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rmullleo-unglaub: My firefox was failing to build once because my work dir was not located on a partition with enough space01:37
rmullI thought it was RAM because the linker was dying but it was disk01:37
rmulljust doublecheck that01:37
leo-unglaubrmull: i tryed it located on my hdd with 2 TB space left and in a ramfs with 16 GB01:37
leo-unglaubboth ran out of memory01:38
leo-unglaubi think something else is wrong with that firefox build01:38
leo-unglaubmaybe the NSA injected some broken backdoort *g*01:38
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_root_what is docker . could you tell me by an example?02:54
_root_rmull: HI02:55
rmull_root_: hello03:09
RobinStamer_root_: it's a deployment assisting program.  Let's you pack stuff up in such a way that it should run without needing specific Linux stuff.  IE: you make a webserver image that runs on Debian, Slackware, Arch, LFS so long as they each have Docker it should work.03:20
RobinStamerAFAIUI though.03:22
_root_RobinStamer: So I created my niginx here and my whole static site. with database and all. pack it with docker and go and deploy it on an archs server?03:22
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RobinStamerI think so yeah.03:26
prologic_root_, Docker is a little more than that IHMO03:38
prologicIt's an entire ecosystem of tools to help build reliable, repeatable software/services03:38
prologicBut in general RobinStamer's example is a good simplification :)03:38
prologicThings that Docker are nice for in terms of CRUX (as another example) is testing ports in isolation from your host. e.g: say ~/ports/foo is a new port you're testing. cd ~/ports/foo && docker run -i -t -v $(pwd):/usr/ports/test crux /bin/bash -c "cd /usr/ports/test && pkgmk -d"03:40
prologiccontrived example (I just typed it out now) but I _do_ this myself for testing ports normally -- especially helps to find missing dependencies you may have forgotten in your Pkgfile03:40
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xeirrrHi, my / is used 92% now. Is it dangerous?07:12
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seoneal97'Ello, all.07:48
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prologicxetver: no08:52
prologicbut if you run out of space completely thngs will start to fail08:53
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seoneal97Hmm. So when I use sudo, /etc/profile isn't sourced. Makes me feel like a pommegranate.11:10
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prologicUse: sudo -i <command>11:21
prologicThis will source /etc/profile11:21
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seoneal97Thank you.11:31
seoneal97Wasn't to worried about it, but I appreciate it. :D11:31
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frinnstso yeah, its almost 13:00 and the streetlights are lit.11:54
frinnstfuck me thats depressing11:54
Romstermaybe you need your cave again.11:57
Romsterthen you never know that.11:57
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joacimfrinnst: how far north do you live?12:50
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frinnstnot that far, southern sweden. Just in line with the northern tip of ´┐Żland13:01
frinnstfucking clouds, man13:02
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joacimstill no streetlights here in trondheim13:05
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diverseit seems like my psu is starting to fail, do you guys have any recommended brands?13:47
jaegerdiverse: SeaSonic would be my recommendation13:49
jaegersuperflower is another decent choice (such as the rosewill capstone series)13:54
jaeger,2913-4.html <-- a giant list if you want to check who actually makes a PSU13:58
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xeirrrjaeger: ^_^14:07
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jaegerxeirrr: is that in response to the PSU comments or something else?14:09
xeirrrjaeger: yes, PSU comment. The first time I see SeaSonic.14:11
rmullPC Power and Cooling used to be widely recommended14:12
rmullHaven't shopped in a few yeras though14:13
jaegerrmull: they're harder to trust now that OCZ owns them14:13
jaegerthey were the best back in the day (because they were seasonic under the hood :D)14:13
jaegerSome of them are still seasonic but the OCZ brand over them makes me wary14:14
rmullah, interesting, good to know14:14
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rmullhow about fortron source?14:14
jaegeraka FSP group?14:15
jaegerI've heard those are decent. No experience with them personally.14:15
joacimI have a 350W from them14:15
rmullI too have a small one, ~300W I think14:15
joacimused to be recommended back when prescott was a thing14:15
rmullI have a 17HDD simultaneous spin-up fileserver with a silverstone PSU in it because it has a bunch of amps on the 12V rail - haven't had any issues after years of service14:17
jaegersilverstone has a good track record14:17
joacimI'd go and look at reviews. any decent review should tell you if the voltage and ripple values are within specs, and if it can handle being pushed to and sometimes beyond 100% load14:17
jaegerFSP is one of the OEMs that silverstone uses14:18
jaegerdepends on which PSU it is, though14:18
joaciminterested in the sfx units from silverstone14:18
jaegerprobably FSP or Enhance14:19
joacimgetting harder to find units straight from seasonic and fsp here. stores here mostly sell rebranded units14:21
jaegerI just ordered parts for my small steam/htpc machine and got another seasonic. Fortunately easy to get here14:23
diversewell unfortunately the psu I have that is starting to fail, is a Seasonic one, but I guess I got a badly manufactured one? How long is their warranty?14:28
joacimnone of my units are on that list from tomshardware14:28
joacimcorsair rm550 and cm v450s14:28
jaegerdiverse: how old is it?14:29
diverseI bought it I think a year and a half ago?14:29
jaegerstill under warranty, maybe?14:29
jaegerstatistically speaking, every manufacturer will have some that fail14:30
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joacimI've been pretty lucky. never had a hdd fail on me. just one that had a few bad sectors (one file unrecoverable). and i had one cheap low grade power supply die after 8 years.14:31
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jaeger8 years is a long time for a cheap PSU14:32
joacimI have lots of stuff from around 2006 with bulging caps tho14:32
joacimthat power supply was bought in 200614:32
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jaegerThe PSU is the one part that I'd be really really careful with since it can potentially take down your other parts14:33
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jaegerUnlikely but possible14:33
EmoSpiceNot horribly unlikely. I've had it happen twice :/14:34
jaegerdiverse: did you end up building that workbench style machine14:35
EmoSpiceHaven't seen the entire conversation, but I JUST bought one, and I'm rather fond of this guy:14:35
EmoSpice(I apologize >_<)14:35
jaegerEmoSpice: I've read (not experienced it myself) that the CX series uses rather cheap parts. I remember seeing someone in a forum say that they had one actually explode in a test machine14:36
jaegeraccording to the big PSU list the CX series uses Channel Well as the OEM14:36
EmoSpiceThe PC I have it in is ~5 years old at this point, so I'm not worried about failure (I just wanted to play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel)14:36
EmoSpicebut exploding would be...unfortunate14:37
jaegerI doubt that happens often :D Just an extreme case14:37
jaegerI've only seen it mentioned once14:37
joacimdoes the manufacturer matter that much?14:37
joacimwould seasonic make a bad low grade power supply if you ordered one?14:37
EmoSpiceEither way - it's a step up from the 10yo DELL OEM one I was using prior...14:37
joacimi hear dell can be scary. some of their pcs doesn't use the standard pinout for the motherboard plug14:38
jaegerjoacim: I can't say from personal experience, I've had very few PSUs fail. I HAVE had far fewer weird issues like power blips or bluescreens with a good PSU14:38
diversejaeger: yeah, I got highspeed tech bench station all set up. It took a bit of work and effort to build the tech bench.14:38
joacimI've had one gutless wonder die on me, but that was to be expected14:39
EmoSpicejoacim: Yes. This one happened to be useful. I have seen ones that weren't standard at all tho14:39
jaegerdiverse: got a picture of it?14:39
diversenot atm14:39
diversealrighty, I got a good pic of it, now time to imgur it14:44
diversetotally happy with it14:51
joacimheh. is that fan there to keep the ssd cool?14:52
diverseactually 2 of them14:53
joacimi just shove mine on top of the dvd burner14:53
joacimthe one place in my computer that has no airflow14:53
diverseactually I'm still surprised how hot my SSDs get sometimes, so I just lay a 140mm fan on it.14:54
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diverseSo yeah, I need to replace my seasonic soon. I came back to my computer an hour ago and I got a bios screen say my asus board protect me from a power surge cause my by psu failing, so, time I replace it.14:59
diversejaeger: so what do you think of the tech bench?15:00
jaegerlooks fine to me. It's a neat concept if you need that sort of thing15:01
diverseI like how easy it is to swap out stuff and put a system together with ease without much fuss.15:03
diverseand it's minimalistic, no gimmicks.15:03
diversethe only time I would want a case is if I don't plan to swap out stuff, so I might as well get a microatx board in a microatx case, which is a pain to move around in like any case.15:06
diversejaeger: alright, so I bought my seasonic 1 year and 2 months ago15:07
jaegerYeah, makes sense if you move things often15:07
diverse5 year warranty15:10
jaegerthere you go :)15:10
joacimwant a test bench for my old computers. i swap out parts often in those15:10
joacimjust wish i could. some of my older computers can kill my wifi when i take the side panel off :p15:11
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leo-unglaubhey :)15:22
diverse"All returns should be packaged in its original or similar box and packaging materials." Seriously, who keeps the original manufacturer box? This is bs.15:22
joacimI do15:22
diversejoacim: yeah, but after how long?15:23
joacimuntil i run out of room15:24
joacimyears :p15:24
joacimi throw out the boxes for cases and such, unless i find something to keep in them15:24
joacimI like to keep the smaller ones from power supplies and motherboards15:25
diversebut really, all they should care is if the serial sticker is still on the psu and that the psu hasn't been tampered with.15:27
joacimi'm sure you can find a "similar box"15:27
joacimany cardboard box and fill it with packing peanuts15:28
diverseyeah, all the amazon boxes I still have15:28
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leo-unglaubi am close to fixing the GPU problem on my office pc15:57
leo-unglaubX is now running if i try it as root15:58
leo-unglaubas normal user it still fails ..15:58
leo-unglaubThe XKEYBOARD keymap compiler (xkbcomp) reports:15:59
leo-unglaubCannot open /tmp/server-0.xkm to write keyboard description15:59
leo-unglaubdoes anyone know this problem?15:59
EmoSpiceleo-unglaub: What are the mount options for /tmp?16:00
leo-unglaubtmpfs defaults 0 016:01
EmoSpicecan your user write to /tmp?16:01
leo-unglaubthere is also enought space available16:02
EmoSpiceI assumed, since root can start X16:02
leo-unglaubyes, i asumed the same ... but i double checked16:02
jaegerwhat are the permissions on /tmp? should be 1777 usually16:02
leo-unglaubmaybe a good old reboot will help16:02
leo-unglaubjaeger: drwxrwxrwt16:03
jaegerok, that should be fine16:04
leo-unglaubi will try a reboot16:06
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leo-unglaubmaybe some lib in there needs a reboot16:06
seoneal97I'd like to compliment Crux on being so effectively Cruxy (and thanks to all the guys with the repos. Waiting for a package I need to not be there so I can try making one).16:07
diversejaeger: is "FirePower" a OCZ brand?16:08
diverseseoneal97: yeah if a port isn't there, package it yourself. You don't need to worry about it.16:09
jaegerdiverse: never heard of that one. Is it in that big list?16:09
jaegerseoneal97: glad you like it :)16:10
diversejaeger: no, just one of the many PSUs on amazon16:10
diverseRosewill appears to have crappy RMA16:13
jaegerah, formerly PCP&P, now OCZ. Avoid16:15
jaegerhow much hardware are you needing to power?16:16
diversenot much atm16:17
jaegerthat firepower PSU seems really expensive, also, for what that's worth16:17
jaeger <-- this is what I have in my main box for comparison16:18
diversetrue. What I'm trying to do is narrow down brands. I wasn't thinking of buying it. There is too many brands out there.16:18
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jaegerYeah, there are way too many16:19
diversewell choice is good, but what I meant was, that I heard other brands just rebrand other brands.16:19
jaegerThat's why I linked you that ginormous list16:20
jaegerIt tells you which OEM the brand uses16:20
jaegerObviously it doesn't have every single one listed but it has a lot of them16:20
diversecan you give me that link again, I lost it in the buffered (because I accidentally logged out)16:20
jaegerfor example, the Antec Earthwatts EA-500 is a SeaSonic PSU16:23
diverselooks like Corsair uses Seasonic PSUs too16:23
jaegersome of them, yes16:24
diverseSo I'm just better off buying from Seasonic, unless I like their RMA better?16:26
jaegerYou should get the same quality of hardware if the guts are the same, so yeah, it boils down to if you have a preferred company or whatever16:27
seoneal97Anyone have an FX cpu? Thinking about getting a 6300 and overclocking it, but haven't AMDd in forever.16:38
jaegerI haven't bought an AMD processor in many years, doesn't make sense for my usage16:42
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seoneal97Ah. Yeah. I'd like a Haswell-E at some point in the near future, but right now it's a cash thing.16:44
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diverseThe idea "80 PLUS" standard would be Gold or Platinum these days right?17:15
mechaniputerI've got an 8350.17:21
mechaniputerI'm very happy with it.17:21
mechaniputerI feel no need to overclock it, but apparently it can get close to 5 ghz without too much fuss.17:22
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seoneal97Has Crux ever had a forum?20:31
tilmandon't remember one that took off. i seem to remember that this idea gets brought up every couple of years ;)20:34
seoneal97That's too bad. Would be nice if there were enough users. Installed Frugalware not too long ago. It technically has a forum, but it might as well not be there.20:40
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rmullAnybody tried the tox messaging platform?23:30
diverseI haven't heard about it at all, but it sounds interesting23:38
diverseDoes it use tor for security?23:39
joacimheard about it, but i haven't played with it yet23:41
joacimnobody to talk to :p23:41
diverseI got a friend i can try this with.23:43
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