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xeirrrmorning from china :)01:10
Romsterwatched wild china documentary last night on tv.01:30
xeirrrHow do you feel, man?01:31
Romsterlousy, but i'd rather not rant on about it.01:32
Romsterlets just say i'm fine.01:32
Romsterbad luck must come in 3's01:32
Romsteras far as computer stuff, everything is great.01:33
xeirrrWhat time is it now?01:34
xeirrrmine is 9:35 AM01:35
leo-unglaub2:35 at night01:35
Romsterafter noon 12:35pm01:35
Romsterhey leo-unglaub01:36
leo-unglaubhey Romster01:36
xeirrrHmm, if later I ask question, I should find a good time to go.01:39
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pidsleyhey leo01:43
leo-unglaubhey pidsley01:43
pidsleysorry about the dog thing; it was a joke01:45
leo-unglaubdog joke?01:45
pidsleyi named my dog after you01:45
joacimthe dog doesn't joke around01:45
pidsleygood you forgot01:45
pidsleydog takes everything seriously01:46
pidsley"you named me after some guy on the internet?"01:46
leo-unglaubgood to know01:46
pidsleyi tell him he is luck i didn't name him unglaub01:47
leo-unglaubokay, i am not getting it ... but okay01:47
pidsleyi have busybox init working quite well on CRUX01:48
pidsleychange the subject01:49
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pidsleyoh crap01:49
pidsleynow i really get trolled01:49
Romsterxeirrr, i'm on at all sorts of times and we have so many time zones in here.01:51
leo-unglaubRomster: please can up update tor to0.2.4.2501:54
leo-unglaubminor changes in it01:54
leo-unglaubthanks :)01:55
Romsteri need to start tracking stuff again.01:56
leo-unglaubhehe, thank god all software that i maintain has an rss feed01:57
leo-unglaubotherwize i would go nuts maintaining it01:57
xeirrrRomster: Ywah. But All of you guy01:57
xeirrrRomster: all of you guys seems to keep silent at the same time01:58
Romsterlets jsut say some question if i sleep lol.01:58
pidsleysome questions answer themselves01:58
Romsteryeah there the lot from netherlands or something01:58
Romsterpeople here mostly work and have real life stuff too.01:59
Romsterthis is a hobby01:59
leo-unglaubRomster: i think > 413 packages in your ports tree does not qualify as a hobby anymore *g*02:00
leo-unglaubthats a full time job *g*02:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: tor: ->
joacimck4up is nice, but tracking stuff on sf is a pain in the ass02:00
joacimsf is a pain for everything tho02:01
Romsteri used ot use ck4up until i went wanting to reinvent the wheel02:01
xeirrrI hate jet lag02:01
xeirrrWhen I am working, you guys go to sleep...02:02
diverseSome of us are night owls fyi02:03
leo-unglaubxeirrr: well, look at the good site ... you can work without getting interrupted by us *g*02:03
pidsleythis distro has a most active and helpful irc02:05
pidsleydoesn't need a forum02:05
diverseI don't like forums tbh02:07
xeirrrleo, I am not show that, I mean I want to talk with you guys, but jet lag is a big issue for us.02:07
Worksterwe have a mailing list thats active02:10
Worksterothers tried a unofficial crux forum it failed02:10
pidsleylack of interest?02:19
xeirrrcrux for ppc02:19
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mechaniputerI'm getting a footprint mismatch when building libva.03:02
rmullmechaniputer: got a paste?03:03
mechaniputerShould I just paste it in here? It's 9 lines.03:06
mechaniputerNVM, this works.
rmullmechaniputer: I don't think that's harmful - just some additional stuff created because it detected egl-related stuff on your system during build, I presume03:12
mechaniputerIt happens on multiple machines of mine.03:12
rmullRomster: Maybe you want to confirm03:12
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mechaniputerDoes anyone else see a similar footprint mismatch when building libva, or is it just something strange with my machines/setup?03:47
xeirrrNormally, if footprint mismatch, I'd like to remove .footprint03:50
rmullxeirrr: Why not just push it through with pkgadd?03:53
mechaniputeralternatively pkgmk -uf03:54
xeirrrrmull:that's another solution :)03:55
mechaniputerBut I'm now seeing it on a third machine, with a mostly clean install.03:55
xeirrrmechaniputer: so you have 2 machines running crux? Lol03:59
leo-unglaubhmm, is it normal that Crux does not have a "power" group?04:01
leo-unglaubwhats the name of the group that allows users to execute the shutdown command?04:02
leo-unglaubnormally its power04:02
rmullleo-unglaub: You can add it yourself04:04
mechaniputerxeirrr, I run crux on both of my desktops, and access to a shared lab space where one of our old machines also runs crux.04:05
leo-unglaubrmull: is the name important or the id of the group?04:06
rmullname:id mappings can be found in /etc/group - I think the id is what really matters underneath the hood04:06
rmullbut I'm not certain04:07
rmullI shut down my machines with sudo04:07
leo-unglaubyes, i currently also do it with su and co .... but i would love to use the xfce4 buttons as well04:07
leo-unglauband for that to work under debian i had to be in the power group04:08
rmullThat's a debian-provided solution, not a general one04:10
rmullYou could certainly duplicate their approach though04:10
leo-unglaubhmm, no, arch and fedora have that as well04:10
rmullMaybe they do, but it doesn't really matter04:10
rmullAlthough you could bring it up with whoever packaged xfce04:11
rmullMaybe they'd be willing to evaluate it04:12
leo-unglaubi am currently reading the xfce code to see how they handle it04:12
xeirrrleo, maybe consolekit?04:19
leo-unglaubthey support two methods, sudo and hal/dbus04:20
leo-unglaubi am personally not a dbus fan04:20
leo-unglaubso i am going to use the sudo way04:20
leo-unglaubthey provide a xfsm-shutdown-helper executable04:20
leo-unglaubthat should be alowed to all users04:20
leo-unglaubusers ALL = NOPASSWD:<prefix>/libexec/xfsm-shutdown-helper04:20
prologicALL: ALL04:21
prologictcpwrappers is useless at best04:21
leo-unglaubwell, i have to go to sleep now ... i have to be in the office in 4 hours04:22
leo-unglaubsee you later guys04:22
xeirrrhave a good sleep :)04:22
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mechaniputerI expect that anyone else building libva will see the same footprint mismatch that I did.04:43
mechaniputerdarfo, oops?04:59
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Romsterxeirrr mechaniputer just set PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in /etc/pkgmk.conf08:25
Romsteri probably had a lib missing in my chroot when i rebuilt libva or it was after the revert from wayland.08:26
Romsteri'm aware of it but is harmless08:26
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xeirrrRomster: thank you09:52
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frinnst <- looks very interesting10:34
frinnstanybody tried it out?10:34
xeirrrfrinnst: That's nice. But I am going to have it a try11:16
darfomechniputer: oops for the 'j'11:33
darfodidn't mean to put that on the channel11:33
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_root_hello back12:04
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_root_BitPuffin; hello12:32
_root_what's up12:33
BitPuffinhey _root_, not much, ordering a super cheap quad copter from china12:35
xeirrrBitPuffin: How much bucks?12:49
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BitPuffinxetver: £12.51, $19.5012:53
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_root_BitPuffin where are you. i am trying to find one xiaomi phone. is it in there too?12:55
BitPuffin_root_: london, my friend ordered a xiaomi mi3 from there12:56
_root_BitPuffin I was looking in alibaba. the tax was abit high12:56
xeirrrBitPuffin: it's so small12:56
_root_I am in troy12:57
_root_BitPuffin your Cx-10; yes very small. what does it do beside flying and coming in different colors12:57
xeirrr_root_: xiaomi is not a good choice12:57
_root_xeirrr why?12:58
_root_xeirrr It does what Samsung does and a lot cheaper12:59
xeirrr_root_: I see many reviews from people around me, not so good.12:59
xeirrr_root_: Why not buy a Samsung or Sony device?13:00
xeirrr_root_: it's cheap too13:00
BitPuffin_root_: that's what it does, it's badass when it's so tiny though13:02
BitPuffinbut we are planning to make a game with it13:02
BitPuffinso we'll put balloons on them and needles13:02
BitPuffinso we'll use that to have them attack each other :)13:02
BitPuffinmy friend likes his xiaomi at least13:04
xeirrrWhile people around me are looking for new phones, they star at Samsung, because big screen is so good to do their stuff...13:08
joacimI I can't stand my 5" phone. a smaller one would be nice.13:10
xeirrrI am still using Nexus S , bought in 201113:13
BitPuffinI would avoid samsung just because I dislike them13:19
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leo-unglaubhey :)15:16
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syncnhello. while attempting to run a program im getting an error '' no such file. a 'find / -name 'libusb*' shows both /{lib/,/usr/lib/}/ these are syms to im confused as to why this wont work, does someone have any pointers?16:15
_root_syncn you should do 1)ports -u 2)prt-get sysup 3)reboot and then hope I was right. :)16:25
syncn_root_: ill check it out- thanks16:25
_root_set timestamp on16:26
syncn_root_: so those are update commands16:28
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frinnstsyncn: rebuild the program that failed (or it might be a library the program uses that calls for a non-existent file)20:58
frinnstin that case, rebuld that library20:58
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Romstersyncn, prt-get update -fr `revdep`21:56
Romsterrevdep is in prt-utils21:56
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