IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2014-11-13

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_root_what is umask at the end of /etc/profile?00:12
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_root_rmull: thanks00:23
jaegermechaniputer: customizing or just for fun/learning?00:31
mechaniputerJust learning, but I plan to do some customizing at a later time.00:35
mechaniputerPlus, when I install with this one, it's immediately up to date.00:36
mechaniputerFor now.00:36
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jaegeryeah, that's the reason I build the updated ones too :)00:49
rmullI feel funny inside about the management of stuff installed with pip or cpan or similar00:53
jaegerrmull: I usually install those things from source, myself. From pypi or cpan00:53
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jaeger <-- for example, a beets Pkgfile00:54
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rmullAh, I see00:55
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joacimnever been fond of language-specific package managers like pip or gem00:57
koriI actually can't build anything pygtk00:58
joacimthink they make stuff more complicated than they need to00:58
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jaegerjoacim: I think they're fine for one-off type stuff on your own workstation or whatever but I don't like them when it comes to global package management00:58
jaegersubjective, obviously :)01:01
joacimI sometimes give in. when i feel like making a proper package is too much hassle01:01
joacimproper as in a Pkgfile01:01
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rmullteK_: wireshark port needs update (1.12.1 -> 1.12.2) and it's missing a QT dependency02:15
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Worksterrmull, about 12GB for firefox02:52
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rmullWorkster: Any chance you have a built firefox-33 package?03:26
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prologicanyone know how to package up ruby packages for crux?05:53
prologicoh well06:09
prologicI'll just package an rpm version06:09
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Romsterhaven't had a need to yet prologic06:49
henesyprologic, gems?06:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libnice: 0.1.7 -> 0.1.806:55
nweI dont like preseed.cfg (debian/ubuntu) autoinstaller..06:58
prologicyeah me neither07:06
prologicruby it seems sucks balls07:06
prologicno --root= option07:06
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prologicor --prefix option07:06
prologicsuch as you'd find in Python's setuptools/distutils07:07
prologicRomster, what do you think about my plans to rsync my desktop to my Dell laptop? I'm planning on starting tonight; Any thoughts on what to exclude? I'm thinking I should zero out some files too (e.g: all log files)07:16
Romsterwell exclude /sys /proc/ /var/log/ /dev /tmp can't think of any others.07:20
prologicoh exclude all of /var/log you reckon?07:21
prologicI'm not sure that the btmp and wtmp files will get recreated though07:22
prologicoh fyi guys the crux docker image's default command is now /bin/bash07:22
prologicso you can just: docker run -i -t crux07:22
prologicthat got merged in a few days ago :)07:23
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Romsterprologic, easy enough to prt-get update rc08:38
Romsteractually no it's filesystem but that only has /var/log/08:40
Romsterwtmp and btmp don't exist in prt-get fsearch so they must get made at some other point.08:42
prologicI agree09:01
prologicanyway I think my script is ready to go09:02
prologicit's obviously missing 3 important stesps09:02
prologicreconfigure and rebuild kernel09:02
prologicreconfigure lilo and reimage the mbr09:02
prologicand reconfigure xorg09:02
prologicnow I just need to find a spare USB stick :)09:02
Romsterxorg can largely configure itself. just move the Xorg.conf see if it will work on it's own. it should detect i915 without any further configuring09:41
fr0stb1te>xorg can largely configure itself.09:49
fr0stb1teBut, retardedly enough, it requires specific configuration to work without logind09:50
fr0stb1teSInce 1.1609:50
fr0stb1teAlthough that might be a build option09:51
frinnstyeah I dont think that affects us09:52
fr0stb1teAhem. Xorg needs mesa-libgl to build.09:53
fr0stb1teI wanna test if Xorg stops being retarded when you build it without --enable-systemd-logind09:53
frinnstare you running arch?09:53
fr0stb1teIt should just test in runtime anyway :(09:53
fr0stb1teThree Arch boxes, a CRUX VM, Several Alpine containers and two debian servers :D09:54
fr0stb1teOh, and a FreeBSD VM.09:55
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Romsteropenfbtd alter ego10:32
Romsteris there some sort of system out there with dns cnames to prove who they belong too and use that also on social site accounts to prove my identity? other than plastering a PGP key everywhere?10:41
openfbtdYeah, GPG keys are so clunky10:42
Romsteri have a ton of hosts names and sites and other places and i do know there are others out there using my same romster handle that are not me.10:43
Romsterbe nice to prove my identity10:44
openfbtdRomster, I don't remember if I showed you my arch spinoff btw. If you even remember talking to me about my service manager, I've built a system with it :)10:58
Romsteri can't remeber please show me again. it may jog my memory... ah not the crux services stuff you made replacements for crux?10:59
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fr0stb1terauz, what was the last thing from me that got through?11:03
fr0stb1teRomster, *11:03
fr0stb1te[14:00:08] < openfbtd> I haven't actually gotten around to getting watchman to CRUX. At least not yet.11:03
Romstereasy xD11:03
fr0stb1te[14:00:24] < openfbtd> I have no motivation to do that since Arch is my main development system11:03
fr0stb1te[14:00:52] < openfbtd> And link:
Romsterah watchman i recall11:04
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prologicsytemd can bite my shiny metal ass11:04
openfbtdWell, there is now a system built around some simple tools including it.11:04
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prologicI stand by my statement :)11:05
openfbtd>“it” was referring to watchman, not systemd11:06
openfbtdTiming :)11:06
Romsterprologic, is now bender11:06
prologicoh :)11:07
Romster "My son wanted "cold hard cash" for his birthday."11:13
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Romstercruxbot don't leave us.11:19
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xeirrrEvery cruxbot appears, I got the message I need to update my box11:21
prologic^^^ Romster11:22
prologicI just found the perfect tool11:22
prologicjust came up in my PyPi RSS Feed(s)11:22
prologicit's created by the OpenStack project/guys11:24
prologicwonderful :)11:24
prologicnow I just need to teach it to deal with Pkgfile(s) :)11:24
Romsterah nice easy just use pkgmk/prt-get11:24
Romsteri was thinking how hard to make a honeypot docker image11:25
Romsterrun it on port 22 hide the real ssh login behind that on port 22 or port knocking to real sshd or run real sshd on another port.11:26
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Romsterdump in some viruses labeled credit card details and passwords. and throw in some virus to track the hackers if they can get infected from it the better to track and prosecute them11:27
Romsterthe later is probable mean but -_-11:27
prologicg'night :)11:36
Romstercan't take humor11:44
Romsterno really honeypot be good to log and report to ISP.11:44
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frinnstdont run a honeypot in a container.. they are not really the most secure things in the world12:13
Romstermaybe a seperate little atom board would be better12:36
Romsterand iptables to that.12:36
Romsterset up remote logging.12:37
Romsterand a way to reset the state to clean again after they exit.12:37
Romsterwonder if each ssh login can run on a snapshot and they are isolated from one another.12:38
frinnstI like to troll my neighbours by setting up an AP without encryption and just leave it disconnected12:43
frinnst"yay, free wifi!"12:44
Romsterhaha then inject adds into every page the browse!12:45
Romsteror leave it disconnected12:45
frinnstyeah, thats what i said i did :)12:45
frinnstthe only cable that runs to it is for power12:45
Romsteri've ehard of it in hotels then they download a backdoor before they know it infected the hacker is in there system stealing stuff.12:46
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: apulse-32: add missing dependencies13:35
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Romsteroff to bed13:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: whois: update to 5.2.216:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] ruby: update to 2.1.516:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: ruby-doc: update to 2.1.516:45
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z3brahi !18:08
z3braI just upgraded to 3.1718:08
z3braand as expected, I can't start X anymore (no screen found)18:08
z3braI successfully recompiled nvidia drivers, and used gl-select as specified in the readme18:09
z3brabut for some reason, "modprobe" can't find (and load) the driver18:09
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leo-unglaubgood evening :)18:52
rmullz3bra: It can't find the nvidia driver? what about after you run 'depmod'18:55
z3braI just fixed it18:55
z3branot sure about what worked18:56
z3brabut after a few insmod/modprobe/rmmod18:56
z3brait's fine :P18:56
z3braI think I just forgot to unload the old module18:56
rmullcould be18:58
rmullnot sure why all that stuff isn't just done as a post-install script18:59
leo-unglaubi hate X ... i hate it sooo much19:16
leo-unglaubi wanted to switch my last debian computer over to crux ... and now X is fucking me again since a few hours ...19:16
leo-unglaubhas someone any idea why i get a XKB: Failed to compile keymap?19:21
nweleo-unglaub: have you try reinstall xorg-xkbcomp ?19:25
leo-unglaubnwe: yes, it's installed on the system19:25
leo-unglaubi double checked it19:25
nwehmm have you look on this thread... ?if that can give you something..19:26
diverseleo-unglaub: which nvidia card model you use?19:26
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nweor this..
leo-unglaubdiverse: it's a Nvidia GT218 GeForce 21019:28
leo-unglaubthe strange thing is that my secound monitor doesn't event see that he is connected19:29
leo-unglauband also te tty1 resolution is 400x200 or something ...19:29
leo-unglaubvery small19:29
leo-unglaubbut i build the nvidia stuff in the kernel and i also installed the noveau thing drivers that worked under debian with that grafic card19:30
diversetty resolution can be set by the boot loader, fyi19:30
leo-unglaubyes, i know ... but i cannot set any value there without the system crashing ...19:30
leo-unglaubi had to remove the vga param from lilo to get the system running19:31
leo-unglaubyes, indeed19:31
leo-unglaubbecause the exact same config works on my pc at home and my laptop right now :(19:32
leo-unglaubthe package list is 100% identical19:32
leo-unglauba vga scan tells me that the only available resolution are 80x25 up to 80x6019:33
diversehmm, maybe you're missing something from the kernel? Say a framebuffer driver or vesa for the tty maybe?19:34
leo-unglaubhmm, i can check it again ... but it's the same .config file like at home19:34
leo-unglaubi am rebuilding the kernel again ... maybe something is broken there ..19:37
diversesure, I assumed you copied the same .config at home to the kernel directory again?19:38
leo-unglaubyes, because it's the same hardware, ...19:38
diversesounds like a plan19:38
leo-unglaubbut i did a make clean now before building it19:39
leo-unglauband i am using fresh kernel sources19:39
leo-unglauband not the ones from the install medium19:39
diverseand after updating and booting into the freshly built kernel, try doing "prt-get update -fr nvidia; gl-select use xorg; gl-select use nvidia; rmmod nvidia; depmod -a" and then see if you can startx again19:42
leo-unglaubhmm, thats still broken ...19:44
diversethe nvidia driver or framebuffer?19:44
diverseeven after running what I said?19:44
leo-unglaubthere is something else wrong here ...19:44
diversehmm, well I remember an article Romster showed me saying that nvidia was planning on dropping support for series below 400, but then the same driver from your home machine worked, right?19:46
leo-unglaubyes, the same fucking crappy nvidia card works at home with also two monitors19:46
leo-unglaubalso, in debian ur grml linux it works fine as well19:47
diversehmm, well I think you did everything correctly, so it sounds like the hardware is faulty19:49
leo-unglaubhmmm, now i get a new error message EE no screens found (EE)19:50
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diverseAll I can suggest is turn off the machine, use a dust blower to blow out all dust and reseat the graphics card.19:51
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leo-unglaubdiverse: hmmm, there is something strange going on ... i just touched the card ... and the card is burning hot19:52
leo-unglaubmuch hotter than normal ....19:52
diverseooooookay... yes turn off the computer now!19:52
diversedefinitely a hardware issue19:53
leo-unglaubhmmm, but i just rebootet the debian live iso19:53
leo-unglaubthere it work fine19:53
leo-unglaubi thing something in a crux xorg package is burning up the graphic card19:53
diversedoes debain use nvidia or nouveau?19:53
leo-unglaubbut i have to let that card cool off...19:54
diversehave you blown out your computer?19:54
leo-unglaubdamn ... wasted a full day of work on that :/19:54
diverseit's not wasted, it's spent on learning19:55
leo-unglaubyes, the computer is clean ....19:55
leo-unglaubi clean it very week and every 3 month i change the heat-paste under all coolers ..19:55
leo-unglaubi take care of my computers ;)19:55
diversealrighty, well I'd say you have (what's going to become) a faulty card19:56
leo-unglaubhmmmm, fuck ...19:57
leo-unglaubi guess you are right ...19:57
leo-unglaubthats a bad timing ... i am so broke this month ... i cannot buy another card ..19:57
diverseyou did all the right steps and things are not working the way you expect as they should. My guess is the card is bad. Other than that, stick with nouveau until the card breaks19:58
leo-unglaubi have the same problem with nouveau or nvidia19:58
leo-unglaubit's exactly the same behavor ..19:58
leo-unglaubthats what i don't get19:59
leo-unglaubit looks like it directly jumps into a 80x60 vesa tty19:59
leo-unglaubthe default behavor if you have two monitors connected is that both display the same tty20:01
leo-unglaubbut my secound screen doesn't event recognize that he is connected20:01
diversewell all I have is one suggestion and that's to rebuild all the xorg packages20:05
diverseprt-get update -fr $(prt-get quickdep xorg)20:05
diversebut then that will take a while and it may not solve your problem. I'd say get another gpu20:06
leo-unglaubhmm, you are propobly right ...20:06
leo-unglaubbut i am broke for this month :( so no new gpu for me20:07
teK_a bit early, dont you think? :o20:08
teK_vienna is not cheap to live, I suppose20:08
diverseleo-unglaub: I have an idea for troubleshooting20:08
diversetake the "working" gpu from home and test it on the other machine and see if things work out on that machine.20:09
leo-unglaubteK_: vienna itself is not the problem ... but i get payed very bad ... and normally i make up for it when i work on some stuff after my normal job ... but this month was just 90% open source stuff20:09
leo-unglaubdiverse: yes, i have to share the gpu from home until next month :(20:10
diverseleo-unglaub: or do the reverse, take the "bad" gpu home with you to test on your home machine20:10
teK_so why move to Vienna and work for your current firm?20:10
leo-unglaubteK_: haha, 5 years ago i had a crush on a girl ... and she lived here ... so i moved to vienna as well and since them in am stuck in this job ...20:11
teK_doh :|20:11
leo-unglaubthe funny part is, this girl hated me *g*20:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libgpg-error: remove info file, closes FS#108320:12
diversewhy did she hate you?20:12
leo-unglaubi have no idea ...20:13
teK_oh boy20:13
teK_so you both were not a copule?20:13
leo-unglaubno, sadly not ... she always sayed it was impossible because i am so far away ... so i moved to vienna and then she dates someone else ... and since them i am stuck in this crappy job ...20:14
teK_this is wrong on so many levels20:14
leo-unglaub1300 a month ... 600 are rent ... and this with 5 CISCO certs as a netwrork engeneer ...20:14
diverseteK_: saying that is not going to help20:14
teK_why not? Learning from you mistakes is key20:15
leo-unglaubindeed, it was a good learning experience20:15
diversewell as long as it's not putting salt on the already salted wound20:16
diverseI feel bad for you leo20:16
teK_I hopefully didnt.20:16
teK_this was five years ago, so...20:16
leo-unglaubno, i have no problem with it ... otherwize i would not talk about it20:17
leo-unglaubi can have a good lol about it *g*20:17
teK_that's the spirit ;)20:17
diverseyeah it didn't seem like it was a problem for you after I mentioned about it20:18
leo-unglaubmuch more pisses me off that this GPU thing happens when my bos is on vacation and now he thinks again i did not work all day and just played around with stuff20:18
leo-unglaubbut the GPU is really broken *g*20:18
diversebut then you should try to figure out a plan to move out of vienna20:18
leo-unglaubdiverse: i can't20:19
leo-unglaubas soon as she dumps her friend ... i think after all those years i am in a good queue position *g*20:19
*** pidsley has joined #crux20:21
pidsleyjoin ##linuxbbq20:21
pidsleyok, sorry20:21
diverseyou joined here just to advertised that?20:22
pidsleyno, missed the / ;)20:22
pidsleyi am a semi-regular here20:22
pidsleyCRUX on my main machine, CRUX ports on a busybox system20:23
pidsleyleo knows me ;)20:23
diverseI've seen you around here, don't worry20:23
pidsleyi named my dog after him ;)20:23
teK_that was the other way round ;)20:23
pidsleyyou are very funny20:24
teK_I am famous for that20:24
pidsleygood to be famous for something20:24
pidsleyoh leo is mad now20:24
leo-unglaubyou named your dog after me?20:25
pidsleynot really20:25
pidsleyi named my dog leo after a book i was reading when i got him20:25
pidsleyungluab just didn't work20:26
pidsleyor ungluab, either20:26
pidsleydamn kbd20:26
diverseleo-unglaub: I guess you can't take advantage of black friday sales on amazon, since you are in austria, right?20:29
leo-unglaubi think there are some here in AT as well20:29
leo-unglaubhowever, i have 52 € left for thos month ...20:29
leo-unglaubi think not even a blakc friday is helping me with a new GPU20:30
diversethough, you have black friday sales there too?20:30
pidsleyi have a spare amd5400 i could send you20:30
pidsleybut that would be mean20:30
leo-unglaubhmmm, how that the card has cooled off20:32
leo-unglaubi get at least an 800x600 resolution20:32
diversefault card is faulty20:32
pidsleyintel for the win20:32
leo-unglaubyeah ...20:33
pidsleyabout the girl too20:33
diverseleo-unglaub: do you have an onboard intel gpu?20:33
leo-unglaubnow i have to get rid of the "Failed to initialize keymap" issue and the Failed to activate core devices" bug20:33
leo-unglaubdiverse: sadly not20:33
leo-unglaubif i had, i would use it over the nvidia crap any day of the week *g*20:34
diversealthough this machine is for your job right?20:35
diversethen when your boss comes back, ask him you need a replacement for the bad card20:35
leo-unglaubnah, i cannot do that20:36
diversewhy not? It's company property right?20:36
diverseunless your boss is a cheapass20:37
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leo-unglaubmy boss wants me to work on a MAC20:37
leo-unglaubbut i refuse to do that20:37
*** Pingax has quit IRC20:37
leo-unglaubso i bought my own maschine to work20:37
leo-unglauband used it!20:37
*** Pingax has joined #crux20:37
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*** Pingax has joined #crux20:37
diversewell at this point, you might want to consider the mac and put crux on it20:37
leo-unglaubnope, i am not working on a mac20:38
leo-unglaubnever gona happen20:38
diverseit's not like you will be using osx. I assume the mac comes with an intel cpu?20:39
leo-unglaubyes it dows, but you cannot remove OS X from the device because you need it to keep the firmware uptodate20:39
leo-unglauband i want nothing todo with apple20:39
leo-unglaubhaving to work on a mac is a real reason for me to leave a company20:40
diverseby firmware you mean apple's efi?20:40
diversewell, pick your poison, at this point20:41
leo-unglaubhmm, at this point ... i am going home ... and maybe hitting a mc donalds on the way20:42
diverseif you're going to mc donalds, just get the burgers, the fries is just extra carbs.20:43
*** Feigrim has joined #crux20:44
diverseleo-unglaub: it's just diet advice20:45
leo-unglaubwell, i already look like fefe .. so whats the point *g*20:46
diversebut really, the protein from the meat is the most important20:46
diversemy point is, you get more value from the burger than the fries20:46
leo-unglaubhmm, thats true20:46
diverseso really, stop wasting money on fries20:47
leo-unglaubi will think about it20:47
diverseyou need to save up20:47
leo-unglaubsee you later20:47
leo-unglaubhaha, dont worry about me20:48
leo-unglaubi am fine for the end of the month ...20:48
leo-unglaubi work at the red cross as a voulenteer ... and i get free food over there ;)20:48
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC20:51
pidsleyleo needs food20:53
diversewell looks like he is covered20:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wireshark: disable qt4 builds, enable gtk3 builds and root-less setups21:01
teK_hm, should bump the release for that21:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wireshark: bump release, too21:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] gnutls: updated to 3.2.2021:14
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leo-unglaubhey :)21:46
pidsleyleo is back21:46
diversedidn't order fries right?21:46
leo-unglaubi did not order anything ....21:46
*** crash_ has quit IRC21:46
leo-unglaubi did not go to mc donalds21:46
leo-unglaubi went to the vienna hackerspace and asked a friend for a GPU :)21:48
diversethat's nice21:48
diversedid they say specifically what they will give you?21:50
leo-unglaubnot exactly, it's a surprize for me tomorrow *g*21:52
diversea "surprise" huh? heh21:55
leo-unglaubpropobly another crappy nvidia card *g*21:56
diverseI expect worst ;P21:56
pidsleytime to try an amd card21:58
pidsleyfrustrate you in a different way ;)21:58
joacimI hope it is a voodoo card22:04
pidsleyjoacim loves his voodoo cards22:06
diverseno kidding22:06
*** Feigrim has quit IRC22:07
pidsleyi have a couple of RageXL cards i should send to him ;)22:08
pidsley<crickets> ;)22:12
*** Workster has joined #crux22:24
*** Workster has quit IRC22:24
*** Workster has joined #crux22:24
*** smrtz|Lab has quit IRC22:32
*** pidsley has quit IRC22:45
deus_exteK_: there is a typo in wireshark post-install script :)22:45
diversedeus_ex: teK_ went to bed just a moment ago, so you won't here a response from him in a while ;)22:47
pedjadiverse: that's ok, he'll notice it eventually :)22:47
*** pidsley has joined #crux22:48
diverseleo-unglaub: you should really find another girl besides the one that didn't like you.23:02
*** Feigrim has joined #crux23:03
leo-unglaubright after i found this bug in my build script23:07
diversefor polarssl?23:10
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux23:12
leo-unglaubnope, for OTR23:12
*** heroux has quit IRC23:13
*** henesy has joined #crux23:13
*** heroux has joined #crux23:13
*** rust_collector has joined #crux23:15
leo-unglaubthis otr lib sucks ...23:16
leo-unglaubi am really thinking of reimplementing it myself23:16
diversewhat's otr?23:17
leo-unglauboff the record23:17
leo-unglaubit' some kind of chat encryption23:17
leo-unglauband thats the problem23:17
diverseah I see23:17
leo-unglaubit's bad at packaging data transfairs23:18
diverseso how does OTR compared to SSL or SSH?23:19
leo-unglaubit's something different23:19
leo-unglaubit's not a transport encryption23:19
leo-unglaubit's content encryption23:19
leo-unglaubyou can use it to encrypt a chat message and send the encrypted OTR message over an existing network23:20
leo-unglaubexample: if you use OTR for chatting over ICQ, the ICQ people only see encrypted garbage23:20
rmullleo-unglaub: what don't you like about libotr?23:29
rmullare you developing a program with it, or just using an otr-enabled chat?23:29
diversermull: he's a crypto nut23:30
leo-unglaubrmull: i am developing a programm based on it23:30
leo-unglaubthe problem is if you chunk a 4 GB file down into 50kb chunks and OTR them ...23:31
koridiverse: you can't really be a crypto nut after snowden23:31
korijust saying23:31
rmulldiverse: A crypto nut, eh? Maybe we shouldn't tell him that crux doesn't use package signing and that we use md5sum to verify that packages haven't been subverted23:31
leo-unglaubkori: snowden sayed: "crypto works"23:32
leo-unglaubit is one of it's main quotes23:32
leo-unglaubrmull: i know, but i had already a chat with Romster about it and how it can be fixed23:32
korileo-unglaub: I can see english isn't your first language so i'm going to reword my sentence23:32
leo-unglaubkori: indeed ;)23:33
koriyou can't worry too much about encryption after snowden's announcements23:33
leo-unglaubkori: ah :)23:33
korithat probably is still confusing but I'm confusing myself here23:33
rmullleo-unglaub: We have all had that chat with Romster I think :P23:33
rmullThere's a ticket in the bug tracker that discusses it23:34
rmullIt's been open forever23:34
leo-unglaubhehe, well then lets fix it ;)23:34
korilong link is long23:34
diverseleo-unglaub: a lot of the code is C++23:35
rmullmuch better23:35
leo-unglaubdiverse: you could do a GSOC and rewrite the pkg* tools in rust23:35
diverseleo-unglaub: shhh23:36
korileo-unglaub: I'm actually learning rust and I considered something similar23:36
diversewell I was working on porting the code to Rust23:37
diversewith Romster, but he doesn't seem as interested in Rust anymore23:38
leo-unglaubwell, it should be very easy to do in rust23:38
leo-unglaubi mean the only really complex thing is the deptree23:39
diversethe C++ code is hideous!23:39
leo-unglaubthe rest is simple array iterating ..23:39
rmulldiverse: For pkgutils?23:39
diversermull: yeah23:40
koridiverse: isn't rust still being in development a problem, though?23:40
diversekori: they are planning on releaseing 1.0 soon, despite what the community may or may not agree on23:40
diversesome parts will still be left on the feature gate even if 1.0 comes out, so not all is fixed in stone23:41
leo-unglaublast time i looked at it the rust core is pretty stable23:43
diversea fair amount of stuff is stable, but not "everything" that the community wants is stable yet23:43
diversebut that will come along as they do more stable releases using some development cycle they plan on using23:45
diverseand as more features leave the feature gate23:46
*** henesy has quit IRC23:47
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC23:51

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