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rocxWhen I configure the kernel at that stage, is there a certain thing I need to activate to be able to network via USB wi-fi adapter?00:23
prologicprobably :)00:25
prologicanyone use wifi on crux here?00:26
prologicrocx, hint: it'll be the same process for just about any other distro00:26
prologicwith some exceptions ofc00:26
prologicread the wifi wiki pages on ?00:26
rocxBefore the whole "a ha wat a looser he needs wifi" thing happens.00:27
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rocxYeah, I found an example page on the wiki.00:27
rocxDidn't put that much faith in it since it seemed rather sparse. Arch wiki works too, but it's not quite source-based if I recall.00:28
prologicyeah but the Arch wiki(s) and PKGBUIDL(s) are pretty good00:31
prologicmostly because they stole/borrowed a lot of their architecture from us :)00:32
prologicso whatever the wiki says should work for CRUX too00:32
prologicassuming we have all the necessary ports00:32
prologicwhich we would -- wifi is pretty standard stuff00:32
rocxI know that, I was just wondering for USB adapters.00:34
rocxIf for some odd reason it was something I'd have to enable before compiling.00:35
prologicafaik you just need the necessary kernel modules for your adapter in question00:36
prologicafter that should be pretty straight forward00:36
frinnstI dont think you need anything specific for "usb"wifi. Just find the correct driver for your chip00:37
frinnstI used a zd1211 device years ago. it was very simple but it did require some specific firmware to work.00:38
frinnstand modern firmware are not shipped with the kernel any more00:38
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Romsterpidsley, diverse mhe uploading
Romsterabout 10 minutes03:44
Romsterrocx, eh nah lots use wifi theseday but usb wifi?03:44
Romstermost of them need firmware for the kernel to use it.03:44
Romsterlsusb would be the fist stop find what brand/model then do research on what it needs03:45
prologicRomster, I want to build a CI for CRUX soon03:45
prologicautomated package and iso building03:45
Romsteri'd like to do CI here03:45
prologicnot 1005 sure how yet03:46
Romsterfor every port i maintain03:46
Romsteri have enough machines to compile stuff on every git push03:46
rocx" ID 148f:3072 Ralink Technology, Corp. RT3072 Wireless Adapter"03:47
rocxGuess that sort of solves that issue.03:47
Romsteri ws thinkng my i686 chroot would be an ideal thing to dockerise and run a distcc instance on each of my boxes. just make distcc listen on another port for that docker i686 arch.03:47
prologicnot 100%03:47
prologicRomster, I was going to build a CI of sorts03:48
prologicor just use something like Drone.io03:48
prologicnot their actual service03:48
prologicI think they'd be unhappy about the load :)03:48
prologicbut the software behind it03:48
Romsterjenkins i've looked at but not used.03:48
prologicI'd like to look into Drone myself personally03:48
Romsterpretty sure we could knock up some scripts to do what we need.03:48
prologicit uses Docker containers as build slaves03:48
prologicwhich I like03:48
jaegerI used jenkins for mine, it's fairly simple03:48
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prologicRomster, Dockerizing a chroot environment is kind of superfluous :)03:49
Romsteri meant to redo it as a dockerfile not the chroot itself.03:49
prologicthe CRUX image itself on the Docker Hub would otherwise be identical to any CRUX chroot03:49
prologicminus a few packages :)03:50
Romsterbut the packages used in the chroot that i do now.03:50
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prologicwell it's just a bunch of build tools surely?03:50
prologicFROM crux/base:latest03:50
prologic... whatever else you want ...03:50
prologicanyway regarding CI03:50
prologicI also happen to think you're right03:50
prologicjaeger, your idea is good too03:50
prologicbut jenkins is a bitch to get setup correctly03:51
Romsterfor the i686 stuff as a distcc image and a place i can make a new instance and build i686 packages in a CI way and stuck them up on
prologiceven though I actually built CRUX+Jenkins Docker images of the master and slave(s) already that work perfectly :)03:51
prologicadmitedly for Python CI testing though03:51
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prologicI think it would be trivial to write a bunch of scripts to do the CI and build all packages and publish them somewhere03:51
Romsteryou probably found this rocx
Romsterrt3070sta driver03:52
Romsterrocx, actually that driver is depreciated go see if you can enable rt2870sta as a module or built in your kernel03:54
Romsterprologic, i dont have a lot of time if you get a working solition on docker i'll like pick it up and start testing stuff as a cron job or something.03:55
Romsteri can pitch in if need be.03:55
prologicI'd also like to look into this03:55
prologicand spin it up and see how it works03:55
prologicit looks like the right tool fo the job03:55
prologicI believe OpenSUSE use it to build all their packages03:56
prologicRomster, sure nps03:56
Romsteri don't want to duplicate your work though so, my goal is built packages of only the bigger stuff like firefox etc. and a i686 group.03:56
Romstermain reason is to test for compilation errors03:56
Romsterwhen things like libtool get bumped etc.03:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nvidia: updated to version 340.5803:57
Romsteroh shiny new driver03:57
Romsterthat site looks neat prologic03:59
Romstercould we possibly make our own little CDN network for hosting packages? most of us have our own hosting space.03:59
Romsterprologic, i want to take it astep furthor and ue my code to check and fetch new versions and automate building the new version in a docker image. if build upload if broken inform me to look into it.04:01
prologiccould not be easier to setup :)04:02
Romstersweet jeusus04:02
prologicyou just keep concentrating on what you do best :)04:03
prologickeeping ports up-to-date04:03
prologicI'll do what I do best :)04:03
prologicengineering :)04:03
Romsteri've fallen behind a bit04:03
prologicyour versionsort, auto update, build thing04:04
prologicis a great idea04:04
prologicbut I'm afraid the scope is quite large :)04:04
prologicor I'd have helped already :)04:04
Romsterdon't think crux would have as many things if it weren't for me. but it's not about the size it's the quality.04:04
prologicpersonally I think we should just rip off Arch's AUR system :)04:04
Romsterit's a huge ass system i know, i got it all worked out.04:04
prologiccorrection; CRUX would not exist if it weren't for jaeger, teK_ fr0stb1te, jue and tilman :)04:05
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prologicespecially jaeger since he builds the ISO(s) :)04:05
Romsterit would be nice if your spider was faster though. you could help me there and a proper depth per a domain/directory in the url.04:05
prologicI plan to rewrite it04:05
prologicit's a pile of crap :)04:06
prologicI'd like to rewrite the whole damn thing in circuits04:06
Romstertrue they do all the hard work. i just kept crux bigger on ports.04:06
prologicI tried once and failed04:06
prologicbut it's was lightening quick04:06
prologicbut it was*04:06
Romsteryes it's not that good but the idea of it is.04:06
Romsterand it almost does what  want04:06
Romsterand it almost does what i want04:06
prologicI do agree though04:06
prologicI'd like to see the maintenance overhead of ports go down a lot04:07
prologicespecially for core/opt/xorg/xfce/contrib and friends04:07
Romsterif i got my stuff sorted (pun intended) i'd have more time for other things and still have this many things in crux for users to use.04:08
Romsterjaeger, has done tons on compat-32 stuff i am more just keeping it maintained.04:08
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Romsterwhich btw jaeger you are bumping nvidia-32 as well?04:08
jaegerI plan to, openssl-32 needs a fix first. the patch is 404. Was about to look into that04:09
Romstercrux would still exit without me others would take up the slack, but i really am insane this long with this many ports04:09
Romsterwasn't awere openssl-32 was broken another reason i want CI as well.04:10
Romsterwe tend to install and if no one reports anyhting broken we don't find out until later.04:10
jaegerI usually build all my bumps in a clean VM, ran into the openssl-32 issue on the way to nvidia-3204:10
Romster no 404 there unless it just happened for openssl-3204:11
Romsteri've been using chroots but i'd like to learn docker now and move to that.04:11
Romsterspin up a instance build test.04:11
Romsterfix anything that is broken.04:11
Romstermight be pointless if we all did CI at the same time?04:12
Romsterjaeger, probably has more cpu power than all my boxes combined too.04:12
jaegerI bet you're ahead there04:13
Romsteri'm on 20 cores now with the slowest pc at 2GHz04:13
jaegerMost of my CRUX dev happens in VMs now. The server has 8 cores @ 3.2GHz and 16GB RAM04:13
jaegerThe VMs usually have 2 cores, sometimes 404:13
Romsterah not everything works so well over distcc so you have an advantage in some areas.04:14
Romsterpretty sure i got bottlenecks in various places too.04:14
jaegerI've run into enough issues over time with distcc and ccache that I avoid them now. I'd rather wait a bit longer and eliminate weird race conditions adn the like04:14
jaegersubjective, of course04:14
Romsteryes you've seen me break stuff from those.04:15
jaegerIt broke plenty of things for me back when I was learning the multilib stuff04:15
Romsterto be honest it's not that often now.04:15
Romsteroh multilib is a different thing.04:15
Romstermajor issues is when each machine isn't up to date on the same packages04:15
Romsterand must use the same gcc toolchain04:16
Romsterelse breakage04:16
Romstereverything is in sync it's happy.04:16
Romsterisn't as robust as i'd like.04:17 seems to be down, that explains the openssl-32 issue04:17
Romsterbut great idea i have now docker image with distcc and use that between the hosts.04:17
Romsteroh that's right i liked to that site last time04:17
Romsteri did some serious work on that port.04:18
Romsterguess we can host the patch04:19
Romsteror jsut throw them i the git tree with the port04:19
jaegerDo you have local copies of them? I can't get them since the site is down04:20
Romsterlooking now.04:20
Romsterand yes04:20
Romsteri'll throw them in the port dir and push openssl-32?04:20
Romsteropenssl is such an ugly port.04:23
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: openssl-32: keep local copies of patches04:24
Romsteri'd love to see core/openssl be fixed for parallel build but wishful thinking.04:25
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Romsterhmm i guess isn't monitoring compat-3204:26
Romstercould you update that jaeger if you got access?04:26
Romsteri asked teK_ awhile ago to include more than just core on that php script04:26
Romsterquite handy to see if anyhting is missing.04:26
Romsterprologic, yeah a faster spider that can do proper depth, would help me tremendously. even if it was in circuits and could be used on a number of hosts pointing back to the common database. for processing.04:28
Romsterprologic, i'd love to be able to trigger events at set intervals to scrape sites, the best part is the results can be in any order. i don't care. the sorting part will deal with it just fine.04:29
Romsteri've deliberately randomized input to really unreadable levels and it spits out the same output.04:30
Romsterfast spider to database is all i require.04:30
Romsteri must admit spiders arn't easy things.04:32
Romsterthe majority of the spider jobs will be grab base url find all directories/branches and then spider though those. database that. the rest will be a separate spider instance again looking over the net finding mirrors for official projects/distros. database that and run tests over files/ downlaod check sums/gpg keys. if all pass. mark mirror as clean unofficial or official depending on project listing mirrors.04:35
Romsterthen generate a meta4 file of those mirrors. later curl/wget should support meta4 files.04:35
Romsterwhich means i could generate meta4 files like mirrorbrain but only in a different way.04:36
Romsterno more broken urs ever.04:36
Romsterbut that meta4 is just a side project off versonsort04:37
Romstermain focus is on version sort grab most recent stable files host them and dockerise building.04:38
Romsterand let me sort though the results fix any bugs commit.04:38
Romstermajority of the work will be automated with just me supervising it.04:38
Romsteror possibly a group of people like yourself too.04:39
Romsterand i'm monologuing again -_-04:39
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Romsterso i have virtualbox and e1000 module loaded. with nat and it wont let any packets though any ideas?06:27
Romsterenp0s3 is up06:27
Romsterstatic ip06:27
Romsteralways destination host unreachable06:27
prologicno valid gateway06:41
Romsterit is set06:42
Romsterdefault via dev enp0s306:42
Romster10.0.0.0/24 dev enp0s3 proto kernel scope link src
Romsteri'm in the vboxusers group06:44
RomsterCable connected checked on06:44
Romsterin vbox's network section06:44
Romsteroh maybe it uses internal dhcp on the guest06:45
Romsterit resolves now but gateway is hmm06:48
Romsterand ports -u works06:48
Romsterjust ping command does not06:49
Romsterthat is weird06:49
Romsteranyways working for this tutorial i'm making.06:50
Romstergirlfriend wants to do a fresh install of crux so i'm making a guide for her to try it in virtualbox. before she goes and sets up her system. so she can rely less on me to do it.07:15
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mhetnx for the firefox package09:55
mheand I use wifi on a few boxes here09:55
mhewicd, iwlwifi fw, ipw2200 fw09:55
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teK_Romster: which repos do you want in check_urls?10:19
teK_I forget almost everything if a) I dont fixit the same day or b) have a bug assigned10:20
Romstercompat-32 opt core contrib xorg, think compat-32 is not in the list?10:20
teK_let me check NOW10:20
Romsterah you edited it last time i asked pretty much right away. only reason i was talking about it recently was openssl-32 had 404 patches.10:21
Romsterif it's any easier i'll email you in future :)10:21
Romsterdid you try mongodb?10:24
teK_didnt dare building it on my laptop10:28
Romsterah yeah it might kill it10:28
teK_we check urls for core, opt, contrib, compat-3210:29
teK_I can add xorg if you like10:29
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Romsterthat would be good teK_10:36
Romsterthere the main ones we use anyways.10:36
Romsterstragne it never picked up on the patches on openssl-32. maybe it just went down not long ago before jaeger tried to get them.10:37
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teK_I reran the scripts, xorg seems to be just fine.11:07
Romsterhunspell-en has been broken for awhile now and sgmixer.11:08
Romsteri'll have to file bug reports i guess.11:09
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prologicI reckon I could automagically generate this13:47
prologicThen use boatyard ( to kick off automated builds of packages13:48
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teK_======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/mongodb#2.6.5-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.14:32
teK_fakeroot pkgmk  4093.22s user 187.59s system 704% cpu 10:08.05 total14:32
frinnstI run a mongodb at work. its awful14:33
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teK_I am not surprised14:34
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xeirrr704% ?14:34
teK_but  it's nosqish!14:34
teK_xeirrr: let meintroduce you to my quad core double threaded CPU14:34
frinnstthat mongodb bugreport a year or so back was hilarious14:34
teK_it's nick name is 26000K14:34
teK_frinnst: I remember no details but yeah..14:35
thetornainbowRomster: i believe vte3 needs a version bump 0.36.3 => 0.38.114:36
teK_that WAS indeed awesom14:36
frinnstSteps to fix:14:37
diverseteK_: how do you say awesome in German?14:37
frinnsttek just use the word "frinnst" when i needs to say it14:38
teK_in this case it would be more like hilarious..  lustig14:38
frinnst"wow, that thing was frinnst"14:38
frinnstbut in german obviously14:39
diverseteK_: ehrfurchtige?14:39
Romsterdidn't test ram space but it's huge.14:39
teK_diverse: no, you'd stare 'ehrfuerchtig' at a monumental building like the familia sagrada14:40
teK_Romster: it has to be less than 6GB :p14:40
diverseteK_: okay, you need to fix google's translation then14:40
teK_as I said. Depends on the context14:41
diversehow lustig...14:41
teK_fantastisch would be a proper adjective, too14:41
teK_lustig === funny14:42
diverseheh, that works out14:42
RomsterteK_, ah it was 23G all up with ggdb but i removed ggdb14:42
teK_diverse: more colloquial would be 'geil' which can be translated to horny :P14:42
leo-unglaubhey, could you please bump geany to 1.24.1 in contrib?14:42
teK_please open a ticket for sepen he's not arround much14:43
leo-unglaubk, will do14:43
diverseoh that sounds like it's going to take forever. leo-unglaub just update it yourself in the meantime ;)14:43
leo-unglaubdiverse: i did14:44
leo-unglauband the build works fine14:44
leo-unglaubthats why i know he should update it in contrib :)14:44
leo-unglaubi only report updates when i tryed them locally14:44
teK_I won't for social/maintainerish reasons14:44
teK_reminds meI need to run ck4up :)14:44
teK_diverse: hints at 'grossartig' which should most close to awesome14:46
xeirrrRomster: your nick reminds me that brand car14:46
diverseteK_: grossartig ;)14:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: unrar: 5.2.1 -> 5.2.214:48
diverse ?14:48
xeirrrYes, diverse14:49
leo-unglaubawesome -> fantastisch14:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: spice-gtk: 0.24 -> 0.2614:50
xeirrrfantastisch come from fantastic?14:51
diversethat wouldn't surprise me, since English is a Germanic language14:51
diversewell actually maybe fantastic came from fantastisch first ;)14:52
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: openvpn: 2.3.4 -> 2.3.514:52
*** thetornainbow has joined #crux14:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: rdesktop: 1.8.2 -> 1.8.314:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mercurial: 3.1.2 -> 3.214:55
Romsternever noticed that and i've been called roomster before too.14:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: p5-net-dns: 0.80 -> 0.8114:57
diverseI always thought of Romster's name as Rom-ster, as in he used to play with emulators a lot. ;)14:57
xeirrrOh, I am not the only guy call him that.14:58
Romsterwhich i did.14:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mpd: 0.19.1 -> 0.19.214:58
teK_diverse: romanian is the right term I think14:59
Romsterand ster came from dragsters speedways and ster is designed to be added onto words for a suffix used in forming nouns, often derogatory, referring especially to occupation, habit, or association14:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gdb: 7.8 -> 7.8.115:00
xeirrrSo your Nick name real meaning is?15:00
xeirrrMine is random15:00
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diverseteK_: no, English has it's roots from Germany. It's just with the vikings traveling around everywhere at the time, the language got morphed from the influence of existing romantic languages, like Greek, Latin, French, etc.15:01
teK_frinnst: best part of the bug is,imho, 5. PUBLISH SECURITY ADVISORY OR I WILL DO IT FOR YOU15:01
teK_there is an awesome reference to this heritage in the german version of monty pythons "Ritter der Kokosnuss"15:02
diversexeirrr: he nick name meaning is someone that occupies himself with roms, e.g. emulators.15:04
xeirrrThat's helpful, diverse15:05
diverseRomster == Rom person15:08
diverseRomster: now that I think about it, ROMs are also a hardware thing which also associates to your circuiting skills15:11
leo-unglaubhere in vienna a "romster" is someone who likes to fuck overweight woman ... just so you know15:14
Romsterread only memory yes15:15
Romstercartridge games and my electronics association15:15
Romsterleo-unglaub, .... -_-15:15
diverseoi oi leo...15:16
Romstergood lord15:16
leo-unglaubdont worry ...
xeirrrleo always push us to wall15:16
Romsteri don't mind15:17
Romsterhm i'l have to move vte3 to contrib or get vala moved to opt. think i'll just move vte3 to contrib.15:18
teK_leo-unglaub: wtf. Never heard ofthat phrase15:18
teK_Romster: I dont mind pushing vala to opt, either15:18
leo-unglaubteK_: hopefully because yon dont interact with those people *g*15:18
xeirrrteK_: ask Leo15:19
diversewell, "overweight" could be many things, sometimes women that are just a little plump can be attractive. But if you mean overweight as in obese, that's another thing.15:19
Romsteronly two things now 3 depend on vala15:19
leo-unglaubwell, i am overweight my self ... so no comment from my side *g*15:20
teK_leo-unglaub: 'those'? Austrians? :>15:20
leo-unglaubpeople in vienna are different ...15:21
leo-unglaubstrange people here15:21
xeirrr Dadada15:21
teK_and they hate each other, which is funny because there's only about 8 million austrians in total :>15:21
leo-unglaubyes ... people in vienna always smile at you and the minute you leave they talk bad about you15:22
leo-unglaubi hate vienna for that ..15:22
*** rocx has joined #crux15:22
teK_leo-unglaub: Wiener Schmää15:23
leo-unglaubhaha, indeed15:24
leo-unglaubda grausts da volle hitn wenns dos hearst ..15:24
*** xeirrr has quit IRC15:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: vte3: opt -> contrib15:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: vte3: 0.36.3 -> 0.38.115:25
teK_something like that15:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: vte3: opt -> contrib15:26
teK_in fact I'm living only a stone's throw from the German-Austrian border15:26
leo-unglaubteK_: where?15:27
*** thetornainbow has quit IRC15:27
leo-unglaubwait, are you a "bayer"???15:27
teK_yes indeed15:28
leo-unglauboh, i feel for you *g*15:28
teK_I am insulted by tha fact that you must have believed I was a Saubreiss :P15:28
leo-unglaubmaybe a "franke"15:28
leo-unglaubi once called "Hetzner Online" and asked if there where located in bayern ,,,,15:29
leo-unglaubthey nearly killed me15:29
diverseI know that Ws in German have an English "v" sound, but what sound do Vs make in German?15:29
teK_I can imagine15:29
teK_diverse: VAU15:29
teK_like f-our minus the r part15:30
diverseah, why is that sound hard for me to pronounce?15:30
teK_'Vee' vs. 'Vau' but in Vogel (bird) it's just like the f15:30
teK_so to sum it  up I'd say it's spelled either like 'f' or like 'w'15:31
teK_you looked up vikings, didn't you? ;)15:31
teK_that's a w-case. Becaus the f case would pretty much translater to fuckers15:32
teK_just checked, it's wikinger, not vickinger. Forget about that :D15:32
leo-unglaubit is soo funny have someone from "bayern" explain to you the correct pronounciation of german letters .... hahahahaha15:32
teK_Bayer. The singular is Bayer.15:33
leo-unglaubbut i am from berlin ... and we add the phrase "wa" to everything .. so it's not better at all *g*15:34
teK_it's worse because you seemingly cannot stop talking :P15:34
*** hhhhhhhh1 has joined #crux15:36
teK_and btw I get 'you are not originally from Bavaria, aren't you?' because of my style of expression/wording :)15:36
*** hhhhhhhh_ has quit IRC15:38
*** thetornainbow has joined #crux15:38
leo-unglaubhaha, that means you are one of the few people in bavaria who actually use all 26 letters in the alphabeth?15:38
*** thetornainbow has quit IRC15:38
teK_most of the time15:38
leo-unglaubor did you vote for the SPD .... hahahahahaha15:39
teK_I switch to bavarian when scolding15:39
teK_I certainly do not vote for CSU15:39
*** thetornainbow has joined #crux15:39
teK_I am even ashamed for Dobrindt's blunder with the PKW Maut15:39
teK_you see.. CSU is what comes out if there's too much similarities in the genes due to hundreds of years of incest15:40
leo-unglaubhahaha, indeed15:40
leo-unglaubit's very interresting ... prople from bavaria are always one of two things ... completely stupid or very smart ... you are clearly a smart one ... for example the people from "Die Anstalt" are all from the smart site if bavaria as well :)15:41
leo-unglaubyou know max uthof?15:42
*** thetornainbow has quit IRC15:42
leo-unglaubhe is brilliant :)15:42
*** thetornainbow has joined #crux15:42
teK_I think Priol and Uthoff are from Bavaria15:42
teK_yeah of course15:42
teK_and Erwin Belzig is from Franken, clearly15:43
leo-unglaubvon wagner is from bavaria as well15:43
thetornainbowmy internet is really giving me some sweet loving at the moment15:43
teK_oh, nice!15:43
teK_leo-unglaub: I liked Schramm best, though15:43
teK_even watched him during the last tour  of his career in Munich15:43
thetornainbowmany thanks for the bump Romster :)15:44
teK_but the 'north' has good folks too.. Hagen Rether, Serdar Somuncu (! :D) and Volker Pispers are just awesome, too15:44
leo-unglaubuthof -> pelzig -> pispers -> von Wagner -> somuncu ... in that order !15:44
tilmansomuncu is from cologne or some shit15:45
tilmanthat's not northern germany for fucks sake15:45
leo-unglaubsomunco is simply awesome ...15:45
leo-unglaubhis radings of "my kampf" are legendary15:45
joacimdon't forget about hasselhoff15:46
leo-unglaubOMG ... nope, i am not looking for freedom *g*15:46
teK_tilman: stop wining. I put quotes around it15:46
teK_leo-unglaub: I  listened to them just yesterday before falling asleep :P15:46
tilmanin hurts15:47
teK_sorry, bro :|15:47
tilmanlove the picture15:47
joacimI live in the middle of norway15:47
joacimnortherners think i'm a southerner15:47
teK_tilman: you like that picture, check out
Romsterthetornainbow, np15:48
leo-unglaubjoacim: you are from norway? cool15:48
leo-unglaubi always wanted to move there with my girlfriend15:49
teK_leo-unglaub: fyi..15:49
tilmanserrdarrr? ;)15:50
joacimmy doctor is german15:50
joacimnot looking forward to when i need my prostate checked15:50
leo-unglaubdoes he have a german shepherd as a dog?15:51
teK_suuuure he does15:51
joacimi don't think so, but i'm sure he listens to hasselhoff15:51
leo-unglaubi would switch doctors *g*15:51
teK_it's getting worse15:52
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC15:52
joacimno way. I like hasselhoff15:52
teK_but he DOES wash his car by hand every sunday15:52
teK_reminding me, I gotta change tires tomorrow for my BMW15:52
leo-unglaubyou have a BMW?15:53
teK_you mean besides my tractor that's taking me church every sunday?15:54
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux15:55
leo-unglaubhey, say nothing against a tractor .. i was raised on a farm ...15:55
leo-unglauband i love to drive tractor .. :)15:55
teK_Did that only once, about 20 years ago15:56
*** Uber-Ich has joined #crux16:01
*** Uber-Ich has left #crux ()16:06
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: man-db: updated to 2.7.116:08
leo-unglaubi have a question about a Pkgfile
leo-unglaubis line 34 correct or is cp -r $SRC/linux-$version $PKG/usr/src/linux16:17
teK_the latter will always work, wherever pkgmk might put its PWD before calling build()16:18
leo-unglaubokey, then i patch it up16:21
teK_I don't think they will ever make an effective difference :)16:24
leo-unglaubhmm, but the package is broken ...16:25
leo-unglauband i dont know why16:26
leo-unglaubbecause i cannot install it16:26
leo-unglaubmy guess is that the file list becomes to long for pkgadd16:26
leo-unglauband for the ports db16:26
leo-unglaubbecause the kernel has to much files16:26
leo-unglaubcould you maybe try to install it on your computer?16:27
leo-unglaubrsync -aqz linux-kernel16:27
teK_I dont thinks tha this is the case16:27
teK_have a look at the .footprint of texlive16:27
teK_I cantry16:28
teK_but I dont think that you  want to have /usr/src/linux/linux-$version16:32
teK_it's either linux or linux-$version in /usr/src16:32
leo-unglaubno, thats on purpose16:32
teK_linux often is linked to linux-$version16:32
leo-unglaubi have a mainstream kernel on it and always a few beta versions for testings16:33
teK_so what?16:33
leo-unglauband i have a linux subfolder so i dont have 10 kernel folders in the /usr/src directory16:33
teK_why not? crappy filesystem? :>16:33
leo-unglaubbtrfs FTW!! but .... hmm, i dont know ... i simply like to group software together with subfolders ... thats a tick of mine *g*16:34
leo-unglaubbut i think i found the bug16:34
teK_you know, stuff linking against the kernel expects the /usr/src/linux{,-version}  thingy16:34
leo-unglaubi build it as a brong user and the .footprint has batman/users as ownership16:34
leo-unglaubhmm, okay, i change it them16:35
teK_built for me with a huge footprint mismatch16:35
leo-unglaubyeah, the user is propobly wrong16:35
leo-unglaubbecause i dit not build as root16:35
leo-unglaubi am an idiot...16:35
teK_dont e too harsh16:35
leo-unglaubhas anyone of you a modified pkgmk version that mounts the $WORK directory in a RAM-Disk?16:52
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] > grep WORK /etc/pkgmk.conf17:01
tilmanleo-unglaub: -> no need to patch pkgmk17:01
leo-unglaubhmm, that would mean that /tmp is a ram disc17:03
tilmanadjust to your liking17:03
tilmanset up a ramdisk for pkgmk in fstab? ;)17:03
leo-unglaubyes, thats my plan ... but i am currently thinking if /tmp is the best location for that17:04
*** SiFuh has quit IRC17:07
leo-unglaubi never worked with shm, i have to read up on that one17:09
tilmanshm /dev/shm-pkgmk tmpfs size=128G 0 017:09
tilmanthere you go17:09
leo-unglaubsize=128G is a little bit optimistic for my laptop *g*17:11
leo-unglaubholy shit ... that speeds up the builds ...17:13
leo-unglaubtilman: thanks for the tip!17:16
leo-unglaubbrb, my dog sits in front of the door, thats usualy not a good sign17:16
leo-unglaubit's not just about speed, it's also good to save write cycles on laptop ssd's17:31
leo-unglaubwould it be possible for me to become a ports maintainer and help with some outdated packages?17:33
leo-unglaubor should i just copy them in my ports tree and have dublicates?17:33
*** phant0mas has joined #crux17:38
leo-unglaubi would like to do tor, geany, claws-mail (< claws is currently broken)17:42
teK_first thing you have to learn is read the wiki pages17:46
teK_and of course it is possible to become a port maintainer. But we dont have old version update maintainers17:46
leo-unglaubhaha, just because i did not find the speed up page ...17:49
leo-unglaubanyway. the claws-mail package is outdated and has a footprint missmatch17:50
teK_notbecause of the speedup page17:52
thetornainbowleo-unglaub: i use claws and it's fine for me. and, to me, a footprint mismatch is only an issue until pkgmk -uf17:53
teK_are there new or missing files?17:54
leo-unglaublol, thetornainbow i know how to get rid of the missmatch ...17:54
teK_.footprint is supposed to contain everything on a clean install without additional optional deps17:54
leo-unglaubbut its funny how people tell me every time to fix it locally when i report those things17:55
teK_did we? :)17:56
teK_then the footprint is probably wrong and should be fix [by the maintainer]17:57
thetornainbowleo-unglaub: i wasn't trying to be mean :). just pointing out that a footprint mismatch is easily dealt with17:57
leo-unglaubi know that, but the point for a global ports tree is to have it once fixed for all others ;)17:58
leo-unglaubi could simply copy the pkgfile in my own ports and fix it there on my own17:58
teK_nah, mike is  supposed to fix that17:58
frinnstindeed, just send him a mail17:59
teK_mike and jose are just too much afk18:00
leo-unglaubi send them a mail as soon as claws-mail builds ... oh wait *g*18:00
leo-unglaubhaha ;)18:00
frinnstyeah its a shame18:01
frinnstjdk is very outdated. opened a bug regarding it. dont think anything has happened yet18:01
leo-unglaubi tell him about the bug and also tell him to update to 3.1118:01
teK_I just wanted to say I do not want to check jdk's version...18:01
frinnstThursday, 02 October 201418:02
frinnstscrew it, i'll bump jdk18:06
teK_please ping sepen18:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nss: updated upstream URL18:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: jdk: updated to 1.7.0_7118:06
tilmanwonder if we could have something like gerrit managing core/opt.git18:06
teK_were there no security fixes?18:06
*** Uber-Ich has joined #crux18:06
frinnstindeed there are18:06
tilmanallow basically anyone to push changes (as in git changesets)18:07
teK_frinnst: [notify]? -.-18:07
tilmanand have some people approve them so they'll get merged18:07
frinnstbah, i'll send an email to the ml manually18:07
thetornainbowtilman: i like that idea. just my 2 cents18:08
thetornainbowit would help immensely with simple version bumps, or footprint mismatches18:08
tilmangerrit could also automatically trigger a test-build of the new port18:08
tilmancheck for problems/dependencies18:08
teK_the discussion usually is two-ended so I am not sure about the need18:09
teK_what frinnst says18:10
tilmanteK_: were you argueing against my proposal? me no comprendo18:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: net-snmp: fixed perl footprint errors18:11
teK_reviews usually have a maintainer and (some) user uttering an idea18:12
teK_it's mostly two-ended.18:12
teK_so why use a tool18:12
thetornainbowunrelated to the current discussion, i've been trying to get this straight: the kernel headers that ship with 3.1 are from kernel version 3.12, which glibc that ships is built against. i shouldn't need to install newer sanitized headers, right? and if i did i would just need to rebuild glibc?18:12
thetornainbowas i'm upgrading the kernel version i mean18:13
thetornainbowokay. i'm always paranoid i'm missing things that i need to know18:14
thetornainbowthanks :)18:14
tilmanmaybe i'll explain in detail later18:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libunique: removed obsolete patch from md5sum18:16
*** phant0mas has quit IRC18:21
*** jdolan has quit IRC18:37
*** jdolan has joined #crux18:41
*** Feksclaus has quit IRC19:04
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC19:34
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux19:36
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC19:36
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux19:39
leo-unglaubi am currently writing some git commit hooks to automaticly check the .footprint and the .md5sum on commiting something19:43
leo-unglaubthat should help to get rid of footprint missmatches19:43
*** hhhhhhhh_ has joined #crux19:45
*** hhhhhhhh1 has quit IRC19:45
*** Uber-Ich has quit IRC20:23
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: nvidia-32: updated to version 340.5820:41
diverseoh ffs, when will nvidia move on from the 340.xx versions?21:10
diverseI was hoping they would move onto drivers that support their gtx 980/970 gpus in the next release21:13
diversefor their longest lived branch21:13
jaegerthey will eventually21:15
*** deus_ex has quit IRC21:16
leo-unglaubteK_: could you please share you git hook script where you extract the git archive to the ports directory?21:18
leo-unglaubi have some issues with mine21:18
*** deus_ex has joined #crux21:20
*** deus_ex has quit IRC21:28
*** hyde has joined #crux21:49
hydeHi, first time trying CRUX (motivated by the systemd debacle, but let's not get into that). So it seems I really have to read the docs to install this, huh?21:58
hydeBefore I go to all the trouble, does CRUX work well in a VirtualBox VM?21:59
hydeAnd another question, is this channel "alive", or at what times is it alive, in general?21:59
*** rocx has quit IRC22:01
teK_leo-unglaub: tomorrow, yeah22:01
teK_hyde: it's quite alive and yes read the installation document and ports guide22:01
*** vlnx has quit IRC22:03
*** vlnx has joined #crux22:10
hydehmph, is it normally necessary to use calculator when creating partitions with fdisk, or is it just that I don't know how to use it?22:11
teK_+100M should work too22:11
hydeyeah, but I wanted -2G or so, for swap...22:12
hyde(so acutally did not use calculator, just +20G)22:12
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC22:18
hydeI have partition of type 82 (Linux swap), but swapon /dev/sda2 gives error: read swap header failed (error code "Success" sounds like a bug in error printing...).22:19
teK_did you run mkswap on sda2?22:19
hydeah, mkswap22:20
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux22:21
hydeok, the setup script dialogs could use some love... such as having a back button :)22:24
teK_it does havce cancel i think22:24
hydeteK_: yeah, and then restart, and it doesn't have too many steps, so not a big deal22:25
teK_crux does work in vbox, iirc if you did not find out already22:32
hydeteK_: well, going to build kernel next22:41
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC22:42
hydeis there some CRUX-specific guide to that? handbook doesn't seem to contain any specifics22:43
hydenot going to fine-tune the kernel just yet, so... should I take the config from the running kernel?22:43
hydeconsidering it at least booted up :)22:44
hydewell, there it goes... will continue tomorrow.22:48
*** nrxtx has quit IRC22:50
hydeumm, stupid question: does root file system need to be compiled into the kernel, not as module? (When i don't have a boot partition)22:51
hydewell, switched BTRFS to not be a module, just in case22:53
*** nrxtx has joined #crux22:53
prologicyes it does22:54
prologicunless you're using an initrd?22:55
hydeI don't think so... following the handbook22:55
prologicthen yeah you will22:56
prologicas well as the SATA module22:56
prologicthose two are the most impoartnt22:56
prologiceverything else can be whatever22:56
prologicI don't even think the CPU matters all that much :)22:56
*** jdolan has quit IRC22:56
hydeah, yeah... and the handbook actually says this.22:58
hydeit could perhaps be a bit clearer about the "not a module" thing22:59
hydeprologic and teK_: thanks23:02
hydemmm, one more thing. Does lilo have some limitations, for example about partition sizes? I have a 20GB root and no other partitions (except swap). Do I need grub?23:05
prologicnot afaik23:16
prologiclilo is just fine23:16
prologicI've not (to this day) used grub yet23:17
hydehmm... I keep forgetting and lilo.conf man page isn't too clear about it... should have boot=/dev/sda or /dev/sda1? (it is a VirtualBox virtual disk which has just one data partition, sda1)23:25
*** hhhhhhhh_ has quit IRC23:25
jaegerboot should be /dev/sda, root /dev/sda123:26
hydeah... and lilo does not support btrfs23:29
hydewhich I chose as root file system on a whim23:29
hydehmm... I could resize it and add /boot, or I could use grub, I guess...23:30
*** jdolan has joined #crux23:34
*** _root_ has joined #crux23:41
prologicboot a device23:42
prologicroot a file system23:42
prologiclilo doesn't care about file systems23:42
prologicit's your /etc/fstab that does23:43
hyderunning `lilo` gives error Fatal: trying to map files from unnamed device 0x001223:44
hydewhich google has led me to believe is because of having btrfs23:44
hydeanyway, grub is installed, and now its time to see if it is installed correctly :)23:45
frinnstyeah dont use lilo with btrfs23:45
frinnstyou *can* use syslinux/extlinux but i dont recommend that since it wont boot a compressed filesystem/kernel image23:46
frinnstuse grub23:46
hydewell, I didn't configure grub correctly, have to re-read the manual I suppose. Got just the grub prompt.23:48
teK_reformat /boot as ext2 or so and stick with lilo23:48
teK_or do you have / and /boot as one partition?23:48
jaegeryou can boot from the grub menu if you know where to find your files23:49
hydeteK_: yeah23:49
jaegerthe menu has tools like find, ls, etc.23:49
_root_for loading modules i should do /sbin/modprobe ath9k in the /etc/rc.modules23:49
teK_hyde: then you have to use something else than lilo23:50
teK__root_: won't it get autoloaded?23:50
*** mikel has quit IRC23:52
*** jdolan has quit IRC23:53
hydehmph, getting kernel panic... VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)... maybe I'll just reformat to ext4 and use lilo...23:56
*** jdolan has joined #crux23:56
teK_that's usually a missing IDE/S-ATA/SCSI driver for your mass storage controller23:56
frinnstyeah or missing filesystem driver23:57
frinnstor attempting to mount the wrong disk/partition as /23:58
hydebtrfs should be in kernel, but maybe not the right driver for the disk... looks like it from what is in the console23:58
hydeit's a Virtualbox virtual disk23:58
jaegerIt's the controller that matters, not the disk itself23:59
jaegercheck with lspci23:59

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