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leo-unglaubhey :)01:25
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nwegood morning06:28
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: eudev-32: 1.10 -> 2.1.109:16
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mesa3d-32: 10.2.9 -> 10.3.209:16
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: sqlite3-32: 3.8.7 ->
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wine: 1.7.29 -> 1.7.3009:18
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Romsterprologic, your docer port has a bad sum on check-config.sh09:52
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prologicof course it does11:08
diverseand that's a good thing? ;)11:09
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Romsterits always had a sum issue on but the tarball clashing with other ports is a biggier issue with github but not really a prologic issue.11:52
Romstermore my issue for using a common PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR11:53
frinnstgeez, how the fuck do you manually start/stop upstart services12:16
diversefrinnst: with some kind of tool like '$ upstartblahctl start fooservice'12:18
diversemy guess12:18
frinnstbash completion doesnt find anything like that12:18
frinnstthere are no scripts that i can manually execute, just a recepie that pid1 controls12:19
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diverseso likely, 'service start foo'12:20
prologicdidn'd Ubuntu and Debian switch to systmed?12:22
prologicas did Fedora, CentOS and Arch12:22
diversepretty much12:22
prologicRomster, no md5sum mismatches here sorry12:26
prologicnothing to commit12:27
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leo-unglaubhey :)12:41
diverseprologic: here is your chance, say 'hi' before he leaves again ;P12:42
prologicwho to the what now?12:42
leo-unglaubdiverse: haha, thats not my fault *g* freenode always netsplits me here12:42
leo-unglaubno idea whats going on there ...12:42
prologicoh don't blame freenode12:42
prologicit's not their fault :)12:42
leo-unglaubi actually thing it is ...12:42
prologicsuuuure :)12:43
leo-unglaubi use there hidden service to connect12:43
leo-unglauband they are down all the time12:43
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leo-unglaubtoday i rolled out Crux to 3 of our company servers :)12:48
leo-unglaubworks great!12:48
leo-unglaubto maintain the linux kernel on all servers a little bit easier i wrote a Pkgfile for it. Maybe you could look over it an tell me if you have ideas for improvement12:49
diverseask Romster about it, he has done kernel ports before12:50
leo-unglaubhehe, Romster has propobly done ports for everything by now *g*12:52
diverseyeah, no kidding there, I call his repo 'contrib2'12:53
leo-unglaub3 Servers with Crux, 1 Laptop and 2 Desktops *g* ... thats 6 Crux installations *g*12:54
leo-unglauband if the servers run stable, the other ones will follow12:54
Romster8 machines of crux here.12:54
diverseRomster has a nice server farm of 20 cores12:55
frinnstI run 5 pysical crux installs at home :)12:56
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frinnst2 rpi, 2 microservers and my desktop12:57
RomsterMISSING   d5e8ec779bb6e49cc6a44781f85d98b7  check-config.sh12:57
RomsterNEW       2da82212055f5f27bb9765b4290a7b1b  check-config.sh12:57
diverseleo-unglaub: convinced now? Install more Crux servers!12:57
leo-unglaubdiverse: hehe, i am very happy with crux12:57
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leo-unglaubcurrently our mail gates run crux and the avg load is 4% lower than with debian the last day12:58
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leo-unglaubi have to measure it over a week to have a final number12:58
leo-unglaubbut it looks very stable12:59
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diversedid you rice the servers too?12:59
diversecompile with cpu optimizations12:59
frinnst-march=native ftw13:00
leo-unglaubah, never heart the term "rice" before .... but yes, i did13:00
diverseit's a 'gentoo' word13:00
leo-unglaubit made kernel smaller and faster13:00
Romsterleo-unglaub, old but reference
leo-unglaubRomster: thats basically the same i do13:01
prologicRomster, I'm telling you I cannot reproduce here13:02
frinnstprologic: clear you cache13:02
frinnstpkgmk -c13:02
leo-unglaubi need some food13:02
leo-unglaubsee you guys later13:02
Romsterprologic, contrib/3.1 i bet your on contrib/3.013:03
prologicFeigrim, I don't have one13:04
Romsterprologic, i'll rm the contrib and ports -u contrib then13:05
prologic$ hg bookmarks | grep 3.113:05
prologic * 3.1                       7688:4eda8622f27813:05
diverseprologic: I think you mean to speak with frinnst, correct?13:05
prologicnope I'm on 3.1 :)13:05
prologicoh yes13:05
prologicdrats :)13:05
prologicfrinnst, no cacahe :)13:05
prologicwish I had one my internet sucks blalls13:05
diversethe autocompletion bites the dust13:05
frinnstyeah the checksum checks out for me too, maybe its all romster's fault13:06
frinnstyes, lets blame romster!13:06
diverseRomster: you might want to duck before frinnst slaps you13:07
prologiclast time someone alerted me of this I couldn't reproduce it either :)13:07
frinnstbtw tarballs from github *sucks*. are you able to host it someplace else with a sane filename?13:07
prologicI blame a transparent proxy :)13:07
prologicwhich I have none of :)13:07
Romsterrm -r /usr/ports/contrib/* ; ports -u contrib ; prt-get update docker13:07
Romsterand error13:07
prologicfrinnst, sorry what tarballs from github?13:08
diversewhat kind of evil magic is going on here?13:08
Romsteri'm not even using one here and it's rsync...13:08
frinnstdo you save your sources in /usr/ports/contrib ?13:08
Romsternot http13:08
prologicthe docker* ports only download the contrib kernel script13:08
frinnstits not included with the port, its in SORUCE=()13:08
Romsterah crap i need to rm my old copy -_-13:08
Romsterrm /var/ports/distfiles/check-config.sh13:08
Romsterfor gods sake sorry prologic13:09
prologicI *used* to maintain and write my own script13:09
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prologicuntil I discovered the upstream contrib one13:09
prologicwhy re-invent the wheel :)13:09
prologicnps :)13:09
Romsteryeah true but it's in my mirror as well13:09
prologicthe upstream script does a better job ihmo anyway13:09
prologicno wonder you were getting checksum mismatches13:09
Romsterdo i seriously need a no verison on file rm if md5sum mismatch feature13:10
Romsterthere i go.13:11
Romsterlocal mirror is not the best option -_-13:11
frinnstprologic: all github tarballs are just named something like v1.3.tar.gz or whatever13:15
frinnstno project name, no nothing. just the version13:15
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prologicfrinnst, ahh yes I see13:16
prologiccould we not add #name= support to pkgmk?13:17
prologicgithub is not the only source of source tarball problems I know of13:17
frinnstpossibly, but not until the next crux release13:17
prologicI'm happy to code it up13:18
prologicthat's been nagging me for a while that we can't specify source filenames to be downloaded as13:18
diverseif we're talking about pkgmk, good luck with c++13:18
Romsterwe talked about it a few times in #crux-devel not sure on the syntax but the same idea.13:19
prologicpkgmk is not c++?13:19
Romsterdiverse, pkgmk is shell bash13:19
prologicit's bash13:19
prologicalways has been13:19
Romsterthe rest is C++13:19
prologicI don't care about the rest13:20
prologicit's pkgmk that does most of the work13:20
Romsterfor diverse's knowledge13:20
diverseoh right, I was thinking about pkgutil.cc13:21
prologicall of pkgutils and prt-get are written in C++ afaik13:21
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leo-unglaubdann ....19:06
leo-unglaubfuck ..19:06
leo-unglaubone of the crux servers crashed ...19:07
leo-unglauband nothing in the logs whatsoever ...19:07
leo-unglaubthats always nice to debug *g*19:07
jaegerkernel panic or software crash?19:24
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leo-unglaubnot quit sure ...19:31
leo-unglaubthe server was not responsive and the idiot in the data center did hit reset before it could debug something19:31
leo-unglaubyeah, but seams to me like a memory leak ... and then after memory and swap was full it crashed ..19:34
leo-unglaubbut i have no idea what caused it ...19:34
leo-unglaubbut my guess would be some php crap *g*19:34
jaegersomeone left firefox or chrome open :P19:34
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leo-unglaubhaha, yeah ...19:36
leo-unglaubwhy did i install the gnome shell on the server again?19:36
leo-unglauboh yeah19:36
leo-unglaubbecause i love the nice effects *g*19:36
leo-unglaubwell, i have to go19:37
leo-unglaubsee you later!19:37
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_glitchtrying to update prt-get and get the error `Config Error: can't access /usr/ports/core`21:36
_glitchI looked and the /usr/ports dir is empty.21:37
teK_ports are synchronised by running ports -u21:39
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_glitchteK_: Thank you. I must have missed that in the handbook.21:42
_glitchteK_: So, everything is compiled in crux?21:43
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bedisit's a source based distribution :)21:51
_glitchteK_: bedis : Thanks. You'll probably see me in here with a million more questions over my time with crux.21:53
mheyou can of course grab binaries someone else compiled :)21:54
_glitchmhe: I'd rather use the OS the way it's intended, I think. I'm coming from Arch so it shouldn't be too bad, I hope.21:55
mheno, it is similar, even more KIS21:55
_glitchTrying to install tmux, getting 'Configure: error: libevent not found'21:55
jaeger'prt-get depends tmux'21:55
mheI use screen21:55
mhedid you do prt-get depinst21:56
_glitchjaeger: Thank you.21:56
mheI grab binaries for my old pc's from my faster machines or from ster.zone21:56
_glitchmhe: prt-get depinst <pkg> installs the dependencies as well?21:57
bedisif the dependencies are properly listed ;)21:57
bedissometimes some are missing21:57
mheas far as I know they are listed in the Pkgfile21:57
bedisjust drop a mail to the packager21:57
mheyou can alter the Pkgfile yourself21:57
bediseverything is in Pkgfile21:58
bedisPkgfile is love :)21:58
bedissimple and smart way to create a package :)21:58
mhearch PKGBUILD files are similar, so it should be no problem for you _glitch21:58
mheI used arch as well22:00
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_glitchmhe: What's screen?22:03
jaegera terminal multiplexer similar to tmux22:03
mheit is part of GNU, tmux is BSD licensed22:04
jaegerscreen has been around longer, tmux has some newer features (but lacks some as well like serial support)22:04
mhetmux uses C-b, screen C-a :)22:04
_glitchI have 2bwm installed but for some reason startx returns '2bwm: command not found'22:06
mhewhat does your xinitrc contain22:06
mheexec 2bwm22:06
_glitchmhe: exec: 2bwm: is a directory22:07
mhenever used it22:07
mhewhere is the binary 2bwm22:08
_glitchmhe: I got it.22:08
mheis it in your PATH22:08
_glitchIt wasn't in my PATH. I forget that git things have to be put into the PATH.22:08
mheyeah, had the same issues with pm-suspend, reboot, ...22:09
bedisadd /sbin in your path :)22:10
bedisand /usr/sbin22:10
bedisI usually don't do this ;)22:10
bediswell I mean I call them using sudo22:11
mheme too with sudo22:11
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_glitchSo, I want to install both bar and sxhkd from here: How would I do that? Obviously, first clone the git but what do I do with the pkgfile?22:21
mhegrab the httpup files, add them to /etc/ports22:22
bedissome lines like22:22
mheadd prtdir/portname to /etc/prt-get.conf22:22
bedisin your /etc/ports directory22:22
mheports -u portname and you can install22:23
mhe for the httpup file22:23
mhethen add z3bra to your prt-get.conf22:23
_glitchmhe: Could you take a look and help? Would this > < be the line to add in /etc/prt-get.conf ?22:24
_glitchwoops. irc didnt scrooll.22:25
mheyou can ofcourse grab the pkgfiles and build the packages without adding prtdir, ...22:25
_glitchmhe: So it would be prtdir /home/user/z3bra.httpup?22:26
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mhedid you mv the contrib22:26
mheI just use prtdir /usr/ports/portname22:27
mhewell, check /etc/ports22:27
_glitchI see it now22:27
mheand check the contrib sync22:27
_glitchcan portname be anything, or does it need to be specific?22:27
mheit can be anything but it is easier to use same name for .httpup and portsdir22:28
mheand chech tje prt-get.conf22:28
_glitchSo mv the z3bra.httpup to /usr/ports/contrib?22:29
mheno to /etc/ports/22:29
mheand add prtdir /usr/ports/z3bra to prt-get.conf22:29
mhethen sync the ports and you can use them'22:29
_glitchAlright. Now ports -u?22:30
mheyes or ports -u z3bra to only sync those22:30
_glitchAlright. Thanks.22:30
mheduplicates are handled in priority in your prt-get.conf22:30
_glitchI saw that.22:31
mhewhen you change version name, you will need to pkgmk -um and after building -uf or use -if -im22:31
mheso if package x is not at latest version or you prefer older or add patches, the .footprint and md5sums will not be the same22:32
mheusing prt-get to build and install will error because of those differences22:33
mhepackage will be build but not installed22:33
mheyou can make many choices22:34
_glitchGetting the error: DIRECTORY '/usr/ports/z3bra/2bwm-git' not writeable22:34
mheon one box I stull use gcc 4.7 branch and I have a non-multilib gcc22:34
mheor change rights (not recommended)22:35
_glitchpkgadd: could not open 2bwm-git#git-6a4a3da-2.pkg.tar.gz: No such file22:35
mhecd /usr/ports/z3bra/2bwm-git and try pkgmk -d22:36
mheis the source line correct?22:36
mhein the Pkgfile22:36
_glitchUp to date22:36
mheor splling error in the Pkgfile22:36
mhetry wget source-line22:37
mheand then build, although it should be done when u use prt-get22:37
mhedoes not contain the source for the tar.gz22:38
mheso you will need to wget it seperatly22:38
bedispkgmk -kw may be useful as well22:38
mheyou could use this source
mhewill need editing in the Pkgfile22:41
mhedo you have git installed22:41
_glitchI have the 2bwm#git...pkg.tar.gz22:42
_glitchAnd yes git is installed22:42
mhechange the Pkgfile accordingly to the version you have in the dir22:42
mheI have not used git-versions :)22:43
_glitchmhe: Version is correct22:43
mhetry to contact the maintainer, cause I have no direct answer22:44
_glitchmhe: It seems to be working but it says I'm missing xorg-xcb-util-wm22:45
mhewhen it builds?22:45
_glitchNo, I checked the depends22:45
mheis it installed, xorg-xcb-util-wm22:46
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mhesome (optional/needed) dependencies are not listed in the Pkgfile22:46
mheit is a typo22:47
mheutils-wm instead of util-wm22:47
_glitchmhe: Says there are no matching pkgs found22:47
mhetypo in Pkgfile22:47
_glitchpkgfile says utils-wm.22:48
mheyou chose the hardest packages to start with, what can go wrong...22:48
_glitchAh, I see.22:48
_glitchIt's installed.22:49
mhegreat news22:49
_glitchNow for the problem of the screen resolution. >>22:49
mhewhat driver is installed/running22:50
prologicUpdated CRUX 3.0 and 3.1 images are now available in the Docker Hub's standard library of official images22:50
_glitchI installed xf86-video-nouveau (nvidia gpu)22:50
mheI also have nouveau22:51
_glitchHow do I see what's running?22:53
mhethere are more experienced guys here to help you further, I am going to bed :) see ya and have fun22:53
_glitchSee ya. Thanks again for the hel22:53
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