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Worksterkori, lol oh so many do that. it's the only one oyu need if your not after any compat-32.00:56
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_root_How could I pass update footprint by prt-get.01:02
_root_pass update foot print01:03
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thetornainbow_root_: prt-get -uf update?01:09
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Romster_root_, you probably want to set PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in /etc/pkgmk.conf01:30
korimy port building system is screwed up01:30
Romsterthere is -in as well01:30
korican't copy footprints because of permission errors01:30
koriI should fix that01:30
Romsterhow did it get like that?01:30
koriRomster: I build with another user01:31
korinamed bob01:31
koriusing sudo and fakeroot01:31
koriso yeah01:31
Romsterso sudo su as taht user on prt-get.conf pkgmk command01:31
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korieh the command i'm using is01:32
korisudo -u bob /usr/bin/fakeroot /usr/bin/pkgmk -d01:32
koriaye, I read that01:33
korishould probably re-read it :P01:33
Romsterchown -R bob:users /home/bob01:33
koriRomster: it's already set as that01:34
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Romsterok so it should work when you do a prt-get depinst/instaall/sysup01:43
koriI need to block some packages from updating because I have local ports01:44
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Romsterprtdir /usr/ports/mine01:48
Romsterin prt-get.conf above the other prtdir lines if they replace existing ports01:48
Romsterthat way you don't need todo prt-get lock ...01:48
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Worksterkori> can't copy footprints because of permission errors <- thinking of that the /usr/ports/ also ned to be the same group.02:43
Worksteriirc ports -u has a uid check for root only. will probably need to edit it so ports command can be ran as bob or easier to use a different umask and work by the group pkgmk02:44
Worksterits a pain to get it working02:44
koriWorkster: i'll look at this tomorrow02:44
koriI think CRUX is finally finally set up so the only thing left is cleaning up02:44
koriI've ports I made that are dirty, so I'll start with those :P02:44
koriafter that, I'm going to fix the permission errors02:45
korithen look into replacing things for fun02:45
Workstersounds like you know how to mess and fix if you break it02:46
Workstercrux does take some fiddling to get it how you want02:47
Worksterbut rewarding if you ask me02:47
koriwell I did get exactly what I was expecting02:47
koriand no other OS has done this so far02:47
koriin my experience, at least02:48
koriit's been a great experience02:48
koriexperience experience experience experience02:48
koriwell i'm going to bed02:48
Workstercrux lets you do things mostly your way02:48
Worksterg'night kori02:48
Worksteris nearly 2pm australia02:48
Worksterafk stuff todo here02:50
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xeirrrHi, is it possible to upgrade crux like this way: change all the rsync files and prt-get.conf, then run ports -u & prt-get sysup?03:51
xeirrrespecially from 3.1 to 3.2 if it comes out.03:52
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rmullnobody here uses pjsua, the CLI SIP phone?04:00
Worksterxeirrr, youcould but there will be breakage. you could build in chroot then upgrade your system with the core ports at least for the toolchain. i don't recomend it though04:10
Worksterupgrade at least core from the iso boot into your system then rejmerge chages  for /etc/ports04:10
Worksterthen ports -u ; prt-get sysup04:11
Worksternote xorg-server has a new dependency libeproxy04:11
Worksterafk again04:12
xeirrrWorkster: Thank you, man.04:14
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Worksternp xeirrr04:47
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Romstergotta blackouts08:30
Romsterwhen i have UPS that still scares me when it goes thud whirrr beep beep from out of no where.08:30
Romstergotta hate blackouts*08:31
prologicSo at my new job I have a Dell laptop08:59
prologicwhich currently have Ubuntu installed08:59
prologicbut it's really unusable in many ways08:59
prologicso I'm going to nuke it and put crux on08:59
prologicI think my plan is (on Fri) to rsync my desktop to the laptop08:59
prologicreconfigure the kernel and swap out the Xorg video driver for the i915 one09:00
Romsternever thought of doing that.09:12
Romsteras long as -march works between them.09:12
Romsteri have a habit to make every machine have specific settings for that hardware, even at the expense of not running on another cpu type.09:13
prologicthey're otherwise identical hw09:15
prologicboth Intel CPU(s) and Intel chipsets09:15
prologicmy desktop even has the same onboard Intel HD graphics chipset as my work's laptop09:15
prologicbut I don't use it -- I put an nVidia in it09:15
prologicshould be no probs though right?09:15
prologicrsync / to laptop (minus a few mount points)09:16
prologicrecompile kernel09:16
prologicreconfigure Xorg09:16
prologicredo lilo ofc09:16
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Romsteri can't see any problems other than maybe chipset lan drivers etc.09:32
Romstermaybe different ata driver09:32
Romsterjust kernel stuff.09:32
Romstermight wanna adjust the kernel for power saving more on battery.09:33
Romsterdunno if you wanna setup swap for hibernating09:34
Romsteri haven't ever done hibernating09:34
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mesa3d-32: 10.3.2 -> 10.3.309:41
prologicnah it's always plugged into power10:05
prologicI think it'll be a really straight forward install10:06
prologicunless I'm missing something10:06
prologiccall me lazy10:06
Romsterwell rsyncing all the packages feels lazy than a fresh install10:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gstreamer: 1.4.3 -> 1.4.410:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gst-plugins-base: 1.4.3 -> 1.4.410:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: gst-plugins-good: 1.4.3 -> 1.4.410:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: gst-plugins-bad: 1.4.3 -> 1.4.410:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: gst-plugins-ugly: 1.4.3 -> 1.4.410:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: gst-libav: 1.4.3 -> 1.4.410:30
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: pciutils: update to 3.3.0, new dependency eudev10:54
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-server: 1.16.1 -> 1.16.210:55
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: pidgin: fix email address10:57
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: tzdata: update to 2014j10:57
jueRomster: would you mind to add a ticket to our FS for the openssl configure option?11:00
Romsteri was looking into it and i see gentoo have it disabled so not so sure if it's stable. arch use it gentoo do not.11:00
Romsterjue, i would defently like to see the parallel build fix but that's not critical.11:01
Romstersee openssl-32 patch11:01
jueyou mean the patch from LFS?11:03
Romsterbut it's not critical and crux policy is to keep to upstream where possible. but that does work without having todo -j111:04
Romsterok regarding enable-ec_nistp_64_gcc_12811:04
frinnstopenssl patches tend to break eventually. I remember openssl was patched previously11:04
Romsterthink it only affects MIPS11:05
jueyeah, I'm not sure if we want to maintain such a big patch11:05
Romsterarch use it so it's most likely MIPS that is broken which wont affect us on enable-ec_nistp_64_gcc_12811:06
juehere's another one wrt openssl configure ->
Romsteri'll file a feature request on enable-ec_nistp_64_gcc_12811:06
frinnstholy hell, i did a prt-get depinst pidgin. it installs everything!11:06
Romsterhonestly why don't they patch it upstream11:06
Romsteri did read that one jue.11:09
Romsterbut i went over it again.11:09
Romsterdon't get why openssl configure can't detect for that type, and it still does not.11:10
Romsterupstream openssl -_- maybe we can move to another openssl implementation when they are stable.11:11
juehmm, good question, at least there's a feature request for parallel build ->
Romsterstuck with openssl for now.11:11
RomsterCreated: Mon Jun 02 11:00:39 200811:11
Romsteruh just realized we arn't talking in #crux-devel11:13
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_root_guys I find some stuff about make crux colorful.11:59
_root_are they working with crux 3.1? should I apply them. or there is something different to be done for 3.1 to become colorful?12:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libassuan: 2.1.2 -> 2.1.312:01
xeirrr_root_  : Can you share links?12:11
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rmulldoes anyone use any portaudio programs?14:00
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rmullhaving trouble getting pjsua to find my default audio device14:00
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joacimrmull: your beets port is still a pain in the ass. before i had to compile it twice for it to work. now it seems i have to remove the old one before i can update to the new one.14:30
joacimtried to upgrade last night. ended up getting a lot of missing files. i grew tired of it so i removed the entire package. it works just fine when i tried it today14:31
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rmulljoacim: I haven't maintained it in a while :\14:35
rmullHonestly I'm somewhat mystified by some of the python package distribution methods14:36
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rmullActually, that's not true, I updated it to 1.3.8 recently14:38
rmullBut I installed it from scratch, and didn't test whether it was a clean upgrade14:39
rmullnot sure why it would work fine for you today and not yesterday14:39
joacimmaybe it detects the libraries installed previously with beets14:41
joacimand omits them when you rebuild or upgrade14:41
joacimnever really understood python packaging either14:43
joacimlooks like it downloads a few files during build time14:49
jaegerbeets looks neat, I'll have to try it14:50
jaegermy music is messy in places14:50
joacimI had a lot of filenames and tags that weren't spelled right at all. beets fixed all of that.14:52
Romsteri'e got used to using clementine14:54
Romsterah that's more a manager and tagger than a player14:56
Romsterrmull, the dependency is now setuptools again not distribute15:01
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Romster yeah a bunch of files outside the $PKG15:08
Romsterheading to bed g'night all15:11
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joacimnn =)15:11
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_root_I want to colorize my crux.15:39
_root_the first is kernel messages and the second part is prt-get and pkgmk?15:40
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_root_I think the kernel part is mean the rc part of kernel messages15:42
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rmullRomster: I think maybe I should just pull the beets port until I can verify that it's clean15:50
rmulljoacim: See above15:50
joacim_root_: there is an article about that on the crux wiki15:53
joacimarch has an article about that too15:54
_root_joacim: give the arch link if you can and the crux wiki is so outdated that some of the links are not working any more.15:58
joacimi thought they had one. i'm sure they have lots of information about it spread around16:02
joacimarch users love their rice16:02
Smrtz|nix_Hey!  I'm installing Crux for the first time, and I'm at the part where I'm installing grub, but grub-install isn't found.  Can someone walk me through installing it via pkgadd please?  Once I've got my OS built I'll actually be able to learn it...]\16:14
Smrtz|nix_Also, joacim, I'm switching from Arch, and yes, I love my rice.  It's so pretty.16:15
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joacimprt-get depinst grub16:17
joacimthere is also grub2 and grub2-efi if you prefer those16:17
rmullOr lilo16:17
rmullif you don't want grub16:18
Smrtz|nix_joacim, I thought the package manager was pkgadd? Also, I'm getting 'Config error: can't access /usr/ports/...'16:18
rmullSmrtz|nix_: You first need to sync your ports with ports -u16:18
joacimyou can use pkgadd too16:19
Smrtz|nix_rmull: thanks, I've been working my way through the handbook, and didn't see that step.16:19
joacimpkgadd /path/to/pkg.tar.xz16:19
Smrtz|nix_joacim: Oh, I feel like an idiot, I thought pkgadd would download the package from repos...16:20
Smrtz|nix_So running rsync failed, I just checked and I don't have an IP...16:20
rmullSmrtz|nix_: It's a little confusing, admittedly - you have pkgmk, pkgadd, prt-get...16:21
rmullYou can use pkgmk to download and build a package, and pkgadd to install it16:21
Smrtz|nix_rmull: Ok, I'll write those down and read the relevant wiki pages.  Thanks.16:21
rmullor just use prt-get, which is sort of a higher level approach that can handle dependency resolution16:21
joacimlilo comes preinstalled, so you could use that for now.16:21
joacimand install grub later16:21
Smrtz|nix_joacim: Or I could just switch to lilo, I've never used it before, so it'd be cool to try it.16:22
_root_pkgadd installs the already made packages; pkgmk downloads the source code and build it according to port build instructions. prt-get is the front for pkgmk and pkgadd but it also manages depenZ. :)16:22
Smrtz|nix__root_: Ahh, that makes since.  Thanks.16:23
_root_Smrtz|nix_: crux is really simple and easy. I doubt you could find out any other distro as simple as crux16:25
_root_the number of packages in crux ports are very nice and if you want that they don't have you may compile it your self16:26
_root_either way you are in right place.16:26
mechaniputerI prefer the term simplistic to describe it though, as opposed to simple.16:26
_root_crux has a community of friendly brave peoples16:26
Smrtz|nix__root_: Is that sarcasm?  I'm switching from arch because I got tired of fixing things constantly, so I'm used to having to read man pages, but at the same time, I had no idea what I was doing when I ran 'make menuconfig'16:27
_root_I recently find crux. about 2month now. and i am happy here16:27
_root_it feels like home.16:27
mechaniputerI would not call crux easy, but it certainly stays out of your way when you want to do something.16:28
_root_Smrtz|nix_: No; why would it be. arch was nice inovative linux distro till its devs decided to take a mad pill and use systemd.16:28
Smrtz|nix__root_: Cool, I'm happy to hear that.  I just bought a server off Craigslist, and installed a Hyper-Visor, so I'm playing with crux in that, but hopefully I'll be switching my main OS to it soon.16:28
_root_mechaniputer: I said simple16:28
joacimand easy =)16:29
_root_joacim: is a matter of exprience. but yes it is easy esp. after the first time16:29
Smrtz|nix__root_: I actually kind of liked systemd.  I had no idea how it worked, and then change from init.d was confusing, but it made since.  Since arch is all about bleeding edge.16:30
_root_One notice to devs; Folks all the ttys showing kernel events; please set that to tty1 and lock it for the rest. it is hard to work when every mouse movment appears as events on screen16:31
_root_Smrtz|nix_: It was pretty bleending with mkinitcp if you ask me. I was using the damn thing. until the day systemd rrived at arch doorsteps.16:32
_root_anyhow welcome Smrtz|nix_16:32
Smrtz|nix__root_: Thanks. I also go by Smrtz and Smrtz|nix (both registered) depending on what computer I'm on, I just haven't set up an IRC client for my server yet.16:33
_root_Smrtz|nix_: tell you this; If I made it to crux for my PC desktop; you would too. It is nice16:33
Smrtz|nix__root_: yeah, it looks fun...16:34
_root_Smrtz|nix_: I am here time to time. find me if you have a question or two or more or even more :)16:34
_root_and guys who have problem with build time of firefox could either go with Romster prebuild firefox or Icecat16:35
_root_I downloaded Icecat for linix from their ftp and it is already binary. and work well too16:35
_root_with only 300MB of memory overhead16:36
_root_I have open 5 tabs now16:36
_root_Smrtz|nix_: when you want to install crux on a desktop box first download a live cd/usb and use it to set you crux install16:37
_root_it is better this way16:37
Smrtz|nix__root_: will do, thanks for the tip.16:39
Smrtz|nix_Is bspwm in the default reposotories?16:39
Smrtz|nix_Or will I need to build it?16:39
joacimthere is a port16:40
joacimbut you'll have to build it16:40
Smrtz|nix_joacim: Ok, it'll be good practice.  Thanks for the link16:41
joacimthere aren't many prebuilt packages for crux. only those on the iso, but those can be outdated16:41
Smrtz|nix_joacim: would you mind also linking me to a wiki page on the 'make menuconf' section of the handbook please?  I have no idea what any of those options mean..16:41
joacimone shouldn't mind compiling when using crux16:42
joacim <- that site can save you if you don't want to compile big packages like firefox and webkit16:43
joacimI don't know of any pages about make menuconfig16:43
Smrtz|nix_joacim: Oh, cool!  I'll bookmark it.16:43
joacimI just go through and enable what seems useful to me16:44
Smrtz|nix_joacim: I don't know what any of the options are, let alone if I want them enabled.16:44
joacimyou'll need at least sata/ata and filesystem drivers16:46
joacimnetwork too16:46
joacimgentoo might have something about compiling your own kernel. either in their handbook or on their wiki16:46
Smrtz|nix_Oh, are they not enabled by default?16:46
joacimi don't know tho. been so long since I§ve used gentoo16:47
Smrtz|nix_I guess I need to start this install over...16:48
Smrtz|nix_Oh well...16:48
Smrtz|nix_I didn't change any of the default options.16:50
joacimwhat options? the kernel?16:55
joacimyou don't have to reinstall to configure and compile a new kernel16:56
Smrtz|nix_joacim: Yeah.  I didn't install network drivers, or the SAS drivers.16:56
Smrtz|nix_I'm using SAS drives...16:56
Smrtz|nix_joacim: Oh, well I already deleted the virtual hard disk, re-created it, and and am back at the kernel configuration section.16:57
joacimboot the iso, mount your file system, run setup-chroot and configure your kernel16:57
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Rooseveltgood afternoon everyone17:05
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Smrtz|nix_joacim: Are the SAS drivers any different from the standard SATA/ATA ones?17:07
joacimthey're for serial attached scsi17:08
Smrtz|nix_joacim: Oh, cool. Thanks.17:09
Smrtz|nix_So I can remove all the Serial TA and Parallel ATA drivers?17:09
_root_Smrtz|nix_: Yes you can <N> what you don't have.17:12
_root_first take a look at kernel -who its done page of kernel seeds17:12
Smrtz|nix__root_: Ok, that's what I thought.  I just wasn't sure if there's something in there that would be usable for USB drives.17:12
_root_Smrtz|nix_: In the device driver section you could/should remove  items you don't have17:14
_root_Smrtz|nix_: Look here
Smrtz|nix_Thanks for the link _root_ !17:15
rmullSmrtz|nix_: Quick tip if you didn't know about it - you can learn more about each kernel option by pressing '?' when an option is highlighted17:16
_root_yes exactly17:16
Smrtz|nix_rmull: Yeah, I've been bashing 'h' for almost each option... haha.17:16
rmullIn any case, crux doesn't really help you much with kernel configuration. Kernel configuration is not really a distro-specific operation so you can use other documentation and resources to figure it out17:16
rmullThere are a couple of things you need to enable to not break udev17:17
_root_also when you finished with your istall in live iso ( when you booted from iso) you can access system prompt.17:17
_root_in there issue lsmod, lspci17:18
_root_$>  lsmod17:19
Smrtz|nix_rmull: yeah, I'm on the arch wiki page now.17:19
_root_$> lspci17:19
leo-unglaubgood evening :)17:21
fr0stb1teSmrtz|nix_, make help | grep default17:37
fr0stb1teThere are make targets for sane defaults17:37
fr0stb1teNice to start from17:37
fr0stb1teLast time I was making my kernel config on a real machine, I've done make x86_64_defconfig; make localmodconfig; make localyesconfig17:39
fr0stb1teAnd went from there17:39
fr0stb1teBuut I wanted a semi-minimalistic static kernel17:40
fr0stb1tex86_64_defconfig is still a good point to start from17:40
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juea good starting point is the linux-3.xx.xx.defconfig we provide on the ISO, most likely you will get a working kernel with it18:10
fr0stb1teGood point.18:39
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