IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2014-11-29

Epsylon3ok in fact only is required for the runtime nice...00:07
Epsylon3cuda rt = runtime :p00:07
prologicoh man00:07
prologicnfi what to do with this thing00:07
prologicseems like any serious project work with it would require soldering :)00:08
Epsylon3gpu computing :)00:08
prologicThat's what we gotta do guys :)00:10
prologicBuild a ~500KB CRUX :)00:10
prologicfor embedded use :)00:10
Epsylon3its called busybox :p00:10
*** xeirrr has joined #crux00:10
prologicbusybox + musl + pkg-get (our binary package manager)00:10
prologicalso rc and filesystem woudl be good too :)00:11
Epsylon3oh pkg-get00:11
diverseprogramming to use cuda cores sounds amazing00:11
Epsylon3look like normal C++00:11
prologiconly if I can do cuda with python :)00:11
diverseprologic: maybe in a certain language that I mention about ;)00:11
prologicwhat cuda programming in Rust?00:12
diversexeirrr: morning, how's China today?00:12
prologiclike in Rust, not writing some C++ code in a wrapper ? :)00:12
Epsylon3except you have __host__ or __device__00:12
Epsylon3on function names :)00:12
prologicmost gpu programming you cannot do with a high level langauge00:12
prologicyou have to wrap up low-level stuff, compile it and throw it on the gpu, then run it00:12
prologicand have some kind of comms to get results00:13
diverseprologic: Rust exposes a FFI, in which you can write low-level stuff with "unsafe" to expose the C ABI00:13
prologicthat's what I mean00:14
prologicany decent language will have an FFI00:14
prologicbut so what :)00:14
prologicpython has; ctypes, cffi00:15
prologicI *want* to go GPU programming in JS, Python, Lua, Io anything high level :)00:15
prologicIt's like the Intel 64core cards they brought out00:15
prologicwhat were they called again00:15
Epsylon3yep ive seen that00:15
prologicIntel Xeon Phi00:15
prologicgreat idea00:15
Epsylon3real intel asm00:16
prologicbut sucks for all practicaly purposes00:16
prologicthe OS doesn't see them as "CPU COres"00:16
diverseprologic: so, why not use python then?00:16
prologicyou have to write "speciality code"00:16
Epsylon3its made for repetitive tasks00:16
prologicI'm just saying :)00:16
Epsylon3on the data pointer change00:16
Epsylon3like a manufacture system00:17
diverseprologic: what's stopping you?00:17
prologicfrom what?00:17
diverseusing python to program cuda cores?00:17
prologicI don't have any though :)00:17
prologicthey're not cheap00:18
prologicI do however have a nicer nVIDIA GPU in my desktop00:18
prologicnothing stopping me per-se00:18
Epsylon3970 ?00:18
diversesigh, so a hardware limitation00:18
diverseI doubt prologic has anything that new00:18
prologic970? hmm00:19
prologiclemme see00:19
prologicGTX 66000:19
diverseprologic: did you get the newest shiniest card to date, in otherwords?00:19
diverseyeah I thought so00:19
Epsylon3The CUDA SciKit (toolkit for SciPy [1]_) provides Python interfaces to a00:20
Epsylon3subset of the functions in the CUDA, CUDART, CUBLAS, and CUFFT00:20
Epsylon3libraries distributed as part of NVIDIA's CUDA Programming Toolkit00:20
prologicto date00:20
prologicsure :)00:20
prologic18months ago :)00:20
diverse*to now00:20
Epsylon3cuda core is part of nvidia driver00:20
Epsylon3the lib is only a wrapper00:20
diverseprologic: you are being awfully picky today00:20
prologicso I could use cuda on my current GTX 660? :)00:21
prologicI'm always picky :)00:21
prologicthings should be "easy"00:21
prologicand "simple"00:21
diversemore pickier than usual00:21
Epsylon3660 is SM3.0 or 3.5 dont remember00:21
prologic*meh* :)00:22
prologicprolly tired00:22
Epsylon3750 is SM 5.000:22
Epsylon3shader model = asm commands00:22
Epsylon3and the 970 980 are 5.200:22
prologicperhaps I'll try writing some passsword brute force thingy against my GTX 66000:22
prologicsee how quickly passwords fail :)00:22
Epsylon3not so much changes between 5 and 5.200:23
Epsylon3i even get sometimes better perf compiled as 5.000:23
Epsylon3its like mmx avx etc00:23
Epsylon3for x8600:23
Epsylon3new instructions with SM version00:23
Epsylon3[2014-11-29 01:24:03] GPU #0: GeForce GTX 750 Ti, 2286 kH/s00:24
Epsylon3X11 algo00:24
diverseso the different between using -march=core-avx-i vs -march-core-avx200:24
Epsylon3= 11 SHA3 different algos00:24
Epsylon3blake skein etc00:24
Epsylon3= 11 * 2 billions hashes per second ;p00:25
Epsylon3and the 970 do 3x more00:25
diversehow about 980?00:26
Epsylon3at this speed indeed you can crack passwords easily00:26
joacimman. nvidia has been a pain for me lately. pretty much everything i've wanted to play have had some kind of regression with newer nvidia drivers :p00:26
diverseEpsylon3: I bet00:26
Epsylon320% more00:26
Epsylon3than 97000:26
*** sh[4]rm4 has joined #crux00:27
Epsylon3so ive a miner package to test :p00:27
Epsylon3but actually as opt.sb00:28
diversejoacim: nvidia has been a pain for me lately because they haven't move on to their next longest-lived branch for the 900 series00:28
Epsylon3and built for sm5.0 only00:28
Epsylon3should work on the 98000:28
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC00:28
diversethe current driver doesn't work, so I have to use 343.22, their shortest-lived binary00:29
diverseI have to keep using --ignore=nvidia in prt-get00:29
Epsylon3contains both my ccminer and cpuminers00:30
Epsylon3+ cudart.so00:30
Epsylon3hmm, mksquashfs didnt made the /etc folder wtf00:31
diversewhat format is .sd?00:31
Epsylon34.0 (xz)00:32
Epsylon3for aufs :p00:32
Epsylon3mount -t squashfs should do it00:32
Epsylon3-o loop00:32
Epsylon3will try00:32
diverseRomster: I got most of my shit to compile in Rust, yay00:33
Epsylon3nope, dunno the syntax00:33
Epsylon3... /dev/loop6 on /mnt/live/memory/bundles/ type squashfs (ro,relatime)00:34
nbinohi ! there is any package in core/opt that permits to log to diferent files based on "prefix" or "patern" ?00:41
nbinoI see syslog-ng in contrib, I'm thinking to install this one, what is your opinion ?00:41
Epsylon3hmmm Pkgfile is made to build from sources, but00:53
Epsylon3how can i create a binary package ?00:53
Epsylon3not sure users want to install 2GB on nvidia crap to build it ;)00:53
Epsylon3like 150MB of pdf00:53
Epsylon3200 of jre 700:54
RomsterEpsylon3, build it in a clean container like i do and host the built package.00:56
Romsteror i could build it and host it on
Epsylon3ok, will check the format00:57
Romsterwhat exactly is it your building?00:57
Epsylon3standalone binaries in fact01:00
Epsylon3only ccminer requires libcudart.so01:00
Epsylon37-zip can open these .sb files01:01
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux01:02
RomsterEpsylon3, is that port and nvidia all that's required?01:03
*** tilman has quit IRC01:03
Epsylon3maybe curl and openssl also01:04
Epsylon3there was on the system01:04
*** rofl__ has joined #crux01:04
Epsylon3but to build its another problem01:04
Romsterthere in core now.01:04
Romsterwhy is it another problem to build?01:05
Epsylon3cuda toolkit is required01:05
Romsterso have you packaged cuda01:05
*** tilman has joined #crux01:05
Romsternah no big deal01:05
Epsylon3runtime != build01:05
Epsylon3toolkit = a compiler01:05
Epsylon3a whole toolchain01:06
Romsterso i have some of the largest ports boost ghc fpc webkit01:06
*** sh[4]rm4 has quit IRC01:06
Epsylon3else to install the cuda toolkit... its easy01:06
Romsterthere in contrib. add what your port needs to depends on line and have the ports aviable in your ports tree that arn't in core opt contrib already and i'll build it and throw up the package.01:07
Epsylon3there is a -silent option01:07
Epsylon3that put stuff in /usr/local/cuda-6.501:08
Epsylon3but some other things like opencl (not needed)01:08
Romstermake a Pkgfile for it plz01:08
Epsylon3its why i want to make a binary one01:08
Epsylon3dont want to waste space for the whole sdk01:08
Romsterand list it on the Depends no: line for ccminer01:09
Romsterhost the ports somewhere and i'll pull from that build and upload to my server.01:09
Epsylon3host 2GB ?01:09
Romsteri mean the built package of ccminer01:09
Romsteri'd use a docker image to build it in.01:09
Epsylon3oh, when ready will be on github01:10
Romsteri'm offering if you don't want my help then that's ok by me.01:10
Romsteri can automate it.01:10
Epsylon3yep but... a pkgfile for the sdk hmm01:10
Epsylon3not sure i know01:11
Romsterits the same commands you'd use to install it manually in a build() function01:12
Romstersee libreoffice and jdk Pkgfiles perhaps.01:13
Romsteryou could also just mae a shell script build it in docker and upload the built package and make a ccminer-bin package01:14
Romsterto install it.01:14
Romsteranyways i have enough tings to do now01:14
Romsteralso don't leave in -j 2 on your port rely on MAKEFLAGS in /etc/pkgmk.conf01:15
Epsylon3ok but, -j is to build it01:15
Epsylon3ok will do cpuminer first01:16
Epsylon3no sdk required01:16
Romster-j is number of jobs01:16
Romsterto make01:16
Romsterthat it can also get from pkgmk.conf MAKEFLAGS="-j2"01:16
Epsylon3yes i understood01:17
Epsylon3so The pkgfile should work directly without deps01:24
Epsylon3here is a sample :
Epsylon3maybe --prefix=/usr to add01:27
Epsylon3how can i test ?01:27
Epsylon3a first package with a sdk was mad01:28
Romstermake a chroot or docker run -i -t crux01:28
Romsterand test your work.01:28
Romsteralso how different is that to bfgminer?01:32
Epsylon3bfgminer is for connected devices01:33
Epsylon3BFGMiner is a modular ASIC/FPGA miner written in C, featuring dynamic clocking, monitoring, and remote interface capabilities.01:33
Epsylon3not for the cpu itself01:33
Romsterit works on my GPU01:33
Romsterall it needs is nvidia01:34
Epsylon3you mean cgminer01:34
Epsylon3its opencl01:34
Romsterjansson, ncurses, yasm, opencl-headers01:34
Epsylon3cpuminer is cpu only01:34
Romsterno i mean bfgminer in prologics repo.01:34
Epsylon3ccminer is cuda only01:34
Romsterbfgminer is CPU and GPU01:35
Epsylon3complicated program01:35
Epsylon3opencl is a fully different system01:37
Epsylon3perfs are different01:37
Epsylon3compared to ccminer i mean01:37
Epsylon3and cpuminer is a small tool with a lot of algos01:37
Epsylon3on cpu its opencl too01:37
Epsylon3but not sure01:38
*** jdolan has quit IRC01:39
Epsylon3not sure about bfg miner algo, not sure i was able to run it01:40
Epsylon3to build it*01:40
*** jdolan has joined #crux01:40
Epsylon3the question was how to make a package, found it (not in doc)01:43
Epsylon3pkgmk in a package folder with Pkgfile01:43
Romsterpkgmk is a command01:44
*** dougl has joined #crux01:46
*** sh[4]rm4 has joined #crux01:51
*** rofl__ has quit IRC01:53
*** xeirrr has quit IRC01:57
*** xeirrr has joined #crux01:58
*** dougl has quit IRC02:07
*** dougl has joined #crux02:09
Epsylon3ok, final one :
diverseso without pkgadd --root being specified, it defaults to the / dir?02:10
*** jdolan has quit IRC02:10
*** jdolan has joined #crux02:11
Epsylon3a pkg contains both sources and binaries ?02:11
Epsylon3or only Pkgfile is required ?02:12
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC02:14
diverseEpsylon3: the package contains the binaries from the build, the Pkgfile is the build package script, sources are downloaded from the script and are md5sum checked before building02:16
Epsylon3ok, looks good02:17
Epsylon3after pkgmk -c, ive an empty folder with the final Pkfile and .md5sum / footprint02:18
Epsylon3and then ?02:18
Epsylon3what should i do with the Pkgfile02:18
diverseare you trying to rebuild the package?02:19
Epsylon3i try to publish a new package02:19
Epsylon3first with a simple one called cpuminer-multi02:20
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux02:20
diverseyou mean the port? Just upload the directory with the Pkgfile, .md5sum, and .footprint files02:20
Epsylon3then for the cuda toolkit and ccminer02:20
Epsylon3upload where ?02:20
diversewhatever your host is02:21
diverseRomster: ^02:21
Epsylon3yes and ?02:23
diverseEpsylon3: wait for Romster on instructions02:23
Epsylon3ok :p02:24
diverseI haven't hosted my local ports before, so I don't know the specifics02:24
Epsylon3yep this one is a simple one from source02:25
Epsylon3but ccminer... i wanted a binary one02:26
Epsylon3pkg-get is for that no ?02:26
Epsylon3i know crux since 48h ;p02:26
diverseyou mean prt-get, and no, it's for automating your source building from the ports02:26
Epsylon3prt-get is from source02:27
Epsylon3i heard about pkg-get also02:27
diverseoh wait? You're using pkgsrc?02:28
Epsylon3huh ?02:28
Epsylon3just pkgmk02:28
Epsylon3prt-get search pkg-get02:28
diverseoh, then I nevered used pkg-get before...02:29
diverseokay I see what it is now02:30
Epsylon3not sure how that work02:31
*** jdolan has quit IRC02:31
Epsylon3 pkg-get sync02:31
Epsylon3Updating collection /usr/packages/server02:31
Epsylon3Updating collection /usr/packages/java02:31
Epsylon3 cannot retrieve PKGREPO02:31
diverseI didn't know we had such a tool for just pulling already built packages02:32
Epsylon3its slax/slackware method i think02:32
diversethough I don't know of any servers besides Romster's that upload build Crux packages02:33
Epsylon3i see...02:34
Epsylon3i cant build the cuda toolkit if you see what i mean ;)02:34
diversethe build is taking too long?02:35
Epsylon3there is no source02:35
diverseoh I see02:35
Epsylon3like nvidia drivers, part is binary02:35
*** sudobaal has quit IRC02:36
diversewell what you want to do is just unpackage the cuda toolkit in the Pkgfile, then pkgmk and install it02:37
Epsylon3ok, will try to do "pseudo installer packages"02:37
Epsylon3yep :)02:37
diversethen you should be good to go02:38
Epsylon3if im right there is a extract only param02:38
Epsylon3will check this02:38
diverseright, all you need to do is extract it, how is it archived?02:39
Epsylon3a custom .run02:39
Epsylon3with params02:39
Epsylon3self extractible on linux02:40
diverseoh sounds like a script02:40
Epsylon3a script of 1GB yep ;)02:40
diversewow... that's a big one02:40
Epsylon3its the same for amd02:40
diverseEpsylon3: probably ask jaeger to help you with using the .run script, since he maintains the nvidia port02:42
diversegeez, still, a 1GB script?02:43
Epsylon3there is a 32bit also02:46
Epsylon3in fact the 64 contains both02:46
Epsylon3+ a nvidia driver02:47
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC02:52
Epsylon3lol, 3 .run files inside02:57    NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-343.19.run02:57
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC02:57
*** jdolan has joined #crux03:02
Epsylon3ok, cuda toolkit Pkgfile done03:29
Epsylon3but that doesnt explain me how to install them ;)03:30
Epsylon3with prt-get03:30
Epsylon3Romster, jaeger  ?
Epsylon3ok, ccminer now03:31
Epsylon3i need something to add /usr/local/cuda/bin to the PATH also03:32
Epsylon3there is a profile.d ?03:33
diverseEpsylon3: prt-get install cude03:34
Epsylon3ok im noob but ;)03:35
Epsylon3i create a package, it will not be referenced with ports -u03:35
Epsylon3will be prt-get install cuda-toolkit03:36
diversesigh, okay, did you edit /etc/prt-get.conf and add the prtdir pointing to the path that holds your cuda-toolkit directory?03:37
diverseif not, do that now03:38
diverseafter that, run: prt-get depinst cuda-toolkit, and be done with it03:39
Epsylon3ok, i see, will do it after the last package03:40
Epsylon3its currently installed on a mount bind03:40
diversealrighty, well have a directory with all your port directories in it like ~/ports and edit /etc/prt-get.conf, add prtdir /home/yourname/ports and save it03:41
Epsylon3any idea to update the $PATH ?03:47
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC03:47
Epsylon3in a package03:47
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux03:48
*** dougl has quit IRC03:50
*** dougl has joined #crux03:52
Romsterdiverse> so without pkgadd --root being specified, it defaults to the / dir? <- correct03:58
diversealright, got that settled03:59
diversenow if Cargo can fucking build, I can build and install tar-rs and test the archive code04:00
diverseeverything else besides that compiles04:01
RomsterEpsylon3, httpup-repgen && portspage . > index.html04:02
Romsteror setup rsync than to use httpup-repgen04:03
*** dougl has quit IRC04:03
Romsteralso your files needs the mime type changed to text/plain04:03
Romsteron the server04:03
Epsylon3was just to show you first ;)04:03
Romsteri have a git post-receive hook that runs those commands for me when i git push04:04
Romsterand i use gitolite04:04
Romsterto push too.04:04
Romsterbut you can do how ever you want it to work.04:04
Epsylon3but not sure its a good idea the toolkit as package04:05
Romsterits fine as long as it builds04:05
Epsylon3it builds nothing04:05
Epsylon3its a prebuilt04:05
Epsylon3the toolkit04:05
Romsterthat's also fine it'll install it for use.04:05
Epsylon3do you have a solution for the $PATH N04:06
Romsterlibreoffice is also binary if you look at that.04:06
RomsterPATH on what?04:06
Epsylon3nvcc etc04:06
Epsylon3i need to add it to the path04:06
Epsylon3Please make sure that04:06
Epsylon3 -   PATH includes /usr/local/cuda-6.5/bin04:06
Epsylon3 -   LD_LIBRARY_PATH includes /usr/local/cuda-6.5/lib64, or, add /usr/local/cuda-6.5/lib64 to /etc/ and run ldconfig as root04:06
Romsternot ifitsin the correct location and i'm just looking at it now04:06
Romsterno don't use local path in Pkgfiles04:07
Epsylon3ldconfig is ok04:07
Epsylon3not opt ?04:07
Romsteror /usr/lib/cuda-$version04:07
Epsylon3amd is in opt04:07
Romsterlocal isn't used and opt is non tracked by package tools location04:08
Epsylon3local is the default in their installer04:08
Romsteryeah alot of stuff is default to /usr/locak that is why all ports have --prefix=/usr04:08
Epsylon3ok i see04:08
Romsterits an obsolete path thing for local and remote mounts04:09
diverseRomster: he is not dealing with a ./configure script, just some nvidia provided .run script04:09
Romsterlocal being local hdd mounts and the rest was moutned from NFS or some other method. that's not common anymore.04:09
Epsylon3maybe i can use directly usr/bin and usr/lib ?04:10
Romsterdiverse, i realize that.04:10
RomsterEpsylon3, if there is no file conflicts you can.04:10
Romstersee how firefox is done04:11
Romsterit's installed in /usr/lib/firefox04:11
Epsylon3not so much binaries04:11
Epsylon3there is a bin2c04:11
Romsterbut then a symlink to /usr/bin/fiefox is to /usr/lib/firefox/bin/firefox04:11
Epsylon3firefox is not a reference ;)04:11
Epsylon3and mysql in var/lib yea ;)04:12
Romsteralso don't do release=1904:12
Epsylon3why ?04:12
Epsylon3the lib is 6.5.so04:12
Romsterrelases= is a variable when ever you edit the Pkgfile to change something to bump the revision of the Pkgfile itself.04:13
Epsylon3i had the release 1404:13
Epsylon3i can use a custom one ?04:13
Romstersay i edit libedit and move a symlink to a new location i bump the release number.04:13
Epsylon3dpkg -l | grep cuda04:13
Epsylon3rc  cuda-toolkit-6-5                         6.5-14                                CUDA Toolkit 6.5 m04:13
Romsterdpkg isn't a crux thing.04:13
Epsylon3same naming i mean04:14
Romster./$INSTALLER --extract=$SRC04:14
Romsterinstead of PWD04:14
Epsylon3was not sure about that04:14
Epsylon3src is a sub dir04:14
Romsteryes in the work/{src,pkg}04:15
Romsterwhich is the $SRC and $PKG vars04:15
Epsylon3" is ok ?04:16
diverseEpsylon3: just curiuos, how long have you been using linux?04:17
Romsterand you bump taht as you edit the pkgfile if you need to recompile to charge path new files or add another patch to it.04:17
Epsylon310 years or more04:17
Epsylon3maybe 2004:17
Epsylon3im 3504:17
Epsylon3but never made packages, only git sources04:18
Romster$PKG/usr/lib/cuda would be a better location than doing cuda-6.504:18
diverseI guess something new to learn for everybody04:18
Romsternot like your going to have multiple cuda versiosn installed at the same time, and this makes diff's of .footprint sane on updates.04:18
Epsylon3indeed, you keep one04:19
Epsylon3will let the local for custom ones if required04:19
RomsterEpsylon3, wich binaries do yu even use out of cuda? i'd just symlink those you need to /usr/bin/04:20
Epsylon3a lot04:20
Epsylon3assembler profiler etc04:20
Epsylon3in fact i can paste them04:20
Romsterfor b in nvcc ptxas assembler profiler; do04:20
Romsterln -s $p $PKG/usr/bin/$p04:21
Epsylon3bin2c        cudafe++        cuobjdump  nvcc          nvprof   uninstall_cuda_toolkit_6.5.pl04:21
Epsylon3computeprof  cuda-gdb        fatbinary  nvcc.profile  nvprune04:21
Epsylon3crt          cuda-gdbserver  filehash   nvdisasm      nvvp04:21
Epsylon3cudafe       cuda-memcheck   nsight     nvlink        ptxas04:21
diversethank goodness for "for loops"04:21
Epsylon3for b in $(ls -1 $PKG/.../bin)04:22
Romsteror in the or just point cpuminer-multi PATH to that location on it's Pkgfile04:22
Romsterextracflags="-march=native -DUSE_ASM"04:22
Epsylon3cpuminer doesnt need that04:23
Romsteri'd just do that dirctly in CFLAGS+=" -DUSE_ASM"04:23
Romsteror CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -DUSE_ASM"04:24
Epsylon3in fact not all os supports ASM stuff04:24
Romsterdon't use mkdir -p use install -d04:24
Romstermkdir -p brakes on cmask changes that some users do.04:24
Epsylon3doesnt work on google cloud :p04:24
Romsteror was it umask -_-04:24
Epsylon3install hmm04:25
Epsylon3its a echo04:25
Epsylon3umask set the default perms04:26
Epsylon3but cmask ?04:26
Epsylon3dunno this one04:26
diverseyou should really looks at a lot of Pkgfiles in the portdb, to get a feel for how to packages things04:26
diverseEpsylon3: he meant umask, ignore cmask04:26
Romsterumask can be different on a users system and mkdir -p does not respct that while install -d does on it's permissions, else footprint mismatch happens.04:27
Romstersomething like that mkdir -p wont be consistent when install -d uses a default permission for directories.04:27
diversenow I learned something new04:27
Romstermkdir uses umask install uses 0644 always for files and 0755 for directories.04:27
Epsylon3install works for directories ?04:28
Romsteryes install -d04:28
diverseEpsylon3: yes, "install -d"04:28
Romstermake new directory04:28
Epsylon3oh ok04:28
Epsylon3confused with the install of the file i create ;)04:28
*** sepen has quit IRC04:28
Romsterthat way directories are always 0755 regardless of umask04:28
Romsterother cases you can set your own permissions like -m 0700 or -m 0640 etc.04:29
Epsylon3you can also sets the mode with mkdir no ?04:29
Epsylon3but i dont want to hide the sdk04:30
Epsylon3755 is ok no ?04:30
Romstertake a look at other Pkgfiles in opt core and contrib for how we do things.04:30
Romsteryes 755 is fine for most directories.04:30
Epsylon3damn, i do nvidia's work04:30
diverseEpsylon3: yes, it means rwxr-xr-x04:30
Romsteri prefer to do 0755 to make sure there is no special bits set but that's a personal thing.04:31
Epsylon3i know that... /whois me04:31
diverseEpsylon3: then don't ask rhetorical questions, that you know the answer to -_-04:31
Epsylon3i just need crux specific stuff :p04:32
Romsterdiverse, don't start again please. :)04:32
Romsterhe is new04:32
RomsterEpsylon3, it's not that crux specific04:33
Romsterarch LFS slackware do similar04:33
Epsylon3the Pkgfile ?04:33
diverseRomster: I wasn't starting anything...04:34
Epsylon3just dont explain me ls please ;) crux noob != linux noob04:34
Epsylon3as i said i never made packages04:35
diverseEpsylon3: the Pkgfile is a bash script, so all your shell knowledge applies04:35
Epsylon3but i maintain busybox in cm04:35
Epsylon3including the makefiles04:35
Epsylon3vim also04:36
Romsteryour pretty much just rolling up the command's in a build() function04:36
Epsylon3similar work...04:36
Romsterwith a few crux pkgutil paths.04:36
Epsylon3but already exists04:37
Epsylon3its just for the archive i do mkdir04:37
Epsylon3that can make problems ?04:37
Romstermkdir is fine for $SRC but why not use install -d04:37
Epsylon3didnt knew install -d ;p04:38
Romsterlike i said mkdir uses umask it'll change permissions as to the users umask on there system04:38
Romsterinstall uses it's own defaults if you don't specify -m04:38
Romsterinstall is guaranteed to use the same permissions always04:39
Romstercat /etc/
Romsterif its non-standard to /lib /usr/lib04:41
Epsylon3yep... maybe no more required in fact ;)04:42
Epsylon3just hmm04:42
Epsylon3will have to change the build scripts for crux04:42
Romsteri'll let you figure it out i have stuff to do.04:42
Romsternot a lot of change.04:42
Epsylon3no no04:42
Epsylon3just default cuda location04:43
Romsterif oyu get stuck look at other Pkgfiles for ideas.04:43
Epsylon3in the ./configure04:43
Romster/usr/lib/cuda would make more sense04:43
RooseveltI just notice all something all of the deps for awesome-wm 3.5 except ldoc04:43
Epsylon3glib is there ?04:43
Romsterglib isin opt/glib04:44
Epsylon3oh in core04:44
Epsylon3and gcc ?04:44
Epsylon3erf, ok ;)04:44
Romsterprt-get info <portname>04:44
Epsylon3like cat ?04:44
Epsylon3sorry im in vi ;p04:45
diverseyou could do prt-get cat <portname> :P04:45
Romsterwe don't list dependencies unless they are not in core or finddeps <port> list them, except for binutils gcc and glibc is never listed.04:45
Epsylon3k, any other common toolkit packages ?04:46
Epsylon3python maybe ?04:46
Romsterprt-get info python04:46
Romsteropt/python so you list python on Depends on: line if it needs python04:46
Romsterat this point i'd say read the crux documentation on building packages.04:47
Epsylon3# which python04:47
Epsylon3ok hmm04:47
diverseEpsylon3: wait, do you use plain vi or vim?04:47
Epsylon3was just to choose the best place04:47
Epsylon3actually a new crux system04:47
Epsylon3usr/lib is weird04:50
Epsylon3first its 64bit04:50
Epsylon3so lib64 ?04:50
Romster/usr/lib is for ports that are not in core04:50
diverse/usr/lib is 64 bit04:50
Romsterlib64 is a symlink to lib for compatibility of some programs.04:50
Romsterlib32 is 32bit04:50
Romstertypically only glibc-32 unless you use compat-32 ports.04:51
Epsylon3... /opt/cuda was nice ;)04:52
Epsylon3or /usr/cuda04:52
Epsylon3lot of stuff inside, includes et04:52
Epsylon3s /usr/local/cuda/04:52
Epsylon3bin  doc  extras  include  lib  lib64  libnvvp  nvvm  open64  pkgconfig  share  src  tools04:52
Epsylon3how to waste a day on a dependency04:55
Epsylon3i return on vi ;)04:58
Epsylon3vim mouse is weird in putty04:58
diverseEpsylon3: well, packaging is a new experience for you, so give it time04:58
diverseEpsylon3: if the mouse is bothering you, just do in vim ":set mouse="05:01
diversethat will do it only for that session05:01
diverseright for everytime you load it05:02
diverseI need some food, I haven't ate all day, bbl05:05
Epsylon3about that, why not utf8 as default ?05:06
Epsylon3in term05:06
Romsterlike i said /usr/lib/cuda05:06
Epsylon3-I/usr/lib/cuda/include ?05:06
Romsterit's a 30 second path change05:06
Epsylon3i made a var05:06
Romsterthe programs that use /usr/lib/cuda/include should know this path.05:07
Epsylon3ccminer yes, its the change05:07
Romsterso if they don't include that path in ccminer-multi05:08
Romstershould be all it needs.05:08
*** swartulv has joined #crux05:09
Epsylon3lol, how much times will i download this 1GB installer today05:13
Epsylon3461,540,784 8.51MB/s  eta 32s05:14
RomsterEpsylon3, haven't you got it stored on your pc?05:14
Epsylon3its nice to keep it ;)05:14
Romstershould only need it once.05:14
Epsylon3i made -c05:14
Romsterpkgmk saves the sources05:14
Romsteroh your own fault then <<05:14
Epsylon3a .run which create 3 .run wich again create stuff in /tmp05:15
Epsylon3to run install ;)05:15
Romsterhmm could to install -d ; export TMPDIR=$SRC/tmp05:16
Romsterbut probably ok as is05:16
Epsylon3i dont use install anymore05:16
Epsylon3mkdir neither05:16
Epsylon3i just bin in bin, lib in lib, and remains stay in cuda folder05:17
Romsterhow ever you like as long as prtverify is happy. and it works.05:17
Epsylon3yep, will have the reset my changes.dat to test that after05:17
Epsylon3which will download it again05:18
Epsylon3can we prevent that with the final .tar.gz ?05:20
Romstersource download what are you doing that prevents that from staying?05:20
Epsylon3forgot a $PKG ;)05:21
Epsylon3i mean... if the nvidia installer url change05:22
Epsylon3all is broken05:22
Romsterthen you fix the Pkgfile05:23
Romsterurls/files change often on some ports05:23
jaegerdiverse: rather than using --ignore every time, why not just override with a temporary overlay containing the newer driver?05:23
Romsterthat's what i do.05:24
Romsteror prt-get lock ...05:24
Epsylon3  install -d "$PKGprefix/lib64" $PKG/usr/lib6405:31
Epsylon3 is ok ?05:31
Epsylon3for the full content ?05:32
*** darfo has left #crux ("Leaving")05:33
*** henesy has quit IRC05:47
diversejaeger: how do I do that specifically?05:50
jaegerI have /home/jaeger/ports-overlay with some ports in it and first in prt-get.conf05:51
diverseah I see05:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] nvidia: added libnvidia-ml symlinks05:53
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: [notify] nvidia-32: added libnvidia-ml symlinks05:54
Epsylon3someboday heard me05:55
Epsylon3monitoring layer05:55
jaegerI was gone when you mentioned it earlier05:55
diverseEpsylon3: that would be jaegar05:55
Epsylon3fan gpu freq etc05:56
diverseI see05:56
diverseEpsylon3: well your cuda knowledge is improving our nvidia ports05:58
Epsylon3which give that :
Epsylon3but damn nvidia05:58
Epsylon3on windows they only have it for x64 binaries05:58
Epsylon3no x86 dll05:58
jaegerI played a little with CUDA for blender ports quite some time ago but never got very involved with it05:58
Epsylon3yep need real use cases05:59
*** henesy has joined #crux05:59
Epsylon3you can see the difference between a Xeon E3 1245v2 (8 cores) and a 750 Ti :p06:00
Epsylon3well... not the same algos here06:00
Epsylon3but its almost the same ;)06:01
Epsylon3100 to 500x06:01
Epsylon3jaeger, why these .1 in the first place ?06:02
Epsylon3hmm yep ive them too06:03
Epsylon3on ubuntu06:03
jaeger <-- there's a section here about naming06:03 libvdpau_nvidia.so06:04
Epsylon3the ones with both06:04
jaegerjust how it is, I don't know the history behind it06:04
Epsylon3except, no .106:04 neither06:04
Epsylon3keep the 340, its much faster for the 750 Ti ;)06:05
Epsylon3i tried the 343 and 34606:05
Epsylon3but not sure for the GTX 970...06:05
jaegerI've got a 970 and a 76006:05
jaegerthe 900 series isn't yet supported by the long lived branch so using 343 for that06:06
Epsylon3hmm about that, why do i have 343.13 on that06:07
Epsylon3oh ok06:07
Epsylon3its the cuda 9xx sdk install i guess06:07
diverselike I mentioned earlier06:08
Epsylon3oh ok... arf ive too much computers ;)06:08
Epsylon3it explain why this one is slower06:08
Epsylon3seems to be the same on windows06:09
diverseah, so close to building cargo, I can feel it.06:09
Epsylon3cargo ?06:09
diverseEpsylon3: don't worry about it06:10
Epsylon3=======> Building '/tmp/cuda-toolkit/cuda-toolkit#6.5-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.06:10
Epsylon3ok.. So06:10
Epsylon3building is fine, running is better06:10
Epsylon3we dont see the .19 in the package06:11
Epsylon3-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 313897371 Nov 29 06:56 cuda-toolkit#6.5-1.pkg.tar.gz06:11
Epsylon3313MB, i can strip it to 58MB without eclipse stuff06:11
diverseEpsylon3: congrats on your package build06:12
Epsylon3that give that06:13
Epsylon3i dont know this syntax also :  source=(xxx)06:14
Epsylon3the "()"06:14
Epsylon3is that required ?06:14
jaegerit's an array06:14
Epsylon3oh ok :)06:16
*** darfo has joined #crux06:17
jaegeras a side note, ML == management library06:24
*** `c0x has joined #crux06:26
Epsylon3The NVIDIA Management Library (NVML) i06:27
Epsylon3i was reading a dev article06:27
diversejaeger: gotcha, the "ML" acronym make me think of the ML programming languages :P06:27
Epsylon3but not sure its public06:27
Epsylon3... is a C-based API for monitoring and managing various states of NVIDIA GPU devices.06:27
jaegerI just mention that because "monitoring layer" was said earlier06:27
Epsylon3but the public version is read only06:28
Epsylon3so... its more read only ;)06:28
Epsylon3more monitoring06:28
Epsylon3than management06:28
Epsylon3the full one is under NDA06:28
Epsylon3same for nvapi06:28
*** Lukc has joined #crux06:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libedit: 20130712-3.1 -> 20141030-3.106:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: ghc: add dependency docbook-xsl for man pages, remove redundant dep ncurses06:30
Epsylon3or limited to Tesla for nvml maybe06:31
Epsylon3jaeger, did you find some tricks to change the frequency on the command line ?06:31
Epsylon3(without nvidia settings app in X)06:31
jaegerI have not tried06:31
jaegerI would just use the nvidia-settings app06:32
Epsylon3 nvidia-smi --auto-boost-permission=UNRESTRICTED -i 006:32
Epsylon3Changing auto boosted clocks permissions is not supported for GPU: 0000:01:00.0.06:32
Epsylon3Treating as warning and moving on.06:32
Epsylon3nvidia-smi -pm ENABLED -i 006:33
Epsylon3to set Persistence Mode (seems required)06:33
Epsylon3but i dont think its implemented for GTX cards06:33
Epsylon3nvidia-smi  -q -i 0 -d SUPPORTED_CLOCKS06:33
Epsylon3only N/A stuff06:34
*** _root_ has joined #crux06:36
_root_hello guys06:36
xeirrryo _root_06:37
*** Lukc__ has quit IRC06:37
*** c0x` has quit IRC06:37
_root_what package gives me adwaita theme engine06:37
_root_xeirrr: to you too m8; what's up?06:37
xeirrr_root_: That's a greeting between guys06:39
xeirrrnothing. Maybe gnome-icon-themes?06:39
jaegeryou'll probably need to make one, it's from gnome06:39
_root_jaeger: ?06:40
diversexeirrr: what do you mean by "a greeting between guys"? It seemed like a friendly causal way to greet anyone.06:43
xeirrrdiverse: That's what we say between guys.06:44
xeirrrdiverse: I know culture shock exists06:45
diverseWell, I know that in Japanese language and culture, there are masculine and feminine ways to say a particular thing06:48
xeirrrYeah, in china as well.06:49
Epsylon3oh nice, they explain undocumented apis in their blog... damn nvidia06:51
Epsylon3[2014-11-29 07:50:50] nvmlDeviceGetAPIRestriction=0x7f73a338ead006:51
*** phant0mas has joined #crux06:53
Epsylon3for python masters ;)06:56
xeirrr_root_: Romster has that package. :)06:57
Romsteri do?07:05
xeirrrYeah, gnome-icon-theme07:09
*** ph4n70m4s has joined #crux07:15
*** phant0mas has quit IRC07:15
*** Roosevelt has left #crux ("Leaving")07:36
Epsylon3nvmlh->nvmlDeviceSetAPIRestriction(nvmlh->devs[i], NVML_RESTRICTED_API_SET_APPLICATION_CLOCKS,07:42
Epsylon3i love undocumented stuff07:43
Epsylon3at least this one report success07:43
*** ph4n70m4s has quit IRC07:49
*** phant0mas has joined #crux07:50
*** xeirrr has quit IRC08:35
diversecode porting gets exhausting...08:49
diverse*code cleaning08:50
Romsterpackage building 30 or more also.08:52
*** surrounder has joined #crux09:05
*** _root_ has quit IRC09:20
*** swartulv has quit IRC09:33
*** xeirrr has joined #crux09:36
*** swartulv has joined #crux09:38
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux10:10
*** SiFuh has joined #crux10:25
*** asie has joined #crux10:25
*** sudobaal has joined #crux10:33
*** deus_ex has quit IRC10:35
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*** Feksclaus has joined #crux11:02
*** asie has quit IRC11:25
*** sepen has joined #crux11:44
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux12:11
*** asie has joined #crux12:36
*** asie has quit IRC13:10
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC13:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libsexy: fix-null-list and pkgconfig-pollution fix13:35
*** sepen has quit IRC13:36
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux13:37
Romstersepen you could of alerted me to the libsexy pkg-config issue instead of just forking it into the xfce4 ports. Anyways I've fixed that in opt/libsexy.13:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: upower: disable the man pages, they require docbook-xsl13:43
prologicDo we need a man page building service?13:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: linux-firmware (NEW): Firmware blobs for use with the Linux kernel13:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: cadaver (NEW): Command-line WebDAV client for Unix13:46
Romstereh everyone seems to be anti adding docbook and other stuff for man pages.13:47
Romsternot like anyone reads them :P13:47
leo-unglaubRomster: i read man pages every day....13:49
leo-unglaubbut i am a software developer *g*13:49
prologicI ask because I can probably make such a service13:49
prologiccould possibly make it a simple curl command in the buidl() function of Pkgfile9s) that need it13:50
Romsternot really worth it.14:00
Romsteri could just build it and then add the generated man pages to the source=14:00
prologicnot in an automated way14:06
*** phant0mas has quit IRC14:22
*** phant0mas has joined #crux14:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: links (NEW): A text WWW browser, similar to Lynx15:16
*** xeirrr has quit IRC15:24
*** sepen has joined #crux15:26
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux15:52
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC15:56
*** phant0mas has quit IRC16:33
*** xetver has quit IRC16:36
*** dougl has joined #crux16:43
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux16:45
*** deus_ex has joined #crux16:47
*** SiFuh has quit IRC17:02
*** nbino__ has joined #crux17:28
*** nbino has quit IRC17:31
nbino__Hi Crux World :)17:33
korihello CRUX user17:34
nbino__:) its being fun configuring the system, I'm learning alot.17:41
korialways is17:42
tilmanlearning alot is the one in the library, right? :]17:51
*** xetver has joined #crux17:52
koritilman: yep17:53
korihe's waiting for his buddy, eating alot17:54
*** quasinoxen has quit IRC17:57
*** quasinoxen has joined #crux17:59
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux18:11
*** jdolan has quit IRC18:12
*** Lilie34TY has joined #crux18:22
Lilie34TYhi everyone.18:22
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC18:27
*** syncn has quit IRC18:42
*** syncn has joined #crux18:44
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux19:05
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC19:31
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux19:40
*** lnds has joined #crux19:42
*** kahiru has joined #crux20:00
kahiruim considering giving crux a try. i hope you dont mind trying to talk with you in  here. i tried the offtopic channel but its almost empty20:07
diverseit's fine to be offtopic here ;)20:08
diverseSo, how can we help you?20:09
kahirui thought id talk with you about the os as a whole, my requirements and what it has to offer to me. im seeking refuge from the systemd madness. i tried gentoo  but it seemed overcomplicated to me, i was even looking at the BSDs, but id rather stay with something at least a bit familiar20:11
koriwhat distro are you on now?20:14
kahirufedora20 on my work laptop, centos7 on my desktop at home20:15
diversekahiru: sure, let's chat. Crux does not use systemd, we use BSD-style scripts with sysvinit by default (although you can tried any init system if you want) and eudev for udev device recognition20:15
kahirudiverse: well, ive read about this and i became interested20:16
kori> (although you can tried any init system if you want)20:16
koriyou could try any * you want20:16
diversekori: I corrected my "tried" typo20:17
koridiverse: oh I wasn't talking about that20:17
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC20:18
diverseah, right, as kori mentioned, Crux is like Subway, you can create your own sandwich the way you like it.20:18
koriI forgot about that20:18
*** jdolan has joined #crux20:18
kahiruim curious, what made you try crux and what makes you satisfied about it?20:20
koriI was using Arch20:20
koriI had some hacks in place to remove systemd to see how well I'd fare without it20:21
korithings were getting dirty and I had read about CRUX a couple months ago20:21
koriI was on a pretty shitty processor because my computer with the processor I was using had a busted mobo20:21
koriI got my CPU back so I decided to check out CRUX20:22
koriI'm satisfied because it works just the way I like using things20:23
koriit's somewhat manual20:23
kori99% of the time, my problems with CRUX were PEBKAC20:23
koriit's a very clean system20:23
kahiruthat sounds nice20:26
kahiruanything you dont like?20:26
korihow i'm not experienced enough and I screw up a lot of things20:26
koribut I've been screwing up less and less as time goes on :D20:26
diverseI was using Arch too, but before the systemd debacle fully happened in that distro 2 years ago, I needed something that allowed the flexibility of creating your own packages, because I used makepkg a lot to do my own customized packages. Since Crux does that automatically and easily on-the-fly, it was even better than what I was looking for.20:26
korialso, I wasn't really part of the arch community20:27
koribut from what i've heard, it's filled with drama20:27
diverseplus Crux stay true to its way, whatever as Arch withered away and became something entirely different that what it used to be and what it stand for20:27
diversethe arch community was terrible too20:28
koriI used Arch post-systemd, by the way.20:28
koriI'm fairly new to GNU + Linux in general20:28
koriI've been using it since20:28
korimarch 2013?20:28
diverseyou mean Arch?20:29
koridiverse: eh, I've used a lot of distros20:30
koriI've been using arch for most of it, though20:30
Epsylon3nvcc search stuff in relative /usr/bin/../nvvm/libdevice/libdevice.compute_20.10.bc20:30
koriI actually don't remember when I installed Arch20:31
diversekori: ah, so you are a fairly new user to Linux in general20:31
koriI guess.20:31
kahiruwell, sounds nice, ill give it a try in a vm first20:32
diversekahiru: go for it20:32
koriI installed Linux shortly after Snowden's leaks, but not only because of that20:32
koriI was using cygwin on windows and a couple other things, so that was just the tipping point20:32
diversesounded like snowden was that tipping point20:34
koriyeah, that's what I meant20:35
koriI was using cygwin already, had a VM set up w/ X on windows20:36
korisnowden was the tipping point for me to just dive in20:36
korimy first distro was debian minimal, I think20:36
koridebian netinst'20:36
diverseEpsylon3: what was your first distro and what year? :P20:37
Epsylon3good question20:37
kahirumy first distro was ubuntu hardy heron (8.something i think)20:38
Epsylon3i dont remember the first trys20:38
Epsylon3i tried a lot of distro20:38
Epsylon3but then debian20:38
Epsylon3on a server20:38
Epsylon3and more recently Mepis, ubuntu-server20:39
Epsylon3and kubuntu20:39
Epsylon3recent = last 5 years ;)20:40
koriI've tried many distros but I can't say I've "used" many distros20:41
Epsylon3ok, will let the bins in the lib/cuda/bin20:41
koriI've used debian, arch, gentoo, hrmmm20:41
diverseEpsylon3: don't forget to symlink them to /usr/bin20:41
korielementary for a couple weeks20:41
Epsylon3i made that20:41
Epsylon3that doesnt work20:41
Epsylon3nvcc search stuff in relative /usr/bin/../nvvm/libdevice/libdevice.compute_20.10.bc20:42
Epsylon3if nvcc is launched in /usr/bin20:42
Epsylon3nvcc=gcc ;)20:42
Epsylon3+ rmdir /tmp/ports/cuda-toolkit/work/pkg/usr/lib/cuda/nvvm/lib6420:45
Epsylon3+ ln -s /usr/lib /tmp/ports/cuda-toolkit/work/pkg/usr/lib/cuda/lib6420:45
Epsylon3+ ln -s /usr/lib32 /tmp/ports/cuda-toolkit/work/pkg/usr/lib/cuda/lib20:45
Epsylon3i do it for libs20:45
Epsylon3dunno why i always try to type dprt-get20:47
diverseEpsylon3: make an alias :P20:47
Epsylon3dpkg i guess20:47
Epsylon3i tried arch, but source based installs are a hell20:48
Epsylon3crux is nice for that, you can do it, but you dont need it first20:49
Epsylon3will need to grep -v the install : Please make sure that20:50
Epsylon3 -   PATH includes /tmp/ports/cuda-toolkit/work/pkg/usr/lib/cuda/bin20:50
Epsylon3 -   LD_LIBRARY_PATH includes /tmp/ports/cuda-toolkit/work/pkg/usr/lib/cuda/lib, or, add /tmp/ports/cuda-toolkit/work/pkg/usr/lib/cuda/lib to /etc/ and run ldconfig as root20:50
Epsylon3ok seems to works now20:52
Epsylon3interresting... lighttpd show the hidden files20:54
Epsylon3ptxas info    : Overriding global maxrregcount 128 with entry-specific value 255 computed using thread count20:54
Epsylon3damn, a last bug on link21:03
Epsylon3damn mn21:08
*** dougl has quit IRC21:17
kahirudamn, so i tried it in a vm and i cant get it to boot. i did everything as describe in the handbook, but when lilo loads the kernel it panics immediately21:18
joacimwithout seeing the actual error message, i'm guessing you forgot to build the filesystem and sata drivers into your kernel21:25
kahiruisnt there a all-in-one kernel one could use as a starter?21:28
jaegerthe one that's installed by setup is a good start21:28
jaegerthe .config, that is21:28
kahirulets try21:29
kahirusounds like some trouble with btrfs21:35
kahiruhe error is  cannot open root device 'sda2'; tappend correct root= boot option (which is set); kernel panic not syncing, unable to mount root on unknown block21:39
jaegerI could be wrong but I think lilo still doesn't like btrfs /booot21:40
jaegerer, /boot21:40
kahiruwell, my /boot is ext2, / is btrfs21:40
kahiru /boot on btrfs would be suicide, right?21:41
jaegernot suicide so much as just not doable21:41
*** SiFuh has joined #crux21:41
kahirugod dammit21:46
kahirui got beaten by a filesystem...21:46
kahirulets try again with good old ext21:47
Epsylon3ok, my pkgfiles seems correct now :
Epsylon3=======> Building '/tmp/ports/ccminer/ccminer#1.5.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.21:49
jaegeryou should be fine with ext* /boot and btrfs whatever else as long as your kernel is correctly configured21:51
kahiruthe thing is, theres so many options in kernel configuration21:52
kahiruand i thought it should be bootable with defaults21:53
Epsylon3jaeger, how do i get them indexed somewhere ?21:54
jaegerget what indexed?21:54
Epsylon3miners :)21:55
Epsylon3and the cuda-toolkit21:55
jaegeryou mean your ports?21:55
jaegerset up an httpup repo and then submit it to the portdb21:55
Epsylon3httpup-repgen was made, then...21:56
kahirutheoretically it should be possible to boot with the kernel from the livecd, right?21:58
Epsylon3ok, ports -u download the stuff in /usr/ports/miners22:06
Epsylon3but prt-get doesnt find them22:07
kahiruyayy~ finally got it to boot with the kernel from livecd22:07
kahirugsus, this is so not working22:08
jaegeradd them to prt-get.conf22:08
Epsylon3ok, i see, i changed the collection to contrib22:11
*** lnds has quit IRC22:31
kahiruwell, since i cant get it to boot ill be probably leaving23:02
kahiruthanks for having me here23:02
jaegergiving up already?23:04
kahirusort of, im not familliar with what kernel config options correspond with vmware emulated hardware and im too tired to try them all23:06
kahirui was hoping in a 'at least it boots with defaults' experience23:09
*** nbino__ has quit IRC23:10
kahiruwell, i got it to boot with the livecd kernel but it didnt have drivers for the vmware emulated nic23:14
jaegerit should have vmxnet3 and e1000 both, I think23:16
kahirumaybe if i had spare hardware i could toy with23:17
*** mechaniputer has left #crux ()23:40

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