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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-netload-plugin: updated to 1.2.400:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mpup: fixed urls00:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: portdbc: fixed urls00:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] chromium: updated to 39.0.2171.6500:50
prologicRomster, any ideas why when I Dockerize an X app say xchat for demo purposes none of the fonts of any widgets render? I just little square boxes02:15
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diversejaeger: glad the new machine is working out05:07
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korijust ported libuv
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koriopenfbtd: same for luajit06:55
koriif anyone is interested06:55
Romsterprologic, the square boxes are there because it can't load that glyph. make the program use another font. or your missing the font cache stuff in the post-install scripts.07:44
Romsteri'm not in the habit of taking selfies but there you go07:48
koriso I couldn't sleep and I decided to sit down and do something07:49
korithat was the result07:49
RomsterLICENSE file i see we generally strip them out07:53
prologicRomster, you look different from what I remember :)07:53
Romsterkori, and i see indentation error on neovim/Pkgfile for url and packager.07:53
Romsteroh your used to the evil table tennis pic are you.07:54
koriI'm going to clean up the Pkgfile indentations07:54
prologicyeah we've had some interesting debates over LICENSE flies07:54
prologicI personally think they're a waste of space07:54
prologicand we're packing up the software07:54
prologicso it's up to the user to comply to the LICENSE :)07:54
koriI guess that's a good point07:54
prologicwe're not "distributing the software" as such07:55
Romsteri think it came down to since we are source based the source is easily available07:55
korimost of my packages install the LICENSE unless it's not included07:55
prologicjust a Pkgfile that builds the software07:55
prologicRomster, precisely07:55
Romsterpersonal repos do what you like.07:55
prologicI'd leave it out kori07:55
koriRomster: I agree though07:55
prologicbecause it's still in the source tarball07:55
prologicin /path/to/port07:55
prologicalso re font07:56
koriI'm new to ports so I just did what I was used to do on Arch07:56
prologicso I imagine I'm missing a lot of xorg-fonts?07:56
Romstermkfontscale and the other stuff. possibly what fonts have you installed?07:56
korioh yeah, regarding my font packages, I gotta fix the dependencies and add that post-install script07:57
prologicgood question07:57
prologicwhat does prt-get depisnt gtk07:57
prologicget you?07:57
prologicany fonts at all?07:57
prologicsee I was playing around with Dockerizing X apps last night07:57
prologicand built a crux/gtk base image07:57
prologicand then a crux/chat that used that as a base07:58
prologicnone huh07:58
Romsteryeah fonts are not installed by default.07:58
Romsterprt-get deptree gtk |grep font07:58
prologicso ideally I really need a crux/x base image07:58
koriRomster: I noticed some of my font ports are overlapping with yours07:58
prologicthat installs what?07:58
prologicall of xorg plus some fonts?07:58
prologicseems pointless :)07:58
prologicmaybe crux/gtk could just installs some xorg fonts in it's image07:58
Romsterkori, i was around already just tell me whats out of date and i'll fix them.07:59
Romsterbut then you can do what you like with them anyways in your collection07:59
korioh nononono I'm not telling you that07:59
prologicso probably install these as a minimum?07:59
prologicthat's all I ahve on my desktop07:59
Romsterthrow them on see how it looks08:00
koriI'm just telling you if you want to drop them, I can maintain the fonts08:00
koribut only if you want to, of course08:00
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Romstermaybe i don't hold a lot of trust in other repos so i usually fork and put it in my collection08:00
Romsterunless the repo had a ton of interesting ports and is maintained. :)08:01
Romsterand is around to fix anything i pointed out broken.08:01
koriI want to make a ton of font packages because fonts are always great08:01
korialso, opinions on infinality?08:02
Romsternot seen that Pkgfile it up?08:03
korinot my port08:03
korialso, fontconfig-infinality08:03
Romsterwhos got that08:03
korithere ^08:03
Romsterhmm he has cloned lua and lua52 as well08:04
openfbtdHeh. pacman packaged for crux08:05
Romsterkori, you can grab and edit to your liking.08:05
koriRomster: I maintain a slightly modified version of freetype2-infinality locally08:05
Romsteri haven't seen this repo before.08:05
korimade specifically to replace opt/freetype08:06
Romsterkori, it's fine to add it to your collection. but its nice to ask them to consider the changes if you use there ports.08:06
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koriI have this /usr/ports/custom/ folder08:06
Romsterto replace freetype hmmm wonder if it breaks anything08:06
korifor modified ports that I don't plan to push08:06
koriRomster: nope08:06
koriit actually makes things better08:07
korimake sure to install fontconfig-infinality too08:07
koriif you're going to install it08:07
korielse, there's not much point08:07
Romsterwell how do i get to yours if you don't publish them08:17
Romsterand how different are they to mikejsavage08:17
korioh huh? I thought I had added in the infinality-ultimate patches08:18
koriguess they aren't different in any way, whoops08:18
Romsterprologic, so if i had a second pc setup with docker i can export and import the docker image and run it there.08:23
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korithis took me some time08:25
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korialright, updated REPO file08:26
koritime to sleep08:26
Romsterg'night kori08:26
Romster all verifies so far :)08:29
openfbtdDoes someone here use st?08:45
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prologicRomster, that's precisely the point08:50
prologicyes :)08:50
prologicbuild once08:50
prologicrun everywhere08:50
prologicDo you have a Docker Hub account yet?08:50
openfbtdIt seems like st can't be build statically08:51
openfbtdOr I am doing something wrong >_>08:52
Romsterprologic, i made one already08:54
prologic* Running IRC as root is stupid! You should08:54
prologic  create a User Account and use that to login.08:54
prologicfonts work :)08:54
prologicat least the concept works08:54
prologicI can Dockerize X apps (CRUX based)08:55
prologicI suppose I could make the creation of a user done at startup through an entrypoint :)09:01
prologicso you'd end up doing: docker run -i -t -e DISPLAY -e USER -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -v $HOME/.Xauthority:/root/.Xauthority --net=host crux/xchat09:02
Romstereven root in docker isn't really wise i guess.09:06
prologicwell it's not that bad really09:08
prologicyou'd be hard pressed to break out of the container09:08
prologicand I believe they're addressing the issue of uid=0 on the host == uid=0 on the container09:08
prologicso in upcoming releases it won't really matter at all09:08
Romsterso it wont be uid=0 in the guest?09:09
Romsterdo they even use the VM notations of guest and host. is it even a VM?09:09
Romsternot really a virtual machine as such. as a virtual container or something09:10
Romsteri wanna fie up gentoo and arch in docker and mess with them.09:10
prologicthinking about trying out weechat09:11
prologicsince it's pluggable and I can write plugins in Python09:11
prologicnovak__, guest is invalid terminology09:11
prologichost and container09:11
Romsternoticed thought the defaults. 100GB data and 2GB for metadata arn't using my 200GB LV and 5GB meta LV, then i need to increse my 10GB limit for the bigger stuff.09:11
Romsterbut then it has big fat warnings if i increase that.09:12
prologicgo right ahread09:12
prologicdki gentoo09:12
prologicdki arch09:12
Romsterisdki a shortcut to docker?09:12
Romsteris dki*09:12
Romsteror anotehr pypy thing09:12
prologicweechat is pretty interesting09:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: prt-utils: update to 0.9.809:29
prologicoh prt-utils? what's new?09:30
juenothing fancy, only some fixes09:32
prologic^^^ how to enable 256 colors in xterm09:33
prologicahh k09:34
Romsterits in the changelog of the source right jue ?09:45
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juesure ->;a=commitdiff;h=8c3e89e4311ccd93cc6df7d936b71ce7e88f53c009:53
Romsteroh its hosted there cool10:09
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openfbtdRomster, btw12:15
openfbtdA helper for overlayfs chroot mounts12:15
Romsterdid you write that openfbtd ?12:19
openfbtdConverted to POSIX sh just now (ended up being very simple, I didn't use lots of bashisms in that one)12:20
openfbtdIt's a trivial script, but it's annoying to mount all the needed stuff in chroots12:21
openfbtdAnd overlayfs is a bit annoying to mount itself12:21
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Romsteroh but i do have docker now12:24
openfbtdI dislike docker for simple stuff as it leaves a lot behind12:24
openfbtdAnd cleaning up temporary containers is annoying12:25
openfbtdOtherwise I get a nervous tick every time I do docker images or docker ps12:25
Romsterdocker rm ...12:26
openfbtdYEah, every time.12:26
openfbtdMeh. I use docker for other things12:26
openfbtdAlso waiting for overlayfs support in it, AUFS can be slow12:26
Romsterhonestly think everyone has gone docker crazy in here lately12:27
openfbtddocker is the new hot thing12:27
Romsteri'm using real lvm12:27
openfbtdIt'll pass12:27
Romsterwish shitsomd would pass12:27
openfbtdNot that it's not awesome.12:27
openfbtdJust.. not The Silver Bulet12:28
Romsterit is but why does it have to be used for /everything/12:28
Romsterore useful for uploading a site on a server.... but bitlbee in docker why?12:28
openfbtdAnd the systemd craze will also pass. When it consumes all of linux.12:28
Romsteryeah after it's devoured everything12:47
skrzypHow much I'm wrong if I modified firefox pkgfile to 33.1.1 version (from 33.1) and added --enable-gstreamer=1.0 to support media playback?12:52
openfbtdTree fiddy12:55
Romsterskrzyp, i can go one better romster/firefox-pgo12:56
Romsterhas gstremer enabled12:56
skrzypRomster: what other options besides of gstreamer did you enabled in your -pgo build?12:57
Romsterenable tests and PGO12:59
Romsterit compiles runs tests then compiles again giving gcc optimal information so it runs faster but takes twice as long to build13:00
skrzypwhat's a PGO?13:01
skrzypah, ok13:01
skrzypwell, standard firefox builds an abot 2h for me13:01
skrzypso I'll just put your build for night13:01
RomsterGCC Profile Guided Optimization13:02
skrzypthanks for info13:03
Romsterno problem13:14
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asiesomething odd happened and my email didn't arrive at the portdb registration, it seems... is there a way to ask here or should i just send from another mailbox?13:17
asiealso, potential idea: have the PortDB grab package versions from packages, so that I don't have to manually look them up13:18
xeirrrRomster: do you remember what patch mhe_ use for glibc? He is not here.13:19
skrzypasie: o/13:21
skrzypRomster: btw. I found that you have a lot packages in you repo, how you can just manage that amount of ports?13:21
asieif anyone's curious, my (slowly growing) repo is at
skrzypasie: nobody car… oh, wait, we're at #crux13:22
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Romsterxeirrr, some hardend patches i'm not sure which13:25
Romsterasie, best to poke teK_ sepen that does the portdb admin email is busy.13:27
xeirrrRomster: OK :-)13:27
joacimasie: have i seen you in /g/retro?13:28
Romsteryou can probably get them from gentoos hardened glibc13:28
skrzypjoacim: probably yes13:28
asiejoacim: yes you have13:28
asiei'm the channel creator of all things13:28
joacimoh my13:29
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xeirrrit's 10:21 pm , need to sleep :)14:21
skrzypis'a 15:21 cet14:46
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koriRomster: Aye, I verify my ports before pushing them16:24
diversetilman: do you know what this if check does?;a=blob;;h=1bbb83d518fd7e49f0c3655ca76d5e18b3e6121f;hb=HEAD#l42016:34
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diversealright, I now see it checks if the file is a regular file...16:55
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nbinoHello, can some one point me "how to" to use gpg, at the moment to encript passwords on config files.19:16
nbinoI was reading arch wiki, is that ok ?19:16
nbinohy kori19:17
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mercurial: 3.2 -> 3.2.120:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: qemu-agent: 2.1.1 -> 2.1.220:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wireshark: 1.12.1 -> 1.12.220:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mpd: 0.19.2 -> 0.19.420:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: freeciv: 2.4.2 -> 2.4.321:00
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diversepkgutil::pkg_install() is a bitch to figure out, I swear22:06
diversearchives are not fun22:23
diversealright, time to take a shit on and work on pkgadd.cc22:25
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nbinoI'm tryng to configure gpg, so I don't use plain text on config files,22:43
nbinois my first time using gpg, I have created the keys,22:44
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Worksternbino, on gpgme itslefs config or all configs in /etc ? i don't see how programs can read it. best to use LUKS on /etc or all of root22:59
nbinosorry Workster I don't explain my self well. I'm tryng to hide the passwords on config files in my home directory23:04
Workstergood going china23:05
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diversethat's typical of china23:06
diversewell chinese government to be fair23:06
diverseI feel bad for xeirrr23:07
diversefreedom of speech is not china's forte23:10
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diversenot being able to install firefox add-ons, big ouch23:18
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