IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2014-11-22

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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: docker: Improved rc script and default configuration00:27
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koridocker, huh00:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libffi: updated to 3.2.100:32
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libpng: updated to 1.6.1500:32
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: harfbuzz: updated to 0.9.3600:32
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diversealrighty, fully booted into 3.17.401:21
diversejaeger: kernel modules get put into /lib/modules right?01:23
prologicThis kind of works well so far :)01:24
prologicUsage: cd /path/to/port_under_test && prttest01:25
diverseprologic: I manage to translate all of the db_* methods in pkgutil.cc01:28
prologicnice :)01:28
diverseprologic: I put all of them in a Db class and removed the db_ prefix01:29
diverseby class I mean struct01:29
diverseand I'll turn pkgutil_t into a "PkgUtil" trait ;)01:31
prologicWhere's rotwang these days?01:42
xeirrrrotwang is Chinese guy?01:48
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diversegood question, was he Chinese?01:49
xeirrrHe maintained lxde ports in the past01:50
koridoes he not anymore?01:50
diversexeirrr: any could maintain lxde ports despite their origin01:51
diverse"Maintainer:  Bartlomiej Palmowski, rotwang at crux dot org dot pl" nope, his name sounds Polish, plus the ".pl" domain01:55
xeirrrdiverse: Right. I have no idea where he is.01:55
diversehe's in Poland01:56
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diverseprologic: why don't you give him an email ;)02:01
Romsteri think he quit. he did let others take over his ports in contrib02:02
diversewth is archive_entry?02:18
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jaegerdiverse: /lib/modules/$(uname -r)03:06
diversejaeger: thanks03:06
diversewanted to clear out some old kernel modules03:07
diverseprologic: I'm trying to do something like this, but how would you do it in python?;a=blob;;h=1bbb83d518fd7e49f0c3655ca76d5e18b3e6121f;hb=HEAD#l34203:11
diverseah, nvm, I think I figured it out03:24
_root_guys I need sfdisk. do we have it in ports03:28
joacimprt-get fsearch sfdisk03:29
_root_joacim np; I was running an script with sudo so it wasn't its $PATH. I switched to root03:34
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korithis may be obvious but I found this interesting hack03:38
koriif you set version in a package to $(date +%d%m%Y) (as in, version=$(date +%d%m%Y))03:39
koriand if you run sudo prt-get sysup every day, it'll update every day03:39
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korithat sounds dumb but it could be useful for ports that update frequently, or clone from git03:40
_root_join #porteus03:40
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kori_root_: did you miss a slash there03:41
_root_kori ; hello. Yes I did. I washed my keyboard recently and the / doesn't work as it was.(plus 4 and ? and 3)03:44
_root_as it did sorry;03:44
_root_kori you laugh now; I am the one how has to buy a new one.03:45
koriI'm laughing at the fact I joined the channel and got terribly confused03:45
korialright I just did this version=$(date) hack for the rust port and now everything's going to be awesome03:46
_root_lol; but really buying a new keyboard is hard. so many new choices all nice and shiny03:47
koriI want a Poker 203:47
_root_kori what happend with the neovim.03:47
kori_root_: ah, I saw that I'll need to port libuv, luajit and a custom version of msgpack from them03:48
koriso I got really lazy03:48
joacimcan't you just set the version to 9999 run prt-get update -fr?03:48
korijoacim: no because then it won't update daily03:49
korilike, I run sysup every day03:49
joacimmake a cron job03:49
koriso with this hack, it'll update every day03:49
korijoacim: I'm not familiar with -fr03:49
joacimforce rebuild. documented in man prt-get03:50
_root_kori forces footprint update03:50
korijoacim: I see03:50
_root_oh sorry rebuild03:50
kori_root_: this also forces footprint update, from what i've tested03:50
joacim-uf updates footprint, -if ignores footprint03:51
_root_kori so my memory was right. :)03:51
_root_joacim exactly right; thank you03:51
joacim-fr doesn't do anything to the footprint03:51
koriI meant version=$(date +%d%m%Y)03:52
koriwell, I'm not sure if I'm ever going to push a port with that03:52
_root_people do you know BitchX?03:52
koribut I thought it was a neat discovery, even if it sounds a bit obvious03:52
kori_root_: I've heard of it, never used it03:52
_root_kori make a port for it. please?03:53
kori_root_: hold on03:53
_root_kori the official updated version is on sourceforge trunk03:53
joacimread about it, never used it03:53
joacimlast i checked, it doesn't support unicode03:53
joacimthat was probably 5-10 years ago03:53
_root_joacim bitchX03:53
koriisn't unicode related to your terminal?03:53
joacimthat too03:53
_root_joacim it does now; you could use it with cp437 too03:54
kori_root_: I'm gonna make it clone from their github, alright?03:54
_root_like cp437 BitchX03:54
_root_kori no; github is old sourceforge trunk03:54
joacimcurrent irc clients does nice things like being able to display messages from people who used different charsets03:55
_root_could you see the highlight guys?03:56
joacimused be a huge deal on norwegian channels on efnet. unicode users were often told to switch or get banned03:56
joacimi disable text formating in my irc client03:56
joacimso no highlight03:57
_root_I could send flashing text highlight italic and .... with BitchX03:57
_root_it is nice and it works as long as you use supported terminals such as urxvt-25603:58
koriyou can with irssi too03:58
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kori_root_: testing building04:01
_root_kori nice :)04:02
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_root_kori also find cp437 in github too and build that one; or if you what and trust me I could give you a binary and you put it in $PATH04:03
kori_hello world from bitchx!04:04
kori_but yes, unicode doesn't work04:04
_root_kori_; hello back04:04
kori_can you deal with it?04:04
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_root_kori what is your terminal04:04
_root_send some unicode char. for test please04:05
_root_kori I saw half of H and an "a"04:06
korisee that link!04:06
_root_kori don't do that; at all. use cp43704:07
_root_like this cp437 BitchX04:07
koriI'll add cp437 under # Nice to have:04:08
koriand then port it later04:08
joacim_root_: めがね04:08
joacimalso. ÆØÅæøå04:09
_root_joacim the first line is pi symbol; turkish u and i04:10
korithose are japanese characters04:11
koriNow Playing: 千本桜 by 和楽器バンド on ボカロ三昧04:11
korithese are kanji04:11
_root_kori what do I need to take an screen-shot. what package?04:11
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korior you can use import from imagemagick04:12
_root_kori how; I want to take an screenshot of my urxvt04:12
_root_I have it installed04:12
koriscrot -s and click urxvt04:12
koriit will save a picture where you ran scrot04:13
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korithat's how it's supposed to look like04:13
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diversesigh, Rust is too easy...04:17
_root_that is what I see04:17
diverseI feel spoiled04:17
_root_diverse why?04:18
kori_root_: yep that's wrong04:20
koriwebkit finished compiling!04:20
kori   43m32.59s real     0m0.00s user     0m0.25s system04:20
_root_kori after how long? 2hrs?04:20
_root_kori damn; nice system you got there04:21
koriIntel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz04:21
koricompiling on RAM too04:21
diverse_root_: because of how labor intensive C++ code looks like, I can't help but feel like I am always missing something, but nope, it's all take care of04:21
diversenot like that matters to you anyway04:23
kori_root_: here's the proper characters with a bigger font
_root_diverse I understand wht you're saying but It not a big deal. if you get what I am saying.04:24
koriit's the biggest deal in the world!!04:24
diverse_root_: I know04:24
korialso, what IRC clients have you tried?04:24
_root_kori weechat irssi hexchat04:24
joacimyou can also use telnet04:25
joacimjust remember to respond to pings04:25
kori_root_: and you chose bitchx of all those? >.>04:25
_root_kori weechat was nice but after a long period I started to use memory 100%04:25
_root_each time i ended up with the same result04:26
xeirrrirssi +104:26
koriusing irssi right now04:26
kori_root_: about to port cp437, this is gonna be a quick one04:27
korihold on04:27
_root_irssi is a child play. No offense but the is no good gtk-notification for it. it is just one downside.04:27
diverseio io, let's not flame here04:27
_root_kori I am a fan for style and color; your font and your color scheme plz!04:28
korifirst scrot I was using tewi, second scrot I was using pragmata pro04:28
_root_kori did you pay for prgmata?04:28
korihard question04:29
koriare you fabrizio schiavi04:29
_root_kori I am asking only for sharing04:29
korithen no, I did not pay for it04:29
_root_i.e could you plz share your font too!04:29
_root_heh indeed04:29
koriwanna hear something funny?04:30
_root_do go on!04:30
korifabrizio shared pragmatapro accidentally04:30
korian old version04:30
koriit's still there04:30
_root_kori yes but that isn't what you are using right now. I know because I am using the github version.04:31
_root_the one that doesn't support powerline symbols04:31
korioh it may look different because of my font rendering settings04:33
koribut that's the version I'm using too!04:34
_root_kori you are on crux; what font rendering policy does crux have to offer?04:36
koriinfinality allows for custom settings, its quite flexible04:37
_root_kori could you share your wisdom. how did you set it up04:37
koriwell there's this program called grip that allows you to edit a bunch of infinality settings04:38
koribut if you're too lazy for that04:39
korijust install fontconfig-infinality and there's /etc/fonts/infinality/infinality.conf04:39
kori/etc/fonts/infinality/ too04:39
_root_kori it is ok but it has qt4 as depen.04:40
korispeaking of which, I might make custom versions of freetype2-infinality and fontconfig-infinality04:40
_root_kori would you share.04:40
_root_kori now I am feeling lazy :)04:41
kori_root_: eh these settings make some fonts look blurry, it's still a bit experimental04:41
korijust use the OSX style from fontconfig-infinality04:42
_root_kori with infinality you really see the difference. it is like putting your glasses on.04:42
_root_kori do you have some other fonts like the first scrot; I need some terminal geeky fonts. I am codeing in vim these days and I need some change in scenery04:44
kori_root_: "geeky"?04:44
_root_kori;super high programming stuff04:45
koriI still don't get what you mean >.>04:45
_root_good font to use in terminal04:45
koribitmap or antialiased?04:46
_root_like your first screenshot04:46
koribitmap, then04:46
koriin that scrot I was using
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korithere's also gohufont, terminus04:46
_root_kori yes; but anialiased is good to04:46
korifor antialiased there's inconsolata, dejavu sans mono04:47
korisource code pro, I gues04:47
koriI guess'04:47
korithese are all libre fonts by the way04:47
_root_kori terminus I am using and gohufont I didn't come across before04:47
korisomeone made a port for it04:48
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kori_hello world from cp437 BitchX!04:51
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kori_root_: enjoy
_root_kori; could I import your port to my port cycle. I mean does it use httpup?04:54
koriit does use httpup04:55
koriI sent an email to get my ports registered on but nothing so far04:55
_root_kori nice; I will set up my ports on bitbucket.04:55
_root_kori bug tilman04:56
_root_kori what is about openmailbox; Is it anygood04:57
koriI like it04:58
_root_kori I have an account there but I lost my pass; there is no option to get it back05:00
korithat's sad05:00
koridiverse: do you use prologic's port for rust?05:00
_root_kori check your mail05:09
koria MASSAGE?05:10
koriehhh I'm not sure if I need a massage right now05:10
_root_kori so you got that ok then.05:12
diversekori: no, from the original05:18
koridiverse: you clone from git?05:19
diverseno, I view the source from the browser05:19
prologicI don't provide a CRUX port for rust05:19
prologicafaik :)05:19
diverseprologic: no, he means your code-port of pkgutils05:20
prologicRe rotwang05:21
prologicSo I should take over his libfm port?05:21
korioH WHOOPS05:21
koriit was romster05:21
diversekori: in that case, no, I use my own port, but his is fine to use.05:21
prologicI dno't have a code port of pkgutils either05:21
_root_kori how did you set up your port in github? I want to set my port on bitbucket now.05:22
diverseprologic: you use to port the code to python?05:22
kori_root_: just put your ports in a dir, httpup-repgen, push everything05:22
korifind the raw URL05:23
korifor github's case, it's
koriwell, that is, for my repo05:23
_root_kori we have mpv in official repo; don't we?05:26
diversekori: although Romster's may be a bit outdated, so pester him to update it05:26
koridiverse: eh05:26
prologicdiverse, tired05:26
koriit clones from git05:26
prologicbut never completed it05:26
prologicso it doesn't count :)05:26
kori_root_: yeah but mine clones from git05:26
korithe one in contrib is stable05:26
diverseprologic: well, you did help out for some parts of the code05:26
diversebut as I progress with translating, the more I realized how crappy C++ is05:27
jaegerwoo, tiny new box is assembled!05:29
diversejaeger: is this your steam/htpc box you were talking about?05:29
jaegerI'll take a better picture when I have daytime light05:32
diverseis that your gtx 970?05:33
jaegernope, 76005:34
jaegerthough the 970 will fit05:34
diversephew, I was going to ask you why does it have the old twin frozr cool on it, if it was.05:34
koridiverse: ah yes, Romster's rust port can pretty much never be out of date05:35
jaegerThis machine will be plugged into a 1080p TV most of the time so another 970 was way overkill05:35
jaegerIf I want to toss the 970 in it and take it somewhere I can, though :)05:35
korieven if it was outdated, I have bigger concerns now, hrm05:36
diversejaeger: it's all good, I was concerned that you might have gotten a fake 97005:36
korijaeger: do you have access to
jaegerdiverse: ah. Nope, this was intentional05:37
jaegerkori: I don't think so, but I can add a repo if needed. the contrib admin guy is MIA currently05:37
koriyeah I sent an e-mail and I'd like my repo to be added05:38
koriI've the httpup file handy, do you want it?05:38
jaegerNo need for the httpup file05:40
prologicdiverse, how do rust compiled binaries compare to C/C++?05:42
prologicI assume it compiles to a static binary?05:42
diverseprologic: actually, it compiles shared binaries by default atm. You can set how you want something compiled, statically or dynamically either in the source or at the compiler flags05:45
korijaeger: I did it with 5 mins left05:54
_root_folks; does urxvt in ports compile with blink option?05:56
_root_enable blinking text05:56
jaegerNo idea, I don't use it06:01
jaegerwow, rtl8821ae is a noisy bastard in the system logs06:03
koriI feel somewhat accomplished now06:08
jaegerwoo :)06:09
diverseanyone using pidgin here?06:37
diverselogging into gtalk is becoming a pain with all this validate certificate BS06:40
koridiverse: yep, but no gtalk06:40
diversedon't know why, it's becoming impossible to login now06:40
diverseI even rebuild pidgin06:41
diversetempted to move to bitlbee06:45
prologicdiverse, same issue here too06:54
prologicI actually plan to move to bitlebee for most things actually06:55
prologicI think it *could* be a nicer experience to have all my IM(s) in once plae06:55
prologicGoogle Talk06:55
prologicand HipChat (work)06:55
diverseyeah, I tried many options with pidgin, but it was no good. It used to "semi-work" a month ago, now it's being an ass.06:56
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diversegiven it was before I reformatted into crux 3.106:58
diverseprologic: I've used bitlbee before, it was just that setting it up with account was a bit archiac, so I got lazy and went back to pidgin07:02
diverseguess I'll give it a shot again07:04
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diversecool it's in opt, thanks teK_07:05
*** fengshaun has joined #crux07:07
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prologicdoesn't this just mean we're missing a few CA certs in our ca-certificates port?07:13
prologicBitbucket and now Google07:13
diverseI suppose, but I just got up and running with bitlbee and I was able to login with ease07:14
diversethank you bitlbee07:19
diverseI guess I can get rid of pidgin07:21
diverseprologic: ^07:27
*** phant0mas has joined #crux07:45
prologicI'm going to be building a crux/bitlebee docke riamge I think07:47
prologicso if you'd like to use this too07:47
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diverseteK_: you need to update bitlbee to 3.2.209:43
*** avalon_ has joined #crux10:01
*** _root_ has joined #crux10:02
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asieanother report: the mpup source is down10:12
asiemirroring it at for now but it's down10:12
asieand has been for a few days10:12
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Romstereverything of sepens is rotting away. i think his host has been down for months now10:53 recipe for target '/CLOBBER' failed10:55
Romsterfun docker image wont build firefox10:55
prologichow come? :P10:55
RomsterCould not detect environment shell!10:55
prologicoh yeah10:55
prologicput ENV SHELL /bin/bash10:55
prologicin your Dockerfile10:55
Romsterperhaps the crux image needs that.10:56
prologiccontainers are typically quite blank as such10:56
prologicyou need it in your image :)10:56
Romsterwhich docker file?10:56
prologicI'm not going to polluate the crux image with stuff others may not need :)10:56
prologicthe one you're building?10:56
Romsterthe one i have already running.10:56
prologicor if you're not using your own image10:57
prologicdocker run -i -t -e SHELL=/bin/bash ..10:57
Romsternot using my own image yet10:57
prologicI ran into the same issue the other day with firefox10:57
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xkbcomp: update to 1.3.010:57
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: mesa3d: update to 10.3.410:57
prologicit's a bit silly it doesn't default to /bin/sh10:57
Romsteroh so i have to shut it down then stat it back up with that10:57
prologicIn Python: os.environ.get("SHELL", "/bin/sh")10:57
*** avalon_ has joined #crux10:57
*** _root_ has joined #crux10:58
prologicor you could create your own Dockerfile/image: echo "FROM crux/base\nENV SHELL /bin/bash" > Dockerfile && docker build -t mybuilder .10:58
*** _root_ has quit IRC10:59
Romsteris't there a env varialbe i can set like SHELL in the running instance11:00
*** avalon_ has joined #crux11:00
Romsteryeah SHELL=/bin/bash11:00
Romsteror sh11:00
avalon_what is going oh11:01
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.9111:01
prologicyes :)11:01
prologicdocker -e SHELL=/bin/bash11:02
avalon_issuing mpv or firefox or ... will kill the X and returns me to the console. WHY?11:02
Romsterwtf that never happens avalon_11:02
Romsterare you using nvidia video driver by any chance?11:03
Romstergl-select use ...11:03
Romster3d acceleration11:03
Romsterfirefox uses a ton of graphics11:03
Romstermpv probably does too11:03
Romsterexport SHELL fixed it11:04
Romsterbut i'll do it the other way when i get to that11:04
prologicRomster, I think the volume management and host management stuff has been merged into Docker master -- I'll let you know how it goes :) should be good11:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: lvm2: update to 2.02.11211:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: unbound: update to 1.5.011:04
Romsterwell i hope it doens't mess up my real lvm setup options.11:05
avalon_Romster yes I do? but glselect; I did it already. if I didn't do that before i wouldn'tm be able to startx11:05
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_root_Romster ?11:06
*** jue has quit IRC11:07
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_root_Romster ?11:08
Romsterso check your Xorg.log11:08
Romsterprologic> I'm not going to polluate the crux image with stuff others may not need :) <- may not need... so SHELL is not needed huh?11:09
Romsterthen you say docker should default to that11:10
*** jue has joined #crux11:10
*** rmull has joined #crux11:10
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfdesktop: updated to 4.10.311:10
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-netload-plugin: updated to 1.2.311:10
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: orage: updated to 4.10.011:10
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfburn: updated to 0.5.211:10
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-taskmanager: updated to 1.0.111:10
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: tumbler: updated to 0.1.3011:10
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-weather-plugin: updated to 0.8.411:10
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: [notify] xfce4-systemload-plugin: updated to 1.1.211:10
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: [notify] xfce4-power-manager: updated to 1.4.111:10
prologicI guess the new features haven't been merged in yet11:10
prologicRomster, yeah SHELL is hardly ever needed11:11
prologicit's just an env variable :)11:11
*** orbea has quit IRC11:11
*** DaViruz has quit IRC11:11
Romsternot hard to set but i wonder how many old env vars that are rarely used if at all anymore.11:12
*** orbea has joined #crux11:13
*** DaViruz has joined #crux11:13
prologicwell it's not that11:13
diversethat was a huge amount of xfce updates, is sepen back?11:13
prologicit's just that many processes don't rely on the shell at all11:13
prologicI use XFCE myself on a daily basis11:14
prologicI wonder what's new11:14
prologic4.10 here11:14
prologicso new version if 4.10.3?11:14
_root_any other ideas?11:15
prologicno news on their website11:16
_root_there is no problem with my firefox and mpv before I restart?11:16
prologicstill 4.1011:16
_root_I can't open my firefox or mpv.11:17
diversexfce is not all that active anymore about 4.12, but they continue to bug fix 4.1011:17
_root_when i type firefox or mpv in my terminal I will end up in console.11:17
_root_and i have to startx again11:17
Romster_root_, lok at your Xorg.log and messages and dmesg11:18
_root_Romster for what exactly? the new logs will go at the end of the file or at the beginning?11:19
Romsteri've started to mess with xfce4 myself there is a ton of plugins that fail, the main xfce4 deptree does build though. but about 10 other ports fail.11:19
Romsterso i started work on fixing those.11:19
diverseso those updates were from you?11:20
_root_Romster for what exactly? the new logs will go at the end of the file or at the beginning?11:20
Romsterfor any errors duh11:21
Romsterfor why X is segfaulting11:21
Romsteralso did you do a prt-get update -fr `revdep`11:21
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux11:22
*** xeirrr has joined #crux11:23
_root_Romster what does revdep do? it says it is not installed?11:23
_root_hhhhhhhh hello11:24
hhhhhhhh_root_: hi11:24
Romsterloks for broken library links11:24
Romsterprt-get fsearch revdep11:25
prologicwho maintain the pidgin port?11:25
_root_what should i do after I installed it; issue revdep?11:25
Romsterfind the package install it run that command ^11:25
prologicman revdep11:25
Romsterprologic, me is there a issue? prt-get info pidgin11:25
prologicVERBOSE=2 revdep11:25
prologicyes :)11:25
prologicthere's no desktop file11:25
prologiccan you throw one in?11:25
prologicrip it off Arch if you have to11:25
Romsteri could.11:25
prologicplease :)11:26
prologicgreatly appreciated11:26
prologicthem desktop files are mighty handy for a DE11:26
prologiceven one as simple and elegant as XFCE :)11:26
Romsteryeah and i'd have to do that eventually anyways for XFCE11:26
prologicI just got rid of the bottom panel11:27
prologicand discovered adding launchers on the desktop background is rather okay11:27
prologicand if you start typing an application name it fills it all in basd on what's int he .desktop file11:27
prologicexcept pidgin has none :)11:27
Romsterinstall -D -m 0644 $ $PKG/usr/share/applications/$name.desktop11:29
Romsterit already has one?11:29
prologichmm interesting11:29
prologiclemme see11:29
prologicmaybe it's broken somehow11:29
prologicoh hmm11:30
prologichave a look at it's contents11:30
prologicall other .desktop files I have have Name=11:30
prologic$ grin "^Name=" | wc -l11:30
prologic$ grin "^_Name=" | wc -l11:31
Romstergrin wtf?11:31
prologic$ grin "^_Name="11:31
prologic    2 : _Name=Pidgin Internet Messenger11:31
Romsteralias grin='grep' ?11:31
prologicfix it :)11:31
prologicpip install grin11:31
prologicgrin is like ack11:32
Romsteri don't use desktop files ok11:32
prologicbut written in Python11:32
Romsterso i don't see them issues11:32
prologicfix it anyway k? :)11:32
prologicgood man :)11:32
Romsterand it's from the god damn pidgen devs11:32
prologicthey're silly11:32
prologicI'm not sure why it's _Name11:32
prologicit's the only one that is11:32
diverseso glad I ditched pidgin11:32
prologichehe I'll still use it till I get bitlebee configured nicely11:33
diverseprologic: it won't take you that long11:33
prologicI wanna rack mount a few RPi(s)11:33
prologichard to find good 1RU cases for em though11:33
Romsterupstream devs make me mad at times11:34
diverseprt-get depinst --install-scripts bitlbee && /etc/rc.d/bitlbee start11:34
diverseprologic: do that now11:34
prologicwhat about configuration?11:34
prologicdefaults ar efine?11:34
prologicare fine*?11:34
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux11:35
prologicArch wiki to the rescure :)11:35
prologicokay you've convinced me11:35
prologicI have a Docker image almost ready to go for bitlebee11:35
prologicI'll publish it up shortly11:35
Romsteryeah says a lot for crux documentation11:35
prologicwe dont' need no stick'n docs :)11:35
prologicwe're uber smart :)11:36
diverseprologic: connect to your localhost and type in: account add jabber yourpassword11:36
*** _root_ has quit IRC11:36
prologicdiverse, you don't register first?11:36
prologicto preserve your account data?11:36
prologicI have tried out the whole bitlebee experience for Hipchat the other week11:36
prologicquite nice :)11:36
diverseprologic: it adds to the config11:36
prologic$ docker build -t crux/bitlbee .11:36
prologicSending build context to Docker daemon 124.4 kB11:36
prologicSending build context to Docker daemon11:36
diversethe bee is very smart you see11:36
prologicStep 0 : FROM crux/base:latest11:36
prologicofc :)11:37
prologic+ cd bitlbee-3.2.111:39
prologic+ ./configure --ssl=openssl --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/man --etcdir=/etc/bitlbee11:39
prologicBitlBee configure11:39
prologicCannot find glib2 development libraries, aborting. (Install libglib2-dev?)11:39
prologicwho maintains this? :)11:39
diverseyou mean bitlbee?11:39
prologicteK_, ping? :)11:39
prologicfix bitlbee :)11:39
prologicit lists no deps but needs glib211:40
diverseand update it too!11:40
prologicc'mon man :)11:40
diverseor I'll get frinnst to slap you!11:40
prologicit would be poor form of me to duplicate the port into contirb woudln't it ? :)11:40
diverseI'm a bit surprised, what does bitlbee have to do with glib and gtk?11:41
prologicgood question11:42
prologicwhat is glib again11:42
diverseprt-get info glib11:42
prologicDescription:  Low-level data structure handling, portability wrappers, and interfaces for runtime functionality11:42
diverseprologic: look at the url11:42
prologicjust a convenience library probably11:42
prologicyeah yeah11:43
prologicdoesn't mean it needs gtk though11:43
Romstergood one pidgin11:43
diverseprologic: I guess not just glib but also gnutls11:44
*** asie has quit IRC11:47
*** avalon_ has joined #crux11:48
*** _root_ has joined #crux11:48
*** xeirrr has left #crux ()11:50
*** xeirrr has joined #crux11:52
_root_xeirrr; hello12:00
xeirrr_root_: Hi12:00
xeirrr_root_, Just get back from work. It's 20:01 now :)12:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: pidgin: fix pidgin.desktop12:07
prologicwoot woot :)12:10
diversethe bird never stops haunting us12:12
Romsterglib a extension of glibc12:14
Romsterof stuff not so important but nearly everything uses it12:14
diverseI see now12:14
prologicseems overkill really for some thing12:16
Romsterglibc and glib need merging and glibc needs obsolete crap ripped out12:17
diverseI suppose that merge is going to have in gcc5?12:17
Romsterits either use glib or recreate the wheel12:17
Romsterno idea12:17
Romsterjust as silly having boost when C++ should have that.12:18
prologicI didn't know there was an xfce4-macmenu-plugin12:19
diversewho needs boost and C++ anyway12:20
diversefor new projects12:20
prologicoh well12:22
prologicit's broken (the port) anyway12:23
Romstertahts broken prologic12:23
prologiclooks like it's something some Arch guys hacked up12:23
Romsterlike about 10 ports are12:23
prologicand Jose has tried to port12:23
diverseprologic: does python have type classes?12:26
prologicdiverse, define type classes?12:30
prologicas-in traits?12:30
diverseyes, traits12:31
prologicnot as part of the language12:31
prologicor in the std. lib12:31
prologicbut 3rd party libraries exist12:31
prologicand something similar (albeit different) zope.interface12:32
diversebtw, why does your screenshot look a bit scewed at the top half of the image?12:32
diversealso Romster, can you persuade prologic to migrate to hexchat?12:33
prologicscrewed how?12:35
prologicno :)12:35
prologicI hate hexchat12:35
prologicI tried it and it's just awful12:36
Romsteri already tried12:36
prologictook me ages to get X-chat configured the way I like12:36
prologicwith the right keyboard bindings, etc12:36
diverseprologic: the image looks jagged at the top 1/312:36
diverseit's not aligned12:37
prologicahh I see it now12:38
prologicyeah it doesn't look like that obviously12:38
diverseyeah, it's a bad shot12:38
diverseand is the only reason hexchat is awful is because you aren't willing to config it the way you like?12:40
*** nilp has quit IRC12:40
prologicnot that I'm not willing12:41
prologicI tried and failed12:41
prologicit seems nigh impossible to set key bindings that worked12:41
prologicI get disconnected straight away when I conect to bitlebee12:49
diversewhat does the error say?12:50
prologicnot sure yet12:50
frinnstSpare Disk 0b.00.7 Shelf 0 Bay 7 [NETAPP X422_HCOBE600A10 NA00] S/N [KNVZ343F] failed.12:50
prologicI'm running this in docker12:50
prologicso I'm currently inspecting the running container with docker exec12:50
diverseprologic: that might be why12:50
prologicthe docker part wont' be why12:51
prologicit'll be something I f'd up :)12:51
diversesigh, I meant that in a polite way12:51
prologicwhere does the daemon log to?12:53
prologic-v doesn't seem to be very verbose12:53
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux13:00
prologicthis is weird as13:00
prologicdiverse, any clues?13:02
prologicI'm kinda stumped13:02
diversehmm, well on the archwiki, they said you could adjust the account setting with: account gtalk set server
diversemaybe setting that will get it to work13:04
diversebut the strange thing is, I didn't use that for this setup13:05
diverseand it just worked(TM)13:05
prologicI'm an idiot13:05
prologichold on :)13:05
diverseokay, so why are you an idiot this time?13:05
prologicwe'll see13:06
diversealso the correct term is "ignorant" not "idiot"13:09
diverseyou're not an idiot13:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libjpeg: replaced by libjpeg-turbo13:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libmng: updated to 2.0.213:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libpng: updated to 1.6.713:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gvim: upate to 7.4.9413:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: apr: update to 1.5.0, apr-utils: update to 1.5.313:10
*** cruxbot has quit IRC13:10
diversepoor cruxbot13:11
prologicdoesn't ignorant imply one knows nothing?13:11
prologicwhereas idiot is more in line with doing something stupidly obvious13:11
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC13:11
diverseprologic: it implies one doesn't know of something specific and just because a person is not aware of something doesn't make them stupid13:12
_root_LOL cruxbot has been kicked out of the channel.13:12
prologicwtf diverse13:13
prologicit's completely ignoring it's default config file13:13
prologicin /etc/bitlebe/bitlebe.conf13:13
prologicI had to start it like this:13:13
prologic$ dki -i -t -p 6667:6667 -v $HOME/var/lib/bitlbee:/var/lib/bitlbee crux/bitlbee -v -n -i -p 6667 -u bitlbee -D13:13
prologicnow I can connect13:13
prologicbut why is it not reading /etc/bitlbee/bitlbee.conf?13:14
prologicdo the defaults not work?13:14
diversemaybe it's a docker issue13:15
diverseby docker issue, I mean the way you set it up13:15
prologicdon't think so13:15
prologicjust prt-get depinst bitlebee13:15
prologicnothing fancy13:15
diversewell, it works for me(TM)13:16
prologicoh wait13:16
prologicthere it is!13:16
diverseprologic: also for example, I'm not an expert on circuits, soldering, machinery like Romster is, but does that make me idiot?13:16
prologic$ grin DaemonInterface $(prt-get path bitlbee)/bitlbee.conf13:17
prologic   28 : ## DaemonPort/DaemonInterface:13:17
prologic   33 : DaemonInterface =
prologicsilly default13:17
prologicI'll make a bitlebee.conf for this docker image13:17
prologicone that makes sense :)13:17
diverseprologic: you do get my point?13:17
prologicalso re ignoreant vs idiot13:18
prologicokay I agree :)13:18
prologicI was ignorant on the precise meaning of the word "ignorant" :)13:18
*** cruxbot has joined #crux13:20
prologicnew config works a treat13:21
prologicnow to tidy up the image :)13:21
diversenow you are less ignorant then you were before13:21
prologicUsage: docker run -d -p 6667:6667 -v $HOME/var/lib/bitlbee:/var/lib/bitlbee crux/bitlbee13:23
Romsterignorant more so one that refuses to learn than has the ability too.13:23
prologicI'll push this up to
*** xeirrr has quit IRC13:24
diverseRomster: that would be someone who is an idiot like some people we actually know13:24
*** deus_ex1 has quit IRC13:30
*** xeirrr has joined #crux13:31
_root_xeirrr are you on the android device by any chance?13:32
xeirrr_root_: yeah. I am on it now.13:33
xeirrr_root_: did you try kori's font yet?13:37
_root_xeirrr which one?13:37
_root_I did tried his first13:37
_root_it is nice; I love it13:37
prologic$ fig up -d13:38
prologicCreating autodock...13:38
prologicCreating hipache...13:38
prologicCreating logger...13:38
prologicCreating bitlbee...13:38
xeirrrlol. many Asia fonts didnot match my Chinese character...13:39
xeirrrI have back to Sans13:40
xeirrrSans:10 regular13:40
diverseI use ttf-vlgothic for rendering Japanese fonts, don't know if that could help you13:41
_root_xeirrr give pragmata pro a chance !13:41
xeirrrdiverse & _root_: will try them.13:43
xeirrrIn my Arch box, I use adobe source han, seems OK13:44
xeirrrI'll try to do a PKGbuild for crux, see how it goes.13:47
prologicdiverse, sweet13:53
prologicI'm using gtalk via irc13:53
diverseprologic: it's a sweet feeling huh? :)13:53
diversewithin your chatroom, you can chat with multiple people at the same time, just be sure you use their names. Of course you can also /query them individually like in irc13:55
prologicyeah kinda :)13:55
prologichow does that work?13:55
diversefor example,13:56
prologicI also need to figure out hwo to make my work's hipchat work this way too13:56
diverse<name>: <message>   will send <message> to user <name>13:57
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC13:57
diversethey won't see that you wrote "<name>: " in the chatroom13:57
prologicahh ic13:57
prologicin &bitlbee?13:58
diversehowever when you query them individually, you don't need the "<name>: "13:58
diverselike in irc13:58
prologicand the "talk to a group of them"?13:58
diversethere the *will* see what you type exactly13:59
prologicor you were referring to the whle &bitlebee13:59
diversewhile in &bitlbee13:59
diversethat's all I know so far13:59
prologicsweet :)13:59
prologicwell so far so good13:59
prologicalso how do you save your settings?13:59
diversethe &root bee does that for you14:00
prologicI don't see any settings/files saved yet14:01
prologicin ~/var/lib/bitlbee14:01
diversemaybe when you quit out of bitlbee, it will write it14:01
prologic<prologic> save14:02
prologic<root> Please create an account first (see help register)14:02
prologicroot> Error while opening configuration file.14:03
prologic<root> Error registering14:03
prologicwell that sucks14:03
prologicI guess the configuration file needs to be editable by the bitlebee user?14:03
diverseI suppose that's why the install scripts created the bitlbee user14:04
diversehmm, no the configs in /etc/bitlbee is owned by root14:05
diversealthough the /var/lib/bitlbee directory is owned by bitlbee14:06
prologic$  docker exec bitlbee ls -l /etc/ | grep bitlbee14:06
prologicdrwxr-xr-x 1 bitlbee bitlbee    40 Nov 22 13:30 bitlbee14:06
prologicthat worked a treat :)14:06
prologicI'll fix the image in a sec14:06
diversewhatever works for you14:06
diverseyou used the save command?14:06
diversehmm, I guess the save command gives me the same error, maybe teK_ f'd up with packaging?14:08
prologicroot> Account successfully created14:08
prologic* prologic sets mode +R prologic14:08
prologicahh huh!14:08
prologicthe /path/to/var/lib/bitlbee has to be writable by the bitlbee user14:08
xeirrrtime to go to sleep. Have a good day, guys :)14:09
diversexeirrr: have a good one14:09
prologicprologic> save14:09
prologic<root> Configuration saved14:09
diverseprologic: so was it because of /etc/bitlbee ?14:09
prologicbash-4.3# ls -l14:09
prologictotal 414:09
prologic-rw------- 1 bitlbee bitlbee 697 Nov 22 14:11 prologic.xml14:09
*** xeirrr has quit IRC14:09
prologiccreates /var/lib/bitlbee/<user>.xml14:09
prologic/etc/bitlbee is fine the way it was14:10
diversehmm, well I got /var/lib/bitlbee as writeable, but "save" doesn't work14:10
prologicregister <pass>14:11
prologicis what you need14:11
diversewhich password?14:12
prologicany you want :)14:16
prologichelp register14:16
diverseso I can just do register password, that's it?14:18
prologicpick whatever password you want14:22
prologicit's used to "identify" yourself14:22
prologicI guess14:22
diverseprologic: I don't think I need to make my password "secure" like it says in the help message14:22
prologicso you can reload settings14:22
prologicprobably not14:22
prologicbut you might if you connect to it remotely14:23
diverseI see14:23
prologicbut maybe bitlbee does tls/ssl14:23
diversebut locally, it doesn't matter14:23
prologicno that's true14:23
prologicbut I plan to use mine over the internet14:23
diversehow is it not true, if all I do is use bitlbee locally?14:23
prologicI meant "that's true"14:24
diverseah, sorry about that, I guess I'm tired14:24
prologicme too14:26
prologicSun Nov 23 00:28:24 AEST 201414:26
prologicgoing to bed soon :)14:26
diverseprologic: btw14:26
*** phant0mas has quit IRC14:26
diverseI just remembered about the quickstart guide, so be sure to do: help quickstart14:26
diversejust in case if you miss something14:27
prologicjust tried it14:27
prologicthe whole saving your settings thing works14:27
prologicyou connect14:27
prologicidentify <pass>14:27
prologicand boom away it goes and connects to everything14:27
*** dougiel has joined #crux14:27
diverseyeah, I recall now14:27
diversehappy instant messaging on irc!14:28
prologicI guess the image works rather nicely now :)14:28
diversebtw teK_, you still need to fix the dependencies and update14:29
prologicjust because there's a crux/bitlbee image is no excuse :)14:29
diverse3.2.2 is out14:29
prologicalso I realize that I may as well just use this locally14:30
prologicso on my work laptop I just spin up the same image14:30
diversesure, for the meantime, but I'm sure you might come up with clever things to do with the bee14:30
prologicshared storage for /var/lib/bitlbee?14:31
prologics3 bucket, nfs, sshfs?14:31
diverseI wonder if you can say hello to the bee and have it respond to you?14:32
prologichow do you mean?14:35
prologicand who's the bee?14:35
diverseprologic: help quickstart5, that's pretty cool14:35
diverseprologic: "root" is the bee14:35
diverseso you can join a &gtalk or &msn channel to talk to others based on the IM network they are on14:37
diverseincase if you have "100" friends to sort through14:37
prologicis the &gtalk based on the account tag?14:37
prologicyes it is :)14:38
prologicawesome :)14:38
diverseI just said "yes"14:38
prologicI tried simultaneously :)14:38
prologicnow here's a new one14:38
prologichow do I make the contacts go away in &bitlbee14:38
diverseby /ignore'ing them?14:39
diverseyou mean remove form the contact list?14:39
diversethat I don't know14:40
diverseat this point you know as much as I do14:42
prologicI connected my twitter account14:42
prologicyeah remove from the control room14:43
diversesee if you can /join &twitter14:43
prologicI can14:43
prologicI see myself, root14:43
prologicand my twitter handle14:43
prologicwhen I: acc twitter on14:43
prologicit also joined me to &twitter_therealprologic14:44
prologicwhich looks like a channel for my timeline14:44
diverseI se14:44
diverseso I bet you can tweet like crazy now?14:45
diverseon irc ;)14:46
diversefrinnst: is not going to like this giant text wall14:47
prologicit's frighteningly easier to Tweet now14:50
diverseprologic: feeling the power of irc?14:52
prologicI've always loved iRC :)14:53
prologicsince '97 :)14:53
diverseI mean by you feeling even more empowered now?14:53
diverseprologic: also, glad I pushed you off of pidgin?14:55
prologicyeah kinda :)14:56
_root_could i use crux docker now; Is it stable now? which one is ok? base?14:56
prologicmeans I can fit more terminals on my 1st workspace :)14:56
*** jdolan has joined #crux14:56
prologic_root_, absolutely14:56
prologicthey're all stable14:56
prologicyou mean the images on the hub?14:56
_root_could I create a docker (from your docker); I.E my docker pulls of your docker when installs.14:58
_root_this way my docker contains only the diff parts14:58
_root_is it the right way?14:58
prologicI guess so14:58
prologicyou're talking about images here14:58
prologicand using FROM crux/base14:58
prologicfor instance14:58
prologicyes do that :)14:58
prologicthat's why I published crux/base14:58
diverse_root_: just do it14:59
prologic"crux" by itself is just the official crux image(s) I maintain two versions back (3.1 and 3.0 currently)14:59
_root_prologic Yes; I want to use your base and then install and customize it to fit icewm desktop. and then push it to the hub.14:59
prologicbut "crux" (i.e: docker pull crux) is quite bare, no contrib enabled14:59
prologicsure :)14:59
_root_prologic I will enable it14:59
_root_then how could i pass it on to you?15:00
prologicSee: and for many CRUX based images already :15:00
prologicyou don't have to15:00
prologicit's enabled in crux/base15:00
diversealrighty, time for some sleep15:00
_root_prologic you list is nice already.15:00
_root_diverse watch the bed bugs :)15:01
RomsterNo space left on device15:01
Romsterthe hell... cna't docker containers expand as needed15:01
_root_i came across docker on 2009-2010 but it seems its fever is just starting!15:02
prologicRomster, I've seen that a couple of times15:02
prologicnever quite worked out why/how it occurs though15:02
prologicand I use a btrfs backend15:02
prologicusually I just cleanup old images15:02
prologic    docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)15:03
prologic    docker rmi $(docker images -q -f 'dangling=true')15:03
Romster8.0G  14% /15:03
Romster22G  69% /etc/hosts15:03
_root_prologic ext4 is better or a normal desktop crux or btrfs?15:03
prologicmy desktop's main drive (ssd) is ext415:03
prologicmy sata hdd is btrfs15:03
Romsteri'm using a real LV that is 200GB it's not full.15:03
prologicask #docker-dev15:04
Romsterhas to be some startup default size15:04
prologicor post to mailing list15:04
prologicor find a similar issue on GH15:04
Romsteri thought it just grows as needed.15:04
_root_so btrfs works better on traditional HDs?15:04
prologicI'd be interested to find out why this happens occasionally15:04
Romsterlooks like it sets as 10GB for root15:04
Romsteras a default size15:04
*** dougiel has quit IRC15:05
prologiclooks like there are "storage options"15:06
prologicand there are defaults15:06
prologicroot as in the container root / ?15:06
RomsterOn the thin pool, docker automatically creates a base thin device, called something like docker-0:33-19478248-base of a fixed size.15:08
Romsteryeah in the container.15:08
Romsterhmm where does /etc/hosts go it's got 73GB15:09
Romsterin the container.15:09
*** looop has joined #crux15:11
Romster821 on /etc/hosts type ext4 (rw,relatime,discard,data=ordered)15:11
Romstershrugs reads the site about storage how to change it.15:11
frinnst_root_: btrfs is still very experimental and not really stable15:12
frinnstI run btrfs on everything myself but I do keep backups and Im prepared to restore it if something would happen15:13
frinnstas it has a couple of times :)15:13
prologicRomster, lots of things are bind mounted from the host15:13
prologic/etc/hsots is one such thing15:14
prologicalso 10G is a reasonable size IHMO for the initial rootfs of a new container15:14
prologicit's no wonder I've not hardly run into this :)15:14
_root_frinnst hello sir; what kind of *thing* happened for example?15:14
looophello, i installed chromium, well it's not showing in xfce menu, but i can open it from the terminal, i'm having issues with it, trying to open youtube but it close...i'm having this error ATTENTION: default value of option force_s3tc_enable overridden by environment.15:14
looop[21154:21176:1122/] RawChannel read error (connection broken)15:14
looopBus error15:14
*** looop has left #crux ()15:20
*** looop has joined #crux15:21
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux15:21
skrzypWhy firefox port doesn't respect MAKEFLAGS?15:23
looopskrzyp: you had to make changes for firefox?15:26
skrzypNope, untouched port from opt/15:27
looopi'm having trouble updating firefox, i have everything according to deptree15:28
looopsame for chromium15:28
Romsteryou probably need more space?15:31
frinnstskrzyp: it does for me. atleast according to about:buildconfig15:31
Romsterthose ports need something like 12GB or more15:31
frinnstlooop: that error is related to your gpu and chromiums hardware accelleration15:31
skrzypfrinnst: so it's just with my computer...15:32
skrzypfrinnst: but I found that Gentoo was compiled firefox way faster15:32
Romsterto compile at least and i'm totally missing the point of the conversation15:32
frinnstalso why cant i spell acceleration properly?15:33
looopok, i have 4.7 gb left, could be that15:33
*** dougiel has joined #crux15:33
Romsternot enough15:33
_root_anyone here have DVB_TV usb dongle. does it work in crux linux?15:33
Romsterto compile you need like 12GB or so for unpacking the source the compiling then the archive making15:34
looopok romster, ty15:34
looop_root_: to have tv on your pc?15:35
_root_looop YES; I want to record something from it15:40
looopi guess if you can install the driver, it would work15:41
looopthan you need w_scan to scan the available channels15:43
looopgood luck15:43
_root_prologic make a Virtualbox docker container too; when you have a time15:43
*** looop has quit IRC15:43
prologic_root_, why would I want that?15:48
prologicwhat's the use-case?15:48
prologicJust so you can docker run -d crux/vbox as a headless VirtualBox?15:48
_root_prologic use why not;15:49
_root_it is not that stupid; is it?15:49
prologiccould be interesting15:49
prologicI could also create an image for crux/kvm too for the same reason :)15:49
prologicso you can dockerize kvm guests15:50
prologicnah just didn't think of it :)15:50
_root_prologic :) ok15:50
prologictbh I've not really tried Dockerizing up potentially GUI apps15:50
_root_prologic what about nginx+varnish+php+mongodb+phpmyadmin+*****15:51
prologicI might not have time to package up docker images for all that :)15:52
prologichelp is welcome though15:52
_root_prologic it is useful;15:52
prologiccontributions welcome :)15:52
_root_prologic which part; I will do nginx+php+mongodb15:52
_root_the rest is for you15:52
prologicsure nps15:53
prologicgo get a account and I'll add you to so we can have the images as Automated Builds on the Docker Hub15:54
*** jdolan has quit IRC15:54
_root_prologic So I do make it and pass it on to you; is it ok?15:54
_root_i start working on it15:54
prologicI can do that too :)15:55
prologicI just need the resulting Dockerfile15:55
prologicand any associated files15:55
_root_prologic ok15:55
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux16:02
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*** BitPuffin has joined #crux16:05
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*** jdolan has joined #crux16:12
prologicRomster, fyi
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux16:18
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:30
prologic$ docker run -i -t -e DISPLAY -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -v $HOME/.Xauthority:/root/.Xauthority --net=host16:34
prologicThis will let you run GUI apps :)16:34
prologicYou can Dockerize any GUi app you like really I think :)16:35
*** dougiel has quit IRC17:01
*** Pingax_ has joined #crux17:31
*** henesy has joined #crux17:38
*** _root_ has quit IRC17:41
*** nbino has joined #crux17:51
nbinoHi crux people !17:52
nbinoToday I will try to configure mutt/getmail/exim, I will search on the page of crux.17:52
nbinoIf I'm being anoyng for being to much verbose or noobish, please let me know :)17:53
*** philopolymath has joined #crux17:58
*** nbino_ has joined #crux18:21
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*** nbino_ has quit IRC18:23
koriah he left18:23
*** nbino has joined #crux18:23
nbinoMy computer shutdown anormaly, in debian make a fsck, do I have to configure a rc.d ?18:30
tilmanhow did you shut down crux?18:33
nbinowas a la brute, in the energy source (accident)18:34
skrzypok, got CRUX fully updated, installed and working18:36
skrzypwhat's not?18:36
nbinoskrzyp: for me its being learning, discover screen, configuring lynx, wpa_suplicant, mutt, getmail, iptables,18:38
skrzypnbino: throw you screen away and use tmux ;)18:38
skrzypyou'll thank me later18:38
skrzypabouy lynx, you have more friendly elinks and a lot powerful w3m18:39
nbinosecond person sayng, I'm also discover that is more than linux and gnu, there is also a BSD universe18:39
skrzypother components looks OK18:39
skrzypBSD>GNU, deal with it18:40
nbinoI will read, but BSD also protect the "fredoom" as "gnu" ?18:41
skrzypnbino: bsd is more about "freedom" than GNU18:43
skrzypGNU means that you must reuse their work on free licence18:43
nbinothere is "blobs" in a bsd kernel ?18:45
*** lnds has joined #crux18:56
*** nbino has quit IRC19:02
jaegerdiverse: steam, xbmc, and wine are all working great on the new box :)19:14
joacimanother new ocmputer? or is this the same old h97 + i5-4690 from before?19:24
jaegerI built a similar one to act as HTPC/Steambox19:25
joacimsome games are having issues on mine (when running windows). sound drops out in crusader kings 2 and remember me, graphical glitches in flat out, and witcher 2 freezes after playing for 10-60 minutes19:25
joacimdon't know if it is a driver issue, hardware, or if the problem is with the games19:26
joacimalien isolation sometimes crashes too, and after playing for a while, the fps drops down to 30 FPS. very noticeable when the game usually runs at 60 FPS19:27
joacimnice computer. i discovered streaming on steam a few days ago19:29
joacimtestet it on my mac mini running os x and games computer running windows 719:30
joacimseemed  to work well, but i only tested a slow paced game like banished. not sure if i could live with the lag in games like painkiller or serious sam19:30
joacimthere are games that used to crash on my old computer that runs well on my new one, so i'm not going to blame the drivers or hardware yet.19:42
frinnstwow what a hippster
*** mhe has quit IRC19:54
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*** jdolan has joined #crux21:01
nwegood evening!21:11
joacimevening =)21:12
teK_don't you love it, when (phone) customer support means DISCONNECT when they say forward21:21
teK_or, during the NEXT call you are pushed back into the queue _after_ explaining your problem to that stupid woman not knowing what she or you are talking of for about 15 minutes21:22
teK_at least the current guy says "what the fuck"21:25
*** Roosevelt has joined #crux21:26
joacimi called my isp for support once21:38
joacimabout their cable network21:38
joacimthe people in their call centre didn't even know they had a cable service21:39
teK_not bad21:39
teK_third buy was digital tv guy, warning me, unsuccessfully tried forwarding me to the internet peeps21:39
*** jdolan has quit IRC21:55
*** lnds has quit IRC22:23
Roosevelt What is the correct way to do a chroot in crux doesn't work22:27
*** deus_ex has joined #crux22:29
prologicDon't :)22:31
prologicUse Docker22:31
prologicdocker run -i -t crux22:31
prologicit's simply way better22:32
Rooseveltwhat is docker?22:32
RooseveltI just looked it up just says docker image22:33
RooseveltThanks I'll check it out22:33
RooseveltDo you use this @prologic? If so do you like it?22:36
prologicSorry what? :)22:36
RooseveltDo you use docker?22:37
RooseveltIs it free? That's all I care about :)22:38
prologicI do yes :)22:39
prologicI maintain most (if not all) of the CRUX based images so far22:39
prologicFree as in beer? sure :)22:39
teK_why does chroot not work?22:41
teK_i.e. what's the error you get22:41
prologicI'm sure chroot works just fine22:41
prologicit's just chroot :P22:42
prologicteK_, since you're here22:42
prologicbitlbee? update?22:42
prologicalso it's missing glib as a dep22:42
teK_I pushed the update already22:43
RooseveltIt' on another hard drive I will try it again and let someone in the channel know22:43
RooseveltI will be back22:44
*** Roosevelt has quit IRC22:44
prologicteK_, sweet :)22:44
prologicmust have missed it22:44
prologicin that case I'll rebuild the crux/bitlbee docker image :)22:44
teK_cruxbot was afk that time22:44
prologicoh yeah :)22:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: bitlbee: add glib dependency22:46
prologicwhat's the simplest/smallest gtk based app? :)22:53
*** kori has quit IRC23:13
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