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Worksteror any other distro for ideas if stuck00:35
Worksterworking on 4 notebooks at the same time here.00:36
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xeirrrkori, hello02:49
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jaegerAnyone have a copy of rpcbind-0.2.2.tar.bz2? sourceforge is suffering at the moment03:07
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pidsleyjaeger: did you get your file yet?03:46
jaegernot yet03:47
pidsleytry this:
pidsleyif you have a better place for me to upload it I can do that03:49
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koripidsley: convert it to base64 and sprunge it03:51
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xeirrrjaeger, Maybe this one?
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jaegerthe direct download link is still broken but the automatic one seems to work. thanks03:56
Worksterprobably a bit late to the party03:58
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jaegerI checked there, actually, heh04:03
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Worksterwhen i get the versions sorting sorted i'll always have new files up in like 12 hour intervals04:19
xeirrrHi,I forgot to check: is /etc/modprobe.d/ folder hatively there? or I manually created?04:19
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xeirrrNice, Workster04:21
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koriwhat should I do when bsdtar can't extract a zip?05:41
korifrom what I've seen, it's related to some zip header error05:41
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xeirrrkori, make sure zip code is not corrupted.05:50
korixeirrr: it extracts fine with unzip05:51
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Romstergrep) ls -1 /usr/ports/*/*/*07:09
Romstercan't you use find ?07:09
Romsterfindredundantdeps might want that too.07:10
Romsterkori, ^07:10
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prologicwtf I have folder icons missing in xfce408:02
xeirrrirrc you can set in Appearance08:03
prologicYeah I have08:07
prologicbut I'm still missing several ui icions08:07
prologicI have the default xfce theme and the Humanity-Xubuntu theme08:08
prologicneither of which display nice folder icions in Thunar :(08:08
Romsteri told sepen this, nope it's not broken.08:09
xeirrrprologic, the most comprehensive icon themes are tango and faenza08:09
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dxlr8ris there anything wrong with libtool? I do prt-get sysup, and libtool compiles forever, looks like a loop08:27
frinnstthat doesnt sound right08:27
dxlr8rhad it going all night on a fast computer08:27
frinnsti've built it on 3 computers without issue08:27
dxlr8rand from the output it looks like it runs into a loop08:27
prologicxeirrr, I'm not referring to the Xorg icons08:28
dxlr8rstrange, never had any troubles with crux before08:28
prologicThe ones used by XFCE4, Thunar and various other parts of XFCE4 :)08:28
frinnstcan you log the output and post somewhere? (you can log it easily with prt-get)08:28
prologicRomster, Is there some way I can fix my current install without re-installing?08:28
xeirrrprologic, they change all the looks08:30
prologicalso there is no Tango in Settings -> Appearance in XFCE4 :) so not sure what you're on about :)08:31
xeirrrSorry, i no longer use xfce4.08:32
xeirrrNo idea,really ;)08:32
dxlr8rit complained about that some files where from the future, so I took and ntpdate and it looks to work frinnst08:33
dxlr8rlooked in the log08:34
xeirrrdxlr8r, no issue here08:34
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xeirrranybody can provide firefox 34 prebuilt packages? Thanks08:50
xeirrrRomster, can you?08:52
Romsterxeirrr, soon09:03
Romsteri'm eating09:03
Romsteror i guess prologic will provide09:04
prologicRomster, perhaps you and I should seriously consider setting up a CI at some point09:04
prologicI know we're both busy with work and family life, etc09:04
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Romsterprologic, i'm working towards that09:04
prologicit's something I want myself09:04
prologicno no :) let's do it together09:04
prologicsomething we'll all _want_ to use :)09:05
prologicbbl - dinner/family/etc09:05
prologicalso I'd like your help fixing my xfce4 install (missing icons, etc)09:05
Romsterwell i'm making files and pre-processing them with the most recent versions off the projects files.09:05
Romsterand i plan to add in #ifdef for NLS so those that want NLS on can have them also.09:06
Romsterand changes for i686 where needed with a ifdef x8609:06
Romstergpp -x -o Pkgfile Pkgfile.in09:08
Romsternot that pretty yet but it works09:08
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Romsterfor url in $( | egrep '/[0-9.]+/$' | xargs); do --common-ext $url; done | --show-ranking --show-failed --print-sorted --head 1 | awk 'NF {print $3}'09:09
Romsteri can do that faster than spyda can even do it. that is sad.09:09
prologicnot sure I had anything quite that elaborate in mind for CI09:11
prologicI just want to automatically build ports straight up as a git hook basically09:11
prologicand build them cleanly using Docker09:12
prologicand publish the resulting packages so that pkg-get can use them09:12
prologicI might put together something09:12
Romsteri can run a generate file that'll spit out the most recent version and then i can build and test09:13
Romsterand that paste ^ is what i mean by depth09:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: gpp: initial import09:16
Romstergpp is a awesome pre-processor09:16
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Romsterif you ever need to pre-process anything and don't need anything as heavy as m409:17
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Romsteri'm aware i'll have to filter out beta versions yet09:23
xeirrrRomster && prologic thank you :)09:27
prologicRomster, I appreciate what you're trying to do -- but an automated CI that builds ports and publishes packages -- that's all :)09:52
prologicxeirrr, ETA ~5m09:52
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xeirrrprologic, that's nice.10:04
xeirrrprologic, Thanks,10:06
Romsterurllib2.urlopen(url.geturl(), timeout=args.timeout).read()10:07
Romsterok where do i stick in the agent string in this function.10:07
Romsterhit a site that is 403-ing me.10:07
Romsterbut opens in my browser just fine.10:07
Romster already looked here.10:08
Romsterah .versions()10:09
Romsterwhy didn't they call it agent geez10:09
Romsterand i'm looking at urllb and not urllib2 -_-10:13
dxtrSo... What's up?10:22
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Romsterurllib2.addheaders = [('User-agent', 'Mozilla/5.0')]10:23
Romsterass that and no joy.10:24
Romsterdxlr8r, breaking stuff :D10:24
Romsterdxtr, i meant..10:24
dxtr <- The office on my new job :D10:24
Romsterpost it notes10:25
Romsterhave now became awesome10:26
xeirrrdxtr: in the 3rd pic, pc is running cygwin or dwm?10:26
dxtrThe choices were either a thinkpad x240 or an MBP. The MBP had better specs and I talked to a friend who owns an x240 and he said the wifi drivers for it sucked10:28
z3brahi :)10:29
z3braquick question, how do you deal with customized packages ?10:29
z3brafor example, I miss the --enable-unicode3 flag in urxvt's configuration10:29
z3braatm, I just cp /usr/ports/opt/rxvt-unicode to my $HOME, change the flags and recompile10:31
z3brabut each new version of the package override it10:31
Romsterurllib2.addheaders = [('User-agent', 'curl/7.39.0')]10:31
RomsterError: [] HTTP Error 403: Forbidden10:31
Romsterprologic, i need a little help.10:31
Romsteris that even the right syntax?10:31
Romstercurl even downloads the hexchat page10:32
prologicRomster,  you need to create a custom opener10:32
prologicRomster, I recommend you use requests instead anyway10:32
prologicpip install requests10:32
Romsterthanks -_- so i have to rewrite lsurl then10:32
Romster lsurl.py10:33
prologicit won't be hard :)10:34
prologicbut requests is a far better library10:34
Romsterso urllib2 is just crappy?10:34
RomsterPython’s standard urllib2 module provides most of the HTTP capabilities you need, but the API is thoroughly broken.10:35
Romsterwell crap... so time to read requests10:36
Romsterpip install requests --upgrade10:39
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Romsterwell not sure what to do there.10:42
Romsterunless there are SSL ignore stuff.10:43
Romsteroh that's ok...10:53
Romsteri can ignore that and then use print(r.text)10:53
Romsterwhich happens to work.10:53
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Romsterokay it works but still not for that site...11:06
Romsterbut requests is so much more logically laid out11:07
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nwe (swedish internet history)11:29
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Romster just regenerated that11:51
RomsterSuccess rate: 66.34% Distinct package names: 18228 Total time: 6.244221 s11:56
Romsterstill a way to go yet11:56
Romsterprologic, i have to parts to this just the CI build farm and then my own updated pre-processed ports that i CI build test and push to crux when they are ready.11:58
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koriRomster: I guess I could14:25
koriI've never really used find14:26
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jaegerdxtr: usually the thinkpads have intel wireless which is rock solid... wonder what the x240 offered. nice looking office14:55
jaegerz3bra: I usually use a ports overlay dir somewhere like $HOME/ports-overlay14:55
koriI use /usr/ports/custom/14:57
jaegerdxtr: yeah, it has intel 7260 which is very solid and well-supported14:58
xeirrrjaeger: Really? my friend always complains Intel wireless chips disconnected automatically15:00
jaegerI would rather buy chips supported by iwlwifi that *ANY* other ones15:01
jaegerlike the 7260, 6205, etc.15:01
jaegerI've never had any trouble with them15:01
jaegerIn fact I'll probably replace the RTL8821AE in my steam box with a 726015:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: xterm: updated to 31315:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] chromium: updated to 39.0.2171.7115:16
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dxtrjaeger: Well then, good to know! :p15:19
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dxtrjaeger: But the x240 only has one RAM slot15:21
dxtrThe x240 is a failure, kind of15:22
jaegerThat's a shame. Love my X220 :)15:23
dxtrThe Trackpad is buttonless now (And I've heard complaints that it feels awful), only one ram slot, the Insert key is combined with End (So shift-insert is now fn-shift-end), non-backwards compatible power adapter and docking bay, combined microphone/headphone jack (Not that big of an issue, but I like having two ports)...15:26
dxtrjaeger: I have an x200 :D15:26
dxtrjaeger: if/when my x200 dies I'll probably upgrade to an x220 :)15:28
jaegerIt's been very good for me15:29
dxtrI don't need the latest and greatest!15:29
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leo-unglaubtilman: teK_: ping15:40
leo-unglaubteK_: i am trying to update git15:46
leo-unglaubbut i am getting an error regarding curl ...15:47
leo-unglaubbut both are installed and available and the git install worked fine 2 weeks ago15:47
teK_update git? pkgmk?15:48
leo-unglaubprt-get sysup15:48
leo-unglaubbut i have the same with pkgmk15:48
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leo-unglaubteK_: sry, disconnect15:53
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leo-unglaubteK_: sry if i disconnect sometimes, but IRC oder pidgin over Tor is buggy as hell15:54
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leo-unglaubthis is sooo buggy that even the NSA cannot intercept the data stream because its to buggy15:55
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diversez3bra: so how does tox work? I don't need an account for it right?16:11
z3brafire it up16:11
z3bra(you client)16:11
z3braand it will create an ID for you16:11
z3bra(random 64 chars iirc)16:11
z3brayou can share this id with you friends to add them16:12
diversedoes this id keep getting recreated?16:12
diverseI suppose it stays the same if I keep the same config files?16:13
z3braexactly =)16:13
diverseI see16:13
z3brawhich client did you choose ?16:14
diverseI haven't installed one yet, I was just researching tox and noticed you had ports from. I was thinking of using Toxic, but then I could try uTox16:14
diverse*for them16:15
z3brautox is pretty easy to use16:15
z3bra(and I also packaged it)16:15
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diverseI noticed that too16:15
z3branever tried toxic16:15
diversetoxic is the ncurses version16:15
z3brautox is nice, because it implement all the features16:15
z3bralike screensharing, audio groups and such16:15
diverseah fantastic. Does audio work very well?16:16
diversejust plug in a mic and it works?16:16
z3bradepends on your alsa config :P16:16
z3braif your microphone works in other applications, then it will work in utox16:17
diversehow do I test for audio in my microphone?16:17
z3bragimmie a sec, i'm upgrading my ports16:17
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z3brajust upgraded the packages :)16:19
diversewhich ones?16:19
z3braall of them16:19
z3bratoxcore, utox and ratox16:19
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diverseI guess it's always good to keep them up to date?16:19
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z3braI don't have many occasion to use tox16:20
z3brabut I upgrade them everytime I use them16:20
diversez3bra: I could update them myself when I need to ;)16:20
z3braI can give you a small script to do so if you want16:21
z3brayou cd into the dir16:21
z3brarun "prtup"16:21
z3braand it update the Pkgfile to fetch the latest git commit16:21
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diverseI use to had a git-update script, but I lost it a while ago16:22
z3brashould work out-of-the-box with all my -git packages :)16:22
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diversez3bra: btw, I want to let you know, that if you use `git ls-remote --heads http://url/to/project.git | grep master` that you get the full commit hash without having to do a pull16:29
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z3braoh, thanks16:29
diversemuch faster that way16:29
z3brabut anyway, I would need to pull afterwards to test the build, so I don't mind16:30
z3braalso, I like seeing what changes when I prtup16:30
diverseah I see16:30
diversedon't you check that on github?16:30
z3brabut I didn't knew the ls-remote command, so thanks for that ^^16:30
z3braI just take a quick look at which files change16:31
z3braand if I want to investigate a bit more, I check the git log16:31
z3branot all projects are hosted on github16:31
diverseyeah, I know16:32
z3braalso, using a web browser feels more and more painful to use to me :P16:32
diversejaeger: what's up?16:32
z3brahaving to follow link, grab the mouse to activate Js-like pulldown menus and such...16:32
z3bragit lg is just faster :P16:33
diverseyeah it's more efficient16:33
diverseyour curiousity knows no bounds16:34
jaegerdiverse: centos updates really fucked up my postgresql HA cluster, took me quite some time to fix16:35
diverseouch :(16:35
diversejaeger: is this a server from your job?16:37
_root_ the depond on: section in the Pkgfile should be field with the name of the port or binary it will produce?16:37
diverse_root_: take another guess16:38
_root_diverse: i am all out16:38
diverse_root_: you do know that other ports rely on other ports too, right?16:39
_root_diverse: not talking about the port it self; i am talking about dep ports16:39
diversein that context, yes the same names of the other ports16:40
diverseif the name doesn't match, prt-get won't pull it16:41
_root_diverse; what does it go in the depend on section. port-name or binary-name.16:41
_root_diverse: so the port name; thanks]16:41
diverseport name, not the source16:41
diversethink how prt-get manages16:42
diverseoh I see your confusion now.16:46
diverse_root_: if a person is building the port for the first time, would they have the package available? They wouldn't. Now think that in a recursive sense, where a user has to pull multiple ports for dependencies? If the package isn't there, it has to build it, inside the port directory.16:49
diverseI hope that gives you a better idea16:50
_root_diverse: Yes; I agree with you I didn't think that far ahead and also I am neck deep in some dep.s issue. each package i am trying to port has some deps and further I go in to it; it becomes messy (er). well I am confused right about now.16:52
jaegerbleh, I was wrong, it wasn't fully fixed. The drbd kernel module was borked and failed on a reboot. NOW it's fixed. :P16:52
_root_thanks for your time16:52
diversejaeger: talk to your boss about using crux ;)16:53
diverseinstead of centos16:53
jaegerI use crux on my workstation here but I prefer to use ubuntu server or centos for the production stuff. puppet management, etc.16:54
diverse_root_: take a break and come back to it later16:54
diversejaeger: oh, because it's easier for your coworkers :P16:55
jaegermy coworkers mostly won't touch the linux stuff but I would like it to be easier/more familiar for the next guy when I eventually switch jobs16:56
diversemakes sense16:56
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diverseI have been more tired a lot recently. I just got up and still yawning like crazy17:01
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diversemaybe I'll get some coffee17:03
_root_diverse: go for a check up; I had the same issue and I did some test and my physi. told me I have some hormonalimbalance and some deficiency.17:03
_root_diverse: You are getting old m8 :)17:04
diversenot that old17:04
_root_diverse: also eat well and change your date17:04
_root_diverse: well you are changing I guess;17:05
diverseI've been spending a lot more time on my computer, by programming more these days and so it does drain a lot of mental energy17:06
diverseso maybe that's why17:06
_root_maybe; and as alway REDBULL is your friend. it will help you regulate any problem. (LOL)17:07
diverseredbull is not all that healthy, at least coffee has some good properties17:08
diverseand not only I'm programming, I'm spending a lot of my energy helping people here and doing other things17:11
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diverseactually i think my activity here has increased17:14
diversefor a long time I've been pretty frustrated with Rust, because I couldn't build Cargo, and that probably too takes away energy17:18
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_root_diverse: the name= . the name that goes in here would be the name of the port or that is just an string for pkgmk function18:17
_root_and i can put something else 9other than the port name I am creating in it)18:18
diverseyes, $name == port name18:27
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diverse_root_: if you put something else, it won't work18:30
_root_diverse; I am creating a port for "libtubo" but the version is a bit off "libtubo0-5.0.14". So what are my choices. besides changing my port name to libtubo0?18:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wireshark: use full path to setcap. Closes FS#107219:37
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crash_does anyone got this too when they are trying to update to firefox34?
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nwecrash_: how much memory or swap do you have?22:54
nweand what did dmesg say?22:54
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crash_nwe, i see, it seems the swap is full and the memory too. So that could be the problem.22:58
crash_free swap= 0kb22:58
nweyupp :)23:00
nweif you want I can upload my firefox-34 ?23:00
crash_i will try again with more swap it should compile now :) but thanks for the help did't notice the swap was full!23:03
nwecrash_: here you have it if you want it :)23:04
nwetime for bed now :)23:04
crash_thank you :) sov gott!23:05
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Worksterleo-unglaub> <- prt-get update -fr `revdep`23:53

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