frinnstthey broke the themes with the latest gtk3 version too07:37
diverseI'm not surprised either. I wish there was a modern gui toolkit I can trust07:54
diversegtk3 is just redhat and politics07:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: cgroupfs-mount: Updated to 1.1 release removing dependency on git13:10
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leo-unglaubGood Morning!14:32
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nwehey leo-unglaub14:45
leo-unglaubwe got new server hardware ... and i had to restore HDD Arrays all night14:49
leo-unglauball mdadm arrays worked perfectly ... only the one hardware raid controller we had caused problems ...14:49
nweoh :/14:49
leo-unglaubi am never going to use hardware raid controllers again14:50
leo-unglaubthe management tools for that are horrible14:50
nweyeah, I using mdadm.. because it?s much eaiser to move to newer hardware..14:50
leo-unglaub3ware is such a fucked up company ...14:52
leo-unglaubthere latest driver support was for a 9 year old kernel ...14:52
leo-unglauband of course not open sourced ...14:52
joacimI wonder what happens when users of onboard raid swaps out their motherboards.14:53
joacimthey lose their raid?14:53
dxlr8rbetter to use zfs15:00
dxlr8rand use normal sata ports, or turn the raid controller to ahci15:00
joacimI'd just use mdadm15:01
joacimstill, every time i see typical gamer types use raid, i see them using their motherboards onboard raid15:02
frinnsti think you can mount some arrays created with intels onboard controllers with dm-raid15:04
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jaegerI use a 3ware (LSI) RAID controller in my ZFS NAS but it exports each device as a single unit, no RAID15:35
jaegerworks really well15:35
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deus_exjaeger: would you share the specs for that NAS build, I am always interested to see what people use?I was reading on 71 TB NAS build the other day.*drool*16:16
jaegerMine's much smaller than that, don't need nearly that much space for my data16:18
jaegerI have 4 drives, 2/2/2/4TB16:18
jaegerIt's actually a VM in my ESXi home server using PCI passthrough for the RAID controller16:18
jaegerThe server itself is a Xeon E3-1230 CPU, SuperMicro X9SCM-F motherboard, 16GB ECC RAM, Icy Dock FlexCage for the drives, in an Antec P182 case16:19
jaeger <-- similar to that16:20
joacimplanning a server in that case16:23
joacimmight get one as a christmas present16:24
joacimbuy one for myself that is16:24
joacimhaven't decided on a motherboard yet. Any LGA1150 board with 6 or more sata ports is probably fine16:30
joacimfor my use at least16:30
jaegerAs long as it has a decent chipset, yeah16:30
jaegerOne reason I picked the board I use is the Intel C204 chipset16:31
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joacimthink I'd be fine with h97. my desktop did a fine job when it served files on my network16:35
joacimit is a lot easier to find h97 boards here16:35
jaegerYeah, probably fine. I only went with a server motherboard and xeon because I knew it would work perfectly with VMware, including the PCI passthrough16:36
jaegerWouldn't be necessary for just a home NAS16:36
joacimtwice as expensive as a h97 board, but it has a serial port =)16:41
joacimmost boards have that available as an internal header tho16:41
jaegerseems there's always a bit of a price premium for mini-ITX16:42
jaegervs. mATX for example16:42
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joacimthat asrock board seems more convenient actually. two nics is convenient for hooking up lan games to the internet16:58
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