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xeirrrdiverse:/dev/shm seems to use swap00:17
xeirrrdiverse: in this situation I don't have swap.00:18
leo-unglaubhey :)00:20
xeirrrif /dev/shm runs out of space, It will access to swap.00:20
xeirrrhey, leo00:20
xeirrrI think I found reason.00:22
diverse/dev/shm is basically tmpfs, so yeah if all of your memory in /dev/shm gets used, I would imagine it would look to swap00:26
diverseMy guess is because of what you use (e.g. gpu drivers), you have to use shared memory in order to display video00:28
xeirrrMine is AMD apu. :) yeah, it uses shared memory. So problem solved :) thank you, man.00:29
diversethat might be the case. I use nvidia but I don't need shm mounted, for example.00:31
diversedifferent drivers, with different quirks00:33
diversespeaking of graphics, leo-unglaub what was that replacement you got?00:35
leo-unglaubhehe, you dont want to know some old fucked gpu00:37
leo-unglaubi replaced the fan on my own and now it seams to work00:38
leo-unglaubat least for now *g*00:38
diverseso it was a turd in a box00:38
leo-unglaubbasicly yes *g*00:38
diverseso you're original gpu is working now?00:39
leo-unglaubi have some pixel errors, but thats ok00:39
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diverseleo-unglaub: btw, I'm going to need your help on an issue I'm having with ca-certificates, but I have to go soon unfortunately. Can you help me out later?00:41
leo-unglaubdiverse: hmm, later is a problem00:42
leo-unglaubits already 2 at night here00:42
leo-unglaubin 10 hours or so would be possible00:42
diversealright, I can wait00:42
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diversealrighty, bbl00:43
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leo-unglaubis one of you using I3wm ?02:12
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diverseleo-unglaub: back02:37
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xeirrr I am not lxde fan, but it seems lxde is unmaintained.04:36
xeirrrI see this from wiki.04:37
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Workster Detekt is a free tool by Amnesty International, Digitale Gesellschaft, EFF, and Privacy International to scan for surveillance software on Microsoft Windows.05:13
Worksteranother advantage of linux05:13
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xeirrrRomster: Hi, I find Firefox 31.1.1 in your 3.1 folder, but in ports we have 33.1 So can you do a 33.1 one? building Firefox on my laptop is a hell. Thanks :)06:51
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Romsterxeirrr, 33.1.1 is still fine just some windows patches07:03
xeirrrYeah, but ports seems to still annoy me even if I have 31.1.1 installed07:06
Romsteryeah i /thought/ frinnst would of bumped it guess i'll build 33.107:06
Romsteractually just rename the file at 33.107:06
Romsterand pkgadd -u it07:06
nwe_good morning07:07
Romsterit'll think it's 33.1 when its actually 33.1.107:07
xeirrrLet's *cheat ports07:07
xeirrrnwe_: hi07:08
Romstermorning nwe_07:08
nwehow are you guys?07:09
Romstergreat just off work and food :D07:09
xeirrrstill wworking because 15:10 pm07:10
nwenice :) I just arrive to work :p07:21
nwewill take my first cup of coffee =)07:21
Romsteri'm about to have coffee and relax, just messing with the dog outside, or was07:33
Romsterelse it wont be quiet07:33
Romsterplus i like to greet the dogs when i get home too07:33
nwehehe I will play around with haproxy :)07:33
Romsteri was reading a little about haproxy with docker07:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: denyhosts: 2.6 -> 2.911:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: denyhost: renamed from denyhosts which is a dead project, denyhost is a active fork of denyhosts12:41
Romsterxeirrr, isn't renaming it good enough.12:41
xeirrrRomster: yeah. but you told me you will package it.12:44
Romsteri'll get to it shortly i'm doing a bunch of other stuff.12:44
xeirrrOk, anytime is OK.12:46
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asiei'm having an issue with CRUX: after setting up X with XDM, the created X session doesn't seem to have a valid DISPLAY value exported14:27
asiemaking fluxbox unable to run any software, or rather fluxbox's menu doesn't seem to do anything14:27
asieit's one of these two14:27
asiei guess i'll test with a different wm just to make sure14:27
frinnstyuck, xdm.. do we still provide a port for that? :)14:28
asiewhich one should i use?14:28
frinnstI use slim personally. its pretty buggy but looks kinda good14:29
asiewell then, let's test slim!14:30
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asiefrinnst: indeed, switching to slim fixed everything14:34
asiethus comes another question: why do you ship a broken dm? :)14:34
asie(also, a little bug report - ffmpeg 2.4.2 breaks with parallel building, that is a makeflag of -j2; might need to have enforced -j1 for building)14:35
frinnstwell its *probably* not broken. can't we just file this under the "user error" category? :)14:35
asie"usage of xdm considered PEBKAC"14:35
asiealso, nice distro14:35
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: sxiv: 1.3 -> 1.3.115:23
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pertimescohello ?16:28
pertimescoI installed Crux this week. I just tried prt-get sysup. Update is blocked by package kbd. It seems we can't connect to by ftp.16:30
pertimescoWhat is the Crux way to deal with that ?16:30
pertimescoI mean, where should I report the problem, and suggest the port to be modified to use http ?16:32
rmullpertimesco: One way to work around it is to use the distfiles of a project like gentoo to download the file16:37
teK_you can set alternate mirrors that will be used first16:37
teK_% grep MIRROR /etc/pkgmk.conf16:37
teK_for example16:37
jaegerIf you just need one file and don't want to work around it permanently you can download the source from a mirror and move it into the source dir specified in pkgmk.conf16:39
jaegereither way works, up to you16:39
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teK_also, my mirror dont has a sucky connection like or other sometimes have17:02
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pertimescoteK_: I set PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS but prt-get is stubborn and keeps trying I will try download the file myself and have prt-get find it.17:16
pertimescokbd is installed. Back to my first question : why don't maintainers modify the official Pkgfile ?17:22
jaegerwhat do you mean?17:24
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rmullpertimesco: It works for me using an unmodified Pkgfile.17:29
rmulldownload is fine and fast.17:29
koriabout to create a port for neovim, wish me luck17:41
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asiemore bugs in crux: gpgme does not depend on libassuan as it should18:05
rmullasie: gpgme depends on gnupg, which depends on libassuan18:05
_root_kori; what is neovim?18:05
asiermull: odd18:05
asiethen something went wrong for me18:05
rmullIf you depinst it should pull it all in18:05
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asiermull: indeed, i forgot to depinst18:06
rmullNo problem18:06
_root_I am stuck on lightdm. to manay missing depen.S18:06
koriit's a clean up effort for vim18:06
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_root_kori I doubt that it differs from vim so much. If it does all of the plugins and stuff written for vim would be wasted18:13
kori_root_: it does differ from vim a lot18:14
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diverseit's safer to depinst than to install18:38
asiei'm making a package for IntelliJ IDEA18:44
asieand i have a question: would putting IDEA's files in /opt/intellij-idea-ce make sense in CRUX?18:44
asiewait, no18:46
asiethat's what the handbook says18:46
asiein that case it's /usr/lib18:46
asieand so i made packages for Gradle and IntelliJ. Fun!18:51
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_root_there is nothing in /opt. just /bin and /sbin directory19:00
_root_what are they for?19:00
_root_Normally there shouldn't be anything in /opt19:01
_root_should it?19:01
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rmull hmmm19:13
rmullReminds me a lot of what I use /usr/local for19:13
jaeger_root_: the package manager shouldn't install anything in /opt generally but you can19:14
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dedmanwlksystemd mailing thread is heaven. <3 crux so much20:41
koridedmanwlk: link?20:44
diversewhat's going on?20:46
dedmanwlkkori: thats only a piece
dedmanwlki saw "crux mailing list" and "systemd" in the same email message and my heart dropped. then i read the thread and walked away with a smile :D20:46
dedmanwlk> Switch to systemd? over my dead body! :)20:50
joacimthat guy replied to a year old email?21:01
asiemaking crux packages is so much fun21:02
asiei think it's the first time i can call package creation "fun"21:02
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: kbd: switched the link from ftp to http for people behind firewalls21:41
frinnstthere we are, hope everyone's happy now :)21:41
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tilmani'm not happy ;)21:45
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diversefrinnst: thank you21:56
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joacimno love for ftp? I'm getting really pissed off here.22:02
diversejoacim: there, there22:05
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