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Romster_root_, virustotal.com01:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] unbound: update to 1.5.110:45
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: wget: update to 1.16.110:46
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xeirrrnwe: hi11:56
nwehow are you xeirrr ?11:56
xeirrrI'm ok. you?11:56
nwenice to hear :) Im fine thanks..11:57
nwewhat are you doing ?11:58
xeirrrWhile compiling kernel and collecting customers' info with libreoffice :)12:00
nwesounds fun :P12:01
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_root_guys I have the latest pentadactyl.xpi made from the source. where should i upload it for everyone?13:26
EmoSpiceRight to my inbox ;)13:26
_root_EmoSpice: query me your email then13:26
frinnstpentadactyl.xpi ?13:27
_root_frinnst: yes; and works on the ff3413:27
frinnstwhat is it?13:27
EmoSpice_root_: I kid. I'll download it whereever you end up putting it. I've got pentadactyl working currently (though I'm on Arch atm)13:27
EmoSpicefrinnst: "vim-ish" firefox13:27
_root_I asked a lot in the pentadactyl channel and they told me I have to build it myself13:27
frinnsthow annoying :)13:27
EmoSpiceI've gotten to quite like it, but to each their own13:28
EmoSpice_root_: No idea what the difference is. Maybe I'm not running latest?13:28
frinnstIm only joking ofcourse13:28
_root_EmoSpice: I had to use vimperator for 3 days and it was awful.13:28
_root_EmoSpice: the nightly from the pentadactyl wont work on ff34 right now; the source is updated day by day.13:29
_root_but there is no nightly for 2 month now13:29
EmoSpiceI'm still on FF3313:29
EmoSpiceMissed that bit :P13:29
_root_EmoSpice: give me a good linuxish upload server.13:30
_root_now until the nighties come back again I will produce .xpi every 3 days13:30
EmoSpice_root_: I have a VPS, but it's not currently serving files publicly and (of course) I've got very little time to coerce it to do so13:32
EmoSpiceThere's stuff like, tho13:32
_root_EmoSpice: what is this site? it is different :)13:33
EmoSpiceIt's often used for screenshots and the like. (The Arch screenshot thread loves 'em)13:33
EmoSpiceKinda like mediafire, but without the annoying download ads etc13:34
_root_EmoSpice: nice design though; i must admit13:35
EmoSpiceso kawaii13:35
xeirrr_root_: Nice work!13:38
EmoSpice_root_: seems to work so far (with the 3 seconds of testing I've done >_>)13:39
_root_EmoSpice: no it works; i am using it for 30 mins now13:43
_root_xeirrr: my pleasure :)13:44
_root_were can i get some nice avator for my use. like for github for examle.13:45
_root_don't say gavatar13:45
xeirrrg'night, guys :)13:48
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leo-unglaubwell, i am going home now ... see you later :)15:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: sqlite3: update to
_root_for you guys all the product15:35
_root_hot off the oven15:36
frinnstwhat is it? it requires me to create an account :(15:42
_root_frinnst: ? does it work?15:43
frinnstYou need to sign in before continuing.15:43
_root_frinnst: let me change the repo15:44
frinnstor you could just tell me that the project is :)15:45
_root_frinnst: would you be kind enough to check again15:46
frinnstah, there we go15:46
frinnstah, that firefox thingy15:46
_root_I will update it every 3 days :)15:47
_root_my ports are comimg along to15:47
_root_i will paste them to. check them if you are around then.15:47
tvaalenYeah, what's up with the nightlies lately?15:50
tvaalenAnd more importantly, why do they use hg. Didn't everyone standardize on git?15:51
tilmannot sure if trollbait :D15:51
tvaalenMaybe. :P15:51
tilmanit's kind of scary to think that hg/git are a decade old already15:52
tvaalenBut it's kind of serious as well.15:52
tilmantvaalen: i agree, it seems git has been winning the popularity game. though i don't know how well accepted it is among windows users these days15:53
tvaalenI don't really mind whatever people use. The idea of distributed vcs is really nice though, and it would be nice to just have to use *one* tool.15:53
tvaalenIt's bad enough we have to deal with all the old cvs and svn repos out there.15:54
tilmanwhat i miss most when working with svn is git-grep and git-bisect i think15:55
tvaalenBut yeah, whatever, I guess. Just seems like a weird thing to start a new project today and don't stick it into git if you have the choice.15:56
tilmangotta love the ultra-fast grep15:56
tvaalenOf course, penta is a couple of years old.15:56
tvaalenYeah, lots of nice tooling there.15:57
tvaalenI sometime get the feeling hg and The Other DVC:s survive because of Not-Written-In-My-Favourite-Language-Syndrome(tm).15:59
tvaalenSo hg for the python-crowd, the haskell-thing for the haskell-crowd, etc.15:59
tilmandarcs :)16:04
tilmantvaalen: though Python (the project) has recently announced it's gonna move to github :o16:04
tvaalenYeah, the python community as a whole seem to be very pragmatic.16:06
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tvaalenAnd hg seem to be a nice tool technically.16:06
EmoSpiceIt's not. It's pretty terrible actually :P16:07
tvaalenFor whatever reason git won though.16:07
EmoSpiceI wish that hg would become a "frontend" for git16:07
tvaalenHow do you mean?16:07
tvaalenWhat is terrible, hg or the python community?16:08
EmoSpicethere're some common idioms that are EXTREMELY difficult in hg16:08
EmoSpice(deleting named branches)16:08
EmoSpiceAs a (VERY small) part of the python community - I hope we're not terrible16:09
EmoSpiceMercurial's conflict resolution is extremely basic as well16:09
tvaalenOk. Never really worked for real with hg.16:09
EmoSpiceFor instance, if you've pulled and ANYONE has checked in on any branch, you're told you're behind and must pull to push16:10
tvaalenSo when you're talking about as a frontend you mean the actual commands?16:10
EmoSpicereferring hg-git?16:11
EmoSpices/ / to /g16:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: bind: 9.9.5-P1 -> 9.9.6-P1  fixes CVE-2014-850019:51
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hhhhhhhhwhat's the website that hosts prebuilt webkit/firefox etc20:57
diversehhhhhhhh: you mean Romster's?20:59
hhhhhhhhi might20:59
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: [notify] xorg-server: update to
hhhhhhhhdiverse: thanks21:10
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thetorna1hey guys i'm having trouble building xfce4-mixer, get an error "checking for unique-1.0 >= 1.1... not found"23:16
thetorna1so i built libunique 3.0.2-1, but pkg-config doesn't see the libraries and looking at some other distros, i see a package libunique-1.1.623:17
thetorna1so i can't really find the relationship here23:17
Worksterthis is shitting me i resized partitions with gparted on a win 7 GPT machine now it wont booti can't get to it with any windows disk to recovery... hirens wont load so i can get the win7 key off it... recovery partiton wont boot... really my only option now is to put the win 8.1 that comes with it on it... but i'm pretty sure the customer wants win 723:19
Worksterwhat to do :/23:19
thetorna1looking at the ftp repo for gnome it looks like they're concurrent versions of the same library?23:19
Worksteris gparted that damn dumb as to screw over GPT booting when shrinking a data partition and extending the OS partition. i left the data partition there to be sure of ordering23:20
Worksterthetorna1, sepen screwed up go use this one leo-unglaub>
thetornainbowhaha, that's no Pkgfile...23:21
thetornainbowmany thanks, i was afraid i would have to make a local package23:22
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thetornainbowis there an httpup or rsync for that ports dir?23:23
thetornainbowon i mean23:23
jaegerWorkster: if you have a windows 7 cd handy, try booting that and fixing it with bootrec23:23
thetornainbownvm, found it :)23:24
Worksterjaeger, as soon as i go into the win7 disc (which i have many of) it says this version of system recovery options is not compatible.23:24
Worksterthetornainbow, see pvtmsg23:24
jaegerhope you've got a backup, then, hehe23:27
Worksterjaeger, thats what i would do but wtf simple resize operation.....23:27
Worksterusers data is not the win 7 OS and hirens cd wont find the disk driver... hmmm23:28
Worksterrip the drive out to get the product key and eff it use a real disc of win 723:28
Workstergot the product key win 7 pro 64bit i tried like 5 discs of that edition -_-23:40
Workstermust be some OEM crap edition23:40
diverselove my new chair mat, so much easier to slide in23:43
Worksterand fighting with UEFI booting so it will use GPT and done...23:47
Worksterhate windows23:47
WorksterGPT booting with binarybcd only goes by partition numbers right? and not offsets on the disk.23:48
Worksterxorg-server: update to wtf ?23:50
Worksterwhy are we on a pre-release?23:50
Worksteroh security issues23:52

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