IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2014-12-06

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xeirrrdiverse, any plan to go for a trip to spend saturday?00:49
diversexeirrr: I have no plans to go anywhere00:50
initFTWhey guys I'm in fdisk.. whats a reasonable size for curx's root partition (home will be on a separate partition)00:51
initFTWnote I'm doing this on my SSD which is 120GB00:51
koriunless you want swap00:52
rmullAnyone use bluez? There is a much newer version available00:52
xeirrrinitFTW, I would like to give /  40G00:52
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jaegerI use it for my ps3 controller on the steam box00:52
jaegerused my own port, though00:52
rmullI've never used it before but I want to start00:53
initFTWxeirrr, 40GB for root + all other partitions except home (user data) ?00:53
rmullAny chance that the opt/bluez will be updated?00:53
jaegeremail the maintainer and ask, I guess00:54
rmullNo idea who Alan is00:54
xeirrrinitFTW, sorry, i forget to ask how much user data do you have?00:54
initFTWxeirrr, not much a few gigs.. i have the bulk of my data on other disks.. however I like to keep a home partition on the ssd for instant access..00:55
initFTWso given I have a 120GB disk, how would you suggest I partition it? (i'm in fdisk right now :))00:56
diverseI would dedicate the whole ssd to / and another drive to hold /home, to make upgrades easier00:56
initFTWisnt that overkill diverse ?00:57
initFTWI mean too much space00:57
diversedepends on your needs though, everybody is different :)00:57
initFTWI know crux is source based so will take a lot of space with all compiles.. but 120GB is too much no?00:57
initFTWdiverse, thanks for your input00:58
xeirrrinitFTW, I suggest no /home,  as your saying, a few gigs data,00:58
diverseinitFTW: I'm always overkill ;)00:58
initFTWso all in one big partition then ? :D00:58
xeirrra / with 110+ gigs,  then few gigs for swap :)00:59
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diverselet's see, my /home already takes up 121.6GB of data01:00
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initFTWthanks guys01:04
xeirrrinitFTW, np :)01:04
initFTWI made a 105GB partition, a few gigs swap, and remaining gigs empty (read this is a good practice on SSDs)01:05
jaegerIt's only necessary if TRIM is not working01:05
initFTWI see01:05
jaegerif you use a filesystem that supports TRIM and mount it with the "discard" option you'll be fine01:05
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initFTWjaeger, will set it in fstab once I'm done01:06
initFTWone more thing I'm not sure about guys01:06
initFTWdo I need to set the MBR bootable flag on my root partitions? dont think this is needed no?01:07
rmullcrud, latest bluez requires systemd01:07
rmullinitFTW: No, not required01:07
rmulloh, I can disable systemd01:08
jaegerIf you use an msdos partition table, yes, make your root partition bootable01:08
jaegerwhere /boot will be01:08
initFTWI see, understood :)01:08
rmullHm, I guess I set the boot flag on my /boot01:09
rmullNever really thought it was necessary01:09
jaegerIt usually is01:09
initFTWwas set on mine too (hence why I asked), (debian installer set it)01:09
initFTWI'm in collection selection, is xorg (on the 3.1 iso) the latest? if there is a newer one I will pull it from the net after installation is done.. otherwise will install from media if its same version01:16
rmullinitFTW: There will likely be updates online once you're done installing. Once you chroot into your installation, do: ports -u; prt-get sysup01:18
initFTWI see :)01:19
initFTWrmull, will only install core then :)01:19
initFTWhey guys01:46
initFTWwhile editing /etc/fstab my keyboard went crazy (I pressed one of those profile  buttons by mistake and non-stop stream of characters poured into system)01:46
initFTWtried to stop it but couldn't.. its like a key had been pressed non-stop01:46
initFTWso I rebooted..01:46
initFTWcan I just continue from where I stopped? (ie editting fstab file) or do I need to restart installation?01:47
initFTWkindly note I'm following this guide:
initFTWhad the problem at editing fstab..01:47
jaegeryou can just continue from there. redo the mount and setup-chroot steps, just don't remake your filesystems01:48
initFTWwonderful :)01:49
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nilpwith multilib should I have both the -32 ports and non -32 ports installed or should I remove the non -32 ports first?01:52
initFTWinstallation guide says nano and vim are available.. once chrooted nano is no longer available..01:53
jaegerthat refers to the cd environment, though you can switch to another terminal and run nano if you want01:53
jaeger(one that's not chrooted)01:53
jaegernilp: the only required -32 port is glibc-32; without it the toolchain won't work01:54
jaegernilp: otherwise you only need to install -32 ports when they are required for something else01:54
nilpAnybody got steam working?01:54
nilpany idea why I get a bad window error then segment fault with both tf2 and css?01:56
nilpSounds also rather glitchy.01:56
nilpwhich package did you use?01:57
nilpcounter strike01:57
jaeger <-- I used this Pkgfile01:57
jaegerI don't play either of those games, though01:57
jaegergot a log?01:57
initFTWjaeger, when switching to another terminal nano is available but the fstab file is different! (one from installation media and one installed?)01:58
nilpI can get one. Where should I upload it?01:58
jaegerinitFTW: because the non-chrooted terminal is outside the chroot. add /mnt to the path. for example, nano -w /mnt/etc/fstab01:59
jaegernilp: how about sprunge or pastebin?01:59
xeirrrnilp, why counter strike is called "css"? what does last letter "s"  stand for ? :)01:59
jaegeras in the source engine, probably01:59
initFTWahh.. silly me :P02:00
jaegerI could be wrong, just a guess02:01
nilpcounter strike source02:01
initFTWyou are right my dear02:01
initFTWindeed, its the same file once I added mnt02:01
xeirrrjaeger, haha,you are right02:01
xeirrrCS:S or CSS  according to wikipedia/02:03 is the output from 'optirun steam' when running tf2. Or attempting to at least.02:04
jaegerredirects to the main site02:05
jaegerwhat's optirun?02:05
nilpruns it on nvidia card with bumblebee02:07
jaegerdo other games work properly?02:07
nilphavent got any to try.02:07
nilpon the intel card it gives opengl errors and has a transparent window.02:08
initFTWshould I use noatime or relatime for SSD mount options?02:08
initFTWI already specified "discard" for trim..02:08
jaegernilp: do you have nvidia-32 installed? does glxgears-32 work? and glxinfo-32 report direct rendering is supported?02:09
jaegerinitFTW: I use relatime but you might look up what they do to decide02:09
nilpthey work with optirun. Blank screen/not supported with out it.02:10
jaegercan you find a game or demo that's free and doesn't use the source engine to test?02:11
jaegerperhaps it's an upstream issue02:11
jaeger <--- maybe there's something useful there02:11
jaegerI have no experience with optimus but I can run borderlands 2 natively or stream games from my windows machine to my linux steam box without trouble02:12
nilpthat looks promising. Truing out primus now.02:14
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initFTWI'm in the kernel part now gents.. I see included version is 3.12.. can I grab the latest now or do I have to compile this one first and reboot into system then upgrade?02:28
jaegeryou can get a newer one if your network connection is supported by the install environment02:29
jaegeroutside the chroot you can load the proper module and run dhcpcd or set an IP manually02:29
initFTWwhich brings me to my second question, ifconfig -a shows all my interfaces are identified.. however I'm connected to my router using a wireless card (pci).. I see its identified.. but it requires WPA2 encryption..02:30
initFTWI see wpa_client is not included02:30
initFTWis there another tool to configure wireless encryption?02:31
jaegerit's not, yeah. if you have only wireless then use the included kernel for now and get the updated one later02:31
initFTWtime for my 100m cable then gents! will pull the cable directly from my router in the living room..02:31
initFTWjaeger, thanks I want a fresh kernel! will just get a cable for now :)02:32
diverseyay, more refactoring02:39
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initFTWonline from cruxbox!02:44
initFTWhow do I grab the newest kernel02:45
initFTWnewest stable that is02:45
korigo to,02:45
initFTWI have not rebooted.. I'm still in installation step02:45
diversehmm, what's the latest 3.17 kernel so far02:46
jaegerinitFTW: wget
jaegeradd --no-check-certificate if you're doing it outside the chroot02:47
initFTWI will do it inside chroot then02:47
initFTWcd /usr/src then fetch the file using command u posted, then untar it locally, right?02:48
diversemy project is coming out nicely02:50
initFTWdiverse, what project are you working on? post a link pls02:54
diverseI haven't upload my work yet. It's a code-port of pkgutils02:54
initFTWoh :)02:55
initFTWshould I copy the .conf file from 3.12 that was supplied with the iso to the new 3.17 ?02:57
diversethe .config file02:57
initFTWyup hehe02:57
diverseyeah just copy it over to the newly extract directory, do make menuconfig (or make oldconfig), then save, and build02:57
diversejaeger: got any other suggestions?02:58
initFTWmake menuconfig menu has tons of options!03:00
initFTWam i good to just save all as default ?03:01
initFTWif I do make menuconfig I wont be using the .config file I copied right?03:01
initFTWoldconfig will do though right?03:02
jaegermenuconfig will not erase the old config03:02
jaegerit will try to update it but oldconfig does that as well03:02
initFTWdo I specify the option to compile for my specific CPU (AMD FX) in the menuconfig or somewhere else?03:03
jaegercheck the processor section03:04
rmullFor some reason, my postgresql rc.d script never succeeds in starting the pgsql server at boot, but if I execute it by hand, it works03:06
jaegerchecked the logs for it after boot?03:08
rmullNot much in there03:09
rmullIt tells me that it can't change dir to /root03:10
rmullBut I'm not sure why it'd want to do that03:10
rmullI'll poke at it a little bit03:10
rmullOnly probably is that I can't seem to reproduce the issue unless I reboot -_-03:10
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rmulljaeger: Any chance you'd want to share your bluez port? The one in opt is behaving oddly03:22
rmullit's as if bluetoothctl can't connect to dbus03:22
rmullThanks very much.03:24
jaegerI'll eventually publish it in my repo for steam stuff03:24
initFTWnew kernel compiled!03:26
rmullDrawing a blank here - if I want to change my pkgmk work dir but not have ports clobbering each other, what's my config? I tried PKGMK_WORK_DIR="/path/to/work/$PKG" but that doesn't seem right03:26
rmullIs the wildcard something else?03:26
jaegerwhat do you mean by not have ports clobbering each other?03:27
jaegeroh, you mean they're using the same dir no matter the porty03:27
jaegeruse /path/to/work/$name03:27
rmullahh, $name03:27
rmullThank you03:28
rmullThat isn't documented in pkgmk.conf03:28
initFTWalmost there guys!03:29
initFTWI'm editing lilo.conf03:29
initFTWboot=/dev/sda (no partition specified), and: root=/dev/sda1 (root partition)03:29
initFTWtop of file says lba3203:30
initFTWis this correct? (for my amd64 pc) ?03:30
jaegershouldn't hurt03:30
initFTWnow final step is to install grub right?03:31
jaegerno point in using grub AND lilo, pick one03:31
initFTWso I'm done! reboot?03:31
initFTWbooted into crux!03:34
initFTWI have a message at login: hid-generic <many numbers> parsing failed03:34
initFTWwhat is this?03:34
initFTWanyways I logged in.. will update ports now and install packages03:35
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initFTWa bit confused guys.. to get my desktop up and running let me ask here.. please bare with me03:48
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initFTWso now with my fresh desktop, I install using ports system right? not package03:48
initFTWI do ports -u and then install what I need?03:48
jaegeryep. look at prt-get as well03:49
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initFTWwhat is the name of the xorg meta package (to install xorg and required deps)03:53
initFTWpkgmk -d -i xorg03:53
jaegerpkgmk won't track dependencies, use prt-get03:53
jaegercheck the prt-get manpage03:54
initFTWupon running prt-get I see the compile messages saying march=x86-6404:01
initFTWwhere can I change this to native?04:01
rmullinitFTW: /etc/pkgmk.conf04:04
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rmulljaeger: When I try to run bluetoothctl I get a prompt, but it doesn't respond to keypresses. When I ctrl-C, it prints "arguments to dbus_connection_unref() were incorrect, assertion "connection != NULL" failed in file dbus-connection.c line 2821"04:18
rmullAny thoughts?04:18
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jaegermake sure bluetoothd is running. I have not made any kind of init script for it04:18
rmullAh, okay, it is not04:19
rmullNice, it seems to be working04:21
rmullThank you04:22
jaegerhuh... actually got cinnamon working for once04:24
initFTWinstalling xorg and once done xfce :)04:24
initFTWthis has been a great experience many thanks to all who helped04:24
diverseenjoy your freedom04:28
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diversewell, time to hack on pkgutils04:33
rmullHmm, I was able to pair with my bluetooth headset, but I am not sure where to go from here. I can't connect to it.04:37
jaegerno idea on that, I've only used my ps3 controller04:38
rmullto the googles I go.04:39
rmullIt seems like I shouldn't be getting connection failures04:39
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diverseI'm very content atm04:59
initFTWI used to use wicd on debian for managing my network interfaces.. it integrates nicely with xfce.. do you guys use this or another tool? if so what?05:03
xeirrrinitFTW, I use wicd.05:04
xeirrrinitFTW, but you get choices.05:04
xeirrrinitFTW, wpa_supplicant is ok.05:05
initFTWxeirrr, many thanks.. will continue using it then05:05
diverseinitFTW: I wasn't joking about "05:22
initFTWdiverse, I'm very glad I switched05:28
initFTWperhaps the main reason is this IRC channel05:29
initFTWand of course the satisfaction of controlling every aspect of the system05:29
diverseas jaeger would say, glad you enjoy it :)05:30
initFTWjust need to become comfortable/familiar with the package/ports system and I'll be set :D05:30
initFTWmany thanks05:30
diversetake it one step out of time05:31
initFTWwill do05:31
initFTWI installed X and all seems ok (failed to start.. I think coz no WM or anything)05:31
initFTWI enabled contrib (rm inactive from name) and did a ports -u05:31
initFTWbut still prt-get depinst xfce says not found05:32
diverseright, you need to modify the ~/.xinitrc file, add "exec startxfce4", that is, I think05:32
initFTWwhere is xfce? I mean from where do I pull it05:32
diverseah, you need to download the repo driver from crux.nu05:32
initFTWby the way, prt-get install: installs target only.. prt-get depinst installs target with all its deps, right?05:33
initFTWdo I get the rsync file and place it in /etc/ports ?05:34
initFTWis that all?05:34
diverseyes and you need to edit /etc/prt-get.conf and add the "prtdir" to point to where it downloads the ports e.g. /usr/ports/xfce05:35
diverseprt-get needs to know where the ports are05:35
initFTWthe link is dynamic (not direct)05:36
initFTWhow do I download it with wget? it says no matches found!05:36
diverseput single quotes around the url05:37
diversewget ''05:38
diverseinitFTW: ^05:39
initFTWI did, the downloaded file is named: index.html?a=....etc05:39
initFTWwhen I do cat <filename> its html05:40
initFTWso its not the actual file..05:40
diverseinitFTW: what does cat show?05:40
initFTWupon closer inspection I see names like xfwm405:41
diversemv that to xfce.sync05:41
initFTWyup :)05:41
initFTWxfce.rsync right?05:41
initFTWrunning ports -u05:41
diverseand let it pull05:41
initFTWthen prt-get depinst xfce05:41
diversewell prt-get depinst xfce405:42
initFTWI got an error upon running ports -u05:43
initFTWHost field not set in /etc/ports/xfce.rsync05:43
initFTWoh my05:44
initFTWit is an HTML file05:44
initFTWthe wget didnt succeed05:44
diverseah dangit05:44
diversejaeger: how would download from the dynamic url?05:44
initFTWI tried double quotes, same05:45
diversealright remove the xfce.rsync05:45
diverseI usually download the driver from the browser, so I don't know what to say05:46
jaegerwget -O xfce.rsync ""05:46
xeirrrDo you guys have /usr/etc folder?05:50
initFTWI'm compiling wicd and its pulling glib and all sorts of gnome stuff!05:50
diversexeirrr: apparently I do05:50
initFTWbtw gents, do I have to do anything to blacklist systemd ? or it doesn't exist in the first place in crux world?05:51
diverseinitFTW: glib isn't gnome related, it's just gcc extras05:51
initFTWI sure dont want to compile xfce4 and find it pulling systemd libs and stuff05:51
xeirrrdiverse, nice. I firstly think I do it wrongly, but now ok after you said you have. :) Thanks05:51
diverseinitFTW: we don't use systemd at all, but you are free to install it yourself, if you want...05:53
initFTWdiverse, no my dear, I'm asking to blacklist it (as it never installed by mistake or so)05:53
initFTWas in*05:53
initFTWjaeger, your command worked! got xfce.rsync!05:55
diverseinitFTW: I don't know if there exists package ignoring /etc/prt-get.conf, but to avoid installing packages you need to use --ignore=systemd06:02
initFTWdiverse, where do I put this? or its a parameter to be specified every time I run prt-get ?06:04
diversebut you don't need to worry about it, because all the ports here are strict about not using systemd. It's a parameter, so `prt-get {install,depinst,remove,etc} --ignore=blah <ports>`06:07
idetuxssystemd it's not in the ports directory initFTW06:07
idetuxshow did your BCM4313 go initFTW ?06:07
initFTWcool so no need to worry then :)06:07
initFTWidetuxs, my bcm is on my laptop (the machine I'm chatting from now), its still running debian.. to my right is my desktop which has an atheros wl, I'm installing xfce on it now.. once my desktop is done I will wipe my laptop and install crux on it.. will let you know then :D06:08
idetuxsoh, haha ok, thanks06:13
idetuxs:) good luck then06:13
initFTWthanks :)06:13
idetuxsI'll probably install crux later, I need to do some work these days06:14
idetuxsI say probably because i was also thinking about freebsd06:14
idetuxsbut this community feels right already ^^06:14
initFTWyup :), this is the main reason.. earlier this morning I wasnt sure.. but once I saw how it is I copied my ~ dir and started crux install :D06:15
initFTWoh my06:32
initFTWI started xfce06:32
initFTWit works06:32
initFTWbut no letters.. just boxes!06:32
initFTWlike its trying to render in a foreign language06:32
initFTWin the installation manual I didnt specify locale (thinking default being english is fine)06:33
initFTWis it compulsory ?06:33
diverseyou need to specify the en_US locale anyway06:35
initFTWdiverse, please let me know how? the example shown in the installation guide is for swedish06:35
*** xeirrr has quit IRC06:35
diverseinitFTW: just replace all the written instances of `sv_SE` with `en_US`06:37
initFTWcool :)06:37
initFTWrebooting for good measure..06:40
initFTWhope it will work06:41
initFTWstill boxes after reboot!06:43
initFTWneed a break! brb06:43
diversecould it be just missing fonts?06:57
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initFTWhey guys I'm back!07:18
initFTWhad to eat something I've been on this since 7am :D07:18
initFTWdiverse, very possible!07:18
diversetrying install dejavu fonts07:19
initFTWwhats the prt-get pckg name?07:20
diverseprt-get search deja07:20
initFTWahh :D07:20
initFTWyeay I can read!07:22
initFTWfinally fonts are there07:22
initFTWstrange how is it not a dep of xfce!07:22
diverseinitFTW: complain to sepen I suppose07:22
initFTWicons are missing also.. i think another dep is missing07:24
initFTWmuch easier to work in a GUI!07:24
initFTWso I'll fine tune one step at a time :)07:24
diverseinitFTW: install the hicolor icons for now07:24
initFTWdiverse, its already installed..07:31
initFTWI think something went wrong with my xfce07:31
diverseinitFTW: hmm, when you installed all of the xfce ports, did it came with a notification for READMEs?07:33
diversewhich ones?07:34
initFTWI dont recall! is the log saved somewhere?07:34
initFTWI installed xterm07:35
initFTWbut upon trying to run it from within GUI it tells me07:35
initFTWinput/output error!07:35
xeirrrinitFTW, you need to do some tweaks by yourself :) go to and find one icon theme07:39
diverseI think the chances are the readmes suggest running the {pre,post}-install scripts, so here is what you can do, run: prt-get update --install-scripts $(prt-get quickdep xfce4)07:39
xeirrrthen mkdir ~/.icons, extract your icon theme to ~/.icons07:40
diversexeirrr: I think he needs to run some install scripts first07:40
xeirrrapply it in xfce-settings07:40
xeirrrdiverse, let me check it first :)07:41
diversexeirrr: do you use xfce?07:41
xeirrrdiverse: no, but we all can check via ports, right? :)07:42
diverseI think the portdb only shows the pkgfile, footprint, and md5 only07:43
xeirrr<== I do it here :)07:44
diversealrighty, that works, some of them had README files in them07:45
diverseas mentioned07:45
diverseI don't see any...07:47
diverseah ha, xarchive has a post-install07:48
xeirrrdiverse, yeah it seems no luck07:49
diverseall I can suggest is: prt-get update --install-scripts $(prt-get quickdep xfce4)07:51
diversethat will just unpack all the pre built packages and run their scripts that recursively link to xfce407:52
diverseinitFTW: are you with us?07:54
xeirrrinitFTW, you should try what diverse said and let's see how it goes :)07:54
diversehe's probably taking another break07:55
diversetime to fix my Rust code, need to learn the generics feature07:57
xeirrrgo for it :)07:57
diversesolved my generics issue, phew08:33
diverseit made my code messier because I had to put type parameters everywhere, but I didn't want that. But then all I had to do was specify what type the type paramater for a certain object that needed it, to put a limit on it and got rid of all that mess.08:35
diverselesson learned08:36
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*** _root_ has joined #crux08:54
_root_What do you think of sublime editor guys? better then vim?08:58
diverse_root_: it depends on you09:08
diversedo you like sublime better?09:09
diverse_root_: people's opinions can't always match yours, it's best to find out for yourself09:17
diverseit's like asking random people, which OS do they think is better? Windows or Linux? Some will say Windows, some will say Linux. It's up to you which OS you like.09:18
joacimhere's a thought. s/he might just be looking for opinions and discussion, and not for someone to tell her/him which is better.09:20
diversebut in the end, it's up to s/he to decide what works best for them from actually trying it.09:22
diverseif I'm trying to persuade them into going to something they won't like, I'm wasting my time.09:25
diverseah, damn skunk, I hate it when the stench comes inside from the window09:34
joacimI don't think people are so weak willed that I have to avoid talking about my likes and dislikes.09:36
joacimI thought sublime was slow and laggy, so I prefer vim. i see a lot of people love sublime, so i'm sure it has some good things about it09:37
joacimand maybe i just tried some bad builds09:37
joacimvim is kinda shit too tho. but at least it is responsive.09:38
diversewell I offered my best advice09:38
*** phant0mas has joined #crux09:44
diverseHowever if _root_ rephrased the question to "which editor should I start with? or I'm looking for a well featured but simple editor for programming." Then I can easily suggest something like sublime, but not vim, because of the deep learning curve.09:50
joacimit isn't that steep. you can get pretty far by just knowing :wq, esc, and a/i.09:51
joacimvimtutor helps too09:51
diversewell he could, but he wouldn't be taken full advantage of vim, and understanding modal editing is pretty foreign.09:54
joacimyou don't have to take full advantage of something to use it to edit text09:54
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_root_Yes; I am just looking for your opinions. Not anything else.10:28
_root_and upon examination I find sublime very low quality. even geany is better than it.10:29
diverseFair enough. Use vim.10:29
_root_It has some good keybindings and good party tricks; but if someone is into those; I think vim has more to offer.10:30
_root_but I found out of the box and no install needed quality of sublime very pleasing10:31
_root_just pops up and ready to go10:31
_root_the thing that concerns me is the security. does it send any information from my system to sublime or other 3rd party server or not. because it is closed source and freeware after all10:32
_root_don't you agree?10:32
diverse_root_: it might10:33
_root_and guys; shortcircuit doesn't log conversations any more10:33
_root_diverse: now you really hip my concerns10:33
_root_diverse: do you use irssi?10:35
diverseWell, I doubt it will spy on you, if it did, people won't like it anymore and not recommend it10:35
diverseI use weechat10:35
joacimios and android have made me careful around gratis software10:36
_root_diverse: how would they know that? no one can pick anther the hood.10:36
joacima lot of them find ways to make money by selling my information10:36
_root_joacim: Yes; most of them will even send your credit information too.10:37
diverse_root_: users could use packet sniffers to see if sublime is sending info about to you10:37
_root_just pay attention to offers you recive in your mailbox. 10% off for paypal or master.10:37
joacim_root_: the irc log works, it just lags behind a little. unless you meant something else10:38
_root_diverse: oh; right. like wireshark and stuff?10:38
diverseand snort10:38
diversethe truly paranoid would write blogs about it, if it happens10:38
_root_joacim: no ; you're right it is behind. but it wasn't beffore. it was in realtime10:38
_root_diverse: I searched and I found nothing ( i.e paranoid blog postst)10:39
_root_I ported rodent apps :)10:40
diverse_root_: do you like programming your editor a lot?10:41
_root_diverse: well; i tweak my vim alot; I am a vim user from the first time I worked linux. (if you don't count nano-pico) I never used Emacs and that is it10:42
_root_also I did used eclipse for a while10:42
diversesounds like you should stick with vim10:43
diverse_root_: do you use gvim too or just regular vim?10:47
initFTWdiverse, xeirrr: thanks guys. I'm running the scripts now.. by the way, before installing xfce, I edited /etc/prt-get.conf and uncommented "runscripts yes", isnt that the same thing?10:52
diverseinitFTW: that will default it, yes10:53
diverseinitFTW: I hope it solves your icon issue11:01
initFTWdiverse, its still going! I hope it wont recompile the whole thing!11:05
diverseno it won't compile everything.11:06
initFTWI see prt-get: reinstalling... msgs11:10
diverseinitFTW: what's happening is, from the packages you installed from your setup, they didn't get stored in their /usr/port directories, so from the packages that got referenced from prt-get quickdep xfce4, which didn't have packages, are just getting rebuilt to store the packages11:10
initFTWdiverse, I see11:11
initFTWthanks for clearing that up11:11
diversejust so you know11:11
diversethe xfce stuff you built earlier, should just fly right by11:11
initFTWit did11:11
initFTWit finished, says at the end: updated packages with Readme files: <5 listed, xfce4 one of them>11:12
diversethen do: prt-get readme <port>, to see for each of them11:12
initFTWit says install in this particular order.. or use prt-get (with quickdep command you posted)11:14
diversethat's convenient /sarcasm11:16
diversewell just start xfce and see it the icons work11:16
initFTWoh! xfce4 still has same probs (cant launch xterm says input/output error), and no icons although the icon pack is installed11:16
initFTWI deleted my .config/xfce4 for a fresh start11:16
initFTWsame result11:16
diverseand you did check the settings again for the icons, right?11:17
initFTWdiverse, what settings?11:19
diverseiirc back in my xfce days, wasn't there a setting for changing icon themes?11:19
initFTWthis truly is a "your rules" distro11:20
initFTWindeed my good friends icons showed up now :D11:21
xeirrrinitFTW, screenshot please11:21
diversenote to self: ask DE users if they set the icon theme11:21
initFTWhahaha.. and i have to change the way I think..  I was just saying.. oh well, its the ONLY pack installed.. so it should be selected by default11:21
initFTWI went to settings and highlighted it, and icons showed! haha11:22
xeirrrhappy it works11:22
diverseas long as your happy11:22
initFTWxeirrr, I'm still chatting from lappy.. need a lot of work to finish settup up the desktop, then screenie time :D11:22
initFTWdiverse, many thanks good sir11:22
diverseno problem11:23
xeirrrinitFTW, :)11:23
diversesetting up your laptop should go much faster, now that you understand the way things are11:23
xeirrrgot stuff to do. will leave for a moment11:24
diversexeirrr: have a good one11:25
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux11:26
initFTWdiverse, yes :)11:27
initFTWxeirrr, see you buddy11:27
joaciminitFTW: no icons sounds like an issue with one of the libraries11:27
joacimit is a very common issue11:27
joacimsaw it a lot while i lurked in #xfce11:27
initFTWjoacim, icons solved! the the problem is I can't run some commands/launch apps it says: input/output error!11:28
joacimi don't remember what command you have to run, but i think it should be in the post-install scripts for librsvg or libpng11:28
joacimgreat =)11:28
diverseinitFTW: just for the heck of it, try rebuilding xterm: prt-get update -fr xterm11:30
initFTWdiverse, rebuilding :)11:30
initFTWit wont launch11:31
initFTWas in "nothing"11:31
initFTWwhat term emulators do you guys use/recommend ?11:31
diverseI use lxterminal atm11:32
initFTWprt-get depinstall lxterminal here I come11:32
initFTWdepinst :)11:32
joacimurxvt works11:34
initFTWlxterminal works!11:34
initFTWjoacim, thanks for the suggestion11:34
initFTWthe terminal opens (black window) but I cant type anything inside11:35
joacimi'd like to try st, but last time i looked, it didn't have a scrollback buffer11:35
initFTWurxvt not found11:36
joacimaka rxvt-unicode11:36
initFTWdoesnt work11:37
initFTWI think there is a bigger problem11:37
_root_diverse: yes also gvim; bu more Vim rthan gvim. why?11:37
initFTWmaybe its permissions issues?11:39
initFTWI cant run any graphical terminals11:40
joacimdoes stuff like xclock work?11:41
initFTWwhen I right click (xfce menu) I can launch file manager, settings panels ..etc all seem to work11:42
initFTWbut I cant launch any terminals11:42
initFTWurxvt and xterm both say: input output errors (dont launch at all),11:42
initFTWlxterminal shows a blank window with no input11:42
joacimdoes the xorg logs say anything?11:43
initFTWahh yes: urxvt: can't initialize pseudo-tty, aborting.11:44
joacimis devpts in /etc/fstab?11:44
initFTWI did remove it haha11:45
initFTWwhilst editing my fstab I wanted to make it neat, so I removed all the examples11:45
initFTWand must have whopped devpts11:45
initFTWjoacim, many thanks!11:45
joacimnp =)11:46
initFTWI think I will continue messing around for a few days then do a complete reinstall on my desktop11:47
initFTWtoo many loose ends here and there11:47
initFTWand reinstalling will keep the things I learned today in memory11:47
diverse_root_: well if you don't care about gvim as much, you might want to check out neovim, which kori would recommend11:51
*** xeirrr has quit IRC11:51
*** xeirrr has joined #crux11:51
initFTWjust enabled rehabdoll collection to install audacious!12:09
initFTWI have to say, strange name :P12:09
*** `c0x has quit IRC12:16
diversehuh, wth?12:31
diversejaeger: I just noticed this method doesn't use the function parameter `const string& name` anywhere in it:;a=blob;;h=60bc65654f6a121703e584b1c1671a97b2ed46dc;hb=HEAD#l20612:33
diverseperhaps a change is called for?12:33
diversetilman: what's the big deal?12:34
diverseJust thought I point out what appears to be redundant but I guess what do I know *shrugs*12:40
diverseI have no clue12:42
tilmanjust ignore me12:44
initFTWfirefox compiled quickly12:48
initFTWI wonder does gcc use all cores of my CPU?12:48
initFTWwhilst compiling, I run top12:48
initFTWI see CPU utilization hovering around 8% or so only12:49
initFTWalso kindly note I'm running the compile on an SSD so reads/writes should be very fast12:49
diverseinitFTW: have you set the `MAKEFLAGS` in /etc/pkgmk.conf?12:52
diversethe number of jobs running in parallel usually speeds up the build process12:53
initFTWdiverse, I only added my native arch to that file (march=bdver2)12:53
initFTWI see..12:53
diversehow many cores do you have?12:53
diversewell then, you have an opportunity to speed it up even more. Uncomment the makeflags and put `-j8`12:55
diverseinitFTW: although you did say all the cores were building use to build firefox at the time right?12:56
diverseinitFTW: having more jobs for gcc to use, will use more cores12:58
initFTWdiverse, CPU was less than 10% so i think it wasnt using all12:59
initFTWwill try the j8, thanks :)12:59
diversewith -j8 that will use all of your cores12:59
diversedepending how projects are written modularly, gcc will be more effective when using -j813:01
initFTWdone! changed to j8, now I need a super big package to see if it really works :D13:01
initFTWopenoffice anyone :D13:02
*** SiFuh has quit IRC13:02
diversetry libreoffice13:02
initFTWlibreoffice it is13:02
diverseor thunderbird13:02
xeirrrqt4 or chromium :)13:02
initFTWby the way, is there a command to run pre-install scritps, depinst, run post scripts? althought I did edit uncomment the runscripts yes in config file13:03
initFTWI mean one command to do a full package build/install cleanly?13:03
*** SiFuh has joined #crux13:03
diverseinitFTW: in the `prt-get help` you have 3 flags to choose from: --pre-install, --post-install, or --install-scripts (which is for both the pre and post scripts)13:05
initFTWso to install thunderbird with all scripts: prt-get depinst thunderbird --install-scripts13:06
initFTWdiverse, :)13:06
diversewell, you might want to order it like this: prt-get depinst --install-scripts thunderbird13:07
initFTWdiverse, will do. just Ctrl+C and did it again :)13:08
diversedunno if it matters, but it doesn't hurt to be safe13:08
initFTWsounds good13:09
initFTWcpu at 100%13:10
initFTWdiverse, this is awesome :D13:10
initFTWI have many cc1 running13:11
diverselet it roll13:11
initFTW8 to be exact :D13:11
diverseyep, 8 jobs running in parallel13:11
initFTWnow those server chips with 32 cores or whatnot make sense.. :D13:12
diverseor, like Romster, run a cluster farm with distcc, and up your jobs that way ;)13:14
initFTWnext after installing a few apps I need to figure out Xorg.. I dont think i have gpu acceleration (although I did install the mesa-ati driver)13:14
initFTWI think I bombarded you with enough questions for 1 day.. you gents have been most helpful. Many thanks especially to you diverse13:15
diverseno problem, like I said, I help because I want to13:16
diverseand like many people here too13:16
*** EmoSpice has quit IRC13:21
*** EmoSpice has joined #crux13:21
*** EmoSpice_ has joined #crux13:21
EmoSpiceGood morning. :)13:22
diversehey there13:22
EmoSpicecurrently pretty quiet, it seems.13:24
initFTWhi EmoSpice13:24
initFTWquiet far from it :D I could fill a book with the answers I got here13:25
EmoSpiceinitFTW: I simply meant the current status of chat, not the helpfulness overall :P13:25
diversewell the current status has changed again, heh13:26
initFTWthunderbird complete 113:27
initFTWlibreoffice next!13:27
diversethat is pretty fast13:28
EmoSpiceThe largest thing I think I have to build is FF, but I'm still running v32 or v33 there.13:30
initFTWEmoSpice, 34 is latest.. so perhaps wait a couple more releases before recompile :)13:31
EmoSpiceinitFTW: Exactly.13:31
EmoSpiceThough the 34 release is suppoed to be at least partially security related.13:32
initFTWEmoSpice, yes I think the SSL thingie13:32
initFTWnot sure though :D13:32
EmoSpiceI wish dwb, surf, vimb etc supported presenting SSL certs. I'd drop firefox in a heartbeat13:34
initFTWlibreoffice installed.. I dont think it compiled13:36
initFTWit was a package?13:36
*** xeirrr has quit IRC13:37
*** EmoSpice has quit IRC13:37
diversehmm, I wonder about that13:37
*** EmoSpice has joined #crux13:37
initFTWI saw in the package name downloaded an "rpm" in the file name13:37
*** xeirrr has joined #crux13:38
EmoSpiceinitFTW: Did you ACTUALLY want to build LibreOffice? :P13:38
diversethen yeah, it's a binary build then13:38
initFTWEmoSpice, yes :D13:38
diversehe's up for the challenge13:38
initFTWbuild it with -j8 and -march=bdver2 :P13:38
mikelprt-get remove firefox; prt-get depinst -fr firefox13:38
initFTWI built ff earlier13:39
diversemikel: just prt-get update -fr firefox, will do it13:39
mikelah, true13:39
mikeli've been using centos recently so i've forgotten a lot lol13:39
EmoSpicemikel: Thats the last thing I want to do :P13:39
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux13:40
xeirrryou are forced, like me? mikel?13:40
diverseEmoSpice: you might want to look forward to Mozilla's next browser project Servo13:40
diversewell it's a brower engine13:41
EmoSpiceI'll look it up....since I'm doing so much right now >_>13:41
mikelxeirrr: by choice13:41
diverseno worries13:41
xeirrrmikel: okay.13:41
diverseit's their next gen parallel browser engine13:41
mikeli like yum and i use scientific linux a ton on my university's hpc cluster so i'm used to rhel derivatives13:41
EmoSpicebuilt in rust? Nice!13:41
diverseEmoSpice: yep13:42
mikelbut i'm back to crux as of tonight i think13:42
EmoSpiceI had heard they were working on something with Rust but I hadn't looked into it13:42
mikeljust building firefox now, funnily enough13:42
diverseEmoSpice: they released 0.0.1 just a while ago, iirc13:42
xeirrrI am still suffering though in company machine13:43
EmoSpicexeirrr: I used to be in those shoes. It sucks.13:43
mikelheh, rhel 7 isn't that bad if you don't mind systemd13:43
EmoSpiceWell, I used to have a Win 7 machine and was forced to use it + a CentOS 6 VM >_<13:44
EmoSpicemikel: I didn't mind much but the ancient vim version that was the only one available for CentOS 613:44
xeirrrThe manager doesn't allow us changing distro.13:45
diverseneovim will make current vim look ancient :P13:45
EmoSpiceAny one happen to know if there's a good reason the GCC package doesn't ship the POSIX c99 and c89 scripts?13:45
EmoSpicediverse: It will. I'm tracking NeoVim closely13:46
tilmanEmoSpice: what scripts?13:46
mikelEmoSpice: emacs + tramp :)13:46
EmoSpicemikel: I'm using emacs + evil at work13:46
EmoSpicetilman: I'm missing /usr/bin/c99 and /usr/bin/c89, which are normally available to call `gcc -std=c{99,89}`13:47
tilmannever seen or heard about those13:47
tilmanjust use a shell alias?13:48
diversei thought the c99,c89,gnu99,gnu89 were part of the command line parsing?13:48
EmoSpicediverse: Maybe it is? I'm not too terribly familiar with gcc as a whole.13:48
EmoSpiceI'm going off of the Arch package here, which seems to indicate that the existence of these binaries is both normal and mandated by POSIX13:49
EmoSpiceI'll just add /usr/bin/{c89,c99} as they are from the Arch package and see how that goes.13:54
mikelmaybe download the arch pkg tarball and see whether /usr/bin/c99 is a binary file or a shell script?13:56
EmoSpiceIt's a shell script.13:56
EmoSpiceThe link I pasted above contains the heredoc that builds it13:57
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC13:57
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux13:57
EmoSpiceI was hoping z3bra would be around - it's one of his ports I need it for.13:57
diverseEmoSpice: is there a c11?13:57
EmoSpiceIn the package or my current $PATH?13:58
diversein the arch pkg13:58
EmoSpice(no either way >_>)13:58
z3brai am :)13:59
z3brahi all !13:59
diverseI just can't help but laugh after you just showing up14:00
EmoSpicediverse: HE'S NORMALLY VOCAL! I didn't think to ask, okay?14:00
diverseperfect timing14:00
z3bradiverse, I just noticed a highlight :P14:01
diverseEmoSpice: no worries14:02
diversewhen in doubt, shout for the z3bra ;)14:02
EmoSpicez3bra: so I'm building wmutils-git from your ports tree. The Makefile contains "CC ?= cc", which forces me to use a non-existent c99 binary. I'm curious if you're seeing the same behavior or if I'm just a derp and have something setup wrong.14:03
EmoSpice(well, it exists now - but only because I plopped the shell scripts into /usr/bin)14:03
z3braI did to, and forgot about it14:03
z3brathanks for reminding me14:03
EmoSpiceGlad it's not just me.14:04
z3brathe "POSIX:" target in the makefile call for the c99 binary14:04
z3bragimme a second14:04
z3brashould be CC := cc14:05
EmoSpiceSo I thought too14:05
z3branot sure what the ?= means14:05
z3braI wrote ?= with a BSD fan14:06
EmoSpice"if cc is null, use it else cc"14:06
EmoSpiceif cc isn't null14:06
z3brathen it doesn't work :P14:06
EmoSpicebasically "x = x if x else y"14:06
EmoSpiceIt works fine if you have the c99 and c89 binaries in /usr/bin14:07
z3brathe POSIX rules says14:07
z3braif CC is empty, use c9914:07
z3brabut the CC ?= cc should override it14:08
tilmani'd recommend to not reference c89/c99 in their at all14:08
tilmanjust tell your users to call "make CC=c99" on arch14:08
EmoSpicetilman: it's not.14:08
EmoSpiceit's falling back.14:08
z3bratilman, I did not14:08
tilmanso you have it in your environment EmoSpice?14:08
EmoSpicetilman: have what?14:08
z3brait's just the POSIX definition of a makefile that says "use c99 by default)14:08
tilmanwtf is that feature o_o14:09
EmoSpicePOSIX ;)14:09
EmoSpiceand therefore, likely silly in some way14:10
z3braEmoSpice, ?= is an affectation by macro14:12
z3braso affect CC is it's not DEFINED14:12
z3brawhile := affect by value14:12
z3braima use it14:12
z3brathanks for reporting14:12
diverseI wonder if the POSIX standard will change the makefile fallback to c11?14:13
EmoSpicez3bra: Glad I didn't just ignore it then.14:13
EmoSpicediverse: eventually14:13
z3bragimme a sec and I'll update the port to the latest commit14:13
EmoSpicez3bra: great, thanks.14:14
diversewell gcc and llvm will default to c11 shortly14:14
EmoSpiceWhat's the revision? I'll just update mine locally14:14
z3braEmoSpice, pushed14:15
z3bradid you try wmutils already ?14:16
EmoSpiceThat was my project for this morning14:16
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC14:17
EmoSpiceWas going to throw it on top of piswm and see how it goes.14:17
z3braplease keep me up to date :)14:18
EmoSpiceDo you have an sxhkd or xbindkeys available that I can start with?14:19
z3brahold on14:19
z3brabasic window handling14:20
EmoSpiceah okay14:20
z3brathe rest is using wrapper script you don't want to bother with :P14:20
z3brathis snippet handle moving and resizing windows, as well as killing them14:20
z3brawhich is more than enough to start with :P14:21
EmoSpicez3bra: Mind if I PM you?14:34
z3braplease do14:36
initFTWguys anyone uses radeon gfx ?14:42
initFTWfor some reason it wont use the driver14:42
initFTWI installed xorg-video-xf86-ati14:43
initFTWrunning X -configure results in segfault14:44
initFTWX does work tho14:44
initFTWbut using some generic mesa driver or so14:44
initFTWI recall on debian I had to install a dri driver.. doing prt-get search dri doesn't show anything related tho14:45
initFTWis it xorg-dri3proto ?14:45
diversefrinnst: do you use ati?14:47
initFTWby the way, doing dmesg | grep radeon doesnt show anything (should show the radeon driver loaded right?)14:47
*** xeirrr has quit IRC14:49
initFTWdiverse, what gfx do you have in your system?15:00
initFTWI'm thinking perhaps its a kernel option I didnt enable or something?15:04
initFTWradeon driver is installed but not loaded by kernel (doesnt show up in dmseg)15:04
initFTWI'm recompiling the kernel with radeon support15:15
initFTWand framebuffer as well while we are at it :D15:16
initFTWwhen I'm done, can I safely install the new kernel (on the live system) ?15:16
initFTWwith this:  $ make modules_install15:16
initFTW $ cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz15:16
initFTW $ cp /boot15:16
*** jdolan has quit IRC15:21
diverseinitFTW: I use nvidia15:52
diverseI'm hoping an ati user will come by and help you out15:53
initFTWdiverse, I'm getting close15:54
initFTWI recompiled the kernel and added framebuffer and dri15:54
initFTWthe problem now is that the particular firmware for my gpu is not there15:54
initFTWin /lib/firmware/radeon/ there are many drivers for all sorts of ati drivers15:54
initFTWjust not mine15:54
tilmaninstall radeon-ucode15:55
initFTWmine is called CEDAR15:55
initFTWtilman, I think that might just be it! installing !15:55
initFTWtext became small (framebuffer works!)15:57
*** EmoSpice has quit IRC15:57
diversethank you tilman15:57
initFTWand xfce is beautifully full screen, complete with hardware acceleration!15:57
initFTWthanks tilman15:58
initFTWplease edit this guide:
initFTWadd radeon-ucode as a tip!15:59
initFTWmight save someone a lot of time15:59
tilmanthat page should probably be removed16:00
tilmani only wrote that when crux officially used x11r6 iirc16:00
initFTWfirefox scrolls so quickly now :D16:01
initFTWtilman, do you reckon compiling the kernel with ati support made a difference? or it was unnecessary ?16:02
tilmanwhat what16:04
tilmanofc you need the kernel driver for your gpu :)16:04
initFTWI mean I installed the xorg ati driver16:05
tilmanyou'll want CONFIG_DRM_RADEON at least16:05
tilmanxf86-video-ati does nothing(?) unless it can talk to the kernel driver16:06
initFTWyes I was just about to ask this.. in debian I specified an option in grub config: radeon.dpm=116:06
initFTWwhere do I specify this in crux?16:06
tilmanthat only works if the radeon kernel driver is loaded :)16:06
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] > cat /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf16:06
tilmanoptions radeon audio=116:06
tilmanoptions radeon dpm=116:06
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] >16:06
tilman(this approach only works if you build CONFIG_DRM_RADEON as a module)16:07
*** SiFuh has quit IRC16:08
initFTWI dont have that file, do I  create it with the content you posted?16:08
*** cruxFTW has joined #crux16:10
cruxFTWonline from cruxbox at last!16:10
cruxFTWI have to say my good friends, its shaping up quite nicely16:11
initFTWcat /etc/modprobe.d/radeon.conf16:11
initFTW<tilman> options radeon audio=116:11
initFTW<tilman> options radeon dpm=116:11
cruxFTWcopy to my cruxbox so I just copy and paste into the file :)16:12
cruxFTWcreated radeon.conf! rebooting to enable power management! brb16:13
*** cruxFTW has quit IRC16:13
tilmaninitFTW: thought you put the "<tilman>" into the file as well :D16:14
initFTWnot that clueless :P16:15
*** cruxFTW has joined #crux16:16
cruxFTWdmesg| grep dpm16:16
cruxFTW[    3.300734] [drm] radeon: dpm initialized16:16
diverseI think it's time I get some sleep... zzz...16:33
initFTWgoodnight diverse, many thanks again :)16:34
*** cruxFTW has quit IRC16:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: sqlite3: update to
koriwait, who replaced sysvinit here?16:57
*** Roosevelt has joined #crux16:57
koriI forgot16:57
Rooseveltgood morning everyone!16:58
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: libmpfr: update to 3.1.2-p1117:28
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: tar: use man-pages from sources, remove rootp patch (FS#1092)17:38
*** sh[4]rm4 has joined #crux17:39
*** sh4rm4 has quit IRC17:40
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: mesa3d: update to 10.3.517:42
korispeaking of git, when is the git driver going to be added?17:44
koriI'm using it right now, and it seems to work fine17:44
_root_folks; do any of you read or used or else know anything about mailchimp.com17:44
*** deus_ex has joined #crux17:50
joacimi've only heard the ads on certain podcasts.17:54
rmullHi, quick question - As root, I can't get "su postgres" to work (expectation: become postgres user, actual result: stay root)18:29
rmullIs that because the postgres user's shell is /bin/false?18:29
rmullI tried su - postgres as well as su postgres18:29
rmullWell, I tried changing it to /bin/bash and now it works18:30
rmullBut is that the right solution? I want to be able to run my database as the postgres user, but I don't want the postgres user to be able to log in18:31
tilmantried "su -s /bin/bash postgres"?18:31
rmullThat works too18:32
rmullI guess that would be sufficient for my case, because I want to use this in a rc script18:33
rmullthank you tilman18:33
tilmani live to give18:33
rmullTruly a noble calling18:33
_root_hello tilman19:24
_root_hello rmull19:25
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: btrfs-progs: updated to 3.17.320:00
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rmullIs there a way to cache configure script stuff?21:03
rmullI think the pulseaudio port should have consolekit as a dependency21:07
rmullIt bitches on startup if it doesn't exist21:08
rmullalso, it seems like the "sbc" port is required for bluez support21:08
rmullwell, bluez5, at least, which is not in ports...21:08
rmullmy crux installation is getting all wacky21:09
rmullAlthough the pulseaudio footprint does have bluetooth files in it21:10
tilmanrmull: "cv_my_var=no ./configure ..." or something.21:16
tilmandon't know the correct syntax off of the top of my head21:16
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rmullMan, I just can't seem to get pulseaudio/dbus/bluez5 to play nice21:38
rmullError org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.bluez was not provided by any .service files21:42
rmullFuck this garbage21:44
rmullwasted the whole day21:44
rmullswitching to ubuntu21:45
rmullCan't build pulseaudio-git because: configure: error: Unable to find libltdl version 2. Makes sure you have libtool 2.4 or later installed.21:45
rmullWhich is stupid because libtool 2.4.4 is installed.21:45
frinnstsounds lovely21:46
rmullI want to use this bluetooth headset for IP telephony21:46
frinnstlooks like zfs handles full volumes just as nice as btrfs :)21:46
tilmanrmull: check config.log for details on the libtool thing21:56
tilmanfakeroot pkgmk -kw ; inspect work/config.log21:56
rmulltilman: This line precedes the error somewhat: gcc: error: unrecognized command line option '-fdiagnostics-color=auto'21:58
rmullwill remove that and retry21:59
rmullmust be for a newer gcc or something?22:05
rmullanyway, it's building now, I was surprised it didn't depend on systemd -_-22:05
frinnstits for gcc 4.9 it seems22:06
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_root_ hi22:23
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