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Romsterjaeger, your iso causes segmentation faults in make
Romsterb780337b8317f50bc91953f145e1f05e  crux-3.1-updated.iso02:43
Romsterwhat did you do to it?02:43
Romsteri went back to the official 3.1 iso and it works fine02:45
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: dbus-32: 1.8.8 -> 1.8.1002:51
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: gnutls-32: 3.2.17 -> 3.2.2002:51
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: libffi-32: 3.1 -> 3.202:51
jaegerThat's a bit of a weird question. Why the hell would I break it intentionally?02:52
Romsteri never intended it to come over that way. i'm just pointing out it's broken.02:53
jaegerasking what I did to it makes it sound like it was intentional, to me02:54
Romsterand what did you do differently if anything?02:54
jaegerNothing different, just port updates02:54
Romsterthat is odd.02:54
Romstersorry if i phrased it wrongly. but i get consistent make segmentation faults02:54
Romsteri tried to build libffi-32 and segmentation fault in make.02:55
jaegervery odd considering the ISO packages are bootstrapped with themselves02:55
Romstereven without my distcc and stuff disabled.02:55
jaegerI'll check it out, though02:55
Romsteri pkgadd -u all core ports off that updated iso some stuff built some stuff segmentation fault.02:55
Romsterthe offical 3.1 iso worked fine with libffi-32. strangely enough i got to build libff-32 once and it compiled ok. i made a change and recompiled it and nope.02:56
Romsterso something odd is going on.02:57
Romsteryou would never do anything intentional and i never implied that. sorry.02:58
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Romsterjaeger, i found it hard to find the updated iso. seems your old url redirects to now. but has no index page to list what directories are there.02:59
jaegerThe old URL redirects directly to the ISO dir, there's nothing else there03:00
Romsterah a index page with a link to that directory would be nice for search engines ad users going directly to as a suggestion.03:01
Romsteri got it bookmarked now though so no big deal.03:02
Romsterthe what did you do to it should have had a smiley face.03:13
Romsterhumor don't go over irc to well03:13
jaegerno worries, sorry for snapping03:16
Romsteryou do a great job here.03:19
Romsteri guess i'm too direct so you snapped at me.03:20
jaegerIt wasn't intentional, I just read it the wrong way03:20
Romsterit happens. all is good.03:20
Romsteri'm here to help not bicker all the time ya know :)03:21
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Romsterhmm vim has multiple make job issues with installing files. and groff seems to just fail over distcc/makejobs figuring out the later. vim i know a -j1 fixes that.03:35
Romsteron -j2603:36
Romsteron 20 cores03:36
Romsterseems to work better when i got cores +1 for lan machines due to tcp connections and blocking03:37
xeirrrRomster: where are all your precompiled packages? I don't want to compile chromium.03:46
Romster packages 3.103:47
Romsterbut i havne't uploaded new chromium yet but i do have a previous verison there you can use right now. and i'll rebuild the new one and upload.03:48
Romsteri decided to remove built packages in my chroot to re test compiling everything for any issues with newer libtool03:50
Romsterjust thanks will do :)03:56
Romsterno wonder my distcc isn't working on chromium it's got hard set clang...04:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: thin-provisioning-tools: initial import06:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: jdk: fixed source file08:53
xeirrrOh, finally we have it, not .gz anymore08:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nettle: disabled documentation08:58
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Romsterwhy was that changed i commented jdk out back to .tar.gz09:46
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diversexeirrr: did you get your Mate DE installed successfully?10:41
xeirrrdiverse: Yeah. although I get some footprint mismatch. I set proxy to update mate.httpup, it works. But slow...10:47
diversexeirrr: if you got "NEW" mismatches, it's not a big deal. It just means because you had extra packages installed, the build recognized them and added extra stuff. Nothing to worry.10:48
xeirrrdiverse: Right.10:54
xeirrrI removed .footprint10:56
diverseactually what you could have done is use: prt-get depinst -if matewhatever, to ignore the footprint to install10:57
diverseor to update the footprint use '-uf' instead10:57
xeirrrper-get is powerful, :)10:59
diverseindeed, I recommend you look through all the option using 'prt-get help'11:01
xeirrrdiverse: 😁11:05
diversexeirrr: run in your terminal: prt-get help, that will list all of what you can do with prt-get11:06
xeirrryeah. I am watching it. Also I do man pet-get11:07
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leo-unglaubHey :)16:30
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diversedoes anyone know what this line does in C++?;a=blob;;h=1bbb83d518fd7e49f0c3655ca76d5e18b3e6121f;hb=HEAD#l12918:06
tilmanwrites file names to the new database18:08
diversealright, I got it18:17
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diverseI can't believe how easy it is to do error checking in Rust19:51
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jaegerRomster: I can't reproduce this segfault issue with the latest ISO in my test VM. At least not so far20:01
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jaegerI ran a sysup, installed libffi-32 (which I think you mentioned was a problem), some other small stuff20:04
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frinnstthis youtube playlist is brilliant:
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diversedoes pkgutil::db_find_pkg basically look through the list of package names to see if the name matches or not?20:24
diversetilman: ^20:39
joacim-frinnst: is that Romster?20:45
frinnsthaha might be20:46
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diversethe guy on the motobike? Doesn't look like Romster.21:14
mheany chance for a firefox 33.1 binary? these updates seem to be coming faster then bullets21:26
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diversemhe: ask Romster, he usually has binaries for big packages available here:
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diversewhat if this check for?;a=blob;;h=1bbb83d518fd7e49f0c3655ca76d5e18b3e6121f;hb=HEAD#l23722:48
diverseporting C++ code is such a mental drain...22:48
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