IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2014-11-05

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_glitchHow do you choose which video driver to use?00:32
crash_the opensource driver should be default when xorg is installed it should grab them by default, but you can install nvidia,amd proprietary after words00:34
_glitchWhat is the nvidia proprietary driver?00:35
_glitchI'm asking because for some reason my screen resolution isn't as high as it should be. It's a 1080p monitor but it seems to be around 720p.00:36
crash_a prt-get install nvidia should do it, maybe you need to blacklist the nouveau driver by hand not sure if it does that auto00:36
_glitchIs there a way to check the resolution?00:39
crash_xrandr should show you it i's not installed you can try prt-get install xorg-xrandr00:41
_glitchYeah, it's at 1024x768...00:42
crash_can you try xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1920x1080?00:43
crash_xrandr --output LVDS --auto that could work too00:44
_glitchxrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default // warning: output LVDS not found; ignoring00:45
crash_what WM/DE are you using?00:46
_glitchbspwm with bar00:47
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crash_you could try with VGA-0 or HDMI-0 instead of lvds00:48
crash_or DVI-D-0 and so on00:48
_glitchNone of those worked. Neither did install nvidia00:56
crash_what error messages did you get?00:56
_glitchThe same as before, just swap LVDS with DVI-D-0, HDMI-0, VGA-000:58
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crash_ok, but i mean prt-get install nvidia errors01:00
_glitchOh, sorry. No errors, it just didn't fix the resolution.01:02
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crash_did you use gl-select use nvidia before reboot01:04
_glitchNo. Sorry. I'm new to Crux (heard about it about a week ago and installed today). I'll do that.01:05
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crash_you may need to install gl-select first if it's not installed01:06
_glitchIt's installing01:06
_glitchFor some reason, I get an error when trying to shutdown or reboot. Says there is no command.01:07
crash_you mean reboot or sudo reboot if you have installed sudo and set it up correctly01:07
jaegerreboot and shutdown aren't in the path by default if you're not root01:08
crash_if you have a normal user and edited the the sudoers file it should work01:08
jaegerthe path is still important01:09
_glitchNow getting error, no screens found01:09
jaeger_glitch: try this: 1) as root, run "Xorg -configure"01:09
crash_jaeger, sure the the path is still important01:09
jaeger2) edit /root/, remove everything but the device section with the nvidia line in it01:10
jaeger3) mv /root/ /etc/xorg.conf.d/10-device.conf01:10
jaegerFor some reason when you have xorg-xf86-video-vesa (installed by default if you installed xorg+deps) and nvidia installed Xorg likes to be stupid and try to use both as separate devices01:11
_glitchCan I remove vesa?01:20
jaegerif you like01:22
_glitchHow do you remove a port?01:22
jaegertry pkgrm or prt-get01:22
_glitchWhat's the path for reboot and shutdown?01:23
jaeger /sbin01:23
_glitchodd. I have /sbin in my path already.01:24
crash_or a ctrl-alt-delete should do it :)01:24
jaegerwhat does "which shutdown" say?01:24
_glitchWait, I found the problem. I export the path in my .bashrc. What shell does crux load by default?01:25
jaegercrux doesn't dictate your user shell, check your entry in /etc/passwd01:25
_glitchOh. I'll try that later. You said to remove all in /root/ except for Section "Module" with nvidia?01:27
_glitchNo such file or directory, /etc/xorg.conf.d/10-device.conf01:28
jaegermight be /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d01:30
_glitchYep. Now just startx?01:30
crash_nice _glitch01:36
_glitchIS weechat available for crux?01:43
_glitchjoacim: Thank you.01:45
_glitchI ran the command, but how do I make it?01:48
joacimpkgmk -d && pkgmk -i01:49
_glitchIn the directory?01:49
joacimmake sure you have all the dependencies01:50
_glitchjoacim: Where can I see the deps?01:50
joacimit is easier if you make yourself a folder for unofficial ports and add that to /etc/prt-get.conf01:50
joacimthen you'll be able to use prt-get01:51
_glitchLike ~/ports?01:51
crash_prt-get depinst weechat could help you01:51
_glitchcrash_: But it's not an official port01:54
joacimi just use /usr/ports/notmine for unofficial ones01:55
joacimand /usr/ports/mine for my own01:55
_glitchjoacim: Ah. How do I add ports to the directory? Just cd to it and then httpup?01:55
crash__glitch, but it should help you anyway01:55
crash_when you have added the repo to the prt-get.conf01:55
joacim_glitch: yes01:56
_glitchjoacim: New to crux. Sorry. After httpup, run ports -u?01:57
_glitchIt should just be in there when I run prt-get then?01:58
joacimit should in your working directory after running the httpup command01:58
_glitchinstalling now. Thanks.02:00
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_glitchGetting the error: Footprint mismatch found: NEW    -rwx-r-xr-x   root/root  usr/lib/weechat/plugins/python.so02:07
joacimyou can usually safely ignore new files02:08
joacimit is missing files you should worry about02:08
_glitchAlright. Also getting :Error: Building /usr/ports/notmine/weechat/weechat#1.0.1-1.pkg.tar.gz failed02:09
joacimthe error is further up02:21
_glitchI'm looking but I don't see any other error02:30
joacimI can't really tell what the problem is there02:36
joacimit seems to build just fine. i see no footprint mismatches02:36
joacimyou're trying to install it as root, yes?02:37
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_glitchscrew it. I'm going back to Arch...02:42
_glitchThe whole concept is to keep it simple...02:42
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jaegerWell, a little patience never killed anyone, heh02:52
rmullnothing of value was lost03:05
rmullExcept your time, I guess...03:05
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pidsleytoo funny03:13
pidsley"screw it -- i'm going back to arch"03:14
pidsleyso sad03:14
joacimfuck it, i'm going back to bed03:17
joacimnn =)03:17
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pidsleynn joacim03:31
pidsleythanks for tryi9ng03:31
pidsley^trying ;)03:31
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diversewell it's his lost anyway06:37
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diversebut then again, everyone that helped him, wasted their time and energy06:41
diverse*had their time and energy wasted06:44
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Romsterguess crux is not for everyone07:23
prologicdid I miss something?07:26
Romster/usr/ports/notmine/weechat/weechat#1.0.1-1.pkg.tar.gz failed07:38
Romsterand not able to get his xorg screen resolution set correctly.07:38
Romsterif i had time and patance i'd have a CI setup already running here for Pkgfiles07:39
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prologicthat's my end goal07:44
prologicif anyone's interested and are using docker...07:46
prologicI have cruxlinux/base and cruxlinux/python images up on the hub now07:46
prologicand I plan to publish quite a few more apps/services07:46
Romsteri've been reading the backlog07:46
prologicbase is just crux 3.1 with contrib enabled07:46
Romsterits more services orientated than desktop use right?07:47
prologicI wouldn't classify it that way07:48
prologicit's essentially a wrapper around lxc with a complete ecosystem of tools and services07:49
prologicI can't begin to explain how awesome it is :) you just have to try it for yourself07:49
Romsterwhat paid hosts out there use docker?07:49
prologicAWS, Digital Ocean, dotCLOUD07:50
prologicto name a few07:50
prologicDocker is on a _lot_ of cloud hosting services now07:50
Romsteri can imagine already i've been using chroots and practicly containers for local use. this lxc/docker is just more like vserver07:50
prologicbut if it's not, it's trivial to setup07:50
Romsterexcept host kernel and devices07:50
Romsteri'd like to move my to another host and docker a crux setup07:51
prologicas I've said before Docker guarantees (when used correctly) repeatability, portability and maintainability of software and services07:52
prologicany image I create and publish you can run07:52
prologicand vice versa07:52
prologicthe whole notion of "works for me" is both stupid and redundant07:52
Romsterindeed i know how it works but do you know of any hosts off hand that are reliable?07:53
prologice.g: docker run -d 8000:8000 -v /path/to/public_html:/var/www prologic/circuits circuits.web /var/www07:53
Romsterdon't have to tell me how the implementation works. already know.07:54
prologicDigital Ocean - cheap, fast, reliable07:54
prologichas Docker support ready-to-go07:54
Romsterpersonal experience?07:54
prologicI use it exclusively07:54
Romsterk good07:55
prologicI'm in the process of migrating away from my physical server at Codero to DO with Docker containers07:55
Romsteri see07:56
prologicatm I'm trying to create an image of my ide that I use normally for development07:58
prologicthat is to say UNIX as an IDE07:58
prologicso I'm basically packaging up a lot of my dotfiles and tools into a Docker image I can run everywhere07:58
Romsterthey have to have a ton of SSD drives.07:58
Romstera gitolite cgit docker image would be nice.08:00
prologicWho DO?08:01
prologicyeah they do08:01
prologica gitolite/cgit sure08:01
prologicwhy don't you create one and push it up to my cruxlinux repo08:02
prologicuse as a guide on how08:02
Romsteruh that's a 404 url08:02
prologicsweet :)08:02
prologicwait :)08:02
prologicI can't type08:02
Romsteroh missing i that's better08:03
Romstereven i didn't spot that.08:03
Romsteryoru README on docker is old too08:04
Romsterstill says todo ./ ...08:04
Romsteri need to enable a few things and may as well bump my kernel while i'm at it.08:06
Romsterknowing me i'll get 3.17.2 and next few days 3.18 will be ready.08:13
Romstercgroup hierarchy: nonexistent??08:33
Romstercan't get that to exist. i have a ton of CGROUP stuff in the kernel enabled08:33
Romstercgroupfs-mount package is installed too.08:33
Romsterlooks like it's because i don't have a cgroup mount.08:35
prologicenable it all :)08:40
Romstergoing though it now.08:40
prologiccgroupfs-mount is caleld by /etc/rc.d/docker08:40
prologicso you don't need to worry about that08:40
prologicbut check your kernel config08:40
Romsterinfo: reading kernel config from /proc/config.gz ...08:42
Romsterthere's my sisue08:42
prologicthat's why the script is packaged up along with the port :)08:43
prologicI have to admit, getting Docker up and running on CRUX is not trivial by no means08:43
prologicbecause we hand compile our kernels :)08:43
RomsterCONFIG=/usr/src/linux-3.17.2/.config /usr/share/docker/check-config.sh08:43
Romsterinfo: reading kernel config from /usr/src/linux-3.17.2/.config ...08:43
Romsterthat's better08:43
Romsteri was enabling stuff and going wtf..08:43
Romsteri'm tried had a long day at work.08:44
prologicmy ide image is nearly done08:45
prologicat ~1GB in size08:45
Romsterjsut like your metal blank/mental blank08:45
Romster[15:12:52] <prologic> err08:47
Romster[15:12:57] <prologic> metal blank :)08:47
Romsterunless you really meant mental blank08:48
prologicopps :)08:48
prologicI mean oops :)08:48
Romsterwe all do it.08:48
prologicwonder if I can optimze my ide image size down a bit08:48
prologicI've packking a lot of stuff into it08:48
prologicsource tarballs08:49
prologicthat's be where a lot of it is coming from08:49
prologicdon't need to keep those around08:49
Romsterhonestly don't even need the built packages after its installed too.08:51
prologicI know08:52
prologicthat's why I do && rm -rf /usr/ports08:52
prologicin quite a few of my docker images08:52
Romstercgroup hierarchy: nonexistent??08:57
Romsterbut i got all the CGROUP items green enabled now.08:57
RomsterCONFIG_AUFS_FS: missing08:58
RomsterCONFIG_BTRFS_FS: missing08:58
Romsteronly two tings missing and i'm using devicemapper anyways08:58
prologicthere is still something missing08:58
prologichere compare with my kernel config08:58
Romsterguess it'll show up when the kernel is running?08:58
Romstercgroupfs-mount is installed it's not asking for any more modules08:59
prologicdid you reboot? :)08:59
Romsternot yet i only edited the config not compiled it installed edited lilo or rebooted...09:00
Romsterso i'm guessing that'll work then09:00
Romstermake -j2009:01
Romsterah kernel dind't go over distcc damn it09:02
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prologic$ docker images | grep ide09:18
prologicprologic/ide              latest              ff26afd159de        11 seconds ago      877.7 MB09:18
prologic^^^ that's better :)09:18
prologicshaved ~150MB or so off the size09:18
Romsteronly sure you can't remove the la files .a files and *.so symlinks and remove the includes :P09:19
Romster- cgroup hierarchy: nonexistent??09:20
Romsterfor gods sake09:20
prologicvery funny frinnst :)09:39
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frinnsti still dont get it, what's the issue with cgroup romster?09:56
frinnstthe backlog is miles long and im too lazy :)09:57
Romsteroh stupid script says i don't have09:57
Romster cgroup hierarchy: nonexistent??09:57
Romster    (see
Romsteryet everything is enabled in the cgroup list09:57
frinnstprobably need systemd or some other cgroup handler thingy09:58
prologicRomster, I don't think that's the script saying that09:59
prologicyou really don't have a cgroup hiearchy by the looks09:59
frinnstah, nevermind09:59
prologicfix your kernel :)09:59
Romsteri've enb././.. ahhh09:59
prologicsystemd fortuantely is NOT required by Docker :)09:59
prologicit's well and truely optiona; :)09:59
prologictianon promised never :)09:59
prologicI'm going to make him keep that :)09:59
prologicdid you try Y10:00
prologicjust a thought10:00
Romsteri made modules10:00
Romstersurely they get loaded automatically.10:01
prologicis_set() {10:01
prologiczgrep "CONFIG_$1=[y|m]" "$CONFIG" > /dev/null10:01
prologicyeah it checks for y or m10:01
Romstermodules aren't loaded there... do i need a cgroup fstab entry?10:02
prologicGenerally Necessary:10:03
prologic- cgroup hierarchy: properly mounted [/sys/fs/cgroup]10:03
prologiclooks like the script looks for the mounts10:03
prologicso you'll have to run /etc/rc.d/cgroupfs-mount manulaly I guess10:03
prologicthen re-run /usr/share/docker/check-config.sh10:03
prologicmake sure you have all the important things10:03
Romsteroh and add it to my SERVICES10:03
teK_please mention the full path of the checker script in your readme, prologic10:04
Romsteri know i got /etc/rc.d/docker added.10:04
prologic^^^ my output10:04
prologic$ uname -r10:04
prologicRomster, /etc/rc.d/cgroupfs-mount is actually called by /etc/rc.d/docker10:05
prologicand /etc/rc.d/cgroupfs-umount is called on daemon stop10:05
Romster/etc/rc.d/cgroupfs-mount does not exist.10:05
prologicoh sorry10:05
Romsterbut i have /etc/rc.d/docker10:05
prologicI mean10:05
prologic$ which cgroupfs-mount10:05
prologicteK_, *nods*10:06
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prologicI'll update it after this I think10:06
prologicit's one of those things10:06
prologicyou assume too much in documenting things10:06
prologicand learn a lot from others trying it out as well :)10:06
Romsteryes cgroupfs-mount is in /etc/rc.d/docker so all good there.10:06
RomsterCONFIG=/usr/src/linux-3.17.2/.config /usr/share/docker/check-config.sh10:07
Romsteri had to do that syntax to check my .config before i rebooted to it10:07
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Romstercgroups mounted from fstab, not mounting /sys/fs/cgroup10:08
Romsternone/cgroup   cgroup    defaults               0      010:08
Romsteroh is that old now?10:08
prologicyeah don't10:08
prologicthe script takes care of it all10:08
prologicremove the entry from fstab10:09
Romsterthat used to be in the damn README10:09
prologicthe cgroup fs hiearchy is too complicated to do by hand10:09
prologicor put in fstab10:09
prologicI'll be updating it :)10:09
prologicsorry :)10:09
Romsterok i did cgroupfs-umount /sys/fs/cgroup10:10
Romsterand then ran cgroupfs-mount10:10
Romsterif that is enough without rebooting again10:10
Romstercgroup hierarchy: properly mounted [/sys/fs/cgroup]10:10
Romsterthat fixed it10:10
prologicjust run it10:11
Romsterfinally now i need to learn how to use the docker.10:11
prologicno arguments10:11
Romsteruh ok10:11
Romsterwell its fixed10:11
prologicwhat was that error you were getting before?10:11
prologicI'm adding it to the README10:11
Romster- [1mcgroup hierarchy[m: [1;31mnonexistent??[m10:12
Romstercgroup hierarchy: nonexistent??10:12
Romsterdon't mount it in /etc/fstab !10:12
Romsterclearly i'm too smart at times.10:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: Updated README for docker10:14
Romsternuking docker-bin who cares if ya gotta build go?10:16
prologicsure go for it10:16
prologicyou can easily download the binary anwyay10:16
prologicand put it in /usr/bin/docker10:16
prologicand chmod =x it10:16
prologicit's like a 2 liner10:16
Romsteryou can do it. but i was saying whats the point you don't even use docker-bin10:17
prologicI don't10:17
prologicnot the port10:17
Romsteris mercurial still needed for go?10:17
prologicbut I use the upstream prebuilt binaries in my dind (Docker-in-Docker) images10:17
prologicmy ide is going to be dind :)10:17
prologicnot a clue10:17
prologichaven't looked at the changelog10:17
Romster mercurial (optional) - for fetching sources from mercurial repositories10:18
Romsteryeah go doens't even need mercurial as a hard dep10:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: docker-bin: Remvoed. If you want to install the binary: curl -# -q -o /usr/bin/docker && chmod +x /usr/bin/docker10:19
prologicno perhaps not10:19
prologicbut iirc go doc and go vet still require it10:20
prologicas those packages are in mercurial repos upstream10:20
prologicand part of the go developer tools the port installs10:20
Romsterno it uses hg at make time -_-10:21
prologicthat's right10:22
Romsterjust tested10:22
Romsterah well not that heavy10:22
prologicdeal with it :)10:22
prologicI'd have to find another way to get go doc and go vet installed as part of the port10:23
Romsteri don't care ig to hg svn git cvs10:23
Romsteri got*10:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: fping: Updated to 3.1013:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: fping: Fixed URL14:01
*** jdolan has joined #crux14:14
prologicRomster, ping?14:17
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: [notify] curl: update to 7.39.017:19
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: groff: update to 1.22.317:19
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: make: updated to 4.0.017:23
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: gcc: updated to 4.8.217:23
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: rc: removed btrfs-scan from rc. handle it with a udev rule instead17:23
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libarchive: updated to 3.1.217:23
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: Merge branch '3.0' into 3.117:23
*** cruxbot has quit IRC17:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: poppler: update to 0.28.118:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: poppler-glib: update to 0.28.118:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.28.118:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: neon: update to 0.30.118:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: stunnel: update to 5.0718:00
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diverseumm, is cruxbot still updating 3.0?18:47
mheseems like it18:58
thetornainbowcruxbot has trouble letting go19:01
mheI saw gc updated to 4.8.2 and thought of a typo19:21
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dedmanwlkhi guys21:40
mheanyone using lxterminal21:40
dedmanwlkis there a known mistake that would leave me at grub2 prompt after fresh install?21:40
mhedo you have done grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg21:41
dedmanwlkmhe: i did the "grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg" as instructed here
mheok then it should not give you the grub2 boot prompt21:42
dedmanwlki successfully installed to a VM on the 1st try in a practice run. now im trying on the actual system21:42
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dedmanwlkdidn't think so21:42
mhedid you copy bzImage to /boot/vmlinuz*21:42
dedmanwlkto exactly "/boot/vmlinuz" but this is concerning me :21:42
dedmanwlkIn order for grub-mkconfig to find the installed kernel it should be named something like the following:21:43
dedmanwlk/boot/vmlinuz-* /vmlinuz-*21:43
dedmanwlkthough i didn't name it "vmlinuz-3.12.24" in the VM and had success21:43
mhevmlinuz is ok21:44
dedmanwlkwhen i type 'boot' in the grub2 command prompt it says "you need to load the kernel first"21:44
koridedmanwlk: boot vmlinuz-3.12.14?21:44
dedmanwlkkori: yes, thank you21:45
dedmanwlki entered 3 commands: set root=(hd0,1), linux (hd0,1)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1, and boot. it went successfully21:55
dedmanwlkmaybe il try the -o on the mkconfig mhe21:55
mheyou could create the grub.cfg manually21:55
mhethat page will provide enough info21:56
prologicjust use lilo :)21:56
prologicit's easier :)21:56
dedmanwlki wish i could21:56
dedmanwlknot my choice though21:56
dedmanwlkno no, just org decision21:57
prologicoh wtf?21:57
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prologicas if lilo vs grub can affect an org in any way21:57
jaegerwell, you can certainly make a simpler grub.cfg than mkconfig spits out for you, for what that's worth21:57
prologicwho came up with that decision21:57
dedmanwlkmanager preference i guess21:57
prologicisn't everything subjective and hihgly opinoiantd :)21:58
dedmanwlkgrub 1 still supported , i guarantee that we would use that21:58
dedmanwlkmy ears have heard nothin but hate for the new grub menu file21:58
dedmanwlkconfig* file , whatever21:58
dedmanwlkrembmer when it just use to be ONE file and didnt so "DONT EDIT" at the top21:59
jaegerpersonally I like grub2 best. It's not hard to configure, just has a lot of features21:59
jaegermany of them aren't needed for most boots21:59
jaeger <-- this is the one from my workstation, for example22:00
dedmanwlki dont mind it. i mean change usually happens for a reason22:00
jaegereven that one could be simplified by setting root explicitly, not using UUIDs, etc.22:01
dedmanwlkgrub-mkconfig didnt work again. guess im doin it manually lol22:01
dedmanwlkthough i wish i understood how i was breaking it22:01
jaegerWhat did it generate?22:01
dedmanwlkitd be easier for me to take a photo with my phone and upload it then sprunge it22:02
jaegerI mean the config file, not the grub menu22:03
dedmanwlkbut iv got to be off to the next place, ill be back either later or in the AM. thank you for the help22:03
dedmanwlkthanks again22:03
dedmanwlksorry i got to run22:03
u7knv9hanyone know how to redirect all alsa output to a fifo? that's what i got so far:22:07
u7knv9h the .asoundrc22:07
u7knv9hthen i ran `mkfifo /tmp/audio.fifo`22:07
u7knv9hand `chmod 666 /tmp/audio.fifo`22:07
jaegerlooks reasonable22:08
jaegeris hw:0,0 the correct device?22:08
u7knv9hyes, i checked /proc/asound/cards22:09
u7knv9halso, i tried to change `format raw` in `format 44100:16:2` but nothing changes22:10
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u7knv9hthe fifo is empty22:11
u7knv9hmaybe there is a kernel module for that?22:11
jaegernot sure there, I've never tried to do something like that22:12
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