IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2014-11-16

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koriabout do some hacking00:30
korisome hacking that might break my system too00:30
koribut hey00:30
korithat's how we learn00:30
diversewhat are you doing in particular?00:31
korireplacing init00:31
korifor no real reason00:31
diversethat shouldn't be too bad00:31
koriaye, problem is, I'm gonna replace rc with a hack00:31
koriand then I'm going to replace the service scripts00:31
koriso it's not just init :P00:32
diverseright, you're going to remove sysvinit00:33
diversejust keep in mind, you are going to have to create your own init scripts00:33
koridiverse: I'm aware00:33
koriI have init scripts replacements already00:33
diverseso what init system are you going with?00:34
koriand for service management i'm going to try to setup runit with a setup similar to what I had on arch00:34
koriI'm gonna reboot00:39
diversehave a live cd prepared00:40
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pidsleywas about to tell him he didn't have to *remove* sysv to use a different init00:44
diversewell if he comes back with problems, be sure to help him00:49
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koriwell, that didn't work :P00:52
diversepidsley: ^00:54
diversesigh, so the packing and unpacking is taken care by pkgmk, no one it's done in bash00:54
koriand now mpd won't work00:55
koriso I think I broke something00:55
pidsleydid you try all that stuff at once?00:58
diversekori: pidsley is going to help you with the init stuff01:00
koridiverse: well, now I need to fix mpd01:00
koriit wasn't mpd01:03
koriI didn't start rc.d/lo01:03
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pidsleydiverse is funny01:06
pidsleyalmost as funny as teK_01:07
koriCRUX takes some time getting used to fully01:07
koriI've been using it for... what? two weeks now?01:07
pidsleywow, and you wanted to go whole hog on the init already?01:09
koripidsley: before CRUX I was using arch01:09
pidsleyme too01:10
koriand replacing init was my main thing then01:10
pidsleyi use busybox01:10
korinow i've replaced a lot of stuff EXCEPT for init01:10
korifunny how things work01:10
pidsleysysv works well, especially with the CRUX scripts01:10
pidsleyeven when i use busybox, i still use the CRUX scripts01:11
pidsleywhat else have you replaced?01:11
korion arch? not much01:11
korimost of my replacements there were around init/udev01:12
koriand services01:12
pidsleyoh i thought you meant CRUX01:12
korioh whoops01:12
pidsleyyes i used busybox on arch too01:12
korion CRUX I've patched the kernel for BFS/BFQ, I maintain a lot of custom packages locally01:13
pidsleywhat sort of packages?01:18
korihrmm there's 10 or so but off the top of my head:01:19
korimpd, firefox, mpv, urxvt, scrot, optipng, ncmpcpp, ksh01:19
pidsleywhy scrot?01:24
korithis version has a patch that fixes some bugs01:24
koriregarding the -s flag01:24
pidsleyi was not even aware that such bugs existed01:25
pidsleybut then i almost never use -s01:25
diverseglad I can entertain01:26
pidsleybetween you and teK_ i think there is a "let's troll pidsley" thing going on ;)01:28
diversenot really01:28
diversewell not me01:28
diverseprobably frinnst and teK_, more likely01:29
diversethose two are usually the comedic duo01:29
pidsleymostly teK_01:29
diverseusually what I do I try to point people in the right direction to get their problems solve the quickest.01:32
pidsleyi know01:33
prologicman that reminds me01:33
prologicI still haven't installed CRUX on my Dell work Laptop01:33
prologichaven't quite felt like it this weekend :/01:33
pidsleydiverse: and you give diet advice too ;)01:34
prologicmaybe I'll just put up with the shittiness with Ubuntu for the time being and do it over the xmas holidays :)01:34
prologicwhen I have more time than a weekend to do it properly01:34
diversepidsley: it was more of a way for leo to save money, since he really needs to get rid of the faulty card01:35
diversealthough hopefully get got a replacement from a friend, instead of a turd in a box01:36
diverseprologic: just take 4 hours out of your weekend to setup your crux laptop01:38
prologic4hrs you reckon?01:39
prologiccomplete with XFCE4 + Compiz (and eZoom)?01:39
prologicI suppose you're right01:40
prologicwhat could possibly go wrong?01:40
prologicbefore work tomorrow01:40
diverseyou need it that bad huh?01:40
prologicmy biggest issue is I have little to no experience with laptops and any of their weird intricacies01:40
prologici.e: external monitor and Dell dock at work01:41
prologicYeah I kinda do :)01:41
jaegerUsually they aren't much different when it comes to setup01:41
prologicUbuntu is a pile of shit really01:41
jaegerthe things for which you need to watch out are wireless, touchpads, power management01:41
prologicthey have completely ruined all uselessness in accessibility01:41
prologicand destroyed Compilz Fusion as a project01:41
prologicto this day I still maintain old ports of the original software for CRU01:41
prologicfor me obviously :)01:41
prologicjaeger, hmmm01:42
prologicwireless shouldn't be an issue since we're normally wried in via Ethernet01:42
prologicand I would use an external keyboard/mouse anyway along with the external monitor(s) (there are two)01:42
jaegerconsider, though, that if it works in ubuntu it'll work in anything else01:42
jaegerjust a question of how much work is required out of the box01:42
prologichave no used two monitors before in such a long time either :)01:42
jaegermultimonitor setups are easier than ever with xrandr01:43
prologicyeah I know01:43
prologicyou had/have experience with compilz before right jaeger ?01:43
jaegeryears ago, not recently01:43
prologicdo you think it would be possible to have ezoom on one monitor and normal x1 view on the other?01:43
jaegerNo idea there, I never tried. I know compiz effects worked fine on both monitors but I never tried to selectively disable them01:45
prologicnot even sure how myself looking through the compilz manager (ccsm)01:46
prologichmm it's 12pm now01:46
prologicbugger it I'll do it :)01:46
diversedo it!01:46
prologicfresh install or rsync my desktop and reconfigure? :)01:46
koriI'm gonna put CC=clang in /etc/pkgmk.conf, should I do it?01:46
diverseheck yeah01:46
jaegerI always backup just in case01:47
prologickori, go for it :)01:47
prologicsome ports may break but you'll find out01:47
prologicjaeger, hmm01:47
jaegerif you have the room somewhere. I like clonezilla for that01:47
prologicrsync the contents of the laptop to my 3TB drive on my desktop?01:47
diversekori: sure go crazy01:47
korilet's run the first test01:47
prologicjust in case? :)01:47
korilet's compile something...01:47
koriwhat should I compile?01:47
prologicI've always just rsynced :)01:47
jaegernothing wrong with rsync01:47
jaegerjust depends on the type of backup you want01:48
prologicif you're going to compile gcc that's fine01:48
prologicbut don't break your toolchain :)01:48
jaegerif you want to restore from bare metal without reinstalling, an image is handy01:48
jaegerif you don't mind reinstalling before the restore, rsync is great01:48
jaegeror you can rsync everything, I guess01:48
prologicclonezilla takes an image?01:48
jaegeryeah. similar to ghost, acronis true image, etc.01:48
prologicgui or cli tool?01:49
prologictaking an image would be handy01:49
prologiceasier/quicker ot resotre from if I f it up01:49
jaegerIt's cli or ncurses style01:49
prologicI doubt I will :)01:49
prologicahh k01:49
jaegerPXE boot it or USB/CD01:49
prologicis it on the CRUX ISO?01:49
jaegerit's its own project, not just one app01:49
prologicguess not :)01:49
jaegerpartclone plus other tools01:49
jaegerIf you don't want to mess with it, just use rsync. It's just a suggestion01:50
diversejaeger: do you understand the pkgutils codebase well?01:50
jaegernot at all01:50
jaegerI'm not any kind of expert programmer and I prefer C to C++01:50
prologicThe destination partition must be equal or larger than the source one.01:51
prologicsurely tehre's a way to do a disk image via a usb/live-cd and copy it to a remote location?01:51
jaegerThat's not technically 100% true, it's just easier that way01:51
prologicthis laptop has a single 240GB SSD :)01:51
jaegersure, it can handle ssh, samba, ftp, etc.01:51
prologicoh good :)01:51
prologic*phew* :)01:51
prologicwas gonna say01:51
prologicthere's nowhere to put shit on this laptop01:51
prologicexcept off it01:51
jaegerwouldn't make much sense to image a hard drive to itself01:52
diversejaeger: if you are an expect on C++, could you tell me what this if statement line does?;a=blob;;h=1bbb83d518fd7e49f0c3655ca76d5e18b3e6121f;hb=HEAD#l23701:52
prologicwell to another drive or partition sure01:52
prologicbut it's kind of useless f you can't get the image off :)01:52
prologicdiverse, what's up?01:52
prologicI know a little of it's code base01:52
jaegerdiverse: quite the opposite, I'm NOT any expert01:52
prologicnot that I've ever done anything with it01:52
diverseprologic: I'm porting the code to Rust01:53
diversebecause I want to :)01:53
prologicok! :)01:53
diverseit's a fun project and I want to learn Rust more01:53
prologicthat's part of the pkgrm logic01:54
prologicit won't delete non-empty dirs01:54
diverseprologic: oh okay, so I need to check to see if the files set is not empty?01:56
prologicClonezilla doesn't have a Hyrbid ISO01:59
prologicdiverse, *nods*01:59
jaegerIt's easy to convert to a USB drive, it comes with a shell script to do so01:59
jaegerinstructions on the website01:59
jaegerIf it's gonna derail your installation and double the install time, don't worry about it, use what you know02:00
diverseprologic: or more specicially, it checks to see if "i" is not empty?02:04
prologicwell afaik the logic is something like02:04
prologicif the pkg db (i.e: footprint) of the package had no files in that dir02:04
prologicbut there are now files in it when the user does a pkgrm02:04
prologicdon't remove the dir02:05
prologicand report a message02:05
prologicotherwise you could run the risk of removing user config(s) and data that they might want :)02:05
prologicbtw if I were you02:06
prologicI would not port the C/C++ code ot Rust02:06
prologicI would do black-box programming02:06
prologicobserve pkgutils' behavior02:06
prologicor you're Rust code will end up looking a lot like the C/C++ code02:06
prologicwhich may or may not be a good thing since Rust woudl have it's own semantics and special edge-cases02:06
koriare we talking rust pkgutils?02:06
diverseprologic: well I'm not going to directly port it, I'm going to design it in my own way, but I need the logic02:07
prologicdiverse is trying to write pkgutils in Rust02:07
prologicI had a crak at this years ago writing pkgutils in Python02:07
prologicbut it got abandoned02:07
prologiclot of effort :)02:08
diverseand actually, the porting looks a lot better in Rust than C++ so far02:08
prologicHint: package management tools are not trivial to design or implement :)02:08
prologiclet's see some?02:08
prologicI've not done any Rust02:09
prologicnot convinced by new languages :)02:09
prologicGo, NodeJS, Rust, etc02:09
prologicall just a fad :)02:09
prologicapparently quite a few NodeJS devs have/are moved/moving on -- to guess? :)02:10
prologicGo :)02:10
prologicweird :)02:10
prologicdevelopers are odd folk02:10
jaegerguess it was time to.... go02:10
prologicyeah it's quite funny02:10
prologicI find it hilarious how disloyal and at the same time fantastical developers get :)02:10
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diverseprologic: this was ported from the first db_rm_pkg() method from line 169:
prologicoh bloody hell02:13
prologichow do you burn cds again?02:13
prologiccdrecord is deprecated :)02:13
koriI was using xfburn02:14
joacimwodim -v dev=/dev/sr0 Applications/Drivers/Creative/Live\!\ Install\ CD.iso02:14
joacimthat's the last command i ran02:14
joacimdoesn't work for all kinds of cds tho02:14
jaegerprologic: on a side note I use clonezilla often enough that I have a PXE server set up with it both at work and at home :)02:14
joacimhad some huge issues with this other cd i tried to burn. ended up having to use imgburn in windows02:15
prologicjaeger, ahh02:15
prologicgood idea02:15
prologicwhen I have a server to put such a thing on :)02:15
jaegeralso system rescue cd, gparted, dban, memtest86+, some linux installs at work02:15
prologicthat's what cdrtools got replaced with02:15
prologicman :)02:15
prologicI gotta delete my port of cdrtools02:16
diversewell, it got forked from...02:16
koriall these :)s02:16
prologiclately things have changed a bit02:16
prologicnetstat -> ss02:16
prologiccdrecord -> wodim02:17
prologicjaeger, I'm burning the clonezilla ISO02:17
joacimoss -> alsa02:17
prologicturns out I have CRUX 3.1 on a cd too02:17
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prologicmust have burnt that before my desktop's SSD gave out02:17
jaegerprologic: prefer that to a USB drive?02:17
prologiceasier for now :)02:17
prologicI only have one USB stick02:18
prologicwhich I believe I put a later CRUX 3.1 ISO on it02:18
prologicoh boy this is going ot be fun02:18
prologicimage the laptop and take the output of lsmod -k :)02:19
diverseprologic: did you look at my paste?02:19
prologicoh sorry now02:23
prologicI missed it :)02:23
prologicdiverse, cool02:24
prologiclooks a bit like Haskell, JS and Python :)02:24
diverseyou forgot Ocaml too02:25
prologicI don't know Ocaml :)02:25
diversejust so you know, because of how powerful Rust's type system is, error handling is done through types, so when I do .unwrap(), it either returns the value or it stack unwinds with an error automatically, thanks to pattern matching.02:27
prologicRust is a functional langauge right?02:28
prologichmm nope02:29
prologicit's multi-paradigm02:29
prologicstatic, strong, inferred type system02:29
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diversewell it's not huge on OOP. Objects are handled with structs with method impls sure, but it real power comes with traits (haskell type classes), being enable extend and distribute methods without having the problems of inheritance, while also functioning as a generic type limiter.02:32
diverseand yeah it's procedural like C, what else is new?02:32
prologicTraits (or type classes) are very powerful02:33
prologicI like Traits :)02:33
diversethat's why Rust is technically a FP language02:34
prologicoh that was f'n useless02:37
prologicthe laptop doesn't have a cd drive02:37
jaegerhah, oops02:37
diversebuy an external drive then :P02:37
prologicare you kidding me :)02:37
prologichow many more hours of that 4 did you want me to wate :)02:37
prologicI'm down to 3.5 now :)02:37
diversethe ":P" implies I'm trolling02:38
diverseyou're gonna have to go with usb drives02:39
diverseor PXE boot like jaeger said02:40
prologicwonder if I can just dd the disk over an ssh pipe02:40
prologicjaeger, any downsides to using dd?02:41
jaegerit's slow02:41
jaegerworks fine, though02:41
jaegerIf you're doing it on a local network disable ssh compression to speed things up a tiny bit02:42
prologicbest to boot off the crux usb stick though02:42
prologicso as to take the disk offline02:42
prologiccan the openssh server be started on the crux cd?02:42
jaegeryou can also use tar over ssh if you're careful with permissions and such02:42
jaegeror go back to rsync02:42
prologicI assume so02:42
jaegerset root password, start sshd02:43
prologicI'll do that :)02:43
prologic"use the tools you know" :)02:43
prologicdd, ssh, pipe02:43
prologicdone :)02:43
diverseor as Linus said, "use the best tool for the job"02:43
prologicdd + ssh02:43
prologicI'm sure clonezilla is great erally02:43
prologicbut a) I have only one usb stick atm02:44
prologicand b) I seem to have a cd/dvd drive in my desktop02:44
prologicbut not on anything else in the house02:44
prologicexcept out media server02:44
prologicseems laptops these days don't come with cd/dvd drives02:44
prologicmakes sense though02:44
diverseunless you have a sata to usb adapter, you could pull out that optical drive from your desktop out and use it on your laptop ;)02:44
jaegerbuy a couple usb sticks for future use would be my suggestion02:45
jaegeralmost everything has usb while optical drives are getting more rare02:45
jaegerwith that said, an external usb dvd drive isn't very expensive02:45
jaegerI have one for rare occasions when it's needed02:45
joacimGet a USB ZIP drive02:46
diverseI bought a pioneer external bluray writer on amazon for $90, works very well, especially with wodim02:47
prologicjaeger, *nods*02:48
prologicI did have a couple02:48
prologicbut they died on me :)02:48
prologicI bought a tiny itty bitty one02:48
prologicwas nice until it died02:48
joacimmy tiny itty bitty one died too02:49
jaegerI've got like 802:49
joacimmy bigger ones works fine. even the first one I bought 10 years ago02:49
prologicor they have poor quality designs :)02:49
jaegermost of them were free with other things or from a conference or something02:49
jaegerI think I've paid for maybe 202:49
prologicmy mate's apparently coming over this afternoon02:49
prologiche buys them in packs of 8 apparently02:49
prologicwas gonna give ma a few :)02:49
diverseyou better ask for them now02:50
prologicI can make do :)02:50
diversewell you are going to want extra live usbs for others, like sysrescuecd, clonezilla, etc02:51
prologictrue :)02:51
prologicguess I've had a good run though02:51
prologicmy last desktop last 10yrs before this one02:51
prologicthis one had it's ssd die in a few months02:52
prologicand our media server is getting on now ~3yrs or so02:52
jaegerwhat brand was the SSD?02:52
prologicneeds a rebuild - the hw is failing02:52
prologicgood question02:52
prologicOZC Agility I believe02:52
diverseno wonder...02:52
prologicthis time around I got an Intel 52002:52
jaegerew. no wonder it died02:52
jaegerThe intel will be far better barring some unforeseen issue02:53
prologicI managed to rsync most of my /home to my 3T SATA drive before it completely conked out02:53
prologicgotta get crashplan back up and runing on this desktop at some point02:53
prologicI'm not too concerned, but yeah02:53
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joacimnever done anything with backup or redundancy for my data02:55
prologiclucky :)02:55
joacimonce had 4 drives with lvm02:56
prologicjaeger, we plan to buy one of these for xmas for the family -->
prologicmy plan is to put CRUX on it and get ZFS configured with some initial ZPool02:57
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diversebe sure to look at the ZoL project02:58
jaegerMy NAS is a CRUX ZFS VM, no reason it shouldn't work02:58
prologicprobably Z2 3+2 drives02:58
prologicx2 eventually02:58
prologicawesome :)02:59
diverseI wish btrfs was stable02:59
prologicI think I'd trust ZFS over BTRFS for data right now02:59
jaegerbtrfs will get there eventually. Lot more resources behind ZFS03:00
prologicjaeger, I know you have little xperience with Docker as such03:05
prologicbut do you think it could work to containerize the ZFS side of things?03:05
jaegercan docker do direct hardware access?03:05
prologicnot sure what this would look like myself03:05
prologicvia --privileged and/or --cap-add03:05
joacimdoes any of the bsds support zfs?03:06
jaegerif you give it direct access to the drives and a decent amount of RAM I imagine it'll work fine03:06
jaegerjoacim: it's rock solid in FreeBSD03:06
diversejoacim: FreeBSD does03:06
prologicthat what I figure03:06
joacimmight try that on the server then03:06
jaegerfreenas and nas4free are both BSD-based if I remember right03:06
prologicmy ideal solution going forward would be to Dockerize most things in my house03:06
prologicto make maintainability a lot easier03:06
prologicinstead of having old/stale crux installs around03:06
joacimfound a hdd with 2.4 the other day03:07
jaegerYou could also keep those installs updated to avoid that :P03:07
jaegerJust a thought03:07
prologicyes yes :)03:07
diversehahaha, 2.4?03:07
joacimyeah the one i installed when i first wanted to test crux03:07
prologicbut it seems easier to just update a base image :)03:07
prologickeep one thing up-to-date03:08
prologicnot three or four things :)03:08
prologicwife wants a desktop too03:08
prologicso that'll be 5 things with crux on it :)03:08
jaegerMy point was not about the effort involved, it was about the admin :P03:08
prologicyeah I know I'm lazy03:08
prologiceven my server is old03:08
jaegerDocker doesn't solve that :)03:08
diverseprologic: which lazy are you? Efficient lazy or lazy lazy?03:09
prologiccrux 2.7 on my server in the US03:09
prologicefficient lazy03:09
prologichopefully over the xmas holidays I'll retire my Codeo dedi server03:10
prologicand move what I run off it into DO and Docker containers03:10
prologicmy Hulu proxy no longer works anymore03:10
prologicAcamai? seems to have tightened up the IP restrictions :(03:10
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prologicso it just hosts websites and dns now03:11
*** xeirrr has joined #crux03:12
diverseI wonder, when people are doing something efficient, they call themselves lazy, like it's a bad thing...03:12
jaegerefficiency isn't laziness03:12
jaegerlaziness can be a motivation for efficiency, though03:13
jaegera fine point, perhaps, but I'm pedantic03:13
diversebut laziness can be efficient sometimes, depending on the situation03:13
prologicgreat I started an argument :)03:13
joacimyou created art03:14
joacimso much room for interpretation03:14
joacimand discussion03:15
diverseyes, keep painting our discussion, so it's more abstractful.03:18
mechaniputerA colleague of mine recently said that "Computer Science is just an exercise in applied laziness"03:18
diversewhen it comes to programming, it's mostly about reuse.03:20
jaegerwhich points to efficiency, not laziness :)03:20
jaegerthough said efficiency may have sprung from laziness03:20
jaegerironic as that sounds03:20
mechaniputerI'll allow that some efficiency can come from a proactive type of laziness.03:21
mechaniputerBut there are also bad kinds of lazy.03:21
jaegerno doubt. I'd say that efficiency spawned from laziness is rare in my experience03:21
jaegerusually those people who automate things like their work tasks aren't really lazy but like to say they are for some reason03:22
diversejaeger: which is why I brought up the point03:22
*** Digit has joined #crux03:23
prologicgood points guys03:29
prologicand god only knows why I refer to myself as lazy03:29
prologicit is about efficiency for me03:29
prologicthe less mundane things I have to do the more time I have to spend on other more impoartnt things03:29
prologice.g: family :)03:29
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*** mavrick61 has joined #crux03:47
diverseprologic: btw, you said the if statement was for checking if the file is a directory, right? If that's the case, all I have do is write: if filename.is_dir() { continue; } and there I'm done.03:58
diverseeasy peasy lemon screezy03:59
prologicnot quite04:22
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prologicI think it's checking if it's a dir and non-empty04:22
prologicit seems to be imaging the laptop's disk at a little over a MB/s04:46
prologicso ~2400MB04:46
prologica little under an hour :)04:46
prologicfast enough jaeger ? :)04:46 do I check to see if it's not empty...04:49
prologicin Rust? no idea :004:53
Romsterprologic, why don't you install onto a 2.5" hdd test it on your system then throw it in the dell laptop at work. unless you haven't got a spare 2.5" hdd sitting around. if it fails misserbly then just swap back to the ubuntu hdd.04:54
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_root_hello y'all04:56
_root_I have a problem with icons. every icon pack that I download and/or install by ports, the result are the same I get a handful of missing icons (white icon with red X inside) all round. in file manager, web browser, menus and etc.04:57
_root_I even did gtk-update-icon-cache but no joy.04:58
_root_any ideas04:58
korisame problems04:58
korieven with librsvg installed04:58
prologicRomster, not only do I not have a spare04:59
prologicbut taking the Dell laptop apart would proably get me fired :)04:59
prologicit's work's laptop afterall :)04:59
prologic_root_, XFCE?04:59
diverseprologic: well the only idea I got so far is to match fs::rmdir(filename) for a Result::Err() and use that to tell if a directory is not empty or not.04:59
_root_prologic: No IceWM; FvWM, BspWM, Spectrwm05:01
prologicif os.listdir("/some/path"):05:02
prologic>>> os.listdir("/var/empty")05:02
diverseprologic: fs::rmdir() like with the rmdir shell command, only removes an empty directory on success, if it's not empty, then I can run code on that05:02
prologic_root_, I didn't know Windows Managers have any notion of "icons" ? :)05:02
_root_prologic: I just telling you What I used05:03
diverseprologic: I would be removing empty directory right?05:03
diverseas well I mean05:03
_root_and yes they don't have. I use lxappearance. do you know an alternative?05:04
Romstermhe, uploading firefox 3.1.105:04
Romsterfrinnst, firefox 3.1 -> 3.1.1 not sure if it's realted to linux but i bumped it here on mine anyways05:05
prologic_root_, tbh I'm not even sure what the problem is05:06
prologicmy experience with WM(s) (a while noe before I was forced to stick to DE(s)) is that icons aren't really their thing :)05:06
prologicI think WindowMaker (IIRC) had the notion of Docked Icions05:06
prologicwhich you just set manual file paths to05:07
RomsterWMs don't do icons really. but that's never been a problem for me.05:07
diverseprologic: oh here we go:  I think this would be similar to os.listdir, right?05:07
prologicright :)05:09
prologicwe're up to 1.2G05:09
diversethen all I need to do is check if the vector is not empty05:09
prologic239G to go05:09
prologicwtf :)05:09
prologicyou mean list :)05:09
diverseprologic: whatever the equivilant is in python05:09
prologiclist :)05:10
prologicsurely it's list in Rust too05:10
prologicgeez :)05:10
diverseis a list homogeneous?05:10
kori_root_: here: try this05:10
prologichomogeneous to what?05:10
korisudo gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders --update-cache05:10
prologiclists and vectors are not homogeneous? afaik05:11
prologicbut typically arrays and lists are05:11
prologicin many langauges05:11
diverseprologic: in other words, like an array, only capable of holding one type of many values.05:11
prologicthat depends on the typie system05:11
prologicin Python a list can hold any type of values/items05:11
diverseoh right, python is dynamically typed05:12
prologic[1, "foo", None]05:12
prologicdynamic, strong and duck05:12
diverseso that would be equivilant to a tuple in Rust05:12
prologicif you say so :)05:12
prologicbut Python has tuples too05:12
prologicthey're basically immutable sequences05:12
prologic(1, "foo", None)05:12
prologicbut once created you cannot change/modify it05:12
diverseI see05:13
prologicstrings are also immutable05:13
diverseeverything in Rust is immutable by default ;)05:13
prologicI doubt that :)05:13
prologicit's not a pure fucttional laguage05:13
prologicHaskell is the only language that has that claim AFAIK05:14
diversewell you have to use 'mut' in order to by mutable05:14
prologicfair enough :)05:14
diverselet mut foo = "bar"; foo = "baz"; let immutfoo = "blah"; immutfoo = "halb" // <-- Error!05:15
koriI've always had problems with opt/pygtk05:16
Romsterprologic, pfft ignore them. <<05:16
Romsterthey don't need to know and it's not a hard operation.05:17
prologicnot hard for you sure :)05:17
prologicbit hard for me :)05:17
Romsteryou can boot off a usb hdd if you want for a test.05:17
koriwell im going to sleep05:18
diversekori: have a good one05:18
Romstermost have a single screw underneath a cover then 2 more ofr the hdd and slide to the side and out it goes. then undo the metal frame and repeat to assemble.05:18
prologicyeah I'm really not going to :)05:19
diverseprologic: just so you, a vector in statically typed land, usually means an expandable array ;)05:19
Romsterof course it's your call.05:19
Romsterbut then i rep them apart and /solder/ in a new DC socket.05:20
diverse*so you know05:20
Romsterso many users are too rough with them05:20
Romsterso diverse your doing pkgutils now.05:23
Romsteri need to figure out how to move my docker devicemapper to its own LV05:23
diverseRomster: yeah05:23
Romsterand how it even does thinp when its not ran as root.05:24
diversewere you teaching prologic hands on skills with soldering and circuitry?05:24
prologicRomster, the daemon runs as root05:25
prologicit has to05:25
Romsteri think prologic did a little electronics but not at my level. but then prologic can program i can't at his level.05:25
mechaniputerSo the download for libreoffice is not working for me. I'll take this as a chance to use flyspray.05:25
Romsterprologic, ah that explians it. so where do i configure the storage LV/PV it uses on devicemapper05:25
diversemechaniputer: or you can email the port maintainer05:26
diversein this case, bug teK_ about the link not working ;)05:26
mechaniputerOh, ok.05:27
diversehe needs to fix gimp too -_-05:27
prologicRomster, sorry what?05:27
prologicyou just need a path to tell docker daemon to use05:27
prologicand what storage backend05:27
mechaniputerIt also looks like there was an older bug for libreoffice download location that was not deleted?05:28
prologic-s btrfs -g /data/docker05:28
prologicis my setup05:28
Romstermechaniputer, in the mean time grab the source from here
Romstereither go with 4.2.7 or 4.3.405:30
mechaniputerRomster, Thanks but I think I have it working. I'm playing with the Pkgfile and am building 4.2.7 that way.05:31
prologicjaeger, dd is far too slow05:31
prologicimaging the disk this way will take ~1d05:31
prologicgive or take05:31
Romsterthere is a faster way05:31
Romsteri need to package this ntfs tool up for crux05:32
diverseprologic: it sounds like you're better off ubuntu'ing your laptop05:32
prologicyou mean crux'ing it :)05:32
prologicthere's nothing important on it anyway05:32
diverseI thought time was your enemy?05:32
prologicit is I guess :)05:33
Romsteroh the linux one nah rsync it but if it was ntfs which it sin't then this method wont work...05:33
prologicmaybe I should just leave it for the xmas holdiays ;)05:33
jaegerprologic: I told you it would be :)05:34
prologicyes you did :)05:34
prologicdidn't realize just how slow it really is05:34
prologicit's amazing05:34
prologicI guess disks are a lot bigger than when dd was first created05:34
jaegerwhat blocksize did you use?05:34
prologicnone explicitly05:35
jaegeryou can definitely get some speed from using a MUCH bigger blocksize05:35
jaegerthe default is 512b05:35
prologicahh yes ofc05:35
Romsterprologic, rtried partclone?05:35
jaegeruse something like 64M05:35
prologicis there an idea bs?05:35
Romsterit can read only used parts of a disk05:35
jaegerIt still won't be as fast as partclone, tar, rsync05:35
jaegerbut faster than default05:35
Romsterway faster if the majority of the hard disk is unused.05:35
jaegerprologic: if I have to clone something with dd I like to pipe it through pv and use a big block size05:37
prologictrouble is pv is not on the CRUX ISO05:38
prologicnor does the ISO have a C compiler available :)05:38
prologicI could compile it on my desktop and copy the binary :)05:38
diverseyeah I think 34 times faster roughly?05:38
Romsteris there a web page for seeing the status of what docker is going on localhost i see it in docker.conf05:39
Romsterbut it's 40405:39
Romsterjaeger, i like using ddrescue and if possible a domain log file.05:39
Romsterfrom partclone05:40
Romsteronly copy used FS blocks05:40
jaegerI've used that for actual rescues, it's handy. I don't use it for cloning unless partclone isn't available05:40
jaegerMost of the time I use clonezilla and thus partclone05:40
jaegerhad to use dd_rescue twice recently on our MRI scanner machine at work05:41
jaegertwo drives that were in the process of failing05:41
diversemeh, forget what I said05:41
prologic~56hrs with a bs=64M05:42
jaegerThat can't be right, even for a raw copy05:42
prologicRomster, run dockerui05:42
Romsterhell i can clone a 1TB hdd in like 2 hours what sort of hardware is that.05:42
jaegerunless the drive or chipset is failing or something05:42
prologicit's on the hub05:42
Romstereww over usb?05:42
diversemaybe it's 2^17/512 times faster?05:42
Romsterno wonder05:42
Romsterusb is slow as crap need esata05:43
jaegerI think that hub comment was docker-related05:43
jaegerprologic: what's the output from hdparm -Tt /dev/whatever ?05:43
jaegerfor that drive05:43
Romsterdockerui no such command05:43
prologicone sec05:43
jaegerI wonder if the SATA chipset is hosing you05:44
diverseprologic: wait you said 56h? Thats >2d!05:44
prologicno hdparm on the crux media05:44
jaegerah, that's right05:44
jaegerI keep forgetting you're in the cd env05:44
prologicyeah I am atm05:44
Romsteryou can install hdparm from the crux media ramfs iirc05:45
jaegerhow about dd if=/dev/blah of=/dev/null bs=64M ? cancel it after 30 seconds or so and see what speed it reports?05:45
prologicRomster, no can't05:45
prologicon compiler05:45
Romsterwhat crux iso has gcc05:45
Romsteror it don't?05:45
prologicnot installed :)05:45
Romsteri never actually tried.05:45
Romsterbah thats smart -_-05:45
diversejaeger: could he bump it to 128M or more?05:45
Romsterjsut like no man pages on iso installed either05:46
Romsterso pkgadd gcc in the ramfs?05:46
jaegerdiverse: yes, which I was going to suggest if 64M appeared to bottleneck it05:46
jaegerI doubt that's the case here, though05:46
prologicthat should be enough05:46
jaegerprologic: what chipset does that machine use? what model machine is it?05:47
prologicto /dev/null05:47
prologicso the pipe over ssh is slowing it down05:47
Romsteroh the crypto makes a huge ass speed change.05:47
jaegerdid you disable compression over ssh?05:47
prologichow about piping it over netcat?05:47
jaegerhelps a little, though not much05:47
diversecould you expand the packet size in ssh?05:47
prologicjaeger, I did05:47
prologic-o Compression=no05:48
jaegerprologic: if you're bored, try that speed test again after running "echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches"05:48
Romstercnage the crypto tos oemthing less secure cpu intensive/ or packet size if ssh has that.05:48
jaegeryes, netcat would be a better option if it's available05:48
diverseor use telnet ;P05:48
prologicnot available ont he iso env05:49
prologicbut it's a simple binary05:49
prologiconly depends on libc afaict05:49
prologicyeap works05:50
prologicnow let's see if I can work out how to do this :)05:50
jaegerwhat's the destination, too?05:50
jaegerhow is it connected?05:50
Romsterso that's where the data is for lvm2 /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/devicemapper05:50
Romsteron my damn SSD as I had expected. so now I'll figure out how to move it to it's own dedicated LV05:50
prologic7200rpm 3TB SATA05:51
prologicon my desktop05:51
prologic1GBps Ethernet05:51
jaegerhow fast can the desktop write to that drive directly?05:51
Romsterjesus fuck it's 100GB too that ssd is only 120GB -_-05:51
prologicgood question05:51
prologiclet's fin dout05:51
Romster3tb transfer should take about 6 hours between disks over ssh hahah 24 hours or so.05:52
jaegerthat's the size of the destination, not the data, in this case05:52
Romsterand thats real world testing here.05:53
prologic9797894144 bytes (9.8 GB) copied, 56.2805 s, 174 MB/s05:53
jaegerso it seems like the network or the crypto is the culprit, not the drives05:53
jaegeras others have said it's probably ssh05:53
jaegeror terrible ethernet controllers?05:54
jaegerso many factors even in something simple, heh05:54
Romsterprologic, there i go how to make docker use a real LV one for data one for metadate for docker. than /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/devicemapper with loop mounted LV images on my SSD....05:54
prologicwow wtf05:55
Romsterbut then your already using something else than what i'm doing.05:55
prologic1.1MB/s over netcat05:55
jaegerwhat's netcat's packet/block size?05:55
Romsterpipes are slow.05:55
prologicRomster, do so at your own risk :)05:56
prologicDocker is quite a complex system05:56
prologicI don't claim to understand it's internals much05:56
Romsterwell it's no good for me on a SSD that's gonna fill up fast.05:56
prologicoh wait05:56
prologicnetcat has buffer/block size too :)05:56
Romsterfrom what i see /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/devicemapper contians data and metadata for docker as a file that's loop mounted as a devicemapper target.05:56
jaegerI'm off to sleep, I'm sure you'll figure something out. Good luck05:57
diversejaeger: have a good one05:57
Romsteri can go one better and use real logical volumes in my VG that i already have and avod the loop mounting overhead.05:57
Romsterthen i'm gonna piss off the chroots and do my compiling in docker.05:57
Romsteri read i can have a shared directory between docker containers so i can use that for tarballs.05:58
diverseprologic: btw, thanks for the python hint on listdir ;)06:05
prologicRomster, volumes06:09
prologic-v (host mounted)06:09
prologicand --volumes-from (from another container)06:09
diversesayonara idiomatic C++ code, hello easy to understand Rust code!06:10
Romsterprologic, sorted made 2 LVs and added --storage-opt dm.datadev=/dev/direct-lvm/data --storage-opt dm.metadatadev=/dev/direct-lvm/metadata06:13
Romsterso now i'm using real logical volumes.06:13
Romsterand metadata is 5% the size of the data LV06:13
Romsterfor your information if you ever need it.06:14
Romsterprologic, i'll throw my findings o a crux wiki page shortly.06:17
Romstercrux wiki needs love.06:17
Romster2014/11/16 17:18:18 exec: "mkfs.ext4": executable file not found in $PATH06:19
Romsteri found a bug /etc/rc.d/docker needs PATH set to also include /sbin06:19
Romsteri also get this too on docker restart /etc/rc.d/docker: line 23: kill: (16442) - No such process06:20
Romsterit only does it once though second docker restart is fine.06:21
Romsterdiverse, i do work all day mentally drained then come home and do linux stuff and you wonder why i can't handle rust <<06:21
prologicoh I give up06:21
prologicthis is f'd :)06:21
RomsterCannot connect to the Docker daemon -_- ugh06:22
Romsterpanic: sync: unlock of unlocked mutex06:22
diverseRomster: I know06:22
prologicRomster, wiki it up please :)06:22
prologicI'd be interested to read06:22
diverseprogramming requires mental energy too, which is why I hope your new job requires (way) less from you06:23
Romsteri hope so diverse when i find that.06:23
prologicwhat was that drop cache thingy06:24
diverseand I did translate most of the db_* methods from from scratch today06:25
Romsterdiverse, nice06:27
diversealthough I put them in a Db struct to separate them, do I can remove the redundant db_ prefix06:27
prologicI think my network is f'd06:27
prologicpiping /dev/zero over netcat06:27
prologicyields ~1MB/s too06:27
diverseare you using really old switches/hubs that slow down your network?06:28
diverse*yawns loud*06:31
Romstermayebe i just need to reboot06:31
Romsterand rm the data mdtadata bits out of /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/devicemapper/06:31
Romsternothing i got in there of value06:31
Romsterah i should nuke json.migrated as well...06:33
Romsterbut stop docker first06:33
diverseRomster: btw, in order to do pkgmk in rust, I would probably need Rust bindings to zlib and other compression libraries06:34
Romsterah that fixed it06:34
*** _root_ has quit IRC06:35
Romsteryes removing the old json file fixed it...06:35
prologicbut I'm starting to think my GBe switches06:37
prologicaren't really capable of that06:37
*** phant0mas has joined #crux06:39
*** _root_ has joined #crux06:39
Romsteroh oh check the MTU on your LAN i bet ti's not using jumbopackets06:40
diversehow do you do that?06:41
Romsterip link set ethx mtu <size>06:44
Romsterip link show | grep mtu06:44
Romsteryou can go upto 900006:45
Romsterand no that is not the over 9000 joke. i'm serious here.06:45
diverseprologic's mtu is over 9000!06:45
Romsterit's probably under 1500 for those crappy speeds06:46
diverseheh, mine is at 1500 :P06:47
Romsterthat's normal and over 1500 is only a benefit for local lan.06:47
diversemy lo device is at 6553606:48
Romsterthats also normal06:49
diverse2^16 mtu :P06:49
_root_what about wireless cards?06:50
diversethat's is something you can find out easily _root_06:52
_root_what filesystem is best and benefitial for USB live cd. (besides FAT)06:55
_root_btrfs? what?06:55
_root_theat was a typeo USB live medium06:55
diverseI think there was another one called F2FS that samsung made specifically for flash devices06:56
_root_what package should I install to have mkfs.ext4?06:59
Romsterlvm-direct is the second fastest compared to an overlay-fs07:07
Romsterbtrfs is a little longer and loop-lvm which i had is supper slow.07:07
Romsterbefore i changed it to direct-lvm07:07
Romster needs a clean up but details are there.07:07
Romstersource /etc/docker.conf07:09
Romsterexport PATH="$PATH:/sbin"07:09
Romsterin /etc/rc.d/docker07:09
Romsterit needs /sbin for finding mkfs07:09
Romster_root_, its already provided in core/util-linux and core/e2fsprogs07:10
Romsterprt-get search mkfs and prt-get fsearch mkfs.ext407:10
_root_Romster: yes it needed /sbin/mkfs.ext407:12
*** fengshaun has quit IRC07:12
_root_Is it easy to manually build lightdm on crux? what would be depen(s)?07:13
*** mhe has quit IRC07:14
*** fengshaun has joined #crux07:14
Romsterpolkit not fun. might be able to avoid that07:15
Romsterthe rest looks sane enough07:16
_root_Romster: what would be the alternative for polkit?07:16
Romsteryeah yo could likely remove that if need be diverse07:17
Romsterif it'll work without.07:17
_root_diverse: don't call the beast. are you mad?07:17
Romsternot everything has a hard dependency on systemd07:18
diverse_root_: you asked for the alternative07:18
_root_diverse: I didn't know that was the alternatives.07:18
_root_So Romster lightdm won't work with corent init system?07:18
_root_shipped with crux07:18
Romsterlightdm is probably no better than pekwm to be honest.07:19
Romstergoing by the screen shots.07:19
diverseI thought lightdm was a display manager, not a wm?07:19
_root_Romster: ?, lightdm is a display manager and pekwm is WM07:19
Romster_root_, depends. you can often rip out systemd crap and let it use eudev07:20
Romsterunless it explicitly wont work without07:20
Romsteri'm not even certain what a display manager is i've only worked with windows managers and desktop enviorments07:21
diverseRomster: display managers as in gdm, kdm, xdm, slim, etc07:21
Romsteroh a login manager07:22
Romsterits eye candy07:22
Romsterbut if yo want one use slim07:22
_root_Romster: it is dead; If I understand it right. also it mess with your $PATH. (yes?)07:23
_root_and has security wholes07:24
Romsteri have zero experience with them.07:24
_root_Romster: gentoo doesn't use systemd and it have lightdm too. so it should be a good example?07:25
Romster_root_, for once your right look at the ebuild if it does not have a hard dependency on systemd your right.07:26
*** vlnx_ has quit IRC07:27
_root_Romster: :)07:27
*** vlnx has joined #crux08:04
*** Romster has quit IRC08:33
*** mhe has joined #crux08:56
mhethanks for the update for firefox :)08:57
*** Romster has joined #crux10:52
Romsteryay for network dying.10:57
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux11:27
_root_Romster: is it true that firefox switched to webkit. Why? are they on something? why would they do that?11:32
frinnstyes and microsoft bought mozilla!11:53
frinnstRomster: 33.1.1 fixes a windows startup crash relating to a specific gpu11:55
mheanother update11:56
Romsterfrinnst, wtf no i have never read that. and they are working on servo.12:01
Romsterfrinnst, ah well i uploaded 33.3.1 so no big deal.12:01
Romsteri now have docker on real LVs!12:02
Romsterand i'm using it now with distcc. took me alll of 5 minutes to spin up.12:02
Romsterbugger unreliable chroots12:02
Romsterthat first message should of been for _root_12:05
Romster_root_, where is your proof and no they wouldn't do that when they ar making the programming language rust for there next servo engine12:06
*** xeirrr has quit IRC12:07
*** xeirrr has joined #crux12:10
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux12:26
_root_Romster: So they switch from gecko to rust?12:54
*** doomicide has joined #crux13:06
Romster_root_, no they are still using gecko for now.13:07
Romsterservo is more long term and i don't think they'll call it firefox from what i've heard.13:07
Romsterprologic, what is this crux is offical abnd done by stackbrew? while crux/base is done by user crux which i believe is prologic13:14
_root_Romster: So new broswer? would it be opensource and available for linux and BSD ...?13:34
Romsterconsidering servo is open source....13:37
Romsterand mozilla is all about open source.13:37
Romsteryou figure it out.13:38
*** deus_ex has joined #crux13:46
*** phant0mas has quit IRC13:46
*** phant0mas has joined #crux13:52
*** mhe has quit IRC13:55
*** phant0mas has quit IRC13:56
*** nrxtx has quit IRC14:06
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC14:10
Romsterfnords, portaudio is fixed. also note the rosmter.httpup file change the to to avoid any disappointments later on when i do not renew ster.so14:13
Romsterthat goes for anyone using romster.httpup as well.14:13
Romsterit has a year on it now but after that i'm just keeping ster.zone14:13
Romsterportdb has already been updated if you need confirmation14:14
*** phant0mas has joined #crux14:25
*** xeirrr has quit IRC14:26
*** xeirrr has joined #crux14:26
fnordsRomster: thanks! :)14:44
Romsterno problem.14:53
*** mechaniputer has quit IRC14:53
Romsteri'm sure you'll let me know if anything else is broken there.14:55
fnordsi'm assuming you would like to know14:58
fnordswill change the httpup now14:59
Romsteri would, i've let stuff get somewhat stale.14:59
Romsterbut i'm in the process of getting a testing framework in place.14:59
Romsternow i'm enjoying docker and learning that. and removing my chroots. so i can spi up a image test my ports discard repeat.15:00
Romsterits whos guess who gets the continuous integration done first or if we all combine on one method.15:01
fnordsi guess i should also mention that prologic should update java-rxtx15:11
fnordslooks like source has been moved to
*** seoneal97 has joined #crux15:31
seoneal97Hello. I just installed Crux 3.1, and I can't modprobe i915 (Module not found). I have the driver package installed. Any idea why this might be happening?15:32
koridriver package?15:33
jaegerthe i915 module is part of the kernel, you'll need to make sure it's enabled in your kernel config15:33
jaegeryou need both the kernel module and the xorg driver for full support15:33
seoneal97Darn. Thought I did, but maybe I missed it. I'll give it a check. :)15:34
seoneal97Been up all night.15:34
seoneal97Yeah. That's it. Erm.. pardon me.15:35
jaegereasy thing to miss. fortunately easy to fix :)15:36
*** lnds has joined #crux15:37
*** xeirrr has quit IRC15:38
*** seoneal97 has quit IRC15:42
*** nrxtx has joined #crux15:44
*** c0x has quit IRC15:51
*** seoneal97 has joined #crux16:06
seoneal97Yep. The drivers tend to be there when they're there. :P Crux on my new laptop. Yippee.16:06
seoneal97Just like the secondary display tends to work when it's plugged in. :\  Mind's leaving me16:11
*** c0x has joined #crux16:29
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux17:02
*** mechaniputer has joined #crux17:22
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC17:25
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux17:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libreoffice: 4.2.6 -> 4.2.717:38
diversehey teK_, what about the missing mismatches I got in gimp?18:05
*** shevy has joined #crux18:08
*** kori has quit IRC18:19
*** shevy has left #crux ("I'll be back ... maybe")18:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gimp: trim .footprint18:29
*** pidsley has joined #crux18:34
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux18:44
*** syncn has joined #crux18:45
leo-unglaubgood evening :)18:50
diverseteK_: thanks. I wasn't sure if you wanted gimp to have extra dependencies or not.18:54
diverseleo-unglaub: morning18:54
leo-unglaubhey diverse18:54
leo-unglaubnot morning, it's 8 oclock in the evening *g*18:55
diverseleo-unglaub: from here18:55
leo-unglaubhehe :)18:55
diverseleo-unglaub: if you haven't noticed, everyone here likes to greet based on the time where they are located18:56
diversesort of like an unwritten rule18:57
leo-unglaubhmm, you are right *g*18:57
leo-unglaublet me look up what time it is in World or Warcraft currently *g*18:57
*** jdolan has quit IRC18:58
leo-unglaubfrinnst: did you have time to check the Firefox build?19:00
teK_use the gug greeting..19:00
diverseI guess in German, I would say, guten morgen19:00
diverseteK_: gug?19:00
leo-unglaubdiverse: yes, guten morgen is good19:02
leo-unglaubbut in bavaria and vienna you normally just say "servus"19:02
diverseteK_: why utc?19:03
diverseleo-unglaub: does that word have any contention to "serve"? Been wondering.19:06
leo-unglaubnope, it's just more custom in some regions19:06
leo-unglaubnormally it indicates people with lesser education ... like all people in Vienna for instance19:07
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diversewell not lesser education, but just a casual way?19:07
leo-unglaubdiverse: it's normally used in dialects19:08
diverseyay for dialects...19:09
leo-unglaubhmm, my firefox build fails even with 16 GB ram ... WTF19:11
diversewhat's the error?19:11
leo-unglaubout of memory19:12
leo-unglaubsomething here is leaking memory19:12
diverseperhaps clear out your virtual memory19:12
diversewhat does htop say?19:13
diverseleo-unglaub: are you build firefox-pgo?19:14
leo-unglaubthe strange thing is that htop and free report completely different informations about the memory usage19:15
leo-unglaubwhat is firefox-pgo?19:16
tilmanprofile guided optimization, presumably19:17
diversea different firefox package with special optimizations, which requires a HUGE amount of memory to build19:17
diversewhat tilman said19:17
_root_leo-unglaub: it builds firefox twice; the second time for a bit of optimization19:17
_root_leo-unglaub: use the romster already build package or use Icecat19:18
leo-unglaubah, that one ... no, i do not build it twice for optimisations ... the package worked fine for weeks, just with the latest version i have problems19:18
_root_leo-unglaub: ports -u && prt-get sysup && prt-get depinst firefox19:21
_root_it might help19:21
_root_also put your build directory on HDD and use pip19:22
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koriI've learnt my lesson19:31
seoneal97A lesson has been learned?19:32
koridisregarding prt-get is a BAD idea19:32
diversekori: unless you like to manually dealing with packages yourself with pkgutils19:35
koridiverse: I've been doing that19:36
korinow I have a semi-broken system19:36
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