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jaegerindeed. :/00:00
joacim23:31   @frinnst | yep, norway is awesome00:01
joacim23:31         ┗━ | all nordic countries are.. except for denmark. fuck those00:01
joacimI think sweden and denmark holds the record for the most wars fought between two countries00:01
korihrm, not sure what to do now00:07
kori┐('~'; )┌00:07
korieh this will be a similar experience to FreeBSD00:07
tvaalenDamnit, almost forgot I need some kind of disk crypto. What do people use for that?00:15
koridm-crypt w/ LUKS00:16
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tvaalenYeah, but do people use this:
kori┐('~'; )┌00:18
koriI use cryptsetup00:18
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Romstermost of steam bundles everything but i think i do need to bump ome compat-32 stuff lately and i haven't had time yet for that01:13
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Romsteralso work connection is being crap, getting it looked at tomorrow01:13
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korijaeger: do you have /dev/shm mounted01:50
diverseI recall xeirrr needing to mount /dev/shm to get his graphics driver working with mpv01:51
koridiverse: mpv works fine without shm but hrm01:52
diversekori: that was an issue with his graphics only01:52
korias in, here01:53
koristeam said this after crashing01:53
koriProcess 6124 failed to shm_open /kori-ValveIPCSharedObjects501:53
xeirrrkori, did you have a swap file or swap partition?01:53
korixeirrr: nope01:54
jaegerkori: yes, I do have it mounted01:54
xeirrrkori, you need have /dev/shm mounted in case of running out of shared memory01:54
korimaybe I should do something productive instead of trying to set up games01:55
diversexeirrr: so was the problem with mpv was running out of swap even?01:56
diversekori: didn't you make a lot of ports though? That was very productive01:59
koridiverse: eh, I guess01:59
diversedon't be hard on yourself02:00
xeirrrdiverse: mpv issue is because of my graphic driver02:00
korimy system is probably really dirty right now, revdep didn't return anything though02:00
koriI'd like to know what the fuck is up with steam, though02:01
diversexeirrr: how much memory does your gpu have?02:01
diversekori: you will figure it out eventually, just take a break02:01
Romstershm/dev/shm  tmpfs     defaults               0      002:01
Romsterin fstab02:01
xeirrrI did't see it at that time02:02
Romstermount shm02:02
koriwell, shm was populated by some steam files02:02
xeirrrMy laptop just have 2g ram02:02
koriit may work now?02:02
Romsteri think steam needs it. not certain though but i got shm on my desktop02:02
diversexeirrr: do you know the model of your amd gpu?02:03
koriwell, steam isn't crashing anymore02:03
koribut games aren't opening still02:03
xeirrrdiverse: it's an amd apu02:04
xeirrrdiverse: yes02:05
Romstermove the steam cache and install it again?02:05
Romsterafk back to work02:05
xeirrrdiverse: with radeon hd 632002:05
diverseoh I see, it's an integrated graphics cpu02:07
diverseso then it probably doesn't have additional memory for the graphics and relies on the system ram02:07
xeirrrdiverse: right. I should set a swap when I install it.02:08
diversexeirrr: and so you're running videos at like 1080p?02:09
xeirrrdiverse: usually, it's 720p. 1080p is a dream for me.02:11
diverseI guess without the additional memory, I think it's no wonder you need to mount shm02:11
diversebecause when I load a video from mpv, I see a little of my ram get used, but I think a lot of the video memory is going to my gpu ram as well02:13
diversexeirrr: so I think it's not because of the driver, but your hardware limitation02:14
diversexeirrr: but the point of an apu is to not drain a lot of electrical energy, so that your battery lasts longer02:16
xeirrrdiverse: right. I can use 4 hours nearly under crux without AC power plugged.02:17
diversealso keep in mind, running 64 bit apps requires more memory, usually, compared to their 32bit compiled counterparts02:20
diverseso thank goodness for shm02:20
xeirrrlol. Normally my work is dealing with customers' info and putting them into documentions. So libreoffice is my friends.02:24
xeirrrI guess most of you guys are doing programming stuff02:24
xeirrrneed to quit now, then I'll login with yaaic.02:26
diversewell I'm doing a source code port of pkgutils, I don't know what others are doing02:26
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diversewelcome back02:27
diversedid you statement right before you left?02:27
diverse*you see02:27
diverseno problem, here is what I said02:28
diverse"well I'm doing a source code port of pkgutils, I don't know what others are doing"02:28
nbinoI'm not sure what I'm doing, but I think is webdevelopment...02:28
diverseand I'm not doing it because I'm getting paid, but rather it's fun02:29
nbino:) nice, I'm geting bored of webdevelopment,02:30
nbinoI like php,02:31
korialright, steam seems like its fine02:31
diversenbino: then join the dark side of application development, we have cookies! (and not the web kind!)02:31
korinow, to get the games working!02:31
nbinodiverse: there is some quick how to ?02:32
diversenbino: to which in particular?02:32
nbinoI'm just start learning C :(,02:34
nbinoand now how a crux system "ticks"\02:34
diversenbino: there are tons of tutorials on C, it's really easy to find them:
nbinois ok to create a script in /etc/rc.d to set hdparm values ?02:36
nbinodiverse: yes, I think I start to understand the pointers, structs, headers,02:37
nbinothen come other tools, as make, gdb,02:37
diversepointers are just references to other data in memory, they are particularly useful when dealing with very large structs, because when being memory efficient you want to avoid making copies, so pointers exist. As for headers... well I wish they would go away ;)02:39
diversenbino: slow down and take it easy and learn one thing at a time02:41
nbinodiverse: why ? I use as documentation, is not api definition ?02:41
diversenbino: I was being facetious, I'm not a big fan of header files because of how old they are and how it does unnecessary duplication of function headers and code segmentation depending on how the person codes it.02:44
diversenbino: it's because I'm used to newer languages with a module system02:47
diverseyou can use them as API docs, but unless not commented well enough, you're better off reading the actual documentation which goes into full length of what a function does02:50
diversenbino: anyway, you seem knowledgeable of C already, I don't think you need a quick howto :)02:55
diversekori: how is steam working out so far?02:57
koridiverse: games still won't launch03:06
koribut at least steam ain't crashing anymore03:06
diverseone step out of a time03:08
diversekori: here is an idea, did you try running steam on a terminal and see what errors you get from launching games?03:11
koridiverse: no errors :<03:18
korithings just poof03:19
koriGame update: AppID 440 "Team Fortress 2", ProcID 14222, IP
koriGame removed: AppID 440 "Team Fortress 2", ProcID 1422203:19
korithat's it03:19
koriwhoops, not in rizon03:19
korianyways, I open TF2, it closes, no errors, no nothing03:20
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nbinocan I change default value to march=native in /etc/pkgmk.conf, will this break the sistem if one packages have been compiled with diff options ?04:27
nbinos/sistem if one/system if some/g04:28
rmullnbino: You'll be fine, go ahead04:32
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dodobirdswhy iptraf is no longer on ports?06:24
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diversedodobirds: there appears to be a fork called iptraf-ng:
diverseperhaps you can make your own port of that06:41
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Romsterhi pitillo07:09
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dodobirdsiptraf is a powerfull tool tho07:13
dodobirdsbut ok i;ll look forward to it07:14
Romsterdoes't look like much to port it07:19
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mhehi guys, still building my LFS with pkgutils, so far so god up to automake but I was wondering what I should do for the bootscripts? so far, I tried to stay true to lfs concerning /usr/share/man so I changed the Pkgfiles accordingly08:10
mheit took me a while to be able to install pkgutils, firstly I followed up to after gcc, added missing files and dirs from the filesystem Pkgfile from crux08:12
mheafter gcc, I installed libarchive and porg to log the packages afterwards08:12
mherebuilding file and zlib with pkgutils worked, I only managed to install pkgutils after bzip2 and after bash I installed xz and then pkgutils was succesfully installed, Makefile needs adjustment to disable --static08:13
mheI will put all my install issues somewhere online when I finish the base system and again with kernel and manage to make it bootable :)08:14
Romstermhe, maybe add it as STATIC?=yes in the file and ifdef it as taht and if make STATIC=no then don't do static.08:17
mheI could try that later at home :)08:21
mhebc-1.06.95 failed unfortunately08:22
mheused bc-1.0608:22
Romsterhmm wonder why08:22
Romstersome projects notably freedesktop use .9xxx for beta releases before the main release.08:23
Romsterlike so so that .95 might be older...08:24
Romsterbut then they usually relase 1.17.0 after
Romsterso it's probably newer and has issues still08:25
Romsterand 1.07 isn't out due to them issues08:25
mhewell, I added pkgutils to my manjaro-openrc install and since it uses the same toolchain as my lfs-crux, I just used that to build a pkgutils package of bc-1.06.95 without problems08:27
mheI will update my home lfs-cruxbox with that later08:27
mheany update on this? the chroottesting page on the crux is for 2.4, the ppc is 2.708:31
mhebc 1.06.95 came from the apha site, so it is a testrelease08:39
mhe1.06.95 is sep 2006, 1.06 is nov 200008:40
mhemust be stable software :)08:40
mheonly debian will stay on 1.04, ow no, now that they went systemd they love experimental software08:41
Romstergeez stable alright08:42
Romsterexpect a new release in 100 years lol08:42
mheI just checked core again and I cannot find a package in crux that installs the initscripts08:43
Romstermhe, feel free to use my chroot guide
mhethis is usefull concerning init though:
Romsterbeen reliable until recently something broke it.08:44
mhethanks Romster08:45
mheso for the initscripts I will copy the /etc/rc* files from a working install and adjust08:47
mhemy "newest" laptops are fast08:48
mhethis one is i5 quad up to 3.2ghz turbo08:48
mhemy lfs-crux hardware is i5 quad 2.6ghz :)08:48
mheone SBU is like 70sec08:49
Romsterid like to add SBU on crux but i never really bothered too.08:49
Romsterdistcc/ccache would ruin that for setting the units.08:49
mheI don't really care either but I remember having to wait for hours on LFS in the past and then the buildtime info is usefull, for when I can leave the box08:50
mheon my crux install (core2duo 2.4ghz) I try to recompile dependent packages as much as possible08:51
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mheI should set up distcc there08:51
Romsteri haev a few of those that were jsut gonna be thrown out so i turned them in for distcc use.08:52
Romsternew upgrade oh i don't want my old pc anymore, ok... back of the car.08:53
mheI can set up a buildfarm as well08:53
mhegot like 5 laptops compiling08:53
Romsteri'm at 20 cores now08:53
Romstergeez laptops08:53
mheyeah, portable shit08:54
mhemostly dells, asus, a hp and a lost pm 1.6ghz toshiba08:55
mhe2 i686's, my toshiba and asus eee, slow as hell to compile08:56
mhethat is way I dedicated one dell core2duo to run i68608:56
mheI saw some posts about musl09:02
mheis there someone trying to make a musl-based crux?09:02
Romsterdid you pick these up as left overs from upgrades broken screens etc?09:04
Romsterdead batteries09:04
openfbtdWrote a function into my bashrc that creates new files with shebangs in them :D09:09
openfbtdGot tired of writing them manually all the time09:09
diverseheh :)09:10
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mhethe toshiba was a trow-away and because my mom and dad both needed a new laptop, I bought a bunch of to be refurbished ones09:11
mhemy asus eee was a leftover from work09:12
mhewould have cost me more to get all the working ones I have now :)09:12
mheal are A- except for the i5 quad 2.6ghz hp that had a bad fall and smudged screen but works fine09:13
frinnstsome nasty bugs in docker09:14
frinnstDocker 1.3.2 - Security Advisory [24 Nov 201409:15
openfbtdThx, updating09:17
diversethat would be a big deal for prologic09:26
frinnstThe following fatal alert was generated: 70. The internal error state is 105.09:38
frinnstdont you just love microsoft error logs?09:38
frinnstso informative09:38
mhereport a bug: doesn't present useful errors09:41
mhereply: this is not considered a bug09:42
frinnstdo you have a url for microsofts bugtracker? :)09:42
mhenot that I know, what program is spewing this errors09:42
mhewhere is the PKGMK_WORK_DIR variable set?10:13
mheseems in /etc/mkpkg.conf but on my manjaro-openrc where I installed pkgutils it is wrong :)10:31
mhefor each mv $PKG/... it fails :(10:43
mheI will need to dive into that later today10:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: docker: 1.3.1 -> 1.3.210:49
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rmullLet's say I have an open source python script that I wrote running on my machine. It generates a result that I want to share with people online. What's a good way to ensure that the version of source code they have is the same one that generated the result?11:05
rmullWhat I mean is that they want to be able to verify that I did not maliciously modify the script to affect the output versus what they expect from the open source code11:07
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xeirrrDiverse: My laptop CPU model: AMD E-450 APU with Radeon HD Graphics12:43
xeirrrdiverse: sorry, wrong spell, see my former message. :)12:45
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koricargo isn't ported16:11
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diversekori: well I technically ported it myself, but you won't be able to build it with the latest rust, yet.17:34
diversexeirrr: I got both pings, not to worry.17:34
diverseit seems like the capitilization of my name doesn't matter for weechat ;)17:41
koridiverse: hrm rhm17:42
diversekori: they recommend you use nightly builds, but I don't want to use an old rustc version17:42
koriI'm using nighly, but cargo didn't build17:43
diverseoh is that so?17:43
diversewell don't worry about it for now, just put off for now17:45
koriI can't remember where I put the Pkgfile17:45
korifound it17:45
diversewhen Rust hits 1.0, things should be easy peasy17:46
korioh this happens when compiling rust-openssl17:46
diversethat's what I got too, it seems some of the crates are not updated which prohibits it's build it17:47
diverselike I said about Rust 1.017:47
diversekori: although I used to thought the nightly provided a binary too17:50
diversewell, I just tried the latest commit and it still fails too17:55
korieError loading shared library Exec format error (needed by /home/kori/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_64/gameoverlayrend17:58
koriError loading shared library Exec format error (needed by /home/kori/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_64/gameoverlay17:58
diversesounds like you need to rebuild mesa3d or something18:01
kori⟩ pkg which /usr/lib32/
koripkginfo: no owner(s) found18:01
diverseah I see, you are probably missing some 32bit packages, like glibc-32?18:03
korinope, it's there18:04
korilast time I uninstalled glibc-32 it was a baaaad idea18:04
koribut I'll try recompiling it18:04
diverseI said, rebuild, not uninstall18:04
diverseyeah uninstalling any glibc would be cutting your balls off18:05
koridiverse: yeah I understood18:09
koriI'm just saying I learnt not to remove glibc-32 ever again :D18:09
diverseand what I'm saying is, don't even dare remove plain glibc, unless you have a live cd to recover from18:11
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koriif you were to do some crazy package swapping you COULD manage that18:13
diversejust be careful18:13
koricompile a package against something like musl, link it, then install musl @ /lib, then link against those libs, then you'd manage without glibc18:13
koribut meh18:13
korialright, time to rebuild glibc-3218:14
diversego for it18:14
diverseand rebuild mesa3d, while you are at it18:14
korijust did18:14
diversehmm, kori do you use nvidia?18:16
diverseand you have nvidia-32 install, correct?18:18
diverserebuild that too18:18
diverseand do the gl-select dance18:19
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SirRafiki /msg NickServ identify i'mdumbman18:27
SirRafiki#fail rs'18:28
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koriI'm so lost18:31
diversekori: what happened?18:49
koridiverse: same errors18:51
koriI am not sure what changed at all18:51
koriI'm going to try something later18:51
koribut for now, I'll be gone18:51
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diversesup leo-unglaub20:39
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koriI can't test steam because of steam guard and openmailbox not working right now :<21:47
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diversejaeger: were you able to get steam working before on Crux?22:10
jaegerI never got it working 100% in the past. Either the controller or sound or something would fail. But this last weekend with my new build I didn't have much trouble22:11
diversecould you help kori out? He is having issues with launching games22:11
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koriwell, I can't really look into it now, steam guard is in the way and openmailbox is currently under maitenance22:14
diversewhat is steam gaurd?22:15
jaegerIt sends you an email when you access steam from a new device22:16
jaegeryou have to put in the code it sends22:16
koriI removed my steam folder to test22:16
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jaegerso if your mail host is down, you're screwed until they're up again22:16
koriand since I can't access my e-mail, I can't really get the code22:16
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Worksterdid you forget your email pass or something?23:10
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diverseWorkster: no, his email host is not working at the moment23:14
Worksterah that blows23:15
diverseespecially when kori needs it to use steam23:16
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Worksteryeah i'm familiar with that activation code23:18
*** Workster has quit IRC23:23
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Worksterwhat they need is a way to have secondary email addresses even SMS a code to you23:34
koriwhat are some good, trustable, reliable e-mail hosts?23:43
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux23:46
joacimI've seen people recommend fastmail and hushmail23:47
joacimI'm using fastmail myself, but I can't say if they're trustworthy or not23:48
korihushmail is compromised23:48
korinot sure about fastmail23:48
joacimit is compromised?23:49
joacimonly way to be sure is to self host23:49
joacimhwo is it comprimised?23:49
joacimsaw some blog post somewhere about the fastmail people saying they're safe from that stuff due to them being located in australia23:52
joacimtheir servers are still in america tho23:52
tvaalenQuestion is if it matters how trustworthy they are. Considering the Lavabit-story it's probably a no-no no matter what provider you use.23:54
tvaalenWhen people start threatening you with jail if you don't hand over the keys idealism usually goes out the window.23:55
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