IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2014-12-05

diverse_root_: I don't know00:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: chromium-pepperflash: 38.0.2125.101 -> 39.0.2171.6500:14
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rmullteK_: I think that wireshark should have had its release number bumped, right? Otherwise nobody will update it with this recent change00:26
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korialso, any plans to rename prt-get?01:51
diversekori: just create an alias02:06
koridiverse: I already have one02:07
Romsterwhats the big deal with prt-get name anyways?02:07
diversean "apt-get" ripoff I suppose?02:07
Romsterrofl now thats funny02:08
diversethat was the first thing to come to my mind when I first saw that command02:08
Romsteralready at 34.0.502:12
Romsterfirefox that is02:13
koridiverse: same02:15
koriprt-get reminds me of apt-get and I hate apt02:15
koriin general02:15
jaegerit's just a name02:16
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diverseprt-get works way better too ;)02:18
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RooseveltHi all! Had alot of fun today install awesome wm :)03:07
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koriI'm going to try to do some form of pixel art03:22
korifor this CRUX logo03:22
koridiverse: what do you think?03:22
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diversekori: ask the main guys, not me.04:20
koriwell I dropped the idea04:21
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diversejaeger: if you wanted to redo the mascot logo, how would you want it to be done?04:24
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kori here's something relatively simplistic to start04:25
diverseI think jaeger had some really interesting ones he did in blender04:27
kori here's old vs new04:28
korican't do the penguin yet04:28
koricruxie or whatever it's called is going to be hard04:28
koriafter looking at the word CRUX in large sizes for a while, it looks weird04:30
jaegerdiverse: I probably wouldn't go for a mascot at all, just a nice logo that says crux04:32
jaegerI didn't make anything interesting, just clean and simple04:32
jaegerif it were official art I'd probably go with something considerably less dark04:33
korioh jeez04:33
korijaeger: hrmm I can't really do the penguin04:33
koriI could find a very nice font and do CRUX04:33
koriwithout any fancy effects04:34
koribut I'll make it look... uhhh04:34
korior elegant04:34
diversepretty cool huh?04:34
korior whatever words fit04:34
korido you have a preference for serif04:34
diversejaeger: it has that cinematic feel to it04:34
jaegerthat's kinda what I was going for and really was just trying to learn a bit of blender04:35
koriwhat feel are you guys going for?04:36
koriI want to make this really simple but not bland04:37
jaegerFor official distro art I'd lean towards a more professional look, personally04:38
jaegersubjective, though04:38
koriprofessional, huh04:38
korithe font choices here matter a lot04:38
korichoosing between a more rounded or a more square font, for example04:39
jaegerI'm no art or design expert, though04:47
korime neither :P04:49
koribut I can tell you this04:49
korimore rounded = more casual04:49
koriI'm going to post some options here04:50
rmullkori: I like your first one better04:51
rmullI guess I like the serifs04:51
rmullIn this particular case04:51
korirmull: I'm going to post both04:51
kori condensed serfi04:52
korifonts are hard :P04:54
jaegerI prefer sans serif, myself04:55
koriI'm mostly looking to get away from that awful rendering in the current logo04:56
rmullMy GIMP is acting weird - when I try to export, there are no file types to choose from05:00
korijust export it to something.png05:00
rmullYeah, I can't - it apparently has no knowledge of jpg, png, anything at all05:01
koritake a screenshot!05:01
rmullAlso, the binary is called gimp-2.8 instead of gimp05:01
rmulloh, maybe this is a leftover issue from my drive crash, there should be a symlink05:02
rmullI will reinstall.05:02
koriwell I'm going to sleep05:03
koriI'll take care of this tomorrow05:03
jaegerer, night05:03
jaegerrmull: you could just rebuild gimp and the image libs05:03
rmulljaeger: Yep, that's my fun for tonight, in addition to figuring out my taxes05:07
rmullAnyone running crux on a chromebook?05:08
jaegersounds thrilling05:08
xeirrrJust find another Android IRC client,  called Atomic, a fork of yaaic05:11
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xeirrrCompared to yaaic,Atomic changed many stuff,like color scheme, icons05:20
xeirrrCan someone ping me for test notifications? :)05:23
rmullxeirrr: ping05:33
xeirrr+rmull: Thank you. odd, didn't get notifications yet05:36
rmull :D05:37
xeirrr+rmull: nice. Is this 'crux'?05:42
rmullxeirrr: Yes05:43
rmullIt's a joke though05:43
rmullxeirrr: It's a little weird that your IRC client is prefixing the nicks with a "+"05:44
xeirrrrmull: it's also weird that when you ping me, My nick prefixed with a '-'05:52
xeirrrrmull: Also I cannot get a notification05:53
xeirrrMaybe this is what android IRC client 'Atomic' does :)05:53
rmullThe '-' symbol is only on your client05:54
rmullanyway, afk.05:54
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_root_hello y'all.07:08
_root_any knows any gui software for samba?07:09
_root_and ?I want to port a package. the said package has **libiconv** as its dep.07:10
_root_do we have a port for libiconv?07:10
Romsterxeirrr, isn't yaaic being maintained anymore?07:12
Romsterisn't that the one that is in glibc and you only need libiconv if your not using a GNU libc?07:17
Romsterpretty sure you can drop that dependency _root_ when used with crux's glibc07:18
_root_Romster: which I am not. thanks07:18
Romstermostly BSD systems need libiconv07:18
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_root_Romster: It was mentioned in the INSTALL file of the source files.07:18
Romsteri installed it once many ages ago out of yhafris repo and removing it later broke everything. as it linked to libiconv07:19
Romsteryeah it's in glibc07:19
nbinoHi every one :)07:19
Romsterhi nbino07:19
Romsteri'm confused your trying to get my ports? just get the romster.httpup file and put it in /etc/ports07:19
Romsterand add a line in prt-get.conf07:20
nbinoI have now, kori help me out07:21
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nwehas someone look into ?08:24
_root_nwe: hi @/08:25
_root_nwe: could you give me a wiki that actually using gollum08:28
_root_diverse: what is :O08:29
Romsterhey a docker image of it.08:30
diversea "boo"08:30
diverseI'm bored08:30
_root_diverse: why? oh;08:30
Romsterwork on pkgutils :D08:30
nwe_root_: I think github using it08:31
diverseRomster: yeah I'm working on it again, however I have 2 issues so far:
diversethese need to be fix if you ever want to test my project08:38
diverseI'm limited by what tar-rs has to offer atm08:40
diverseand I rather not touch libarchive bindings08:41
diversethe code is just ugly in comparison08:42
diverseI guess I'll do some code refactor08:43
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diverseRomster: and once I finish implementing, I need you to test it for issues and bugs as it may not do exactly what pkgutils does, so please use it in a chroot/docker until then08:46
Romsteroh i plan to use it in docker to begin with09:01
Romsteri'm prety sure if a docker image and installing a ton of ports would be a good test and removing some etc.09:02
diversegood, cause it's alpha software, some of the code is from pure instinct.09:04
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Romsteri'd expect bugs and i'd also expect options to turn on debugging output to see what its doing.09:11
diverseI guess I'll need to figure out how to do that in cargo09:12
Romster yeah sorting works09:13
Romsterjust using what works for now then i'll work on tiding up the python programs.09:14
Romsteri already did a little n the html fetching in python.09:14
Romsterdamn i feel tired09:15
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diverseRomster: all you need to do is run `cargo build` it will automatically embed debug info automatically09:29
Romsterof course it'll even fetch me a beer :D09:30
diversecd ./beer, cargo build, cargo run09:30
_root_Romster: How should I namethe port for  this package. "librfm5-"? the package is named librfm but by this kind of version number, I don't know. Should I name the port librfm5?09:39
diverse_root_: pastebin your Pkgfile09:39
_root_diverse: there is not any yet; I am trying to decide the port name now;09:40
_root_diverse: the package in question is librfm. and the soure is librfm5-
_root_diverse: so what is the name of the directory for this port and also "name=" in the Pkgfile of that port09:42
_root_librfm5 or librfm.09:42
diversename=librfm, version=
_root_no diverse it can't be09:42
_root_diverse: the source is librfm5-
Romsterunless you really don't have any other librfm ports around.09:43
diverse_root_: do as Romster suggests09:43
Romsterthey use librfm5 as the name=09:44
_root_Romster: it is a dirty workarond. I wish there was a way to keep the directory name and name= to librfm09:44
Romsterelse you'd have to do ${name}5-$version.tar.bz209:44
_root_Romster: by they you mean arch people?09:44
Romsterby they, i mean upstream09:44
diverseit's best to follow was upstream calls it, unless there are exceptions09:45
Romsterthen i see librfm509:45
_root_Romster: upstream is just a "one man show". but  great man. Edscott is running rodent application. and it is such a great tool09:45
Romsteras diverse said it's best to follow upstream09:46
_root_Romster: ^^09:46
Romsteri've already been there.09:46
_root_so clearly it is the case of bad name-version09:46
Romsteruh really name=librfm if there is no other say version 4 of librfm around?09:47
Romsterfact they do foo5 foo4 and stuff to keep more than one library around for supporting apps, if you only ever need foo5 then name it foo09:48
Romsteryour repo you name it as you please.09:48
diversee.g. port gtk is for gtk2 apps, port gtk3 is for gtk3 apps, etc, etc09:49
_root_So you so you chaps suggest librfm5?09:49
diversewe have been telling you to use that now09:50
_root_ok tnx09:50
diverseRule #1) follow the upstream09:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: xmlto: romster -> contrib09:52
_root_diverse: ok yen; got it. :) What is the rule 2?09:52
_root_Romster: the poor bot is calling your name )09:52
Romsterbecause i made it do that :D09:52
diverseRule 2 is, refer to #1 again09:53
Romsterromster is my contrib2 as others call it09:53
_root_and another question ( I asked that before; I know) the name= in pkgfile should be the same as port directory name?09:57
_root_port's directory name09:57
diverseRomster: he doesn't trust me09:57
_root_diverse: I do; but I didn't recived the answer;09:58
diverse_root_: I said yes, otherwise it won't work09:58
_root_diverse: ok; I just asked because I was disconnected and i read the log later on the log pages.09:59
diverseand it's better to be consistent09:59
_root_thanks anyhow09:59
_root_diverse: yes I am thinking it exactly; at least (even if it works) it is a good practice to keep them the same10:00
diverseso here is Rule 3, be *consistent* always10:01
_root_diverse: writing the ports is much better (easier) in crux. in gentoo it was hard and needed to much tests10:01
_root_diverse: Now; We are getting somewhere ;)10:02
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diverseyeah, it's much simplier. Remember when arch pkgbuilds were simple, back in the day? They were inspired by how simple Pkgfiles are10:02
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diversegiven that pkgbuilds got more bloated over time10:04
_root_diverse: those theys I was messing with suse and then I went stright to getnoo. I started using arch in 2007; those days. Was good at least for me before arch developers all took a pill and went with systemd.]10:08
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_root_mkinitcp as I recall, was doing the job back then.10:08
_root_where is tilman10:09
Romsterdirectory name should always be the same as name=10:13
Romsterit could be something else but it'll brake stuff.10:13
diversewell it's important for prt-get to find10:14
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diversealrighty, did some refactoring and removed a few lines10:36
_root_diverse: of what?10:39
diversea fun project10:41
diversehmm, maybe I can refactor it more with macros10:45
frinnstfuuuuuuuuuck magento10:54
frinnstreindexing url rewrites is fun with ~3.2M articles10:54
frinnstaaaaand it failed11:02
frinnstafter 22hrs11:02
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frinnstout of memory..11:13
Romsterwhat no swap11:13
frinnstyeah, 4gb swap11:14
Romsterthats not much11:14
frinnstfuckin' php maan11:14
Romsterphp loves ram11:14
frinnstnope, not *that* much but still11:14
Romsterthis pc has 8GB ram and um 32GB swap abouts on various disks... on the rare cases of me building something massive.11:15
Romsteryou could loop mount a swap file11:15
Romsterbut your box needs more ram.11:15
diversewow, didn't know php was such a mem hog11:16
frinnstyeah, and didnt have the right kernel modules loaded when I hotadded 6gb... fuuuck11:16
frinnstwonder if you can probe afterwards11:16
Romstercant' see why not11:17
Romsterbuild moduldes install and depmod -a11:17
Romsterdone it when i forgot a module11:18
diversefrinnst: can you switch to JS for your job?11:18
frinnstno, unless you have the modules loaded when you hotadd the ram it doesnt show up when you load the module11:18
Romsterbut i've never done anything with hot adding ram, i don't have that exotic server hardware.11:18
frinnstI just see 6gb now and not 10gb..11:18
Romsterfoobar guess that means a reboot11:18
frinnstdiverse: no11:19
diverseit must be terrible to be stuck with php11:20
Romsteri could think of worse mono11:20
tvaalenYeah, having a mix of php, ruby, python, perl, erlang, clojure, go, java, ... and don't remember the rest.11:23
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tvaalenIt's not awesome when whoever wrote or maintained a given codebase in $language quits.11:24
joacimfrinnst: swapd =)11:24
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: syslinux: updated to 6.03, fixed deps and cleaned up11:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: swig: updated to 3.0.211:56
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frinnstyay php: 2740 root      20   0 7788m 7.3g 7952 R  99.7 92.9  68:39.13 php14:03
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rmullWhat if there was a "bin-x86_64" repo where all the ports were binary-based ports?14:33
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joacimrmull: i think distributing the built package might be cleaner. easier to maintain too i guess, since you don't have to maintain two ports.14:45
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: xfsprogs: update to 3.2.215:55
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_root_You folks were talking about something called "DRBD" aehile back. what is DRBD and what are its implementations?16:54
jaegerIt's basically RAID1 over a network16:55
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux16:57
_root_jaeger: when it is handy to use it? could you make a case for it. as I can see it only does mirror nothing else.16:57
jaegerI use it in only one setup, a postgresql/drbd/corosync/pacemaker HA cluster16:58
_root_jaeger: Seems logical; is it reliable?17:03
jaegerseems to be, most of the time. occasionally breaks17:03
*** SiFuh has joined #crux17:24
z3braeven if it break, nothing do the same thing as drbd anyway :P18:19
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_root_I am looking for a file accounting software (system). I need it to give me these informations. 1)when a file has been created? by whome 2)each time that a file has been accessed and by whome? 3)each time that a file has been modified and by whome? 4)size of the file from start up to now. 5)if it is possible when a file has been deleted? by whome?18:50
_root_do yo know anything like this?18:50
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teK_grsecurity may have options for that18:58
teK_mhm. Does not look like it does19:00
_root_teK_: No it doesn't sir; but I am sure about the fact that there is a software19:27
_root_but what I don't know19:27
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koriI don't have enough ram to compile firefox 3419:37
korild gets killed...19:37
*** Feigr2 has joined #crux19:42
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teK__root_: auditd should do the trick20:38
_root_teK_: could you give me the link? thank you20:42
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_root_What do you think of sublime editor guys? better then vim?22:25
*** kp_ has quit IRC22:29
joacimI thought it was slow and laggy on my old system22:35
joacimso i never revisisted it22:35
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initFTWgood morning gents23:05
initFTWI have been reading the crux website and it sounds like my new OS.. I just want to make sure about something..23:06
initFTWthe main reason I'm switching is systemd, I dislike it very much. I also dislike distrohopping. So I am now downloading the ISO.. my question is, are there any plans to change the init system? I sure hope not23:08
korinot to systemd, at least23:08
*** idetuxs has joined #crux23:10
initFTWmay I ask, is this the current "plan" and might change,  or this is a firm stance against systemd? (ie due to philosophical/commitment to unix-style reasons?).. coz I've been disappointed before I'm afraid and really hope it won't happen again23:11
initFTWjust need to make sure..23:11
korithere is a firm stance against systemd23:11
initFTWyou find folks have a new member!23:11
korisomeone said CRUX will change to systemd over their dead body23:11
initFTWmany thanks kori, now I'm sure I've made the right decision23:12
initFTWhaha, yes I saw that thread. Is it a developer? I just had to come in here and ask since that thread is dated 201223:13
diversewe're getting new members all the time now because of getting away from systemd23:14
*** Feksclaus has quit IRC23:14
diverseso you came to the right place23:14
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC23:14
koriI came to CRUX not because of systemd, but because of pkgutils23:14
koribut no systemd is a damn nice bonus23:14
idetuxsWell, I just came here for the same reason23:14
koriI'd like to switch from sysvinit though23:15
diversekori: well a majority of our new comers are for that reason23:15
idetuxsactually to ask about hardware compatibility too23:15
koridiverse: I noticed :P23:15
idetuxsI'm not much a hardware guy, so didn't get it if the list of drivers included in bootkernel are compatible with my hardware23:19
idetuxsIntel AHCI is not included, right?23:20
jaeger;a=blob;f=kernel/linux-3.14.22.defconfig;h=e77da5c82e248a3acfea21952f529b30ccfbcac4;hb=refs/heads/3.1 <-- you can see the config here, it definitely has AHCI23:21
*** Feksclaus has joined #crux23:21
idetuxsthanks very much jaeger23:21
diverseI guess we got 2 brand new members today at the same time :)23:22
initFTWiso downloaded and md5sum passed! transferring to usb and installing on desktop!23:24
initFTWbrb joining from lappy23:24
*** asie has quit IRC23:25
diversekori: since you are a fan of pkgutils, would like you to test my code port?23:26
diversein the future23:26
initFTWone more thing gents23:29
initFTWI plan on using xfce23:29
initFTWand recently I became aware of a systemd dependency (related to xfce's power manager)23:30
initFTWthe result was, if systemd was blacklisted, then some power manager functions won't work in xfce23:30
initFTWdo any of you here use xfce4, and is the power manager working properly? (without systemd of course)23:31
idetuxsok, the link was extremly useful jaeger. Now it seems I will have incompatibility with an infamous Broadcom wireless chip :P23:32
idetuxsI'll see what I do, may be recompile23:33
idetuxsb43 doesn't support mine23:33
jaegerwell, to get an install booting you just need your disk controller, filesystem, scsi support, etc... can sort out the wireless after23:33
idetuxsuses bcrmsmac23:33
diverseinitFTW: I would contact sepen (the maintainer of the xfce ports) and ask him via email since he isn't here a lot.23:34
idetuxsyeah, sure! that's right. It just that this chip is a pain in the a$$23:34
initFTWhave the same chip idetuxs, got best stability with broadcom-sta-dkms23:34
idetuxsho, that's interesting initFTW23:34
initFTWdiverse: many thanks. will just install on my desktop now and see how it goes23:34
diversetest it and report it to him23:35
idetuxsI'm actually using some ubuntu driver, couldn't use broadcom-sta-dkms (using debian)23:35
initFTWmy systems are currently running debian (not for much longer though haha)23:36
diversewe had another debian user just switch to here recently23:37
jaegerI'd recommend trying any new dist in a VM to make sure you like it before switching completely23:37
koridiverse: gladly23:38
korijaeger: I went YOLO mode23:38
koriI liked doing things like this23:38
diversekori: you use chroot or docker right?23:38
jaegerto each his own, of course23:38
diversekori: I recommend it for testing it23:39
koridiverse: are you the one rewriting them in rust?23:39
koriI'm interested in rust23:39
koribut I'm not a programmer23:40
diverseI just need testers23:40
diversebuild it and test it23:41
diversebut please use it in a chroot, as the logic may damage your current system23:42
*** iniFTW2 has joined #crux23:42
idetuxsiniFTW2: this is the package I'm using if you're interested
koriwell, I'd have to set up a chroot first23:42
initFTWidetuxs: I see..  tried a few drivers but never got good consistent speeds as the dkms package I mentioned earlier.. will see how it goes with crux23:43
initFTWwill install it on my desktop first then if all is well (especially xfce4 running smoothly) then will install on laptops :)23:44
iniFTW2that would be this laptop :D23:44
*** initFTW has left #crux ()23:44
idetuxs:) ok!23:44
diverseiniFTW2: you forgot the 't' in your name ;)23:45
diversemuch better23:45
idetuxsjaeger: never installed vm, virtualbox works fine?23:46
jaegerit does23:46
initFTWto be honest this would be my first source based linux distro and I'm quite excited.. will see how compiling for own hardware differs.. sure hope optimizations will make a difference23:46
diverseinitFTW: make sure to use -march=native23:47
idetuxsok, thanks!23:48
initFTWthanks diverse , isn't that the default? anyways let me boot up the installation and see how it goes heh.. if I'm stuck I'll ask here..23:49
idetuxsthere will be a lot of new stuff to learn for me too23:49
tvaalenDepending on what you do it usually won't make much difference.23:49
tvaalenShit don't scroll by faster in irssi, for example.23:50
diverseinitFTW: default is -march=x86-64, so if you want the optimization, just change that in /etc/pkgmk.conf23:51
diversebut just focus on getting your system all set up23:55

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