IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2014-12-02

diversewell the cool thing about 2bwm is if you don't want WM decorators and mainly use atl+{left,right}-click to move and handle your windows anyway00:00
diverseand other stuff like teleporting00:00
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tvaalenkori, in that case, carry on.00:01
kahiruwill definitely try it tomorrow00:01
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kahirubtw jaeger: could you send/mail me your whole spl and zfs ports please?00:03
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kahiruim off to bed, later guys00:27
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korino mg port?03:35
koritime to get to work!!03:35
diversehaving fun?03:36
koriI haven't started yet03:37
koriso... no03:37
koriask me again in 30 seconds03:37
diversethen, gonna have fun?03:37
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diversekori: is that micrognuemacs?03:48
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diverseis that the same editor that Linus uses?03:48
koriI'm not sure if linus uses mg03:48
diverseoh he uses just "microemacs"03:48
koriLinus Torvalds uses a customized[3] version of uEmacs/PK 4.0.15.[4] This version was adapted by Petri H. Kutvonen from MicroEMACS 3.9e.03:48
diversewhich mg is based on03:49
koriaaaaand it's up03:50
koriI don't even use mg, heh03:50
diversecool, have fun with elisp03:50
koriI use neovim03:50
korithat source=() indenting03:50
diverseI'll check out neovim when it becomes more stable and also gets a gui03:51
koriit's stable03:51
korinot sure about the GUI part though03:51
diverse"when it becomes more stable"03:52
diverseI guess by the time it hits stable03:53
diversekori: they are still tearing up stuff:
koritime to sysup03:55
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koriI'm going to sleep, night04:01
diversehave a good one04:03
diversegeez everyone is going to sleep04:03
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diverseI feel like I'm hearing the nutcracker background music, where everything is quiet but creepy at the same time04:07
diversegiven the time of year it is04:08
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Worksternot me04:38
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nrom2Hey, I have a quick question: Does netstat exist in crux or is it replaced by ss or something?  If it does exist, what's the package?05:16
Worksternrom2, its ss now05:16
jaegerreplaced by ss05:16
nrom2Ok thanks.  I was just wondering, I miss netstat05:16
jaegerIf you really need it you could probably port the deprecated tools back05:17
_root_jaeger: do you know how could I start wayland?05:17
nrom2I probably just need to learn how to use ss05:17
jaegernrom2: probably better to, yeah05:18
jaeger_root_: I haven't messed with wayland in a while, I don't remember. Check the wayland website/wiki?05:18
_root_jaeger: I install wayland nd a compositer (=window manager in wayland lingo)05:18
jaegeryeah. I've used it a bit in the past but not recently05:19
jaeger <-- looks like back in march05:19
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nilpWhy has firefox got gstreamer disabled?05:32
Workstersee romster/firefox-pgo it has gstreamer but you need to bump the version to 3405:34
Worksteror hack the opt one and enable gstreamer05:34
nilpyeah, I just enabled it in the pkgfile05:35
Worksterthat's frinnst's port ask him or file a feature request05:35
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diverseouch, I didn't know fastmail charges you a yearly subscription to use07:54
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_root_diverse: I have made 2 ports till now. :)08:06
kahirunice _root_, which programs do they provide?08:06
_root_kahiru: oh hello to you to; i am trying to ort some of the cloudef stuff. and also c00kiemon5ter. snapwm xkbc stuff and also a good missing WM (tilling one but I don't want to mess the surprise.v ;)08:08
kahirusounds neat08:09
xeirrr_root_: tilling wm?08:13
frinnstnet-tools has had some commits to it lately08:22
frinnstnew maintainer i think08:22
frinnsti also miss netstat :)08:23
_root_xeirrr: yes I guess you're not a fan of those? tilling windows manager08:23
_root_like awesome xmonad08:24
_root_frinnst: I though net-stat was dead. something new is doing its job now. yes?08:24
frinnstyou have ss08:27
frinnstbut lots of us miss netstat :)08:28
diverse_root_: cool08:33
_root_diverse: I just ported axel. any other suggestion?08:34
_root_diverse: what should i do if the package that i want to port doesn't have anything to build. it should only be copied to several places. any Pkgfile you could give me to look at for educational p. :)08:36
diverse_root_: you mean if you are unpackaging a binary from another source?08:37
_root_diverse: no; and yes08:37
kahiru_root_: you mean something like python script?08:38
_root_diverse: it is a python program. it should go to $PATH and its config file to ~/.config (but ~ in sudo  means /root)08:38
_root_YES; it is SunFlower08:38
diversethe config file should go into /etc08:39
_root_diverse: where in etc?08:40
diverseshow me the link to the project you are porting08:40
diverseah here we go, we can reference what arch does:
diverseokay, so it seems you want to create a $PKG/usr/share/sunflower directory and cp the stuff in the SunFlower/* to that directory08:45
_root_diverse: what is that for depends part. it is messed up08:45
_root_diverse: Yes;08:45
_root_then would it be in the $PATH?08:46
diverse`depends` just means what the package wants for dependencies, just put in # Depends on:08:46
diverseas you see in the script, you put the `sunflower` python script in $PKG/usr/bin, first08:47
diversedon't worry about $PATH08:48
_root_let me check if it works then I will push it to ports08:48
diverse$PATH is just for the shell to know where all the binaries exist on your system, so you don't have to type the full path each time you run a command, say `$ /usr/bin/mpv` instead of use `$ mpv`08:49
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diverseI mean the other way around, but you get the point08:51
xeirrr_root_: yeah. indeed08:51
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diversewell I went ahead and creating that fastmail account, I don't think $40 a year is so bad08:53
diversedoes feel pretty snappy08:53
kahiruis it really worth it?08:54
diversewell I get a 60 day free trial, so I get to decide by then.08:54
diverseand I'm trying to be less dependent on google anyway08:56
kahiruhave you tried ?08:59
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kahiruits pretty nice too09:01
diverseI'll think about it09:04
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diverse_root_: so, all done?09:14
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kahirubtw is there source for pkgmk somewhere available?09:25
Romsteryep /usr/bin/pkgmk09:25
Romsterits shell code09:25
kahirudidnt know that, thanks09:25
Romsterbut the git tree is on pkgutils.git09:25
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kahirumorning z3bra09:32
kahiruhow are you?09:32
z3brafine and you ?09:33
diversez3bra: kahiru is interested in 2bwm, care to show him around?09:33
kahirua bit tired, overnight fall turned into winter, didnt expect that09:34
z3braI should update my port though09:34
z3braIt's based on my fork version09:35
z3brawhich is now outdated09:35
kahirudiverse: thank you for remembering09:35
diverseno problem09:35
kahiruz3bra: could it please wait till i get home? i probably shouldnt be toying with wms at work09:35
z3braping me when you're ready09:36
kahiruwill do09:36
z3braI'll update the Pkgfile meanwhile09:36
diverseI guess I'm good with connecting info my head, so I know where to point who to who, to accomplish the task faster09:39
diversemaybe that's a skill that has to do with programming09:42
diversez3bra: fantastic09:43
z3branot sure how long it would take to update the ports though09:43
diversenot to worry, ports -u will it up instantly09:44
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z3braI should change the way I name my packages though09:44
diversez3bra: kori is also a happy 2bwm user09:44
z3bra(for git packages I mean)09:44
z3braYeah I know09:44
z3brafor git packages, I name them using <package>#git-<6charcommit>.pkg.tar.gz09:50
z3brabut it messes up sysupdates09:51
diverseRomster and I use 7 character commit sums09:51
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xeirrrwhy not packagename-scm.pkg.tar.gz?09:52
Romsterprt-get cat x26409:52
z3bradiverse, doesn't it mess prt-get sysup ?09:54
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diversez3bra: only if you change the commit version, it doesn't really matter10:05
z3brawell, $version is updated too10:06
diverselooks good10:07
z3braif commit is git-aaaaaaa10:07
z3braI update it10:07
z3brait goes git-ddddddd10:07
z3braprt-get will say -dddddd is newer10:08
z3braI update it again10:08
Romsteruse what ever but thats what diverse and me use10:08
z3braand now version is git-bbbbbb10:08
z3brawhat will prt-get say ?10:08
Romsterfoo != bar so update10:08
diversez3bra: it doesn't matter how you change the git hash, it will always update10:08
Romsterfoo = foo don't update10:08
diversethere is no greater than or less than10:09
Romsterdifference between ports tree and installed port version= and revision=10:09
diversez3bra: even if it went from bbbbbbb to aaaaaaa, it will update10:10
diversesame with 7777777 to 111111110:13
z3braI get what my problem was10:13
z3braI have 2 ports10:13
z3bradwb and dwb-git10:14
z3braand "dwb" always appear as "newer" from dwb-git10:14
z3braCollection  Name  Port          Installed10:15
z3braz3bra       dwb   2014.03.07-1  git-6224470-110:15
Feigrimz3bra: do you ever have issues where dwb stops recieving input in a correct way so you have to switch focus away from and back to it again for it to work? I have an older version of dwb on a Debian machine that does that10:15
Feigrimand I am guessing it's fixed in newer versions10:15
z3brathere are no newer versions10:16
z3bradwb is not maintained anymore, sadly10:16
Feigrimoh :(10:16
z3braI just use the latest git commithn10:16
z3brauntil I find a better alternative10:16
Feigrimmy version is 2012.06.2910:16
z3braoh, yeah10:16
z3braYou might want to switch to the git version10:16
z3brait's kind of stable10:17
z3bra(at least, more than your version ^^)10:17
Feigrimye I bet :10:17
diversemore mature I bet10:17
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z3bracheck it out ^10:17
Feigrimsure, thanks10:18
diversez3bra: so for example, even though I had nvidia 343.22 installed customarily, it didn't prevent 340.58 from wanting to build, unless I overlay it or --ignore it10:20
Romsteror lock it10:21
z3braokay so it doesn't check for $oldversion < $newversion ?10:22
diverseapparently not10:22
z3brajust for a difference between them, and update to the version in the port-tree10:22
z3bragood to know =)10:22
z3brais that a bug, or a feature ?10:22
z3braokay thanks Romster :)10:23
Romsterlook at prt-get diff10:23
diverseI suppose it would be a challenge to interpret greater or less than in versioning, because versioning is done in many schemes and is complex10:24
z3brawell, strcmp can do this10:24
z3brabased on ascii value10:24
z3brabut afaik, prt-get is perl based10:25
z3bra(or was it rewritten in C ?)10:25
diversebut what if strcmp wasn't applicable for a certain version scheme?10:25
z3braanyway, I'm fine with always updating to port's version10:25
z3braIt's just cool to be aware of this10:25
diverseknowing is half the battle10:26
diversez3bra: it's not a big deal either way, you have many ways to controll versions externally10:27
z3braI like using git10:28
z3braI can now update a port with a tiny shell script10:29
tvaalenprt-get is C++.10:29
diverseso is 90% of pkgutils10:30
diverseI can definitely understand why pkgmk is a shell script though10:31
tvaalenSeems to have been a few C-rewrites over the years.10:36
tvaalenteK_, jaeger, did you look at those as a possible base?10:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: links: Forgot to add .desktop file10:55
diversetvaalen: it's funny how they don't claim to based the source from Crux10:55
diverseprologic: from the link above10:57
prologicsorry repaste?10:58
tvaalenHmm. It doesn't claim to not be based off the original code?10:58
prologicI ^L'd the screen :)10:58
tvaalenpli:s (C) is still in the source.10:59
tvaalenIt's probably a repo based off the old pkgutils-c from 2006-2007 by Anton.10:59
prologicthat's a blatent rip-off of Per Liden's pkgutils10:59
prologicof which CRUX is based on10:59
tvaalenOriginal site seems to be down.11:00
tvaalenIt's not a rip-off.11:01
tvaalenIt's a third-party rewrite that was brought up on the ml:s years ago.11:02
diverseprologic: yeah, the code looked very similiar11:02
tvaalenSomeone saved it for the coming generations and put it up on github.11:02
prologichis 8th commit is a straight copy and dump of our pkgutils11:02
prologicand his 1st commit looks like an older version of our pkgutils from years ago11:03
prologiccould at least attribute Per Liden and CRUX :)11:03
prologicsomewhere :)11:03
teK_I didnt, tvaalen11:10
z3braI have some issues with11:15
diverseteK_: morning over there?11:16
z3braI use it as a pager for manpages, but if I don't set LC_ALL to "C"11:16
z3braI get garbage chars in less11:16
tvaalenteK_, ok.11:16
z3bra(on new lines)11:16
z3brathe problem comes from the '-' char11:18
z3brain fact11:18
z3bra consideraâ<80><90>11:18
z3bra             tions.11:18
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tvaalenAlso that old port to sh.11:19
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_root_I am trying to port a software (package) which need 3 patch files. how do i source the patch files?11:22
z3brai like how alpine handle it11:23
*** xeirrr has quit IRC11:23
z3brafor patch in *.patch; do11:23
z3bra  patch -p1 . < $patch11:23
z3braand you order them numerically11:23
z3braand so on11:24
_root_z3bra: ok; but how to tell the pkgfile to download them. or they will pe in port?11:24
z3brayou need to ship them with the port11:24
_root_z3bra: where to put them? along side Pkgfile?11:25
_root_or in seprate dir11:25
z3bracos% tree -a thingmenu/11:25
z3bra├── config.h11:25
z3bra├── .footprint11:25
z3bra├── .md5sum11:25
z3bra├── Pkgfile11:25
z3bra└── thingmenu-0.8-noborder.patch11:25
z3brafor example11:25
z3brathen you add the patch to the $source variable11:26
z3braso it also get md5summed11:26
_root_just one adding the patch to the source variable?11:26
_root_ for patch in *.patch; do11:27
_root_14:53 < z3bra>   patch -p1 . < $patch11:27
_root_ for patch in *.patch; do11:27
_root_14:53 < z3bra>   patch -p1 . < $patch11:27
_root_z3bra: Sorry for the mess. irssi is not user-friendly11:27
z3brait is11:28
z3brait just don't have that many friends :P11:28
z3brahold on for a second11:28
_root_z3bra: :) LOL11:28
_root_z3bra: it would be nice if you could provide a port pkgfile as an examle.11:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: supervisor: 3.0 -> 3.1.311:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: meld3: Cleanup11:29
_root_I can't fully picture wht you are saying.11:29
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z3bragimme a sec11:30
_root_z3bra: dont rush; I will be here11:31
z3bradoesn't work11:32
z3brahold on :P11:32
_root_z3bra: ok11:32 gist .....11:33
_root_they are very much better don't you think11:33
z3braI prefer sprunge11:34
z3brabetter CLI interface11:34
z3braso it doesn't work11:35
_root_z3bra: what doesn't?11:35
z3brathe for loop method11:36
_root_z3bra: could i bug you a bit?11:36
z3brause something like this instead11:36
z3braless adaptive11:36
z3brabut works :P11:36
z3braneed to go11:36
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xeirrrThanks, Romster. Wine is so big.11:48
koriwine is stupid big11:56
koriI woke up to this11:57
koricollect2: error: ld terminated with signal 9 [Killed]11:57
korithis is why I hate updating firefox11:57
_root_some one please give me a Pkgfile which has  patch works please11:57
korijue: your jre port is outdated11:58
juekori: no, I'll stay with 7 for now12:02
koriI have one for 812:03
jueit's in sync with our jdk12:03
koriI don't have jdk installed12:03
korijue: well, either way, the URL and Description are outdated12:07
koriJava 2 Runtime Kit,
jueyeah, you got me there ;)12:16
diverseI'm going to get some sleep12:17
diverselater everybody12:17
koridiverse: sleep well12:17
_root_kori: I am hanging myself with the patch work. could you give me a Pkgfile with patch process included?12:20
kori_root_: here's what you do12:21
xeirrrhave a good sleep,diverse12:21
koriyou put the patch in the same dir as the pkgfile12:21
koriand then you add the patch to the source=() section12:21
korilet me find one that does this12:21
korioh, my mg port will do12:21
_root_kori: thanks12:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: jre: fix description and URL, thanks kori12:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: tdb: update to 1.3.212:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: samba: update to 4.1.1412:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: scite: update to 3.5.212:25
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xeirrrmy Crux box :
korixeirrr: oh wow12:30
koriI thought that was just an old screenshot but then I saw australis and firefox 34 downloading12:31
*** jdolan has joined #crux12:31
xeirrrYeah, Firefox is a hell, just like wine, other hell packages, like chromium and qt412:35
_root_kori: If I have tree patch file i should add two other line the same as patch -p1 < ../libs.patch12:38
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Romsterxeirrr, what do you expect windows is big13:24
Romsterfirefox is bigger on compiling than wine13:25
Romsterand i have a built wine package13:25
xeirrrRomster: 130mb is big.13:25
Romsteri just havne't built firefox or chromeium yet and uploaded.13:25
xeirrrYeah, I am using your wine now13:26
xeirrrThanks man13:26
Romster130M eh13:26
Romsterwhen i say big i meant compile time13:26
Romsternot archive size13:27
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kahiruim curious, why arent there any colors in the port utils?14:14
jaegerpresumably the authors of said tools weren't interested in colors14:15
kahirubtw jaeger: could you please send me your zfs+spl ports? along with the readme14:16
_root_kahiru: there is a tool to colorize it it is in the wiki14:16
kahiru_root_: great, thanks14:16
kahiru_root_: did you mean acoc? i cant find it anywhere in the ports14:21
_root_kahiru: yes; i will amke a port for it then14:21
kahiruyou make quite a lot of ports14:22
_root_kahiru: I am on rool I guess14:23
kahirudoes that work here?14:24
*** leetspete1 has quit IRC14:25
jaegerI don't think anyone's tracking it14:31
*** xeirrr has quit IRC14:34
kahirudamn, compiling x takes ages14:39
z3brawait for webkit and qt14:50
kahirudont scare me please14:55
jaegerdon't wait, actually :) start them and go out, hehe14:58
kahiruanother idea, wouldnt it be good if there was something like git port repository which users could fork and create pull requests after adding their new ports? instead of having a ton of per-user repositories with many duplicities. im pretty sure there was a good point for making it the way it is, i just cant find it15:05
EmoSpice_kahiru: part of it is because github and their like didn't exist when Crux started.15:07
kahiruoh, didnt know that15:08
EmoSpiceI like the idea (and I have a github repo that contains a few ports I've 'created')15:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: tdb: update to 1.3.315:10
kahiruit would probably require someone to manage the repo, but in the end imo it would be good for everyone15:12
EmoSpiceIt would require a shift, but it wouldn't require much more maintenance than the regular repo.15:14
EmoSpiceThe problem is that it basically pushes a lot more packages onto the core dev team that they may or may not use.15:14
EmoSpiceso it'd open the door for a lot of "why hasn't this version been bumped?" questions etc15:15
EmoSpiceand including a package in the "official" repos gives the Pkgbuild et all some level of...endorsement15:15
kahiruwell, it wouldnt have to be the duty of the core dev team, just a place to centralize user-made stuff15:17
EmoSpiceah. I slightly misunderstood you then15:18
frinnstCoreOS Calls Docker "Fundamentally Flawed," Launches Its Own Container Runtime15:18
EmoSpicethough I don't disagree with their criticisms15:20
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*** phant0mas has joined #crux15:32
kahiruz3bra: i downloaded your port for 2bwm, but i cant find the dependencies for it (xorg-xcb-utils-wm). any hint?15:34
kahiruaah, its xorg-xcb-util-wm15:34
EmoSpiceI'm going to ask a question and I mean it in the best possible way: What is the fascination with 2bwm? It doesn't look particularly revolutionary but I've seen a lot of people using it lately15:36
kahirudunno, looked interesting on the screenshots so i thought id give it a shot15:37
EmoSpiceah. Okay.15:37
EmoSpiceI don't have a lot of room to speak. I'm writing one in python now (mostly to get familiar with xcb)15:38
kahiruwhy python?15:46
*** Pingax_ has quit IRC16:13
z3braEmoSpice, 2bwm isn't that much revolutionnary16:14
z3brait's a fork of mcwm16:14
EmoSpicekahiru: Because I know it well. My C-Fu is... poor16:14
z3brawith double borders16:14
EmoSpicez3bra: Oh. It is?16:14
EmoSpiceI didn't realize they forked mcwm16:14
z3braIt has a shitons of features16:15
EmoSpiceI was going to mention mcwm as a wm that does something similar.16:15
z3braplus, double borders16:15
z3bra(the advantage of it, is that it looks nice :P)16:15
EmoSpice> implying double borders is desirable?16:15
jaegersubjective choice16:15
EmoSpiceYou can take my dwm from my cold dead hands :P16:15
z3braI'm not really into tilling16:16
jaegerI kinda like the look of it but it's subjective :)16:16
*** Pingax_ has joined #crux16:16
z3braand 2bwm provides many, many many floating features16:16
*** Pingax_ has quit IRC16:16
*** Pingax_ has joined #crux16:16
EmoSpicez3bra: I didn't realize that it was so featureful. That makes a lot more sense.16:16
EmoSpiceI had only seen "ZOMG IT HAS TWO BORDERS"16:16
z3bralike keybinds to move windows into corners, middle of the screen, change monitor, double width/height16:17
z3bragrow/shrink keeping ratio16:17
z3bramost people only use move and resize by keyboard :P16:17
z3braturning it into evilwm with double borders16:17
EmoSpice <-- has most of those features :P16:17
z3brabut it REALLY is powerfull16:17
EmoSpiceOf doesn't have workspaces yet16:17
z3brapython :P16:17
z3braanyway, I'm dumping the concept of a WM actually16:18
EmoSpiceTaking the nowm approach?16:18
mhei3, all you need16:18
EmoSpiceIt's an interesting approach to the problem16:18
z3brawith a friend, we wrote a no-wm like set of tools16:19
z3brabased on xcb16:19
EmoSpiceIs it available anywhere?16:19
z3brabut we have more tools16:19
z3brawhich are more powerfull16:19
EmoSpiceI'd be interested in looking it over16:19
z3bralsw -a | xargs killw --> kills all windows :P16:19
z3bratools are not documented yet though16:20
z3bra(but we found someone kind enough to write manpages for us :P)16:20
z3brait's meant to be used with key daemons like speckeysd or xbindkeys16:20
z3braand using wrapper scripts16:21
EmoSpicedcat is the guy I stole the idea for piswm from :P16:21
EmoSpicepiswm === "python swm"16:21
z3brayou should drop him a word about it :P16:21
z3brahe'll sure be happy to know this :)16:21
EmoSpiceWe spoke about it on reddit actually16:21
z3braOh, okay16:22
EmoSpiceWatching :)16:23
z3bracheck those vid16:23
_root_could you give an screenshot for piswm ?16:24
z3braEmoSpice, I even wrote a *simple* tilling script using wmutils :)16:25
z3bra(REALLY simple)16:25
EmoSpice_root_: doesn't look like much.16:25
EmoSpiceLook at swm's screenshots.16:25
jaegerwhat is tilling?16:25
jaegerin WM context16:25
z3braarrange windows in tiles16:25
jaegeroh, tiling16:26
EmoSpicejaeger: do you use tmux?16:26
z3braso that none of them overlap16:26
EmoSpiceOh hahaha16:26
jaegertiling spelled wrong :D16:26
z3braah, my bad16:26
jaegerI was confused, hehe16:26
EmoSpice_root_: Master might not be usable atm. I'm reworking the internals to store state on the client rather than the window manager.16:26
EmoSpicehop back a commit and it'll work16:27
EmoSpiceOh. That was never pushed. Nevermind!16:27
j^2How many contrib ports are hosted on github now? Do the ports -u can check out git?16:31
j^2(found the crux docker image last night :P)16:32
*** Lilie34TY has quit IRC16:32
*** Lilie34TY has joined #crux16:32
EmoSpice_root_: Looks kinda like this (this is swm, but piswm looks exactly the same)16:32
_root_EmoSpice: very bare metal. could it be themed or idk a little bells....16:46
*** nbino has joined #crux16:49
EmoSpice_root_: Kinda the point17:15
EmoSpiceThe color of the border can be changed :)17:15
*** Lilie34TY has quit IRC17:28
*** Lilie34TY has joined #crux17:36
*** hlavery1 has left #crux ("WeeChat 0.4.3")17:37
*** kahiru_ has joined #crux17:39
*** kahiru has quit IRC17:43
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux17:53
jaegerj^2: ports doesn't have any official git driver though I think someone has toyed with that in the past18:22
j^2that seems like a pretty simple idea no?18:24
koriI could get that done18:27
koriI made a ton of git ports18:27
koriI just need to know where to start18:32
jaegertake a look in /etc/ports/drivers/18:35
*** lnds has joined #crux18:41
chris2z3bra: in vroum.mp4, how is the focussed window border color set?18:56
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC19:10
*** frinnst has quit IRC19:14
*** frinnst has joined #crux19:18
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*** frinnst has joined #crux19:18
*** diverse1 has joined #crux19:24
*** diverse has quit IRC19:24
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC19:26
EmoSpicechris2: When? in wmutils/core, chwb works to change the window border color19:36
*** frinnst has quit IRC19:39
*** diverse1 has quit IRC19:41
*** Pingax_ has quit IRC19:43
*** diverse1 has joined #crux19:44
*** Pingax_ has joined #crux19:49
chris2EmoSpice: i see20:01
EmoSpiceI'm not sure they've released any scripts to handle complex window management20:01
chris2it needs to detect the focus changed, no?20:02
EmoSpiceif you look in the pstree output, there's a tool called sloppy that I imagine does that for you (detect focus change and set new focus)20:04
*** frinnst has joined #crux20:04
*** frinnst has quit IRC20:04
*** frinnst has joined #crux20:04
EmoSpiceThough I'm not sure. Just found these tools too :P20:04
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux20:17
*** jdolan has quit IRC20:17
_root_When there is an option between creating a port from git source and ordinary .tar.gz file; Which one should i choose?why?20:22
teK_depends on what you need20:24
teK_-git usually contains newer software i.e. more features and possibly more bugs, too20:24
_root_Well; What do you suggest?[3~20:25
teK_I don not use a single -git port20:29
teK_stick with the normal version as long as it fits your needs20:30
teK_ironically I am the maintainer of mplayer which mainly is "released" as daily (...) SVN snapshots that I repack and distribute in opt/mplayer20:30
*** Lilie34TY has quit IRC20:31
*** Lilie34TY has joined #crux20:31
*** jdolan has joined #crux20:33
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC20:33
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux20:33
z3brachris2, chwb20:47
teK_z3bra: interesting wm you got there. I always thought that my fluxbox config was minimal :o20:49
*** Pingax_ has quit IRC20:50
z3brait's not a WM though20:51
z3braI insist on this point ;)20:51
teK_yeah no features at al :X20:51
z3brait HAS features20:51
z3bramore than any WM in fact20:51
teK_wait the red borders are "decoration" aren't they?20:51
z3bragoing to eat20:51
z3brasee ya later20:51
teK_bon appetit20:51
*** Pingax_ has joined #crux20:52
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*** Pingax_ has joined #crux20:52
teK_am I the only one with a recent alsa that gets muted headphones when plugging out the headphones, shutdone, restart, reconnect headphones?20:53
teK_it's quite annoying20:53
tilmanyes, you are the only one20:55
teK_not sure if modestly helpful or just sarcastic21:02
tilmanso they are running load detection on a 3.5" jack w/ headphones? o_O21:04
teK_I have no idea, I should reboot with the phones plugged in and see what happens. Then shutdown, powerup and check again21:05
teK_no time for naow as I'm watching a movie :-)21:05
*** SirRafiki has joined #crux21:07
*** lnds has quit IRC21:10
leo-unglaubteK_: i dont have that problem21:15
leo-unglaubhave you the alsa script enabled in your rc.conf?21:15
leo-unglaubthen it seams something is broken *g*21:16
tilmanhooray we are so helpful21:17
j^2tilman: :D21:19
leo-unglaubi am just buying time with  joke so i can google the problem and come up with a bugfix that safes the say ;)21:21
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux21:38
teK_that's nice leo-unglaub but don't waste time on me; the veterans are the role models :)21:46
teK_I found a 'auto mute' switch in alsamixer, let's see what happens after a reboot.21:46
*** sudobaal has quit IRC21:49
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*** henesy has joined #crux23:09
korijaeger: alright, going to start work on that git driver now23:13
diverse1sounds good23:14
*** jdolan has quit IRC23:17
koriwhere is $ROOT_DIR defined?23:17
diversekori: take a guess:;a=blob;;h=ef58738b7b5f201f864d82a5258c729402de8f46;hb=HEAD23:25
koriI thought this was related to pkgmk?23:25
diverselook inside23:25
diverseno, the drivers are used by ports, ports pulls in the Pkgfiles, pkgmk builds from them23:25
koriI thought this was related to source=()23:26
koribut I can see how a git driver could be useful.23:26
diverseno, source=() is just for what pkgmk pulls in, in order to build the package23:27
diverseso, $ROOT_DIR and other shell vars are pre-defined in the ports script23:28
koriaye, you see, it'd be useful to be able to define a git URL in source=() so you don't have to do the whole "if cd $name; then..." rodeo23:28
korisince the format is always the same23:29
koriif cd $name; git pull <git url>23:29
korielse, git clone <git url> $name; cd $name23:29
diverseokay, then you are looking in the wrong direction here, you don't want to mess with the drivers23:29
koriaye, that's what I figured23:29
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC23:29
diversebut I like the simplicity of using git commands explicity in the Pkgfile, because it gives you extra flexibility and it's not hidden from the user as if it were "magic"23:30
koriI guess that's true23:30
koribut it would be nice to have some form of abstraction23:31
diversewell for something you want to do over and over again the same way, I can see a git feature for that, but sometimes you want control of your package23:31
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC23:32
koridiverse: the thing is, when making -git packages, this is pretty much the same format, always23:32
koriI haven't had any variations, and even in existing ports (not sure if there's any in opt or contrib), it's always the case23:32
diversenot always, I said "sometimes" you want to have extra control. But what you want here is to create a shell function that does the usually stuff for you without extra typing23:34
diverseso it will have to get embedded in pkgmk23:35
koridiverse: well, here's why it won't vary23:35
korifor git ports, it's similar to the usual "cd $name-$version"23:35
korior "cd $name$version"23:36
korior whatever it is23:36
koriyou'd still have to cd into further dirs if the port requires so, but having git support for source=() just would cut like 5 lines23:36
diverseI'm not talking about the if check commands, sure they will be same, but inside the scope of those if-else checks, you may want to add/remove extra commands explicitly, that's what I am talking about23:37
koriyeah I understand that23:38
koribut I'm saying that is something almost impossible to happen23:38
koribut I'll think about this23:38
koridiverse: do you maintain any ports?23:39
diverseso what you want is a general purpose git_pull() function, where you insert the url of the gitrepo as the parameter23:39
diversekori: I have a few local ports23:39
diversejust personal23:39
koridiverse: ah23:39
koriyeah I just looked at some git ports and the edge case you're describing is pretty much impossible23:40
diversewhy not make a git_pull() function?23:40
Workster i thought of a git download thing in pkgmk23:41
Worksterthan to do this ^23:41
koridiverse: well, that was the original idea :P23:41
koriWorkster: here's how I do it for all my ports
diversekori: no, your original plan was to mess with port drivers :P23:42
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux23:42
leo-unglaubi hate linux and drivers ...23:42
koridiverse: I thought they had to do something to do with this23:42
leo-unglaubi have a Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6205 [Taylor Peak] (rev 34) network card23:42
koribut no23:42
jaegeriwlwifi, probably23:42
leo-unglaubthat one should be in iwlwifi ...23:42
korijaeger: what do you think?23:43
leo-unglaubyes, i did build it but the device is now shown in ip23:43
Worksterkori, yours wont rebase and it wont be at a set known commit it's always at head23:43
diversejaeger: should pkgmk have a builtin git function of some kind?23:43
Worksterunless it has a stable branch or they never commit broken commits and then one day footprint will be wrong due to changes.23:43
jaegerleo-unglaub: does it show as up and associated? have you configured wpa_supplicant? or set a WEP key? do you have the proper firmware?23:43
jaegerkori: about which part?23:44
korijaeger: about creating a git_get(or whatever name) function23:44
leo-unglaubjaeger: i have build iwlwifi into the kernel, but i cannot configure it, because "ip a" dows not show a wlan0 device23:44
jaegerdiverse: personally I don't have a strong opinion. Could be useful but people are already implementing it as a workaround so not a high priority23:44
korijaeger: I could get to work on that, that is.23:45
koriI just want to know if you think it'd be something useful23:45
jaegerIt could be, sure23:45
joacimkori: I think it'd be cleaner to use git:// addresses in source=23:45
diverseheh "git_get" it sounds like you pronounce that as "get get"23:45
jaegerleo-unglaub: check outputs from: dmesg | egrep -i '(firmware|fw)'  and  lspci -k | grep iwlwifi23:46
jaegerIf you implement something like that it should be part of the function(s) that parse(s) source= as joacim says23:46
korijaeger: well, yeah, that's how I'd implement it23:47
koriI'll read the pkgmk source, think about this some more and I'll show up with the results later23:48
jaegermaybe even something like git:// or t=blah for branches or tags23:48
koriWorkster: fun facts: I've never had problems with footprints23:48
korinot sure why23:48
diversekori: you probably don't use that many packages23:49
leo-unglaubjaeger: hmm, but i compiled the driver into the kernel ... i am on 3.17.423:49
diverseI guess in this case, pkgmk should have drivers of its own, not just for git, but for mercurial, svn, etc23:49
jaegerleo-unglaub: do you actually HAVE that firmware file installed?23:50
jaegeryou guys are using some confusing terminology here for reference. separate pkgmk and ports, will make more sense23:50
Worksterkori, yet23:51
jaegera 'driver' for ports tells ports how to get ports downloaded via that protocol, such as httpup or rsync (or git)23:51
jaegerpkgmk's internal handling of the source=() array is completely unrelated23:51
diversejaeger: I meant them as plugins23:52
Worksteri'm with jaeger, i thought kori just wanted a /etc/ports/git driver for ports -u use for like github instead of relying on httpup23:52
leo-unglaubjaeger: i have no idea, but i did not do anything special so i guess no ... i did enabe "Intel Wireless WiFi Next Gen AGN - Wireless-N/Advanced-N" in the menuconfig and then did my make all and make modules_install23:52
diversethat's what I thought too23:52
jaegerleo-unglaub: you have the driver in your kernel config or the kernel would not be trying to load firmware. You don't have the firmware, though, and you do need it23:53
Worksterprt-get search firmeare23:53
jaegerleo-unglaub: go to and download the file from there.23:53
Worksterthere is one in contrib23:53
jaegerif you want to be thorough download all 4 of the listed files, it'll load the appropriate one23:53
jaegerinstall them into /lib/firmware/23:53
jaegeror you can use the firmware port if there is one, though I imagine that installs ALL (or at least a large set) of the firmware from the kernel tree, not just the ones necessary23:54
leo-unglaubah, i always thought the formware is in the kernel itself like with my normal eth0 or ma graics driver ... they did not need special firmwares as well23:54
jaegerThere's some of both, actually. Firmware is a mess23:54
jaeger*most* of the time for NICs (wireless or wired) if you need firmware it's external23:55
jaegeruncommon for wired ones to need them but some do23:55
diversekori: I'd just make a git_get() function and just share that somehow with all your ports23:55
leo-unglaubfor all my internals it worked fine, so i never hat to deal with firmware as well, but thanks for the links23:55
jaegerleo-unglaub: for reference, my laptop which has an iwlwifi card has these in /lib/firmware/:
jaegeronly the iwlwifi one was installed by me, I think the others were automatically installed by the kernel23:57
leo-unglaubmy /lib/firmware is empty23:58
jaegerthat is why it doesn't work, then :)23:58
leo-unglaubbut i guess if i use one of those formware blobs from intel i get some nice NSA stuff installed as well ...23:58
koriWorkster: we can do both23:58
koribut yes I need to think about thi23:59
leo-unglaubfucking closed source software23:59
koriI'd like to write a git driver and a git handler for the source array23:59
diversekori: avoid the term "driver" for this23:59
koridiverse: nono23:59
korias in23:59

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