IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2014-12-01

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xeirrrHi, anyone can share his/her .bashrc file? I have bash and when I open lxterminal. always bash-4.3: $ That's not good I think. also when i do ls -l. no color scheme.00:56
xeirrrI need to define PS100:56
xeirrrno idea how to start00:56
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Romsterxeirrr /etc/profile01:33
Romsterexport PS1='\n\[\033[1;34m\]\u\[\033[0m\]@\[\033[1;31m\]\h\[\033[0m\]\n\[\033[0;32m\]\d \t\[\033[0m\]\n\[\033[1;37m\]\w\[\033[0m\]\n\$ '01:33
Romsterexport PS2="\[\033[1m\]> \[\033[0m\]"01:33
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Roosevelthey all! I have /dev/sr0 what kernel config etc...I need to get my /dev/sr0 activated01:49
Romstersr0 should be symlinked to cdrom and vd02:02
Roosevelt@ Romster what if /dev/cdrom is not available?02:09
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nbinoI have sections in logrotate.conf for each file syslog-ng handle,02:24
nbinohow do I tell logrotate to reload syslog-ng "global" not in every "file section"02:25
nbinoeich, syslog-ng supports rotation :)02:27
nbinothanks anyway :)02:27
jaegerRoosevelt: /dev/sr0 should be usable in the same ways as /dev/cdrom since /dev/cdrom is usually just a link to it anyway02:43
jaegerdoes /dev/sr0 not work for you?02:43
Roosevelt@ jaeger I'm okay now was missing a module.02:47
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Lilie34TYI wasn't sure about crux.03:26
Lilie34TYwhen I saw and read about it I thought i while be something without any support and anything to offer03:27
Lilie34TYno feature and no stability .03:27
Lilie34TYwell i was wrong03:27
Lilie34TYI am happy with crux03:27
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jaegerglad you like it03:29
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Lilie34TYjaeger: do you know what is the best asset of linux crux?03:32
jaegerDepends on the person, subjective question03:32
jaegerFor me it's that I can do whatever I want with it. Completely customizable03:33
Lilie34TYthe active and enthusiastic community; you even have ports for rust.03:34
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Lilie34TYand cuda (i don't know what does it to though)03:34
jaegerIt's for GPU computation on nvidia cards03:34
Lilie34TYjaeger: you have docker too :)03:35
jaegerthat's prologic's baby as far as I know03:36
Lilie34TYjaeger: do you know if I should install it. I have nvidia card and use binary nvidia03:36
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jaegerOnly if you want to do GPU computing and specifically program for it. You don't need it for normal use or games, etc.03:36
Lilie34TYoh; ok03:37
Lilie34TYI am so happy for rust port. not tht it is hard to install rust by itelf03:37
Lilie34TYwell it is nice; but as far as i can see prt-get is colorless03:37
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Lilie34TYjaeger: Well I want to build some ports for crux; But I don't know how but I want to do that very much.03:39
jaegerJust check out ports that are already made and see how they do it, pretty easy to get started03:39
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Lilie34TYjaeger: esp the sourcing from git and after install steps like copying some fonts03:40
Epsylon3jaeger, is there a profile.d by default ? something to set env vars in packages ?03:41
jaegerprobably not. the crux way is generally to follow upstream as closely as possible with few exceptions03:41
jaegerif the default shells had it, then sure03:42
Lilie34TYEpsylon3: hello03:42
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Epsylon3upstream ?03:42
Epsylon3hello :)03:42
jaegeras in the package authors03:42
jaegerbash, tcsh, etc.03:42
jaegernothing to stop you from implementing something like that on your own systems, of course03:43
Epsylon3its more for packages,03:43
Epsylon3not for bash03:43
Epsylon3= system03:43
Epsylon3t are already made and see how they do it, pretty easy to get started03:43
Epsylon3i /etc/profile.d/03:43              Z97-byobu.sh03:43
Epsylon3oh maybe in this bashcompletion packages03:44
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Epsylon3its in etc/profile :03:50
Epsylon3etc/profile:if [ -d /etc/profile.d ]; then03:50
Epsylon3for i in /etc/profile.d/*.sh; do03:50
jaegerwell, there you go :)03:50
Epsylon3 ;) its on ubuntu 14 ;p03:50
jaegeryou could also add it to your crux install03:51
Epsylon3i dont work for me03:51
Worksteryou could easily do that in crux too.03:51
Epsylon3i know how to edit a text file03:51
Epsylon3i just want a working package on crux03:51
jaegerAt this point I have no idea what you're asking03:51
Epsylon3fully-working without help file03:51
Epsylon3i need to set an ENV var03:52
Epsylon3like this one :03:52
Epsylon3profile:        export PATH="/bin:/usr/bin:/opt/bin"03:52
Worksteryou don't need opt when your packaging stuff03:53
Epsylon3I DONT NEED OPT03:53
Worksterbut you can either set it in /etc/profle or ~/.bashrc03:53
Epsylon3yep, will come back in a few years03:54
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Worksteryou'd only use opt when your not using a package manager?03:54
jaegerI have no clue what that was about03:54
Worksteri wasn't even rude.03:54
jaegerguess he doesn't like crux sticking with defaults03:55
Worksteri said don't need i never said he can't do it.03:55
Workstereh he'll ever comeback or hack at his system or go to some other distro. honestly don't care no loss to us03:56
nbinohey today I read the comunity wiki :)03:57
nbinoI'm writing some notes while I configure crux,03:59
nbinoI think I will re-install crux 3.1 to review the configs,04:01
nbinothen I can propose some review of crux wiki pages ?04:01
xeirrrwine in crux works better than that in CentOS04:05
nbinosystemd runs wine ?04:05
nbinoif not native, is a nice proposal04:06
xeirrrnbino: no, wine runs  Windows program.04:06
xeirrrnot related to init system04:07
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Worksternbino, i got a google drive virtualbox install guide but its hacky atm04:22
Worksteri think nbino was making a joke on systemd doing everything04:23
Workstermaybe less services in crux *shrugs*04:23
Worksteror that centos lags behind on port versions04:24
xeirrrnbino: do you just as Workster said?04:27
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nbino:) I was joking, I never look at the code of systemd to be talking,05:55
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Lilie34TYhello again;07:42
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Lilie34TYI have a problem guys with playing video files. I have nvidia binary instlled. and I play my videos with mpv. when i move my mpv windows while playing or shuffle through windows; sometimes I get freezes in my whole desktop like a little hiccup hang. it will go away after 3 seconds of course and in that time I have no excessive memory or cpu usage.07:45
Lilie34TYbut what I know is I didn't have this problem under gentoo or arch07:45
Lilie34TYI play mostly mkv file07:46
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diverseLilie34TY: I can't reproduce this problem, mpv works fine for me using nvidia's proprietary driver.07:53
diversehave you tried rebuilding mpv?07:53
Lilie34TYdiverse: could it be because I am using standalone icewm?07:55
Lilie34TYdiverse: try to moving your window with mouse07:56
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diverseLilie34TY: I did move the window (vigirously). Also I don't know if the problem is icewm, but try another WM temporarily and see if the problem still occurs.08:02
diversehopefully you will read this in the logs08:02
xeirrrCrux on arm? Have a tablet, very old, bought in 2011. Is it possible to install crux?08:02
diversexeirrr: ask pitillo08:03
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diverseLilie34TY: did you get my message from the logs?08:03
Lilie34TYsorry I git dc08:03
Lilie34TYNo I was passing a node. (romming)08:04
Lilie34TYtell me agin08:04
diverseLilie34TY: I did move the window (vigirously). Also I don't know if the problem is icewm, but try another WM temporarily and see if the problem still occurs.08:04
Lilie34TYdiverse: suggest one. I am open right now?08:05
diverseWell I'm using fluxbox atm, so give that one a will, it's pretty small08:05
Lilie34TYdiverse: So I will; at least we can compare notes08:07
xeirrrthanks, diverse08:17
diverseLilie34TY: Another thing I should mention is that I use nvidia's shortest lived branch in order to support my gtx 980, so I currently use 343.22, instead of the 340.5808:18
diversexeirrr: np08:18
nbinoI'm publishing my adventures in crux on a crux machine.08:22
Lilie34TYnbino; very nice and useful08:29
nbinothanks ':)08:29
Lilie34TYnbino; according to experienced users it is better to go with wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd08:31
Lilie34TYbut that is a matter of taste08:32
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RomsterLilie34TY, test glxgears08:36
Romsterglxinfo |grep direct08:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: vagrant (NEW): Build and distribute virtualized development environments08:39
nbinothanks Lilie34TY, it makes sense08:41
prologicnbino, I guess you could also just do make install for the kernel08:44
prologicthe manual cp steps aren't necessary08:44
Lilie34TYRomster; It says command not found08:44
nbinoI go, see you []]]08:46
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frinnstjust make sure when you run "make install" and dont use lilo - to actually *remove* lilo09:05
frinnstsince the script will automagically run "lilo"09:05
prologicDoes it do this based on what boot manage ryou have installed?09:14
prologicDoes it do something different i you have grub and not lilo installed?09:14
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frinnstwell if you are currently using grub and then lilo installs on the bootloader you might run into trouble :)09:29
frinnstlilo is so limited09:29
frinnstcant boot btrfs for example09:29
teK_I always wanted to have /boot on a btrfs but could because of lilo :((09:42
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frinnstsyslinux is pretty nice, but the btrfs support is incomplete09:46
xeirrrhow about Multi-Boot Loaders?09:50
frinnstsuch as?09:51
frinnstno clue, never tried09:53
Romsterprologic, what are you doing opt/vagrant/09:54
Romsterwtf even arch is using /opt/09:57
Romsterjust ewww do not like this09:57
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openfbtd.ц 2010:45
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prologicwhy would you want btrfs on /boot ?]11:05
prologicit only stores 3 or 4 files :)11:05
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Romsterand it wont work in UEFI if it's not fat3211:24
RomsterFS for /boot why didn't they just keep to using the disk sectors directly11:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mutt: new download URL12:09
xeirrrgood night, everyone12:23
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Lilie34TYwhich package contains libxkbcommon ?13:11
frinnstprt-get fsearch <filename>13:15
Lilie34TYit is a seprated not having port software in github. someone should port it13:15
Lilie34TYfrinnst; don't you agree?13:15
frinnstsure, go ahead :)13:15
Lilie34TY*on github13:15
Lilie34TYfrinnst; why me? :)13:15
frinnstbecause you want it :)13:16
frinnstLilie34TY: what requires/needs libxkbcommon ?13:16
Lilie34TYfrinnst; what is the youtub vid13:16
frinnstMainframes and the Unix Revolution13:16
Lilie34TYfrinnst; wayland and bemenu13:17
Lilie34TYSomeone should port wayland too X)13:17
frinnsthttpup sync libxkbcommon13:17
frinnstsomebody already did port it13:17
joacimwayland was pulled for reasons not known to me13:18
Lilie34TYfrinnst; I should thank him then,13:18
Lilie34TYjoacim; why?13:18
Lilie34TYwhat do you mean by pulled?13:18
joacimit was in official repositories for a while13:19
joacimjust a few days i think13:19
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Lilie34TYmaybe because it is unstable13:20
Lilie34TYfrinnst; in arch build scripts we have more than one build{} block like check {} and package {}13:22
Lilie34TYfrinnst; what about crux?13:23
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frinnstwhat? how crux packages things?13:26
joacimPkgfiles don't split build() and package()13:26
joacimi don't know what check() does, as I haven't seen a pkgbuild with that uses that yet13:27
frinnstI've never used arch so i cant really say how the two differs13:27
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Lilie34TYSo how could i set post-install jobs like copying some file or creating some?13:30
frinnstcreate a post-install script with the port and use prt-get (and tell it to run pre/post stuff)13:31
Lilie34TYcould you give me a port as an example. what i want is to copy 4 files from where pr-get stores the source code of said package and put it in the user home directory (~/.balhbalwm/       directory for example).13:33
frinnstdo you have crux installed, or a webbrowser perhaps?13:36
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u7knv9hyo, i have an issue with XF86 keys15:23
u7knv9hi've binded XF86AudioRaiseVolume (and lower) in sxhkd and they work15:23
u7knv9hbuth xev does not detect them, but that's not a big issue15:24
u7knv9hXF86Sleep isn't detected by xev, i can't bind it, and only showkey detects it15:24
u7knv9hanyone can help me?15:24
u7knv9hsorry, not even showkey detects it15:26
u7knv9hand it's not a hardware issue, because F12 (without Fn) works just fine15:27
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jaegeru7knv9h: no idea on that, myself, but have you tried searching online for how to map keys that xev/showkeys can't see? I'm guessing they don't generate kernel events15:35
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u7knv9hyea, but i found nothing for me15:38
jaegersorry, no idea here15:39
u7knv9hit may seem an useless information but xev detected the XF86Audio keys but once i binded them with sxhkd it no longer detects them (but they work)15:39
u7knv9hlol no idea here too15:39
jaegersome of those extra keys are voodoo, hehe15:40
u7knv9hwhat do you mean15:41
jaegerI mean they're weird, don't understand how they work. Some generate keycodes, some don't, etc.15:42
u7knv9hah, yes lol15:42
u7knv9hi've found that not only XF86Sleep doesn't work, but there are 3 XF86 key that doesn't15:43
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_root_hello folks @/16:04
_root_missed me.16:04
_root_I am officialy having my ports set. cool no?16:04
_root_so; a question. how should i source
_root_joacim: hey buddy; nice to see you.16:05
_root_it has no release.16:06
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_root_I want to know how to source it. any help?16:15
joacimone of these should be an ok template16:15
joacimthere is also the "download zip" link on github16:17
hhhhhhhhis dead for anyone else16:24
korihhhhhhhh: aye16:24
korirsync failing16:24
_root_hhhhhhhh: I am on a bad node but yes16:25
_root_I can't open the page16:25
korirsync is failing here16:25
koriso I'm assuming it's down16:25
_root_kori: any idea how could i source a git repo without the release point?16:26
kori_root_: check out one of my git ports on my github16:26
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_root_how to force push a file or directory to the remote git repo?17:48
_root_or how could I do ....?17:49
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tilmanfrinnst: all this new talk about a freeze bug in linux... is that the issue you've been seeing?17:57
frinnstnope that was btrfs related17:58
frinnstI did have some unknown lockups but they seems to have been fixed since 3.1717:58
frinnst3.18-rcX has been rock solid for me17:58
frinnstthough I do see some keyborad input lag with qemu guest since 3.1417:58
frinnst(annoying when using yubikeys)17:59
frinnstlost chars and stuff17:59
tilmani had weird keyboard on the *host* at work "recently"17:59
tilmanmagic key repeat fucked up17:59
tilmanhit a key once, get 1-100 responses17:59
tilmanunusable ;p18:00
frinnstand fuck hp with their "entitlement" bios downloads18:01
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frinnsthave fun <318:26
frinnstoh crubot is dead18:26
_root_frinnst: why?18:26
frinnstApplying: [notify] firefox: updated to 34.0. Fixes various security issues:18:26
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~/ports/opt/firefox [3.1]$ git push18:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: [notify] openvpn: 2.3.5 -> 2.3.619:31
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j^2it’s been a while guys19:55
diversej^2: former crux user?19:58
j^2jaeger: might even remember me :)19:58
diversewelcome back19:59
j^2thanks :)19:59
tvaalenAre you here because of systemd?19:59
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j^2no i saw some patches come in i thought i might see the lay of the land20:00
tvaalenYou never know!20:03
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tvaalenNot sure what you're referring to.20:25
koritvaalen: pretty sure he pointed the wrong person to the about page :D20:25
j^2heeyyy! I’m still on the About page :)20:26
j^2all that data is out of date for me too it seems :P20:28
koriwoah all those retired members20:28
teK_you're 31 now20:28
teK_I gues20:28
tvaalenkori, maybe.20:30
koritvaalen: nope, he was right20:30
korisee the Contributors: section20:30
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tvaalenkori, I meant he maybe pointed the wrong person to the about page.20:31
korior maybe the right person for the wrong reasons20:32
korithis conversation is starting to confuse me20:32
koriI suggest we stop20:32
tvaalenMaybe that as well.20:32
tvaalenAnd yes, maybe we should.20:33
tvaalenWay too many maybes now.20:33
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jaegerj^2: hey, welcome back20:54
j^2jaeger: :)21:05
leo-unglaubhey :)21:06
leo-unglaubdoes anyone of you know a better alternative than zenity?21:06
koriI'm actually not 100% sure what zenity does21:06
leo-unglaubkori: in this case i put you down as a "no" ;)21:07
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jaegerleo-unglaub: in general or for steam? :)21:24
jaegerit isn't really required for steam, for what that's worth21:25
jaegerj^2: what are you using these days?21:26
j^2jaeger: that’s a great question21:26
j^2more like what am i not using :P21:26
leo-unglaubjaeger: steam?21:26
j^2but i’m the “openstack” guy at Chef now21:26
jaegerAh, nice. Congrats21:26
jaegerleo-unglaub: the software delivery platform21:27
j^2jaeger: so i have to build clusters over and over, and cirros is….lame. I thought crux would actually be a good fit21:27
leo-unglaubjaeger: i am talking about
jaegeryes, I figured.21:28
j^2jaeger: still it OK?21:28
jaegerI don't know an alternative, sorry, was just commenting21:28
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jaegerj^2: yep21:28
j^2is there a cloud img of crux? or is that something i can offer more or less off the bat? (granted i do have to make it :P)21:29
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jaegerI've seen mentions of some crux images in here in the past though honestly I haven't kept track. lots of Docker chatter lately21:30
j^2crux as the “coreos” type system?21:31
j^2light weight hypervisorish thingy?21:31
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jaegerI suppose it's similar, though I'm no expert with either of those21:35
jaegerprologic can tell you more, I'm sure21:35
kahirubtw did anyone manage to compile crux kernel for vmware workstation 10?21:36
jaegercrux doesn't really have its own kernel aside from the ISO config. If you mean running crux as a vmware ws 10 guest, you just need the proper controller and filesystem options, assuming it's a supported upstream kernel21:37
kahirui tried different configurations for the past two days but i couldnt get it to boot21:38
jaegercan you pastebin the output from 'lspci -k' somewhere?21:38
jaegerfor the VM21:39
kahirusure, im on it21:39
diversej^2: chat with prologic about the docker images21:42
leo-unglaubteK_: ping21:42
j^2prologic: ha! your still around too? :)21:42
jaegerkahiru: looks like the important stuff you need for booting is ata_piix and mptspi21:43
j^2wow, all i need is cptn and per to show up :P21:43
diversej^2: we had tvaalen came back recently too, so it's been quite the reunion21:43
jaegerthat corresponds to CONFIG_FUSION_SPI and CONFIG_ATA_PIIX in the kernel config21:43
j^2diverse: :)21:43
jaegerplus your chosen filesystem. All builtin <*> rather than module21:43
kahirujaeger: okay, ill report when i try it21:44
jaegeris tvaalen treach? or was that someone else?21:44
j^2damnit rubygems is still down21:44
j^2i forget is there a issue tracker with crux and the ports and what not?21:44
jaegeror you can email the maintainer directly21:45
kahiruwell, lets compile21:51
*** deus_ex has quit IRC21:55
j^2jaeger: that’s right21:55
j^2now this is coming back to me :)21:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] nss: updated to 3.17.3. Fix for CVE-2014-156922:02
*** RobinStamer has quit IRC22:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: lftp: include --disable-dependency-tracking to speed up building22:05
teK_leo-unglaub:    ----^22:05
teK_and now der channel build lftp to make use of the increased speed!22:07
*** Faym has joined #crux22:07
tvaalenjaeger, nah, think I nicked koefz or somesuch back then.22:09
jaegerAh, ok, that rings a bell22:10
kahirujaeger++ : thank you a lot, it finally boots22:11
jaegerglad to hear it :)22:11
*** jdolan has joined #crux22:15
tvaalenAnd I'm not back just yet.22:16
*** u7knv9h has quit IRC22:16
teK_tvaalen: are you german, by chance?22:16
tvaalenNeed something sane for the work laptop with company code, etc.22:16
teK_just being nosy :O)22:16
tvaalenNo, swedish.22:16
teK_Aalen is a city in Germany and koefz the beginning of the german term Koeffizient ;)22:17
tvaalenSo, "small german".22:17
jaegerI sometimes run crux on my rmbp at work :) But I don't need the laptop often so it wouldn't hurt me if I broke something22:17
teK_blonde germany :->22:17
tvaalenHah, ok. Good catch, but no.22:17
diverseteK_: you're saying germans are stereotypically nosy?22:17
teK_but I am under the impression that women are22:18
diverseah, rofl22:18
tvaalen"tvaalen" is just an ascii-compatible version of tvålen. Soap in english.22:18
tvaalenansi, ascii, whateve.r22:18
tvaalenBut yeah, I have fond memories of crux. I do however remember it taking up lots of time for me back in the days. Time I don't really have today.22:20
tvaalenOf course, once the system is in place it could live on forever.22:20
*** jdolan has quit IRC22:21
tvaalenBut still, don't know if it would be a good fit.22:21
jaegerI've put like 13 years into it, why stop now? :D22:22
*** jdolan has joined #crux22:22
tvaalenIn either case, I'll most likely piggyback on the ports system and run crux in a container.22:22
diverseCrux is really comfortable for me, but that's because I run off a i7-4770k with ram running at 2400MHz22:22
teK_we should have that quote on our landing page at crux.nu22:22
teK_or in a separate section 'user testimonials'22:23
rmullCan anybody recommend a good "ultrabook" for Linux?22:23
teK_if the lenovo x201 is ultra enough, go for it22:23
tvaalenDon't know what an ultrabook is, but the Thinkpad X-series is nice.22:24
jaegerI love my x22022:24
diversetvaalen & jaeger: was that laughter from me or teK_? :P22:24
tvaalenAt least up until X240.22:24
nwermull: dell xps 13inch22:24
tvaalenYeah, both.22:24
jaegerthe dell xps 13 developer edition and asus zenbook ux301la seem to get some traction for linux ultrabooks22:25
kahirui have t440s and its pretty good (but not exactly ultra id say)22:25
*** sh4rm4 has joined #crux22:25
jaegerMy X220 is tiny but still not really an ultrabook22:25
tvaalenHow do you handle the lack of mouse buttons?22:25
*** Faym has quit IRC22:26
teK_the x201 has mouse buttons (5!)22:26
tvaalenI really hate the MBP:ification of the latest generation Thinkpads.22:26
rmullI've played with a recent asus zenbook and it was kind of a letdown22:26
tvaalenOnly tried out coworkers machines some, and it's really horrible compared to the older models with real buttons.22:26
*** Feksclaus has quit IRC22:27
tvaalenBut I'm thinking maybe you get used to it.22:27
kahiruone more question: how often are the core ports updated?22:28
teK_as fit. Major toolchain upgrades only with new (ISO) releases22:28
*** Faym has joined #crux22:29
diversekahiru: whenever the maintainer notices there is an update, so, quite often22:29
kahiruoh, i see22:30
diversethe maintainers are pretty good about keeping stuff up to date22:31
*** henesy has joined #crux22:31
kahiruis there a way to make binary packages of ports for distributing among several machines?22:35
diversekahiru: keep in mind, stuff like gcc and glibc aren't updated to the latest version, but to the latest bugfix of the release we use, in order to prevent breakage.22:35
korikahiru: are they the same architecture?22:35
korijust compile and cp the .pkg.tar.xz files22:35
korior whatever compression system you use22:35
kahirucool, thanks22:36
tvaalenYeah, what happened to all those tools that popped up back in the days? Rewrites of pkgutils, pkg-get, wasn't there talk of a rewrite of prt-get as well? And general consolidation of everything.22:39
tvaalenI take that as a "it didn't".22:40
*** RobinStamer has joined #crux22:41
*** Faym has quit IRC22:41
diversesigh, well I was porting pkgutils to another language, but I gave up.22:41
teK_just look at the results of the cruxcons 2004/2005. I think things are just too stable to be changed like this [think of sysvinit's destiny]22:42
diversejaeger: weren't you planning on rewriting prt-get?22:45
jaegerteK_ and I have talked about it but time hasn't permitted yet22:45
teK_there's even some code :)22:45
*** RobinStamer has quit IRC22:46
diverseteK_: you showed me code ported from pkgutils to C, a while ago?22:46
diverseor was that prt-get?22:46
teK_I started from scratch, doing stuff from prt-get and pkgutils in plain C22:47
diversewell prt-get is written in a C-like way, so it should be easy to reference it for your work'22:49
tvaalen"move pkgutils and prt-get to a common codebase (3.x)"22:49
tvaalenSo, worst case, crux will never reach 4.x? :P22:49
teK_we have an infinite amount of release numbers just below 4.x left!22:49
tvaalenExactly. :)22:50
diverseoh I see, the plan was to make a library for common operators for both tools22:50
tvaalenIs the C-code available someplace public?22:50
teK_but it's not uptodate, I think :)22:51
diverseyeah, I seen that code22:51
*** Faym has joined #crux22:51
diverseteK_: I'm glad you're using 2-spaced indents ;)22:52
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux22:52
*** jdolan has quit IRC22:53
diverseteK_: for config_add_repository(), you might want to figure out a way to iterate through the existing /usr/ports directories, instead of explicitly stating them.22:54
teK_yeah sure, main() is just may playground for testing22:55
teK_I even don't use getopt ;)22:55
diverseor better yet, parse the prt-get.conf file for them, obviously22:56
teK_yes, that's missing from config_init()22:57
nbinoback to crux world :)22:58
teK_off to bed22:59
diverseteK_: have a good one22:59
teK_you too22:59
nbino[]] tek23:00
diversenbino: what does "[]]" represent?23:01
nbinosorry is a hug23:01
nbinoI'm not native english speaker, even in my native language I have some serius problems23:02
diverseah I see, "[]" is the huggie and "]" is the hugger23:02
nbinoyes :)23:03
nbino[]]]] big big hugg23:03
*** Faym has quit IRC23:03
diversedon't squeeze too hard, I can't breath ;)23:04
*** Feksclaus has joined #crux23:04
nbino:D is to thank you for pkg delicius23:05
*** Papey has quit IRC23:05
nbinoI read above you are thinking to port to C,23:05
diversethat was teK_ doing the C porting, I was porting pkgutils to Rust23:06
jaegerI also have a C port started but teK_ is moving faster :)23:06
diverseRight, both teK_ and jaeger are doing it. All I did was remind teK_ of what he was doing in the C code.23:08
tvaalenWould be nice with some sort of git repo for this.23:09
*** Faym has joined #crux23:09
kahirumight i help somehow?23:09
jaegerMine isn't in any kind of useful state now but I was planning to put it on github later23:09
diversekahiru: I don't think that would be a problem23:10
diversejaeger: you got the idea of what to do though, that's the important part.23:10
*** Papey has joined #crux23:14
nbinoI will be with crux, I'm organizing my "computer/work", then I will try to give something back to crux23:15
nbinowether is documentation, review, users, verbose in chat etc :)23:16
diversekeep in mind, you aren't forced to contribute, do it because you want to do it :)23:18
koriI'm not a programmer so I just made tons of ports23:19
kori┐('~'; )┌23:19
kahiruhas anyone ever tried to make zfs port?23:20
diversethe ZoL modules?23:21
korithat'd probably be a pain in the ass23:21
jaegerI have, though they're tied to the current kernel version23:21
koriyeah that'd be a problem23:22
jaegerI suppose it's no worse than nvidia or whatever23:22
koriI patched linux for BFS and BFQ23:22
jaeger <-- .footprint for that zfs Pkgfile23:22
korijaeger: oh wow23:22
*** phant0mas has quit IRC23:22
tvaalenYeah, zfs is a monstrosity.23:23
kahirujaeger: i tried to write it just now and ive run into some 'unknown symbols in module' stuff, guss ill just give up23:23
jaegerIt's not a clean port, I never published it. has libexec and I never tried to fix the hardcoded /usr/src/blah stuff23:23
korijaeger: that'd probably be suicide23:23
koriI wish btrfs was stable23:23
korithat'd probably be cool23:23
jaegerkahiru: you need CONFIG_ZLIB_DEFLATE and CONFIG_CRYPTO_DEFLATE in your kernel config, that might be the problem23:23
kahiruah, didnt know that, might be the problem23:24
jaegerI have a README saying that in my spl port but it's not published, heh23:24
jaegerMy NAS at home is a CRUX VM with direct access to a ZFS pool so I have an interest in keeping it running23:24
kahiruwould be cool to have zfs without major problems23:25
jaegerIt's been rock solid for me23:25
jaegerfor quite some time23:25
jaegerI even built a silly initramfs that would allow a root zpool but I don't have that around anymore23:26
kahirui must say i kinda like crux23:30
koriI must say: I LOVE CRUX23:30
kahirukori: i dont allow myself to fall in love on the first date (as long as were talking about OSes)23:31
korikahiru: heh23:31
koriI did fall in love with CRUX as soon as I got it booted properly :P23:32
kahiruyeah, booting it properly was a major milestone for me23:32
nbinoI was in a deep relationship with debian, but after I read how simple was to setup a chroot and boot crux...23:34
nbinobut was the package system that makes me stay using crux,23:34
korino systemd, clean system and pkgutils sold CRUX to me23:35
koriI considered Dragora but then I went23:36
nbinoI was thinking LFS, becouse of the book23:36
kahirui considered gentoo, but some parts of it seemed overcomplicated to me23:36
nbinoSirRafiki: try crux ! we are here to help you :)23:38
tvaalenI want to like that Ututo distro, solely based on the awesome gecko logo.23:42
tvaalenBut I have a hard time with gnu/libre-hippies.23:42
koriI used parabola for a while23:42
koriits quite nice23:42
korithe devs are nice too23:43
korinot using proprietary software wasn't a huge blow23:43
koriI can still pull that off23:43
koribut then I can't play games23:43
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC23:43
diversetvaalen: fork crux and make a blue gecko mascot23:43
koriman that penguin is cute but it'd be nicer if 1. it didn't look retarded and 2. was flat23:44
tvaalenYeah, for most users it's probably 99% free code they're running.23:44
korihow hard would it be to push y'all to get a new logo23:45
koriI can get the new logo arranged23:45
nbinodo it it a way that I can see it in lynx23:45
*** Workster has joined #crux23:45
*** Workster has quit IRC23:45
*** Workster has joined #crux23:45
tvaalenI think I use flash for twitch, and I have the ms-fonts, and some blob for the wifi.23:46
nbinoI have to go, see you later,23:46
diversenbino: ttyl23:47
diversekori: make it and let's see it23:47
koridiverse: this will take some time though!23:49
koriis there a high-resolution version of the current logo anywhere?23:49
tvaalenThat one is nice.23:49
diversekori: I think jaeger has a link to it23:49
diverseor probably in that crux-art url23:50
koriso many old pics!23:50
*** Workster_ has joined #crux23:50
cruxbot[xfce.git/3.1]: xfce4-power-manager: updated to 1.4.223:50
tvaalenYeah, not many pics there that stand the test of time.23:51
tvaalenMost of them ooze of 2004 Gimp effects.23:51
korieh, I can't find it23:52
*** Feksclaus has quit IRC23:52
diversekori: are you a graphics designer?23:53
koridiverse: ehhhhhh23:53
koriI wouldn't say so23:53
koriI like customization and looking at pretty things23:53
*** Workster has quit IRC23:53
koricustomizing my desktop is one of the main things I do, actually23:53
kahirukori: what wm is that?23:56
korikahiru: 2bwm23:56
diverseI noticed you used 2bwm23:56
kahirulooks interesting23:56
tvaalenTry out some tiled wm. Preferrably a dynamically tiled one. They're really good for shaking the desktopcustomization-habit.23:57
kahirutvaalen: didnt work for me23:57
diversekahiru: z3bra is our main 2bwm guy, if you are interested trying it. He contributes a lot to github repo23:57
diverse*the main github repo23:57
*** jdolan has joined #crux23:58
koritvaalen: I usually use dwm23:58
koriand that is customized as well23:58
koriI've been using 2bwm because you can't fullscreen games properly with dwm23:58
koriI'd like to try out this new project (which z3bra is a part of too)23:59
koritvaalen: and I don't think it's a problem, really23:59
koriI actually own a channel on rizon in regards to that and it has 100 users now23:59

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