IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2014-11-24

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diversekori: so what's new?00:15
koridiverse: not much, you?00:15
koriwell, I spent like two hours yesterday porting neovim and its dependencies00:15
koriso that was fun00:15
diverseWell, I hit a mental block on my Rust project and I'm having a hard time trying to reach the author who made an libarchive-like Rust lib00:17
diversekori: so it's been very frustrating00:18
nbinocan some one help me a bit to configure gpg-agent ?00:23
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diversenot an expert on gpg, so I hope that link helps00:28
diversekori: so what's special about neovim?00:30
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nbinothanks diverse !00:31
diversenbino: no problem, when it doubt, see if there is an archwiki about it00:32
diverseor a wiki about it in general00:32
diversekori: I like what I see:
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nbinoI was reading that article in arch, I'm not sure what to put on .gnupg/gpg.conf00:34
diversenbino: it tells you right there: "use-agent"00:35
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nbinodiverse: I have that, and some global var in bashrc (tty) and bash_profile00:41
nbinowhen I try gpg-connect-agent I get IPC problem,00:41
nbinoand in msmtp I think the error is more related to pinentry,00:41
diversehmm... I wonder if tcp_wrappers would be the one at fault here?00:44
diverseprobably not00:45
nbinoI don't know what is tcp_wrappers :(00:47
koridiverse: aye00:48
diversekori: I like this list:
diverseespecially the "set nocompatible" as I never understood why that wasn't default in vim00:49
koriyup :D00:50
diverseand default to utf00:50
koriI'm not sure why people cling on to old encodings00:50
diversebecause they're old farts... no offense leo!00:51
diversekori: it would be like telling C coders to use Rust.00:51
koridiverse: ehhhhh I guess00:51
koriactually no00:52
diversewell it's a metaphor00:52
koriit'd be telling C programmers to use <miraculous programming language> :DDDD00:52
diverseso are you currently using neovim instead of vim?00:54
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koridiverse: I also removed vim :D00:55
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diversekori: so which interface does it use for the gui?00:55
korieh? I don't use the GUI00:56
koriand even then I'm not sure if it supports the GUI yet00:56
diversewell it's flexible headless gui setup seems promising00:57
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diversekori: I assumed they trashed gvim?00:58
koripretty much00:59
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diverseso other than the changes they mentioned, have you experience any other differences in neovim or is pretty much the same?01:00
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koridiverse: it's a bit snappier01:02
diversein which way?01:02
koriloads quicker01:02
diversethey must of done some excellent refactoring01:03
korithey removed a bunch of old code01:03
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diverseI suppose a smaller binary would make it a bit faster to load01:04
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nbinodiverse: I read more carefully the arch wiki, and I was able to run the agent from the command line by copy the same command they use to lunch on systemd01:05
korilunch on systemd??????????? nooooo, I don't wanna get fat01:06
nbinoI know, sorry my bad english :D01:06
nbinowhat I want to mean is: I run the gpg-agent the same way arch calls "ExecStart"01:07
diversenbino: don't worry about kori's teasing01:07
diverseand I'm glad it works for you01:09
diverseprobably want to make an alias to that command01:09
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nbinoI will give a try to systemd OS when it supports wine01:10
nbinodiverse: shuld I do a rc.d or .bashrc ?01:11
diversenbino: I think a .bashrc alias would be fine01:11
nbinodiverse: thanks01:11
diverseand I don't recommend you use systemd at all ;)01:11
korinbino: oh heh I was just making a joke but it's cool that you got it working01:12
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nbino:) kori no prob at all ;)01:12
korithat was just too good of an opportunity to pass up01:12
nbinoI was reading neovim conversation, very interesting,01:13
diverseyeah, neovim seems really promising. If you are okay with just using the cli editor, go with it01:13
nbinoyes, I'm using vim cli, not very expert, but I don't go back to other gui editors01:14
diversein the long run, it will have better architecture to support multiple interfaces01:14
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nbinoit can be "included inside" other programs, is that correct ?01:15
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diverseI don't know much about the embedding application feature, but I suppose so.01:16
diversekori: do you know anything about the "first-class embedding"?01:16
korineovim is going to be split01:16
koriso it's going to be a client-server relationship01:16
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diversewait, doesn't vim already have that? Or is it only gvim?01:17
koridiverse: nope01:17
korigvim is a separate application01:17
diverseso only gvim had it01:18
korineither vim or gvim work this way01:18
diversekori: how is it different from ?01:19
joacim"so it's going to be a client-server relationship"01:19
joacimI hate working with software like that. It is always such a hassle01:19
joacimreason why I don't like to use mpd and xmms201:19
koriI think they're going to make vim into a library soon01:20
diverseI'm confused now01:20
koridiverse: let me get the page01:20
diverseplease do01:20
diversekori: so it avoids looping for editor state01:26
diverseor rather, embedded looping01:26
koriI don't know the details01:28
diverseand I guess this allows switching between state to be much faster, but how is this still different from vim's current client-server model?01:28
koridiverse: eh? are you sure vim uses client-server right now?01:30
diversekori: I just showed it to you01:31
diversethe feature is called "remote"01:31
koriI didn't click that01:31
diversevim had it for a long time01:31
koridiverse: it's detailed here
diversealright, I'll take a look01:32
diverseoh okay, I get it now01:34
diversethe extra indirection through a remote API allows people to adapt interfaces externally01:35
diverseso very similar to plugins but for interfaces01:35
diverseso many people can write their own interfaces if they wanted to01:36
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diverseor perhaps, say hypothetical neovim-gtk and neovim-qt interfaces can both communicate to the same server01:38
korinot can01:38
korithey will01:38
korialso, it'll allow for things like putting vim in your browser01:38
korifor any sort of text editing01:39
diverseor rather you might be able to continue your text editor from the cli to the web browser? ;)01:39
korithat may be possibl01:40
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diversethat would be a benefit of a client-server app01:40
koriI love the client-server model01:40
korimpd for example is one of my favorite programs01:41
korijoacim: why do you find it a hassle?01:41
diverselike for example, if you used tmux, you open up a session and then open up another terminal and run "tmux attach" you attach your terminal the existing tmux server01:41
koriI'm using tmux right now01:41
diversegood, so you get the idea01:42
diverseopen up another terminal and run tmux attach01:42
koriwell duh01:42
koriI usually use dtach01:42
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diversewell I'm just saying, you can use the same session within other terminal emulator or virtual terminals at the same time, without the need of dtach.01:43
diversesimilar to the gui idea for neovim01:43
koridetaching/attaching is neat01:43
joacimit is extra work. I don't want to launch a daemon/service just to do something as mundane as playing a flac file01:43
diverseI'm not talking about detaching here01:44
koridiverse: oh yeah I'm just saying01:44
korijoacim: eh, ideally you'd have the daemon running already01:44
joacimmpd and xmms2 has their places, but I don't think they fit well with the way I want to listen to music01:44
korimaybe not then01:44
joacimand i don't want to keep a music daemon running in the background in case i want to listen to music01:44
diversewell not everything is perfect for the server-client model01:44
Romster<diverse> pkgutil::pkg_install() is a bitch to figure out, I swear <- just redo the logic and figure it out that way than the code.01:45
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diverseRomster: I can't figure it out because I don't know what the logic of some libarchive functions do and the docs are terse01:46
diversealso I think there is some functionality missing in tar-rs, which is why I want to talk with acrichto, but does seem to be able atm or at all...01:47
diverse*doesn't seem01:48
Romsterthen look up the libarchive docs?01:48
Romsterrust probably hasn't got all the support of it yet?01:49
diversetar-rs, the library, doesn't seem to, but I want to ask first01:49
diversebecause maybe I haven't seen other ways01:50
Romsterinstalling is 1) backing up the database, 2) untar the package to the system 3) get the list of files from the tar archive and add that to the new database 4) if all went well remove the backup database01:50
Romsterif it fails revert the database.01:51
Romsterdoes need checks for free space and write permissions to database and system installing.01:51
Romsteri'd recommend bsdtar wrapper to rust01:52
diverseI know, but that's a bird's eye view of what the code does exactly01:52
Romsterwith a bunch of checks thrown in... heck i'm not sure but you could copy those files that will get over written to a temp location so the whole process can be reverted01:53
Romsterit woulnd't take much thinking to have it atomic01:53
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diverseI already got pretty much all the database stuff handled, it's just the archiving is a bitch01:54
Romsteranother words predictable logic01:54
Romsterable to undo if it fails at any point.01:54
Romsteryou got wrappers to libarchive?01:55
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diversethere is this but it's pretty much outdated:
diversewhere as tar-rs is developed and maintained by one of the rust developers, so it's always up to date01:56
diverseand it's soooooooooooo easy to write code it01:56
Romsteroh the other thing to keep in mind, default to building pkgutils staticly. it's abotu the only thing we should have static. update libarchive or something and pkgutills stops working and ya screwed -_-01:56
Romsterwhere is tar-rs url?01:57
RomsterCargo files don't even list what C libs they require.01:59
Romsterif it's tar or bsdtar01:59
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diversetar-rs, I think, is an tar lib written entirely in Rust02:00
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Romsteroh thats even better but has it got enougth support for our needs02:00
diversethat's what I want to find out (as I said over and over)02:00
diversetar-rs is even used in the cargo project to build it02:01
Romsterthats just tar itself then nothing else on compression after02:01
diverseI know, zlib is a different matter02:01
Romsterthats a strait up archive fully in rust.02:02
diverseand I can't blame for making pkgmk a bash script either02:02
Romsterpkgmk as shell yeah, dunno if its even wise having that as compiled to call the shell.02:02
diverseI dunno02:03
Romsterperhaps there can be hooks in it to compile packages in docker before they are installed on the system. make a hook users can do the commands todo the jobs *shrugs*02:03
diversebut at this point, I don't want to fiddle with compression coding in Rust, because I don't think there is a wide variety of support for different compressions02:03
Romsterchroots/docker/fakeroot setup building.02:03
Romsterbut i'm getting ahead of myself.02:03
Romsterjsut get it working with tar for simplicity to begin with.02:04
Romstermakes it easier on you02:04
diverseyeah... I know... but right now I'm struggling with that02:04
Romstermail the guy hes probably that busy with rust02:05
Romsteri have to go again02:05
Romsteri don't get time to sit and think02:05
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Worksterfeels like i did nothing but go over the same shit diverse already has02:17
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xveehey guys02:47
nbinohi !02:52
xveeits been quite a while...lots of new faces02:52
korihey hey hey02:52
joacimxvee: hello02:54
xveejoacim! nice seeing you on here. thought you'd disappear before i had disappeared myself lol02:55
joacimI never left =)02:55
xveehow have you been?02:57
joacimnever been better =)02:58
xveeoh? no longer melting in the heat?02:58
joacimnope. temperatures are pretty damn good now02:58
joacimwell. this night is a little hot02:59
joacimgot myself a nice new cardigan, so all i need now is some nice boots for winter02:59
korijoacim: huh? 6C? hot?03:01
joacimyeah i get clammy03:02
xveethats cold status, but im in california. anything below 60 is cold03:02
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nbinoI'm configuring msmtp, when I run the command passwordeval on terminal "it works", but don't work when calling via mutt03:08
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Worksterinternet -_-03:38
Worksterhi xvee oh hes already gone03:38
diverseyeah I just came back with a fresh mind03:38
Worksterfixed 4 computers fixed 2 iphones so far so yeah it's impossible for me to think03:40
xeirrrWorkster: what's wrong with those 4 computers? :)03:53
Workstereveryting from hdd failurwa to virus to data corruption03:58
diverseand you fix roughly 500 iphones a week, right?03:59
Worksterno that many03:59
Worksterbut i have in total fixed 130 or so to date03:59
Worksternot that many*04:00
xeirrrvirus? oh, that's the word which never appears to me04:00
Worksteryeah  od't get it at home just clients at work04:00
diversexeirrr: in other words, malware04:00
diverseoh I see04:00
diverseyeah being a Linux user has it's benefit04:01
xeirrrYeah. Most if the time, we fix Windows problems if at work04:02
diversexeirrr: btw, from a recent article that Workster pasted, are you still able to download firefox addons? The article said that the chinese government blocked that site (out of many) for downloading.04:04
diverseassuming you use firefox04:05
xeirrrdiverse: that's the problem I am dealing with04:05
diversethat's a big ouch04:05
xeirrrCDN is blocked04:06
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diversexeirrr: how do you deal with all of these problems the government throws at you?04:09
xeirrrdiverse: use proxy, or ssh04:09
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diversethank goodness for ssh04:09
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xeirrrdiverse: yeah. ssh works.04:12
diversexeirrr: now that I recall, you used to use openvpn, but somehow that stopped working?04:12
xeirrrRight, OpenVPN is also another problem.04:13
xeirrrThey can block you 2 days later04:14
xeirrrI really feel ashamed for our government to talk about this04:15
xeirrrThey don't know what the word freedom means04:15
diverseI'm sorry to make you feel uncomfortable. I was just curious from an outsider point of view.04:18
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diverseTotally offtopic, I was thinking about using openvpn a while ago to access a web browser game that is only playable inside another country, but I had a hard time getting it to work. Then when I discovered about openssl and heartbleed, I totally got turned off by openvpn for using openssl :)04:23
diversexeirrr: ^04:25
diversealthough I can show you this interesting site I found:
diversehopefully that isn't blocked04:28
xeirrrdiverse: it shows the connection was reset04:36
xeirrrIts blocked04:36
diverseit was a list of VPN servers, but I'm not surprised04:36
darfowrong window04:38
diverseno problem, continue on04:38
xeirrrI can see it via online proxy04:48
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Worksterthey can block as much as they like it's like tying to use a net to stop water05:15
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nweGood morning06:23
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nwehello Romster07:07
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Romsterhi nwe07:38
xeirrrdiverse: there is a screenshot about Firefox add-ons:
xeirrrI can open add-ons manager, but no further click. :(08:15
Romsterxeirrr, chinas great firewall08:18
xeirrrRomster: Right. we usually use its abbreviation GFW08:23
Romsterguess everyone curses at it.08:26
Romsterwhats the big deal with it anyways. freedom of speech?08:26
Romsterdo you even have to proxy to use freenode?08:27
xeirrrfreenode is free to access08:28
Romsteri'm amazed08:29
xeirrrBut some websites, like Facebook, Twitter , and Youtube, are forbidden08:29
xeirrrRomster: nothing is better than having a try. You can travel to China, and see what it really means.08:33
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Romsterguess i wont find any proxies in china to go in <<08:34
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xeirrrRomster: you can set ssh server in your home08:36
mhehi guys, I had some spare time this weekend and tried to install pkgutils on lfs, after a few hickups I managed to get it working quite ok, so my next step will be a minimal lfs install and installing pkgutils on it, I was wondering if there is any info on a bootstrap install and what dirs and configfiles are different from a standard lfs08:37
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Romstermhe, i woulnd't think much other than /usr/share/man than crux's /usr/man08:38
mheand blfs bootscripts for example are similar to what crux uses?08:40
mheI had build pkgutils and started adding a few packages without problems, I could use pkgutils to install ports, right?08:43
mheI am at work now, will be able to experminent later on08:43
mheI wonder how safe it is to upgrade a package I had built by using pkgadd -f package.pkg.tar.gz08:46
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mheI mean that I want to install v1.1 over v1.0 while I had built 1.0 with lfs make and make install and 1.1 is a package :)08:47
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mheonly reasing for this is testing gcc 4.9.2 with glibc 2.20 and possible problems08:53
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asieteK_: i was asked to poke you to add my repo to the portdb09:02
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teK_name, mail, repo-name and repo address (+type)?10:09
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: xscreensaver: 5.31 -> 5.3210:45
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asieteK_: Adrian Siekierka (asie as my nickname), kontakt at asie dot pl, repo name "asie", repo URL http;// (or - not sure which one you want), type httpup10:52
asieteK_: did i miss anything?11:07
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frinnstdoes anybody own a non android/ios device that they are satisfied with?12:00
frinnstlollipop is shiiiiiiiiiiiiit12:00
xeirrrMaybe blackberry?12:23
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frinnstback on kitkat for now12:52
frinnstI feel violated D;12:52
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Romsterdoes Symbian from nokia count before they ditched it13:15
Romsterso what was so bad on lolipop?13:16
joacimfrinnst: how bout jolla?13:26
joacimlollipop is pretty shit indeed.13:26
joacimthey killed the best email and gallery applications. new calendar is a massive downgrade.13:27
joacimthe only good thing about it that i see is that you get encrypted storage13:28
frinnstyeah forcing you to use gmail is pretty horrible and gallery wont even start without g+13:54
rmullHow do they force you to use gmail?14:04
EmoSpicefrinnst: What is everyone complaining about with Lollipop? I flashed the factory image to my Nexus 5 yesterday and it's been perfect other than one force close that was resolved by clearing the clock's cache.14:05
EmoSpiceThat isn't to say there's nothing wrong, I've just had a perfectly fine experience with it.14:05
joacimrmull: the old nice email application was removed, so now you must use the gmail application14:06
EmoSpicejoacim: Could you not use k9?14:06
joacimor find a third party client. I havent found a nice one yet14:06
joacimlooks kinda shitty tbh14:07
joacimk-9 that is14:07
EmoSpiceit does. I've heard it's great though (and get the apk from their site, not the play store version. apparently it's super behind)14:07
joacimi solved my problem by simply not using email on my phone14:08
EmoSpicePerfect solution!14:08
EmoSpiceI only use my gmail acct on my phone, so the gmail app is fine.14:08
joacimyup. no more annoying dongs or dings whenever someone sends me an email that i really didn't need to read14:09
EmoSpiceWell, I'm using inbox for the most part now.14:09
joacimusing quickpic as a gallery replacement. it works, but it is free14:09
EmoSpice"but it is free"?14:10
joacimi'm careful about gratis phone software14:10
EmoSpiceI'm not categorically worried by free apps, but I do pay close attention to the perms they require.14:11
frinnstmy mandatory gmail address is something like ""14:17
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frinnstvery useful to always have that showing14:17
frinnstalso stuff like appxposed wont work, so you cant control what apps are granted access too14:18
frinnstits always nice when app X needs access to your phone history, gps and other stuff14:18
frinnstand my android rsync client broke too. seems to not be allowed to download binaries for some reason. and its an abandoned project so..14:21
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joacimat least the camera application no longer crashes on my phone14:29
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renopthowdy doodly17:14
rmullrenopt: Hello17:21
rmullkori: Hello17:21
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korihello rmull17:22
renopthello rmull17:22
renopthow's the porting going?17:25
koriI decided to put down porting for today and update my custom ports17:26
koriugh nevermind I'm going to have to fix this musl port17:34
koriactually no, kris' port is clean17:34
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nbinoHi !18:49
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: grep: updated to 2.2118:52
nbinowhat a simpatic cruxbot :)18:54
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: libdevmapper: updated to 1.02.9220:23
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koriany plans to replace openssl?20:42
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux20:51
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frinnstkori: no, why?21:41
frinnstall other forks are still very young21:41
korifrinnst: eh? there's only two "active" forks21:42
korilibressl and boringssl21:42
frinnstwe havent started to look at crux 3.2 yet, but when we do we will look at all alternatives21:43
*** tvaalen has joined #crux21:43
korilibressl is probably the most attractive21:44
frinnsthave they done any "generic" releases yet? or is it still "just for openbsd"?21:44
korifrinnst: yeah, and there's a port for CRUX too21:45
korireplacing openssl is a bitch, though21:45
tvaalenThere are portable releases of libressl.21:45
frinnstyeah i bet21:45
tvaalenSo, I haven't been in cruxland for... years, and my memory fails me. Is it all "rolling release"?21:54
koritvaalen: from what i've understood, yes and no21:56
tvaalenAs in, from 3.1->3.2 or 3.1->4.whatever, I'll be able to just float along (unless something really big will change)?21:56
tilmantvaalen: pretty much21:57
tvaalenI remember some /dev-thing years and years ago where it would just be simpler to reinstall or something.21:57
frinnstnon breaking changes are rolling, major changes / breakage are usually held back21:57
tilmantvaalen: the move from devfs to udev maybe? =)21:58
tvaalenProbably, yeah.21:58
tvaalenWhen was that?21:58
frinnstcrux 2.1/2.2 i think21:59
korinext version of CRUX should be called 3.14 instead of 3.222:00
tvaalenThat's a while ago.22:00
tvaalenI remember CruxCon in Stockholm in 2004.22:00
tvaalenDamn, I've been away for a decade?22:00
tvaalenSo, another question:22:01
tvaalenWill I ever see systemd here?22:02
koriI'm new but I know the answer22:02
tvaalenWell, that's all. Carry on please.22:04
koriwait I can't carry because I can't get steam working properly22:05
tvaalenUrgh, didn't think of those types of packages.22:12
tvaalenBut it can't be impossible to port them over somehow, right?22:13
diverseoh wow, we have a crux veteran coming back?22:15
tvaalenIs that sarcastic?22:16
diversenope :)22:16
tvaalenIn that case, yes, kind of.22:17
diversewelcome back22:17
tvaalenMet jue once. And I believe one or both of jaeger and jdolan was over here in Stockholm for that con.22:18
jaegerwe both were, yes22:19
tvaalenThat was the days of pli and cptn. Where did they go?22:19
jaegerI haven't heard from either of them in a while22:19
jdolanpli races really fancy RC cars these days. cptn is doing really well afaict from facebook.22:19
tvaalenNice to hear.22:20
jdolancptn lives in San Francisco now.22:20
tvaalenHmm, for some reason I know he went over to the states. No idea why I'd know that though.22:21
frinnstpli was at oracle last i checked22:22
frinnststill in sweden iirc, but that was a few years ago22:23
tvaalenGood. Sweden is still the awesomest.22:24
frinnst20:50 <@frinnst>
tvaalenEspecially now with total darkness, rain and +1C.22:25
frinnstmade me all proud & shit22:25
tvaalenAnd Norway is still the horriblest!22:26
diverseouch for joacim22:27
diversetvaalen: so why is Norway horrible?22:28
jaeger <-- because no lions and tigers in norway!22:29
tvaalenThat's just how it is in the nordics. All of the countries hate the other ones.22:30
tvaalenBrotherly love/hate relationships.22:30
diverseI see22:30
diversejaeger: hehehe22:30
*** mechaniputer has joined #crux22:31
frinnstyep, norway is awesome22:31
frinnstall nordic countries are.. except for denmark. fuck those guys22:31
*** phant0mas has quit IRC22:32
tvaalenGave us PHP and stuff.22:32
tvaalenAnd the beer isn't all that great.22:32
frinnstthe danes have burned the town i live in atleast twice through history22:32
frinnstsome pretty nasty crap actually. but we dont care :D22:32
tvaalenWhat town is it?22:32
tvaalenYeah, they've been in Stockholm chopping off heads as well.22:33
jaegerthat means "fuck your couch" in danish, no wonder!22:34
frinnstactually the town was moved to protect from the danes.22:34
frinnstthe old town "Gamleby" (actually translates to "old town") still exists though22:34
frinnst</local history month>22:34
diversethe old town, old town, huh?22:35
tvaalenBut the important thing to remember is that danes are evil.22:35
tvaalenLet's leave it at that.22:36
korieh I think I screwed up so hard my system is FUBAR22:36
diversekori: just revdep it22:36
nwegaah the new synaptic driver doesnt work on my dell xps 13inch modell 9333 :(22:37
nwewhen I trying that I doesnt get reconize by the system :(22:38
nweI have the driver builtin into the kernel..22:38
diversego back to your older kernel I suppose22:39
*** mechaniputer has quit IRC22:39
nwediverse: yeah I have done that byt thats the kernel 3.14.822:40
nweI dont need to upgrade to newer kernel right now.. but would be nice if it would work. :)22:40
korinote to self: create a chroot when doing experimental work22:42
jaegeron a side note, which part of steam wasn't working for you?22:46
jaegerI've just recently started using it again on crux22:46
jaegerUsing it for in-home streaming to my TV22:47
korijaeger: after closing a game, it would segfault22:47
jaegera local game or streamed game?22:47
koriand it had a shit ton of errors when launching, and it wouldn't even launch properly22:47
korilocal game22:47
koristeam is butts22:48
jaegerI have borderlands 2 installed on it, I'll give that a try22:48
korinow, after some screwing around, games wouldn't launch at all22:49
korihey at least steam isn't really segfaulting on launch anymore22:51
koridid it segfault?22:51
jaegermy local BL2 test went fine, for what that's worth22:51
jaegerno segfaults, I was responding to your "wouldn't launch at all" comment22:51
korihow did you install steam?22:52
jaegervery barebones Pkgfile22:53
koriI listened to that interview you guys gave to linux action show? I think?22:53
jaegernice :)22:53
koriso I didn't ask about steam22:54
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC23:04
korijaeger: ever got this?
nbinoHello, I have installed crux from a debian, I never run "setup" (installer?), can this be problematic ?23:06
nbinoI'm tryng to configure gpg-agent, I think bash never call bashrc just profile,23:07
*** Workster_ has joined #crux23:08
*** Workster___ has quit IRC23:11
jaegerkori: haven't seen that, no23:16
jaegernbino: check the man page for bash, there's an 'invocation' section that details which files get run when the shell starts23:16
korijaeger: do you have zenity installed?23:17
jaegerkori: not at present, though I mean to install it at some point for error dialogs23:17
jaegerif you don't have zenity you still get them in the terminal23:17
nbinojaeger: for what I have read in man, I think bash is being call as sh.23:21
jaegernbino: if you didn't specify a shell when you created your user, most likely23:21
*** RobinStamer has quit IRC23:21
*** Faym has joined #crux23:21
jaegerchange your shell to /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh23:21
nbinoahh !!! :D23:22
*** nbino has quit IRC23:25
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC23:27
*** nbino has joined #crux23:28
nbinothanks so much jaeger23:28
nbinono I can carry on :) step by step,23:28
*** Workster___ has joined #crux23:31
*** Workster_ has quit IRC23:33
diverseWorkster___: so I think I solved one of the mysteries, where I didn't know what to do with archive_read_data_skip()23:35
rmulldiverse: What are you working on?23:37
diversermull: pkgutils23:37
diversefiguring out libarchive code can be a bitch sometimes23:38
*** Workster_ has joined #crux23:38
*** Workster___ has quit IRC23:39
diverseand the important thing is I was able to take the next step23:41
rmullYeah, but what's the goal? Just understanding it?23:41
diversebeing able to port the code to Rust23:42
diversegoes in a multi step process, read the code -> figure out the logic -> find a way to implement that same logic in Rust -> write the code23:43
diversestep 2 is the hardest part23:47
rmullah, interesting23:47
rmullI know nothing of rust23:47
koristeam won't work and I can't figure out why23:49
koriRIP steam 2014-201423:49
jaegerkori: you could always try removing its install dir and starting fresh, I guess. with that said, which video driver are you using?23:50
korijaeger: I tried that23:50
koriI'm using nvidia23:50
jaegerdo you have nvidia-32 installed?23:50
diversermull: nothing is stopping you from learning it... that of course you don't have a very intensive job that sucks up a lot of your time and mental energy23:50
jaegerdo other gl things work properly?23:50
koriI do'nt23:50
koriI don't23:50
koriwhen did I remove it...23:50
korilet's try again23:51
korinope, crash23:52
korijaeger: yeah, everything else works properly23:52
Workster_kori, prt-get depinst glxdemo-3223:54
Workster_try it see if it works23:54
Workster_think  named it right...23:54
koriWorkster_: nope23:55
Workster_prt-get fsearch glxgears-3223:55
korifound the port23:56
Workster_ah yeah23:56
Workster_i have steam running at home23:57
Workster_on nvidia and pretty sure jaeger does too23:58
Workster_not sure who else does23:58
koriglxgears-32 works23:58
jaegerdo you have mesa3d-32 and its deps installed?23:59
korijaeger: yep23:59
koristill crashing23:59
korithis is so weird23:59

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