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RomsterteK_ nrxtx  romster/mongodb is up.02:11
Romstermay need less than 23GB now to build i removed debugging compiler options02:11
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schrottii'd like to install kmod-32 but configure has problems finding libc06:08
schrottihm k all compat-32 ports are affected06:10
schrottihave to think what i did wrong, because a few days ago everything worked flawlessly for them06:10
schrottionly did a system update this week06:11
schrottihm could it be because the arch is wrong: configure:3557: gcc -O2 -march=x86-64 -pipe -m32   -m32 conftest.c  >&506:12
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schrottihm nope06:15
schrottifound the issue, mistakenly remove glibc-32 during a small clean-up action :/06:20
Romsterschrotti, do you have glibc-32 installed?06:27
diversehe said he removed it accidentally06:28
Romsterthat'll be why... accidentally.06:28
schrottiwanted to install skype, but stopped that because of all those deps.06:29
Romsterskype works but it is a ton of deps06:29
schrottiso i looked at listorphans to remove the -32 stuff that i installed for it06:29
Romstersadly no 64bit skype06:29
schrottiyea :/06:30
Romsterin future look at prt-get deptree skype06:30
Romsterand see first06:30
schrottiand thats how glibc-32 came under the tire, even though it is in core. should look next time closer.06:30
Romsterhonestly once you got all the deps it's not much to sysup i do all the hard work for skype.06:30
Romsterthat is a gotcha06:31
schrottineed k sys reboot with iso, so i can install glibc-32 again :)06:35
Romstermaybe i shoudl call skype skype-3206:35
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Romsterschrotti, just mount the iso somewhere06:40
Romstercd into core ports06:40
Romsterpkgadd glibc-32...06:40
Romsterno reboot required06:41
Romsteryou'll want to prt-get sysup after06:41
schrottiah thanks Romster06:42
Romsterthis isn't windows <<06:57
Romsterthe notion of rebooting all the time is not necessary06:57
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prologicRomster, did you get Docker working?08:04
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nrxtxRomster: 23G of RAM or harddisk?08:18
diversenrxtx: let's hope it's not the former ;)08:21
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frinnstsorry about the btrfs-progs fuckup. Fix will be pushed this evening (6-7 hrs)08:32
prologicsweet :)08:37
Romsterprologic, probably but i haven't ran any thing with docker yet08:39
Romsterall the functionality should be there.08:39
Romsternrxtx, ram as i use tmpfs to compile in, its less now due to me removing -ggdb08:41
bedisI use docker on crux08:42
bedisv 1.3 now08:42
bedisonly for testing purpose08:42
bedisI start images, do my stuf, then kill them08:42
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bedisas long as your kernel is ready for it, you won't have any issue08:43
prologicRomster, so you should be able to docker run -i -t crux /bin/bash08:46
prologicI'm about to release a tool (still in early development) that's a CLI wrapper/tool for managing docker hosts on Digital Ocean08:47
Romster2014/11/07 19:47:17 Error response from daemon: Cannot start container 35f1e518588f7df3a6fae76f47be6fed5bfcdecc1833820708cd0b3b74bc52c7: failed to find the cgroup root08:47
Romsterthought i fixed that.08:47
Romstersudo /etc/rc.d/docker restart08:48
Romster/etc/rc.d/docker: line 22: kill: (16045) - No such process08:48
Romster2014/11/07 19:48:23 Post http:///var/run/docker.sock/v1.15/containers/create: dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: no such file or directory08:48
Romsterguess it's really difficult to get it to work.08:49
Romsterheh image and javascript it...08:51
frinnstit actually works08:52
Romsterneat so i guess it'll do more later on08:54
prologicRomster, no it's not really08:55
prologicjust double check your config :)08:56
Romsteryou've seen it but i haven't rebooted since i unmounted cgropups from my fstab and re-ran the docker service08:56
prologicyou need to08:57
Romsterfigured as much when i have stuff open08:57
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Romsterdocker run -i -t crux /bin/bash09:42
Romsterthere we go \o/09:42
Romsternow i need to learn how to use docker and where it's storage is being stored.09:43
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Romsterbecause i think it's probably on my SSD root than on a larger disk.09:43
Romstercrux 3.1 -_-09:44
Romstererr 3.009:44
Romstershould update that to 3.109:44
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RomsterData file: /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/devicemapper/data09:58
Romsteryeah that'll fill up fast there09:58
Romsterprologic, what would be smart is if i network moutned a hdd off another box here and then i can load up docker images off any of my machines.10:58
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prologic/var/lib/docker by default12:08
prologicedit /etc/docker.conf to configure12:08
prologicdocker -h for help on daemon configuration options12:08
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prologicRomster, docker pull crux12:09
prologicyou must have an old image :)12:09
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teK_Romster: will maybe build just for fun13:02
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rmullAny update for the btrfs-progs source file issue coming?14:04
rmullbtrfs-progs-man-v3.17.1.tar.xz doesn't get downloaded or synced14:04
frinnstyes because i fucked it up :)14:07
frinnstwill fix when i get home from work14:07
frinnstgit commit -a doesnt add new files D;14:07
Romsterprologic, removing kmod may be in error it brakes eudev14:08
Romsterconfigure: error: in `/usr/ports/core/eudev/work/src/eudev-2.1.1':14:08
Romsterconfigure: error: --enable-libkmod was given, but test for kmod failed14:08
rmullfrinnst: git commit -a --yes-everything-i-mean-it14:14
Romstermade me laugh14:15
Romsteri just do git add everything i need.14:15
Romsterthat i changed14:15
frinnstI usually do that, but for some reason i didnt this time14:15
Romsterprobably the wrong way but i rarely miss a patch14:16
frinnsti prefer git add too14:16
Romsterif there are meany files git status14:16
Romsterbefore commit14:16
frinnst<do work>; cd ..; git add <dir>; git commit -m "<dir<autocomplete>>: updated asdf"14:16
Romsteryeah similar to what i do14:17
rmullI usually do git add -u14:17
rmullBecause I'm pretty sure -a is a bad habit14:18
frinnstyeah it is i think. but soo easy usually :)14:18
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prologicRomster, oh you're rebuilding eudev in a Docker container of crux?14:26
Romsteryep i did a ports -u and prt-get sysup14:26
Romsterand i got that instlaling kmod then update eudev worked14:27
prologicI'll push up new updated images tomorrow hopefully14:27
prologicjaeger built a new updaetd 3.1 iso14:27
Romsternot a big issue to get around tough14:27
prologicso the 3.1 image will be more up-to-date14:27
prologicwhen i get it pushed up14:27
prologicoh wait14:27
prologicyou installed kmod14:27
prologicthen eudev worked fine?14:27
prologicyeah ok14:28
prologicI think I'll leave it :)14:28
Romsterthen eudev updated14:28
prologicI deliberately remove a bunch of stuff from the docke images for crux14:28
Romsternot a big issue just thought i'd report it14:28
prologicsince it makes little to no sense to be in a container14:28
prologiccheck my tools that build the images at
prologicthe master branch14:28
prologic# Remove unnecessary packages14:29
prologicpkgs=(btrfs-progs e2fsprogs ed exim hdparm jfsutils kbd kmod lilo openssh pciutils ppp psmisc reiserfsprogs vim xfsprogs)14:29
prologicThese are the packages that are removed before taring up the rootfs14:29
Romstercould probably remove zip and some other things but it may brake other stuff14:31
Romsterdunno but might be able to get rid of iptables14:32
Romsterunless you plan to firewall in there.14:32
prologicwell find out for me :)14:33
Romstercan run some tests14:33
prologichalf of the crap we ship doesn't need to be in the docker images when run as a container14:33
prologicunless your app/service needs them14:33
prologicin which case just build them as part of your image14:33
Romsteryeah so we don't need iptables by default do we?14:34
prologicthat's true14:34
prologicthat could go too :)14:34
prologicdocker uses an internal private (bridged) network anyway14:34
prologicwith dnat'd exposed ports when -p is used with docker run14:34
Romsterhmm probably keep bindutils dig and host is useful but then it's not strictly required.14:35
Romstersysfsutils iptables14:36
Romsterif you don't need ip14:37
prologicip management?14:37
prologicyeah no, it's handled by the docker daemon14:37
prologicthe container just gets an ip automatically14:38
Romsteryeah ip is the replacment of ifconfig14:38
Romsteror was it ipconfig been on linux and windows too much14:38
Romsterso unless some port needs it. it's just taking space.14:38
Romsterlibusb-compat probably isn't need either14:39
Romsterwould have to test with removing some of the network stuff though incase it causes problems.14:40
prologicusb should stay14:41
prologicbecause you have docker run --privileged14:41
Romstercompat though14:41
prologicwhich lets you have complete access to the host's hw and reosurces14:41
prologicor --cap-add14:41
Romsterther eis libusb and libusb-compat14:41
prologicman capabilities14:41
Romsterthere is*14:41
prologicwhat's -compat for?14:41
Romster2 ports apparently that jue mentioned.14:42
Romsterbut i don't remember which14:42
Romsterthats been there for like a year or so14:42
Romsterprt-get dependent --all libusb-compat14:43
Romsternone of which are in core.14:43
Romsterif someone really wants it there is prt-get depinst/install14:44
prologicthat's what I figure14:44
Romsternot sure if you want cron daemon probably do.14:44
prologicmost things you might Dockerize (yeah it's become a verb) will hardly need any of your typical full install CRUX14:45
prologicactually no :)14:45
Romstermlocate could possibly go14:45
Romsteryeah so a few more can go it's basically bare tool chain and a few dependent libs is all you need14:46
Romsterwith the few other ports for pkgutils etc.14:46
Romsteryou removed most already14:46
Romsternot sure what needs nasm compiler now too. maybe perl?14:47
prologicyeah what required nasm?14:48
prologicand perl is required as part of the toolchain14:48
prologicI found that out :)14:48
prologicautomake and friends depend on it14:49
Romsterdunno i just removed nasm and started a rebuild.14:49
Romsteroh really ah it's probably binutils14:50
Romsteror bin8614:50
Romsterit's been a while since i got my hands dirty in the tool chain and core ports.14:50
Romsterthought yasm makes better ASM now anyways?14:51
prologicyeah let's not break things :)14:51
prologicif it can be later re-instaleld that's fine14:51
prologicI built a test docker image last night using buildroot and built a nice ~5M base image (compressed) ~12M (uncompressed) that basically had busybox, musl and a compiler toolchain and wget I think14:53
prologicwe should build a busybox+musl crux :)14:58
rmullteK_: Is there a reason the rtorrent manpage is omitted?14:58
Romsterwouldn't be bad to do14:58
Romstermaybe it needs some dependeny to generate it at a guess rmull enable it and find out14:58
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prologic$ docker images | grep test15:05
prologictest                      latest              517544eb5e86        21 seconds ago      316.7 MB15:05
prologicdidn't really save that much :)15:05
Romsternah not that big of ports.15:05
prologicdo we really need man pages in a container based system? :)15:07
prologicwho would read man pages in a container15:07
Romsteryeah dunno15:07
prologicunless you were building a dockerized unix as an ide15:08
prologiclike I have done :)15:08
Romstermaybe if the docer image is on a server and ya remote ssh in?15:08
Romsterin which case you removed openssh anyways15:08
Romsternot sure if removing man will interfere with footprints.15:09
Romsteror they just need groff for those to be generated15:10
prologicI believe so15:13
prologic$ docker images | grep test15:16
prologictest                      latest              d1edc3b59f7c        18 seconds ago      310.4 MB15:16
Romstersize isn't everything and that's pretty small now15:16
prologicI think I'm done15:17
frinnsti keep telling people that!15:17
prologicthere's nothing more to remove15:17
prologicwithout breaking things :)15:17
prologicrevdep checks out15:19
prologicno broken libs15:19
prologic# Remove unnecessary packages15:19
prologicpkgs=(btrfs-progs dcron dhcpcd e2fsprogs ed exim hdparm httpup iproute2 iptables jfsutils libusb-compat kbd kmod lilo man-db man-pages mlocate openssh pciutils ppp psmisc rc reiserfsprogs sysfsutils sysvinit vim xfsprogs)15:19
Romsterbut i still question why remove vim15:20
Romsterwont someone wanna edit files in there or they do it from the host?15:20
prologicdo it from the host15:21
Romsterah so thats fine then15:21
teK_rmull: probably not15:21
prologicunless you're Dockerizing vim and providing it as a service15:21
prologici.e: docker run -i -t crux/vim15:21
prologicin which case, make it part of *that* image15:21
prologicnot the base 'crux'15:21
Romsterwell in that case yeah make it part of that image.15:21
teK_what's a service in that context? A storage level blended-in data "pool"?15:22
prologicsorry what? :)15:23
prologicok I'm off to bed15:25
prologicI'll kick off an image rebuild15:25
prologicand submit the PR tomorrow15:25
teK_have fun15:28
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: btrfs-progs: added missing manpages16:14
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diversefrinnst, Romster: firefox 33.0.3 is out18:17
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frinnstwindows fixes only, as far as i can see19:30
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mheodd that slackware updated, I would think that it would be skipped if only Windows issues would be fixed20:30
mheoops, 33.0.220:31
mhearchlinux already spewed out the update20:32
prologicfrinnst, ta21:11
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diversefrinnst: there is more to it than windows fixes:
diverse"33.0.1: Firefox displays a black screen at start-up with certain graphics drivers"21:38
diverse"33.0.2: Fix a startup crash with some combination of hardware and drivers"21:38
diverseoh... the other listed features were also part of the original 3321:45
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diverseUnless those 2 don't matter, I guess waiting for 34 would be better21:49
pidsleyromster could build firefox every day and not keep up21:58
pidsleywhen was the last time you saw firefox "display a black screen" or "crash with some hardware"21:59
joacimI've never seen it, but it sucks for those that do see it22:01
pidsleyi have ff on prt-get listlocked22:01
pidsleyyeah ok joacim22:01
pidsleyjust a little frusatred by how often ff get "updated"22:02
pidsleyand can't sprll22:02
joacimI think the problem is how big it is22:03
pidsleystupid kbd22:03
pidsley^ yes ! takes six hours to rebuild on my atom22:03
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mheyeah, I will wait for romsters package22:45
mheanyone running 31.2 esr?22:45
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