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Romsterdiverse, i'm still interested in rust the issue is i have a lack of time and this job is taking all my mental ability away to be creative.01:47
Romsterplus rust is still changing01:49
Romsterit wont ever get fixed .md5sum use. apparently for our use it's ok by jue's word. so i'm not gonna flog a dead horse. I will however use sha256/sha512 on along with gpg signs when i get that ready.01:56
Romster i also have hashes to sort out files and be able to search them, and when i get a sum mismatch i can diff -pruN the source and see whats been changed.01:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: youtube-dl: 2014.10.05 -> 2014.11.13.302:00
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Romsterafk work02:05
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diverseRomster: they are releasing 1.0 soon and many parts of the language is already considered stable. There are however other parts that aren't but it doesn't mean we have to expose every feature to be productive.03:13
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thetornainboware only a certain few allowed to post to the mailing list?04:07
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thetornainbowhaha, nvm, i'm a moron04:16
thetornainbowso, how is everyone this night/morning/day?04:17
diverseit's alright so far04:31
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xeirrrAfternoon here04:34
thetornainbowi knew i'd miss one04:34
Worksterwaiting for work to finish so i can enjoy my weekend04:42
xeirrrWorkster: Are you in Asia?04:43
diverseno he is in Australia04:44
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Worksterwhere the kangaroos are04:58
xeirrrWorkster: oh, I know.04:59
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henesyevening here, going well05:14
henesyweekend sounds nice, wish that wasn't 24+ hours away05:15
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xeirrrjaeger: Hi. I found mate ports in googlecode. Nice. But I cannot rsync it. Always timed out. Can you host it on your server rather than googlecode?09:57
xeirrrIn china, Google stuff is heavily blocked...09:57
diverseI know that jaeger is a heavy MATE user, he could probably mirror it for you10:14
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xeirrrdiverse : I hope so. I still miss gnome2.10:33
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diversexeirrr: jaeger will probably wake up in a few hours or more, so you are going to have to wait to see11:08
xeirrrdiverse, I'll wait for his answer. Thanks11:10
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Romsterxeirrr, grab tor12:27
frinnstI can do a one-time sync if you like12:28
frinnstwhats the url?12:28
frinnstsync it and put it in a tarball and serve over http12:29
Romsteri was about todo that but this doesn't even work12:29
Romstercurl -o /etc/ports/mate.httpup12:29
Romsterall i got was a 404 not found html result.12:29
frinnstseems to work for me12:30
frinnstxeirrr: ^^^12:32
xeirrrThanks, frinnst and Romster12:33
Romsterah i'm too slow frinnst beat em to it -_-12:33
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xeirrrfrinnst: Now I prepare to get it up. Even I get tarball, sync is still an issue. timed out.14:26
xeirrrs/Even/Even if14:27
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xeirrrIs jaeger still sleeping?14:30
jaegerxeirrr: The MATE repo isn't rsyncable, it's httpup14:31
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xeirrrjaeger: my problem is I cannot access to URL in mate.httpup. :(14:37
jaegerah, weird. can you browse the site?14:40
xeirrrWithout proxy, no.14:41
jaegerAH. That's pretty strict14:42
jaegerI don't have an rsync mirror set up anywhere currently but if you can get it via HTTP here's a tarball:
frinnsti gave him a tarball of the mate port-tree a few hours ago14:52
xeirrrfrinnst already gave me one, and its ready to go. but let's say if caja updates, I still cannot do anything.14:53
frinnstI assumed he had trouble downloading the sources for mate, but maybe that was wrong14:53
jaegerok. I didn't read the buffer, sorry14:53
jaegerDoes httpup not support a proxy?14:54
jaegerit does according to the manpage, have you tried that?14:54
xeirrrNow I am in mobile, cannot check it out. But if it does, I will try.14:57
jaegerthere are proxy_* vars you can set in /etc/httpup.conf14:57
jaegerIf that doesn't work I'll set up an rsync mirror somewhere14:57
leo-unglaubhey :)14:58
leo-unglaubare you guys building a mate repository?14:58
jaegerthere's already an unofficial one14:58
xeirrrThanks, jaeger. Updating ports via proxy gives me a sense of shame..14:59
jaegerxeirrr: why is that?14:59
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xeirrrIt shouldn't be so strictted.15:00
jaegerI'm guessing that's out of your control, school or work network, something like that?15:01
xeirrrright. Even OpenVPN I set in the past is block somehow15:02
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frinnstjaeger: china :)15:51
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diverseRomster: could you update pekwm to the latest git?18:04
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fnordsRomster: getting a md5sum mismatch when trying to build portaudio from your repo18:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wireshark: fix typo in post-install19:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wireshark: include README19:17
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Romsterdiverse, yes i read that earlier i haven't had time yet.23:01
Romsterwaking up still on a saturday morning waits for coffee23:01
Romsterfnords, i'll look at that shortly as well.23:02
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