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cruxFTWmorning gents :)03:16
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gezleyhi first time on IRC so be patient please!04:42
gezleyhave a problem with crux04:43
gezleyinstall went fine04:43
gezleyused parted for GPT partitioning and JFS for file system04:43
gezleybut when i boot with CD again i can't mount /dev/sda2 (root)04:44
gezleyi get mount error04:44
gezleywanted to boot with CD to add some packages04:44
gezleyhere's mount error04:46
gezleymount /dev/sda2 /mnt04:47
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gezleymount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda204:47
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cruxFTWhi gents07:56
cruxFTWdoes one need to install pulseaudio for sound to work?07:56
cruxFTWI can see my sound card identified (lspci and dmesg) but couldn't get sound to work..07:56
cruxFTWI'm currently installing pulseaudio (thought ALSA superceeds this)07:56
_root_cruxFTW: what is your desktop? don't install pulse if you don't need it07:57
cruxFTWfailed with footprint mismatch, rebuilding with -if07:57
cruxFTW_root_, xfce407:58
_root_cruxFTW: you can set it just with alsa. what is the problem with alsa?07:58
cruxFTW_root_, thats the thing, there doesn't seem to be a problem, I used alsamixer to make sure my speakers aren't muted..07:59
cruxFTWwhen I do speaker-test -c 2, I get noise on both speakers07:59
_root_cruxFTW: and?07:59
cruxFTWin audio/vid players I ensured output is set to alsa.. but there is no sound07:59
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_root_cruxFTW: what does alsa-mixer saying.08:00
_root_chipsed and module?08:00
cruxFTWwhen I run it, I can see many volume controls, all set to high (unmuted), and I selected the right sound card (with F6)08:00
_root_top/left side on alsamixer08:00
joacimmissing codecs maybe08:00
joacimdoes flac/vorbis music work?08:01
cruxFTWCard: HDA ATI SB08:01
cruxFTWChip: Realtek ALC88908:01
cruxFTWjoacim, is it a package I need to install?08:01
_root_joacim: yes it seems that way. how many sound card do you have08:01
cruxFTW_root_, I have the built in motherboard card (listed above), another is the hdmi-passthrough in my gfx card08:02
joacimmaybe. players that depend on gst may not pull in the stuff required for mp3 or aac by default08:02
cruxFTWjoacim, what is the port I need to install ?08:02
joacimno idea. which player are you using?08:02
_root_cruxFTW: so what do you use to play?08:02
cruxFTWI did install smplayer with --install-scripts (pulled mplayer and all the graphical stuff required)..08:02
cruxFTW_root_, smplayer (mplayer)08:03
cruxFTWalsa-utils comes with a player of its own (called aplayer), when I try to play an mp3 with it it comes out as noise08:03
joacimmplayer should just work i think08:03
joacimunless you're using the "wrong" audio device =)08:04
prologicI don't think aplayer can play mp308:04
_root_cruxFTW: play a vid/music file with mplayer command on the commandline. on the output what do you see. anything related to the sound?08:04
joacimI don't know tho. been a long time since I've used linux audio. and the last time I did anything with sound, I used OSSv408:04
cruxFTW_root_, will do that now. one sec pls08:05
_root_cruxFTW: while doing that;think about when you compiled the kernel. you had to just enable alsa and then in the alsa section you had to enable your realtalk and also a chipset-module. mine was hds_intel and VAI chipset.08:08
prologicaplayer cannot play mp308:08
prologictry mpg12308:08
cruxFTW_root_, I compiled the kernel perhaps 5 times for this problem alone, enabled all sorts of stuff. Alsa (check), realtek (check), hds_intel?08:09
cruxFTWlspci shows it though08:09
cruxFTWKernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel08:09
cruxFTWso I guess that rules out a driver issue?08:10
cruxFTWprologic, installing mpg12308:10
_root_cruxFTW: no you don't use hda_intel. you use realtalk. and if you selected more than one driver/sound card under alsa you might face with the problem you are having write know.08:11
cruxFTWmpg123 plays!!08:12
cruxFTW_root_, thanks for the tip.. I thought installing other drivers shouldn't be a problem as the kernel loads drivers for matching hardware only08:12
cruxFTWmpg123 plays sounds clearly.. what does that tell us?08:13
joacimi just enable the hda-intel driver08:13
joacimdon't have to fiddle with the realtek stuff08:13
_root_cruxFTW: lspci |grep Audio08:14
_root_cruxFTW: it shows the fact that mplayer send the sound the other device other than your actuall sound card08:15
cruxFTW_root_, but my first device is no. 0 (ie highest priority)08:15
cruxFTWdo you know how can I disable the other?08:16
_root_cruxFTW: holdon;08:17
_root_cruxFTW: as I can see here you must have an ATI/Radeon video card yes?08:17
cruxFTW_root_, yes08:20
_root_cruxFTW: lspci -n paste that08:20
_root_cruxFTW: you sound compile your kernel again. under device driver and sound card (you know where I am talking about); just select alsa and nothing else and under alsa. remove other cards and just select snd_ha_intel.08:25
cruxFTW_root_, ok will try that..08:25
cruxFTWdoes mpg123 handle audio differently? I was surpised when it played..08:26
_root_cruxFTW: now it is time to find out if you need any chipset too08:28
cruxFTW_root_, good idea.. hopefully this will be my last compile :)08:31
cruxFTWI need to go for a while.. thanks for the tips guys. bbl08:31
joacimcruxFTW: does other stuff work now that you have mpg123 installed?08:32
cruxFTWjoacim, no mplayer still no audio08:32
nweGood morning08:50
_root_nwe: hello09:29
_root_I am trying to use syslog-ng. i Installed it and put it in the boot array. anything else? I get error on syslog-ng on boot screen09:30
_root_cruxFTW: what happened. need any help?09:31
_root_your card needs hda_intel09:31
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nwe_root_: what kind if error do you get ?09:36
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_root_nwe: Error syslog-ng11:27
_root_just that11:31
nweand if you trying to start it with /etc/rc.d/syslog-ng ?11:35
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diverseI hate power outages12:03
cruxFTWgood evening gents12:08
cruxFTW_root_, many thanks for your help. I just came back from outside.. will resume troubleshooting now12:08
cruxFTWhi diverse :)12:08
diverseI'm not feeling well at the moment, so I can't help out much today12:15
diversecruxFTW: ^12:17
cruxFTWdiverse, I'm sorry to hear that..12:18
cruxFTWhope you get well soon12:20
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cruxFTWyou guys are not gonna believe this12:55
cruxFTWmy sound didn't work because I was not part of the audio group12:55
cruxFTWand all those alsa websites and guides, not one of them mentioned this12:55
cruxFTWthis explains why mpg123 played the songs.. I had just installed it (with root), so when I played the music from that terminal I was still root, hence the song played12:56
cruxFTW_root_ you seeing this :D12:57
xeirrrcruxFTW, Almost all the Alsa wiki suggests you to add user to audio group, for instance arch wiki:
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cruxFTWI reckon this should be part of the port inst scripts..12:58
cruxFTWoh indeed xeirrr12:58
cruxFTWwell, I guess I was looking in the wrong place..12:59
cruxFTWxeirrr, speaking of groups..12:59
cruxFTWpreviously I did: useradd cruxftw sudo12:59
cruxFTWand I could run sudo commands13:00
cruxFTWin crux I need to edit the file manually?13:00
xeirrrcruxFTW: yeah, I add my user by: useradd -m -G users,audio,video,lp,wheel -s /bin/bash myusername13:00
xeirrrcruxFTW: sudo command can be executed by editing /etc/sudoers file13:02
cruxFTWthere is a video group too?!13:03
cruxFTWxeirrr, I see.. will read on editing the file manually then..13:03
xeirrrcruxFTW: Yeah, there are many groups. Choose wisely :) see here:
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cruxFTWthanks xeirrr13:09
xeirrrcruxFTW: my pleasure ;)13:09
cruxFTWI will continue discovering stuff then will wipe the system and reinstall crux and do everything neatly13:12
cruxFTWI'm a little OCD so..13:12
xeirrrcruxFTW: be patient  and if you are confused about sth, go back  and we will answer. :)13:13
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cruxFTWmany thanks gents you've been most helpful :)13:13
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cruxFTWdo you gents use any particular piece of software for power management? (say usually you want your machine to standby after 30mins of no activity).. but when you have your torrents downloading or so, you want to keep it overnight.. previously xfce4 had a "Power Manager" which made this very easy14:15
cruxFTWwith my own build of xfce power manager disappeared (I'm guessing due to xfce's decision to make power management dependent on systemd .. sigh)14:15
cruxFTWso is there a nice GUI tool where one can easily change this as need arises..14:16
_root_cruxFTW: you should know if you want this knid of stuff you have to provide their backends.14:16
_root_the backend would be a patched kernel with some stuff mainly tuxonice14:16
cruxFTWI see14:16
cruxFTWwell, on my older system (before systemd) I had power manager running fine.. just in recent versions xfce changed like I mentioned above and it wasn't built when I compiled it..14:17
_root_if you want that I suggest to go and grab pf-kernel from pf site and use that. you have to customize it and build and complie14:17
cruxFTWwill look into it.. I thought one of you guys would recommend an app their familair with..14:17
_root_like any kernel.14:17
_root_and then there is powertop14:17
_root_cruxFTW: if you don't want a new kernel you can go with powertop14:18
cruxFTW_root_, thanks for the tip14:18
_root_if you want to use pf kernel then you can use your .config of your kernel and build the new kernel with it14:19
_root_cruxFTW: what happened with your sound.14:19
cruxFTW_root_, I added my user to "audio" group !!14:20
cruxFTWbiggest facepalm since I started computing14:20
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cruxFTW_root_, this explains why (after installing mpg123) I was able to play that mp3.. I was still logged in as root14:21
cruxFTWhence no permission issues14:21
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tilmanshit like this may be easy and quick to diagnose14:21
_root_cruxFTW: there is a dirty trick to find your devices in the kernel. grab a livecd or liveusb iso like any ubuntu-based or other. then boot with it. then open a terminal and issue lsmod14:21
cruxFTWI thought mplayer would show that when playing a video form commandline, but it DIDNT14:21
tilman1.) guess mpg123 will want to write to /dev/dsp14:21
tilmancheck permissions on the device14:22
tilman2.) run $program in "strace -e open" and see where open() failed14:22
cruxFTWtilman, alsa (recent versions at least) should be completely config-free given the driver is loaded.. it always gives priority to right device (priority to motherboard sound), my problem was that my user  was not part of the "audio" group, so all programs launched by me didn't have permission to play audio.. strangely none of them reported it directly..14:23
cruxFTWtilman, thanks for the tip14:23
cruxFTWa new one for me14:23
tilmani know what the problem was14:24
cruxFTWI think the radeon driver and/or something else here is better.. when I had debian on this machine mplayer would sometimes crash.. so far it hasn't crashed not a single time with crux14:25
cruxFTWperhaps its the march=bdver2 :D14:26
tilmanprobably not14:26
tilmandebian's binaries are usually compiled so they either don't use instructions only available on certain CPUs, or they auto-detect the CPUs capabilities at runtime14:27
tilmanthe letter isn't specific to debian ofc14:27
cruxFTWI see14:28
cruxFTWI wonder how much of a difference these march flags make14:28
cruxFTWthey seem to be very specific14:28
cruxFTWbdver1 (first generation bulldozer), bdver2 (piledriver cpus - like mine), and there is another for streamroller (current gen)14:29
cruxFTWso if there is a "arch" specified for different cpu from the same architecture.. that surely wouldn't be justified if the differences weren't of significance.. no?14:29
koriTIL ports -l is a thing and I don't have to use find anymore14:32
cruxFTWnice one kory14:39
cruxFTWkori *14:39
cruxFTWwith grep its cool14:39
koriI was using this for this script14:40
cruxFTWprt-get search <package> does the same thing14:40
korifind /usr/ports/*/* -maxdepth 0 -name *"$2"* | sed s:/usr/ports/::14:40
korinow it's just14:40
kori ports -l | grep $214:40
cruxFTWsed s:/usr/ports/:: does what?14:40
koriremoves trailing /usr/ports from the path14:41
koriwithout that, port names would return as /usr/ports/foo/bar14:41
cruxFTWI see14:41
koriwith it, it's just foo/bar14:41
korieasier to look at, since I know all my ports are in /usr/ports/14:42
cruxFTWmakes sense :)14:43
cruxFTWso gents my compiled software works nicely and all is well14:45
cruxFTWone issue is the footprint mismatches14:45
cruxFTWyesterday I was trying to compile gtk3 (to use wicd and audacious).. it warned me about a footprint mismatch14:46
cruxFTWso I head over to the crux faq.. it says if its just a few mismatches (in my case 2), its safe to ignore them14:46
cruxFTWso I rebuild, this time with -if14:46
cruxFTWgtk3 builds and installs.. I get a warning at the end of install saying that a mismatch was found.. I proceed to building my apps that depend on gtk3.. they build and install fine14:47
cruxFTWbut none of them run (ie no GUI shows up)14:47
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cruxFTWwhat is the equiv to gpasswd in crux? I want to remove a user from a group..15:18
tilmando it manually15:20
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cruxFTWtilman, I installed transmission (bittorrent client), for safety, I wish to run it as a user "transmission" from group "transmission" - so that it can only access its downloads folder.. so I added a new user tranmission, and created a group with the same name15:23
cruxFTWalready added transmission to transmission group15:23
cruxFTWbut when I issue: groups transmission, it lists two groups: transmission and users15:24
cruxFTWcan I remove the user transmission from users group? (or is it a pseudo group, since transmission is a user?)15:24
cruxFTWwhen I open /etc/group, transmission is not listed in users group15:24
cruxFTWno user is listed next to users group, just: users::100:15:25
cruxFTWtilman, ^15:28
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cruxFTWnevermind the user/group thingie gents :)15:40
cruxFTWnow I want to run transmission as a service..15:40
cruxFTWI mean as a daemon15:40
cruxFTWbut I can't find init.d or service command.. sorry for the cluelessness.. can someone point me in the right direction?15:41
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asiemikutter is a neat graphical twitter client15:52
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_root_could any of you guys clone an hg repo into github plz? hg clone dactyl16:25
_root_I can't access googlecode right now16:26
_root_it seems firefox 34 is not supported yet16:26
_root_or paste it into teknik.io16:27
koriare you not using pentadactyl nightly?16:30
_root_asie: I am going to port it now16:30
_root_kori: doesn't work with nightly either. it is too old16:31
_root_from 2 month ago16:31
asie_root_: i alreayd ported it16:31
_root_I have to build it myself16:31
asiei ported it and all its dependencies16:31
asiethat is, ruby-gtk -> ruby-cairo, ruby-pkgconfig and ruby-moneta16:31
asiejust let portdb update...16:32
_root_asie: nice16:32
asiealso updated xmp/libxmp to 4.3.2/4.0.10 from 4.3.1/4.0.9 today16:32
asieand added pngcrush at 1.7.81, the newest portdb version was 1.7.7716:32
_root_kori: could you give the source to me; if you're not busy right now.16:32
_root_asie: where is your httpup?16:33
_root_the REPO file?16:33
korii'm busy right now, aye16:35
cruxFTWtilman, I followed your wiki here:
_root_kori: Aye Aye captain16:36
cruxFTWI have my /etc/rc.d/wifi and I can start/stop so the script works..16:36
cruxFTWhow do I make it run automatically at boot? or does the system run all files under /etc/rc.d/ ?16:37
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koriI wonder if that guy's read the CRUX handbook16:48
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dtch_in fdisk, i dont see an option for bios boot partition. how do i make a partition bootable>?17:04
koriI think17:05
koriI forgot17:05
kori┐('~'; )┌17:05
dtch_kori: is that at me?17:06
dtch_ok. thanks. ill try it17:07
dtch_a is OS/2 boot manager. is this right for MBR?17:07
dtch_my mb is a bios board.17:07
cruxFTWdtch_, there is no need to set "bootable" flag (if this is related to a crux install)17:08
dtch_cruxFTW: this is crux related. i assumed i needed a bios boot partition. is this wrong?17:09
cruxFTWdtch_, not wrong, just not needed. I installed crux yesterday and I just format as ext4 and set other options (discard, relatime for SSD), didn't need to set bootable option.. not needed for linux I guess17:11
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dtch_so i can just make 3 partitions (/, /home, and a boot) and just make sure the boot partition is set in /etc/fstab?17:16
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cruxFTWdtch_, if you are new to linux in general I suggest you make two partitions: / and swap. and thats it17:21
cruxFTWhome is a good idea if you plan to reformat your system again soon17:21
cruxFTWso you can keep all your personal files17:21
dtch_not new to linux, i'm just a derp at partitioning. i've been using arch for over a year and decided it was time to switch17:22
cruxFTWso perhaps / , /home, swap will be good17:22
dtch_no need for swap, either. i have 8GB RAM17:22
dtch_so just a / and /home. cool17:23
cruxFTWyes sounds good17:24
dtch_alright. thanks mate.17:24
cruxFTWgood luck :)17:24
dtch_first time messing with compiling/configuring a kernel. i'm gonna need the luck.17:26
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koricruxFTW: have you read the handbook17:31
korii'm curious17:31
_root_Is it possible to fork directly from google code hg repo to any other services such as github gitlab gitirious or ....17:31
_root_kori: how's everything with you?17:31
cruxFTWkori, yes17:31
kori_root_: pretty good17:32
koriand I think so17:32
koricruxFTW: 14:31 kori: i'm curious17:32
_root_kori: to what service?17:32
cruxFTWkori, I learn faster when I explore.. I read enought to get the system running I guess. not cover to cover..17:33
cruxFTWand of course with the help of folks here..17:33
cruxFTWkori, was my answer to  dtch wrong ?17:34
koricruxFTW: most of the questions you asked before were answered in the handbook.17:34
kori_root_: github, I think17:34
cruxFTWkori, answered to people who have experience I'm afraid.. for example: to make this service run at boot, edit rc.conf .. edit how? instead it should say: add "wifi" to list of SERVICES.. almost same number of words.. much less ambigous.. so I ask here to be sure :)17:36
cruxFTWalso it makes the channel more lively to newcomers ;)17:36
tilman"edit how"?17:37
korinot to sound elitist but I believe if there's documentation, newcomers should read it :D17:37
tilmanwith an ... editor17:37
cruxFTWno, not like that tilman , it says edit the file and full stop. it assumes the reader knows what to edit / syntax17:37
cruxFTWI meant what to edit in the file, not how to edit it17:38
_root_anyone forked that dactyl repo?17:40
cruxFTWI modified the wiki:  :)17:47
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cruxFTWgoodnight gents17:47
dtch_in /etc/lilo.conf, is root the root partition? (ie, /dev/sda1)17:51
*** SirRafiki has joined #crux17:53
dtch_thanks joacim17:54
dtch_trying to run `prt-get update `prt-get quickdiff``` and i get 'Config Error: can't access /usr/ports{core,opt,xorg}'17:58
dtch_forgot ports -u .. my bad17:59
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joacimprt-get sysup does more or less the same job as that quickdiff-thing18:01
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dtch_joacim: thanks. i was just reading the man page18:02
dtch_how do i install a port? i want to install this cwm port:
joacimthe commadn is on that page18:07
dtch_thanks again. crux newb...18:08
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cruxFTWdtch, to avoid headaches use this when installing: prt-get depinst --install-scripts <port-name>18:11
cruxFTWwill run pre and post install scripts18:11
dtchthanks cruxFTW18:11
koribad idea18:13
korialways read the pre and post install scripts.18:13
cruxFTWmm I've been installing all my ports this way! I asked the same questions dtch asked two days ago and was told to install that way.. heh more reasons to start over18:14
koribad idea18:15
koriI started CRUX without using prt-get18:15
korifor maximum learning18:15
koriI don't remember asking any questions here...18:16
koriwell, not for trivial tasks18:16
cruxFTWkori, this page should be edited: , see the big letters "runscripts yes"18:16
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koriI installed xorg with the setup script!18:17
cruxFTWI ran prt-get sysup and its been compiling for long.. never hurts to recompile everything with march=native :)18:22
diversefunny I just got up from a nap18:23
*** SirRafiki has quit IRC18:24
diversewell, I only run install scripts if I need to e.g. bitlbee18:27
*** kori has quit IRC18:30
diverseor for gtk3 (iirc), which I used to use18:30
*** kori has joined #crux18:32
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*** kori has joined #crux18:32
diversealthough I wish jaeger would add a post install script for nvidia, since the gl-select dance is always essential to get nvidia working18:32
teK_it's essential after and only after the first installation?18:33
diverseyeah and everytime you rebuild it for a new kernel18:33
diversespeaking of nvidia, they just updated their shortest lived branch \o/18:37
diverseand 3.17.5 kernel is out as well, 2 birds in one stone.18:40
diverseteK_: oh wait, you can only have one [opt] in a sub command with prt-get right?18:46
diverseI seem to remember you can't do something like this: prt-get update -fr -uf <port>18:48
diverseteK_: you should definitely rewrite prt-get :P18:50
koriwith a new name preferably18:50
diversegeez haha18:50
koriI hate prt-get's name so much18:51
diversekori: would it make you happier that my rust port is done in a similar "master app" way that prt-get does?18:52
koriI actually dislike that format a lot18:53
diversefor pkgutils18:53
diverseah that's a shame :(18:53
koriit makes things "neater" I guess18:53
koribut it adds extra work18:53
korifor you and for us18:53
diversewhat's so different between "pkgadd" and "pkg add"? :P18:54
koria space18:54
koriI like having separate binaries and joining them together in whatever way I want with a separate script later18:54
koridiverse: have you seen my wrapper scripts?18:55
diverseI don't see a problem18:56
koriI'm just curious, from a development perspective, what format is easier?18:56
korimultiple binaries or a single binary?18:56
_root_did any one forked pentadactyl repository onto github or anywhere else?18:57
diversekori: well the way pkgutils designs it, it makes each command a C++ class object, and at main() somehow contructs each "binary" through the use of polymorphism and checks them with the use of if statements. Mine would be no different, except less magical :D19:00
z3brakori, grep) find /usr/ports/*/* -maxdepth 0 -name *"$2"* | sed s:/usr/ports/::19:00
koriz3bra: I replaced that19:01
z3brawhy so complicated ?19:01
korigotta push the changes19:01
korichanged to ports -l | grep $219:01
korisame results19:01
z3braports -l | grep "$2"19:01
*** lnds has joined #crux19:01
z3bradwb sucks19:03
diversealso FreeBSD's new packaging tool also does a similar master-app style:
diverseso even with old-school folks as the BSD guys think so19:04
diverseand FreeBSD inspired me to do this as well19:08
koridiverse: I used something similar on FreeBSD19:08
korithat wrapped pkgng19:08
koribut I only had a "port" script19:09
diverseand you adapted that to Crux?19:09
diverseoh I see, why you called your repo "cross"19:10
korithe port script on FreeBSD wrapped pkgng, make and portmaster19:10
diverseto make it universal19:11
koridiverse: I really couldn't think of another name :P19:12
diversewhy not just use "crux"?19:12
korithat's BORING19:13
koriI was thinking of merging crux-ports as a 'cross' branch19:13
koriso I can test the git driver with branches19:14
*** doomicide has joined #crux19:20
diversekori: looking at your pkg script, made me think of moving `add --update` to a separate "up" sub command because I do like the readability of it. But later I'm thinking, what if users want to have "-f" or "-r" for it as well, so that's when I gave up.19:26
dtchhow long does prt-get sysup usually take?19:27
diversedtch: depends how many ports it updates and how long it takes to compile each port19:27
koridiverse: I had a separate command19:27
koriI've never tried -r so yeah19:27
dtchdiverse: i just install crux and decided to run it… it’s been running about an hour and a half.19:28
koribut for -fu or something like that, I could just add forceup19:28
koriI have a pkg force command already19:28
diversedtch: just let it roll19:28
koriI usually just remove the package and add it19:28
koribut its usually not required19:28
diversekori: what about changing the root dir?19:29
koriI don't use that19:29
koribut you could just do19:29
koripkg root <name> <root>19:30
dtchdiverse: i am. i just cant wait to get started on ricing.19:30
korior maybe that's complicated19:30
koriI don't know19:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: mpv: 0.6.2 -> 0.7.119:30
diversekori: I was thinking of adjusting it to your style, but it will make things more complicated than necessary19:34
koriflags should possibly be the best19:34
koribut please make it so I can use flags together19:34
korilike -fu, not -f -u19:35
diverseof course19:35
diverseI think Rust's getopts does that automatically19:35
*** c0ck4m0u53 has joined #crux19:36
diverselast time I played with, iirc19:37
*** vlnx has joined #crux19:38
diverseI'm also having fun refactoring the code a little, so that it's more expressive and fun19:39
diverseI even made it a little more OO19:40
diverseit's ironic how much work I save19:44
*** kori has quit IRC19:50
*** kori has joined #crux19:53
diversekori: although I'm thinking pkginfo could be "pkg ls" since most the options are primarily for listing19:53
*** dtch has quit IRC19:55
diversekori: pkginfo --installed => pkg ls installed, pkginfo --list => pkg ls, pkginfo -o => pkg ls owned, pkginfo --footprint => pkg ls footprint19:57
koridiverse: hrmmm19:58
koriI wonder if CRUX 3.1 -> 3.2 is going to be a huge change now that there's an influx of new jusers19:58
koriwith new and novel ideas19:59
diversethat's up to the devs, I think one primary change will be the move to PAM20:00
*** gezley has joined #crux20:00
diversepreferably I hope it doesn't change too much and become like arch20:03
*** dtch has joined #crux20:03
*** dtch has quit IRC20:03
*** dtch has joined #crux20:03
gezleygood evening20:03
gezleyhow are you all?20:04
gezleynot used to IRC LOL!20:04
diversefirst time using it?20:04
gezleyeasy really but i might do someth stupid20:05
diversewelcome then20:05
gezleythank you very much!20:05
diverseand welcome to #crux20:05
gezleyi have a crux question surprise surprise!20:05
korigezley: this page is really nice
gezleykori: i will read that thank you20:06
gezleyok i installed crux - everything running nicely20:06
gezleylovely fast and minimal system20:06
gezleyeasy pkg management too20:06
gezleyjust one prob20:06
gezleyif i reboot with the CD I can't mount /dev/sda220:07
gezleyused parted for GPT partitioning and JFS for file system20:07
gezleyis that my prob?20:07
gezleyinstall went fine tho??20:07
korivague question20:07
diversewhat does `lsblk` say?20:07
dtchis bash the default shell on crux?20:08
diversedtch: yes20:08
koridtch: yes20:08
gezleyactually no it's mksh20:08
korigezley: nope, it's bash20:08
gezleyerror msg:     mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda220:08
korimksh is in /usr/ports/contrib/mksh/20:08
gezleysry i thought dtch was asking me if bash was my shell20:09
diversegezley: ah no problems, we are getting a huge influx of new users recently20:09
gezleydiverse: lsblk in live CD or installed system? need to reboot if live cd20:09
gezleydiverse: i think i know why20:10
diversegezley: where ever you have access, it from that error message, it might be a bad formatted partition?20:10
gezleyok i will check20:11
gezleysda3 mounts fine so you cud ber right20:11
diverseI assume you didn't specifiy the -t flag right?20:11
gezleydiverse: no20:11
dtchprt-get depinst tmux returns error with building libevent20:13
koridtch: that complaint wasn't really useful.20:13
gezleydiverse: lsblk? can i post output here?20:14
koriuse pastebin/sprunge20:15
gezleykay thnx20:15
korieither 1. the port is outdated, or 2. the download is corrupt20:16
gezleydiverse: lsblk output:
diverseso it definitely exists and appears to be mounted20:18
gezleyyes it is mounted now in installed system but when i boot with live cd i can't mount20:19
gezleyhere is parted20:19
diverseah okay, so if it works on your system (assuming you had JFS enabled in your kernel) but doesn't work in the live cd, then the kernel in the livecd doesn't have support for jfs mounting.20:21
gezleydiverse: but i can mount sda320:21
diversehmm strange20:21
gezleyi think it must be prob with parted altho i followed gentoo guide20:22
gezleyusually use fdisk20:22
gezleysector offsets seem fine20:22
gezleyhere is parted with units in sectors20:23
diversenow days, I generally perfer fdisk or gdisk, just because of how straightforward it is to partition.20:23
gezleyyes it is straightforward - was just experimenting with parted for gpt20:23
diversethings look alright to me, I'm not sure20:25
gezleyi just thought i might have to bind mount dev or something20:25
gezleyinstall went fine tho20:26
gezleyvery nice system crux20:26
gezleylike it a lot20:26
diverseglad you like it :)20:26
diverseif you don't mind hanging out here, someone else might be able to answer your question20:26
gezleyeverything else goin in the wrong direction20:26
gezleyyes i sure will thank you20:26
dtchgetting a weird error in the shell, just randomly popping up ‘error opening USB device ‘descriptors’ file'20:27
diversedtch: sounds like a kernel issue, try using a newer kernel20:42
dtchhow can i download the newer kernel? i’m using an old 3.1 CD so it’s 3.12.24 right now20:43
*** SirRafiki has joined #crux20:43
diversedtch: kernel.org20:43
*** kori has quit IRC20:43
diversehuh, looks like 3.17.6 came out, must of been a problem with .520:44
diverseah a netfilter race20:45
*** kori has joined #crux20:45
*** kori has quit IRC20:45
*** kori has joined #crux20:45
diversedtch: when you download an extract it, copy your .config file over to the new directory and `make menuconfig` it, save, build, profit20:47
*** henesy has quit IRC20:47
dtchusing curl -o i get the error that the url is malformed20:48
diversefor which url?20:49
dtchi decided to just startx and use firefox to get it20:49
diverseworks on firefox, but perhaps you could try wget20:50
joacimI think you meant to use curl -O <url>20:51
dtchwhere is the .config file saved?20:52
dtchfound it. nvm20:52
diversecopy it over to the newly extract kernel dir20:52
dtchmake all, make modules_install?20:53
diversemake menuconfig (or make oldconfig), save it, then make all, make modules_install20:53
dtchalright. do i still have to copy bzImage and
*** c0ck4m0u53 has quit IRC20:55
dtchalright. thanks man.20:55
diversethe boot loader needs to see the new kernel20:55
diverseor if you efistub like me, in this case, the uefi/bios needs to ;)20:56
diversekori: that link was a good read, pretty funny20:59
koridiverse: I love it21:01
dtchok, so i did everything but my kernel is still the same...21:10
dtchhold on21:11
dtchforgot to update /etc/lilo.conf21:11
diversewhat's up?21:11
dtchor.. no. nevermind.21:11
*** kahiru has joined #crux21:12
diversewell at least you updated21:12
dtchgot it. forgot to run lilo. now have 3.17.621:12
dtchand still have the problem with ‘error opening USB device `descriptors` file'...21:13
diverseI tried googling it but it doesn't show up as much, there was a discussion that uploading a patch to fix that error in the kernel, so I assumed it was a kernel bug21:14
diverse*about uploading21:15
dtchhow do you set the time? i’m used to using systemctl21:17
diversedtch: I wouldn't say odd, just not common.21:20
diversedtch: you set time with `date -s` but what you should be doing is setting the TIMEZONE in /etc/rc.conf and set your bios's clock to UTC time exactly21:21
*** lnds has quit IRC21:22
diversethat way everytime you reboot you get the right time21:23
dtchoh. alright. i forget about the bios21:24
diverseso do a google search and find out what time UTC is, boot into bios, check and set if needed, reboot and profit.21:26
tilmandtch: just use date and hwclock21:26
diverseah right hwclock21:26
diversedtch: no rebooting necessary21:27
diversethanks tilman21:29
*** kahiru has left #crux (" - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.")21:30
gezleyis it possible to do an unprivileged build of a meta pkg like xfce4 with prt-get but not pkg-add until the end?21:32
tilmanmakecommand      fakeroot pkgmk21:33
tilmanaddcommand       sudo pkgadd21:33
tilmanremovecommand    sudo pkgrm21:33
gezleyyes i do sudo with fakeroot but it wants to install deps before it moves to the next dep21:34
gezleyok i don't think i changed the makecommand in prt-get.conf21:35
gezleywill try that21:35
tilmanbeing a dependency means it must be installed so the dep is fulfilled, right?21:35
gezleyyes i understand that but want all ports built first and only install at the end21:35
diversegotta love recursion21:36
gezleyfor example start xfce build go to bed and then install!21:36
tilmandon't think you did21:36
tilmanthink about it21:36
gezleytilman: i will try again - i think you r right. i did sudo fakeroot pkgmk but i didnt change makecommand in prt-get.conf21:37
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