IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2014-11-28

WorksterEpsylon3, welcome to crux where it takes some figuring out sometimes.00:00
Epsylon3i discoverd slax some days ago00:01
Epsylon3which seems not really active regarding ports00:01
Epsylon3no way to find an updated amd package for the R9 28500:01
Worksterwe haven't got many ports but there also easy to make too.00:01
Epsylon3in fact im trying to create a "Crypto mining usb key"00:01
Epsylon3seems to be the same base00:02 packages00:02
Epsylon3more for alt coins00:02
Epsylon3its me ^^00:02
Worksterso many different crypto coins will we ever be able to have a single virtual currency00:03
Epsylon3so ports -u done (after the netword/keymap manual config)00:03
Epsylon3bitcoin is not perfect00:04
Epsylon3high transaction fees, huge database and slow transactions00:04
Epsylon3but its the trading base yep00:05
koriguys, I may have figured out my problems with steam00:05
koriI did STEAM_RUNTIME=0 steam00:06
koriand this showed up00:06
Epsylon3so ports -u... then its prget ?00:06
Epsylon3prt-get ok00:07
Epsylon3seems to install00:07
Epsylon3cuda will be missing i guess00:07
koridiverse: I did some googling and STEAM_RUNTIME=0 may save my life, steam complained I'm missing libraries00:11
koriso this is a case of missing dependencies00:11
Epsylon3arf kernel sources required... build -> /usr/src/linux-3.17.100:11
Epsylon3or headers00:12
Worksterkori, did you enable compat-32?00:17
koriWorkster: yeah00:17
Worksterkori, prt-get fsearch them files and then depinst the *-32 ports for them00:18
koriWorkster: just did, don't worry00:18
Epsylon3i fear the sysup00:18
koriI know what i'm doing00:18
korithese errors I got were cryptic00:18
koriand it didn't work, what the hell is going on >.>00:18
Worksterwhos steam port and what dependencies does it list i'd like to make a steam port that pulls all needed deps in from the word go00:19
Worksterusual methods do not work on the steam binary00:21
Epsylon3this guy rewrite every distro lol00:23
Epsylon3gcc miss the colors :)00:24
Worksteryeah i noticed that00:25
Epsylon3i hope all these build artifacts are not stored on my key (sysup)00:25
Epsylon3not sure where it build00:26
Worksternot sure what the deal with that guy is or what it offers00:26
WorksterEpsylon3, see /etc/pkgmk.conf00:26
Worksterby default in /usr/ports/<collection>/<port>/work/00:27
Epsylon3its deleted after ok :)00:30
Epsylon3colors are maybe only in 4.900:31
Epsylon3i had a python wrapper for other versions also00:31
Epsylon3wasnt expecting source build on sysup ;)00:32
Epsylon3its more like Arch so00:32
*** jdolan has quit IRC00:35
*** jdolan has joined #crux00:35
Epsylon3how are built packages with kernel modules ?00:39
Epsylon3i mean, for kernel sources or headers00:39
Epsylon3its downloaded on the fly or there is a package ?00:39
Epsylon3or... we need to git clone kernel sources ?00:40
Worksterpretty_make or something else Epsylon3 ?00:44
Worksterkernel headers are on the system00:48
Epsylon3oh, maybe not in this version00:48
Epsylon3in /usr/src ?00:48
Epsylon3the ones used in the packages00:50
Epsylon3like nvidia module00:50
Epsylon3the 3 things linux lacks for the public00:53
Epsylon3the 3 most common graphic cards00:54
Workster/usr/src is the kernel soruce but headers go with glibc00:54
Worksterprt-get cat glibc00:54
Worksterand modules are make modules_install from the kernel source and go in /usr/lib/`uname -r`/00:55
Epsylon3yep ive seen that00:55
Worksterwhere other ports like virtualbox and quemu something goes into as well. and nvidia00:55
Epsylon33.12 headers00:55
Epsylon3not what i want in fact00:56
Epsylon3im cloning sources00:56
Worksteryou could just wget the tarball00:56
Worksterthe git tree is gonna be over 2GB00:57
Epsylon3git clone --depth 10000:57
Worksterah that'll help00:57
Epsylon3--branch ...00:57
Epsylon3its how travis do it00:57
Worksterlike having smart people around.00:57
Epsylon3in fact travis rebuilt on all branches by default00:58
Epsylon3on each new commit or pull request00:58
Epsylon3the machine i test has two cards01:02
Epsylon3a R9 285 and a 750 Ti01:02
Epsylon3both "green" cards01:02
*** tilman has quit IRC01:04
joacimI wish someone made green cards again01:04
joacimeverything is so black and boring now =)01:04
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux01:05
*** tilman has joined #crux01:05
*** xeirrr has joined #crux01:07
Epsylon3yep, even my 750 Ti is a black edition lol01:09
Epsylon3but stay 2x less than the 28501:09
Epsylon3in Watts01:09
Epsylon3Workster, is there some channels or something01:11
Epsylon3i see git rebuilt to v2.2.001:11
Epsylon3dont need the last versions of all ;)01:11
Epsylon3sysup will take the night i guess01:12
*** dougiel has joined #crux01:28
RomsterEpsylon3, what channels?01:32
*** dougiel has quit IRC01:33
Epsylon3like stable experimental01:40
Romsternah we don't have that we are like stable bleeding edge kinda.01:58
Epsylon3the cpuminer seems to build directly, nice :)01:58
Epsylon3dont had to install curl and ssl includes01:58
Romsterthey are in core already01:58
Romsterfinddeps cpuminer01:59
Epsylon3nice choice01:59
Romsterprt-get depinst prt-utils01:59
Romsterit'll list things it depends on.01:59
Epsylon3there is already a cpuminer package ?01:59
Epsylon3finddeps... on the binary ?02:00
Epsylon3will try to learn tomorrow how to make a new package02:01
Epsylon3seems more complicated if sources are required02:01
Worksterno on the package name02:09
Epsylon3yep ive seen that after02:09
Epsylon3but i want to make one ;)02:09
Epsylon3well tomorrow02:09
Worksterbecause we are source based we keep includes02:09
Epsylon3in fact more than one...02:09
Epsylon3libcuda will be requiered before02:09
Worksterlike me over 300 and counting :)02:09
Workstercuda is in nvidia02:10
Epsylon3oh nice :)02:10
Worksterif you use that02:10
Epsylon3let me build it so :)02:10
Epsylon3i made a Ctrl+C during a sysup (building firefox)02:13
Epsylon3i hope that will not break all the things ;)02:13
Epsylon3hop delete firefox02:13
Epsylon3too slow for me, even on windows02:13
Epsylon3these aufs should be able to use local swap partitions  ;)02:15
Epsylon3to speed up the things02:15
Worksternah wont break.02:15
Epsylon3blkid or swapon -a should do it02:19
Worksteri provide some pre-built packages you can pkgadd with ie firefox.02:20
Worksterswapon -a i s done when you boot the macine up jsut add swap to /etc/fstab and point it to a device. and mkswap on thatdevice.02:21
Worksternote mkswap wipes data02:21
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koriyo jaeger, have you ever had problems with
diversekori: didn't I tell you, you will find out, eventually? ;)02:44
koridiverse: this is absolutely cryptic02:44
koriI thought it had something to do with missing libraries but no02:44
koriI have NO idea what's wrong, i'm basically walking in circles02:44
diverseaww... :(02:44
diverseI guess you are thinking of wine'ing it?02:46
korinot really02:46
koriI'll try creating a chroot for steam after I give up, hopefully I'll have fixed it before I do give up, though02:47
koriI get a bunch of these kinds of errors02:47
koriError relocating /home/kori/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_64/ __cxa_pure_virtual: symbol not found02:47
diverseand you tried googling?02:48
korieverything points to libgl errors02:49
koriso does steam02:49
koribut I have /usr/lib32/libGL.so02:49
kori points to which is part of mesa3202:50
kori⟩ pkginfo -o /usr/lib32/libstdc++.so02:52
koripkginfo: no owner(s) found02:52
diversekori: I think what GhostSquad57 explained here about the "You Have To Win The Game" directory, overwriting your LD_LIBRARY_PATH env var, might be what's causing you trouble:
diversebecause steam is probably not looking at the right path, it can't find the right compiled symbols to run the games02:58
diverseyeah and this is pretty cryptic too, sigh ;(02:59
koridiverse: do you have steam installed?03:02
koriI need to check something.03:02
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*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC03:23
*** _root_ has joined #crux03:27
_root_hello @/03:27
_root_prologic: hello sir; your alarm-clock port produce mismatch at md5sum level03:28
_root_=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:03:28
_root_MISSING   16e475548255c0166eb8c357128ecd5d  download.php?version=1.2.303:28
_root_NEW       3510d6ab1a2b638bf30a3ed6794b99fb  download.php?version=1.2.303:28
_root_=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/PKGS/alarm-clock#1.2.3-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.03:28
*** jdolan has quit IRC03:28
*** henesy has quit IRC03:31
prologicgreat :)03:31
prologicI'll fix it03:31
_root_prologic: hello back; i  was about to shoot you an e-mail. So could you do it soon. I am on some hvy medication. and I keep missing them.03:32
_root_prologic: it is so bad to be sick and have to meet a dead-line03:33
_root_thank you03:33
_root_prologic: also on the matter of nginx+some_stuff docker; It keeps returning funny errors; I am trying to fix them. but I am WORKING ON IT.03:35
Worksterkori, you did depinst mesa3d-32 ?03:35
prologicI think alarm-clock is abandonded software03:35
koriWorkster: yeah03:35
prologicI might just remove it03:35
_root_prologic: any other option I might have; like alternative package/sotware or else ....03:36
prologictry using remind :)03:36
koriI installed this steam-32 port and now I got this: libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found03:36
korilibGL error: failed to load driver: swrast03:36
koriError: OpenGL GLX context is not using direct rendering, which may cause performance problems.03:36
_root_prologic: could you fix its md5; it built fine just that error03:37
Worksterkori, /usr/lib32/ ->
prologicbecause the website seems to have gone03:37
Worksterits in core/gcc03:37
prologicyou can ignore the md5sum error03:37
prologicit's only a warning03:37
_root_prologic: how?03:38
_root_what was the switch03:38
*** xvee has joined #crux03:39
_root_prologic: could you look at this please?03:39
Worksterkori, what video driver are you on?03:39
Worksterthen be sure you got nvidia-32 installed and that glxdemo-32 runs correctly.03:41
Worksteryou did the gl-select use xorg; gl-select use nvidia dance?03:41
_root_prologic: ?03:42
Worksterother than that mine works on nvidia-3203:42
Worksterwhat graphics card is it?03:42
koriNvidia 9500 GT03:43
koriWorkster: the thing is, this worked FINE before03:43
Worksteroh thats way old03:43
koristeam crashed after closing a game but that was due to not having shm mounted03:43
Worksteryou probable need to downgrade the nvidia and nvidia-32 ports.03:43
*** henesy has joined #crux03:43
koriWorkster: eh, it was working with the ports before03:43
koriglxgears works fine03:44
WorksterAs NVIDIA dropped support for G8x, G9x, and GT2xx GPUs with the release of 343.22, now use version nvidia-340xx03:44
kori⟩ pkg ls | grep nvidia03:45
korinvidia 340.58-103:45
Worksterthen your ok...03:45
Worksterand nvidia-32?03:45
korisame version...03:45
prologicprt-get depinst alarm-clock -im03:46
xveetake it you got bumblebee working kori?03:46
*** jdolan has joined #crux03:46
Worksterbeats me other than card does not support what steam requires03:46
korixvee: eh? I don't need bumblebee03:46
Worksteri have a gts250 and that works fine03:46
xveemy bad. i thought glxgears was part of bumblebee. suppose its a nvidia thing03:47
koriWorkster: as I said, steam was working fine before ('sides the crashing problem, but I fixed that"03:47
prologicglxgears is part of meda3d03:47
prologicprt-get fsearch glxgears03:47
Worksterso how do yousee what errors are spitting out some env variable?03:47
prologicthat ):03:48
koriWorkster: I open steam from a terminal03:48
koriglxgears-32 working fine here: /home/kori/local/pkg/mesa-demos-32#8.2.0-1.pkg.tar.xz03:49
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC03:49
koriregular glxgears works fine too03:50
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux03:50
*** jdolan has quit IRC03:51
Worksterkernal has that compat32 thing enabled?03:52
koriyeah, everything's fine03:52
korithere's no reason for this to not be working03:52
koriat all03:52
Worksterprobably wouldn't run steam at all without that03:52
Worksteryeah no idea03:52
korimight just install an arch chroot03:53
Worksterelf tools on that and see what you come up with?03:53
Workstereh i got steam native in crux works fine.03:53
Worksteras for other stuff why not docker than a chroot.03:53
koriI've never used docker03:53
Worksteri see icu <<03:55
koriprologic: woah03:55
_root_kori: what was the name of your font again03:55
korithe bitmap one?03:56
_root_kori: 07:22 < kori> eh03:58
kori_root_: PM03:58
koriis icu normally compiled with clang?04:06
prologicomfg mpd needs boost to build04:09
prologicand boost is HUUUUGE04:09
koriyeah :04:10
koriI was pretty sad about that too04:10
koriI like mpd too much though so I just caved04:10
prologicyeah I do too04:11
prologicbut still it's pretty insane04:11
korihey, at least it's not webkit04:11
korireally though, webkit is really annoying to build.04:12
prologicI spose it could be worse04:12
prologicbut really04:12
prologicI think I'm going to have to get serious about that ci for crux04:12
koritakes me 43 mins here, and look at my processor04:12
koriIntel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz04:12
prologicand get binary packages automatically built for things04:12
korimy CRUX install is all over the place04:13
prologicmany things I'm now running as docker containers :)04:14
prologiccould even Dockerize mpd too actually04:14
prologicI'm not sure why I don't :)04:14
korifrom what I've seen, docker is a huge thing in CRUX04:14
koriis that true?04:14
prologicit is for me :)04:14
prologicI'm probably the biggest proponent04:15
prologicfuck this :)04:17
koriI tried that04:17
jaegerkori: I'm back now, ever get steam figured out?04:17
korijaeger: nope04:17
koriit has something to do with libGL and libstdc++ but I have both those present04:17
jaegerI don't think I installed much of anything extra for it, just mesa3d-32 and nvidia-32. I use pulseaudio as well but that's not the problem with yours04:18
jaegerwhat does 'file' say about all your copies of those libs, 32 and 64?04:18
kori/usr/lib32/ ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, stripped04:18
kori/usr/lib32/ ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, stripped04:19
kori⟩ file /usr/lib64/
kori/usr/lib64/ symbolic link to `libGL_so_1_2_nvidia'04:19
kori/usr/lib64/ ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, stripped04:20
jaegerlooks normal04:20
korijaeger: I have nvidia-3204:20
korishouldn't the lib32 libGL point to the nvidia lib?04:20
korilike the lib64 does?04:20
jaegerno need04:20
jaeger <-- my steam Pkgfile, for reference. Very simple04:21
korijaeger: aye, I was using your Pkgfile04:21
jaegerI've never messed with STEAM_RUNTIME, for reference. My intent was basically to only install a minimum of things that steam needed outside of its own ubuntu bootstrap04:23
prologicthere is a --without-boost04:23
prologicbut mpd's source is hard coded to use boost libraries04:23
prologicbah humbug :)04:23
koriprologic: yep :D04:23
korijaeger: hrmmm04:23
prologicwhat a pita04:23
koriI am really not sure what broke.04:23
prologickori, I'll package mpd up for us as a Docker image04:24
prologick? :)04:24
korilet's go to plan B then: install arch chroot04:24
koriprologic: eh? I already have mpd and boost built04:24
koriI needed boost for ncmpcpp too04:24
koriso yeah...04:24
prologicdocker run -i -t arch /bin/bash04:25
diversekori: I don't use steam04:25
koridiverse: alright04:25
diversesorry to hear things aren't working out though :(04:25
jaegerkori: what do you get from ldd on that object?04:26
prologickori, it's definately possible to get steam working on crux04:26
prologicI did a while ago04:26
prologicpersist with it :)04:26
koriprologic: it is, since I did get it working04:26
koribefore it broke04:26
korigames worked, but steam crashed after closing a game04:26
korithat was due to shm not being mounted04:26
RooseveltBeen working on obconf-qt with qt5 can't get it to compile :( I only got 2 more packages to have a complete working lxqt lxqt-common lxqt-session I should have used qt404:27
jaegerok, that's odd04:28
jaegerwhy does the so in ubuntu12_64 link to 32-bit libs?04:28
jaegerwhat does file say about it?04:29
korioh? you meant in ubuntu12_64?04:29
jaegeryeah, the one you pasted in
jaegerusually the exec format error error is about 64-bit libs failing to run on a 32-bit system or 32-bit libs failing to run on a 64-bit system without proper multilib04:30
jaegerok, that one looks normal04:30
jaegerfor what it's worth none of the hacks there were needed on my system04:31
korijaeger: same, until it broke04:32
jaegerperhaps it would help to look at it from the other side: what's customized or different about your install vs. a basic crux install?04:33
jaegerhave you manually set LD_LIBRARY_PATH anywhere?04:33
korijaeger: I don't have custom nvidia ports or anything, and no04:34
diversejaeger: I pointed to him this link which might be the problem related to LD_LIBRARY_PATH
diversejaeger: that is, if that "You Have To Win The Game" directory exists04:37
_root_what is the wm?04:37
jaegerlooks like 2bwm, maybe04:37
kori_root_: awesome04:37
korihe's using awesome04:38
jaegerkori: what if you try setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH explicitly before launching steam? or try to run the game directly?04:38
_root_and in its bar; how to add icons (icon fonts) in the bar04:38
korijaeger: I've tried to run some games directly but then there's DRM04:38
korijaeger: I have tried that04:38
korino luck04:38
koribet this isn't your regular steam problem :P04:39
diversekori: can you show us what the steps you are doing?04:39
jaegerSorry, I'm out of ideas... but it seems to point to the wrong libs being used at runtime04:39
koriI could do this:04:39
koriget my CRUX usb thing04:39
kori"upgrade" to 3.104:39
koriand check if it works with those packages04:40
koridiverse: what do you need? exactly?04:40
diversekori: like what did you just typed in to try running steam04:40
korijust "steam"04:40
koriand for the other tries, I kinda forgot.04:41
diversekori: sigh, I think what jaeger was talking about was doing: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/lib steam04:41
diverseand you did that?04:41
korican you wait a sec? I'm going to try to troubleshoot another problem with steam04:41
jaegerLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/lib:/usr/lib:/lib32:/usr/lib32 steam <-- something like that04:41
korijaeger: oh, I haven't tried that exact variation04:42
diversekori: see it helps to know what you are doing exactly before you dismiss the problem04:42
koriI get different errors now.04:42
diversepastebin them04:43
diversejaeger: I think the preinstalled libraries that are provided by steam are conflicting with the ones kori has installed? Like what was mentioned in the archwiki article?04:46
jaegerPossible, though it doesn't make sense that they'd give me no trouble but break for him04:46
jaegerunless there's some other factor04:46
jaegerkori: do all games produce similar errors?04:47
korijaeger: yep04:47
diversejaeger: actually, does he need the "/lib:/usr/lib" in his LD_LIBRARY_PATH? It should just point to the lib32, right?04:48
jaeger /home/kori/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_64/gameoverlay is a 64-bit object04:49
diverseI see04:49
*** Roosevelt has left #crux ("Leaving")04:49
jaegerkori: tried strace yet? looking at the second line in that paste throws the exec format error so that's as good a place as any to start. might be worth running strace to see which copy of it's trying to use04:51
korijaeger: I will04:51
korialso, what port owns /bin/shft?04:51
koripkginfo -o /bin/shft doesn't work here04:52
diverseprt-get fsearch shft04:52
koridiverse: that returned 25504:53
jaegerI don't have it on my system, how's it related?04:53
koriit ain't04:53
WorksterRoosevelt, be sure to use qmake-qt5 and not qmake04:56
koriWHAT THE HELL.04:58
korigames work!04:58
diversewhat did the trick?04:58
korihere's what I did04:58
koribefore strace steam04:58
korirecompile dash without musl04:58
koriinstall it again04:58
koriand launch04:58
diversewhat does dash have do with steam?04:59
jaegerdash and musl are things you might have mentioned when I asked about system customizations :)04:59
koridash was linked to /bin/sh04:59
korijaeger: I see04:59
diverseso musl is the problem?04:59
jaegerneither is a crux default04:59
koritime and time again, CRUX just proves to me its problems are 99% of the time PEBKAC05:00
koritime to play some games.05:00
jaegerlearning experience at least05:00
jaegermy steam/htpc box is all set up now, got the PS3 controller working via bluetooth yesterday05:01
koriI really have no idea what dash against musl has anything to do with libGL or libstdc++ and steam05:01
jaegerso steam, xbmc, wine, ps3 bluetooth all working05:01
jaegerNo idea there, I'm no alternative libc expert... but it seems that was the problem05:01
diversejaeger: I bought a DS4 controller a while ago just to use on my ps3, I really like it so far05:02
jaegerstill rolling with the DS3 myself05:02
Workstergeez kori05:04
koriWorkster:  to be fair, there's nothing that was pointing to dash/musl05:04
koriwell, at least this last problem was fixed05:05
Worksterjaeger and myself make sure 32bit stuff work. sometimes tek too.05:05
koriI have no doubts CRUX is the distro for me05:05
diverseI still don't get how a musl compiled dash would contrib to library loading errors...05:05
koridiverse: exactly05:06
koriit might have something to do with scripts05:06
Worksteri'd go talk to dash and musl devs on ths05:06
diversekori: that doesn't make sense05:06
korion another note: THE BINDING OF ISAAC REBIRTH IS SO SMOOTH.05:06
koriso awesome.05:07
koridiverse: eh05:07
korinot sure myself05:07
diversesome real black magic going on with steam05:08
jaegerperhaps related to one of the many libs it includes in its ubuntu bootstrap05:08
_root_how could I ignore md5sum mismatch?05:08
Epsylon3syslogd: /var/log/kernel: Is a directory05:08
jaeger_root_: pkgmk -im05:10
_root_jaeger: with prt-get?05:11
diversejaeger: so the steam runtime has to be exactly what ubuntu would use, all the way to the sh, for it to work?05:11
jaegercheck the prt-get manpage for --margs05:11
jaegerdiverse: I don't know, just guessing it's related05:11
diverseI wouldn't doubt you there05:12
jaegerIt's definitely not *exact* because I use bash and ubuntu 12 uses dash by default05:12
jaegerthey don't use dash linked against musl, though05:12
diversejaeger: but do you have dash installed as well?05:12
jaegerneither dash nor musl05:12
diverseI'm totally confused now05:12
jaegerIt was just a guess anyway :)05:12
diverseit's a pretty good guess imo05:13
jaegerI do have 501 ports installed on my steam box, heh05:13
jaegerok, 498. xboxdrv and sixad can go05:15
jaegerand scons as a dep05:15
diverseI suppose it has to do with musl more than dash, for probably embedding symbols foreign to gcc compiled objects, but why the /bin/sh would matter, I don't know...05:16
jaeger <-- theoretically every port installed on that system is a dependent of these leaf ports05:17
*** deus_ex has quit IRC05:17
jaegerdiverse: maybe more important than the symbols themselves is the relocation or even more prominently, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH order05:18
jaegersome override happening there that shouldn't, perhaps05:18
*** philopolymath has quit IRC05:23
*** darfo has joined #crux05:25
diverseI suppose kori was correct then. It's possibly the scripts.05:25
jaegeras a side note I find this shell function very useful: function sprunge() { curl -F 'sprunge=<-' < "$@" }05:26
diverseor rather, the scripts using particular features of the shell to load executables05:26
korijaeger: I have alias spr='curl -F '\''sprunge=<-'\'''05:27
korithen I just use spr < foo05:27
jaegerall kinds of options05:27
jaeger <-- also, if anyone's interested in a quick leaf ports script05:28
diversejaeger: by 'leaf' you mean orphaned?05:31
jaegerby leaf I mean it's at the edge of the tree and is not a dependency of something else05:31
diverseah I see05:32
jaegerfor example in that leaf list I pasted, mate/mate is a leaf because it's a meta port for the MATE DE. nothing depends on "mate" but "mate" depends on a lot of things05:32
jaegerit also points out that my mate-sensors-applet port has no (or incorrect) headers05:35
jaegerbecause lm_sensors should not be a leaf port :)05:35
diversebecause mate-sensors-applet should depend on lm_sensors?05:36
diverseas I thought05:36
diversejaeger: so in the pkgfile, do you have to ./configure it to point to lm_sensors, or does it find it automatically?05:39
jaegerits found automatically, nothing in the Pkgfile tells it where05:40
diverseso what happen is, you installed lm_sensors right after installing mate-sensors-applet05:42
jaegerno, I had to install it before, mate-sensors-applet won't build without it05:42
diverseoh, then why did mate-sensors-applet have no headers from lm_sensor?05:43
jaegerbecause I hadn't finished the Pkgfile until now05:43
jaegerits Depends on: line was blank05:43
diverseand you were test building in a chroot?05:45
jaegernot yet... though I do build in a clean VM before publishing new ports05:45
jaegerit isn't in the MATE repo yet, just my local system05:45
jaegerit works for me (tm) but hasn't been extensively tested yet05:45
diversewell that explains it05:45
koriany plans to replace pkg-config with pkgconf?05:46
*** sudobaal has joined #crux05:46
jaegernone currently05:46
diversewhat's the difference between them?05:47
Epsylon3there is netstat or busybox somewhere ?05:47
koridiverse: pkgconf is a drop in replacement05:47
koriapparently it's cleaner and faster05:47
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux05:47
jaegerit can theoretically avoid prelink issues05:48
jaegerhaven't used it myself05:48
_root_what is the difference between gstreamer and gstreamer-compat packages?05:48
jaegerEpsylon3: check for busybox. netstat is part of the deprecated network tools, ss probably does what you want now05:48
Epsylon3opened port list :p05:49
_root_does *-compat means 32bit?05:49
Epsylon3alias allports='netstat -a -e -p'05:49
Epsylon3you see which tool has a port open05:49
koriEpsylon3: huh05:50
jaegertry something like ss -ap05:50
Epsylon3ss ok :) tx05:50
diversekori: tcp ports05:50
koridiverse: aye05:50
Epsylon3indeed its also on ubuntu05:50
_root_jaeger: gstreaer vs gstreamer-compat?05:51
_root_the difference?05:51
jaegerI'm not very familiar with gstreamer but I believe they are different major versions05:52
jaegerask romster05:52
Epsylon3was right to make an alias ;)05:52
Epsylon310 years ago05:52
diverse_root_: just check the prt-get info, and you will see05:52
_root_jaeger:  jaeger at morpheus dot net is that you05:52
_root_diverse: the same05:53
jaegerIt is05:53
Epsylon3is there a command to show packages which can be updated ?05:53
koriEpsylon3: ports -d05:53
_root_jaeger: congrats; you are in the info of copat05:53
diverse_root_: they are not the same05:53
Epsylon3perfect tx05:53
_root_jaeger: compat gstreamer-compat05:53
_root_diverse: only Version if different05:54
jaegerthat's because I packaged them a long time ago, I don't use them actively anymore05:54
diverseright, because many applications still rely on the old 0.10 API...05:54
jaegerThe maintainer is the more important name05:54
_root_diverse: So i should remove the gstreamer and install that one i my application is asking for 0.10 version in compile time. yes?05:55
Epsylon3just to know, i use a variant of Crux... a fat sdcard05:55
Epsylon3= normal sd card i mean05:55
Epsylon3but... the question : the isohybrid version also use aufs ?05:56
diverse_root_: depends, you might need both gstreamer and gstreamer-compat, depending on what apps require05:56
jaegerit used squashfs long ago but not a union style fs like aufs or unionfs05:56
Epsylon3i mean for the changed files05:57
diverse_root_: 1.0 and 0.10 are completely different APIs, not the same05:57
Epsylon3i guess the isohybrid do that too05:57
jaegerif you're referring to some customized one, perhaps. the official ISO does not really have that05:57
jaegerit uses a tmpfs but isn't designed for long-term storage05:57
Epsylon3its only a setup ?05:58
_root_diverse: I am trying to build alarm-clock-applet source code and aks for gstreamer-0.10 so?05:58
Epsylon3live or setup05:58
jaegerit has a minimal live environment so you can do things like run sshd but NOT for persistent storage over reboots05:58
Epsylon3so the answer is not there :p05:58
diverse_root_: then it needs gstreamer-compat as a dependency05:58
Epsylon3im not familiar with this system...05:58
_root_diverse: thanks a lot05:58
Epsylon3but its perfect :)05:58
Epsylon3you break something, you delete the changes.dat05:59
Epsylon3and you retry05:59
Epsylon3i just need to know how to update a .sb05:59
Epsylon3or add some05:59
Epsylon3like... my local settings06:00
jaegeroh, you're referring to slax?06:00
jaegerI thought you were talking about crux, sorry06:00
Epsylon3i use CruxEx06:00
jaegerAh, ok. You might have to ask its author, it's not us06:00
Epsylon3yep, but same packages06:01
Epsylon3i wanted a recent kernel :p06:01
jaegerdoes cruxex package kernels?06:02
Epsylon3look like no06:02
Epsylon3not in /usr/src06:02
Epsylon3should be too big06:02
Epsylon3but kernel is in cruex/boot06:02
xeirrrJust compile a vanilla06:03
Epsylon3i love this slax system06:03
Epsylon3i need the sources or headers for nvidia...06:03
Epsylon3my sd partition was too small :p06:03
prologicI've never really understood how cruxex differs from normal crux06:03
Epsylon3i broke it on the first try06:03
Epsylon3prologic, slax system06:03
Epsylon3usb live06:04
jaegerit's a live removable media, not an installer06:04
prologicwtf is slax?06:04
prologicis that all? :)06:04
prologicso the crux iso on steroids?06:04
Epsylon3slax is a mini linux06:04
jaeger <-- here you go :D06:04
Epsylon3not source based06:04
prologicI've heard of it :)06:04
prologicjust not been interested enough really06:04
jaegerslax is neat, I've used it once or twice when I need a small system on USB06:05
jaegerthough these days I use system rescue CD from a PXE server mostly for that06:05
Epsylon3depends of the usage, but this kind of usb keys are really useful06:05
jaegerto correct myself, looks like CruxEX is both live environment and installer06:05
Epsylon3i dont see the installer06:06
Epsylon3but maybe i missed it06:06
Epsylon3i will not use X06:06
jaegerI'm just basing that comment on the text on his website06:06
jaegerI haven't used it myself06:06
Epsylon3i dont say its perfect (network config to do)06:07
Epsylon3and hald locks one minute on boot06:07
Epsylon3but the usb key fat system is really nice06:07
jaegerI've considered building something like that myself but haven't really had a need for it so far06:08 files like slax you can open directly with 7z06:08
Epsylon3i want to setup a mining key06:08
Epsylon3with a monitor06:08
Epsylon3its nice then to give it to somebody else06:09
Epsylon3you can even keep the key for the office, or the sdcard in your camera06:09
Epsylon3the base only take 400MB06:10
xeirrrJust from my perspective,it's a cluster06:11
*** z3bra_ has quit IRC06:12
Epsylon3also on the same usb key, ive slax + cruxex06:12
*** z3bra_ has joined #crux06:12
Epsylon3= 2 folders on the sdcard06:12
Epsylon3inside each distrib you have a boot folder06:12
Epsylon3you just run the script inside and that will update the boot system to use the distrib06:13
Epsylon3i guess that can be done on normal disks too06:13
Epsylon3or external ones06:14
xeirrrennn, Epsylon3, why not use jaeger's updated ISO instead of cruxex? that's more neat06:15
Epsylon3most important thing is... you boot it, you set the keymap06:15
Epsylon3hop reboot and its kept06:15
Epsylon3same for network etc06:15
jaegerthe updated ISO won't persist changes06:15
Epsylon3you dont redo 10x the same thing06:15
Epsylon3isohybrid is nice... for a cdrom ;)06:16
Epsylon3we have flash disks now ;p06:16
Epsylon3welcome to the 21th century06:17
xeirrrStill confused now06:17
jaegerisohybrid, uefi, and live media are all different things that can be related but are not required to be :)06:18
*** phant0mas has joined #crux06:18
Epsylon3i tested isohybrid with android-x8606:20
Epsylon3but was a hell to setup the partition and update the usb key06:20
Epsylon3dd each time of the whole stuff06:20
Epsylon3uefi boot06:23
Epsylon3ie.. i put the key, ive 2 choices to boot the same key06:24
Epsylon3normal usb and one which is uefi and doesnt work06:24
Epsylon3i remember something about a file to create on the root06:24
Epsylon3i got it working once on a usb key, but i dont remember how06:25
*** z3bra_ has quit IRC06:30
Epsylon3hmm well, was searching netstat to know if sshd was started forgot the goal ;)06:32
Epsylon3and in fact its not from slax06:33
Epsylon3its :
Epsylon3oh right, .sb files are in fact squashfs images06:35
*** xvee has quit IRC06:35
Epsylon3squashfs 406:35
*** jdolan has joined #crux06:36
*** xeirrr has quit IRC06:37
Epsylon3funny system to create packages06:38
Epsylon3like zip archives ^^06:38
*** jdolan has quit IRC06:40
Epsylon3ss | grep doesnt work :/06:49
Epsylon3udevd problem06:49
*** _root_ has quit IRC06:49
Epsylon3missed the flags :p06:49
Epsylon3so no, ssh is not started hmm06:50
jaegerperhaps you could use lsof -i :22 or pgrep -lf sshd, etc.06:51
*** xeirrr has joined #crux06:51
Epsylon3it works in fact, with -ap06:51
Epsylon3there is a service command ?06:52
jaegernot by default06:52
Epsylon3i found, the old method06:53
Epsylon3/etc/rc.d/sshd start06:53
nweGood morning06:55
Epsylon3finally will be more productive with the copy/paste ^^ than a second keyboard under my desk06:55
nweEpsylon3: if you want to see listen stuff with ss run ss -4 -l -n |grep <port>06:58
Epsylon3-l ok06:59
Epsylon3oh busybox is in initramfs nice :)07:00
Epsylon3i often need it for dos2unix and unix2dos tools07:00
Epsylon3working on multi platform projects07:00
Epsylon3sometimes i merge dos line endings07:01
*** hlavery1 has quit IRC07:04
Epsylon3Receiving objects:   5% (233193/4161796), 108.03 MiB | 13.16 MiB/s07:29
Epsylon3yep google mirror is fast :)07:29
Romstergoogle is into everything.07:30
Epsylon3they have that for android07:30
*** hlavery1 has joined #crux07:32
Epsylon3damn zram is not in kernel sources07:33
Epsylon3hmm it is07:34
Romstercompressed ram?07:34
Epsylon3its for /tmp07:34
Romsterah ramfs07:34
Epsylon3in fact its missing from my modules07:35
Epsylon3hmm i see07:43
Epsylon3# CONFIG_ZSMALLOC is not set07:43
Epsylon3well.. i dont care07:43
Epsylon3SteamOS 1.0-beta07:51
Epsylon3not sure how to install the cuda sdk to compile ccminer07:52
Epsylon3not sure which distrib is like crux07:52
*** sh[4]rm4 has joined #crux08:10
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC08:11
*** Feksclaus has joined #crux08:18
xeirrrYeah, on a dual core with CPU 1.65g hz, also concurrent make number set to 3, Then I compile Firefox, all spent me 5 hours and 23 munites. What a bastard laptop!08:29
Epsylon3c++ needs ram :p08:38
Epsylon3ccache could help08:38
Epsylon3damn cuda sdk, 1GB08:40
Epsylon3will be hard to compile from sources ;)08:40
Epsylon3its a cuda compiler08:40
*** phant0mas has quit IRC08:41
*** phant0mas has joined #crux08:42
Epsylon3[10445.182021] nvidia: module license 'NVIDIA' taints kernel.08:42
Epsylon3[10445.182023] Disabling lock debugging due to kernel taint08:42
frinnstHoly backlog, Batman08:44
Epsylon3i speak too much ?08:44
frinnsthehe no worries, i just logged on08:45
frinnstIf i missed anything important im sure someone will let me know08:45
Epsylon3sometimes i prefer prebuilt packages ;)08:47
Epsylon3nvidia package compiled08:48
Epsylon3filename:       /lib/modules/3.17.1-x86_64-cruxex/extra/nvidia.ko08:48
Epsylon3i had to download the sources08:48
Epsylon3and im on a usb key ^^08:49
Epsylon3linux live kit08:49
frinnstyes but you could mount a tmpfs for extra/faster storage08:50
frinnstor maybe im missing the point of the problem :)08:50
frinnstim slowly getting my caffeine levels up to normal08:50
Epsylon3oh in fact i just try to build my cuda miner08:51
Epsylon3+ nvidia driver install in parallel ;)08:51
Epsylon3now trying to install the cuda sdk to build it08:51
Epsylon3which take ages to decompress to /tmp08:52
frinnstyeah, thats why I suggested a tmpfs(ramdisk) to /tmp08:52
frinnstif you can spare the ram, that is08:52
Epsylon3oh its not08:52
frinnstdecompressing to a usb drive is usually slooow08:52
Epsylon3tmpfs on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw,relatime)08:53
Epsylon3its not /tmp08:53
Epsylon3arf ok thx :p08:53
Epsylon3 mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /tmp08:54
Epsylon3Disk space check has failed. Installation cannot continue.08:54
Epsylon3ok hmm08:54
Epsylon3Need 1573441536 bytes.08:54
Epsylon3i understand why zram now08:55
Epsylon3will mount bind08:56
Epsylon3mount -o bind /mnt/hd/tmp /tmp08:56
Epsylon3i put linux sources there too08:57
Epsylon3./ -override -toolkit -silent08:57
Epsylon31.5G erf08:58
Epsylon3du -sh /usr/local/cuda/08:58
Epsylon3its not the same thing08:59
Epsylon3its done :)08:59
Epsylon3this cmdline is the final solution09:00
Epsylon3ptxas info    : Compiling entry function '_Z24oldwhirlpool_gpu_hash_80ijPv' for 'sm_50'09:00
Epsylon3and compiled :)09:00 cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:01
Epsylon3ld config thing09:01
Epsylon3[2014-11-28 10:03:13] GPU #0: GeForce GTX 750 Ti, 2857 kH/s09:03
Epsylon3just need to put all this new libs in a package09:03
Epsylon3525M    /usr/local/cuda/lib64/09:04
Epsylon3will make a prebuilt .sb package09:05
Epsylon3missing symlink to libnvidia-ml.so09:14
Epsylon3ive /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
Epsylon3[2014-11-28 10:16:37] NVML GPU monitoring enabled.09:16
Epsylon3GPU=0;BUS=4;CARD=GeForce GTX 750 Ti;SM=500;MEM=2147287040;TEMP=47.0;FAN=35;FREQ=1241500;MEMFREQ=2700000;PST=;VID=10de;PID=1380;NVML=0;NVAPI=-1;SN=29713b3c-4423-f93d-f38e-53a6b82f6061;BIOS=|OS=linux;NVDRIVER=340.58;CPUS=4;CPUTEMP=37;CPUFREQ=3200000|Connection closed by foreign host.09:17
Epsylon3crux connected :)09:19
*** mhe_ has joined #crux09:20
*** mhe_ has quit IRC09:28
*** dxlr8r has quit IRC10:11
*** dxlr8r has joined #crux10:29
frinnstholy hell, hp microserver nl54 for 990 SEK. 4gig ram, no disk11:10
tvaalen1599 at dustin.11:12
frinnst inklusive moms ocks�11:16
frinnstthis will be my 3rd hp microserver :D11:16
tvaalenHmm, nice.11:30
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux11:50
*** ph4n70m4s has joined #crux12:10
*** phant0mas has quit IRC12:10
joacimthe one on is more expensive than it normally is :/12:14
joacimoh. they lowered it. it was a lot more expensive when i checked before bed12:15
*** ph4n70m4s has quit IRC12:21
*** phant0mas has joined #crux12:22
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC12:23
*** Pingax has joined #crux12:25
frinnstyeah they only let you order one, too12:26
frinnstalso if you login with a corp. account you cant get it for that price12:26
frinnstI have no idea what to use my 3rd for.. :)12:26
joacimtoilet server12:26
frinnstplease explain12:26
joacimI don't know how12:27
joacimi think they're missing something with the g8 microservers12:28
joacimthey're too expensive. the original was and is so cheap it makes almost no sense to build your own server.12:29
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux12:33
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux12:38
frinnsta few nice things with the g8 is the stackable switch12:38
frinnstalso you can get it with a xeon12:38
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC12:56
*** Pingax has quit IRC13:02
*** Pingax has joined #crux13:47
*** SirRafiki has joined #crux14:05
*** jdolan has joined #crux14:17
*** deus_ex has joined #crux14:17
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux14:29
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux14:38
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC15:06
*** phant0mas has quit IRC15:22
*** Roosevelt has joined #crux15:22
xeirrrneed to sleep now. have a good day,guys!15:28
joacimsleep well =)15:28
*** xeirrr has left #crux ()15:29
*** SirRafiki has quit IRC15:30
*** phant0mas has joined #crux15:33
*** sh[4]rm4 has quit IRC15:46
*** sh[4]rm4 has joined #crux15:47
*** Pingax has quit IRC15:53
*** SirRafiki has joined #crux16:20
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*** Pingax has joined #crux16:32
*** Pingax has quit IRC16:32
*** Pingax has joined #crux16:32
*** Roosevelt has joined #crux16:46
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*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux17:01
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux17:18
*** sepen has joined #crux17:22
sepenjaeger: do you receive my email?17:23
sepenjaeger: > private17:26
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC17:26
diverseoh wow, sepen is back!17:26
diversesepen: we really needed you for a lot of things for a long time17:27
sepenjust email me17:27
sepenATM I'm adding 2 new repos to our portdb and updating/etc. some ports17:27
sepenI'm active but don't have all the free time I want17:28
diversesepen: thanks for all the work ;)17:31
sepenwhat? :D17:36
sepensome people are doing hard work ATM but not me :P17:38
*** kori has quit IRC17:41
*** kori has joined #crux17:42
*** sh[4]rm4 has joined #crux17:52
*** nbino has joined #crux17:53
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC17:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libsdl: added patch to fix tearing issues when composite is disabled (thanks to Matt Housh)17:56
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux18:23
jaegersepen: thanks :D18:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libksba: 1.3.1 -> 1.3.219:03
*** kori has quit IRC19:38
*** kori has joined #crux19:40
*** kori has quit IRC19:40
*** kori has joined #crux19:40
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC20:03
sepennah, thanks to you for your email ;D20:15
joacimall that hard work you're doing is amazing20:30
joacimreally inspiring20:30
*** SirRafiki has quit IRC20:38
*** kori has quit IRC20:55
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux20:56
*** phant0mas has quit IRC22:07
Epsylon3jaeger, about
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux22:42
Epsylon3there is a missing link22:42
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC22:43
Epsylon3to libnvidia-ml.so22:43
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux22:43
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux22:43
Epsylon3like nvcuvid and vdpau22:43
Epsylon3nvml.dll on windows22:43
Epsylon3i see Maintainer: Matt Housh, jaeger at morpheus dot net22:44
Epsylon3jaeger, its the gpu monitoring api22:48
Epsylon3freq/temp/fan etc22:48
*** Feksclaus has quit IRC22:56
*** kori has joined #crux23:03
diversegetting my code to compile is a lot of fun in itself...23:26
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC23:28
prologicwee I got my VoCore today23:28
diverseprologic: neat23:35
diverselinux in your pocket I suppose23:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: iasl: updated to 2014110723:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: ipmitool: updated to 1.8.1523:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: virtualbox: updated to 4.3.2023:36
diverseprologic: the vocore + dock looks the most useful23:38
diverseso how do you hook it up to a screen?23:38
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC23:38
prologicI'm not sure you can23:40
prologicit's for IoT23:40
prologicstill trying to figure this out :)23:40
prologicjust got it this morning23:40
diversefinally got my code to compile \o/23:41

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