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xeirrrFind a another way to add Firefox add ons, disable OCSP. What I do is : modify security.OCSP.enabled value from 1 to 000:46
xeirrrI believe in JS, 0 stands for false00:48
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diversexeirrr: well, in binary computing in general, 1 means "on" therefore "true." While 0 means "off" ergo "false"01:07
diverseprogramming languages just adapt that concept into their design with bool values, even in C, false == 001:09
diverseso disabling OCSP huh?01:11
diversethat did the trick01:11
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xeirrrYeah. But a small thing is Author Not Verified01:18
xeirrrIs this related to OCSP thing?01:19
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diversexeirrr: perhaps because it has to do with certificates01:28
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xeirrrdiverse: Thanks. addons is so significant.01:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wine: 1.7.30 -> 1.7.3201:36
diversexeirrr: yeah I know, it's so messed up that Chinese government blocks you even from addons.01:36
Lilie34TYwhy ctrl+A in firefox doesn't do select all in field as always. it brings cursor to the beginning of the line!01:41
Romsterkahiru i made a rough vbox guide and it works. if your keen on a reading that.01:53
Romsterafternoon all01:59
Romsterdiverse, how goes the code?01:59
joacimLilie34TY: sounds like it is using emacs bindings02:02
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diverseRomster: I gave up on it03:10
Romsterseriously what just for now i hope not for good.03:18
Romsteri'm starting another small project pre-generating Pkgfiles with updated version= lines03:19
Romsterversion=#exec --common-ext --strip '/download' | --show-ranking --show-failed --print-sorted --head 1 | awk 'NF {print $3}'03:19
Romsterstill a bit messy though03:19
Romsterthat puts out version=1.7.3203:19
Romsteri know i'm gonna have fun when i get to odd and even for dev and stable versions.03:28
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Epsylon3=======> Building '/tmp/ports/amd-catalyst-14/amd-catalyst#14.9-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.05:37
Epsylon3-rw-r--r--  0 root   root 11951296 Nov 30 06:36 lib/modules/3.17.1-x86_64-cruxex/extra/fglrx.ko05:37
Epsylon3hmm strip required05:37
Epsylon3-rw-r--r--  0 root   root  8826688 Nov 30 06:38 lib/modules/3.17.1-x86_64-cruxex/extra/fglrx.ko05:39
Epsylon3better ^^05:39
Lilie34TYsomeone tell me if I am actually sending to crux channel or I am behind another netsplit please!06:02
Epsylon3your are06:02
Lilie34TYgood good06:02
Epsylon3pkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)06:03
Epsylon3both nvidia and amd use the same lib06:03
Lilie34TYI am or better said i want to make what you call it ah port for a WM. but that animal is hosted on github . how should I source the source code in tyhe Makefile?06:03
Epsylon3tagged versions06:04
Epsylon3check the release tab on github06:05
Lilie34TYEpsylon3: don't be cryptic. explain nicely plz06:05
Epsylon3sorry if i type too slowly06:05
Epsylon3interresting... /sbin/ldconfig: /usr/lib/ is not a symbolic link06:06
Epsylon3i think its the solution06:06
Lilie34TYEpsylon3: no I did that actually; and how about "release=" and "version=". and the author of the github project should put the tag yes?06:07
Epsylon3yep you cant do it on master branch, each commit will change the md5sum06:09
Epsylon3well you can, differently06:09
Epsylon3wget etc...06:10
Epsylon3release and version is for crux06:10
Epsylon3its better to match a tagged version ;)06:11
Lilie34TYam I agreeing with you on the way to use github. to the next; I see just one build {} function inside the pkgfile. what should i do if I have after install steps like copying some config file from the local source directory to the user home directory?06:14
Epsylon3depends, im new on that but some stuff is for all users06:15
Epsylon3ls /usr/share/applications/06:16
Epsylon3to add icons06:16
Epsylon3i dont had to use home folders06:16
Lilie34TYEpsylon3; or you just put them on ~/.icons06:16
Epsylon3ls /usr/share/icons/06:17
Epsylon3xpm file06:17
Epsylon3im currently trying to make my own amd catal06:17
Epsylon3amd catalyst06:17
Epsylon3and ive the icon ;)06:17
Epsylon3just with a applications/x.desktop file and a xpm06:18
Epsylon3a package is system wide06:18
Epsylon3then there are common folders for new users06:19
Epsylon3the base template i mean06:19
Epsylon3not sure using ~/ is proper if you see what i mean06:20
Epsylon3if you install as root, will be /root/06:20
Lilie34TYEpsylon3; the files I am worried about should go to the "~/.config/"  directory. or the window manager won't start. I know what you are trying to say. you are going system-wide. I am asking if I have to create another function for after install jobs (what that it would be) and also about the fact that we should issue the system-wide or user-specifi06:22
Lilie34TYc location by XDM functions. (i.e what was the home_directory $XDM_HOME or something?) do you get me point now?06:22
Lilie34TYmy be own of the crown jewels of crux like tilman or jaeger could help us newbies? :)06:24
Epsylon3im interested too to know that ;)06:24
Epsylon3because your package cant use /home/me06:25
Epsylon3cd /usr/ports/06:26
Epsylon3fgrep -R HOME *06:26
Epsylon3should be an existing port06:26
Lilie34TYanother problem is the footprint file. How could I obtain that list for my package?06:27
Lilie34TYbut in any case bit the hell making a package for Arch I guess.06:28
Epsylon3in the package folder06:29
Epsylon3footprint is made if the script doesnt make errors06:30
Lilie34TYok? but I am still in the dark. does pkgmk make that file?06:30
Lilie34TYanything else you could think of?06:34
Epsylon3vi /etc/prt-get.conf and add the parent folder where you put your Pkgfile06:36
Epsylon3ports -u && prt-get install <pack> to test06:37
Lilie34TYYes I did that06:37
Epsylon3pkgmk do almost the same thing06:37
Epsylon3than prt-get install06:37
Epsylon3except it doesnt install ;)06:38
Epsylon3it zip the $PKG folder in a tar.gz06:38
Lilie34TYSo it is like making a binary package and not installing it. a sorta dry run. yes? I don't have space on the web right now to upload my port. I see others done that by putting stuffs on github or bitbucket. how exactly could I do that?06:40
Lilie34TYEpsylon3: /\06:41
Epsylon3Pkgfile is only a few kb06:41
Epsylon3there is no binary required06:41
Epsylon3 contrib-admin@crux.nu06:42
Epsylon3when your port is ok06:42
Lilie34TYEpsylon3: yes I see that. I meant my space on the web is not that reliable. it is down often and changes ips every couple of month.06:43
Lilie34TYoh send them the port.06:43
Lilie34TYgood idea06:43
Epsylon3or create a web page on a github project ;)06:43
Lilie34TYI am trying to manage my server but I am very busy ATM06:44
Lilie34TYEpsylon3: what about bitbucket?06:44
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Epsylon3never used06:45
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Epsylon3root@crux:/tmp/ports/amd-catalyst# /usr/X11R6/bin/amdconfig --list-adapters06:49
Epsylon3No protocol specified06:49
Epsylon3* 0. 01:00.0 AMD Radeon R9 200 Series06:49
Epsylon3R9 28506:49
nbinoI'm building my first "packages" :)06:51
nbino"my" very relative, lol06:51
nbinoI like ports -d, simple, show "remote"/"local" versions,06:52
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Epsylon3my first was yesterday ^^06:53
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Epsylon3and ive now almost the radeon working06:53
Lilie34TYI am reading about CUDA; and It says it is used by NVIDIA and turns nvidia GPU to CPU to process data other than graphic related matters. is that right?06:57
Lilie34TYhow should I utilize it?06:57
Lilie34TYi am using nvidia binary package06:58
c0xbitcoin mainings06:58
Epsylon3it was my first package06:58
nbinoC miner ?06:58
Lilie34TYWhat I ment to help me own cpu with my own Computer processes06:58
Epsylon3cc = cuda06:59
Epsylon3cpu = cpu06:59
Epsylon3in fact that come from the first authors06:59
Epsylon3Christian & Christian06:59
Epsylon32 german guys06:59
nbinoIs easy to start a new chain ?06:59
Epsylon3easy... depends ;)07:00
Epsylon3you can do a print easily ;)07:00
Epsylon31Million times07:00
Epsylon3= flood of your screen07:00
Epsylon3if you see what i mean07:00
Epsylon3a gpu can do 1500 threads at the same time07:00
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Epsylon3printf("Hello world, im thread %d\n", threadIdx.x)07:02
Epsylon3in fact its more : int thread = (blockDim.x * blockIdx.x + threadIdx.x);07:03
nbinoahh, but that is "full" system,07:04
nbinoI was searching for simple example, can be without the network part,07:05
nbinoonce I found a C implementation for bitcoin,07:05
nbinobut I'm not searching for "bitcoin" I was searching for something that I can learn,07:06
Epsylon3try cpuminer :)07:14
Epsylon3algorithms are almost standalone07:15
Epsylon3like plugins07:15
Epsylon3the cuda version is almost the same07:15
Epsylon3except it run on the gpu and return the result ;)07:15
nbinoobjective is to obtein 0000000 + something  ?07:16
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Epsylon3a hash < target07:17
Epsylon3hash is 32 bytes07:17
Epsylon3target is indeed often 0x0000ff07:17
Epsylon3more 0s = more difficult07:17
Epsylon3more miners there are, and more the difficulty is set by the network...07:18
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Epsylon3at least i got a system with amd opencl working while cuda is running ^^08:18
Epsylon3nvdia + amd :)08:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: ccache: 3.1.9 -> 3.208:27
prologicsomeone mention me to test highlighting in hexchat :)09:02
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: libdevmapper: updated to 1.02.9310:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: rpcbind: update to 0.2.211:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: lvm2: update to 2.02.11411:12
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xeirrrHi, anyone run wine or wine64 here?11:20
xeirrrI have a program, just for windows, is a .exe file. In order to get it work, I set up wine. But I am using fluxbox, so no idea to get it up11:21
teK_what's the matter with fbox?11:22
teK_I've been using wine together with fluxbox11:22
xeirrrteK_: How do you run that program with wine?11:23
teK_ wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/WebEx/WebEx/500/nbrplay.exe11:23
teK_and don't be hatin because of cisco plz11:23
xeirrrteK_: So we must put that .exe in the .wine folder to get it work?11:24
Romsterjust save it somewhere and do wine setup.exe11:25
teK_yeah what Romster says. The _installed_ exe / program files go to ~/.wine/drive_c etc.11:25
teK_note that there is a separate program to run .msi files: msiexec11:26
Romsterif you you desktop files those will be created11:26
RomsterteK_, best to use windows paths11:28
Romsterwinepath -w ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/WebEx/WebEx/500/nbrplay.exe11:28
RomsterC:\Program Files (x86)\WebEx\WebEx\500\nbrplay.exe11:28
Romsterwine "C:\Program Files (x86)\WebEx\WebEx\500\nbrplay.exe"11:28
xeirrrwhile $wine64 setup.exe returns me nothing, any idea?11:28
Romsterthere is no wine64 you run wine.11:29
teK_it's a 32 bit exe?11:29
teK_and nothing is never true;)11:29
teK_say echo $?  right after the previous application call11:29
teK_you get 0 (ok) or !0 (not ok)11:29
xeirrrteK_: I got 111:30
teK_i.e. not ok ;)11:30
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teK_just skip the 64 part11:30
Romstershould if git output on the terminal11:30
Romsterog got*11:30
Romsterwhy can i not type11:30
Romstershould of got output on the terminal11:31
xeirrrIt seems there is no 32 bit wine in my system, $ whereis wine returns me some wine library file  and man page11:34
teK_% file `which wine`11:35
teK_/usr/bin/wine: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.27, stripped11:35
teK_% pkginfo -i | grep wine11:35
teK_wine 1.7.21-111:35
xeirrrteK_: I am sorry, i am not using crux for some reasons11:36
xeirrrat least now, my home machine did it.11:37
teK_no need to apologize11:37
xeirrrIs wine show be natively 32 bit na matter what arch system you use?11:38
teK_my understanding is that you use wine for 32 bit _windows_ apps11:39
teK_there's an experimental wine64 for the "opposite" case11:39
xeirrrYeah, I build from wine from source tarball11:40
xeirrrCentOS gives me so old binary package11:40
teK_what's the .exe anyway?11:52
xeirrrteK_: It a proxy for breaking great fire wall in China, you can find it at  dongtaiwang.com11:54
xeirrrteK_: Some guys say it works with wine, So I should give it a try ;P11:55
teK_so you are on the unfortunate side of that wall?11:56
teK_I am not really into running an exe from there :=11:57
xeirrrteK_: Yeah, I am chinese11:57
teK_just to understand you right: you do: wine  some.exe   . What's happening next?11:59
xeirrrteK_: nothing happened at least in terminal.11:59
teK_did you try baiduing for wine + theexe's name?12:01
xeirrrteK_: I can access google, thanks ssh12:03
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Romsterwine in crux does 32bit and 64bit13:28
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mutt: fix for CVE-2014-9116, see
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teK_you need an SSH tunnel to be able to access at all?14:38
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RomsterNasty Lockup Issue Still Being Investigated For Linux 3.1814:39
teK_"the line below does not always work. Needs investigating!"14:40
teK_sounds all too familiar :D14:40
Romsterhehe yeah14:42
teK_somewhat related:
teK_running it 20 times  in gdb produces no segfault. I'm suspecting linking order making a foul play14:45
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nbino:) hello19:42
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nbinoI'm having problems configurin mutt - msmtp - gpg, msmtp when called from mutt don't ask for password,20:01
nbinogpg-agent is runing, I have a .bash_profile that calls it,20:01
nbinoon a famous wiki says to use a "command" in muttrc that call gpg before msmtp20:02
nbinowill try this solution,20:03
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frinnst <- that looks like.. .. fun .. ?20:56
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Roosevelthi all!20:58
kahiruhey Roosevelt, how are you?21:15
Roosevelthey @ kahiru nbino21:17
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nbinohope tonight I finish configue properly mutt,21:57
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