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hydeThis is displayed on another VM: 00:0d.0 SATA controller: Intel Corporation 82801HM/HEM (ICH8M/ICH8M-E) SATA Controller [AHCI mode] (rev 02)00:00
hydebut, I'll have to continue tomorrow, I guess.00:01
jaegerlook for that in your kernel config00:01
hydeI think I added that to kernel as 'y'00:01
hydebut maybe I failed :)00:01
teK_lspci -k is especially helpful hyde00:01
jaegerlspci -k | grep "in use" | sort | uniq00:01
jaegerone of my favorite commands when building a kernel00:02
hydeyeah, that Ubuntu VM uses driver "ahci"00:02
_root_teK_: /etc/rc.modulesModule initialization script00:05
_root_so i should do that i said?00:05
teK_% lsmod | grep iwl ; echo rc.modules:; grep iwl /etc/rc.modules || true00:06
teK_iwldvm                159611  000:06
teK_iwlwifi                96954  1 iwldvm00:06
teK_I never used that file or modprobe.conf to get things loaded00:06
_root_teK_: what then?00:07
teK_it works out of the box,00:07
jaegerIt won't hurt you to put ath9k into /etc/rc.modules, just do it if you're not sure00:08
teK_that feeling when visual studio cannot compile its own boiler plate code00:16
teK_stdio.h in C:\vs2010\include\.. is a binary program? holy mother of god00:23
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_root_teK_: what is the command for rc.modules00:34
_root_/sbin/modproble ?00:34
teK_-l, yeah00:35
teK_ /sbin/modprobe00:35
_root_ if i want to source something in /etc/profile, Should i do X="Y" or export X="Y" ?00:35
teK_export makes sure that "following" contexts after the X=Y assignment have access to X, too00:37
_root_teK_: explain a tad more. there is nothing after X="Y"00:38
_root_you mean the other lines after that?00:39
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: mesa3d: updated to 10.3.301:41
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-rgb: updated to 1.0.601:43
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Romsterthetornainbow, you can have older glibc kernel headers but not newer than the running kernel.06:56
Romsterdiverse, i'm pretty sure they are working on wayland support in the nvidia driver.06:58
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_root_hello again12:09
hhhhhhhhRomster: taglib has been updated to 1.9.112:10
_root_I want to add dev and tmpfs to my fstab; what should I declare in my fstab.12:11
hyde_root_: thanks for asking... I just realized i forgot that yesterday from my fstab in a fresh install of CRUX12:12
hyde(assuming they are actually needed, not sure actually)12:13
_root_hyde: in some cases it make life a lot easier12:14
_root_hyde: now what should I put in there12:14
_root_also I think we should put proc in there too12:14
hyde_root_: don't remember by heart. but the handbook has the manual mount commands, those should serve as a good model12:15
hydehandbook is though it doesn't seem to have mount for tmpfs /tmp12:16
_root_no it doesn't12:17
hyde_root_: right. also, man mount12:19
hydeand man fstab12:20
hhhhhhhh_root_: look in /sbin/start_udev for the options you want12:23
hyde...ok, time to continue. At least the installer .iso "rescue mode" booted with root=/dev/sda1 This is good, I suppose.12:27
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leo-unglaubhey :)13:20
leo-unglaubteK_: i hope you went to church today ... ;) if not edmund stoiber will spank you personally *g*13:22
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_root_prt-get fsearch ntpdate ->Found in /usr/ports/contrib/ntp:13:42
_root_  /etc/rc.d/ntpdate13:42
_root_  /usr/bin/ntpdate13:42
_root_not ok; I don't have rc script for ntpdate just ntpd. why????????????13:42
leo-unglaub_root_: did you update the ntp package?13:44
_root_ls /usr/bin |grep ntpdate -->nothing. it is n't there13:44
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_root_leo-unglaub: I just installed it13:44
_root_on a fresh crux install13:45
leo-unglaub_root_: did you run the pre-install script first?13:52
_root_leo-unglaub: no13:52
leo-unglaubyou have to13:52
leo-unglaubotherwize the build will fall and files are not copied13:53
_root_leo-unglaub: how and how could i make these scripts for package automatic13:53
leo-unglaubcd /usr/ports/contrib/ntp && chmod u+x pre-install && ./pre-install13:54
_root_leo-unglaub: there is two option in somewhere to do those pre and post script automatically13:55
_root_i am asking about does13:55
leo-unglaubi would not recommend that, because most of those scripts are not written to be executed twice ... most of them fail when you execute them the secound time13:56
_root_leo-unglaub: how could i know a package has pre or post script13:56
leo-unglaubi personally always look in the ports directory to checke if one of those scripts exists and then look into what they would do13:57
leo-unglaubbut if you do a prt-get info you see it under files13:58
joacimI think most are safe to run twice14:24
joacimand there are a lot that must run every single time you build a package14:24
jaegerIf you find one that isn't idempotent email its maintainer with a patch14:42
xeirrrWhat are the pre and post-install scripts used for?14:53
xeirrrI never used them14:54
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leo-unglaubRomster: your libnice in contrib has a footprint missmatch15:17
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diverseleo-unglaub: missing or new?15:47
leo-unglaubdiverse: new, but i created a ticket for it and pastet the diff in there15:48
diverseah, then don't worry about it. Just do '-uf' to update the footprint. The NEW mismatches are not a big deal, however if it's MISSING, then it's a big deal.15:49
leo-unglaubno comment ...15:50
diversethere will be times when you get mismatches, but NEW ones are not a problem and you have to update the footprint yourself15:51
joacimyou can also ignore it15:51
diverseactually yeah, just better to ignore it, because ports -u will just overwrite your updates15:51
joacimpackages can pick up on software already installed on your system that weren't installed on the packagers computer. so you end up with new features and files.15:52
diverseright, based on what you have installed can influence your builds to add more files15:53
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hydeif lspci -k shows some driver, how do I find the right kernel option to (for example) make it non-module?16:13
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hydeok, now I got a different kernel panic... is there an easy way to get the console output of the last boot attempt? using grub.17:23
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rmullAnybody here use julia lang?17:38
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diversehyde: use dmesg18:33
diverseor you could view the /var/log/kernel file18:34
frinnstdoubt you can get the panic that way if it happens on boot. the filesystem is probably not mounted yet18:35
hydeno kernel.1 or anything in /var/log18:35
hydealso, the panic is probably because it fails to mount root...18:35
hydeso it'd be a bit surprising if it managed to write a log there ;)18:36
hydeI guess I could try making the console bigger in grub options18:36
hydeto at least see more of the problem18:36
diversesounds like you are missing filesystem drivers18:37
diverseor the right sata driver18:38
hydeyes, but I've tried to figure out what I'm missing, and mark it as 'y' in kernel config18:39
hydeafter adding latest 'y', the panic message changes, but still panicing18:39
hydeI guess I could enable serial port in VirtualBox, and get a log from serial console...18:39
hydeor have VirtualBox make a video of the scrolling text... modern times and all that18:40
hydeor I could just reinstall from scratch and not use btrfs, so I'd have less things differently from the handbook18:41
fr0stb1teHas anyone tried overlayfs here yet?18:42
diversehyde: yeah, I wouldn't use btrfs for / yet18:42
fr0stb1teI'm using it for package builds in chroots on Arch, and it should really be cool and useful for CRUX.18:43
fr0stb1teEven more so.18:43
diversehmm, union mounting, that's a new concept for me18:46
diversehow does it help with building packages for you, fr0stb1te?18:46
fr0stb1teI don't have to _clone_ a chroot18:47
fr0stb1teI just mount an empty overlay on top of it in /tmp18:47
fr0stb1teBuild there, unmount18:47
fr0stb1teWhat is left is only the overlay with the needed files18:47
fr0stb1teSo my chroots are _tiny_18:47
diverseoh that does sound very cool18:48
diverseI think Romster would love that even more18:48
fr0stb1teYep, it's really really cool. I've not used chroots exactly because I would have to clone them18:49
fr0stb1teAnd that is clunky and slow18:49
fr0stb1teAnd now I can't stop thinking of cool things to do with them :318:49
fr0stb1teEasy cheap app isolation, for example.18:49
fr0stb1teNot as robust as docker, but should be good for most uses18:49
fr0stb1teAnd even cmaller containers18:50
fr0stb1teOr you could even use lxc with overlays18:50
fr0stb1teMother of god this is awesome18:50
diverseRomster is big on sandboxing for packaging, I'm sure he would find overlayfs pretty useful18:51
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diverselooks like there is a propose inclusion to be on 3.1818:53
diversefr0stb1te: are you on rc3 or something?18:54
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fr0stb1teI am :)19:00
fr0stb1teMy build box is on rc319:00
fr0stb1teI wanted overlayfs and built a kernel for it19:00
diversesounds pretty stable19:01
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fr0stb1terc2 and above usually are19:01
fr0stb1teAlso my build box is an easily backuped vm19:02
fr0stb1teSo I don't really care if it breaks19:02
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diversefr0stb1te: backed up by snapshots?19:24
fr0stb1teNo, all relevant code is backed up by being on a git repo19:31
fr0stb1teWell, in two19:31
fr0stb1teOne of them being
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thetornainbowfr0stb1te: i like the blog generator you've written. nice work!19:49
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hydeok, new install booted up. Too bad I did several things differently, so I'm not sure what was the problem previously :-/20:08
hydewould you recommend doing this: ?20:27
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fr0stb1tethetornainbow, it lacks the actual blog part :)20:33
fr0stb1teThat was never released20:33
fr0stb1teIt's currently very messy, I don't want to release it20:33
fr0stb1teSo zlog is a generic static page generator.20:34
fr0stb1teIt's easy to write a blog generator for it though. And as blogs are very personal things, I would assume people would still write their own20:34
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fr0stb1teAlso blogs are messy no matter how you do them. You need sorting by date, some kind of meta information...20:39
hydeumm... and wtf is `makecommand`? (in the crux wiki page I posted link to above)20:39
fr0stb1teAlso paging, archive...20:40
hydeah, makecommand is keyword in a config file... bad reading in my part20:45
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_root_folks I am i a bit of hole here21:00
_root_my network doesn't work and modprobe nvidia says FATAL error module not found21:00
rmull_root_: Did it work before?21:02
_root_rmull: In previous install yes. It is a fresh one21:02
rmullIn what way is your network not working?21:03
_root_ping doesn't find network21:03
_root_but I set /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf21:03
_root_rmull: ?21:05
rmullIs the link up?21:06
_root_rmull: I think so I even did /etc/rc.d/restart21:06
_root_It went without error21:06
_root_and I can see my wlp5s0 in ifconfig21:07
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rmullDon't use ifconfig - use ip. ifconfig will still work but it's deprecated and you should learn how to use ip21:09
rmullip addr show21:09
rmullip link show21:09
rmullthat type of thing21:09
rmullSo when you do ip addr show, does your interface have "UP" as one of its flags?21:11
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_root_rmull: I have to reboot to boot into crux and come back sorry21:46
diverseyou mean you already had right?21:47
_root_diverse: what do you mean sir?21:48
_root_rmull: ^^21:48
diverse_root_: when you said "have to reboot" it sounded like you were going to leave again. So I was confirming if you already rebooted.21:51
_root_on i am back now21:53
_root_I am in live usb21:53
_root_porteus liveusb21:53
_root_but now rmull s gone. that's my luck :(21:54
diversewell based on what I read from your discussion, your wireless device is UP and all21:55
_root_diverse: look at my paste21:56
diverseI did21:56
_root_state DOWN21:56
diversetry running: ip link set dev wlp5s0 up21:57
diverse_root_: ^22:00
diverse_root_: what's your status?22:06
_root_compiling a new kernel diverse22:09
_root_diverse:  it is some problem keep repeating in boot process and warning about ipv6 and can't be set something or another22:10
_root_so I am disabling ipv622:10
_root_the ISP discourages the use of IPV6 at this moment22:11
diverseweird, well perhaps what you can do is set it as a module incase if you do need it in the future during runtime22:11
_root_and the ip command can't lease ipv6 so I am removing the problem so to speek22:12
_root_diverse:  good thinking.22:12
diversewell for the next time you build your kernel22:12
_root_diverse: I am a bit tired. today went after this new install and now it doesn't work.22:13
_root_also there is the problem of nvidia module which could n't be found22:14
_root_but I installed nvidia and did gl-select and nvidia-xconfig too22:14
_root_I can't think of any other thing22:14
jaegerdid you change kernels?22:15
_root_jaeger: atill compilling22:15
diverse_root_: it's best to stop what you are doing now and get some rest. Trying to solve a problem when you are tired will usually cause you to make more mistakes22:16
_root_jaeger: why sir; and hello to you too22:16
jaegerThe nvidia module is tied to the kernel for which it was built22:16
jaegerif you changed kernel versions you'll need to rebuild nvidia22:16
jaegerhello as well22:16
_root_jaeger: Yes it is being built against the current kernel. but I merely changing some network option in the kernel and compilling again22:17
_root_i am still using pf-3.1622:17
diverse_root_: let me ask you this, which nvidia card are you using?22:17
_root_diverse: GFORCE GT series22:18
diversewhich version?22:18
diverseokay, you should be fine then22:19
_root_diverse: why?22:19
diversebecause I have a nvidia card that doesn't work with the latest stable and I wanted to confirm22:20
_root_guys check it out :)22:21
_root_just on the side note22:21
diversehmm now that I think about the 900 series didn't come out with a GT version yet...22:22
_root_diverse:  hope for a day in which nvidia becomes OPENSOURCE :)22:23
diversethe proprietary one? In my dreams.22:24
jaegerunlikely, heh22:24
diversethat's like giving away corporate secrets from nvidia22:24
_root_np; tell in "my" dreams :)22:24
diverse_root_: think about, they won't want to share information openly like that with their competitors like AMD22:26
_root_diverse: the strange thing is up to 3.16 the termal part of nouveau worked fine for my but now if i go open source my Nvidia FAN wants to explode. it spins as fast as it could. making such sound22:26
diversethat's strange, but do what's best for you22:27
_root_diverse: we talk about their driver glu not the whole "under the hood"22:27
_root_the fany thing is I submit a bug and they replied which some stuff for me to do. one was to run a command for 20 minutes in intervals.22:29
_root_I told them if i stay in there for 20 min I don't nedd your help any more as more likely I am in need of new video card or at least new fan for my current :)22:30
diversemight be a bad card22:30
diversebrb, food22:32
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_root_diverse: delicioso23:06
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diverse_root_: yeah, the food was good23:13
_root_diverse: pizza; want a couple of slices ?23:15
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