IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2014-12-08

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diverseRomster: could you update ttf-fira to 3.111?01:17
Romsteri could01:40
diverseI'm thinking of trying that out again01:41
diverseRomster: also is #rust being hit with another spamfest? I'm being blocked atm.01:42
diverseI want to know how to check for hardlinks again01:44
Romsternope seems normal in there01:45
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diverseI'm given the "invite only" treatment at the moment01:48
koribrb new kernel01:50
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Romsterwhere on earth does hexchat show channel modes01:52
RomsterChannel #rust modes: +fijnrt 5:3 10:501:52
Romsterhad todo /mode #rust01:52
diverseso the "+i" means invite?01:54
alancioRomster: do you have access to change things in the web server?01:56
Romsteri asked kmc to invite you01:56
diverseRomster: thanks01:56
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Romsteralancio, depends what server if you mean no if it's one of my domains then yes01:57
alanciowell yes, I created a 3.1 branch for kde4, but I guess it has to be updated manually01:57
alanciocan you do that?01:57
Romsterah poke teK_ jue or jaeger to move the rsync to 3.1 branch. for kde4 alancio.01:58
Romstersorry i can't but they'll see that ^01:58
Romsterand fix it01:58
alancioit should be easier, and the website is so outdated01:59
cruxFTWmorning gents01:59
Romstera few of us have talked about that.01:59
alanciowe need more delegation02:00
alanciothat is the answer when people have no time02:00
Romsterwell i have limited time but i seem to manage to fix ports here and there.02:00
alancioI'm not talking about the ports02:01
Romsterthe stie of it02:01
Romsterusually its tek jue jaeger or sepen02:02
Romsterisn't that enough?02:02
Romsteroh and frinnst i think has access too?02:02
alancioI'm just worried that the crux community is so small, and then the developers are such a small subset02:03
alanciothe website almost looks like a time capsule02:04
alancioI have been waiting for a pkgutils patch review for ages02:04
jaegerpkgutils has no active development02:05
korialancio: are you alan mizrahi02:07
alancioI have patches for prt-get and pkgutils, in the limbo02:07
alancioyes, I am02:07
Romsterdiverse is working on a rewrite it could be useful. i plan to use it when its at beta stage02:07
Romsterin flyspray?02:07
alanciowell I just gave up and put it in my personal repo02:08
Romsteri could take a look and comment and talk in #crux-devel02:08
Romsterdiverse, syncing give it a minute02:08
Romsterafk work02:09
koricurl support? neat.02:14
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jaegerseveral people have talked about rewrites of pkgutils but none are c++ coders or really interested in the current codebase, it seems02:15
diverseWell it's more of a source port + refactor to make it easier to work with, in Rust.02:15
diversebut because it's written in Rust, I doubt it will interest you guys any.02:16
alanciopersonally I would prefer C02:17
diverseI know and teK_ is working on that02:17
jaegermy stuff is C, teK_'s is C02:17
diversealong with jaeger02:17
jaegermine's not particularly mature, though, I'm not a programmer by trade02:17
alanciobut between C with a bunch of libraries and C++, I prefer C++, especially for core things02:18
diverseI'd say we should go with C anyway. The way pkgutils is programmed, it's mostly C-like.02:22
alancioexcept pkgmk should probably remain a shellscript02:25
diverseunless you are willing to dabble with zlib and the other compression libraries02:26
alancioI think the hardest part is to interpret shell things correctly (think Pkgfiles)02:27
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diversealancio: oh btw, do you understand libarchive?02:29
alancioI havent used it yet02:30
diverseah darn, I've been wanting to ask about this function: archive_entry_hardlink()02:30
diverseor rather, how do I tell if something is a hard link or not?02:31
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alanciodiverse: why are you rewriting pkgutils?02:32
jaegeralancio: what do your pkgutils patches do? curl support? other things?02:32
diversefor fun and wanting to up my programming skills02:32
diverseand pkgutils is pretty small in size02:33
jaegerdiverse: have you tried libarchive documentation or source to figure out the function?02:33
alanciocurl support is the main thing, but it can also create missing directories and build debug packages (-O0 -ggdb, no stripping) easily02:34
jaegerwhat's the context for the missing directory creation?02:34
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diversejaeger: documentation isn't helpful. I haven't seen the source, but I doubt I would be able to read the low level workings02:34
alancioI proposed it as a solution for that, but in my case I am just lazy to create /dev/shm/work every time after booting02:36
diversebasically a hardlink has the same inode as the original file, but how to differentiate?02:39
alancioa hardlink is a reference to an inode02:39
alancioyou can have more than one reference to the same inode02:40
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alancioa symbolic link is a reference to a hardlink02:41
diversegotcha that helps02:42
diverseI feel so stupid now02:45
alancioit is confusing, especially if your first experience is with the Windows implementation of these concepts02:46
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diversealancio: it's because I didn't really think about hardlinks and how Linux filesystems work all that deeply02:53
diversebut really, thanks for explaining02:54
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diversealancio: got a C question. What happens when you put the "!" operator against a value of "char *"?03:01
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alanciodiverse: char * is a pointer to char. if the pointer's value is null, it will evaluate to true, otherwise false03:09
alanciochar *str = NULL; if (!str) { printf "My pointer is null\n"; }03:10
alancioI borrowed perl syntax there, but you get the point ;)03:11
alancioit will print "My pointer is null"03:11
diverseso for this line: if (!archive_entry_hardlink(entry)) means that if "entry" is not a hardlink, it returns NULL, but !NULL evaluates to true?03:17
diversebut with anything not a hardlink be a symlink?03:17
diversealancio: ^03:20
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alancioyes, if "entry" is not a hardlink, it will evaluate to true03:40
alanciobut you should check if the function returns NULL under other circumstances, for example, it runs out of memory03:41
diversealancio: so either a symlink or program run out of memory?03:43
alanciodiverse: I havent looked at the library, but I would assume that an invalid entry will also return NULL03:45
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alanciodiverse: do you have ports in contrib?03:50
diversealancio: I don't03:50
diverseI don't host any either03:50
alancioyou should! we need more help there03:50
korialancio: check out my ports03:54
koriI'm interesting in becoming a part of contrib03:54
diversealancio: how many are unmaintained?03:55
alanciodiverse, I don't know that, but I know we are missing many things03:58
alanciokori, what would be your most interesting port?03:59
alancioI see you have some asian fonts, that is good03:59
korineovim, by far.03:59
korithat one took the most work03:59
koriall the font ports too03:59
diversethe only interesting port I have to offer is rust, but Romster also has that port too04:01
alanciokori, do you use any alternate input method, like scim, or fcitx?04:01
diversealancio: oh, actually I know that xeirrr uses fcitx04:02
koriI'm actually the most proud of my font ports04:02
koriI wish I could maintain an entire repo just for fonts04:02
korifonts are great.04:02
alancioyou could have a separate repo for fonts04:03
alancioI have thought about that, for perl modules04:03
korihaving port categorizations like in the *BSDs would be cool.04:03
alancioit would be nice to have some asian people here making sure that scim, fcitx, and asian fonts work well04:03
korialancio: for the asian fonts, you bet I got that working :P04:03
alanciogood, I have some ports for those things, but I don't know much about input methods04:04
koriRomster maintains some of the fonts I do but I like to think my ports are cleaner04:05
alancioI know there is a scim module to draw characters04:05
alanciooh I hope he doesn't read the IRC logs ;)04:05
korialancio: oh I've told him this already :D04:05
korimaintaining 400 ports is some work...04:05
alanciowell, I don't think he is just one person04:06
alancioit is a group of people behind that alias04:06
korialancio: have you seen how I install fonts?04:06
diversexeirrr: up for the challenge?04:06
xeirrrHi, I am very busy for the next week.04:07
alanciokori, yes04:07
korialancio: did you come in here to speed up the CRUX development pace?04:07
xeirrrkori, Can you do a wqy-zenhei/wqy-microhei for asians?04:07
korixeirrr: I did zenhei!04:08
xeirrrdiverse: Sorry, man04:08
diversexeirrr: that's fine04:08
koriI also did kochi, baekmuk, ipafont04:08
xeirrrkori: nice04:08
koriyep, I needed those fonts a lot :D04:08
alancioI really came here because I created a new branch for kde4, and there is some bureaucracy involved in that04:08
koriI want to do mplus now04:09
korithat sounds like it's going to be some work04:09
alancioI also have some fonts, I think I have ipa04:09
korialancio: well, I like to think you came here to speed things up, and with that train of thought, you arrived at the right time04:09
koriI don't have the balls to bug the main devs04:09
xeirrralancio: Which fonts do you want? ;)04:10
alancioxeirr, to be honest, I'm happy with what I have, but I have some issues with input methods04:10
xeirrralancio: I'm sure kori will do it for you. He has nice ports collection :)04:10
alancioI have issues with fcitx, scim, ibus, etc. there is no perfect solution04:11
xeirrralancio: fcitx has anthy support.04:11
korigonna do mplus now04:11
korimplus is nice.04:11
alancioI use both scim and fcitx with anthy04:11
alancioI need to write japanese characters, but also european04:12
alancioso I have to switch input methods, because there is nothing perfect04:12
korithere was one thing04:12
koriI forgot04:12
korihave you tried uim?04:12
diverseI wanted to get around to install an input method to type Japanese characters myself.04:12
alancioI think I tried uim for a while04:13
xeirrrWhat I can do for you guys is give this link:  Maybe you guys can write a Pkgfile for Anthy.04:14
koriyo xeirrr, do you need micro hei as well?04:14
koriI'm going to port mplus which is a japanese font04:14
diversealancio: btw, I found the source, could you tell me what this means?
xeirrrI am using zenhei now04:14
koriI could also port micro hei while I'm at it04:14
alancioxeirrr, I have ports for anthy, scim, and fcitx04:14
korioh alright.04:14
xeirrralancio: cool04:15
xeirrrnow,I need back to work, see you guys later :)04:15
alancioI also have to go04:15
korimplus is going to be a lot of work!04:15
kori43 fonts!04:16
diversealancio: aww D:04:16
alanciodiverse: it looks fine04:16
diverseno that's the library source, what does it exactly mean?04:16
alanciowell, there is no comments, so at best I can guess04:17
alancioit returns a member from the archive_entry structure04:19
alanciothere are some examples in the libarchive tarball, take a look at them04:21
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diverseI'm screwed :(04:22
koriI'm the one that's screwed04:22
korigotta install 43 fonts with one package04:22
diversekori: look at it this way, sure it's a long path to home, but if you keep walking step by step, you will eventually reach home. Where as my feet and legs are frozen in ice and it's going to take a lot longer to melt before I can start walking home.04:26
diversekori: I don't see it. Are you frozen too?04:28
koriactually it's going to be quite fast from here04:28
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diversemind heating up my frozen legs while you are at it?04:31
korioh neat!!!!04:31
koriI just learnt about visual block editing04:31
koristart counting, I'm going to finish this port in like 2 mins04:32
diverselooks like you found a bike and started riding it04:32
koritime to test the port.04:34
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koriaaand done!04:34
korithat was easy.04:34
koriI wish I recorded this.04:35
koridiverse: ;)04:36
diverseI believe I don't need to see it.04:36
koriopen the image!04:36
koriI want to make you mad!04:36
diverseah, I see04:36
cruxFTWfancy interface you have there04:37
cruxFTWwhat wm is that04:37
korieh? there's nothing about a wm showing!04:37
korithat's just lxappearance04:37
diversecruxFTW: got your crux system up and running?04:42
cruxFTWdiverse, yes I'm using my desktop now :)04:42
cruxFTWthanks to you and a few kind souls04:43
diverseno problem04:43
diversecruxFTW: I guess you have your laptop next?04:43
cruxFTWyes.. see now I configure and setup xfce as I like (all custom panels) and setup my mail and all.. once done I copy over my ~ to the laptop, and I have an identical machine04:44
koriI just realized how important release= is04:45
cruxFTWsurprised to see compiz (0.8.x) branch is in ports.. most distros abandoned the project after upstream announced no further dev/bug fixes.. does anyone here use it ?04:50
diverseprologic does04:51
cruxFTWI've seen folks jump from others OSes to linux because of it.. it sure is a good marketing tool :)04:51
prologicyeah I maintain ports for compiz05:16
prologicfor the 0.8.x series05:16
prologicprobably the last version that works before Canonical bastardized it05:17
cruxFTWprologic, do you use it on your own machine? if so with what wm and is it stable?05:18
diversecruxFTW: compiz is the WM, and he runs it with Xfce05:20
cruxFTWdiverse, ops yes thats what I meant.05:22
diverseI know, that's why I can intrepret context ;)05:24
cruxFTWheh :)05:26
prologicI use it on CRUX 3.1 (my desktop)05:27
prologicwith XFCE405:28
prologicstable - yes05:28
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diverseoh I see, it just saves all the modes for everything other than a symlink, so that when it iterates through archive again, anything that is a symlink, just prints "lrwxrwxrwx" automatically... thank you embedded comments06:16
diverseprologic: another C cryptic moment solved06:17
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diverseI need a break, bbl06:30
Romsterjust got home with food06:46
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_root_guys I need a trusted and good upload service. free08:48
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_root_diverse: one zip file08:49
_root_no hassle08:49
frinnstnot sure how "trusted" it is08:50
cruxFTWno such thing provided for free.. but perhaps _root_  means reliable?08:51
cruxFTWall your data belongs to us :D08:51
Romsterhas anyone had any experience with Intel® Dual Band Wireless-N 7260 in linux?08:54
Romsterseems well supported but wonder if anyone runs that card already for recommendations.08:54
cruxFTWRomster, I have another recommendation if you have not set your mind on the intel08:56
Romsterhaven't yet08:56
cruxFTWatheros chipset, worked with all distros out of the box08:56
Romstercrabd, nice but i'm talking about notebook mini pcie08:59
Romsterwe use tp-link at work great stuff.08:59
cruxFTWsorry my bad.. didn't know it was for a laptop09:00
Romsteri probably should of said notebook.09:00
diverseif I were to get a laptop, I would like to get a drawing tablet one09:21
diverseRomster: I was thinking of changing "pkginfo" to "pkg ls" for my project, since the primary options of the pkginfo are just for listing, how does that sound?09:25
Romstereh i prefer info personally... as it is information.09:27
diversefair enough09:29
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prologicpkg list10:50
diverseI guess that's a vote for ls/list? :P10:54
_root_I have a zip file and and I am not sure if it is infected or not.10:57
_root_any suggestions?10:57
diverseclamav I suppose10:59
diversethat is if you are worried it might infect your windows machines11:00
_root_diverse: no no windows here11:03
_root_I was looking about a place on line to uzip it or at least a real online scan11:04
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nwewhats wrong with pkginfo -i ? I think thats works fine =)11:28
diversenwe: it's nothing to worry about11:30
nwediverse: okey =)11:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: poppler: update to 0.29.013:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: poppler-glib: update to 0.29.013:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.29.013:02
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jaegerRomster: the 7260 is what I'd get if I were buying a new wireless card today, probably. Seems well-supported13:04
nwejaeger: intel wireless 7260 ?13:10
nweah, It?s working very well I have that one in my laptop, dont forget to download firmware file ;)13:12
xeirrrjaeger, Is iw|wifi the correct driver name for intel 7260?13:12
jaegerShould be13:12
nwexeirrr: yes it is13:13
jaegernwe: yeah, familiar with that. I have a 6205 in my laptop at home. Thinking about getting a 7260 to replace the RTL8821AE in my steam box, it's pretty flaky in linux13:13
xeirrrodd, last time a guy from other channel ask me about that thing. He build that as a module in kernel. but after boot up, wifi interface doesn't show up, even he modprobe iw|wifi... odd13:15
jaegerMost likely wasn't the right chip, then13:15
nweI think he missed the firmware file for the nic13:16
jaegerI think the interface still gets created if you don't have the firmware but I could be wrong, haven't actually tested that13:17
xeirrrnwe: He actually installed package linux-firmware :)13:18
nwebut was the firmware file in that package, I downloaded my from intel.com13:19
cruxFTWare you buying the intel for the dual-band capability or because the one in your laptop doesn't work well under linux?13:21
cruxFTWthere is an AC version:
xeirrrcruxFTW: nice link. i am still along with my shitty broadcom wireless chip13:28
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cruxFTWxeirrr,  broadcom b43, brcms (dont remember the spelling) are horribad.. I had much better performance with broadcom-sta.. I'm yet to install crux on my laptop though so I dont have first hand experience yet.13:32
cruxFTWif thats not the driver you are using now no harm trying13:33
xeirrrcruxFTW: Thanks.That's the driver(broadcom-sta) I am using now. But if you use this, you cannot connect to channel whose number is more than 13... So13:35
xeirrrcruxFTW: So i have issue connecting to my router sometimes.13:36
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cruxFTWwhat channel are u using ?13:39
xeirrrAnyway, never buy broadcom chips. When I go outside, i always take with a portal usb card, it's RTL13:40
xeirrrcruxFTW: Now it's 613:40
cruxFTWI always hear good things about atheros as well13:41
nbinohi every one13:43
xeirrrcruxFTW: Yes, some people13:44
xeirrrhi, nbino13:44
cruxFTWhi nbino13:44
nbinoThere exists minicrux ? (minix/crux) ?13:45
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frinnstno but you should be able to port ports/pkgmk/pkgadd to it13:46
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xeirrrnbino: minix is another os afaik13:48
nbinoI think I will try minix, I saw pkgsrc I was thinking that was a cousin of pkgmk13:48
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nbinoxeirrr: I like so much the way crux is, I mean the pkgmk, but hte kernel scares me up becouse is so big,14:01
Romsterjaeger, thats what i'm thinking.14:01
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xeirrrnbino: don't feel so scared. compiling a kernel is not a big deal.14:04
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Romsterand in 3.1 the included .config has the majority of what you need enabled.14:06
nbinobut so much code, growing, ...14:08
_root_nibforget about minix; minix is only working on ARM arch. right now and best on Rpi14:10
_root_and It don't give you a functional linux. just an educational environment for testing and learning14:10
_root_it is like installing LFS14:10
_root_Romster: howdy14:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] mysql: update to 5.6.2214:12
nbinothanks _root_14:12
xeirrrOk. I need a sleep. see you tomorrow :)14:13
nbinoxeirrr: see you .)14:13
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nbinoI go, see you later :)14:18
dtchhello everyone14:19
*** nbino has quit IRC14:19
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frinnstmagento is awesome14:49
frinnstphp using 100% cpu and 39G ram14:49
joacimthat's a good thing14:50
joacimit would've been a waste to not use all that ram and cpu14:50
frinnstactually it appears this is the worlds largest magento installation14:50
frinnstwith 2.3million articles14:50
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dtchafter using httpup to get a port, how do i install it?15:28
EmoSpiceYou can either add a ports dir to prt-get's config file and use prt-get to install it or you can cd into the downloaded dir and use pkgmk,pkgadd15:30
dtchnvm. i just need to read the handbook. sorry15:30
EmoSpicealso do that :P15:30
dtchwould it be possible to add ~/ports to prt-get.conf ? to me, that seems like a logical home.15:31
EmoSpicedtch: That's exactly what I have, though I've hardcoded the user.15:32
dtchhardcoded the user?15:32
EmoSpice/home/bryan/ports, rather than ~/ports15:32
EmoSpice(since ~ is environment specfic)15:32
dtchoh. that makes sence.15:32
dtchsense* .. i have the derp today15:33
dtchso it would just be `prtdir /home/dtch/ports`15:33
EmoSpicefrom what I remember. Just copy what's already there.15:33
*** leo-unglaub has joined #crux15:34
dtchcopy it to where?15:34
EmoSpiceI meant copy one line to another and change the referenced directory15:35
dtchi thought you meant copy the config file15:35
*** crash_ has quit IRC15:38
leo-unglaubhey :)15:44
dtchafter running `gl-select use nvidia` is a reboot necessary?15:44
dtchawesome. on arch it is, so i wanted to make sure.15:45
*** phant0mas has quit IRC15:48
*** phant0mas has joined #crux16:01
dtch11:23 — beginning ‘prt-get update `prt-get quickdiff`’16:24
*** dtch has quit IRC16:33
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*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux17:17
_root_I am looking for another source for
_root_the file is missing there.18:27
_root_do any of you know another source for this theme?18:27
*** doomicide has joined #crux18:40
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*** dtch has joined #crux18:48
dtchwhenever i startx, the resolution isn’t what it should be. I believe it’s around 1200x800 when it should be 1920x1080. How can i fix this?18:51
*** doomicide has quit IRC18:54
dtchnevermind. had to create a config file.18:57
jaegerI was going to suggest checking the log but if you've already got it sorted, never mind :)18:59
dxtrSo... Suddenly I'm in Norway19:03
korijaeger: when the git driver gets added, I'd like to make a small change19:04
korito remove my pseudonym19:04
*** leo-unglaub has quit IRC19:07
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*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux19:11
dtchwhen i try to install anything, i get a config error - can’t access /usr/ports/compat-3219:16
jaegeryou probably have compat-32 enabled in prt-get.conf but haven't actually downloaded the compat-32 ports19:17
jaegerthe compat-32.rsync file is inactive by default in /etc/ports19:17
dtchrename it to compat-32.rsync?19:17
jaegereither that or comment it out in prt-get.conf, depends on whether or not you want to use 32-bit ports19:18
dtchi do want to use them.19:18
jaegerthe rename the file and run ports -u again19:18
dtchright. thanks.19:18
dtch2bwm must be compiled. do I just make the changes in config.h and use `make && sudo make install` still (as I did in Arch) or is there a different procedure here?19:29
jaegerI imagine that works, haven't used it myself19:35
dtchjaeger: ok. ill try it19:35
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*** dtch has joined #crux22:33
dtchtrying to install weechat with joacim's port, i get the error 'footprint mismatch found: NEW -rwxr-xr-x root/root usr/lib/plugins/'22:34
*** dtch has quit IRC22:37
*** dtch has joined #crux22:37
teK_python i sno hard dependecy so it's not included in the original footprint22:38
teK_this behaviour is (i.e. the NEW files not being treated as errors) configurable via pkgmk.conf22:39
dtchi use prt-get to install, not pkgmk22:39
teK_guess what? It runs pkgmk any way ;)22:41
teK_]% grep makecommand /etc/prt-get.conf22:41
teK_# makecommand      pkgmk22:41
dtchi figured after i said that. lel. but i still get 'ERROR: Building `/home/dtch/ports/weechat/weechat#1.0.1-1.pkg.tar.gz` failed.'22:42
teK_but the return code should be 022:42
teK_so you're fine / prt-get will add it22:42
dtchwhich weechat22:43
dtchweechat not found22:43
nwedtch: pkgadd /home/dtch/ports/weechat/weechat#1.0.1-1.pkg.tar.gz22:43
teK_did you configure prt-get to use ~dtch/ports/* at all?22:44
nwetime for bed cya!22:44
teK_dtch: ok22:45
jaegerkeep in mind that the footprint mismatch reported an error so pkgadd was not called. the package was built but not installed22:45
teK_$? still should be 0 if only NEW files appeared22:45
*** jdolan has quit IRC22:45
teK_        if [ "$PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW" = "yes" ] && \22:46
teK_           [ -z "$(egrep -l ^MISSING $FILE.footprint.diff)" ] ; then22:46
teK_          info "New files found:"22:46
teK_        else22:46
teK_          error "Footprint mismatch found:"22:46
teK_          BUILD_SUCCESSFUL="no"22:46
teK_        fi22:46
jaegerassuming PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW is enabled22:46
teK_I told him to do that :p22:46
teK_more or less22:46
teK_or her (:))22:46
jaegerThe text of the output would suggest it was not enabled at the time22:55
jaeger"footprint mismatch found" vs "new files found"22:55
dtchpkgadd worked. sweet.23:06
dtchi use dwm. what's the process for recompiling it? i know to change config.h but i'm unsure of what to do after that.23:09
rmulldtch: Edit config.h, make, make install23:11
dtchrmull: i wasn't sure. that's the same process on arch but i just had to make sure.23:11
dtchmake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.23:13
koriit's a different distro, not a different OS23:13
korihow did you install dwm on arch?23:13
rmullare you trying to use a packaged dwm on crux?23:13
dtchrmull: er.. yes.23:15
dtchkori: didnt use dwm on arch. i used swm and it was github23:15
korido the same process then!23:16
rmullI don't bother with a port for dwm because it doesn't really make sense unless you maintain your own port that includes your own configuration.23:16
dtchah. that makes sense.23:16
rmullIt wouldn't be a hard port to put together, but because the configuration is compiled in, everyone's port would be different23:18
koriit's perfectly possible23:18
koripatches would be a pain in the ass though23:19
rmullNotice I said it "wouldn't be hard" and not "impossible" ...23:19
dtchyeah, i'm just going with a github mirror for it.23:19
korirmull: sure23:21
dtchi'm looking through and the X11INC/X11LIB is a path that I don't see (/usr/X11R6)23:22
*** crash_ has joined #crux23:23
rmulldtch: Don't worry about it23:23
rmullYou can edit PREFIX and MANPREFX if you want23:24
rmullI usually keep my non-port software in /usr/local as it shows for the PREFIX here, and in keeping with the crux man-pages-go-in-/usr/man thing, I would make MANPREFX /usr/local/man23:25
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux23:25
dtchalright. thanks, rmull. you said you use dwm, right?23:26
rmullI do, yes23:27
dtchhow do you edit the colors for the bar? is it the selbgcolor selfgcolor?23:28
dtcher.. i answered my own question. sorry23:29
*** dtch has quit IRC23:32
*** phant0mas has quit IRC23:45
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*** quasinoxen has joined #crux23:50
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