IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2014-11-20

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nbinoHi, xeirrr night ;)02:04
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diverseprologic: can you tell me how this loop works or how you would do it in python?;a=blob;;h=1bbb83d518fd7e49f0c3655ca76d5e18b3e6121f;hb=HEAD#l27903:56
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diverseprologic: nevermind, I figured it out04:47
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koriI am making some font packages04:54
koriwell, ports in general04:54
koriI meant ports there, by the way ^^04:54
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diversekori: which fonts?04:56
korikochi, baekmuk, wenquanyi zen hei, open sans, IPA04:56
korisome others04:56
korithere's a port for kochi by romster but it's old04:57
korialso, do I need to use the xorg-font- naming scheme?04:57
koriI'm using ttf-kochi, ttf-baekmuk, ttf-zenhei04:57
koriI find that neater04:57
diverseyou can bug Romster to update kochi for you. He can't always maintain his >400 port collection, so be sure to mention to him one of his ports is outdated.04:59
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koridiverse: well, my port for kochi is ready and I think it's better anyway :P04:59
diversefair enough04:59
diverseas for naming, do whatever you want04:59
koriI have a github repo with my ports but I need to set httpup, apparently?05:00
diverseyeah or rsync05:00
korihere's it, by the way05:01
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diversegeez, that pal_bth dude needs to fix his network issue05:01
koriI'm putting some work into these, hrmmm05:03
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diverseyou do that, I'll go back to programming05:05
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diversekori: thanks, actually, using rust is quite the enjoyment ;)05:08
koriI have the same feeling towards go :P05:09
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R004Hello you guys05:27
R004What's up?05:27
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R004I am working with docker. It is pretty cool05:28
koriR004: not much, creating some clean ports for fonts05:28
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diverseyou could probably learn more about docker from prologic05:30
R004kori, nice. Create a port for font pack containing GungsheChe font to please. It works well with terminal05:30
koriR004: is that a korean font?05:31
R004Lori, seems like it, but it shows English too.05:31
R004Sorry Lori05:32
koriR004: I created a port for my favorite korean font, it's called baekmuk05:32
R004Looks my keyboard autocorrect by itself05:32
R004diverse I would love to but he is not around much05:33
R004kori, does that baekmuk contains the font I am looking for05:34
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diverseR004: you should stay around, so prologic can at least chat with you while you are idle05:38
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nbinocan I have "tabs" in lynx ? if yes how ?05:45
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diversekori: cool05:47
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diversekori: btw, are you uploading that for the first time?05:48
koridiverse: ah, nope05:48
korithe Pkgfile?05:48
diversethe port05:48
koriyes, ttf-baekmuk is being uploaded for the first time05:49
diverseI noticed the "release=8" part05:49
diverseit should say 1 then05:49
koriah, whoops.05:49
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diverseit didn't make sense to me in that case if others haven't used your ports at all05:52
koriI was working on that locally and was testing the port, forgot to change the number back05:52
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diversekori: I think you could have just used pkgmk -f or prt-get update -fr <port>, instead of having to change the release number ;)05:55
koridiverse: eh, I was testing for different ways of doing it and what would be the best05:56
koriI could have used pkgmk -f but then I'd have to do extra work05:57
diversedo what works for you05:57
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koriI wonder05:58
korican I set the version based on the current day?05:59
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korilike, version=$(date +%d%m%Y)06:01
koriI can06:02
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diversehmm, what does this if statement do?;a=blob;;h=1bbb83d518fd7e49f0c3655ca76d5e18b3e6121f;hb=HEAD#l29606:10
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diversehey tilman06:16
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korijust finished this06:29
korithis is going to please some people and piss off others06:29
diversewhy would it piss them off?06:31
koridiverse: not sure but that's a catch all statement06:32
koriI really shouldn't be creating packages at 03:3106:32
diversethat's not going to stop you anyway06:34
koriof course not06:34
koriI have started, might as well finish06:34
diverseno one is forcing you -_-06:35
koridiverse: I could say I'm forcing myself06:36
koriit's not like I have anything better to do06:36
diversethat will do it06:36
diverseyou sound very energetic06:37
koriI'm a bit tired06:37
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korinot so much cuz I slept for like 5 hours during the afternoon06:38
koribut still06:38
koriI like making clean ports06:38
korieven though I'm relatively new to this06:38
koris/relatively //06:38
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diversealrighty, completed yet another c++ challenge06:40
diverseit's funny, this porting is making me learn c++06:40
korithe fonts in this package are named after their md5sums...06:40
koriDXI1ORHCpsQm3Vp6mXoaTYnF5uFdDttMLvmWuJdhhgs.ttf, EInbV5DfGHOiMmvb1Xr-honF5uFdDttMLvmWuJdhhgs.ttf06:41
diversethen change them06:42
diversewhile porting it has also made me appreciate Rust iterators over C++ iterators, because it's designed better06:43
diverseand much easier to use06:43
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xeirrrThe name looks terrible.06:43
korixeirrr: what name?06:44
diversexeirrr: it's a checksum name06:44
koriof course the package would be open sans06:46
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diversecould someone politely kick pal_bth?06:46
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koripal_bth: sup with your connection?06:49
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Romsterkori, your path is wrong in ttf-kochi07:24
Romsterits not $PKG/usr/fonts/X11/TTF/07:24
Romsterit is $PKG/usr/share/fonts/X11/TTF/07:24
koriRomster: I did the same for baekmuk :<07:26
Romsterand i just fixed mine07:26
Romsterinstall -d $PKG/usr/share/fonts/X11/TTF/07:26
Romsterinstall -m 0644 -t $PKG/usr/share/fonts/X11/TTF/ \07:26
Romsterkochi-gothic-subst.ttf kochi-mincho-subst.ttf07:26
Romster2 lines07:27
koriRomster: well yeah but in my ports the fonts are organized in the filesystem, not exactly by filename07:28
Romsterah i need fto fix my post-install path too.07:28
Romsterthe other dependencies yo don't have are for the post-install script07:29
koriI don't have a post-install script, hrm07:29
koriI see07:30
koriRomster: here's what I mean:
Romsterthe other dependencies are to prt-get fsearch mkfontdir, mkfontscale and fc-cache07:31
Romsteri test everything in clean containers/chroots07:31
Romsteryou can do what you like but there just what i do.07:32
koriprobably for the best07:33
Romstercoffee then i got stuff to work on07:40
Romsterbut anyways feel free to point out any issues07:41
koriRomster: issues in your ports?07:42
Romsteror in anything in compat-32 and xorg and any of the ones i maintain07:43
koriah, I see07:44
Romsteryeah that's a lot of ports.07:45
koridiverse said it was 400+?07:45
Romsterpretty much when you count my romster and contrib ports combined07:46
diverseiirc, last time I saw it, it was 413, but check crux.nu07:46
koriabout to check httpup07:47
koriabout to SET UP httpup.07:47
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koriRomster: how exactly do you guys want the Root URL format?08:00
korias in, drop in into a httpup file?08:01
Romsterlook at how the others do it on github08:01
Romsterfollow the same format but use your paths08:01
korithey link the URL08:02
koriI did it for my httpup file and it worked08:02
Romsteryeah you have todo the same08:02
Romsterdon't think it works any other way08:02
koriwell, now I'm going to sleep because I'm tired as hell08:13
korinight :D08:13
Romsterg;night kori08:16
Romsterah i keep forgetting i need to recompile virtualbox after each kernel update08:16
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xeirrrHi, is it possible to clean all the unneeded dependencies by prt-get?:)08:41
Romsterfindredundantdeps -s foo08:41
Romsteronly catch with that is, the repo path has to be in prt-get.conf08:42
xeirrrfindredundantdeps is a shell command? Not find this here08:44
Romsterprt-get fsearch findredundantdeps08:45
Romsterinstall the package08:45
xeirrrThanks. Romster. Its in prt-utils :)08:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: sqlite3: update to
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prologicAnyone else having issues with Xorg lately?09:01
prologicOr any hints as to why I’m seeing segfaults?09:01
prologicThis line: /usr/bin/startxfce4: X server already running on display :009:02
prologicis weird09:02
prologicsince there is no X already running09:02
diverseprologic: btw, can you help me with some pkgutils code?09:03
prologicI can if you help me get my desktop back up :)09:04
prologicX is refusing to start :(09:04
diversedo a killall X?09:04
diverseor check htop if there are any X processes09:05
diverseand kill those09:05
prologichold on wait wait wait :)09:06
prologicassume I know what I’m doing okay :)09:06
prologicthere is no X running09:06
diverseokay, then do a windows-style reboot? :P09:07
prologic$ pidof X | wc -l09:07
prologicthis is starting to get weird09:07
prologicbefore the office refit, all that happened was the desktop went offline for a while09:07
prologicso since X started not working and it seems to be segfaulting int eh log above09:08
prologicI did a prt-get sysup09:08
prologicand prt-get update $(prt-get quickdep xorg)09:08
diverseyou forgot the '-fr' there09:08
prologicfor reference this is the output of startx &> log09:10
prologicI did an fr :)09:10
diverseperhaps rebuild xfce too?09:11
diverseother than that, maybe a fresh reboot09:11
prologicI think I fixed it09:13
prologicbroken GLX09:13
prologicgl-select xorg && gl-select nvidia09:13
diversepft, haha09:13
prologicthat’s really f’n annoying as all hell09:13
prologichow that broke is beond me09:13
diverseI assumed you already did the gl-select dance ;)09:13
prologicyeah yeah of course09:13
prologicages ago when I firsted put the nvidia card in09:13
prologicand again when the OCZ SSD died09:14
prologicand I had to reinstall09:14
prologicbut the whole GLX side of things in Xorg seems really fragile :)09:14
prologicthe segfaults were not helping (leading me on a garden path)09:14
diversewell maybe you can look forward to Wayland when it becomes practical to use09:14
prologicdonkey kong09:15
prologicI"m back on my nice desktop :)09:15
diversealrighty, now you have to help me09:15
prologicsure can :)09:16
diversewhat does this if statement do specifically?;a=blob;;h=1bbb83d518fd7e49f0c3655ca76d5e18b3e6121f;hb=HEAD#l29609:16
diversedoes files.find(*i) == files.end() mean, if the file points to the end of the iterator?09:18
diverseprologic: ^09:20
prologicthat one has me confused too09:27
prologicI'd have to dig into it more, can't tell what that expression means just by reading tthe code :)09:27
diverseI see, yeah I don't know what comparing iterators do09:28
prologicI'm unsure what files.end() means09:30
prologicand why files.file(*i) == files.end()09:30
prologicsome weird C++ thing :)09:30
diverseI think .end() means it returns an iterator pointing at the last element09:30
diverseas noticed by the loops09:31
diverse"Returns an iterator referring to the past-the-end element in the set container."09:32
prologicand files.file(*i)?09:35
diverseprologic: Oh I see what it means now09:35
prologicchecks ti see if the file exists?09:35
prologicoh good :)09:35
prologicexplain it to me :)09:35
prologicI don't really do C++ :)09:35
diverse"Searches the container for an element equivalent to val and returns an iterator to it if found, otherwise it returns an iterator to set::end." In other words, if the value doesn't exist in the set, .find() will return just the end of the iterator. So the if statement is checking to see if the value doesn't exist in the set.09:37
diversegeez C++ is cryptic09:38
diversebasically all I need to do in Rust is: if path.exists() && fileset.contains(i)09:39
prologictell me about it09:40
prologicthat's utterly ridicoulous09:40
prologicif os.path.exists(filename) and filename not in some_list:09:40
prologicC++ is so unreadable09:40
diversewhere as in Rust and python it's self documenting09:41
diversegiven the expressibility09:41
prologicI personally strongly believe inr eadability09:43
prologicthat's why i don't code in C++ I guess09:43
diversewell keep in mind C++ is ancient and a standard that has been abused and beaten up without coherence09:44
prologicanyone know how the NVidie Settings app works?09:44
prologicAnd how the changes to your X/GFX/etc persist?09:45
prologicI just changed the contrast up to 0.200 from 0.00009:45
prologicwhich improves rendering quite a lot for me :)09:45
prologicyeah but C++ was also never desigend to be readable09:46
prologicit is not human friendly09:46
prologicif you write code in a language and yeasr laters cannot understand it09:46
prologicit's kind of useless09:46
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diverseprologic: also another problem with C++ was it's compatibility to C which tied it down too10:37
xeirrrdiverse: my friends from cs school always complain about that :p10:40
diversexeirrr: well it would be one of the reasons for it being cryptic10:41
diversehaving to design a language ontop of an existing language means you have to work with said languages limitations10:42
xeirrrdiverse: right.10:42
diverse*design limitations10:42
Romsterprologic, i always check glxinfo |grep direct10:42
Romsteror glxgears10:43
Romsterand if they fail then do the gl-select use dance10:43
diversexeirrr: where as other languages are compatible with C through FFI10:44
xeirrrdiverse: they say debugging c++ always spends their weekends....10:46
diverseheh, I wouldn't doubt that :)10:46
Romsteroh hey going though a very old notebook i find prologic's mobile number in here.10:46
Romstera paper notebook10:46
Romsterbird sounds11:14
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: btrfs-progs: update to 3.17.211:16
prologicRomster, yeah well11:19
prologicthere shouldn't have to be a bloody dance11:19
prologicit's stupid :)11:19
prologicit' just the whole segfaulting and other errors were throwing me off11:20
prologicanyhow g'night :)11:20
Romstereh its how it is11:22
prologicit could be better :)11:30
prologicat least the errors :)11:30
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xeirrrHi, my MPV cannot play mp3 or mp4 files only you are in root.13:39
xeirrrterminal info:shm_open() failed: permission denied13:40
openfbtdAre you in the audio group?13:41
xeirrrI have tmpfs enabled in kernel, udev should read it.13:42
xeirrropenfbtd: of course13:42
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xeirrrshould I uncomment #shm this line in fstab?13:50
openfbtdIs /dev/shm mounted?13:52
rmullxeirrr: I leave that line commented and I can play those files with mpv13:54
rmulldid you log out system-wide and back in after adding your user to the audio group?13:54
xeirrropenfbtd:According to my memory, no. now I am out with my gf,sorry.13:55
openfbtdI don't remember specifically, but something demanded a mounted /dev/shm in my systems13:55
openfbtdSo my rc mounts it13:56
openfbtdAh. It was jack.13:56
xeirrropenfbtd: I just have devpts uncommentted in fstab.13:56
openfbtdxeirrr, [16:54:24] < rmull> did you log out system-wide and back in after adding your user to the audio group?13:57
openfbtdThat is also a fair question13:57
xeirrrrmull: I am in audio group when I installed it13:57
xeirrrrmull: I mean add a user after I installed crux13:58
openfbtdWell, in any case, it seems that mpv demands access to /dev/shm13:58
openfbtdSo I'd start with mounting that as a tmpfs with 1777.13:59
xeirrrah, let me ask it first: do we use udev?13:59
openfbtdcrux uses eudev iirc13:59
frinnstudev wont mount stuff for you by default14:00
openfbtdudev doesn't mount such things at all, does it?14:00
frinnstso dont expect tmpfs to be mounted just because you have support for it in the kernel14:00
openfbtdIt's the init system's job14:00
frinnstwell you can write rules for udev to mount things14:00
openfbtdI would ask why14:01
openfbtdI'm tired of asking why :D14:01
jaeger /dev is an exception to that since the kernel can and should mount it for crux/eudev14:01
frinnstyou can trigger all sorts of stuff with udev14:01
openfbtdudev and systemd in general is just a constant source of wtf for me lately14:02
xeirrrOK. if I go back, I'll uncomment #shm line.14:02
xeirrrlet's stop talking systemd stuff, that's a holy war.14:03
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: python-32: added missing site-packages directory14:04
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*** hhhhhhhh_ has joined #crux14:33
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rmullI don't have anything mounted at /dev/shm17:02
rmullmy mpv works fine17:02
rmullI do have devpts in fstab, and devtmpfs mounted on /dev17:03
jaegermight need to strace it and see what it's actually trying to open/access17:07
*** tkln has quit IRC17:15
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korihey #crux17:19
*** henesy has joined #crux17:20
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC17:25
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux17:27
*** diverse has joined #crux17:31
diversehey kori17:40
diversealrighty, my replacement PSU arrived. \o/17:46
*** diverse has quit IRC17:46
*** jdolan has joined #crux17:48
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*** jdolan has joined #crux18:01
*** diverse has joined #crux18:04
diversekori: looks good18:13
koriI'm not sure if blogging about my ports here is ideal :P18:14
diverseno one cares really18:14
EmoSpicedmenu2? that really exists?18:14
koriEmoSpice: it does18:15
diverseis that a fork?18:15
EmoSpicekori: Your hosted ports tree looks an awful lot like mine :P18:15
koriI have custom versions of existing ports but I'm not sure if I should upload them18:16
EmoSpiceWhy not?18:16
korilike, patched versions of packages18:16
diversekori: it's up to you18:17
*** tkln has joined #crux18:19
koriheh, I like this "It's up to you" freedom CRUX gives me18:21
diverseit's like Burger King: "Have it your way"18:23
korimore like subway, only less shitty18:24
jaegerbut at subway you get to be a sandwich artist!18:24
diversecan't get anymore freedom than subway18:25
diversealrighty, time to update my code18:26
diverseEmoSpice: let me know how dmenu2 works out for you18:33
koridmenu2 is neat18:34
EmoSpicediverse: you'll be waiting a bit. I don't intend to change out my software stack for a while. :P18:34
*** henesy has quit IRC18:35
joacimdiverse: which power supply did you get?18:39
diverseEmoSpice: take your time18:39
diversejoacim: the same power supply I had before, because my old one was failing and to RMA it for a replacement18:40
diverse*had to RMA it18:40
jaegerregarding the PSU chat, found another good and well-priced seasonic one. Rosewill Capstone-M18:40
joacimoh. that was fast18:40
jaeger for example18:40
joacimI assumed it would take much longer18:40
diversejoacim: actually you wouldn't believe, but their RMA dept was basically 1 hour away on the freeway, really close. I shipped the bad one, it arrived to the RMA dept the next day, and when they shipped it out yesterday, I got it today. :)18:42
joacimeverything of mine usually get sent to the netherlands or something like that18:43
joacimhave to wait a long time before I get it back18:44
diverseerr jaeger, based on the reviews I read on amazon, Rosewell apparently has a really crappy customer service, I would avoid18:44
jaegerNo idea there, I've no experience with them. Just commenting based on the PSU OEM18:44
joacimI think I read somewhere that the cooler master vs series is made by seasonic18:46
jaegeryou could check that giant list I posted a few days ago18:46
diversethat list is mind-boggling...18:47
joacimneither of my two power supplies (rm-550 and v450s) were on the list18:47
diversejaeger: so, Seasonic didn't turn out to be as bad as I thought. I'm a happy Seasonic user. :)18:48
jaegerthe 550rm is "G series" unless you did mean rm-550 or are talking about something else entirely18:48
jaegerdiverse: :)18:48
joacimcorsair rm550 and coolermaster v450s18:48
joacimdon't think my rm550 is made by seasonic tho18:49
jaegerah, that's a corsair18:49
jaegerI was thinking you meant ssr-550rm but rm550 is actually a model18:50
joacimi don't feel too safe around my rm550. the fan never  turns on, not even when i run furmark and prime9518:50
diverse(heh, they must of based off their model from Seasonics)18:50
diversejoacim: you probably got a bad psu, rma it18:51
joacimthe fan isn't supposed to turn on at all until temperatures and power draw go above a specified limit18:51
joacimdiverse: it is a feature of the psu18:51
joacimthey put a sticker on it to stop people from freaking out18:52
joacimi still freak out a little tho18:52
diverseah, then don't worry about18:52
jaegerlike the fans on my GTX 970 never turning on until it's working REALLY hard :)18:52
jaegerneat feature18:52
joacimmy current power supplies are a lot cooler than my old 500W. that one was pretty hot.18:52
diverseMy gtx fans actually stop but sometimes move at random moments18:52
diverse*gtx 98018:53
*** nbino has joined #crux18:55
nbinoHi everyone, I'm new to crux, I'm at crux-ot, because my doubts are so noob that I think is not apropriate here :)18:59
joacimwe were just talking about power supplies. I don't think anyone cares if you go off-topic or ask a noob question here =)18:59
nbino:) thanks,19:00
nbinoI just discover that some "configs" go to /usr/etc,19:00
nbinoI was a debian user since 2006,19:01
nbinoAnd, for what I'm feeling, I have to "learn" a bit about everithing,19:01
joacimthere is a little bit about that in the handbook19:03
nbinojoacim: about power supplys, I have solar panels and I'm selling the energy to the grid19:04
nbinonice business since they pay me more than for what I buy19:05
diversethat's cool19:05
nbinoand for fat cats, they buy this wind things19:05
joacimI know a guy that has a cabin. the power company pays him because he has a stream running through his property19:06
joacimdon't think they pay him that much tho =)19:06
diversehow much did it cost to get those solar panels?19:07
nbinodiverse: was my father that take that business, but I know that will take 10 years to pay the investment.19:08
diverseah, what a nice inheritance19:08
nbinoat least, we pay less for the energy and money is not at bank19:08
diverseso did it get paid off?19:10
nbinoI think yes, over all is a nice investment.19:11
diversesounds like you are set for life then19:11
nbinodepends what the future reserv, we don't have battery, but there is other means of storing energy19:12
diversewell, why not sell that energy to the electric company and make money?19:13
nbinoYes, we are obey by law to sell the enery more expensive and then buy more shep19:13
nbinothis was made to big cats, but normal people can take advantage, now they are stoping with this deals :)19:14
*** henesy has joined #crux19:19
nbinotryng screen here... some times, panic :D19:24
nbinofirst day19:24
*** phant0mas has joined #crux19:44
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*** kori has joined #crux19:48
rmullnbino: Have you considered tmux instead?19:48
rmulltmux is generally considered superior for terminal management19:48
rmullbut they are pretty similar in their usage19:49
joacimthey're more or less the same in my experience19:50
joacimtmux is a little easier to configure tho19:50
rmulltmux is much smaller19:50
rmullin terms of footprint19:50
*** kori has quit IRC19:52
*** kori has joined #crux19:55
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nbinormull: well, I will give a try,20:07
*** phant0mas has quit IRC20:14
rmullAnybody ever use 'trickle' to limit the network usage of programs?20:14
rmullThe latest version doesn't build on my machine due to an issue with glibc's netinet/in.h20:17
rmullwget ""20:19
rmullThose are the sources20:19
*** phant0mas has joined #crux20:21
torisohello, what most crux users use for wifi?20:23
nbinotoriso: I think I don't count, just using wireless-tools e wpa_suplicant20:30
nbinoevery thing just work20:33
nbinosome times is strange :D20:33
nbinogo take a coffe, thank you crux and free software people!20:34
torisonbino, you count :) ty20:35
rmullI do the same as nbino fwiw20:35
rmullnothing fancy20:36
torisogood to know, ty rmull20:43
*** FSX has quit IRC20:51
*** nbino has quit IRC20:55
joacimWith VT-d, would I be able to run Windows 98/Me in a virtual machine and have access to PCI cards like a vortex 2 sound card or voodoo graphics card?21:08
jaegerpossibly. It depends heavily on your motherboard and processor21:08
joacimcpu supports VT-d21:09
jaegerin addition to having the VT-d support, you need to have PCI/PCI-e bridges that work properly, etc.21:09
joacimdon't know any more than that21:09
joacimmotherboard UEFI has VT-d enabled21:09
jaegerFor example, I can't do it on my ASRock H97m-Pro4 because it has a PCI-e quirk, even though it's *technically* supported21:09
jaegerI suggest doing some searches for vt-d with your specific motherboard model, see what luck others have had21:10
jaegerOr just try it :)21:10
*** mhe has joined #crux21:10
jaegerIf you're prepared to spend a lot of time putzing with it21:10
joacimGuess I could just try it out. Stick a random PCI sound card in there and see if it works the way I want it to21:12
jaegerworth a shot if you have the time21:15
*** phant0mas has quit IRC21:32
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*** jdolan has joined #crux21:58
diverseoh, now I realized why "root" field was used in, it was so that anyone that specifies a root directory with -r, would change roots22:07
*** Workster has joined #crux22:12
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*** Workster has joined #crux22:12
diversealright, I got this22:16
koriwho's in charge of
*** Thrasymachus has joined #crux22:17
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teK_sepen, iirc. What's up?22:42
teK_yes he is22:43
*** jdolan has joined #crux23:07
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*** xeirrr has joined #crux23:27
xeirrrOK, after I uncomment #shm line in fstab, I can use MPV as normal user.23:28
koriweird, I don't have shm mounted23:29
koriand I can use mpv fine23:29
diverseI don't use shm either and mpv works for me23:36
xeirrryou guys are lucky bustards.23:37
xeirrrbefore I uncomment that line, shm seems not mounted /dev/shm via df23:38
diverseI don't understand what shared memory has to do with getting mpv to work.23:39
diversemaybe your graphics drivers need them, I suppose23:41
*** Thrasymachus has quit IRC23:42
xeirrrI don't know, trying to Google around23:46
koricompile it with --disable-shm23:52
*** Digit has quit IRC23:55

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